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the two of them make their

and well known i n the spy trade. k $ $ k w & i l l e d

at bringing enemies of King Boratiol1;@ justice and
thwarting the p&s.%&3f~&&l's r'iyab. H i s sudden
depar t u f i m d '&a6 vibken& thar casued-didn't go
him, a race ensues t& recover both before the fragile unnoticed, and spy networks across Khorvaire wsnder
balance of power i n pestwar Khorvaire tips i n the wrong w & t b r k u ~ : ahp
' ~ gone insane, has betrayed his king
direction. With minor adjustments to encounters, this and c ~ n t r io, r h r s instigated a newgame of death and
adventure can handle groups of adventurers smaller or deceit whose rules haveri't yet become clear.
larger than four as well. Rumors about Lucan abound, however. Most of
To get the most out of this adventure, you need the covert and intelligence groups working i n central
copies of the following D%D books: Player's Handbook, Khorvaire believe that Lucan left the Citadel of his own
Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, and the EBERRONCam- accord, and some have heard whispers that he took a n
paign Setting. If the characters have already gone through item of great power with him when he departed. Now
Shadows ofthe Lost War (the first adventure in a three-part those other groups want to get their hands o n Lucan-
series), this adventure continues that story line. both for the item he supposedly possesses and for the
wealth of knowledge he has accumulated over the years.
T h e King's Dark Lanterns, the intelligence branch
BACKGROUND of the Citadel that Lucan worked for, examined the
T h e end of the Last War hasn't brought an end to the bodies and interviewed the witnesses that Lucan left
rivalry between the nations of Khorvaire. Every nation at the vault. For this reason, they know something that
spies o n its neighbors, and some say the Last War never none of the other factions do-that Lucan appears to be
really ended-only the method of conflict changed. more than human. They have n o idea how he came to
Now the nations compete through cloak-and-dagger this state, the nature of this state, or what plans drive
escapades instead of outright battle. him, however, and this disturbs them.
Far beneath the towers of Sharn lies a crypt with a Deep in the bowels of Sharn, Calderus is likewise
resident who, though dead, still wields influence i n the perplexed. It shouldn't be possible for Lucan to flee from
City of Towers. Calderus is an ancient psionic vampire Sharn instead of bringing the sodblade to Calderus, since
of fell power who rules a network of enslaved vampires the bond between vampire master and vampire spawn
and dominated pawns. This network serves as the eyes, requires total obedience. But Lucan has somehow disre-
ears, and hands of Calderus; she rarely leaves her hidden garded this bond, and the vampire lord's fury simmers.
crypt. A month ago, a n enterprising agent of the Citadel
of Brelarid named Lucan Stellos discovered Calderus's
spy network and traced it back to its source. That was ADVENTURE
Lucan's last mistake as a human-Calderus easily The adventure begins i n Sharn, the City of Towers.
defeated the interloper and turned him into a vampire. Viorr Maelak, a captain i n the King's Dark Lanterns,
After interrogating Lucan, Calderus sent her new hires the characters to apprehend Lucan Stellos, a n
minion o n his first mission. She ordered him to steal a agent serving under Viorr's command who has appar-
mysterious magic sword from one of the Citadel's vaults. ently gone rogue. Catching Lucan poses three compli-
Lucan succeeded, slaying several guards i n the process, cations. First, Viorr doesn't know whether Lucan has
but once again found himself i n over his head. T h e fellow traitors within the ranks of the Dark Lanterns.
soul blade Lucan stole had an intelligence and will of its Second, Lucan absconded with one of the Citadel's most
own, and it quickly conquered Lucank will. The soulblade powerful magic weapons, a longsword known as the soul
intends to return to the place it was forged-the nation blade. T h i r d , based o n the trail of bodies Lucan left
of Karrnath. Neither the soul blade nor Lucan has any behind as he fled, it's evident that Lucan is no longer
qualms about leaving a trail of bodies i n their wake as merely human.

T h i s adventure follows the events i n ShadowsoftheLast the PCs helped Lady Elaydren d l C a n n i t h recover
War and is intended to serve as the next part i n a longer two schemas a n d the creation pattern they belong to
epic. However, it can be ~1TIBcdanits own without any after b r a v i n ~ancient r u i n s deep below Sharn a n d

w. ,Both of theseLgroupscontinue
events that unfold over the course
T h e search for Lucan begins i n t h gnome
~ city of taking off aboar
Trolanport, where the PCs seek Lucan's associates In have plenty of time to
hopes of uncovering his trail. At a high-society mas- when the game resum
querade ball, the adventurers pick up Lucan's trail while raiders encounter, then end the session a
drawing the attention of rival groups also searching fpr the two airships collid
the rogue agent. to flicker and sendin
T h e PCs pursue Lucan as he flees Trolanport aboard ground. Your players
a n elemental-powered airship. Along the way, raiders
hired by the Order of the Emerald Claw attack, eaus-
ing the airship to crash near Sterngate. At th\e fortrhs, . -
Lucan catches a lightning rail coach. After a r u n n i n g breaks to rest, heal, and prepare spells. T h set-piece -
battle aboard the fast-moving coach, Lucan flees into encounters expend as many PC resources as three or
the Thrane wilderness to make his final stand i n a zig- four normal encounters, so it's best if the PCs are near
gurat that dates back to the Dhakaani Empire. full strength when a set-piece encounter begins. Fur-
thermore, it's a good idea to give the PCs an opportunity
to rest after a set-piece encounter ends.


To paraphrase author Raymond Chandler, whenever the
This adventure is event-based. It consists of a number action lags, have aguy kick i n the door and start a fight.
of entaunterr that move the plot-the PCs' pursuit of In bhia adventure, that guy h rlmost always someone else
Lucan-forward. You control the pacing of the adven- purfiuing Lucan and the mu1 blode. Set up a confronta-
ture, and you have the freedom to move encounters tion for the PC%using a n NPC from the following list.
forward and back i n the sequence we've provided. Choose from the list or roll randomly.
For trample, the adventure includes a high-society
ball In the city of Trdanport. As written, that ball takes Who Kicks in the Door?
place the first night after the PCs arrive i n the city. But dX NPC Affiliation
if the PCs stagger InroTrolanport with grievous wounds
and clearly need rest before they resume adventuring, you 21-35 Arcvndee House Thurannii Shadow Network
can have the ball occur three days after the PCs arrive.
In an event-based adventure, you have the freedom to
adjust encounters to satisfy the style of the players i n your 1 - -

game. For example, if your players enjoy investigations 76-85 Taralie Church of the Silver Flame
and talking with NPCs, stretch out the scene where the
PCs attempt to discover where to find Lucan's associate i n Garrow, Cleric of t h e Blood of Voli h p 32; lee
Trolanport, making them work for the information that Appendix. Hunting the PCs to find the schemas and
moves the plot forward. If your players prefer combat, searching for Lucan.
have the sahuagin offer the information the PCs seek Areyndee, Shadow Network Agent: h p 25; see
while begging for their lives after the PCs defeat them. Appendix. Wants to determine Lucan's secrets for
House Thuranni.
SET PIECES AND CtlFFHANGERS Lahorak: Greater barghest; h p 67; Monster Manual
Whispersofthe Vamjire'sBlode has four set pieces-big, mem- page 23. Wants to determine Lucan's secrets for the
orable encounters that should feel like the best scenes Daughters of Sora Kell that rule Droaam.
from a n action movie. Specifically, the masquerade Kuralaa: 5th-level half-orc barbarian; hp 43; Dun-
ball, the battle with the sky raiders, the battle o n the geon Moster'sGuide page 112. Hired by Aundair's Royal Eyes
lightning rail coach, and the final confrontation with to capture Lucan.
Lucan deserve more of your attention because they're Urosh: Mummy; hp 55; MonsterMonualpage 190. Seeks
the encounters your players will be talking about long Lucan at the behest of the vampire lord Calderus.
after the adventure ends. Make sure these encounters Jaralie: 5th-level human cleric; hp 36; Dungeon Master's
get a significant part of your preparation time, and your Guide page 114. Investigating Blood of Vol interest i n the
effort won't be wasted. party or Lucan; Jaralie might aid a good-aligned party.
T h e set-piece encounters may take a n hour o r more Kasha: Weretiger; hp 50; Monster Manual page 174.
each to r u n , so think carefully about timing i n the real Wants to determine Lucan's secrets for her lorda i n
world as you r u n the adventure. You have two o p t i o m Katrnath's intelligence organization.
plan your gaming sessions so that each set piece eccurs
early i n the session, o r find a suitably tense m.oment i n If the PCs are stuck because they lqck inGrmation or
the middle of the en n't understand the ,rakevancd of the facts

:..' ~&*&~-&i*t; Noon is only an hour and a half away.
b & d i $ p n r ~ h e t e the PCs are in Sharn, they prob-
ably ,do& have time for much beyond a quick trip to
theis domiciles to pick up any adventuring equipment
thr rnciropdL. lfthir w& you are starting the story, (although they could do some shopping along the way if
d ~ n ' worry
t #bout s n r d # & q c e a to past events. they know what they want).
Part One of the adwntart consists of the following
The rdvcntuttra receive a myrwrious inviiation that THEIRON GATE
promires monctarT rcwarda and a job for those who Myriad Tower, a nondescript structure in a nondescript
deal in word^ and spell#. part of Sharn, rises into the stormy sky. The PCs reach
To get the job, the PCs must capture a dire ape that's the place without incident. The northeast stairs are
loose in a tower garden. blocked by a heavy iron gate that is locked tight. There
If the PCs capture the monster and pass the test, is no obvious guard i n sight.
Captain Viorr Maelak of the King's Dark Lanterns T h e Situation: Alocked iron gate blocks the stone
explains the situation surrounding the rogue agent stairs the PCs need to climb. The lock is of amaz-
Lucan and offers the PC3 the job of pursuing Lucan ing quality (DC 40 Open Lock check), and the gate
as agents of the King of Breland. is strong and sturdy (hardness 10, 60 hp, break DC
28). The easiest way to get past the gate is to follow
the letter's instructions: "Give this parchment to
the guard near the stairs." The guard's location isn't
readily apparent, however; because this location is the
secret headquarters of a secret organization, he isn't
The adventure begins at one of Sharn's taverns or wher- just stationed at the stairs for anyone to see-instead,
ever the PCs relax between adventures. The encounter is he hides i n plain sight nearby, posing as a beggar.
written from this perspective. If they have a headquarters Spot Check: With a successful DC 15 Spot check, the
or particular place they frequent, adapt this encounter to PCs notice a figure sitting i n an alcove within sight of
take place there. Read or paraphrase the following: the iron gate.
The Beggar in the Alcove: If the PCs approach the
Itianother ~ i n dy y in Sharn, but the marmth ofthefirejdace andyour figure, they see what appears to be a beggar in tattered
companions'good cheer k e e k the outsidegloom at b y . You're relaxing rags. He seems to barely notice them, but he holds out
with a late breakjist when a cloakedfigure wearing the blue-and-silver a clay bowl when they get close.
livery of House Orien a))roachesyour table. "Message foryou, kind This is the guard mentioned i n the letter, though
sin," the courier announces as he drops a wax-sealed envelope on the he looks nothing like one. If the PCs drop coins in his
table. 7hen he stands there, looking atyou expectantb. bowl, he shakes his head. "Wrong key," he rumbles in
a strong, out-of-character voice. Few beggars sound so
The House Orien courier doesn't know who sent the powerful and robust.
message or what it says, only that he received it this If the PCs place the parchment sheet from "V" in the
morning from his superior at the house enclave in bowl, the beggar-guard nods his approval. "Go up," he
Sharn. He stands around i n the hope that the PCs will says i n his strong, powerful voice as he slips the parch-
tip him, although he's too polite to ask directly. He ment sheet into his ragged clothing. "The captain is
remains beside the table until he gets a tip or the PCs waiting for you." With that, the iron gate swings open,
send Aim on his way. providing access to the northeast stairs.
The envalope contains a letter and a number of
platinum pieces equal to the number of PCs. Adjust
-. . the number in the description accordingly. When the AUDITION
8 ; I'Cs open &e etivelope, read: A stone staircase takes the PCs to the top of the tower.
The upper room is an enclosed greenhouse. Aglass ceil-
inglets i n light, while a moist, hotjungle fills the entire
chamber. An old man sits at a worktable and is easily
spotted when the PCs enter the chamber.
Other-features of tge dnelosed greenhouse are
has heard regarding them.

man's chair. He sysina whieery voice, "lam Viorr Maelat Wekotfe . ,

to rnj little piece of the wild."

