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10000 Assets H Asset

11000 Current Assets H Asset
11100 Cash in Bank Bank
11200 Petty Cash Bank
11300 Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable
11400 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts Receivable
11500 Merchandise Inventory Other Current Asset
11600 Store Supplies Other Current Asset
11700 Prepaid Insurance Other Current Asset
11800 Prepaid Rent Other Current Asset
11900 Prepaid Tax Other Current Asset
11910 PPN Income Other Current Asset
12000 Fixed Asset H Asset
12100 Equipment at Cost Other Asset
12110 Equipment Accum Dep Other Asset
21000 Current Liabilities H Liability
21100 Accounts Payable Other Curent Liability
21200 Expense Payable Other Curent Liability
21300 Income Tax Payable Other Curent Liability
21400 PPN Payable Other Curent Liability
21500 PPN Outcome Other Curent Liability
22000 Long Term Liabilities H Liability
22100 Bank Micky Loan Long Term Liability
30000 Equity H Equity
31100 Capital Stock Equity
31200 Dividend Equity
31300 Income Summary Equity
31400 Retained earning Equity
41000 Revenues H Revenues
41100 Sales Other Revenues
41200 Sales Retur Other Revenues
51000 Cost Of Goods Sold H Cost Of Sales
51100 Cost of goods Sold Cost Of Sales
51200 Freight Paid Cost Of Sales
60000 Operating Expenses H Operating Expenses
61000 Advertising Expenses Expenses
61100 Telephone & Electricity Expenses
61200 Store Supplies Expenses Expenses
61300 Bad Debts Expenses Expenses
61400 Depreciation expenses Expenses
61500 Insurance expense Expenses
61600 Rent Expense Expenses
61700 Wages & Salaries Expenses
61800 Other Operating Expenses Expenses
81000 Other Revenues and Gains H Other Revenues and Gains
81100 Interest Revenue Other Revenues and Gains
91000 Other Expenses and Losses H Other Expenses
91100 Interest Expense Other Expenses
91200 Bank Service Charge Other Expenses
91300 Income Tax Expense Other Expenses