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Simply professional System Solutions for Emergency
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Making your life easier System Solutions for Ventilation,

Making your life easier

Sleep and Oxygen Medicine China
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System Solutions for Ventilation, Sleep and Oxygen Medicine

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Prospects for a Better Life Our daily work is dedicated to developing technology that
improves the quality of life. Making life easier for users
of our products is the objective behind our technological
advances. Supported by our technology, people who live
and work with our system solutions are free to concentrate
on the essentials.

As your strong and reliable partner, we improve the

prospects for a better life.
Table of Contents 5

Table of Contents

Introduction D Patient Interface

We make your life easier. 6 IntroductionD1
The Weinmann Homecare System 8 Product line overviewD3
JOYCE family D5
A Sleep Diagnostics JOYCE SilkGelD7
Introduction A1
Guaranteed certified quality Product line overview A3
SOMNOcheck micro, SOMNOcheck micro CARDIO A5
SOMNOcheck effort A6
Quality is our highest priority. Before new products SOMNOmaskD11
SOMNOlab 2, Transferbox 2 A7
are launched, they are subjected to a standardized SOMNOplusD11
SOMNObutler 2, Software SOMNOlab
and certified validation process. On the basis of SOMNOmobil, Measuring with RIP A8
these tests, our quality management guarantees Software SOMNOmanager A9
the products high quality and efficiency. You can Overview of device featuresA10 E Oxygen Medicine
be sure that we maintain a consistently high level of B Sleep Therapy Introduction E1
quality. This applies to every single one of our prod- Product line overview E3
Introduction B1
ucts and to all our processes in research & develop- OXYTRON 3 E5
Product line overviewB3
ment, purchasing, production and quality manage- SOMNOsoft 2eB5
ment. SOMNObalance eB5
3-in-1 transport bag E6
SOMNOvent auto-SB7
SOMNOvent auto-STB9
SOMNOvent CR B11
Overview of device functions B13
Accessories B15
Oxycontrol 2 E9
Software B16
Accessories E9
C Ventilation About us
Everything under one roof F1
Product line overviewC3
Clinical studies F2
Supporting new talent F2
VENTIlogic plusC5
LogIn F2
VENTImotion 2C9
Overview of device functions C11
Accessories C12
VENTI- O2 plus C13
Software C14
6 About us About us 7

We offer our partners products and system solutions To all of that we add our sound advice and extensive service.

We make your life easier of highly developed technology and oustanding

quality. All our products are perfectly coordinated with
In the end we give doctors and nurses, hospitals and health
care providers a new outlook on even more efficient, pati-
each other in order to enhance the quality and effectiveness ent-oriented approaches,
of therapy and to simplify work processes and procedures.

Our portfolio covers practically all our partners needs. The products are per-
Complete portfolio fectly coordinated with each other to support the quality and efficiency of your
Products therapy. At the same time they also simplify your processes and procedures.
Our The technology in our products is state-of-the-art. Our TV-certified quality
Solutions State-of-the-art technology management system assures you of the consistently high quality of our pro-
ducts and services.

We are pleased to offer you individual consultation in response to your ques-

tions about providing therapy or handling administrative tasks. Our health
Advice Health Care Consulting
care service area keeps you informed on topics such as economical acquisiti-
Our Process Optimization on of medical equipment, process optimization in the sleep lab and creation
Know-how Weinmann Academy of intelligent compensation models. Our Weinmann Academy provides
advanced training and certifies participants in medical knowledge, technical
know-how and processes.

Everything under one roof: We offer maintenance, repair or reconditioning of

Maintenance and Repair Service your products. Through the exclusive use of original parts, we prolong your
Service Accessories Service products service life. From the Login area you can now conveniently track
Everything under the status of your product online as it moves through maintenance or repair
Financing phases. As we have specially developed all accessories for use with our
one roof
products, everything is perfectly coordinated guaranteed!

The needs of patients and doctors drive our research and development. In
Clinical Studies
Science order to fulfill their requirements, we maintain an extensive network of
Network of Experts experts and keep up a dialog with doctors around the world.
Effectiveness is
Our clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of our products from early on in
our measuring stick Customer Orientation
the development phase to the ready-to-market stage .
8 About us About us 9

All the products in our portfolio are perfectly coordinated. Behind every single product and service we offer are in-
Our diagnostic and therapeutic technologies help you novative technologies, certified quality management and

The Weinmann Homecare System to work more efficiently. With the simple and uniform
software user interface, compatible accessories and cus-
many years of experience in the markets for ventilation,
sleep therapy and sleep diagnostics.
tomized systems, we lighten your workload. You save
time without compromising on safety and reliability.

Sleep Diagnostics Sleep Therapy Ve n t i l a t i o n Patient Interface Oxygen Medicine

SOMNOcheck micro SOMNOsoft 2 VENTImotion 2 NP15 CYPRESS

Two-channel screening CPAP therapy
Non-invasive, Nasal pillow mask Pneumatic
device: mobile, safe, reliable with exhalation
pressure-controlled conserving system
relief softPAP

SOMNOcheck micro
Two-channel screening
device with cardiovascular SOMNObalance JOYCE
risk indicator Silicone masks
autoCPAP therapy
with OPP technology
to distinguish
obstructive from JOYCE
central events Nasal mask
SOMNOcheck effort
Non-invasive ventilation Electronic oxygen
Outpatient polygraphy with TA mode and conserving system
expiratory pressure ramp

JOYCE Full Face

SOMNOvent Full face mask
Intelligent combination
JOYCE Full Face plus
of automatic BiLevel S
Full face mask
with the advantages of
puts a plus in
patient compliance
SOMNOlab 2 VENTIlogic plus OXYMAT 3
Enhanced polygraphy Invasive and The ideal therapy
and polysomnography non-invasive partner at home
ventilation with
cough support (LIAM)
Gel masks
Automatic Nasal mask
BiLevel ST device with
goal-oriented therapy JOYCE SilkGel Full Face
settings (SCOPES) Full face mask


Mobile or stationary Life supporting Oxygen standing
storage system for invasive and systems
sleep lab equipment SOMNOvent CR non-invasive ventilation
Combined therapy JOYCE GEL
for Cheyne-Stokes Nasal mask
Respiration (CSR) and
obstructive, central
Full face mask
or mixed sleep apnea
A1 Sleep Diagnostics Sleep Diagnostics A2

Secondary and associated diseases related to Sleep- of developing cardiovascular disease. The pulse wave ana-

Sleep Diagnostics Disordered Breathing (SDB) are receiving more and more
attention in sleep medicine. Today we know that SDB tog-
lysis technology makes the device easy to use on outpa-
tients anywhere. Doctors can rely on assistance from the
Early recognition today: faster, simpler, more reliable ether with other risk factors can give rise to cardiovascular analysis and can depend on Weinmann for support with
disease. Screening with our SOMNOcheck micro CARDIO follow-up diagnostics, particularly in ambulatory care.
helps the doctor to detect SDB early and to assess the risk
G r e a te r c o nv
High reliabil enience
A3 Sleep Diagnostics
Medical be ity Sleep Diagnostics A4
Optimized fonefit
r yo u r p
ro ce s s e

Focused, streamlined and flexible

The patients route Our solutions
Patient Interview Early detection with
A review of the patients medical history SOMNOcheck micro
reveals the probability of SDB. In the case Talk with patient, take medical history
of cardiovascular disease, it makes sense Function diagnostics
to conduct diagnostic testing for SDB. Initial screening: if findings point to disrupted sleep or SDB, an initial screening
should be made in doctors office or hospital. The patients risk or indication of
sleep disorder is determined quickly and simply, paving the way for the next
steps in the diagnostic process.

Measuring cardiovascular risk

In general early diagnostic area:
Daytime sleepiness SOMNOcheck micro CARDIO
Who is at risk?
Snoring What role does SDB play? Early detection of cardiovascular risk
Nighttime apnea In the sleep lab to assess risk. Find out cardiovascular risk to improve basis for decisions
Decide with certainty who needs and possible initiation of further diagnostic steps
Periodic leg movements
further cardiovascular diagnostics
outside the sleep lab.

Preliminary diagnostics
Preliminary diagnostics with Outpatient cardiorespiratory polygraphy with
polygraphy. This sleep apnea SOMNOcheck effort
screening includes oxygen
No annoying cable connections
saturation, flow, snoring
sounds and body position. Simple to apply and use
Therapy decisions based
on polygraphy

Outpatient and in-patient: expanded polygraphy and polysomnography with
Hypertension Diagnostics and Therapy Settings SOMNOlab 2
Arrythmia Cardiorespiratory polygraphy plus four electrophysiological signals, e.g.,
Differential diagnostics with polysom-
leg EMG, ECG
nography: In the sleep lab measure 1 With trunk cable R&K (Fig. 1) or AASM (Fig. 2) the complete polysomnography
ments of cardiorespiratory parameters
are made on the sleeping patient along SOMNObutler 2
with ECG, EMG, EOG and EEG and a Mobile for reliable outpatient use (Fig. 3)
video recording. 2
Special examinations such as MSLT SOMNOmobil
(Multiple Sleep Latency Test). Every room with a network connection can be a PSG room:
The MSLT helps to measure the patients SOMNOmobil provides maximum flexibility.
tendency to fall asleep.
Therapy setting and mask fitting Visualization, analysis, device-specific: only one software
Training and therapy consultation program for all devices. The software is the sleep stage analysis
ARTISANA, which our customers say is outstanding.
Therapy monitoring as needed
Sleep lab administration softwre: Ideal use of resources, thanks to intelligent
Depression 3 scheduling, fast archive function, connection to medical practice network and
Potency problems lots more.
A5 Sleep Diagnostics Sleep Diagnostics A6

rist iple
n on w n princ
a p p licatio m b e r- gree
Simple to o d r
ed -a
is resu
un d e r s analys ze
Easily isp la y o f analy
diate d re a n d
Imme Measu r
nd clea
Fast a

With wristband, nasal cannula and finger sensor

SOMNOcheck micro with wrist band,

nasal cannula and finger sensor

No annoying cables:
Transport bag SOMNOcheck effort

SOMNOcheck micro SOMNOcheck micro SOMNOcheck effort

CARDIO Small, safe and comfortable uncomplicated screening at home
When youre handling a case of Sleep-Disturbed Breathing,
Reliabile Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk
Extremely easy-to-use diagnostic and therapy monitoring
system for SDB
Simple measurement of cardiovascular risk The assessment of cardiovascular risk is of prime importance in clinical practice.
SOMNOcheck micro gives you ideal support. The diagnostic The classic device among outpatient polygraphs, pared down to
Patients with Sleep-Disordered Breathing face an increased risk of developing car-
With SOMNOcheck micro CARDIO you can find out quickly device worn on the wrist allows uncomplicated screening with diovascular disease. But which patient is truly at risk? The innovative ASI (Auto- comply with national invoicing guidelines. SOMNOcheck effort
and reliably which patient requires cardiovascular diagnostics supplementary findings provided by Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA). nomic State Indicator) can determine a patients risk overnight with a non-invasive is an easy-to-use device that gives you reliable results for sleep
outside the sleep lab. The CRI (Cardiac Risk Index) is measured You can use SOMNOcheck micro with or without a PC. Use the method. The bio signals required for the diagnosis come from the pulse wave apnea diagnostics and therapy monitoring. Among other things,
overnight in a screening test. While the patient sleeps, the Red-Amber-Green function in hospital routines or examine the derived at the fingertip, which has long been recorded by photoplethysmographic
the software offers programmable recording periods, an auto-
sensor in estab-lished pulsoximetry. In addition to frequency, the form and course
device can determine with great sensitivity the cardiovascular raw data and generate documentation with PC software. matic analysis function with manual override and pre-selected
of the pulse wave in particular are analyzed.
damage represented in the pulse wave. Of course SOMNOcheck Medical Value dtn dtn+1 analysis criteria.
micro CARDIO also detects Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB). Quick and easy identification of patients with high risk of SDB Features:
In addition to the standard Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI), an
Conclusions about sleep disorders based on autonomous Measurement parameters: flow, respiratory movements,
additional parameter to assess your patients is now available. RERAs
You can use the ESC /
ESH risk matrix to categorize your snoring, heart rate, oxygen saturation, position and nCPAP
Differentiate between central and obstructive events without Recognizes apnea, hypopnea,
patients actual pulse-wave-based cardiovascular risk.
use of nasal cannula or belts
An+2 oxygen saturation, variations in
Detection of important risk factors for heart disease: Cheyne- Use of nasal cannula for additional registration of minor An+1 heart rate
Stokes breathing and continuous arrhythmia. obstructions and aRERAs.
An Measures patients thoracic
Integration in basic device SOMNOcheck micro: Operating Ease Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) reflects heart rate and sympathetic nervous system and abdominal movements and
CRI can be determined parallel to every PSG.
Comfortable to wear: SOMNOcheck micro is worn like a wrist- activity and the condition of blood vessels. With information about the elasticity of distinguishes between central,
Data presented optional via display or software (included).
watch. arterial walls, distinctions can be made between acute events and chronic changes obstructive and mixed apnea
(endothelial dysfunction). It is also possible to detect Cheyne-Stokes breathing and
One-key operation: easy access to detailed results Equipped with a combo-sensor
continuous arrhythmia.
Easily understood Red-Amber-Green (RAG) function for quick In a recent study* involving 148 patients, a good correlation could be made be- for flow and snoring sounds
interpretation tween the ASI algorithm based on pulse wave and the established risk score of the and with a pulse oximetry sensor
Function check via online dispaly of pulse and respiration European Society of Hypertension/European Society of Cardiology. ASI technology
permits a quick and reliable conclusion to be made of cardiovascular risk.
Reliability * Grote, L; Sommermeyer D, Zou D, Eder DN, Hedner J, Oximeter-Based Autonomic State
Valid analysis: sensitivity 96.2%, specificity 91.7% Indicator Algorithm for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment, Chest, 2011, 139: 253

