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Lancaster General Health

May 1,,2017

Dear Registered Nurse,

To ensure we are providing optimal care to our patients and to meet the future requirements
of the
Magnet Recognition Program, Lancaster General Health (LG Health) has changed the job requirements
for registered nurses who are employed under the Lancaster General Hospital (LGH) license to include
Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree or higher. Your nursing leaders have
made the commitment
that all nurses working under the LGH hospital license will have a BSN or higher degree.

This vision will help us meet the Magnet Program's goal of an 80 percent BSN workforce
by December
31, 2019. The decision to change the job r:equirementfor the reistercd-rurse w-as fornaally
in March 2015. The ultimate goal of the Department of Nursing is to be exclusively an all
BSN workforce
at the bedside. This strategy is evidence-based and clearly differentiates us from other
local providers.
We are requiring all RNs currently working in a cost center under the hospital license
whose highest
nursing degree is a nursing diploma or associate degree to formally declare their educational
using the enclosed Nursing Education Declaration Form. Please return completed
and signed forms
using the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope, postmarked by June 1.6,2oL7.

As you know, LG Health offers 100 percent tuition assistance in accordance with its policy that enables
employees to continue their education at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences (pA
College). The
current PA College RN-Io-BSN program can be completed in as little as 21 months. Enroll no laterthan
August 2017 unless an evaluation by PA College identifies the date of a later enrollment
which would
still enable graduation with a BSN by December 2019. lf you are not yet enrolled, you are
encouraged to reach out to the PA College and begin the application process. The college
has created a
webpage ( specifically to guide non-BSN nurses through

We look forward to working with you to help advance your education while assisting the organization
moving to the BSN standard by December 2019.


Lanyce Roldan, MSN, RN
Senior Vice President
Chief Nurse Executive
Lancaster General Health
i,&, PennMedicine
Lancaster General Health

NuRsrruc Eoucarroru Drcunnrroru Fonvr

Purpose: The purpose of this form is to document the education plan of the registered nurse,
currently working in a Lancaster General Hospital licensed cost center, who does not currently
have a minimum of a bachelo/s of science in nursing (BSN) degree. All registered nurses
working in a Lancaster General Hospital licensed cost center are required to have a minimum
BSN degree by December 31, 2079. (Note: RNs with a birthdate on or prior to January L,196L,
are exenqpt fr+q this {q ui r'nnnt. )

Employee Name (please print)

Employee Number

Unit or Department

Education Declaration: (please initial appropriate selection)

I am currently enrolled in an RN to BSN or RN to MSN program at

. My anticipated date of graduation is
I plan to enroll in an RN to BSN program by and will complete

all BSN degree requirements on or before December 3L,2019.

I plan to enroll in an RN to MSN program by and will complete

ail MSN afeEie cem-bei3li70Lg.

I do not plan to enroll in a BSN or MSN program. I understand that I will not

be eligible to retain employment as an RN in a Lancaster General Hospital

license cost center as of January t,2019.

Employee Signature Date

Please returned this signed declaration form in the self-addressed, stamped envelope
provided. Must be posfmarked no later than June L6,2OL7.