After the PCs have introduced themse

exchanged some pleasantries, read:
King's Citadel knotun as the

Once the P C s do so, he a ., .-, -,..:

continues: : I . ? ..I'

"One of w r best agents, Lucan

Stellos, disappeared two d y s
ago. Festerdv, a hi$-secu-
ri9 vault we maintoin here
in S h r n was compromised,
and a powerjiul magic
sword mar stolen. Short5,
before dawn this morn-
ing, Lucan was spotted
leaving Shorn bg the
east rood. We wantyou to
catch himand bringhim and
the sword back.
"We'll p y j o u 2,000
gold each to return Lumn alive,
plus another 500 each i j j o u
reeowr the mord. Iflucan dies, we'll
@_yyou 1,000 gold eachfor proofqfhk
passing. Either my, we need Lucan back
here-or dead so that he ~ n 'bfe t 9 us. 7heprice
is nonnegotiable. Let'sjuttjretcnd that we hagfed,

The soul blade is one of thirteen similar magic weap-

ii b.
within it dedicated totally to the oacendancy ofKarrnath
ons crafted by Karrnath during the Last War. It was . us the centir of Khorvairian civilization, and it won't
designed to give Karrnathi warlords great advantage reat until every other nation lier under Karrnath's heel.
while also enwring their loyalty la king and crown Wheh tbcmul bbde achieved dominance wcr Lucaxr, i t
through necromantic and arcane rncrna. T h b par- direcwd hirn tm return UJ Katrnmth, s e t r h q Lhecr~ntw
j: '. , ticular sword was captured when a Karrnathi warlord of this adventure into motion.

; ,fell to Brelish forces. Now in Lucan's hands, it wants to The soul blade's control over Lucan i s nearly complete
by the time the P C s first meet him. Whenever Lucan
e soul blade, it casts cure modemte mounds on
g him great pain because he's undead.
The soul blade's voice i s thin and whispery, but its
it eveh amid the din of battle.
&tong kbnsmutation, CL i5th; Craft Magk Arms
rc moderate wounds, daom, jk-itfin, aqfusion;
; Cost 43,965 gp + 3,492 xp.
. .
"Younow know everything1 know. hcan'sgot &a@k
hours. Aty questions beforeyou leave?"
- -
T h e PCs undoubtedly have questions. Here are Viorr's
answers, which you can read or paraphrase as you like.
How comeyou don't sendyoui. own agents? Why us? "Lucan
was a trusted agent before all of this occurred. We have
no way of knowing whether Lucan has allies within the morning, but we haven't tracked her down yet. She51a
Citadel. S o I can't send my own people-I'm the only striking young woman with long red hair. As for ene-
member of the Dark Lanterns that I trust. Time is mies, you can start with anyone from the intelligence
against us, so I've turned to you for help." community. Other nations, criminal groups, the drag-
Why doyou want Lumn aliue? "In our business, informa- onmarked houses-almost every power group has some
tion is the most valuable commodity. We need to know sort of intelligence network it relies on, and Lucan has
what he knows, what he's told and to whom, and who he's interfered with them all. There are a lot of people who
now working for. Otherwise the same thing could happen want him dead or working o n their side."
again. Of course, dead is better than i n enemy hands." Why did wejustfight a dtre a h ? " I wanted to see if you had
What kmd ofpowers does Lucan have? "We aren't sure. He's the precision to take down a foe without killing it. Lucan's
a master of disguise, but that's a trained ability. He was no ape, I realize. I also wanted to see if you could handle
able to command an otherwise loyal agent into open- yourselves. I don't want to send an inexperienced party off
ing the vault. He shrugged off attacks that should have on a dangerous and important mission for the King."
brought down a normal man. He walked down the side
of a tower just as you o r I would walk across this room. When the adventurers have asked all the questions they
a Could be the sword, but he displayed - . some of these can think of, go o n to Part Two.
powers before he got his hands o n it."

Lucan's Coach
him into ahampire. Lucam,M&eshis team of horses,
making them travel sixteen h h r s per day. Every four
days, he purchases replacement mounts and sells his
fatigued horses. The PCs can discover this by making 4-

DC 10 Gather Information checks when they pull into &

towns along the way and rake the time to ask around.
O n the PCs' twelfth day of travel (sixth day, if they
pushed their mounts as Lucan did), the adventurers
Let the PCs make whatever preparations they want, just catch up to Lucan's coach. Go on to the "Road Battle"
to l o q a8 they're on their way within the hour. O n the encounter.
magcbrtd horses, the PCs can cover 50 miles per day of
travel. Lucan has about an eight-hour lead on the PCs
(one day of normal travel), and he pushes so that his ROAD BATTLE
CEl. V A R I A B L ~
coach covers about 80 miles per day. It's about 800 miles Lucan and Grilsha had some trouble replacing their
along a n Orien trade road from Sharn to Trolanport, fatigued horses at a small gnome hamlet about 160
traveling along the southern edge of the King's Forest miles or so from Trolanport. This delay gives the PCs
before crossing the Trolan River and reaching the gnome the opportunity to catch up with them and have their
city. That means, if all goes well, it takes Lucan ten days first encounter with the rogue DarkLantern agent. This
to reach Trolanport. But it doesn't go well. Lucan has encounter takes place at dusk, just before full darkness
trouble getting a new team of horses while he's still two overtakes the land.
days out from Trolanport. He's just getting back on the Other features of this encounter are described
road on the twelfth day as the PCs catch up with him. (It below.
taker the PC6 sixteen days to make the trip if they travel Light: Dusk at start (shadowy illumination); night
at a normal pace of eight hours per day. If they decide to falls 3 rounds into the encounter.
push their mount,, they will have to replace them after Sound: None.
four wnaecutlve days of accelerated travel.) Reaction: When Grilsha spots the PCs, she tries to
A l m g the ray, there is a 10% chance per hour of outrun them.
travel that the PCs encounter someone else on the Important Rules: Mounted Combat, Player's Handbook
road. W h l k camped, if the PCs aren't resting at an page 157.
inn, the encounter chance increases ta 20% per eight This is the first face-to-face meeting between the
hours (make the check twice per resting period). If an PC8 and Grilsha. It begins when they spot Lucan's coach
encounter l a indicated, refer to the table below. ahead of them on the road. Read:

Travel Encountera (EL 4) Asyourred o low rise in the road,you see ahead ofgou the bla
y o u b e 10% been looking for. A shadowpfigure conirols the r
--r- y o u notice !ongJlowing red hair trading from thefigure as t
ice Monsfer Manual page 32 coach spe4d$along the road.
16-25 ld3 ogre raiders3 hp 29 each; 5
see Mon~terManualpa~e 199

36-45 Id3 blink dogs; hp 22 each;
see MonsterManualpage28
e back of from the informat
Check Result 15


es a ocean,
r into the ballroom,
ation about the rules

Embassy Guards: Male gnome fighter 2; CR 2;

17; Init +2; Spd 15
dair, the inrclligeny rgcncy that serves the Queen of ft.; AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 19; Base Atk +2; G r p
Aundair. It seeans'&t the diplomat is hosting a high -2; Atk +4 melee ( l d 6 j ~ 3 .masterwork gnome hooked
society function PCthe c~vbassytonight-a masquerade hammer) or +5 ranged (1d8/19-20, heavy crossbow);
ball designed to entertain a n d to provide an environ- Full Atk +2 melee (ld6&3, masterwork gnome hooked
ment where various covert transactions can occur. One hammer) and t2 rntles (id4M4, martcrwark gnome
such tranractibn knvolves Lucan and the ambassador. hooked hammer)l or +5 ranged (ld1/19-20, heavy
She plans to provide Lucan with traveling papers and crossbow); SA epell-like rbilities; SQ -; AL LG; SV
letters of passage that will get h i m safely and discreetly Fort +6, Ref +2, Wlll+O; Str 10, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 13,
to Karrnath. Wis 10, Cha 8.
This encounter consists of the PCs trying to gain Skills and Ftais: Jump -9, Listen +2, Spot +2, Sense
entry to the Aundairian embassy. Motive +2; Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Two-
O t h e r features of t h i s encounter a r e Weapon Fighting.
described below. Possessions: Full plate armor, masterwork gnome
Light: Everbright Ionterns provide bright illu- hooked hammer, heavy crossbow with 10 bolts.
mination to the grounds around the embassy GuordTactics:These guards are provided to the embassy
and the area around the doors. by the Trolanport government, and they're eager to do
Sound: M u r m u r i n g of crowd noise their jobs well because diplomatic assignments tend to
and music from the party inside be pretty cushy and they'd like to be offered this kind
the embassy (automatic). of assignment again.
Reaction: To actual combat o r For a guest to get past the door, he or she must meet
a n attempt to rush inside the three conditions.
embassy, Id4 embassy guards 1. Eachguest must have an invitation. "Whether you lost it
arrive to make arrests i n 3 rounds or not, we were specifically told to make no exceptions,"
(automatic). See statistics for embassy say the gnomes. The guards collect invitations from each
guest upon entry, and then drop them into the box at
The S i t u a t i o n : their feet. T h e invitations are identical; they don't men-
This encounter tion names. (If the PCs stick around for five minutes or
is essentially a so, they see the gnomes scrutinize an invitation, drop
test of wits-the it i n the box, and open the doors for a guest.)
PCs have to get past T h e PCs can get an invitation by sneaking one out
the p a r d s at the door to crash of the box, either with a mage hand spell or with a DC
Neya ir'Krcllls party. When the 20 Sleight of Hand check. T h e gnomes get Spot checks
PCs enter the grounds of the (DC 10 to spot mage hand, and a DC equal to the check
Aundairian Embassy i n the result for Sleight of Hand) to notice what the PCs are u p
to. Another guest shows up i n the courtyard every five
minutes or so, and it's certainly possible to use Sleight
Blinking magical lights created bj gnome of Hand or moreviolent methods toget invitations from
entertainers guideyou through the Aun- guests as they arrive.
dairian Embassy's courtyard toward a 2. Guests must surrender ureapons and any obviously dangerous
set of h e a y wooden doors. Bgond the magic. T h e gnomes look the PCs over, and they automati-
doors, y o u hear the sound of music ond cally notice any weapons the PCs haven't taken pains to
s explain that they'll happily check
ardhouse, and the PCs can retrieve
hammen at their sidesstand on either side them when the party ends. T h e guards also look askance

/ ofthedoors. A boxftllofivhite~c#ersits
ned to their/rrt "We/cometo thejVight
nousanddtars. Inuitations,please,"
at obvious magic items such as glowing staffs, brightly
shining helmets, and so forth. They ask what the item
does, and then warn the PCs that casting spells inside
the ballroom is against the law.
If a PC tries to sneak a concealed light weapon past
n't let the guards, have the character make a Sleight of Hand
the guard's Spot check. This use of
d skill can be made untrained using
bonus. Daggers provide a +2 bonus
because they're easy to hide, and PCs
bulky clothes get a +
the guard's don't notice the weapon. If the P C fails, theJ
guards notice the weapon and bar the character fro&
entry. T h e PCs can also use spells such as invisibilib or

shrink item to get a weapon into the ballroom. J .