Reliability assured by automatic qualitative analysis of The hardware can be

recorded data applied in a few
simple steps.
A7 Sleep Diagnostics Sleep Diagnostics A8

SOMNOlab System SOMNObutler 2 stationary

Tidy storage of:
Modular sleep diagnostic system:
from polygraphy to polysomnography
Trunk cables
Finger sensor
ensor SOMNOmobil
f fo r t s Abdominal belt
t e g r a te d e ion
In pplicat
t -f r ie ndly a t use
Patien tpatien
a n c e fo r o u ith RIP
ist fo r t w
ass to r y e f aphy) SOMNObutler 2 mobile
a l: r e s p ir a
le t h y s mo gr
n c tion P
optio Equipment as above,
r y Indu
(R e spirato with additions of:

Shoulder strap
Protective case
Accessories bag

Finger sensor

AASM Trunk cable R & K Trunk cable

SOMNOlab software

SOMNOlab 2 Transferbox 2 SOMNObutler 2 SOMNOlab

Diagnostic device the core of the SOMNOlab 2 system Records and transmits data to the SOMNOlab software Portable system in two variants PC Software
In the basic version the SOMNOlab 2 device is a stationary or With the Transferbox 2 and SOMNOlab 2 you have a complete Thanks to SOMNObutler 2, your sleep lab is always tidy during With the PC software SOMNOlab you can record, store, process,
mobile polygraph with all parameter combinations for polysom- sleep lab. The box captures the data recorded by the SOMNOlab 2 the day. In addition to the perfectly sized holder for the diagnos- visualize, analyze, document and archive measurement data.
nography (PSG) already integrated. So by expanding the system diagnostic device wirelessly or via USB stick. tic device, you also have places for the trunk cable, Transferbox 2, Easy to use, it can be configured to match your needs. A variety
with an R&K or AASM trunk cable, you can conduct a complete It can also capture data from a Weinmann therapy device along pulse oximetry sensor and abdominal belt. of automatic analyses, such as Weinmanns sleep-stage analysis
polysomnography with two (C3 and C4) or three (F3, C3 and with up to four third-party devices. For this purpose the Trans- We offer our portable system in two variants: software ARTISANA, speeds up your work with signals.
01) EEG channels. ferbox 2 has a connection for Weinmann devices and four ana- SOMNObutler 2 stationary for storage of the diagnostic
Integrated measurement functions log ports. The Weinmann connection permits remote setting via system in the sleep lab
Measurement parameters: flow, respiratory movements,
LAN. A light sensor records the brightness of the patient room
for the automatic Light ON/OFF analysis.
SOMNObutler 2 mobile for use in hospital or the patients SOMNOmobil
snoring, heart rate, oxygen saturation, position, pressure home.
Professional Caddy
In online use the Transferbox 2 forwards all data via LAN to PC The removable shelf of SOMNOlab 2 stationary provides plenty of
Four available electrophysiological channels for ECG and Complete freedom of movement for your SOMNOlab system:
software SOMNOlab. When used offline, it transmits data to the storage space and quick access to necessities, such as skin paste
EMG SOMNOmobil turns any patient room into a sleep lab within
basic device, where they are stored with their signals on a smart or electrode cream. The SOMNObutler 2 mobile is equipped with
Integrated effort sensor (piezoelectric crystal seconds. Just connect the LAN cable and power cord and the
card for subsequent read-out. a handle and shoulder strap plus a protective case with room
technology) system is ready for use.
Our easy-to-use pairing procedure guarantees reliable wireless for accessories and con-
Differential pressure
communication between the SOMNOlab 2 basic device and the sumable materials. The
measurement that Transferbox 2.
guarantees high-
system also has an angle
bracket for uncomplicated
Measure with RIP
quality ventilation The RIP set measures respiratory effort with Respiratory
attachment to a hospi-
therapy monitoring Induction Plethysmography. Maximum signal quality in accor-
tal bed or standard rail.
dance with the latest international standards. Integration
in every SOMNOcheck R&K 2 and every SOMNOlab 2.

Sleep diagnostics with SOMNOlab 2

Sleep therapy check at home
with the sleep diagnostic system
A9 Sleep Diagnostics Sleep Diagnostics A10

SOMNOmanager Overview of features of

sleep diagnostics devices
Administration software

SOMNOcheck SOMNOcheck SOMNOcheck SOMNOlab 2 SOMNOlab 2 SOMNOlab 2

micro micro CARDIO effort PG PSG Set R&K PSG Set AASM
Cardiorespiratory polygraphy

4 available external channels (ExG)



EMG (submental/leg)


Flow-Snore measurement
(nasal cannula)
Flow-Snore measurement
(pressure measurement hose)
Flow-Snore measurement
(differential pressure adapter)
Flow-Snore measurement
(thermistor and microphone)
Mouth thermistor can be used
parallel to nasal cannula
Mask pressure

Effort (thorax and abdomen, piezo)

Effort (thorax and abdomen, RIP)

More time and attention for your patients, courtesy of the Accessories
SOMNOmanager administration software. Management of CRI (Cardiac Risk Indicator)
reports and recorded data with patient files SOMNOmanager
All consumable materials and accessories required for sleep diag- Differentiation between obstructive
helps you to work efficiently and effectively. and central events
nostics are now available from Weinmann. Standard articles and articles
specially developed for use with the SOMNOlab system: simple, suitable Oxygen saturation
Features: and from a single source.
Patient and recording administration
Position of body
Greater efficiency with single entry of data
Reliable, fast and professional work Registration of room brightness
(Light ON/Light OFF) * * *
Connection to SOMNOlab
Feed of external analog signals * * *
Simplest start of nighttime recording
Simple application
Archive function
Simple archiving without external program Remote-controlled digital video

Fast retrieval of archived recordings Audio

Mobile use possible

Sleep stage analysis (C3+C4)

Sleep stage analysis (F3+C3+O1)

Direct management of Weinmann
devices * * *
Clear RAG (red-amber-green)

Pulse Wave Analysis

Operation without software

* = with Transferbox 2
B1 Sleep Therapy Sleep Therapy B2

Doctors outside the medical specialty of somnology are technology for treatment of any sleep medicine case. In
increasingly identifying Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB) our work we concentrate on sustainable therapy success,

Sleep Therapy in their patients. The consequences of SDB span the range
of daytime sleepiness with decreased productivity and
ease of use and safety. The result: products that most effec-
tively treat the patient while providing maximum support.
Sleep Therapy Solutions for Every Patient high blood pressure to myo cardial infarction and stroke. Doctors and nurses also benefit from our devices simple
Patients with cardiac insufficiency, for example, face a operation, product compatibility and easy maintenance, all
higher risk of suffering from SDB. For decades we have of which let them concentrate on their patients effective
been developing tailored solutions based on reliable therapy.
G r e a te r c o m f o r
High reliability t
B3 Sleep Therapy
Medical benefi Sleep Therapy B4
Optimized for yot
u r p roc

Tailor made therapy for every patient

Indications Type of therapy Therapy devices Top features

SD card makes work processes more efficient

OPP (Obstructive Pressure Peak) distinguishes
rd -of
U n hea

Diseases Obstruction of the upper airways CPAP Therapy SOMNOsoft 2e

Fixed pressure needs Ventilation with constant pressure Comfortable and effective
(CPAP = Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) CPAP therapy with intelligent
exhalation relief softPAP

central from obstructive apnea

ss SOMNObalance e
Obstructive sleep apnea rd -of
autoCPAP Therapy (APAP) U n hea Balanced treatment with
Obstruction of the upper airways greatest degree of therapeutic
Ventilation with constant pressure which flexibility (CPAP and

Adaptive pressure regulation automatic, need-oriented pressure adjustment

Fixed or variable pressure needs
adjusts to the patients changing needs. autoCPAP optionally with intel-
No CPAP compliance ligent exhalation relief

Obstructive mixed or complex (Auto) BiLevel S Therapy

SOMNOvent auto-S

WMtrak automatic trigger with automatic mask recognition and

sleep apnea and

autoTriLevel automatic adjustment of three pressure levels

Ventilation with different pressure levels Intelligent combination of
- High and/or changing pressure needs during inspiration phase and early and late automatic BiLevel S with the
- Poor CPAP compliance expiration phases; backup frequency can be set benefits of autoCPAP
Obstructive sleep apnea with for additional safety.
- Nocturnal hypoventilation (OHS)
central portions
Obesity Hypoventilation
Syndrome Obstructive mixed or complex
sleep apnea and (Auto) BiLevel ST Therapy
Overlap (SDB and COPD)
- High and/or changing pressure needs SOMNOvent auto-ST
Ventilation with different pressure levels
Respiratory insufficiency - Poor CPAP compliance The worlds first automatic
during inspiration phase and early and
- Central apnea BiLevel ST device with
late expiration phases; two innovative
- Nocturnal hypoventilation (OHS) innovative setting concept
automatic backup frequency settings,
- Respiratory insufficiency, e.g. depending on therapy goal (SCOPES).
coprevalent COPD (overlap)


Central sleep apnea of Cheyne-Stokes CS Therapy SOMNOvent CR
Central sleep apnea variety associated with heart failure Combined therapy for
associated with a severe Ventilation by means of ACMV (ACMV = Anti-

And with central, mixed or complex Cheyne-Stokes respi-
internal disorder Cyclical Modulated Ventilation) combined ration and obstructive,
sleep apnea with automatic pressure adjustment to current central or mixed sleep
such as heart failure
needs; automatic or pre-set backup frequency apnea

Therapy setting, analysis and monitoring Complete and compatible: SOMNO accessories

SOMNOclick 300 O2 Valve

Fast and user-friendly solutions for hospital and medi- Economical and reliable WEINMANNsupport humidifier The valve ensures a
device setting and monitoring attached to the safe oxygen feed to
cal practices. Settings on therapy devices can be made Setting and analysis software
therapy device with the device.
Direct on therapy device for doctors and health care
very simply with remote setting software SOMNOadjust. providers
a simple click
Via remote setting
With the help of WEINMANNsupport, the supplemental SOMNOadjust Convenient and user-friendly
software for all Weinmann sleep therapy devices and Via the software Optimum support in therapy decision-
ventilators, the user can read out and display compliance WEINMANN support making and compliance monitoring SOMNOaqua Bacteria filter Hose Systems Patient Interface
data and make remote settings on all therapy devices with converter cable Quick setting and monitoring of humidifier The bacteria filter Can be sterilized in The masks in the JOYCE family
USB-RS485 parameters online especially for keeps the therapy autoclave for like JOYCE SilkGel nasal
via PC. SOMNOcomfort 2e, devices hygienical- hospital use and full face are specially designed
VISTA- and WIN7-compatible
SOMNOsoft 2e and ly pure for up to for use with Weinmann
SOMNObalance e 24 hours. therapy devices.
B5 Sleep Therapy Sleep Therapy B6

