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Revit Software Development Toolkit (SDK) Copernicus edition

Welcome to the Revit Copernicus SDK. This package includes documentation, samples, and utilities that
support customization of Revit via the Revit API. This package also includes samples and documentation for
the macro capability of Revit based on SharpDevelop.

Please read the Revit Platform API changes and additions.docx file to find the details about what has been
added or changed in the API.

The SDK hierarchy contains examples of programs developed using the Revit API. This SDK includes
programming documentation and examples for all Revit verticals.

Folder File Description
Revit Read Me First.doc This document containing the packing
Copernicus list for the SDK.
SDK Getting Started with the Revit API.doc Getting started document contains
information about the basics of the
Revit API. This is the place to start
when getting familiar with the API.
RevitAPI.chm The reference help for the RevitAPI and
RevitAPIUI libraries.
RevitAddInUtility.chm The reference help for the
RevitAddInUtility libraries, which
permits read and modification of add-in
manifest files.
Revit Platform API changes and Lists the major and minor changes to
additions.docx the API since the last major release.
Autodesk Icon Guidelines.pdf A document describing the Autodesk
process for icon design, so that the
icons used by your API add-on can fit
with the look-and-feel of Revit.
Add-In Manager A sample addin to manage other addins.
Revit SDKSamples.sln Single workspace containing almost all
Copernicus the sample projects.
SDK\Samples (Sample projects) A number of functional example
projects using the Revit API. Each
project shows example of specific tasks
that can be performed using the Revit
API. Note: Each example has a
manifest file that can be copied to the
add-in folder to be able to use the
sample. Please refer to the Getting
Started doc for instructions.
Note that RevitLookup is no longer included in the SDK but can be found at