The guardr believe anything the PCs tell them about
nonweapon magic items, as long as it's even slightly
plausible. Magic isn't their area of expertise.
3. Gu& must be proper5 attired. At a minimum; this
means a noble's outfit, and most of the guests are
dressed i n clothes fit for royalty. Characterswh~aren't
up to the dress code are sent to a seamstress a few blocks ties, as well as being a n evening's entertainment for
away where they can buy noble outfits (75 gp), royal some of the most powerful a n d influential people in
outfits (300 gp), or masquerade costumes (100-500 gp, Trolanport. Anyone who's anyone i n Trolanportls
depending on how gaudy and fanciful the costume is). diplomatic community attendsitheannual Aundairian
Another part of the dress code is that shields, masquerade ball.
medium armor, and heavy a r m m arc forbidden. Neya serves two masters tonight. Her loyalty to
"We're at peace, sir, haven't you heard?" ray the gnome and friendship with Lucan (she doesn't know he's
guards. T h e guards happily check armor and rhiclds i n a vampire now) compel her ta provide the aid he
the guardhouse, and PCs can pick such items up after requested-traveling papers and passage to Karrnath.
the ball ends. Her loyalty to Aundair, however, demands that she
Afinal aspect of the dress code requires that all guests capture Lucan and t u r n him over to her superiors i n
be masked. The p a r d s can provide simple domino-style the Royal Eyes. Neya doesn't see a conflict between
masks for PCs who "forgot" to bring their own. these divided loyalties. She puts a trap i n place for
PCs who don't have the right clothes can either make Lucan, workingwith the agent Meena ir'Erdalis, while
a quick shopping trip or use illusion magic such as drs- also agreeing to provide Lucan with the aid he needs.
guise selfto trick the guards. Glamered armor likewise If Lucan tacapcs the trap, he is free to leave Zilargo
fools the guards completely. a n d continue his journey. If he can't, Neya reasons,
Development: If the characters fail i n an attempt to that's not h e r problem.
steal a n invitation, get caught with a concealed weapon, T h e guests include gnome government officials and
o r otherwise make a nuisance of themselves, the guards diplomats, diplomats from the Five Nations working i n
won't give them a second chance. T h e guards threaten Trolanport, and select representatives from a few of the
them with arrest ifthey don't leave. But a change of the dragonmarked houses. A quartet of elf musicians plays
guard twenty minutes after t h e PCs first arrive means i n the far corner of the ballroom. T h e quartet uses a
the PCs get a second chance if they mess things up the guitar, flute, harpsichord, and drum. These elves are
first time. excellent entertainers who also happen to work for
When the PCs get inaide the ballroom, their next the House T h u r a n n i Shadow Network of spies and
encounter is the "Masquerade Ball," below. information brokers.
Experience: Award the characters full experience Unless the PCs purchased costumes, they take a -2
for getting past the gnome guards and into the party, penalty o n Charisma-based checks because the guests
regardless of the method they used to accomplish it. and servants regard them with suspicion for being
improperly dressed for the occasion.
T h e masks and costumes mean that just as it's hard
MASQUERADE VARIABLE) for the PCs to find Lucan or Neya, so too is it difficult
This set-piece encounter provides opportunities for the for Lucan to find Neya or Meena to find Lucan. Thus,
adventurers to interact andverbally sparwith NPCs. The the PCs have some time to mill around and get a sense
sparring gets significantly more physical at the encoun- of the room before anything else happens. They can
ter's end, transforming the party into a confusing fight dance, chat with some of Trolanport's more important
when Aundairian agents make their move on Lucan. diplomats and citizens, o r simply eat and drink like
O t h e r features of this encounter are described nobles for a n evening.
below. Use the Aundairian Ballroom map, printed o n the
Light: Dancing light spells d f i f t across t h e room, inside of the cover, when r u n n i n g this encounter.
providing a n equal chance each round'for b h g h or When the PCs get past the guards at the doors and
shadowy illumination. yo$rc ready to start the encounter, read:
Sound: Murmuring of,$ht crowd and music from
a n elf quartet on the stage (automatiw.ih a/? of the ballroom has been fistooned with black and
penalty o n Listen checks to hear othwgound
e, and drping, darting rnagicgl lightsjrouide thh r o o d s
of the volume). of e ! f m t i ~ i a n s p , l a jin a j ~ r
$\ fl-, -
. +.
c-.- - .<
.* ,-A . , . , ,
rd Spells Prepared {5/5/4/3): 0

5 , W 5 , flat-foo
or f ? ? k +4 melee
(lcW&-RO, hand cr
finding, trap sense + l ;

vr LucaI
th indiffere

Once ~ t r , . h . p a r $#over.q Go LO gA

Fight Erah Oubl' bdom Until tkm, ihti PCi.ean
intemck w i t h ihc party 81 h e y p i e e ~ Th
-- m.7
.',- 'F- .
: m c i d a ~ww-& e d p r e s s e t
Search for Neya cmr Luc*- ' "
'IY- %a$&& a * u ~ ~ m & ~and l Y Y
The combination of puor lighting, outrageous c$B# & & ~ & h m W h are y
tumes, and mash m a h this ta& much trickier t w s about N e y a r " d d 3 4 & m m $ u u ~ ~ "
it would otherwise bed It taka -ei DC 25 Spot chec r 1-2.

recognize Neya from a verbal description, and a DCr% WIt to Neya 1

Spot check to resogbize L&an (who is wearing a second Nqa begins the n indifferent attitude
disguise undm hikarask) o r t o locste his sister Grilsha. roward the PCs. She makes polite but inconsequential
~@'-&WF or *
w i,
d instru-
menu) can ask the brdlchdertrcrwtcrrrangr rbont dt-
b f m d out what hqpened tm
skrpta her ifitem 4url0~it.y tWg id fw m xldg Q r two. The b a d in&mbern bwe a n
h c a n rather &aw r m fceIimgs toward the PCB.Neyi iraitial attitude oflndlfiaicru bbward the PGrr It ~mkasr
kcebcrt w A d o u t what tAc PCr kmw, agreeing DC 15 Diplarslacy chtck to m w h c the bmdkabcz IQ
* e a u t h s , dc-~tcp-at-e-time exchange of idormation Itt the c h a r r c ~ d aaang
o ar two. ,'lf,tkPC ruccccdr,
Sh& reveals Lmcan'a pmt in vague twmr; leaving oat het mrke PcrLrm cheek and c o m l k page T9 ofthe f i g a d 6
own er-mgc rctlvtticr. bnt explaining that her rela- Huiadbak to detcrrnitla b k ididieudi t ~ t i a n :Tht
tbarhip witb L U C Bgoes ~ back a numbr of p r r *He W m a t t na m a n y doing &is. but thereafter carnr
has performed services for me," she admits, "and I have a +2 circumstame bonus on Bhnrisms-baaed checks
helped him on occasion." She absolutely wants to know during the ball if t k performance was great (DC20)
what the PCs know, so she peppers them-with a barra* br bbtker.
of questions whenever they teU her something new. .- The members of the band all work for House
ZL*l Thurannii Shadow Network. They watch and listen for
Talk to Lucan I . .
information to pass along to their superiors. None 06.
Lucan has an initial attitude of unfriendly toward the the band members does anything overt, but they
PCs. He listens politely and intently to anything a char- be working with Areyndee if you want (see the "Wh
acter says, using his Sense Motive and Spot skills against Kicks i n the Door?" table on page 3).
the PCs' Bluff and Disguise skills to assess whether they
are who they seem to be. Eat and Drink
If Lucan suspects~amething,or if he recognizes the This activity requires no checks, but the food is tasty and
characters from the battle on the road toTrolanport, his the champagne fizzy. PCs seeking more exotic drinks
attitude immediately changes to hostile. "Engaging i n can request them at the bar. Drinks are free.
battle in the middle of a crowded party--especially one
at the Aundairian embassy-is unwise. Now, what do you Light
" Fingers
really want?"
He is willing to banter with the PCs, but he won't
There's one i n every. group,
of Hand check fs sufficient to separate a guest from a
- - isn't there? ADC 20 S l e i s t
ee to any deals they might offer-the soul bladewon't let coin pmae or same of the jewelry he or she is wear-
.Lucan is smart enough to act interested, however, ing, and the typital gumt has a Spot ximdifier of t1 on
use it provides clues as to whom the Pas are working attempts to notice the theft. However, would-be thieves
r, what their capabilities are, and what they want. take a -4 penalty on any Sleight of Hand check during
If *PC spends a t least 1 minute talking to Lucan, the ball because so many bystanders are closely cxamin-
have the character make a DC 25 Sense Motive cheal. ing each other. A character who gets caught triggers a
If t k iheck msccccdb, M + C ~ that h c h l a ' d bchnviar cty far the p a d s . A ~ u r e e ~ fattempt
ul $e& ~he.fd-
rMms rttmqely ~ i l l c dasifbc
, =arc bdap~falhran~d l w i n ~ l o q(mEI
~ d % ) ~01-50,2d12 g p 51-75,Zdb gpr
by i n m c h a n t n u a ~ ~ ~ h i ~ ~ s Ml&ia
er~~tb oftthe X-B@& d r p w r t h Id&IOo up; 9t100,j & d r Yv r t h
Aundair by alerting them to Lucan's plans to attend the
masquerade. She doesn't see this as a conflict. If Lucan
gets captured, it was meant to be. If he escapes, then she
has returned the favor and provided himwith the means acter succeeds on the save, the crowd moves on, leaving? -.r ..
to get to Karrnath. the character where he is. (The save must be a t t e m p & . !'
Once Lucan reveals himself and weapons are drawn, each time a crowd moves over a character's squar'e, <orit .
the PCs must contend with a number of obstacles. is possible that a character will have to make multiple
The first challenge comes from Lucan and Grilsha, saves i n the round.) If a character fails the save' h e or
who have no intention of being captured by either Aun- she becomes part of the swarm and moves with it. On
dairian agents o r adventurers working for the Citadel's the character's turn, h a o r abc can attempt a new Reflex
Dark Lanterns. save; if the save succeeds, the character breaks free and
T h e second challenge takes the form of Meena and can move normally.
her two agents of the Royal Eyes. They want to capture If a character rolls a natural 1 while making a Reflex
Lucan by any means possible, and they have no intention save against the crowd, he or she falls prone. A prone
of letting him fall into the hands of a foreign nation. character takes ld6 points of damage each time the
(Neya, on the other hand, steps back to watch events crowd-swarm moves over his o r her square.
unfold once combat begins. She feels she has done her Guard Tactics: The embassy guards aren't exactly clever
work i n this matter, and i n any event she must maintain tacticians; they simply fire crossbows at anyone who's
her cover as a simple diplomat at all costs.) fighting, figuring that it's easier to sort these things out
T h e third challenge takes the form of the party once everyone is shackled. They use their gnome hooked
guests, who move as Huge swarms as they attempt to get hammers only if pressed.
out of the ballroom.
T h e fourth and final challenge comes from the Aftermath
embassy guards, who try to subdue o r inckpacitate all The goal of this encounter is for Lucan to escape. Gril-
the combatants i n the ballroom. sha sacrifices herself, if necessary, to make sure that
Tactics for all of these opponents follow. occurs. Once he gets out of the ballroom, he uses his
Lucan and Grtlsha Tactics: Lucan and the soul blade are alternate form, gaseous form, or spider climb ability to
angry that Lucan's cover has been blown. Grilsha disappear into the night. He can't be followed.
moves to Lucan's side on her first action and prepares After the battle. the PCs need to find out where
to cast spells that will help them escape. She has invis- Lucan is going. Neya knows, and she'll tell the charac-
ibilig and cot'sgmce ready for just this purpose. If combat ters if she can talk to them privately, away from Meena
can't be avoided, she provides aid as the situation war- or her agents.
rants. Lucan snaps his fingers and calls forth the soul Neya pulls rank as a diplomat a n d dismisses the
blade from his glove ofstoring. He fiercely attacks whoever guards. If the PCs defended her, she feels obligated to
attacked him for a round or two, then starts making help them. If the PCs trade information, telling her
for the exit. Between the pair, they use children of the something about Lucan that she doesn't know, she pro-
night, darkness spells, and rnuislbilib to get away. vides details of Lucan's destination. If the PCs decide
If Lucan spots Neya during this time, he w h i r l s on to p r c s ~the issue and threaten to expose or embarrass
herwith dreadful anger. Under the assumption that she Neya over this incident, #he decide: to glve them the
betrayed him, he rushes to unleash his fury upon her. information if they agree to let her know how this all
Grilsha reminds him that time is short, so he wodt stay works out.
to finish Neya off, but he will try to deal as much damage Neya Comes Clean: I n the end. Neya agrees to
as he can before he leaves. If the PCs try to defend Neya, help the PCs because Lucan has become a vampire: she
they have a n easier time of getting information out of feels he tricked her and took advantage of their friend-
her after Lucan escapes. ship. Neya tells the PCs that she provided Lucan with a
R y l Qes'Agents Toctrcs: Meena and her two agents attack password that grants free passage on a House Lyrandar
Lucan as soon as combat breaks out, no matter ilirship 1eevingfromTrolanport for Karrnath this evc-
started. The agents engage Lucan i n melee combatwhile niag. She also identifies Grilsha as Lucan's sister. She
Meena uses spells, although many of her enchadtments providw the PCs with n o other aid, other than to tell
won't be effective against
blows, one agent tries to
why it$ a bad idea to grap