SOMNObalance e
autoCPAP device with exhalation relief

SOMNOsoft 2e flexible and balanced

CPAP device with exhalation relief:

comfortable and effective

SOMNO soft 2e with optionally integrated heated

humidifier SOMNOaqua

D c a rd
W it h S asy
n s f e r ma e e
D ata tra

Slot for the SD card

Best all-around sleep therapy is offered to you by SOMNOsoft 2e SOMNOsoft 2e and SOMNObalance e: With user-friendly patient information menu SOMNObalance e only: SOMNObalance e lets you combine
and SOMNObalance e. Thanks to dependable OPP technology, Therapy comfort Extensive statistical data clearly presented the CPAP and autoCPAP modes with exhalation relief softPAP
both devices can distinguish between obstructive and central With intelligent exhalation relief softPAP Convenient remote setting with SOMNOadjust or for maximum flexibility in therapy setting and usage. Thanks
events. Exhalation relief softPAP increases therapy comfort for Softstart and ON/OFF automatic to automatic pressure regulation and OPP technology,
PC software WEINMANNsupport
your patients. SOMNOsoft 2e and SOMNObalance e are also SOMNObalancee can provide adequate pressure to prevent
Additional analog signals for PSG feed: flow, pressure,
equipped with an SD card which helps to streamline your pro- Operating convenience obstructions from occurring.
leakage, rRMV
cesses. SD card streamlines processes:
Simple data transmission for therapy and compliance Safety and reliability
monitoring OPP technology (Obstructive Pressure Peak) for reliable
Master card simplifies initial configuration differentiation of obstructive and central events that serves
Simple device exchange With optionally integrated humidifier SOMNOaqua
as basis for doctors decisions
Therapy journal for the patient with option of graphics SOMNOaqua can be inserted into the housing of SOMNOsoft 2e
Mask test and qualitative leakage display during therapy to
that show personal therapy data and SOMNObalancee. The high-performance humidifier fea-
ensure a comfortable and secure fit of the mask, even at
tures simple operation and easy cleaning.
increasing pressure levels during the night

Exhalation relief softPAP

The exhalation relief softPAP is designed for sensitive patients who have trouble a autoCPAP mode (APAP) OPP (Obstructive Pressure Peak)
exhaling against high CPAP pressure. decrease in For distinction between central and obstructive apnea
Flow The pressure needs of patients with obstructive sleep apnea can vary greatly,
The two-level pressure adjustment softPAP reduces pressure in anticipation end-inspiratory phase
depending on the patients sleep phase or sleeping position. OSA patients are Obstructive Apnea Central Apnea
of the transition to the exhalation phase. However, that occurs only when the b - adequate pressure
treated with autoCPAP devices, which reliably recognize an incipient closure reaction to prevent
device detects no respiratory events such as apnea or a valid flow limitation. gentle, easy
exhalation right of the airways. SOMNObalance e already treats mild obstructions to avoid obstruction
Thus it is guaranteed that the airways are always kept open. a b c d from the start (SOMNO balance e)
severe obstructions.
The outcome of the pressure reduction can be felt at once. Patients enjoy - no pressure
Pressure c Conceived for need-oriented pressure adjustment, SOMNObalance e from reaction to central
greater sleep comfort because they can exhale more easily. Their sleep is con- pressure increased again events
hPa soft 1 Weinmann uses technologies such as OPP to detect and distinguish between
sequently more restorative and their compliance with therapy is improved. in response to patients (SOMNO balance e)
respiratory rate central and obstructive apneas. Information from signals is combined for great
Doctors have a broader therapy spectrum to choose from as pressure relief soft 2 - Documentation of
accuracy in the assessment of apnea, hypopnea, flow limitation and snoring events to support
softPAP can be used in CPAP or autoCPAP mode.
IN EX reliable splint applied for automatic, need-oriented pressure adjustment and optimum therapy doctors decisions
in airways at the right efficiency. (SOMNOsoft 2e,
moment SOMNO balance e)
B7 Sleep Therapy Sleep Therapy B8

SOMNOvent auto-S
The intelligent combination of automatic
erapy w
BiLevel S therapy with the benefits of autoCPAP
el S th
atic BiL
Autom vel principle
tion ro ce s s e
atic t ting p nd se
a u to m ation a
t im ized titr u m
o p sp ec t r
r o a d u s ag e

With SOMNOvent auto-S we offer you an automatic BiLevel S WMtrak technology: the automatic trigger technology by Safety and reliability
therapy device operating under the autoTriLevel principle. It is Weinmann makes sure patient breathing and device are Backup frequency can be set (6 10/min) for reliable pre- Mask test and leakage display for a firm fit of the mask and
the first sleep therapy device on the market that combines the perfectly synchronized. vention of central apnea effective therapy
complete BiLevel S therapy spectrum with the advantages of Extremely quiet for undisturbed sleep Dependable distinction made between obstructive and cen- Hygiene concept: complete hygienic conditioning ensured by
autoCPAP. Our autoTriLevel principle, which automatically regu- Comfortable therapy with Softstart and ON/OFF automatic tral events unique, patented exchange concept.
lates the three pressure levels IPAP, EPAP and EEPAP based on
very few setting parameters, significantly simplifies the titration Additional information can be found in our hygiene concept
and setting processes. The adjustable back up frequency makes Operating convenience
sure the patient receives need-oriented ventilation in the event autoTriLevel principle by Weinmann
autoTriLevel saves time with significantly reduced and simpli-
of an apnea. Together with WMtrak, the sensitive automatic
fied titration and setting process
trigger, your patient experiences pleasant, natural breathing
User-friendly menu navigation The autoTriLevel principle from Weinmann combines two proven types of therapy,
under the safest conditions. As a result, both patient compliance autoBiLevel and autoCPAP. The three pressure levels continuously adjust automatically
Extensive statistical data, clearly presented for detailed
and therapeutic efficiency are clearly improved. to the pressure needs of the patient: IPAP (upper pressure level during inspiration), EPAP
analysis with PC software WEINMANNsupport:
(lower pressure level during expiration) and EEPAP (pressure level at end of expiration).
Remote setting with SOMNOadjust or PC software
- EEPAP is the pressure required to eliminate obstructions at the end of expiration, when
Therapy comfort WEINMANNsupport the risk of an upper airway collapse is highest.
autoTriLevel principle: greatest therapeutic effectiveness, Analog signals for PSG feed: flow, pressure, leakage, rRMV, - The change in the difference between IPAP and EPAP (PDIFF) ensures need-oriented
thanks to the three automatically adjusted pressure levels respiratory phase ventilation.
(IPAP, EPAP, EEPAP) which respond to the needs of the By means of the additional pressure reduction in the EPAP, the maximum ventilator-induced
patient breath PDIFF (216 hPa) provides effective ventilation of the patient. Bench tests have
Automatic adjustment of end-expiratory pressure level shown that in comparison to classic BiLevel, the TriLevel principle can achieve the same tidal
(EEPAP) for elimination of obstructive events volume with lower mean and maximum pressures. The patient breathes more easily and
(= autoCPAP). experiences fewer side effects such as leakage.

The automatic adjustment of IPAP/EPAP (PDIFF) ensures Irrespective of the pressure variant, the trigger also adjusts automatically. Given the auto-
matic regulation and the low number of setting parameters, the titration and setting pro-
need-oriented ventilation in phases with increased
cessses are significantly reduced.
ventilation requirements.
B9 Sleep Therapy Sleep Therapy B10

SOMNOvent auto-ST autom

with a tic BiLevel S
The worlds first automatic BiLevel device with utoTri T ther
Level ap
goal-oriented therapy settings (SCOPES) inno
p rinciple y
e n te d opera
therap ting c
o n ce p
s trea y set tin t of g o
mline g (SCO al- ori-
maxim d titratio PES)
um fle n a nd set
xibilit ting p
y in BiL ro ce s s
eve l t h

SOMNOvent auto-ST offers you maximum flexibility in BiLevel Operating convenience

therapy. Our innovative operating concept based on goal-ori- Innovative operating concept with goal-oriented therapy
ented therapy settings leads you in just a few steps to therapy settings (SCOPES)
success. With the sensitive automatic trigger WMtrak and our Extensive statistical information clearly presented SCOPES: Innovative operating concept automatic parameter adjustment to therapy goals
autoTrilevel principle, you gain significant processing benefits Convenient remote setting with SOMNOadjust or
in setting procedures and titration. Two innovative automatic PC software WEINMANNsupport Just a few steps to therapy success: With the sleep therapy device SOMNO- For many patients the automation eliminates the need for time-consuming and
backup frequencies make sure your patient receives the ventila- vent auto-ST, you can choose your therapy goal in ST mode. Available therapy complicated settings of individual parameters.
Additional analog signals for PSG feed: flow, pressure, goals (SCOPES) include SOFT, SUPP and CONT. After you have selected scope, Of course you still have the option of manually setting the following parameters:
tion he needs and protect from apnea and desaturation for top leakage, rel. minute volume, respiratory status SOMNOvent auto-ST automatically adjusts pressure and therapy parameters to the pressure limits, backup frequency, I:E ratio, latency time, trigger sensitivity and
reliability, improved compliance and therapeutic effectiveness. scope and adapts the algorithm behavior accordingly. pressure increase speed.
Therapy comfort Safety and reliability
autoTriLevel principle: greatest therapeutic effectiveness, Two innovative automatic backup frequency settings de- Therapy Goal SCOPE SOFT: Therapy Goal SCOPE SUPP: Therapy Goal SCOPE CONT:
thanks to the three automatically adjusted pressure levels pending on the therapy goal for effective protection from Comfortable pressure relief for OSA patients Additional reliable protection from intermit- Additional need of frequency support to
(IPAP, EPAP, EEPAP) which respond to the needs of the desaturation: with high pressure needs and reliable protec- tent hypoventilation phases and arousals unload respiratory muscles
patient PrioS (S=spontaneous) gives patient gentle transition to tion from central events Ideal ventilatory support in the event of hypoventi- For the greatest degree of breathing support.
Automatic adjustment of end-expiratory pressure level spontaneous breathing. Ideal for effective and comfortable therapy of pa- lation with effective protection from desaturation. The automatic backup frequency Prio T lies
(EEPAP) to eliminate obstructive events (= autoCPAP) Prio T (T=timed) provides maximum unloading of tients with obstructive sleep apnea who need high SCOPE SUPP also offers the advantages of automa- slightly above the patients current respiratory rate.
The automatic adjustment of IPAP/EPAP (PDIFF) respiratory muscles. pressure and/or suffer from central events. The au- tic backup frequency Prio S (refer to SCOPE SOFT). The patients respiratory muscles are unloaded to
ensures need-oriented ventilation in phases with increased tomatic backup frequency Prio S lies slightly below the greatest extent possible at a frequency that
Mask test and leakage display for secure fit of mask and
the patients current spontaneous breathing rate. continuously adapts to patient needs.
ventilation requirements. effective therapy
In the event of apnea, the patient is immediately
WMtrak technology: The automatic trigger technology supported by the device, but is not subjected to
by Weinmann ensures optimum synchronization between long-term controlled ventilation.
patient breathing and device.
Extremely quiet for undisturbed sleep
Comfortable with Softstart and ON/OFF automatic
B11 Sleep Therapy Sleep Therapy B12

ed ther
of C S
with a t ion and
utoTriL o b s tr u
evel pin c tive, m
ACMV c ip ixed sle
The sleep medicine therapy solution to s t a b le e p ap n
ilize air ea
for heart failure patients way s

With our initiative Sound sleep clearly a matter of the heart we are doing our part to focus more
attention on the connection between Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB) and increased cardiovascular
risk. Among other things, we provide information about cost-efficient therapy and optimum care of heart
patients treated within the scope of sleep medicine with the goals of improving therapy compliance and
therapy effectiveness. More information can be found at Or you can call us in Germany at
+49 (0)40 - 5 47 02-646.

