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1. Family name: EL GAZRI
2. First Names: Khalil
3. Date of birth: September 28th, 1970
4. Nationality: French/ Moroccan
5. Civil status: Single
6. Education:
Institution: Date [Date from Date to] Degree(s) or diploma(s) obtained
Mission of Statistics Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Yearly Seminars on Financial Governance and Statistics
Affairs and International Development, Paris, 2006 -2011 Cooperation (Aid Harmonization and effectiveness)
Insead Business School, Fontainebleau, 2001-2006 Top Management Seminars (Company Specific Programmes)
Paris School of Mines ParisTech, Paris, 2001 2002 Master of GeoStatistics (Environmental and Spatial Statistics)
European Courses on Advanced Statistics, Spatial and
Linkping University, Sweden, September 1999
environmental Statistics (Pr. N. Cressie) sponsored by the SFdS
Bordeaux 2 and Barcelona Universities (European Master of Applied Mathematics to Social Sciences (Statistics,
Socrates Program), 1997-1998 Econometrics, Economy, Operational Research)
Bachelor of Applied Mathematics to Social Sciences (Statistics,
Bordeaux 2 University, 1996-1997
Econometrics, Economy, Optimization, Game Theory)
7. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = Excellent; 5 = basic)
Language Reading Speaking Writing
English 1 1 1
French 1 1 1
Spanish 1 1 1
Arabic (Moroccan) 1 1 1

8. Membership of professional bodies & strategic commissions:
Selected Statistics Expert in Survey @ IMF, UNESCWA and UNECA Rosters
ASSD (African Symposium for Statistics Development: UNECA|AUC|AfDB)
CAPI Fieldwork Group (Linkedin)
AGSDaM | StatCom Africa (African Group Experts on Major Statistical Data Management | UNECA)
CEFIL (French Official Statistics training centre | INSEE)
CESMAT|Armines (Mines ParisTech) | MMR (Mathematical Methods for Reliability)
ERETES National Accounts users Forum (EU/CIRCA/Afristat)
FASDEV (Forum on African Statistical Development)
SFdS (Socite Franaise de Statistique) / ECAS (European Course on Advanced Statistics)

9. Other skills (e.g. computer literacy, etc.)

Advanced knowledge in Microsoft Office applications, Statistical Database Management, IT Infrastructure,

Network Software, Mail and Security applications, CAPI Applications Development & Training (SurveyBe,
ODK, CSEntry, Survey Solutions), CATI, CAWI & mixed mode survey applications (IdSurvey, LimeSurvey,
Monkey Survey, SphinxOnline), Data Analysis and visualization Software and Training (SPSS, STATA,
GapMinder, DevInfo/CensusInfo, CSPRO, Statistica and Sas)

10. Key qualifications (relevant to the project):

Expertise in survey design, implementation and reporting: protocol design, frame and sample design, mapping,
survey tools design, staff hiring, manuals design, training, logistics and deployment, data field collection &
coordination using CAPI, data up streaming & backup, quality control, cleaning, analysis and report writing.
Experienced technical advisor and assistant to National Statistics Offices: National Accounts, Economic Forecasting,
Business Registers and Business Units Survey/ Census.
Statistical Capacity building expert and experienced trainer with extensive experience in handling trainings and
workshops organization with statistics experts (from UNSD, IMF, OECD, Afristat, INSEE and UNECA)
Listed survey expert at IMF Roster: expertise in survey design, methodology, training and field operations
Highly experienced project manager with a proven track record of handling donor-funded projects, budget
expenditure, management of human resources including recruitment (subcontractors & short-term experts),
preparation of tenders, monitoring and meeting project deadlines within the committed deadlines and reporting to
donors and beneficiary authorities.
Of Moroccan origin especially well acquainted with the areas being surveyed
Extensive experience in paper-free data collection tools and passionate about innovation
Excellent leadership, communication and negotiation skills in international and multicultural environment
11. Professional experience:

From - to Location Company & reference person Position Description

In charge of conducting the impact survey of the Global Index Insurance Facility
African B. Consulting and (GIIF/IFC) on livelihoods and vulnerability of farmers in the groundnut basin in Senegal.
Development The survey targets farmers-subscribers to micro insurance policy covering climate risks
| and natural disasters during 2016 agricultural campaign. Collaboration with CNAAS and
June ETI-Consulting Planet Guarantee broker. Achievements: frame and sample design, survey tools design,
- Questionnaire translation, staff recruitment and training, transport and logistics, data field
August (European Union Framework Team leader collection coordination using CAPI, data up streaming, cleaning, analysis and report writing.
Contract) Sample of 266 small, medium ad large farms, subscribers to an index insurance policy
2017 (GIIF program). The Global Indirect Insurance Mechanism (GIIF) program seeks to
Asthou Mbaye, support the development and growth of local index / disaster insurance markets in developing countries, mainly the ACP countries. It serves as an instrument to provide
smallholders with access to financial services.