.&&&: Owe combat begins on the dock, the airship's

trtw bcgin~ ~ r This process takes 6 rounds.
t o ~ a off.
When the characters reach Docking Berth 3, read:
O n c e he P Q kam that L i c a n has pa.saagc aboard I
H o m e Lyrandmr airah*,. Jty need to hurry to reach Gnome dockworkers coil up the lines that hold the massive House
tht docking tower nctbwthe riiy. The docking tower is Lyandar airship, Cloudi Drstiy, to the tower. A single gangplank
a tall structure where an ekmcntal ~ j t s h i pcan moor, connech ihrdinh* to the b e r i h i p t a ~ j h m .7hc airshi$ b o b like it's
exchange passengers end cargo, take a n rupplies, and just about ma& to depart. AJw of ihcgnomr~stand among the cargo
then diaernbsrk without ever touching the ground. crates thatfill the berth betweenyou and the airship. 7719 r e a 4 their
The docking tower r i e a above the rest of the struc- weapons and move to blockyourpath.
turta in Trdanport and can be seen from almost any-
where within the city. The PCs can't trail Lucan and Lucan dominated these gnome minions when he arrived at
Grilsha (if she e ~ a p e dthe masquerade along with her the docking tower. He ordered them to bar all further
brother), but they can rush toward the docking tower. access to the airship and remain o n guard until after
House Lyrandar controls and operates the tower. The the vessel has departed.
characters reach the tower i n time to see final prepara-
tions being made for the departure of a n elemental- Lucan's Dominated Minions (5): Male gnome
powered airship. warrior 4; CR 2; Small humanoid; HD 4d8; hp 18;
I n this part of the adventure, the PCs must get Init +2; Spd 20 ft.; AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 16;
aboard the Lyrandar airship before it departs or find Base Atk +4; G r p +I; Atk or Full Atk +6 melee (ld6+1/
another method for following Lucan to Karrnath. An 19-20, masterwork longsword) or +7 ranged ( l d 4 + 1 / ~ 3 ,
attack occurs about twenty-five hours into the air jour- masterwork composite shortbow); SQgnome traits; AL
ney, resulting i n the probable crash of the airship. N; SV Fort +4, Ref +3,Will +l;Str 12, Dex 15, Con 10,
The Lyrandar Airship: The airship Cloudi Des- Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 8.
ting is one of the elemental-powered vessels i n House SkillsandFeots: Climb +8,Jump +8; Combat Reflexes,
Lyrandar's small but growing fleet. It leaves from the Point Blankshot.
Trolanport docking tower at this late hour for the fifty- Possessions: +I studdedleatheranor, masterwork longsword,
hour trip to Starilaskur. After a day at the Brelish city, masterwork buckler, masterwork composite shortbow (+1
the airship continues on to Korth. The second leg of Str bonus) with 20 arrows, potion ofcure Itght wounds.
the trip takes about thirty-seven hours, at which time Minion Tactics: T h e minions follow their orders,
the airship makes a stop i n Flamekeep, the capital of concentrating their attacks on whoever is closest to the
Thrane. The following day, the last part of the voyage gangplank. First they try shooting the PCs from a dis-
takes place, a fifteen-hour trip to Korth i n Karrnath. tance, and then attempt to flank any PC who makes a
Of course, this all depends o n an uneventful trip. The break for the gangplank. Remember to make use of the
PCs' trip is anything but uneventful. gnomes' Combat Reflexes feat, which grants them addi-
tional attacks of opportunity as PCs try to rush past.
Crew Tactics: Other than crouching and ducking, the
[EL 5)
This encounter is essentially a race against time-can
airship's crew doesn't get involved i n the fight on the
platform. It's not their concern, and getting involved
the PCs get past Lucan's minions and board the airship only puts the safety of the ship-and its on-time depar-
before it casts off from the docking tower? The docking ture-at risk. The crew has an initial attitude of hostile
tower is a n 80-foot-tall structure. A winding staircase toward any entreaties for aid the PCs might make. They
leads up through the tower to the upper-level docking are noncombatants, and immediately begin casting off
platform. Six docking berths radiate from the central when violence begins.
platform. Only one airship is mooredat the dockon this Development: At initiative count 0 i n the fifth
evening, and rarely do the citizens of Trolanport ever see round of the fight, the crew retracts the gangplank.
m a r e than two airships at the tower at any given time. Doing this produces a 5-foot gap between the airship
.&Qis:encoonter takes place at Docking Berth 3, and the platform. At initiative count 0 in the sixth
&erh CIoud's.Dtsfirry is moored and taking on its last pas- round of the fight, the airship slides away from the
platform, widening the gap to 15 feet. At initiative
count 0 i n the seventh round, the airship departs.
How the PCs perform i n this encounter deter-
s?r'~s~upt!raccurs next. If they get aboard
~rp,.th&y&d't.l-ookin~ for Lucan i n "Aboard
of, they can try to locat

encounter is written
her brother; a d w a
the adventure a t a h p&
ngency with the half-elf captain. Still, Morgis has an has returned. 7honJou notice that this airship hasrnassivh@rrgis elq

the side and tosses a rope toyou.

A few hours into the trip, when.30
enough to see Cloud'sDestiy i n the dista
again engages
. .
the PCs i n conversatio
what he can get them to tell him about their connet$
to House Cannith and Lady Elaydren, thgch&k&;+
recovered and where they are at the rnomest,'an4?~kl
whatever he can get them to reveal about Lucafi-ad the
soul blade. Garrow is cagey and very smart. He attempts
to learn these things by asking innocent questions a i d
showing a genuine interest i n the exploits the PCs have
engaged in. If they become hostile or suspicious, he
apologize8 and excuses himself. "I do have an airship to
fly." he sap with a Iapsided grin. Just then a deck hand cries out, "Skj raiders to starbootd, Ca+ta&!"
Davtlopment~About twenty-five hours into the n e captain emergesfrom his quarters. "Battlestations, evetplone!"
journey, as the mirihip passes the eastern cliffs of the he bellozus, "Passengersget below decks!"
Howling Peaks, GbrrOw order6 a n increase to battle
speed, and Jade's Fuly closes on Cloud's Destiny. He then T h e Situation: This complex battle involves lots
orders the PCs to get into the small skiff he has moored of NPCs, but you don't need to worry about most of

I to the prow of his airship. It has a crew of two, i n addi-

tion to space for the PCs. "Get in," Garrow shouts.
"They'll take you over to Cloud'sDestiny."
'Captain Rarwog" is true to his word. His men
them. Stay focused o n the PCs and the action occurring
around them. Every so often, let them know how the rest
of the battle is going, dramatically describing the death
of one crewmember or the heroic actions of another.
fly the PCs over to the other airship, pulIing low and T h e three skiffs swoop in and disgorge Emerald
alongside it so as not to attract the attention of its crew. Claw soldiers onto the upper deck of Cloud's D e s t i y , at
One of the men tosses a grapple and line that catches the locations marked on the map. The soldiers an the
on the deck. "Climb," he says, offering the PCs a way to fourth skiff fire their bows at range, focusing on uni-
get aboard Cloud's Destiny. Since it is dark and few of the formed crewmembers until someone starts shooting
House Lyrandar crew are on deck, the PCs can quietly back at them.
slip aboard. That's when the next big scene begins. T h e PCs have to deal with the soldiers i n the three
Go to "Sky Raiders to Starboard!" boarding parties, the archers i n the fourth skiff, the
panicked passengers aboard their airship, and the
mounting casualties among the airship's crew. As DM,
you have an extensive menu of interesting chaIlenges
you can throw at the PCs. Pace the battle so that the PCs
are always on the verge of being overwhelmed, but the
T h i s set-piece battle pits minions of the Emerald situation isn't totally hopeless. Thesevarious challenges
Claw against the PCs and the crew of O/oud's Destiny. I f are detailed below.
the PCs didn't get on the airship i n Trolhnport, use
the "Need a Ride?" encounter to get them aboard the JADE'SFURY
airship just i n time for the big battle. Otherwise, the The large airship remains close to the battle but never
PCs don't catch u p with Cloud's Destiny until after the engages i n direct combat. Garrow leads his troops from
airship has crashed. I n that case, skip this encounter aboard the airship, staying close i n case his direct inter-
and go to Part Four. vention becomes necessary.
This encounter takes place i n the sky to the west At the end of this scene, depending on how the
of Sterngate, near the Zilargo-Brclrnd border. When boarding action turns out, Garrow uses Jade's F u 9 as a
Garrow's airship, Jade's Fury, pulls ckse to cloud'^ Desiiy, battering ram to disable the House Lyrandar airship.
he opens the lower hull hatches and releases four skiffs Garrow, Emerald Claw C o m m a n d e r : h p 3 2 ;
full of soldiers of the Emerald Claw. The Order of the see Appendix.
Emerald Claw wants Lucan and the soul blade, and Garrow
will do almost anything to accomplish this mission for BOARDING PARTIES
his masters. Three skiffs pull alongside Cloud's D e s t i y and board
Other features of this encounter are described the vessel at the spots marked on the map. Each skiff
below. contains six Emerald Claw soldiers and two skiff crew-
L~ght:Night; everbright lanterns on the airships and skiffs
provide bright illumination i n some areas.
Sound: T h e PCs can automatic
rumble of the elementals b
React~on:Once the crew becomes
on CloudiDestiny, they rush to defend
Enierald Okiw Archers: Human ranger 2; CR 2;
Medium humanoid; HD 2d8+21 hp 111Inii +3; Spd 30
The sddierr have a deicription of Lucan, and they ft.r 16,much 13, R~L-fmtcd 13, Base Atk +2; Orp+3;
know he1savamplre. They have orders to capture Lucan Atk +3 mckc..Itd8+lrbongsword) or +6 ranged (id8+1/
if possible, but the Order of the Emerald Claw is more 3. masterwork cornpasite longbow), Full Atk t 3 melee
Interested in !he soul blade than I n the intelligence it can (ld8+1, longsword) o r +4/+4 ranged (ld8+1/3, master-
gain from the former Citadel agent. work composite longbow); SA favored enemy elves +2;
Against all orhers aboard the airship, the Emerald SQcombat atyte (archery), wild empathy+l (-3 magical
Claw roldierr simply attack with their flails, taking the beard, AL LE;SVFort +4, Ref +6, Will + l ; Str 12, Dex
time to make coup dc grace atlacks agaidrt fallen foes 16, Con 13, l n t 8, Wis 12, Cha 8.
because Garrow's o r d t r ~ended with a terse "No wlt- Skills and Feats: Balance + 8 , Climb +6, Jump +6,
ncrres." Ifany Emerakl Chwwlditrr reach the elemen- Ride +8, Spot t 6 ; Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot,
tal chamber, they attempt to free the bound elemental Rapid Shot.
i n order to disable the vessel. Languages: Common.
Badly wounded o r outmatched Emerald Claw sol- Possessions: Ring offeather fall, masterwork composite
diers retreat to the main deck of the airship, hoping longbow (+I Str bonus) with 20 arrows, longsword,
that the skiffs will return to rescue them. masterwork studded leather.