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weinman S, Schmitt JA, Skatrud M, weinman weinman J, Duchna S, ERS, Cardiol weinman
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22 Pepperell ite N, Stradling
Crosthwa -1114 (2003)

SOMNOvent CR (Cardio-Respiratory) is our therapy device Operating convenience

CR Mode: ACMV with the autoTriLevel principle
for your patients with Cheyne-Stokes respiration and with Automation saves time in titration and setting processes.
central, mixed or complex sleep apnea. The process of Extensive statistical data clearly presented Effect and benefit for patient
AntiCyclical Modulated Ventilation (ACMV), also known as Convenient remote setting with SOMNOadjust or SOMNOvent CR has three pressure levels, IPAP (inspiratory pressure), EPAP
Adaptive ServoVentilation (ASV), stabilizes your patients PC software WEINMANNsupport (expiratory pressure) and EEPAP (end-expiratory pressure). In response to detec-
breathing and eliminates obstructions. All this helps to re- Additional analog signals for PSG feed: flow, pressure, rRMV, ted events, the pressure levels are automatically adjusted to the current needs
duce arousals, stabilize ventilation of your patient and make of the patient.
respiratory phase
sleep more restorative. EEPAP is the pressure required to eliminate obstuctions at the end of the
Safety and reliability expiration phase when the risk of collapse in the upper airways is highest.
Therapy comfort Innovative automatic backup frequency Prio S At declining respiratory minute volume, SOMNOvent CR supports the patients
The autoTriLevel principle in combination with AntiCyclical (S=spontaneous) protects from desaturation and gently breathing by means of a continuous increase in the IPAP/EPAP difference.

Modulated Ventilation (AZMV) ensures top therapeutic guides the patient into spontaneous breathing. At increasing respiratory minute volume, the IPAP/EPAP difference is reduced
effectiveness with three pressure levels (IPAP, EPAP, EEPAP) Mask test and leakage display for secure fit of mask and to zero (CPAP) to quiet the patients breathing.
that automatically adjust to the needs of the patient: effective therapy In the event of apnea, SOMNOvent CR automatically ventilates at a patient
Automatic regulation of end-expiratory pressure (EEPAP) to specific or fixed backup frequency.
eliminate obstructive events (= autoCPAP).
Fast relief
Automatic adjustment of IPAP/EPAP (PDIFF)
for adequate pressure reaction to periodic breathing, While AntiCyclical Modulated Ventilation (ACMV) smoothes out respiratory fluctu- patterns are detected and efficiently regulated. Because the regulation is gentle,
including Cheyne-Stokes respiration ations, pathophysiological breathing is modulated into physiological breathing. In it guarantees the patient a night of sound sleep. The intelligent algorithm continu-
WMtrak technology: The automatic trigger technology by the process hyperventilation is suppressed. Both central and obstructive breathing ously adapts to the patient throughout the night, resulting in optimum therapy.

Weinmann ensures perfect synchronization of patient

breathing and device.
Extremely quiet for undisturbed sleep
Heart Failure and Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB)
Comfortable Softstart and ON/OFF automatic
Heart failure is one of the most prevalent internal diseases in Europe, where it of the blood and a simultaneous increase in the level of carbon dioxide. Resump-
is estimated that more than 10 million people are affected. Another 10 million tion of breathing is often prompted by an arousal. This reaction of the brain,
people in the rest of the world have weak cardiac muscles without showing however, also triggers stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, that is,
Cheyne-Stokes respiration any symptoms.1 It is estimated that approximately 1% of the general population the heart attempts to beat faster and stronger, blood pressure rises while blood
suffers from heart failure. Worldwide about 22 million people are affected by vessels (often the coronary arteries) narrow, stress hormones are released and the
Cheyne-Stokes respiration is present when polysomnographic measurements of affected by Cheyne-Stokes are already limited in their physical activities due to heart failure, according to the University of Zrich, and approximately 1.5 million body goes into fight or flight mode. This reaction puts an enormous burden on
nasal flow and thoracic and abdominal movement reveal a crescendo-decrescen- shortness of breath and generally have a poor prognosis. They can be treated deaths per year are attributed to heart failure. the already weakened heart.
do breathing pattern interrupted by periods of apnea. Cheyne-Stokes respiration, with SOMNOvent CR, a device specially designed for this particular breathing Research is increasingly focusing on the connection between heart failure and
which is predominantly observed in patients with severe heart failure, further disorder. It counteracts the patients periodic breathing and establishes a regular, sleep-disordered breathing. Both obstructive and central sleep apnea interrupt 1
W. Fink, G. Haidinger: Prevalence of Health Problems in a Family Practice Observed Over 10 Years. Z. Allg.
burdens the heart muscle. It is generally seen in patients during sleep. Persons stable breathing pattern. Med. 83 (200) 102108. Cited in Womit sich Hausrzte hauptschlich beschftigen (Major concerns of family
the vital supply of oxygen to the body, resulting in a critical oxygen desaturation practices), MMW-Fortschr. Med. Nr. 16/2007 (149.Jg.)
B13 Sleep Therapy Sleep Therapy B14

Our masks
The masks in the JOYCE family
like JOYCE SilkGel nasal and full face
are specially designed for use with
Weinmann therapy devices.

The Complete Sleep Therapy Spectrum from Weinmann

Device SOMNOcomfort 2e SOMNOsoft 2e SOMNObalance e SOMNOvent auto-S SOMNOvent auto-ST SOMNOvent CR


BiLevel S
BiLevel, TriLevel, autoTriLevel BiLevel, TriLevel, autoTriLevel

BiLevel, TriLevel, autoTriLevel

BiLevel ST
BiLevel T
Adaptive pressure regulation
Top Features

softPAP During normal breathing
ON/OFF automatic
Mask test
Leakage display during therapy

Vehicular or battery connection via DC Adapter 12/24 V (also runs the humidifier) Converter 12 or 24 V (also runs the humidifier)

Flow, pressure, OPP, Flow, pressure, OPP, Flow, pressure, leakage, Flow, pressure, leakage, Flow, pressure, leakage,
Signals for PSG feed
leakage, rRMV* leakage, rRMV* rRMV*, respiratory phase rRMV* rRMV*
SD card
Humidifier SOMNOaqua SOMNOaqua SOMNOaqua SOMNOclick 300 SOMNOclick 300 SOMNOclick 300
O2 Valve
* rRMV = relative Respiratory Minute Volume
All devices can be operated with the setting and analysis software WEINMANNsupport.
B15 Sleep Therapy Sleep Therapy B16
re fo r
o f t wa
n d a n alysis s
Set tin egiver
a n d c ar
do c t o r erapy
r t of t h
sup p o ck s
Accessories Optim
u m
ns a n d
t in g
an d m
ce c h e

nline s
Reusable bacteria filter Fast o t e rs le
of p a r a m mpatib
n d W IN7- co
- a
SOMNOclick 300

Statistics with navigation

Disposable bacteria filter


O2 Valve
NP15 Nasal Pillow

Infobox and signals with events

Humidifier Bacteria filter

Bacteria filters keep the therapy device hygienically pure for
SOMNOclick 300 up to 24 hours. Depending on the variant, the bacteria filter Patient Interface Concept PC software for ventilation and sleep therapy devices
The humidifier SOMNOclick 300 is attached to the front of can be used many times with the simple replacement of the Ventilation masks provide a highly sensitive interface function in from Weinmann
the therapy device with a simple click. inner particle filter or can be used once and discarded. therapy. Great demands are placed on the masks for a perfect fit, WEINMANNsupport is the supplemental PC software for venti-
suitable for use with therapy devices SOMNOsmart 2, wearing comfort, the ability to withstand high therapy pressures, lation and sleep therapy devices from Weinmann.
SOMNOvent auto-S, SOMNOvent auto-ST, SOMNOvent CR ease-of-use, skin-friendliness and quiet operation. Moreover, the
The process-oriented navigation helps the user to read out, dis-
mask has to allow the patient to exhale easily.
play, and analyze therapy monitoring data with the help of a PC.
Our ventilation masks fulfill all these requirements, with each Patient compliance data are clearly visualized for continuous and
The humidifier was specially developed for integration in
O2 Valve mask focused on a particular feature. For example, the sturdy
SOMNOmask, the extremely quiet nasal pillow mask NP15 and
precise monitoring and can be documented in detailed reports.
The remote setting module WEINMANNadjust lets the user dis-
SOMNOcomfort2e, SOMNOsoft2e and SOMNObalancee. An oxygen feed can be made from a central gas system, the popular silicone and comfortable SilkGel variants in the
play therapy parameters and make settings.
SOMNOaqua can be simply and completely inserted into the concentrator, cylinder or liquid oxygen tank. In the event of a JOYCE family. Thanks to the versatility of our products, each
device housing. It is particularly easy to use and to clean. device breakdown, the oxygen feed is stopped immediately patient can find the mask that suits him best.
for safety reasons.
Full face masks
JOYCE Full Face JOYCE SilkGel
JOYCE Full Face 40 hPa JOYCE SilkGel NV
JOYCE Full Face NV 40 hPa
JOYCE Full Faceplus

Nasal masks

Nasal pillow mask

C1 Ventilation Ventilation C2

When the respiratory system is damaged by disease or an Patient safety, therapy success and operating convenience

Ventilation accident, ventilation of the lungs can be impaired to a life-

threatening degree. We have long been developing de-
are our top priorities. The proof is in our products, which
automatically deliver need-oriented ventilation that gives
Mobile and stationary: Safety through Innovation pendable, customized technology that can restore ventila- the patient maximum support and lightens the workload
tion and gas exchange and unload the respiratory muscles, for doctors and nurses.
G r e a te r c o m f o r t
High reliability
C3 Ventilation
Medical bene Ventilation C4
Optimized f fit
Always reliably and properly ventilated
o r yo u r
p ro ce s s

Diseases Therapy modes Therapy devices

IV/NIV IV/NIV Our innovative functions
diseases, e.g., Invasive and non-invasive VENTIlogic LS AirTrap Control:
ventilation with single For life-support ventilation Pressure relief to prevent dynamic
Amyothrophic hyperinflation
patient and double patient All hose systems can be used: single and
Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) double patient circuits with patient valve
circuits and leakage circuit systems
Muscular dystrophy Trigger lockout time:
PCV (Pressure Controlled Ventilation) Titration platform: Determines Effective protection from faulty
Spinal muscular atrophy therapy settings and transmits them to all triggering and trigger artefacts
aPCV (assisted Pressure Controlled
Post-Polio Syndrome Ventilation) Weinmann ventilators
Mobility concept for use at home and in Expiratory ramp:
PSV (Pressure Support Ventilation) hospital Increase of expiratory volume by
VCV (Volume Controlled Ventilation) means of a splint in airways
aVCV (assisted Volume Controlled
VENTIlogic plus LIAM
SIMV (Synchronized Intermittent New options in ventilation (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver):
Mandatory Ventilation) Secretion management with cough
Cough support LIAM support
Obstructive (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver)
respiratory disorders,
NIV Volume compensation
TA Mode:
Ideal adjustment of ventilation to
COPD Non-invasive ventilation patients breathing pattern

with leakage circuit
CPAP therapy (CPAP = Continuous NIV Volume compensation:
Optimum tidal volume safety and
Positive Airway Pressure):
ventilation with constant pressure stability
T mode (T = Timed):
pressure-controlled ventilation at VENTIlogic
two pressure levels Intelligent and natural therapy Therapy analysis
TA mode (TA = Timed Adaptive): Pronounced unloading of respiratory
An ideal adjustment of ventilation muscles in TA mode made possible by ideal
to the patients breathing pattern is synchronization WEINMANNsupport
achieved with TA mode. Setting and analysis software for ventilators and
Restrictive disorders,
ST mode (ST = Spontaneous Timed): sleep therapy devices
ST mode is a combination of The software WEINMANN support makes possible
Thorax deformities assisted spontaneous breathing and the display of the ventilation parameters pressure,
(kyphoskoliosis) controlled ventilation. volume, flow and leakage on a PC screen. Fast
Post-TBC Syndrome S mode (S = Spontaneous): and convenient diagnostics and effective therapy
Breathing support is initiated VENTImotion 2 are ensured by user-friendly functions such as the
Interstitial lung
and terminated by the patients Greater comfort and stability in non-invasive clear presentation of reports and compliance data,
diseases spontaneous breathing. ventilation the documentation and
SX and SXX mode: Pressure relief AirTrap Control archiving of therapy
Breathing rhythm can be directed prevents dynamic hyperinflation. sessions and remote setting
with additional parameters for S mode. of therapy devices.
Trigger lockout time protects from faulty
The SX and SXX modes are ideal for triggering and trigger artefacts.
gradually acclimating the patient to
controlled ventilation.