Conducted statistical capacity and training needs assessment at institutional,

organizational and individual level throughout the Gambian National Statistical System.
April The World Bank Group
Banjul, Production of a capacity-building strategy (including the establishment of a training
2016 |
The Consultant center) and a multi-year training program for 150 staff within 18 Ministries, Department
June Ministry of Finance and Economic
Gambia & Agencies. Assignment funded by the World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity
2017 Affairs
Building and coordinated by the Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBoS).
Jainaba Faal,
Under the USAID Feed the Future programme framework and its evaluation project (USAID
Learning, Evaluation and Analysis Project | LEAP II), coordinating the implementation of two
evaluation surveys (baseline and interim) in the zones of intervention in Senegal: involved in
all phases of both surveys (protocol design, frame and sample design, survey tools design,
Dakar, training, data field collection coordination using CAPI, data up streaming, cleaning, analysis
Sept. 2015 Senegal and report writing) with USAID Feed the Future guidelines. CAPI devices procurement and
International Development Group
March Management Team |Survey Coordinator CAPI support staff training, field operations deployment, supervision and reporting, data

2016 Washington, field collection coordination, data up streaming and backups (real time on cloud server).
Lena Zezulin
USA Sampling design, drawing and mapping of 1,000 HHs and 6,000 HHs using national HH
master sample. Designed enumerators, supervisors and CAPIs manuals and trained
targeted staff (125). Organized the CAPI support team to deliver on field
troubleshooting and control over the collecting devices. On field data quality checks.

Preparation of the national census on Population, Housing, Agriculture and Livestock:
successfully mapped and digitalized census districts (PNDR programme)
Finalized the interconnection of 12 remote country statistics offices to improve data
Senegal's National Statistics Office, ANSD
collection within NSS
Nov. 2011 - Dakar,
Consultant Conducted capacity building activities and trained 42 remote statistical offices staff on
Dec. 2013 Senegal Babakar Fall, General Director,
using the newly interconnected network and on multivariate data analysis to improve
timeliness and quality of publications
Conceptualized, developed and implemented the personal digital assistant (PDA)
collection strategy in cooperation with Brazils National Statistics Office.
From - to Location Company & reference person Position Description
Successfully managed a 1.3 M budget Technical Assistance (TA) programme to support the
development of the National Statistical System: reforming the institutional framework and
National Statistics Office (ANSD) improving the quality of economic and statistical information.
| Key activities and achievements:
Department of Forecasting and Supported the design, implementation of the Senegalese NSDS (Paris 21/ AfDB/ EU-EFD)
Economic Studies Contributed to the implementation of several strategic NSDS steps involving all statistics
Dakar, producers (such as line ministries and country's provinces), identified sources of funding
Senegal Ministry of Economy and Finance, from French cooperation and other partners (AfDB, USAID and UNFPA)
Nov. 2006 - Project Chief and Advisor to the NSO
Senegal Organized statistical capacity building programme for National Accountants to integrate
Oct. 2011 General Manager
Paris, | ERETES (workshops, trainings, study visits: France, Morocco and South Africa)
France French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Instrumental assistance in economic surveys, registers and accounts production
International Development Largely supported the economic forecasting department (trainings, databases) in line
with Government Accelerated Growth Strategy
JF. Divay, Head of Cooperation Unit, Capacity building training for data collection, analysis & statistics production at large Participation to the thematic coordination group of donors for statistical development
Regular contribution to ANSD & DPEE publications

Assistant Professor & Researcher in the MBA Programme: teaching Information Systems
Management, Statistics and Decisions Sciences
INSEAD Business School Top Management Seminars (live meetings evaluation) |executive education programme
Oct. 2005 - Fontainebleau,
Dr. Soumitra Dutta, Professor, Assistant Professor & researcher Research assistant and case writer, effectively conducted analyses projects (Analysis and
Sep. 2006 France modeling of French stock market data to capture volatility; Management and analysis of
US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Patent Office (EPO)

Technical Assistant in the French cooperation programme to develop, reform and bring to
Institute of Water and Environmental excellence the regional institute by innovating funding and partnerships.
Engineering, French Ministry of Professor/coordinator of the Statistics, Data Information Management and Computer
Foreign Affairs and International Science courses
Oct. 2002 Ouagadougou,
Development Statistician Expert Technical Assistant Managed Young Graduates Employability missions in member countries (Programme
Sept. 2005 Burkina Faso d'Insertion des Jeunes Diplms: Niger, Benin, Togo and Cte dIvoire)
Philippe Mang, General Director, Contributed to the design of the e-learning platform being used by 2,600 students
+33619527006 Partnership establishment with Agronomy and Veterinary Institute of Rabat, Morocco

12. References

Thierno Balde, UNSD - Statistics Division |

David Snelbecker, CEO International Development Group |
Jean-Baptiste Gros, Resident Public Financial Management expert, IMF, Guatemala |
Philippe Ngango Gafishi, World Bank Statistics Advisor in The Gambia |
Fallou Mbengue, ANSD Deputy Manager, Bank of West African States, Senegal |
Philippe Larrue, Evaluator, OECD, France |