Emerald Claw Soldiers: Human warrior 2; CR 1; O N CLOUD'S DESTINY

Medium humanoid; HD 2d8t2 plus 3; hp 14; Init +O; Since this attack occurs at night, none of the other pas-
Spd 20 ft. (base 30 ft.); AC 17, touch 10, flat-footed 17; sengers are on deck for the fight. T h e passengers do
Base Atk +2, G r p +3; Atk or Full Atk +3 melee (ld8+1, panic, however, and make a lot of noise belowdecks. If
flaiU or +2 ranged (ld8/19-20, light crossbow); AL LE; the Emerald Claw soldiers move belowdecks to search
SVFort t4, Ref +0, Will +0, Str 13, D e x 11, Con 12, Int for Lucan, they have n o qualms about slaughtering any
9, Wis 10, Cha 8. passengers that can't or won't get out of their way.
Skllls and Feats: Intimidate +3, Knowledge (religion)
+0, Ride +4; Power Attack, Toughness. Airship Crew (12): Half-elfmagewright 1; CR 1/2;
Languages: Common. Medium humanoid (elf); HD ld4+1; h p 5; Init + l ; Spd
Possess~ons: Chainmail, heavy wooden shield, flail, 30 ft.; AC 11, teach 11, flat-footed 10, Base Atk + O ; G r p
light crossbow with 20 bolts, sunrod, tabard, wooden +O; Atk or Full Atk + O melee (ld6, club) or +2 ranged
stake, pouch with 2d6 silver pieces and ld8 gold pieces, (1d8/19-20, masterwork light crossbow); S Q half-elf
identification papers (two sets, one false). traits; AL N; SV Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +4; Str 10, Dex
12, Con 13, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 8.
Emerald Claw Squad Leader: Human fighter 3; Skills and Feats: Listen +4, Profession (airship sailor)
CR 3; Medium humanoid; HD 3d10+3 plus 3; h p 25; +6, Spellcraft +6, Use Rope t 3 ; Lightning Reflexes,
Init +5; Spd 20 ft. (base 30 ft.); AC 18, touch 11, flat- Spell Mastery.
footed 17: Base Atk +3; Grp +5;Atkor Full Atk +5 melee Magewright Spells Prepared (3/2): 0-mage hand (3); lat-
(ld8+2, flail) or +4 ranged (1d8/19-20, light crossbow); anmate rope (2).
AL LE; SV Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +2; Str 14, Dex 12, Con Possessions: Club, masterwork light croasbow with 10
12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8. bolts, potion offetherfall.
Skills ond Feats: Intimidate +3, Knowledge (religion)
+0, Ride +4; Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Airshq Crtw Tactics: The a h h i p crew repels the b a r d -
Initiative, Power Attack, Toughness. ers as well as they can, bur don't play out their attacks
Languages: Common. unless they have an immediate impact on m m e ~ h i n gr
weren't there, the a h h i p crew
t would soon suceumb ta the
Id piceer, boarders and the ranged a t t a c h from the skiffs. You
might never make a roll for r member of the nirrhip
crew. But if one of the PC8 Lacr~elypressed. a ~ m dclas- l
tpr~vldtsufficient distractwn
r a ~ rrr
k enough rerpite IQ quaff
Captain Morgis: Half-elf fighter 3; CR 3; Mediqm
humanoid; HD 3d10+3; h p 20; Init +1: Spd30 ft.; commandee; adkiff;: t&e-PCs h
cl3ef. than $0 f&tl*from. the ypl .I ,

13, touch 11, flat-footed 12; Base Atk +3; Grp + 4 ; Atk / .magic to e-njjce the skiff c r e y b s e r , oi)e
or Full Atk +5 melee (ld6+1/19-20, short sword) or +4 drrQn)ensiwdoor to get over to the skiff. a
ranged (1d8/19-20, light crossbow); S Q half-elf traits; T. -,d-Oncs;the PCs have reachhd a &iff
ALNG; SVFort +4, Ref +2. Will +2; Str 12. Dex 13, Cons r e i ~ t a n c c ~ f r othecrera.ciithbs
m ah~t$
12, Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 11. . 15 Profession (airship sailor) che*ckt-d"o$;
Skdls and Feats: Climb +7, Intimidate +6, Listen +3, Asuccersful checklets a charagler turq &ski
Knowledge (geography) t4, Spot +3; Alertness, Least degrees per round, move i t up to 150 @et.strai
Dragonmark (House Lyrandar, gust of wmd l/day). or have it ascend o r descendby up to 50 feeti
Weapon Focus (short sword). Push a Foe afthe Deck: A bull rush attempt suf
Languages. Common, elf.
Possesstons: Leather armor, light crossbow with 10
bolts, short sword.
Captain Morgis Tactics: Captain M
lika nothing else i n the world, a
to rcpcl boarders from it. Heed1
he chnrgea headlong into battle agai
Claw soldiers. (While this isn't
the fnIPrtC6t plan, it does make
the crash landing in the next
encounter more likely if Morgia
is wounded o r killed.) Only if '
the PCs restrain him will Morgis
forego making melee attacks & a o u r a , h d t muke r k b d n g a
against the invaders. balliuta wmpkecly m - ~ i t , but
It d~ q ~ & * h p o c c w .It takes
Lucan a n d Grilsha Tactics: ra f d - ~ m d -bad one
Grilsha waits a few rounds before of a n airshdp'tdm=e bauistas.
dropping her disguise and laying T h e weapons otherwise function
into the Emerald Claw soldiers or as d e s c r B d dlh'.pa& 1I0dkf b e
the PCs-whoever is closer. Lucan j 1 d h q p n L ~ Guide.
~ ' s i=
doesn't emerge from his hiding fb the Ahhi+ Jt a k w r a m o w
place until near the end of the -action 41 a ~rnaoess&l DC 15
battle, either as the airship plum-
mets from the sky or after it crashes to o p e ~ 6 6 ~ b ha a i ~ A ~me-~ .
i n the next scene. cessful cheek rnade,dsta t h e
Development: T h i s encoun- ebanactm-tusn t h e q d d i p up
ter works best if you provide a
steady stream of opponents for
the PCs to deal with while describ- o r have i b amend or dtlsaedrbyup 50 ket. .This
ing the larger battle i n evo won't work for more t h a o e rerzrad tm WO, b e d s the
but general terms. Unlike bound fire elemental k l m t provideh lift amd rhruaa
fights, this one may go on for for the airship r e s i s ~ o r d ~ r ~ f x ~ m y ~ n ~ w ia t h ~ l l t
dozens of rounde. That'motay, &we Lyrsndar+d r a g o n m d r ... .
although yoa rhould give the Expe*iancea A d d &he &IS full experiem fat
PCs occasional lepscs i n oppo- foes they defeat by thsmselvts. T h e characters csrn
nents lasting e round or two so that they can heal, plan 10U3essXR~heathe~otkerwisttvould fcsmm?rcoaaaing
their next move. and so on. f o a t h a t the airship crewnmrnberg o r Captain&imgia
Here's one way 11 might out. T h e PCs defeat help them defeat, .
Emerald Claw soldiers On the deck i n four rounds, &. -A-

then trade shotr with the skiff-board archers for a few %(si . , . .
&St *

rounds. Then they hunker down for a round or two CRASH @f6) a
before heading belowdecks to root out Em%rdd&$law This encounter consists of three parts. First, Luc n
soldiers and save the passengers. . , . s ~ e a - p s the n deck o l l h e .airship. Second. G a r r o J 7 +.
Here are some techniques th
this encounter.
Commandeer a Sk18 T h e sk
match for the PCs, but they kno
hiding place. When this event occurs, i t triggers the Between the damage infl~ctedon both ships i n the
final moments of this part of the adventure. Don't have crash and the damage being caused by the two warring
Lucan appear too early; wait u n t ~ the
l PCs haw dealt elementals, both vessels are going down. What the PCs
th most of the invading Emerald Claw soldiers. do next determines how much damage they take i n the
Ifthe PCs have gone belowdecks to help the passen- i m m ~ n e ncollision
t with the ground.
gcrs. they ran witness Lucan's appearance. Read:
One of the lockers that line the corridor walhsudden~glowswith a drs- Have the PCs roll initiative so you can keep close track
charge ofarcone energy. Astheglow dms, the IocAerdoorsw~ngsopen, of time. Have each player polnt out exactly where on the
Lucan stefifrum the locker, glances a o o u , and then turns rnto a thin, ship his o r her character is. T h e airships hit the ground
gray mist that rises and seeps through a space in the decking above. at initiative count 0 i n the fourth round thereafter.
When they hit, the crash deals 12d6 points of damage
If the PCs follow the mist to the airship's main deck, or to each individual aboard unless the PCs can somehow
if they are o n the deck when Lucan appears, read: slow the descent.
The PCs can attempt to commandeer a skiff. (The
Gmj mist risesfrom a space between the deckplonks, thickening and skiffs are very slow, capable of traveling only 2 miles per
takmg the form of a man. In a moment, the mist solidjles, a n d h c a n hour.) They can use whatever magic is available to them
stands upon the main deck. to attempt to protect themselves o r the falling ships.
They can enter the nondimensional space where Lucan
Lucan looks around, quickly sizing up the situation. He had been hiding; it endures the crashwithout any harm
has the soul blade strapped to his side. He ignores Gril- coming to those within it.
sha if she is still alive and on the airship. She knows I n the end, the two airships smash to the ground.
his plans and must fend for herself now. If any of the Both sustain such damage that neither wlll rise again
PCs are nearby, Lucan exchanges attacks for a couple of without extensive repairs. Garrow slips away in the con-
rounds as he moves toward the railing. fusion; he always has a contingency plan for escaping.
Lucan (and Grilsha, if she survives) also gets away.
RAMMING SPEED The airships crash within sight of the fortress of
Shortly after Lucan appears o n the deck of Cloud's Sterngate. This Brelish outpost has a lightning rail
Destig, Garrow apots him. Furious that his men have station. An luck would have it, a lightning rail coach
not yet captured the soul blade and fearful that Lucan hcading north toward Thrane prepares to depart i n the
will escape, Garrow increases the speed of Jade's Fury morning, The PCs can rest i n the wilderness outside the
and sets i n o n a collision course with the House fortress, or they can request that the gates be opened so
Lyrandar airship. they can make use of the fortress's inn.
Let the PCs make DC 15 Spot checks to notice the Stcrngatc: T h e fortress-town protects the pass
fast-approaching airship. If any characters notice the between Darguun and Breland, as well as serving as
airship coming straight for them, they have 2 rounds a way station for travelers going to or coming from
to prepare before the ships collide. If none of the PCs Zilargo. The PCs can easily convince the guards to open
succeed on the Spot check, they continue withwhatever the gates, even though it is well after dark, if they show
actions they have been participating in. At his initiative the guards the traveling papers thatviorr provided them
count i n the second round, Lucanuses a standard action with i n Sharn. I n addition to the lightning rail station
to once again take on gaseous form. At initiative count and an inn, the PCs can stock up on supplies and make
0 in that round, JadekFuy rams Cloud? Destiry. Read: use of the services of the resident House Jorasco healer.
Any other survivors from Cloud'sDestiry also make their
Wood buckles and cracksas the two airshipscollide. Your vesselshakes way to Sterngate. The Jade2 Fuy survivors disappear into
and shudders violent5 as the bow pitches downward. The sound of the night.
- .
shattering deck plonks and s)Jrtring rtgging explodes into the night.
ever imagined, the elemen-
apart. In addition to the terrible dornage
now each ship's eltmen~ol-onefire,
integrating vessels that once
escribed below.