Complete and compatible: VENTI accessories

VENTIclick VENTIpower Replaceable battery Bacteria filter VENTI- O2 plus Analogbox D/A Patient Interface
Humidifier for patients with In the event of a power loss, Optional replaceable Filter keeps the therapy Oxygen valve that feeds O2 Connects Weinmann ventila- Masks in the JOYCE family,
high humidity requirements the rechargeable battery oper- battery with capacity of device hygienically pure of up to 15 l/min tors to polysomno- optimized for use with
at high flow ates the complete ventilation four hours. for up to 24 hours. graphy systems Weinmann therapy devices.
system for up to seven hours.
C5 Ventilation IV and IV and Ventilation C6
Mode Mode
s with s with
CPAP, leakag CPAP, leakag
S, T, ST e circu S, T, ST e cir
VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus und TA cuit:
, TA , SX it:
Mode an d S X Mode
s with X s with
double single circuit single
patien patie with p patien
100% Mobility and safety in IV and NIV patien t circuit nt and PC V, a atient t
t valve with PC V, P valve:
VC V : PSV, P S V an d
, aVC V C V, aP SIMV
and SIM C V,

SD card for storage of

therapy data

Practically unlimited independent operation

with use of optional replaceable battery
with capacity of at least four hours

The new generation of ventilators begins with VENTIlogic LS Areas of use Therapy comfort Operating convenience
and VENTIlogic plus. They offer you a great degree of safety For treatment of adults and children LIAM (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver): Intuitive user navigation with push-button dial and
and versatility every day at any time. Their tried-and-tested starting with 50 ml tidal volume and 5 kg body weight Particularly suitable as cough support in cases of direct access to most important ventilation parameters
monitoring and mobility concepts are supplemented by unique Invasive and non-invasive ventilation neuromuscular disorders Numeric and graphic display of ventilation parameters of
ventilation functions. In hospital and at home Supports secretion mobilization by means of deep pressure, flow and volume
VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus have leakage and single pa- Stationary and mobile insufflation
Storage of emitted alarms for later analysis of therapy and
tient circuits. In addition VENTIlogic LS offers a double patient Can be used in all ventilation modes (except CPAP)
device settings
circuit system with patient valve and volume-controlled ventila- intermittent with ventilation
PC software (WEINMANNsupport) for entry of patient data
tion modes (VCV, aVCV). Can be triggered by the patient
(WEINMANNadjust) and therapy analysis. The optional
TA mode (Timed Adaptive): Work of breathing reduced by Analogbox permits the presentation of ventilation parameters
optimized synchronization between device and patients in a conventional PSG system.
breathing pattern
Compatible with VENTI line accessories
AirTrap Control: Exhalation relief to prevent
dynamic hyperinflation
Trigger lockout time: effective protection from faulty Safety
triggering and trigger artefacts Visual and acoustic alarms
Expiratory pressure ramp: increase of exhaled volume by Integrated rechargeable battery with four-hour operating
means of pneumatic splint in small airways capacity takes over in the event of power outage
Volume compensation: optimum adjustment of therapy Ideal power supply from replaceable battery with four-hour
pressure to needs of patient capacity
Very quiet even at maximum pressure: at 10 hPa about High performance flow: up to 300 l/min. for high pressure
28 dB(A) constancy and leakage compensation.
shock and vibration resistance were specially tested against
recognized standards to ensure devices compliance with
Single patient circuit Double patient circuit Use of several replaceable batteries demands in mobile hospital and domestic surroundings.
Leakage circuit
with patient valve with patient valve allows unlimited independent (Shock test as per IEC 60068-2-27 and Vibration test as per
(only VENTIlogic LS) operation.
IEC 60068-2-64).
C7 Ventilation Ventilation


VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus VENTIlogic Mode

an d S X
, S, T, S
T, TA ,
Intelligent and natural therapy in non-invasive ventilation SX

Fast and simple Pressure and

monitoring of volume curves with
ventilator settings autoscaling function

Pressure/Volume Loop with Unique rechargeable monitoring

autoscaling axes shows all details about internal re-
chargeable battery and replaceable in the transport bag
with bacteria filter with VENTI-O2 plus and VENTIclick
battery at a glance

VENTIlogic is the solution for broad application in cases of Operating convenience

Expiratory pressure ramp
respiratory pump failure or other respiratory insufficiency. Intuitive user navigation with push-button dial and direct
In cases of pulmonary emphysema, a quick transition from inspiratory ventilation airways can be held open. In other words, if the ventilatory pressure is slowly Benefit from the easy inspiratory and expiratory triggering access to most important ventilation parameters
pressure to expiratory pressure can lead to a local collapse of the airways. As a reduced after inspiration (prolonged expiratory pressure ramp), the intrabron- and very high peak flow at maximum inspiratory pressure. The
Softstart and Autostart
consequence of the patients disease, a quick exhalation can cause a collapse chial pressure does not sink below the thoracic pressure. The exhaled flow of greatest patient benefit comes from the devices patented TA
when the intrabronchial pressure falls below the thoracic pressure. With the help air remains on average greater and the expiratory volume increases because the Manual start of analysis available in doctor mode
mode, which reduces the work of breathing through optimum
of a short-term pneumatic splint applied at the start of expiration, the patients patient can exhale more completely. Compatible with VENTI line accessories
synchronization between patient and device.
Therapy comfort Safety
TA mode (Timed Adaptive): Reduction in work of breathing Visual and acoustic alarms
by means of ideal synchronization between device and Optional back-up power supply with external rechargeable
patients breathing pattern battery VENTIpower for up to seven hours of operation
Cough support LIAM (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver)
High trigger variability, separately set for inspiration and expi- High pressure constancy and leakage compensation ensured
Coughing cleans the bronchi. People with neuromuscular diseases such as mus- For these patients the proper management of secretion can contribute decis- ration, suitable for every patient by high flow: up to 300 l/min.
cular dystrophy or Post-Polio Syndrome cannot clean their airways on their own ively to the success of non-invasive ventilation. LIAM (Lung Insufflation Assist Expiratory pressure ramp: expiratory pressure increased by Weinmann Hygiene Concept for reconditioning at change of
because their respiratory muscles are too weak. It is nearly impossible for them to Maneuver), a unique procedure for mobilization of airway secretions, supports patient in compliance with recommendations from SPECTA-
means of a pneumatic splint in small airways
cough up accumulated airway secretions. Airways become clogged by secretion the patients coughing efforts. First the lungs and thorax are expanded by a
RISmed based on guidelines for ventilator hygiene issued by
and susceptible to colonization by bacteria, leading to infections like pneumonia, deep inspiratory breath. The action increases the Peak Cough Flow which gen-
to respiratory arrest and choking fits. erates a strong cough that helps to remove the secretions from the airways.
the Robert Koch Institute.

Volume compensation TA mode: patented ventilation mode for controlled-adaptive ventilation

A difference in lung compliance can be expected as a result of the changing controlled devices in order to provide the patient with sufficient ventilation with- Weinmanns patented TA mode (Timed Adaptive) helps to unload the patients Ventilation in TA mode improves the synchronization between therapy device
mechanical influences on the thorax during sleep (for example, with changes out interruption. It has been proven effective to set volume compensation at one weakened respiratory musculature. Pressure-cycled controlled ventilation and patient and eliminates the work of breathing almost completely. By imitating
in position). Therefore, a certain tidal volume must be ensured by pressure- of three adjustable speeds, depending on the needs of the patient. in TA mode is based on an analysis conducted over the course of about 10 the patients spontaneous breathing pattern, the device contributes to better
breaths during which the algorithm records the mean spontaneous breath- therapy compliance. Moreover, the devices automatic titration saves hospital
ing pattern of the patient. Then the algorithm calculates the best ventilation personnel time and effort.
pattern for the patient with the goal of imitating the spontaneous pattern.
C9 Ventilation Ventilation C10

Online Monitoring and Visualization

VENTImotion 2 NI V
Greater comfort and stability in non-invasive ventilation : CPAP
, S T an
P re s s u r dT
e relie
AirTrap f
C o n t ro
Trigger l
t time

AirTrap Control Setting for Setting for ST mode, numerical ST mode, graphic
Statistics Trigger lockout time Volume compensation monitoring monitoring

fine and coarse filters with VENTIpower in the transport bag

VENTImotion 2 ensures more quality and comfort in non- Safety

invasive pressure-controlled ventilation. The innovative pressure Visual and acoustic alarms
relief AirTrap Control counteracts dynamic hyperinflation. In Optional back-up power supply with external rechargeable
combination with trigger lockout time, it eases ventilation, par- AirTrap Control effectively suppresses dynamic hyperinflation
battery VENTIpower for up to seven hours of operation
ticularly for COPD patients. The optimized regulation of tidal High pressure constancy and leakage compensation through COPD patients in particular show a tendency to develop intrinsic PEEP. When With AirTrap Control dynamic hyperinflation is effectively counteracted. The
volume by means of volume compensation also guarantees a high flow of up to 300 l/min. these patients are treated with mechanical ventilation, dynamic hyperinflation principle is based on continuous flow measurement during expiration, which
high degree of safety and stability. Weinmann Hygiene Concept for reconditioning at change of can occur. yields information about the ideal respiratory rate of the patient. The inspiratory
period remains the same while the expiratory phase is adjusted to each patients
Therapy comfort patient in compliance with recommendations from SPECTA- In the presence of bronchial obstruction and instability in the small airways, the
airways can collapse during forced exhalation. The remaining air is trapped in the needs. This causes the intrinsic PEEP to decrease and the lung relaxation volume
Greater therapy comfort and improved ventilation quality RISmed based on guidelines for ventilator hygiene issued by to shift toward a normal level. Ventilation is then more efficient at a potentially
airways, increasing the Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) at the expense of vital
especially for COPD patients the Robert Koch Institute. lower pressure.
capacity. The relaxation volume shifts and intrinsic PEEP develops. As a result, the
AirTrap Control: pressure relief to prevent dynamic hyper- work of breathing increases and its efficiency is compromised.
Trigger lockout time: effective protection from faulty Compliance curve
triggering and trigger artefacts
Expiratory pressure ramp: increase of exhaled volume by With AirTrap Control possible volume development in COPD b)
means of pneumatic splint in small airways Trigger lockout time
Volume compensation: optimum tidal volume safety and
In ventilation with an activated trigger, false triggering can occur during expira- Start of AirTrap Control
stability tion. The new feature trigger lockout time offers the option of blocking the
Operating convenience inspiration trigger in spontaneous ventilation mode for a defined period at the b) intrinsic PEEP a) End of Air Trapping

start of expiration. When the trigger lockout time is past, the inspiration trigger
Intuitive user navigation with push-button dial and direct once again detects the respiratory effort of the patient. Normalized
access to most important ventilation parameters


Operating at a constantly high trigger sensitivity, the device excludes critical areas tidal volumes
Softstart and Autostart of expiration in which incorrect inspiratory triggering could occur and thereby
Numeric and graphic display of ventilation parameters achieves a great degree of stability in the spontaneous breathing pattern.
Time Pressure
Compatible with VENTI line accessories
C11 Ventilation Ventilation C12

Overview of VENTI device functions Accessories

Device VENTImotion 2 VENTIlogic VENTIlogic plus VENTIlogic LS


Type of


Leakage circuit
Hose system

Single patient circuit with

patient valve
Double patient circuit with
patient valve
35 hPa (leakage circuit) 35 hPa (leakage circuit)
Max. inspiration pressure 30 hPa 35 hPa
45 hPa (valve system) 45 hPa (valve system)
Device features

4-20 (leakage circuit) 4-20 (leakage circuit) Ventilation parameters

EPAP / PEEP pressure range 4-20 4-20
0-20 (valve system) 0-20 (valve system) displayed in SOMNOlab
with the help of the Analogbox
Tidal volume 160-3000 ml 160-3000 ml 50-3000 ml 50-3000 ml
Replaceable battery VENTIclick

Respiratory rate 6-45 6-45 5-45 5-45

Ventilation modes

Leakage mode CPAP, ST, T CPAP, S, ST, T, TA CPAP, S, SX, SXX, ST, T, TA

Analogbox D/A
Pressure-controlled modes PSV, PCV, aPCV, SIMV PSV, PCV, aPCV, SIMV

Volume-controlled modes VCV, aVCV

Connection between Weinmann ventilators In the event of a power loss or for use away from home, the
LIAM and polysomnography complete ventilation system can be operated for up to seven
Sleep diagnostics and visualization of ventilation parameters at hours with the VENTIpower rechargeable battery. Power can
AirTrap Control
Special setting

a glance. The Analogbox D/A converts the digital signals gen- be supplied even when the ventilator is inside the carrying bag

Trigger lockout time erated by the therapy devices VENTIlogic LS, VENTIlogic plus, (except for VENTImotion 2).