This part of the adventure features a three-way battle fighter 2 ; CR 2; Medium humanoid; H D 2d10; hp 1
aboard a lightning rail coach bound for Flamekeep, the 13; Init +7; Spd 20 ft.; AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 1
capital city of Thrane. T h e coach follows the path of
conductor stones from Sterngate to Starilaskur, onto
Vathirond, and then north through Thrane toward
Flamekeep. Lucan plans to be aboard the morning
coach. To stay on his trail, the PCs must also make it
aboard before the coach departs. Posswians: Masterwork breastplate, masterwork falchion
Among thevarious things the PCs do upon reaching
- - ,-. . .- .
Bat Swarm ( 2 ) : hp 13 each; see MonsterManuol page
- -
Sterngate, including getting healed, resting, resupply- 237. The bat swarms begin play hidden i n the rafters
ing, and recovering spells, they see that a lightning rail above the platform. The swarms swoop down on their
coach la parked i n the fortress-town's station. A few turn i n the first round of combat.
inquiries allow them to learn that the coach departs i n
the morning (some ten hours after they arrivein Stern- Lightning Rail Coach Timetable
for Flamekeep and other locations to thenorth. I n Each round, on initiative count 10, the lightning rail
lieu of a n airship, this is the fastest mode of travel for coach acts.
continuing on to Karrnath. Round I: The coach begins to crackle with arcs of
The lightninp rail coach consists of a train of spe- lightning.
- .
carts. Two crew carts, one at the front and Round2: The coach lifts slightly higher into the air as
one at the rear, house the primary elemental bindings. the power between the conductor stones on the ground
Four passenger carts, two lounge carts, and two cargo and in the belly of the coach's carts intensifies.
carts make up the rest of the train. Round3: The coach begins to move, so that carts 5
and 6 now line up with the platform.
Round 4: T h e coach continues its slow departure from
[EL 5) the station; carts 6 and 7 line up with the platform.
After getting through the night i n Sterngate, the PCs Round 5: The coach c q t i n u e s its slow departure from
must be aboard the lightning rail coach before it departs the amtion; carts 8 and 9 line up with the platform.
in the morning. Lucan reached the station ahead of the Rpnd 6: The coach, move. In &is round,
PCs and was able to secure a private cabin on the coach. caxt J,!&sli&s alarigsfcle.the platform. Thts i s t h e ' l a t
The PCs must get on the lightning rail before i t round i n which the ~ d can s leap &oa;cd the coach
departs after the sun rises. To do that, they have to get before it departs the station and f a c r e a w w itdporm,d
past the surprises Lucan left for them on the station. travel speed.
Development: Starting in raux@ 3, cack PC must
BATTLE ON STERNGATE PLATFORM makes DC 5Jurnp check to leap onto the movingcbach
The platform where the lightning rail coach is parked is and a DC 8 Dexterity check to hang on. Failing e i h e r
basically a red)angle 120 feetlong and 40 feet wide. The checksendsthe character crashing to the platform (Id6
middle two passengep car~c:Garre5 and 6 on the L3ght- pointr of damage, Bcfltx M= 15 half),
ning Rail Coach map, printed on the idside tmver) liac In w u n d 6. SBs I)& increase to 8 for thcJump c)rtck
up along the long edge of the plarfotm, with additional and 12 for the D u e r i t y cheek. Character, already om
carts stcetching to each sidt, A re1 of boarding atain the caachcaeure t h e a d another actlon to a u l ~ t w l l hthk'
between the two carts welcomes p1866dgLfr f r w the Wcr~ritycheck.Afaer rnuod 6, the llghtnlng rail math
platform onto the coach. increased to ftm crublag rpecdof 30 mltca per h u r , If
Lucan has left a few OppOnenLd to hlnder the PCa. the PC1 didn't getdmrcd, they'll have 10 ligu$~.oul a
Two dominated House Oricn humra fighters (wli* *OF- war to catch the coach rame+tre a b n g it#
qd$ serve as station and two bat swarma pro- ,.
before leaving Breland and entering the nation of
The attack at the heart of this encounter occurs
three hours after the coach departs Vathirond, about ous adventures
after dark on the second day of travel. then this is mer
Along the way, Lucanremains i n hiding. T h e walls
of all the private cabiriswithin the passenger carts are
lined with a t h i n sheet of lead to protect passengers U s e themap of the Lightning Rail Coach, located
from spells such as focate o&cf (and, i n Lucan's case, detect on the inside cover, when r u n n i n g this encounter,d~m!r
undead). T h e walls of the cargo carts and many of the 'onb

- "
cargo containers have the same protection. H a m Orien
believes that privacy must be protected acall costs. T h
You can play out some of the investigation and inter-
dammated cargo driver visits Lucan's cabin once during action with passengers and crew. You can even allow
each leg of the trip; Lucan feeds o n a small amount o f the PCs to take care of business i n either Starilaskur

the driver's blood during each of these visits:
T'kecoachk crewwon't allow the PCs to barpinto'pri-
vatii'cabirrs, and House Orien doesn't answer to Breland's
o r Vathirond during the brief s h p s i n those cities.
The heart of this encounter, however, is the attack by
the warforged. Fast-forward through the travel to this
Ling, so the traveling papers the PCs carry have little point as slowly o r as q u i d 7 as yowand yaw players a r t
weight in this area. T h e bestthey can d o is interact with comfortable with, Qut to the highlights and play out a
the passengers and crew and bide their time, waiting for few representati.y~aceneealone the way. ,
Lucan to show himself 6r makeso-fnekind ~hnista&,tJ can begin in two.ways. If a PC is
Shortly after the coach departs theVathirondstatiai! somehow-probably from the back of the
early in the evening of the second day of travell+theFa$ or she sees warforged board the coach. But
past a c t i o n s c a ~ c h u p d them.
h An agent of the Lord of are resting or relaxing, the attack comes
.m.* 1
th@nrradmwcart, while othershwni at the rear crew cart. Then, o
h+d=n emaht~mmo#out of the sJy, each bearmg a small ride

If ,the PCh wen%> ; SV Fm+ +5, Ref +3, Will +O; Str 18,
1 Skills an4 Feats: Climb +8. Intimidate +
fits tfie Adamantine Body, Cleave, Improzed_Bu_ll
cfv,+ Attack, Weapon Focus ( s c i m i t a r m s 4 i

paralysis, disease, nausea.

'Ehee1oake;cdfigJ* ate fatigue, exhaustion.
effects that cause
a& are systematically searching t h coay:lala
forMem. d q sickened w-
They don't know or c a r e abbut. Luean, dition, and e n e r a
though they'd be happy to secme the
soul blade for theiz master should
the opportudty wise.
The Situatiom Nine Boarders (&:,Male
personality warforged
fighters 1; CR 1; Medium
to secure the Earward living~~nst~uct; HD ld10+2;
hp 3, 8, 10, 12; Init +l;S p 4
the coach. Five, 20 ft.j AC 18, touch ll,,

lead agent known

as Scimitar, ham &ah
with anypne in the rear crew (1d8+2/19-20, mas-.
cart and have begun working their terwork lo~ngswmrd)ok
way farwad, searching for the +2 ranged (1@+2/>(3,
BGs and dealing with poten- composite longbow);
oiisl threats alorig the way. SQ damage x e d u c t h ~
a e y plan to halt the coach P/adamantine, war+
and make a thorough search Grged traits; AL NE;SV
ofeverycart until b ~ h * F a t4,Ref 4, Will-2t
captured the PCs. - Sir 15, Bex 13, Cora+,&, ais b l f l f n g In* 10, Wis 10, Cha 6 + + A
mereenarks rWe qlidmvlngs SklLondFib: C f i d +1,Jump
and ~h for ~ n p n orhar
r than 4, Adamantine Body, Weapon Focus (bngnmrd).

coacb d m kn't a witrhgtb.

crew cart mad fkt

the dcath to promote his cause. the terrain around it. With a fly speed of 80 feet, the
The warforged who boarded the forward crew cart halflings' glidewings are easily fast enough to keep up.
subdue the crew there and order the coach driver to Ilk o h m difficult to keep track of events when a
stop the lightning rail. He refuaes. Refer to Ending the party rplitr up, but i n this battle you can switch back
Encounter for the results of this interaction. and f a r ~ hbetween PCs in different coach carts by simply
Scimitar is a trusted agent of the Lord of Blades. cycliag ~hroughthe initiative order; imagine a movie
She demands that the PCBsurrender and provide her that cutw between two tense situations.
with either the schemaa or information on where she can PCa mu generally adept at usingtheir surroundings to
find them. If the PCBdon't cooperate, she has orders to advantage. Herearesomeclever tricks they might employ.
kill all but one of them. The aurvivor will be taken for CfimbontotheRoc& Hutches and ladders are located at the
further questioning by khe Lord of Blades himself. rear ofeach cart. It takeaamove action to open thehatch.
Unlik the other warforgedl Scimitar has a strong It's a DC 0 Climb check to get up the ladder, but it takes
sense of self-preservation. She retreats if her life is at 40 feet of movement to do so. A DC 5 Climb check gets
risk or if the mission looks doomed to failure. a character up the ladder with only 20 feet of movement.
Glidewing Riders (6): Male and female halfling Unless PCs are unusually burdened, failure simply means
barbarian 2; CR 2; Small humanoid; HD 2d12+2;hp 17 no progress on the climb, not an actual fall.
each; Init +3; Spd 30 ft.; AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 16; Fall orjump oJthe Coafhr Treat thia as a normal fall,
Base Atk +2; Grp -1; Atk or Full Atk +4 melee (ld6+1/ except that it deals 2d6 points of damage due to the
3, lance) or +3 melee Cld6+1/19-20, longsword) or +5 coach's forward ~ p e e d .A character can reduce the
ranged (ld4+l, javelin); SA rage l/day; S Q uncanny damage to ld6 points if he or she jumps down inten-
dodge; AL CN; SVFort +4, Ref +3, Will +l;Str 13, Dex tionally and succeeds on a DC 15Jump check, or if he
16, Con 13, Int 10, Wia 12, Cha 8. or she succeeds on a DC 15 Tumble check.
Skills and Feats: Climb +6, Handle Animal +4, Listen Push Someone 0 8 A bull rush attack suffices to push
+6, Ride +8; Mounted Combat. someone off the roof of the coach. Attempting to do so
Possessions: +I studded leather, masterwork light wooden from the outer balconies is harder; the presence of the
k shield, masterwork lance, longsword, 5javelins. rail gives the defender a +2 bonus on the opposed check
*\ Glidewings (6): hp 22 each; E ~ ~ ~ C a r n p oSetting,
ign to avoid being bull rushed.
kf-3 page 280, G m b a t a Railing: If a character is falling off the coach
Halfllng ficticr: Thc halfllngbm d glidcwinp arc con- for whatever reason, rr RC 20 Climb check lets him grab
tent to rlrcle the ltghtnirrg rail aach, but they t l h g onto a guardrail or similar protuberance. A character
javtllns at any creature on th4 roof br aide running can pull himself back up to safety by taking a move
boardr of the carts, circling ao they remain a b o u ~30 action and rnmkinga DC LO Climb check, but he's hang-
feet a w q from their target#. I f II few rounds of javelin ing by him fingertip8 until he does so.
barrages aren't effective, the halfing~ swoop daze to the
cmeh and charge with their Ianebe. ~f a halfling f d I r ENDING THK ENCOUNTER I
m i s battle, the remaidfig hrlflinpr cmncentrate a n ~ h c
PC wha dealt the killing blw. They ?age at h i s poinb,
j u m p i q wia Lhe coach to attack the PCs directly.
Fcrrt ~ u n d s i n t the
o bade, the driver increases the speed
af bhe coach. In he fifth round, the warforged in the crew
cart kill him. causing the coach to slide t o r sop. (The $j

t The bnlflingr, being hired help. flee if the battle coachwon't run without the driver.) When the coach sud-
doesn't gp casib, A raging halflingwon't retreat before denilystops, each i d M d u a l on board needs to make a DC
his or her rage ends, however. 16 Balance check to remain standing. Failure indicates
that the sudden @topsends the character crashing into
inside a cart who fail take ld6
ep points of damage. Those on the roof ofa cart can make a
moving coach. But not second check to amjd falling off (see above).
Lucan emerges from hiding at this point. He jumps
who are "offstage." Pace Lrom&e coach, takes the form of a dire wolf, and disap-
one or two at a ti*. pearsinto the night. Where is Lucangoing?Toward the
fight scimitar 'ahd &er ...; -ained ziggurat h6 sees in the distance.
erience: Awed the PCs full experience for each j
defeat in combat, but don't award experience for
flinpwho simply fly away,

Lucan has struggled to take control over his destiny
since becoming a vampire. First, he came under the Across the still wate&.ati
thrall of the vampire lord Calderus. Then, the soul blade
exerted influence over him. Now, with pursuers closing
i n on him, Lucan has temporarily asserted his will add
taken control of himself. He doesn't know how long this
will last, but he desperately wants to once again be in
charge of his own fate. The PCs must cross the water and climb the stairs into
Lucan didn't want to become a vampire. He didn't want --
the ziggurat's antechamber. This ancient temple may be
to betray the Citadel. He certainly didn't want to go to Kar- abandoned, but it isn't uninhabited. The antechamber,
math. Now,i n a moment of clear thought and lucidity, he for example, serves as the lair of a cloaker.
has decided to cast off the orders of unseen masters and Other features of the antechamber are described
make his own stand in the Thrane wilderness. below.
After fleeing from the lightning rail coach, Lucan k h t : None.
heads toward the ruins of an ancient goblin ziggurat. Sound: Once the cloaker reacts to the PCs, they auto-
Here, the vampire prepares to battle the PCs who have matically hear eerie moans without needing to make
been tracking him since Sharn. Listen checks.
Reaction: If the PCs have a light source or make a
sound, the cloaker begins an unnerving moan attack.
THEZIGGURAT The cloaker has a Listen modifier of +l3.
A structure remaining from the height of the Dhakaani Important Rules: Fear, Dungeon Master's Guide page 2 9 4 ;
Empire, the ziggurat stands i n a shallow depression on mlrror Image spell, Plqer's Handbook page 254; Grapple,
an otherwise featureless plain. Due to the rainy season, Player's Handbook page 155.
a lake has sprung up around the ziggurat and moisture The Situation: Lucan steps into the temple and
has seeped into its lower levels. assumes gaseous form so he can circumnavigate the place
Inside the ziggurat, w s l h are made of superior without being molested by its inhabitants. The PCs aren't
masonry (Climb DC 20) and the floors are flagstone. as fortunate. The cloaker i n the antechamber uses its
Ceilings i n thc rooma are 15 feet high unless otherwise unnerving moan attack as saoa as it notices the PCs.
specified. The few d0-a that cxiat are stone; they aren't When the PCs enter the temple, read:
locked, but they arc mtuck (Strength DC 28 to open, or
hardness 8 and 60 hp if a u r c k d dirstly). There's no 7'he polished grog marble walls in this chomber feature w a y pat-
natural light anywhere in thedggmat, so the PCs have terns reminiscent ofthe ocean. Two roms ofco1umns stretch toward a
to provide illumination u n w f l ~ 1 have 1 darkvision. doorwag on thefar side ofthe chamber, andeach column has 8-inch-
Hallways d . & r r ~ k k w e e n the chambers are 10 diameter discs raised along its surface, making the columns look like
&eehi&and # ) 4 & w f & i w h e i r o n sconces every massive ocfojus tentacles.
40 feat for tor&'ar t n t w n s b but the light sources
th-1- d i s a p p r e d long a p . The immediate effect of the unnerving moan (-2 penalty
T h i s ziggurat*s dedicated to a n ancient fiend that on attack rolls and damage rolls) doesn't allow saving
was worshiped for t r r h e h this part of the empire. Few throws. Describe how maddening and distracting the
goblinoids today remember, let alone venerate, this moan is, and tell the PCs that they feel like they won't be
once-powerful entity. The place has a reputation for able to function if the sound continues much longer.
being haunted, and few brave this location. Have the PCs make Spot checks immediately; the
Reaching the central stairs that lead to the zig- cloakeris attached to one of the columns near the center
gurat entrance requires crossing a quarter-mile-wide of the r o o m %doaker's Hide modifier is +8.If none
lake, which has a n average depth of 10 feet. If the PCs of the PC* spprthc c l o a k ~ a n a i ~ & y % w t h e rthey
e are,
are unwilling to swim the distance, they can use wood .thp:mcmste&eY9 tg act i n the surprhettbund when the
from a thin copse of trees nearby to make a 10-foot-by-. .pas step Fnto the c h d e r .
10-foot raft. O n e c
hours; if more tha
reduced proportio
in three hours).


- .L
two hours prying them out ofthe carvingti; if mere than
one PC participates, the time is reduced proportionately
(so four PCs could d o this work i n 30 minutes).
This room was once used to collect tithes and offerings
*. #. from the faithful. T h e ziggurat's priests are long gone, HALL OF STATUES [EL 5)
but they didn't disarm one of the traps designed to catch If the PCs follow the staircase down, they reach a point
thieves. When the PCs reach the doorway, read: where the stairs continue down and a hallway leads to
another chamber--the Hall of Statues. Seeing human-
A dais with a solidstone altar dominates this room. From the doormog, oid statues often makes veteran D&Dplayers worry about
y o u can see a slot cut into the top of the altar. Along the walls, faded medusas and cockatrices. But sometimea a llatue irjust a
frescoes ofleering, red-skinned demons face the door on the opposite statue, and the PCs instead have a straightforward fight
side of the chamber. Dozens ofsmall hooksare embedded in the ceiling. with gricks here.
Thick chains run from each corner of the altar to the ceiling. When the PCs reach the doorway, read or paraphrase
the following:
The hooks are unimportant: tapestries used to hang
from them. The chains prevent the altar from falling Mossfestoons th is mom, draping itselffrom large clumps in the t e 11~ng
when the trap is triggered. ondcoorringtht walls In largepatches. Statues, mostb ofobed hob-
Trap: If a character searches the altar, a result of goblins with afew armored bugbears, stand in clusten, almost as ifthy
15 on the Search check reveals a drawer low on the back were conversingwith each other. Each stands on its own pedestal, lrhe
of the altar-but it takes a result of 25 to notice that the air is moist here andsmellsfiesher than elsemhere in the ziggurat.
drawer latch is the trigger for a trap. If the PCs touch
the latch and the trap hasn't been disabled, the eight Other features of the hall of statues are described below.
squares surrounding the altar open trap doors that drop Light: None.
would-be thieves into a pit. The drawer is empty. Sound: The PCs hear a faint drumming noise.
Pit 7rop: CR 4 ; mechanical; touch trigger; manual Reaction: None.
reset; DC 20 Reflex save avoids; 40 ft. deep (4d6, fall); Important Rules: Squeezing Through, Dungeon MasterS
mult~L.tnl;~et~.Ls[u~acen.mrkd~~.~~.& ~id
25: Disable Device DC 17. T h e Situation: Two gricka hide in the far corner of
the room, near the gap i n the wall that leads outside. They
ANIMAL SACRIFICE CHAMBER (EL 4) have a Hide modifier of +3; have the PCs make Spot checks
Animal sacrifices were performed in this room-and as they enter the room. No Spot or Listen checks are nec-
one of the creatures that performed the sacrifices still essary for the gricks if the PCs have a light source.
resides here. When the PCs reach the doorway, read: Gricks (2): h p 9, 10; MonsterManuolpage 139.
Grick fictics: Each grick simply rushes, attacking the
The stam lead to another chamber, this one decorated with carved nearest two PCs. If a grick kills a PC or knocks one
animal headsfilling the walls. Mary ofthe animal heads have emeralds unconscious, it drags the body back to a rear corner of
for yes, causing them toflickergreen in the light. Astone table occupies the room. Once there, i t performs a coup de grace if
the center $the chamber. Behindit standso large creature with the head necessary and starts eating.
and h o r n ofa bull. Itsflesh is rottingawy, andparts of itsskeleton show If reduced to 3 hit points or less, a grickflees through
through. It 1 9 s itsgreataxe arldstep towardyou. the gap, trying to reach the relative safety of the lake.
Development: Anyone, PC o r grick, i n the narrow
Minotaur Zombier hp 81 Mondtr Manual page 267. passage beyond the gap takes a-4 penalty on attack rolls
Minotaur G m b i r Toct/ar It'a a aombie, so the mino- and a -4 penalty to Armor Class.
:c .; , ehaqps in the f i r s t round
taur's tactfcr .re ~ i m p l t It
\ .
.. . i f &,@an, *g its grcrtrre because it doesn't have a CHAMBER OF PRAYER [EL 4)
T h e stairs descend to the lowest level of the ziggurat,
opening into a chamber that was originally intended for
individual prayer. T h e frayed tapestries hanging i n the
room once acted as screens to give worshipers privacy.
Now the chamber houses a n otyugh that lives off fungus
-and whaie7~erwarrdarsinta its lair. 1
:.payer chamber are described
J! u! n3eM Su!pue~sseq osle uroox s ~ . : u o ~ ~ a 0n ~%f ~
'anolsjo a p s u aas ssoop aya a s n e ~ a q
, snuoq Z+ e s ~ a 8 j ~ m e PUB
q ~ 'JOOPlamas B ~ laaj O g~ y a w
*- --
-h --"u!sssd ~ o j a s n f y ~ a qq xj s a s e s & j p u v . u o ! s u a x v p
. .-
'I . - 7 - --:*. *
i'. ,
Reaction: None. \ r .I

roved grab and constrict abilities against whichever Important R u b : Energy Drain and Negative Levels,
is most convenient. Remember that it splits into Dungeon Master's Guide page 293s
' "TS';Tr