Pressure rise / Pressure fall

VENTIlogic and VENTImotion 2 into analog signals. Up to eight

Volume compensation
channels can be simultaneously presented in polysomnography.
Diagnostics are made more convenient with the elimination of
Replaceable battery
Mobility at home and in hospital: With an operating capacity of
switching back and forth between the PSG view and ventilation
integrated (15 l/min, integrated (15 l/min, four hours per battery, the replaceable battery gives the patient

Over O2 valve optional (max.15 l/min) optional (max.15 l/min) monitoring.


max. 1 bar) max. 1 bar) nearly unlimited independence.

Ventilation parameter
Real-time curves
All diagnostic channels including ventilation parameters
in a single view
(pressure, flow, volume)
Loops (pressure, flow) Fixed channel assignment of the four signals for mask
pressure, flow, leakage and tidal volume Easily attached to device with a Click, the high-performance

Expiration volume humidifier VENTIclick has a tank volume of 300 ml, making it
Four additional channels available for use
especially suitable for patients with high humidity requirements
FiO2 optional optional Connection to all conventional PSG systems at high flow.
Technical / physiological
PC software Analogbox D/A

PSG connection
Ventilators by Weinmann generate digital signals for recorded data while poly- between the polysomnographic data and the curves displayed by the device. The
somnography systems in sleep labs work with analog signals. Therefore, the job of the Analogbox is to convert the digital information into analog signals. The
Replaceable battery, Replaceable battery,
rechargeable battery

relevant ventilation parameters such as pressure, flow, leakage and respiratory box, which measures about 10 cm wide and 15 cm high, is equipped with four
Power supply with

External rechargeable VENTIpower VENTIpower 4 hrs., can be changed 4 hrs., can be changed
an indefinite number an indefinite number events could not be displayed in the polysomnography monitor. Doctors once dual port interfaces that connect the ventilator to the polysomnography system.
battery up to 7 hrs. up to 7 hrs.
of times of times had to consult two different screens simultaneously in order to evaluate the Now it is possible to display the signals of vital data parallel to the ventilators
Internal rechargeable data. The analysis of the data was also made more challenging by the time delay curves at the same time and on the same monitor.
4 hrs. 4 hrs.
C13 Ventilation Ventilation C14

p re s e n
param tation
e te r s of ve n
Trend a
o f co u with u
r s e of ninter
ventila r u p te d
VISTA- tion r e co r d
co m p a ing
1 2

6 7

3 4

8 9

Statistics with navigation

Signals with alarms

5 10 11

Venti-O2 plus Accessories Accessories WEINMANNsupport

Oxygen valve 6 Double patient circuit with patient valve (only VENTIlogic LS) PC software for ventilators and sleep therapy devices
1 Bacteria filter for leakage circuit
7 Leakage circuit, can be disinfected, optionally sterilizable from Weinmann
For use in hospital and at home: For patients who need 2 Bacteria filter for valve system 8 USB converter cable
WEINMANNsupport is supplemental PC software for use with
supplemental oxygen, you can simply attach the O2 valve 3 O measurement set (for VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus only) consists of:
9 Power adapter for automobile
connection cable, oxygen sensor and T-piece 10 VENTIremote alarm (only VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus) ventilators and sleep therapy devices from Weinmann.
VENTI-O2 plus with a click to the therapy device. In the event
4 Carrying bag for mobile use; designed for mobile therapy with Weinmann available with cable of 10 meters or 30 meters Via process-oriented navigation, the software reads out, pre-
of a power loss, the oxygen supply is immediately cut off by 11 Connection cable for nurse call (only VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus);
ventilators VENTIlogic LS, VENTIlogic plus and VENTIlogic . sents and analyzes therapy monitoring data. Patient compliance
VENTI- O2 plus. available with cable of 10 meters or 30 meters
5 ACCUVAC Basic, suction pump with reusable canister; high degree of is clearly visualized for close examination and documented in de-
Test adapter (not shown)
VENTI- O2 plus allows delivery of up to 15 liters of oxygen per patient safety ensured by infinitely adjustable negative pressure regulation tailed reports. The remote settings module WEINMANNadjust
WEINMANNsupport USB 232 (not shown)
minute. Because the oxygen is fed directly into the therapy de- of 0.05 to 0.8 bar via rotary dial and additional vacuum regulation with
Single patient circuit with patient valve (not shown, only VENTIlogic LS offers the option of displaying and changing therapy parame-
fingertip control on hose
vice, it is possible to determine the exact ventilation flow even and VENTIlogic plus) ters (only VENTImotion 2 and VENTIlogic).
with maximum oxygen quantities. With the help of daily statistics, the patients ventilation data can
VENTI- O 2 plus only for use with VENTImotion and VENTIlogic, starting with serial
1) be analyzed breath-for-breath for a 10-hour period. The statisti-
number 4000, and VENTImotion 2.
An oxygen valve is integrated in VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus.
cal analysis also permits numeric and graphic representation of
all ventilation parameters in Weinmanns ventilation devices for
up to six weeks. Annual compliance shows the patients use of
Oxygen valve the device for 366 days.
The fundamental requirements for a medical device are defined in norms and expiration) washes the oxygen out of the exhalation system. If the device fails,
standards. Their non-observance, according to VDE (Association for Electrical, the source of oxygen, which is not coupled with the ventilator, continues to de-
Electronic & Information Technologies) can suffice as proof of improper work, liver oxygen to the patient. As a result, oxygen at a relatively high concentration
and endangers the safety of the patient. The norm DIN EN ISO 10651 deals with can get into the ventilator and dramatically increase the danger of fire and explo-
ventilation devices for medical use. Among other things, it states that if an oxida- sion. There is no such danger with Weinmanns VENTI- O2 plus or VENTI- O2. If
tion means is introduced into the flow of the ventilation system, the manufac- the device fails, VENTI- O2 directs the oxygen into the ambient air. VENTI-O 2 plus
turer or operator must make sure that it is not possible for the oxygen to be re- immediately terminates the oxygen feed in the event of a device failure. Further-
breathed into the therapy device should the oxygen concentration exceed 24 %. more, the risk of combustibility is reduced to a minimum through the use of new Patient Interface
The reason for the regulation is the potentially elevated risk of fire or explosion. materials and components in the ventilation therapy devices. Masks in the JOYCE family, optimized for use
with Weinmann therapy devices.
When the ventilator functions properly, the EPAP pressure (therapy pressure for
D1 Patient Interface Patient Interface D2

Ventilation masks fulfill the most sensitive interface with some masks specialized for certain needs. For example,

Patient Interface Concept function in therapy. The demands made on the mask are
enormous. In addition to a perfect fit, the mask has to
the proven silicone and comfortable SilkGel variants of
the JOYCE family, the extremely quiet nasal pillow mask
Focus on best compliance withstand high therapy pressures, work quietly, allow the NP15 and the robust SOMNOmask. Thanks to the versa-
patient to exhale easily and be easy to use and kind to the tility of our products, every patient can find the mask that
skin. Our ventilation masks satisfy all these requirements, suits him best.
Our ma
D3 Patient Interface
a re q u
Patient Interface D4
fit per
a re co
Patient Interface Concept a re e a
m fo r t a

s y to u s
ble to w
Focus on best compliance a re s k
let the
withst easily
and hig
h t h e ra
py p r e s
The comfortable ones su re s

JOYCE SilkGel JOYCE SilkGel Full Face

Nasal mask (gel) Full face mask (gel)
JOYCE SilkGel is easy to use and comfortable to wear
Even more wearing comfort, thanks to the new
high-quality coating WEINMANN SilkTec: It provides
a silky soft feel and reduces pressure on facial skin.
Extremely easy to clean as the smooth surface
allows hardly any perspiration or the like to adhere
Simple assembly of forehead cushion
Easy-to-use headgear: The ideal cut and color-
coded fastenings make the headgear even easier
to handle.

JOYCE Gel JOYCE Full Face Gel

Nasal mask (gel) Full face mask (gel)

Our new coating WEINMANN SilkTec of liquid silicone rubber adds to wearing comfort. It is much smoother and therefore more hygienic than conventional coatings.
With such a high degree of cleanliness, WEINMANN SilkTec fulfills the health care industrys basic requirements for medical products.

The Bestsellers

JOYCE JOYCE Full Face JOYCE Full Faceplus NP15

Nasal mask Full face mask Full face mask Nasal pillow
(silicone) (silicone) with chin support mask (silicone)

* Weinmanns own sound level test: dB(A) at 10 hPa measured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3744 (from distance of one meter); only nasal pillow mask

Solid and reliable Therapy devices

Sleep Therapy
We focus on the compatibility of our masks with
SOMNOmask SOMNOplus our SOMNO and VENTI products with the goals
of providing ideal treatment conditions and
Nasal mask Nasal mask
improving patients compliance with therapy.
(silicone) (silicone)
D5 Patient Interface Patient Interface D6


The JOYCE Family E2

Choose the best combination for your needs. E3
Among your choices are the silicone and gel variants of
the JOYCE nasal and full face masks, which are presented
on the next three pages.
Ball-and-socket set E
Forehead support
Anti-asphyxia valve Gel forehead cushion

Rotating sleeve Silicone forehead cushion
D2 D1
Fine adjustment of forehead

Retaining ring support
Coarse adjustment of forehead

Ball-and-socket set NV
(NV = non-vented)
Headgear, including clips
Mask body C2
Mask body
Cap for pressure
measurement port
Mask seal
Silicone mask seal with chin support
Silicone mask seal A4
Gel mask seal



You can use the masks of our JOYCE family for sleep apnea and Except for the mask body, all parts are available separately, so Operating convenience
ventilation patients. The modular system lets you customize the you can alternate use of silicone and gel parts or use them in- Easy to adjust
mask for a perfect fit and the ball-and-socket joint adds to the terchangeably. Mask seal attaches easily by pressing with palm of hand
patients wearing comfort. The very quiet exhalation system on Many replacement parts available
Features of the nasal and full face masks in the JOYCE family:
our masks is designed so that the air flow does not disturb the
Therapy comfort Vented elbow (including anti-asphyxia valve when indicated):
patient or his bed partner.
Ball-and-socket joint for freedom of movement transparent; non-vented elbow: blue
Modular design of the JOYCE family and a secure mask fit Breathable headgear with practical clips
Whats so special about our masks is their modular design. The very quiet exhalation system lets the patient and his bed Two-way adjustable forehead support, broad forehead
It guarantees a perfect fit by allowing nearly all components partner sleep soundly. cushion
silicone or gel to be combined with each other. The inter- Integrated pressure measurement port allows quick and Easy to clean
changeable parts also help you to optimize your inventory simple pressure measurement at the mask. Safety
management. Small and light: increases patient compliance. The quick-release cord for fast removal of the mask is
All parts except the mask body may be ordered separately Non-allergenic, skin-friendly materials (latex-free) with optionally available with all JOYCE full face masks. B
The mask body of our masks is available in sizes S to XL. The body surface structure that prevents sweating.
is suitable for the soft silicone mask seal, the firmer silicone mask Two silicone mask seals to choose from:
seal for higher pressures (for ventilation) and the seal made Low and medium therapy pressure up to 30 hPa
of gel. You can also choose between silicone and gel for the High therapy pressure up to 40 hPa
forehead cushion. The elbow, which comes in a vented or non- Optionally available with integrated exhalation system
vented variant, is easily attached to the body just like all the other
D7 Patient Interface Patient Interface D8