b# - 2,;s slashing orjellies

identical if it's d a m ~ d . b yelectricity or by a
When the PCs reach the doorway, read:
- 1::
.;- ~5 piercing weapon.
@, Development: Not every sarcophagus is occupied. Unlike in the other chambers inside the ziggurat, flames from copper
L- If Lucan is reduced to O hit points, he uses an empty b r u ~ e r smounted halJiuog up the walls provide light in this area. A
sarcophagus to rest in. high, uaulted ceiling stretches 30 feet upJrorn thefloor, providing
The PCs can pry open each of the sarcophagi to see enough roomfora 25-foot-tall stdue of a bat-winged, ram-headed
if the goblinoid dead were buried with anything valu- demon from an ancient age. Between the statuebfiet is a throne-
able. T h i a m k ia t h e - c ~ n s n m i n gItsther
. than p l v i t like chair of black marble. Lucan sits upon the throne, storingatyou
out, just tell the PGs that it would tnh one character two through half-lidded g e s . A series of low stone sarcophagi stands
houra ta check all the sm-cophugi for loot. {If mare than betweenyou and the statue.
one PC partkipatu. the time m i reduced propostion-
atcly, m four PCa a u l d do thi, work h 30 ~ i n u ~ e s , ) The Situation: Lucan attacks immediately, of course,
T r e a s u r c t Four sarcophagi hwr valuables i n them: leaping atop a sarcophagus to get a +1 bonus for higher
a gem worth 400 gp; apotion oflevitate; a masterwork cold ground. He vents all his rage at his situation on the PCs,
~ r o longsword;
n and a wandofcolorspray (25 charges). The making him a terrible opponent indeed.
rest have only moldy bones or are empty. Lucan: hp 42; see Appendix.
Lucan's Tactics: See the appendix for a detailed discus-
CHAMBER OF CIRCLES [EL 4) sion of Lucan's tactics. Lucan has temporarily seized
The stairs ascend to the Chamber of Circles. I n this control of the soul blade, but he would rather not wield it,
room, the PCs must deal with a swarm of centipedes keeping i t sheathed and using his slam attack instead.
before they can reach Lucan's hiding place. The soul blade can still act, however, and starts using its
Other features of the chamber are described below. conftsian ability if Lucan is reduced below 20 hit points.
Lightt None. I n this encounter, Luwn's preferred means of
Sound: The PCs can hear faint scurrying from the escape is the secret door behind the statue. It leads to
centipedes i n the wall on a DC 20 Listen check. the vertical shaft that drops to the crypt. He can hide i n
Reaction: None. a sarcophagus there.
In$ortant Ruler: Swarm subtype, Monster Manual page 315.
When the PC?reach the doorway, read:
'Ihis long chamber has thr& silver circles embossed in the floor, When Lucan is captured or defeated, the adventure
and a doonti@ fh the far wall, Qe wall to the lefl has many cracks ends. If there's a wooden stake i n his chest, Lucan is
in it, and t h q[~$rnellsa little freshcr here. Allfour mallsfeature completely inert and won't pose problems on the return
frescoes depictislg a s t a r 9 night ourr forbiddingb mountainous trip. Viorr pays with no complaints, although he'd like
terrain-nothing like i h i s J w d e d ~ l a i n . to "debrief" the PCs first.
If it meets the needs of your overall campaign, you
The $&vation: When the PCs start moving across the can of course make the PCs' live8 more difficult. Perhaps
roo%,. centipedes pour through the cracb i n the wall. one of the PCs tries to use the soul blade. You might have
Oariorr&ater, thcr fotm Iqte d rjivr,& and attack. some "A Guy Kicks i n the Door" encounters left. Or,
~ a & & d c Bwmr-:)?p $11M o ~ k r f i n u a l ~ a238.
~e the Emerald Claw can hound the characters on the way
Dbq&&Tbcfics: T h ~ t ~ + t i ~ , ~ across
. ~ w thet r floor.
y back to Sharn.
trlifrr&mqplf ac q;m &pahb.The summon- Viorr and Neya might turn up in future adventurea
rra l q e r k&iih,:bne ac centipedes still
as patrons, allies, or enemies, and Garrow, $cimitar,
, .
ml;b &,iw e $ . the iddlc e i d e . and even Lucan could return.
Finally, Whispers of the Vampire'sBlade plants some seeds
for future adventures. How will Calderus react to the
capture or destruction of Lucan? Are there unexplored
parts of the ziggurat beyond the collapsed hallway?
What about the plot involving the schemas? It's ;your
mmpaign-do with these seeds what you will. 1
A priest of the Blood of Vol i n service to the Ordex d t h e
Emerald Claw, Garrow is a changeling who news appears
to the PCs i n the same guise twice. His fascination with
vampires led him to take that form when he encountered
them i n Shadow of the Last War. This time, he pretends to be
the half-elf privateer Rarwog, though he might appear i n
different guises as you aee fit.
Garrow: Male changeling cleric 6; CR 6; Medium
humanoid (shapechanger); H D 6d8; h p 32; Init +5; Spd 30 Grilsha: Female human sorcerer 6; CR 6; Medium.
ft.; AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 14; BaseAtk+4; G r p +4; Atk humanoid; H D 6d4+6pllllr 3; hp 27; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC
or Full Atk +5 melee (1d4/19-20, masterwork dagger) or +6 12 (20 with magearmorand shield), rouch 12, flat-footed 10 (18
ranged (1d4/19-20, masterwork dagger) or +5 ranged (ld8/ with m a p armor and shield); Base Atk +3; G r p +2; Atk or Full
19-20, light crossbow); SAdeath touch, rebuke undead; S Q Atk +2 melee (1d4-1/19-20, dagger) or +6 ranged (ld4+1
changeling traits, minor change shape; AL LE; AP 3; SV plus ld6 fire, masterwork hand crossbow with +l fklmingbolt)
Fort +5, Ref t 3 , Will +8; Str 10, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 14, Wis or +6 ranged (ld4, masterwork hand crossbowwith normal
16, Cha 14. bolt); SA-; SQ-; ALCN; SVFort +3, Ref +4, Will +5; Str
Skills and Feats: Bluff +4, Concentration +5, Diplomacy +7, 8, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 16.
Disguise +4 (+14 when using minor change shape), Hide +3, Skills and Feats: Concentration +7, Diplomacy +6, Handle
Knowledge (religion) +4, Sense Motive +4, Spellcraft +8; Heroic Animal +6, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Ride +5, Spellcraft +7;
Spirit, I m p r d Initiative, Spell Focus (necromancy). Combat Casting. Dodge, Erotic Weapon Proficiency (hand
Languages: Common, Elven. Goblin. crossbow), Toughness.
Changeling Traits: Changelings have a +2 racial bonus on Languages: Common, Draconic.
saving throws against sleep and charm effects. SorcererSpeIIsKnown (6/7/6/4): 0-actd$losh, dancinglights, detect
Cleric SpellsPrepared (5/5/5/4) : 0-cure minor wounds (2). detect magic, detectpoison, r g offrost,map hand, message; 1st-disguise self; mage
magic, guidance, resistance; 1st-cure hght wounds (21, obscuring mist, armor, magic missile, shield; 2nd-mt'sgrace, inuisiblli9; 3rd-fj.
protectionfromgood, mj ofmfoeblemanf*; 2nd-commandundead* (DC Possessions: Dagger, masterwork hand crossbow with 5
171, cure moderate wounds, holdperson (DC151, infit moderate wounds +I flaming bolts, 10 normal bolts, wand of darkness (13 charges),
(DC 17), srlence; 3rd- animate dead*, bestow curse (DC la), dispel wand of magic mlssile (14 charges), scroll of fireball, scroll of
magic, pryer. dimension door, scroll of haste, scroll of lightning bolt, 2 scrolls of
*Domain spell. Domains: Death (death touch once per phantom steed, scroll of scying, pearl earrings worth 100 gp,
day, damage 5d6), Necromancer (cast necromancy apells at identification papers, 200 gp.
+1 caster level).
Possessions: +2glameredbreastplate, masterwork dagger (holy LUCAN STELLOS
symbol), light crossbow with 10 bolts, potion of invisibilify,potion Lucan Stellos, once a trwted and rerrpected member of
ofcure moderate wounds. the Citadel of Breland, baa beeome a vampire. While o n a
mission for Caldbrus, his vampire lord, Lucan atole the soul
AREYNDEE blade. T & p o w r r f u l magicweapm exertcd its own influence
This elf, an agent i n House Thuranni's Shadow Network, over Lwan, sending the newly areated vampixe on a trek to
bas worked with and against Lucaa i n the past, and now rhe rtrcch .&itmath, according to i-nstructiona built into the
wabu t@t&qc~ver the secrets s u ~ ~ o u n d i recent
ng events for blade when i t was crafted during the Last War. Until Lucan
L d e bm&t af her house. bredis free of t b influence i n Part Five, he does everything
Areyndee: Fellirrk eliEr0.p 6; CR 6; Medium human' jn Ms power to reach Karrnath.
oid; H D 6d6; h p 25; Inie+3i Spd 30 ft.: A 0 16, touch 13, . .: Lucan: Male human vampire rogue 6; QR 8: Medium
flat-footed 16; Base Atk+4; G r p +4; Atk or FullAtk+8 mdce .'&QQ$ ( a u g m e & e ~ ~ m a n o i d )HD
; 6612; hpL2t Init +9;
(ld6+1/18-20. +I mbier) o r +7 ranged (ldY&9-20, hand c n q a ~

Skills and Feats: Bluff +9; Climb

+9. Decipher Script 4, Diplo
Disguise +10 (+I2 to act i n c
T h i e e Dimension& L ~ a n e a n automatically
s andceilings at a speed of 20 feet, easily make
-7".2 - . . -C' ,
pT* 8~!ertnesr'. C c h b a t Expertis;, ~ ~ : ~ G b a g ~ c h x i r ~ , ~ p o. da~n e8-foot
', high jump, t u r e gaseous to fly at a speed of 20

faster. There's no reason not to get that +1 attack bonus for

h p g e n Common, an*@, Elven, Dwarven. higher ground-and to confound PCs by going where they
Possessionr: + I studded k&er srmor, soul blade (see page 6), can't follow.
boots of striding and springing;gbe of storing traveling papers, Separate a n d Domiratr~If Lucan can spread the party
- .;
identification papers. our through movement-or by luring a n eager PC forward
before the rest of the party is ready--he should attempt to
Lucan's Tactics dominate that PC rnd thereby gain a n ally.
Despite the soul blade that's controlling him, Lucan is a cagey Separate r a d Dpain: If Lucan can lure a spellcaster--
foe. Before an encounter with Lucan begins, think of two especially a wizard or sorcerer-away from the rest of the
emcap+ plum Lucan can urr to get out of the 6ght i f 1s docen't party, Lucan ma rtart a grapple and use his blood drain
go hiaway. Even lf bc ha8 the PCs onrhe roper. Lucsa prob- ablhty, g a h l a g r lot of temporary hit points and possibly
ably bct& off combat after ieediqfrrsrs a helpless creatlng a new vampire.
PC) rather than finish off the PCs because he is compelled Don't Forget the Soul Blade: The soul blade takes actions
to get to Karrnath without delay. during each of Lucan's turns. Usually i t drops a confuston effect
H e might use his gaseous form ability, then slither (15-ft. radius, Will DC 16) on the biggest cluster of enemies it
through a floor grate. Lucan could t u r n into a dire bat (fly can see within 120 feet (the limit of its sight). It can also use
speed40 feet) or dire wolf (speed 50 feet) to r u n away. He can faer~ejreif it thinks invisible PCs are nearby, and it always tells
scurry up the walls effortlessly with his spider climb ability. Lucan when there's a character with 3 hit points or lesswithin
O r he could simply rely on his boots olstridingandsprii@g, his 30 feet. The soul blade can also cast cure rnodemte aounds, but it
Mobility feat, and his high Tumble and Jump modifiers to won't do so i n combat because cure spells damage undead.
get out of harm's way. Help from Grilsha: Grilsha isa potent sorcerer, and she
The PCs face Lucan at three different points i n the can cast cafigmce, invinbilr&, a n d b o n Lucan. She has a trick
adventure. You want to make him a n NPC the players love that helps Lucan with his new vampiric nature: If Lucan 1s
to hate-they shouid get progressively more frustrated and caught in direct sunlight, Grilsha uses her zuandofdorknessto
angry with Lucan with each subsequent encounter. Lucan keep him frorndhlnttgraling under the sun's rays.
should taunt and belittle the PCs, counter every move they WeaknessesrJutt a c p u play to Lucan's strengths, so too
make, and use every dirty, villainous trick to keep himself should you be aware of Lucan's weaknesses. Lucan doesn't
and the soul bladesafe. have a good ranged attack, and he doesn't have a p o d Will
I n the ziggurat, however, it's a different story. Lucan save, which is why ~hrmJ4lodecontrolshim so easily. His 42
has won a temporary victory i n his contest of wills against hit points are farfewer &an mori creatures of his Challenge
the soul blode, so he's making the ziggurat his last stand. He Rating, fast healin8 and damage reduction help offset this
will neither give nor expect quarter from the PCs. T h e weakness, but they d a n ' ~ c l i ~ n i n ait;
t e make sure Lucan flees
urbane, taunting Lucan becomes all business-and his before he gets to the p h t where one or two hits from the
business is death. PCs wdl defeat him.
Lucan has such a wide array of abilities that you shouldn't T h e retreat can be a temporary one, because fast heal-
try to use them all i n the first encounter. Lucan is a more ing 5 brings Lucan back to full strength i n less t h a n a
interesting villain if he uses a different set of tactics each minute. Lucan can also use energy drain and blood drain
time. Read the vampire description i n the MonsterManualand to g e t temporary hit points, either from the PCs, from
study Lucan's statistics block. minions, or from animals he summons with his children
I n every round, you want Lucan to be doing something of the n ~ g h ability.
unusual and clever. Here are some particularly effective Lucan's vampiric nature gives him additional weaknesses.
t. ;
. tactics Lucan might employ. Lucan can't attack a PC wielding a mirror or a holy symbol.
Sneak Attack: A n extra 3d6 points of damage never Naturalsunlight destroys Lucan in 1 round, and spells such as
? F ..
'. hurte, but it's hard for Lucan to make sneak attacks when he
y "n&hZUbhllies to g i e him a flanking bonus. He always
seannglght do extra damage. Like all undead, Lucan isvulner-
able to positive energy and turning attempts from PC clerics.
, :L*
.a 4,
. sn%aga & a c k ? q t h e Arst round, often bp making a spring
a PC who hasn't acted yet.
Finally, the soul blade itself is something of a weakness.
because Lucan attackswith it rather thanwith his slam attack.
I::, 1 .fld? Attack: Using this feat means L u e c a l p move, The slam attack is probably more effective despite ita lower
' !/ -*&To . . melee attack, then move agaln, moving a to+al&.40 . atlark b o w , becausenegative levels degrade the PCs' power
fight at the end of the adven-
blade for his slam attack.


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