Nasal and Full Face Masks of Gel Nasal and Full Face Masks


Full Face Mask Full Face Mask

Tube anchoring
over the head

Nasal Mask
JOYCE SilkGel:
Full face and nasal masks

Weinmanns SilkGel masks Weinmanns Gel Masks

The gel variants of our masks are available as nasal and full face The gel variant of the ventilation masks is available for both the
masks. The newest generation of our custom assembly masks nasal mask JOYCE and the full face mask JOYCE Full Face. Our
boasts great wearing comfort. The give in its flexible seal custom assembly gel masks are known for their wearing com-
makes it even easier to fit the mask to the patient. fort. The flexible seal makes it easy to fit the mask to the patient.
Everything to do with the handling of our gel masks is trouble-
More comfort with Weinmann SilkTec free. The gel parts are easy to clean and, thanks to the interlaced
We have coated the mask seal and forehead cushion of the Pockets for the forehead cushion simplify assembly. gel structure, are leakproof too. You can combine gel parts with
JOYCE SilkGel masks with a high-quality material called Wein- Easy-to-use headgear: all silicone parts from other members of the JOYCE family and
mann SilkTec. Its extremely smooth surface feels soft and silky the ideally shaped and color-coded VelcroTM closures make it select different sizes (S, M and L) to find just the right fit of the
and guarantees more wearing comfort. even easier to handle the headgear. right mask for every patient.
It is easy to use our SilkGel masks. You can quickly and simply Tube anchoring strap on headgear as optional fastening
clean the gel parts, which are leakproof, thanks to their inter- for device tube Additional features of the JOYCE GEL masks are:
laced gel structure. It is also possible for you to combine the Delivered in a handy carton Sleeve of skin-friendly silicone filled with gel
SilkGel mask with all silicone parts from other members of the Extra storage or transport bag for patient use Mask body and forehead cushion of gel
JOYCE family. The parts interchangeability and the different Sleeve of proven skin-friendly silicone with a silicone gel Especially hygienic single-layer mask body
mask sizes (S, M and L) let you find the right mask with a good Extremely quiet
fit for nearly every patient.
Perfect fit
JOYCE SilkGel mask features: Partly of polyamide plastic, an extremely robust and
Even more wearing comfort, thanks to the smooth high- flexible material that holds its shape
quality coating (Weinmann SilkTec), which feels silky on the The only gel mask with ball-and-socket joint
skin and reduces shear force Mask seal and forehead cushion of gel
Easy to clean because nothing (perspiration and the like) Single-layer mask seal is particularly hygienic
adheres to the surface
D9 Patient Interface Patient Interface D10

Nasal and full face masks with Nasal Pillow Mask
seal of silicone

JOYCE Full Face

Full face mask

JOYCE JOYCE /JOYCE Full Face JOYCE Full Face plus Anchoring possibilities for device tube: over the head,
Nasal mask NV 40 hPa to the left or right side, directed toward chest

The silicone variants of our masks are also available as nasal and JOYCE Full Faceplus (Full face mask with chin support): Quiet, quieter, quietest thats our new mask, the nasal pillow
Competitive Comparison
full face masks. You can read about the many advantages of These variants of the JOYCE family offer you all the benefits of mask NP 15. As the name tells you, its quietness is only
these masks on Page D5 under The JOYCE Family. the two-chamber system, with the first chamber for the mouth 15 dB(A) *. Thats like the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze.
The ear never sleeps, so for sound and restorative sleep, we need peace and quiet.
JOYCE silicone mask and nose and the second chamber for chin support as needed. Thanks to the masks two ball-and-socket joints and the tube-
Our sleep can be disrupted by noises that measure about 20 dB(A), which is as loud
JOYCE (Nasal mask): This design ensures effective therapy. anchoring options, NP15 guarantees unlimited freedom of as a the ticking of a clock.
The two-chamber principle: movement without compromising on stability. The new mask
Four standard models in four sizes The comparison of competitors masks with ours shows that all tested masks* are
The first chamber covers the nose and mouth and, sets the stage for restorative and healthy sleep. at least 3.3 dB(A) louder than NP15. Just 3 dB(A) more is an sound level increase
(S, M, L and XL) packed, ready to use
like JOYCE Full Face, reduces dead space volume Top features of NP15 of 20%!
JOYCE Full Face (Full face mask):
to a minimum. the quietest nasal pillow mask
Three variants in four sizes (S, M, L and XL) 35.0
for different areas of use: The second chamber holds the chin without generating an has two ball-and-socket joints:
JOYCE Full Face, vented (incl. exhalation system), with unpleasant flow of air across the chin. The lower part
one ball-and-socket joint on the mask body allows
soft seal, for pressures up to 30 hPa (OSA) of the seal does not lie directly on the chin. If the patients 25.0

Sound level dB(A)

unlimited freedom of movement. 3.3 dB(A)
chin falls, it is caught. Air holes prevent sweating. 20.0
JOYCE Full Face 40 hPa, vented (incl. exhalation system), the second ball-and-socket joint between mask and
with firm seal, up to 40 hPa In keeping with the modular system concept, all parts except
device hose ensures a stable, non-leak fit. 15.0
the mask seal are identical to JOYCE Full Face. two tube-anchoring options
JOYCE Full Face NV 40 hPa, non-vented 10.0

(without exhalation system Tip: JOYCE Full Faceplus is particularly suitable for ventilation integrated pressure measurement port 5.0
with firm seal, up to 40 hPa (Ventilation) patients and for bearded patients.
no disruptive drafts 0.0
NP15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
ideal fit
NP15 Competitors
XL made of skin-friendly silicone
L different colors on the Velcro tabs (light blue on top,
S dark blue on the bottom) simplify handling of headgear
pillows move separately
adjustable crossband on headgear
quick and easy mask fitting
* Weinmanns own sound level test: dB(A) at 10 hPa measured as specified in
markings of adjustment range on forehead support DIN EN ISO 3744 (from a distance of one meter); only nasal pillow masks
D11 Patient Interface Patient Interface D12

SOMNOmask SOMNOplus Accessories

Nasal mask Nasal mask SOMNOmask with
integrated exhalation system
and headgear, pre-assembled Silentflow 2

Noise suppressor


Headgear for
JOYCE SilkGel HEADstrap JOYCEstrap Quick-release cord

Headgear Headgear accessories

Headgear for JOYCE SilkGel Quick-release cord
A perfect fit with simplest handling: thats what our new head- In an emergency the quick-release cord lets the patient or nurse
SOMNOmask allows the patient to move around in his sleep as gear offers for the JOYCE SilkGel variants. Thanks to the cross- quickly and easily detach the mask. In hospital, for example,
much as he wants to while the mask stays in place. The nasal band, which can be fitted to any head shape or size, annoying when a patient has to vomit or at home when the patient wakes
mask has a ball-and-socket joint that picks up head movements slippage is a thing of the past. Now there is also an optional from a nightmare or becomes disoriented, it is easy to detach
and gently directs them to the hose. The hose cant lift the mask anchoring strap to keep the device tube in place. the patient from the mask. The quick-release cord is simply at-
up or cause disruptive leaks. The color-coding further simplifies use. The light blue VelcroTM tached with a clip and VelcroTM fastener.
With the ready-to-use variant of SOMNOmask, SOMNOplus, fasteners on the upper part of the headgear and the dark blue
everything comes pre-assembled: the freedom of movement on the lower part speed up handling.
mask with integrated exhalation system and the headgear Exhalation Systems
HEADstrap (page D12) made of breathable material and e-
Both nasal mask variants share the following features:
quipped with EasyClip. The patient can quickly and easily secure Hardly any CO2 rebreathing Our four-point headgear HEADstrap is right for every head size Silentflow 2
the mask with the clips. Reduced tension on hose for better air-tightness and is easy to use. You simply thread the straps through the slits Exhalation systems attached to the mask body often cause loud
The entire SOMNOplus set is designed to let the patient get out Also available in size XS (SOMNOmask) and adjust to any size, fitting the straps easily and quickly across and annoying noise. In contrast, the clever design of our exhala-
of bed without having to remove the mask. One simple move- the back of the patients head. tion system Silentflow 2 ensures undisturbed sleep for the pati-
Simple operation
ment separates the connection hose from the mask at a point Unlike other headgear, HEADstrap will not apply pressure to the ent. The exhaled air quietly escapes through the gap and flows
Easy adjustment
between ball-and-socket joint and exhalation system. patients neck or slip out of place. HEADstrap is suitable for use along the hose. The cover over the exhalation gap keeps the air
Reduced pressure on face from streaming directly toward the patients body and prevents
The difference is clear: with SOMNOmask you order only the with all Weinmann masks except NP15. It is available in two va-
Ball-and-socket joint guarantees freedom of movement. riants: with clips for the JOYCE family masks and with EasyClip disruptive drafts. Silentflow 2 can be used in combination with
mask and have the option of assembling your own customized
ISO cone: Adaptation to all conventional exhalation for SOMNOmask/SOMNOplus. all non-vented nasal masks.
set with headgear and exhalation system. On the other hand,
systems (SOMNOmask)
SOMNOplus is ready for immediate use.
Kind to skin; mask doesnt stick to skin JOYCEstrap Noise suppressor
The proper fit of a mask depends on the masks composition In our noise suppressor the air silently bubbles through the
and the headgear. If the headgear is inflexible, the mask can micropores. Like Silentflow 2, it can be used in combination
press tightly on the face. If it is made of low-quality material with all nasal NV masks.
that wears out, the mask can slip out of place. If it is difficult to
put on, the patient could lose the motivation that is so crucial to
successful therapy.
You will never have such problems with JOYCEstrap. Our head-
gear is made of high-quality breathable materials that make it
In medical terms compliance means the patients willingness to follow the effectiveness of the therapy or considers it unpleasant or fails to see immedi-
skin-friendly, elastic and robust for a long-lasting fit and easy
doctors orders for long-term treatment. The word adherence is also used to ate improvement. Masks are an essential part of successful treatment. If a mask
describe the patients actions either taking medicine or following a prescribed doesnt fit, the degree of patient compliance declines and the overall success of
care. JOYCEstrap and its four quick-close clips can be cleaned in
regimen or treatment even when the patient himself does not believe in the treatment is threatened. the washing machine.
D13 Patient Interface Patient Interface D14

Patient Interface Overview

The comfortable ones Bestsellers the complete collection Robust and reliable

Full face mask

Nasal mask Nasal mask Full face mask Nasal pillow Nasal mask Nasal mask
JOYCE SilkGel Full Face and
JOYCE SilkGel and JOYCE GEL JOYCE JOYCE Full Face mask NP15 SOMNOmask SOMNOplus
40 hPa NV NV 40 hPa 40 hPa NV 40 hPa Full Faceplus
Mask vented non-vented vented non-vented vented vented non-vented non-vented vented vented non-vented vented vented non-vented vented
Full face
Weinmann SilkTec coating*
Major use:
sleep apnea therapy ** ** ** **
Major use: Basic ins

These abri

dged instr

* uctions
We recomm do not
end replace
Follow the user
the man use of the disin manuals
ufac ture fectant for indiv
After you rs instr Gigasept idual prod
have clea uctions FF, CIDE ucts.
ned and for use. X OPA
We reco disinfect and AnI
mmend ed the OSyME
** For the use parts, rinse DD1.

Pressure range 4 - 40 hPa 4 - 40 hPa 4 - 40 hPa 4 - 40 hPa 4 - 30 hPa 4 - 40 hPa 4 - 30 hPa 4 - 40 hPa 4 - 30 hPa 4 - 40 hPa 4 - 40 hPa 4 - 30 hPa 4 - 25 hPa 4 - 30 hPa 4 - 30 hPa
steam steri of stea them thor
m steri
In indiv lizat lizers whic oughly
idual case ion we reco h comply with clea
*** Clea s, therefor mmend with En n water
n a max e, you devices 285; 134 and then
imum of may need that comply C for at dry them
25 time to replace with least thre .
s. your mas En 285, at a tem e minutes
k soon perature .
er. of 134
C, for
at least

Anti-asphyxia valve
three (3) min

Ball-and-socket joint
Sizes 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 3
Adjustable forehead support
Pressure measurement port
Quick-release cord (optional)

only with N-0211-7 Weinm

External exhalation system

the expres
s permission ann, Hamburg.
can be added
-88 91-4
-(0)4193 88 91-0 t-Ulzburg
F: +49

of Weinm
- Hensted
-(0)4193 24558 H+Co.KG
T: +49
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Siebenst Gerte fr Med stics, Service

nn Logi
Weinma Production,

Duplic ation
Center l Sales
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* only SilkGel
F: +49 47 02-0
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T: +49

www.wei Hamburg
@we 225 25
E: info
sweg 40 22502 Hamburg H+Co.KG
540268 fr Medizin Gmb

** exclusively
P.O.Box te
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Mask Fit
ting Te


Product monograph Mask fitting templates JOYCE

Nasal Ma
Mask cleaning instructions
Na sal / SOMN
Pil low Oplus

Ma sk
sk Measu

How sh

ould I c

lean m
Nasal Ma

y accesso
Cleaning instructions rie
Full Fac

Brochure Fitting template NP 15 s?

Patient for patient use
e Mask

product monograph Interfa Notice

e betw ce regard
ing dis

A Produ
ct Mono
een ma
n and S
of Wein infectio
mann-m n/sterili

with Us
age Tip M asks in zation
s This not
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in a hos
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pital, slee s all mask types

L The info p lab or and mas
rmation ventilation k parts
and is pre unit. which are
validated sen Please obs to
groups. disinfec ted as follows: erve also be disinfected

The right fit of a mask can greatly increase the The cleaning process greatly affects patients compliance with therapy and
ting and Table 1, the instruct /sterilized
XL steriliza Mask par ions for for
tion pro
cedures; ts to be disinfec use for eac use by a new pat
Our product monograph entitled Import
ant ins
If the inst
and Tab
le 3, List
of active ed; Table 2, Our
h mask
type or

patients satisfaction. Therefore, careful fitting

itution resp
Full Fa the service life of the individual mask components. The parts of our masks can or steriliza
tion cycl
onsible for
nts used
and ingr
Patient Interface tells you about JOYCE ce Mask Discolor es, the institut (e.g., hos
Full Face / JOY atio ion assu pital) use
CE function. n of the forehea mes the s a differen
Full Fac d cushion respons t proced
of the mask is extremely important. be washed by hand in lukewarm water with a mild detergent or in a washing
e GEL / Pay stric and mas ibility for ure or exce
JOYCE t attentio k seal can any effe eds the
Full Fac plus n to the occur. The ct on the disinfection
the composition of our masks, the e Please obs manufac se change masks.
sterilizing erve the instruct turers inst
s do not
impair the
agents so ions
as not to for use and safe when usin masks
Our fitting template has proven to be very machine or dishwasher or sterilized by steam up to a temperature of 134C. Our rec
threaten ty
the health data sheet for
g cleansin
g, disinfec

functions of their individual components of person the handling ting or sterilizi

ommend nel. of cleansin ng agents.
We reco ed and g, disi
mm validate nfecting

helpful in finding the right size quickly and easily for eve- In our patient brochure How should I clean my accessories?, we give you test labo end the disinfec d proced and
turers inst ry has proven
tants Gig ures for

and the role of masks in ventilation therapy.

asept FF disinfect
ructions the (new
The pro for these compatibility and ), Cidex OPA ion/steri
ced products. effectivene and Aniosy lizatio
vided by ure described is me DD1 n
ry patient. We offer two different fitting templates: one recommendations on when and how you should clean the mask components.
ss for the
the man
based on se disinfec . An indepen
DIN EN tants. Plea dent and

You can also find tips about their ideal use Import r for the ISO 17664 se observe acc redited
of resterili Sterilization of
Fitting template Cleaning instructions
ant inf the man
The follo ormati zable med Medical ufac-
wing sho on abo Devices
for the nasal and full face masks in the JOYCE family and In addition to the cleaning schedules, our instructions for hospital use also list uld be con ut the ical dev
ices. Informa
that it is choice tion to be
sidered of cleans

and handling.You can order the monograph JOYCE family, for hospital use that a disi
is used and tant with cert
for the clea when cho
ning or
osing a
ting of syn
ing and
g or disi
ing age

another for the nasal pillow mask NP15. the procedures (i.e., chemical and thermal disinfection and sterilization) that
that ified
SOMNO mask and The con it is com effe thetic mat mat erial:
cen patible with ctiveness (e.g erials,
strictly obs tration and con ., VAH
free of charge from us or download a copy
the clea
erved. tact tim
e provide nsing age /DGHM- or FDA
nt used. approva
SOMNO plus
d by the l or CE sign
Note: manufac

You can order the free fitting templates from our Weinmann has validated and approved for use on individual components. The Ster
turer of
the clea
nsing or

from, Science + Research,

ility Ass disinfec
compon urance Lev ting age
ents are
disinfec el (SAL) of the nt must
ted or ster reusable

Customer Service (Tel. +49-(0)40-5 47 02-102) Both brochures can be downloaded from, Homecare, Download, ilized as mas
described k component
in the follo s is 10 -6
Medical Background Information. wing pro or one in
cedures. a million
when the

E1 Oxygen Medicine Oxygen Medicine E2

Among the illnesses and disorders involving a chronic For many years we have been developing customized, de-
oxygen deficiency in arterial blood are diseases of the pendable technological solutions in the field of oxygen
Oxygen Medicine airways, pulmonary vessels, lungs, heart and thoracic de- medicine. Our focus is always on safety and reliability,
formities. The use of Long-Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) therapy success and simple operation. The result is oxygen
Safe and convenient systems improve quality of life
can increase the patients life expectancy and significantly systems for at home, away from home, in the hospital and
improve quality of life. doctors practices that give the patient maximum support
and ease the workload of doctors and nurses.
G r e a te r c o m f o r
High reliability t
E3 Oxygen Medicine
Medical benefi Oxygen Medicine E4
Optimized for yot
u r p roc

Therapy options at a glance

Indications Therapy devices for use away from home

Some causes of oxygen OXYTRON 3 CYPRESS

deficiency: Electronic Pneumatic
oxygen conserving system oxygen conserving system
COPD Significant oxygen savings With integrated
compared to continuous pressure reducer
flow with the same
Makes oxygen therapy
Pulmonary embolism as simple as possible
Can be used for all
Also suitable for
pressurized oxygen
LOX systems
cylinders up to a
maximum 200 bar


Therapy devices for use at home, in hospital and doctors practice

Cardiac insufficiency

hypertension Oxygen concentrator Oxygen standing device
High reliability Broad therapy and
application spectrum
Cystic fibrosis Oxygen inhalation,
Very low maintenance
secretion suction and
Thoracic deformity

Accessories for special needs

OXYcontrol 2 Caddy II OXYWAY Oxygen cylinders Dosage monitor COMBIBAG ACCUVAC Basic
Handy device for O2 check Transport option Pressure reducer and flow We can deliver oxygen With bubble humidifier and Resuscitator with The suction pump for safe
of OXYMAT 3 oxygen con- for our oxygen conserving regulator that deliver just the cylinders in different models. flow meter for mobile regu- safety valve for and dependable suctioning
centrator system right amount of oxygen lation of O2 supply adults and children in hospital or in mobile use
E5 Oxygen Medicine Oxygen Medicine E6

OXYTRON 3 CYPRESS OXYBAG 3-in-1 transport bag

Versatile use of oxygen conserving system Pneumatic oxygen conserving system with Dependable emergency reserve Versatile portable system
ox y gen
for increased mobility integrated pressure reducer mobile
a b le for all n
it n
Su einma
s by W
s y s te m

as shoulder

as backpack
s y s te m s y s te m
n ser ving n ser ving

ox yg e
n c o
x yg e n
s co m -
P n e umatic
ox yg e
in o x
e n saving
s co m - 3
in ut 70%
ut 8 0% ous flo
Abo s flow s e r ve
Abo ontinu n tinuou g e n re oo
d t o c r e d t o c o Ox y ncies t
p a re pa m e rg e as caddy bag
fo r e

Complete system

Thanks to the exact breath-based dosage of oxygen, OXYTRON 3 Benefit from the advantages of our practical 2-in-1 principle. The portable OXYBAG oxygen treatment devices are the ideal This 3-in-1 transport bag can be used as a backpack, shoulder
guarantees a high rate of conservation. The patient gains greater The pneumatically driven oxygen conserving system CYPRESS is oxygen reserve for use at or away from home. They can also be bag or in combination with the Weinmann caddy for all OXY-
freedom of movement while therapy costs and care expenditure already equipped with a pressure reducer. You can simply attach used in emergency situations, in nursing homes or in doctors TRON 3, CYPRESS and OXYBAG Hit variants. That means more
are reduced significantly. You can use OXYTRON 3 with pressur- it like any conventional pressure reducer to the oxygen cylinder practices. flexibility for the patient and convenience for the dealer, who
ized gas cylinders or liquid oxygen systems. and set the dosage on the rotary dial. Thats it. has to keep only one bag model in stock.
Peformance features: Performance features: OXYBAG Hit Peformance features:
Electronic, no-maintenance oxygen conserving system with Pneumatic, no-maintenance oxygen conserving system with Equipment includes the pressure reducer OXYWAY FineI with The backpack carrying straps can be conveniently stored
separate pressure reducer integrated pressure reducer content and flow gauge for infinitely variable dosages from when the bag is carried over the shoulder
3 to 15 liters/minute, a 2-liter oxygen cylinder, an inhalation
Significant oxygen savings at 5:1 as compared to continuous Can be used with all pressurized oxygen cylinders up to The shoulder strap can be removed with just a click when the
mask and the Weinmann 3-in-1 transport bag. Other pressure
flow systems, but with the same therapeutic effect maximum 200 bar bag is worn as a backpack
reducers and pediatric application systems are also available.
High level of patient safety ensured by a very sensitive trigger, Significant 3:1 oxygen savings (compared to continuous flow) Reinforced rear wall and bottom for greater patient safety
uninterrupted battery status display and visual and acoustic with the same therapeutic effectiveness and more comfort
alarm functions Simplified operation with dosage dial, continuous flow and Easy to clean
Easy-to-use push-button operation, easy-to-read display and OFF mode and the already integrated pressure reducer Additional inside zippered pocket for all accessories
easy-to-handle low-weight device Compact design and low weight (about 560 grams including Small loop for storage
Power sources include rechargeable battery pack with brief pressure reducer) for greater patient comfort
Knobbed rubber base on bottom of bag for upright stability
charging time (less than two hours; device can be operated No expenses for disposable or rechargeable batteries
while it is being charged) or disposable batteries Weight only 1160 grams
Available with different cylinder sizes (2.0-liter, 0.8-liter,
Different cylinder sizes (2.0-liter/0.8-l/2.0-l lightweight alu- 2.0-liter lightweight aluminum cylinder) and transport
minum cylinder) and transport system (3-in-1 transport bag, systems (3-in-1 transport bag, Caddy II)
Caddy II) available
E7 Oxygen Medicine Oxygen Medicine E8


The ideal therapy partner for use at home The oxygen standing system with broad Our pressure reducer and flow regulator:
therapy spectrum safe, accurate and versatile

B ro a rum
y sp e c t
th e a p

per- so
Whis o n centra
to r
y g e n c
o x
n a n ce
L ow


OXYMAT 3 with flow meter

OXYMAT 3 with oxygen dosage monitor

and bubble humidifier


Enjoy the advantages of the versatile equipment for our oxy- Performance features: From oxygen inhalation to secretion suction and ventilation You can depend on the accuracy of our OXYWAY pressure
gen devices. You can order our whisper-soft oxygen con- our oxygen standing devices OXYFLOW Basic and OXYFLOW reducers and flow regulators. For only the proper dosage of
Oxygen flow of 1 to 5 liters per minute or 0.2 to 3 liters per
centrator OXYMAT 3 with a portable oxygen dosage moni- Revi offer a broad therapy and application spectrum: both can oxygen can have the desired effect on your patient. OXYWAY
minute as dosage monitor or flow meter model
tor or a flow meter on the oxygen outlet. Both models are be delivered with different oxygen fittings. pressure reducers and flow regulators, which we offer in several
also suitable for use in pediatrics as each can be equipped Best therapy quality with high oxygen concentration variations, can be used in many different ways in oxygen and
with a flow meter for children that allows precise set- (95 +1/-3 Vol.% O2 at 1 to 4 liters/minute) OXYFLOW Basic emergency medicine. They are small, light, precise and easy to
tings from 0.2 to 3 liters per minute. The low-maintenance use.
Whisper-soft at only 40 dB(A) OXYFLOW Basic is particularly suitable for infinitely adjustable
OXYMAT 3 comes with four casters with brake and a carrying
oxygen inhalation with humidification. Equipment includes a Features:
handle. You can change the filter easily without even opening Economically beneficial low power consumption, low
10-liter oxygen cylinder with cylinder jacket and safe-transport Greatest operating safety ensured by ultrasound-tested high
the device. number of parts and a five-year warranty
caddy, the pressure reducer OXYWAY Fine I, an inhalation mask pressure housing, double sinter filter and explosion-protected
Weinmann grants a five-year warranty on all functional parts of Service is made easy by modular design with quick plug-in and a humidifier. gauge
all new OXYMAT 3 devices. connections, simple filter change and casters with brake Highest precision in flow dosage over the entire cylinder
OXYFLOW Revi pressure range
The supply schedule for OXYFLOW Revi includes the pressure Simple operation: flow levels are easily set and checked and
reducer OXYWAY Fast II, a humidifier, an oxygen administrator cylinders are connected manually
with two outlets, a set of inhalation masks with breathing bag All relevant safety standards are met
to increase oxygen concentration, OMNIVAC secretion suction
High variability on device outlet (e.g., straight or angled
device and COMBIBAG manual resuscitator.
connecting union, disposable or reusable humidifier,
suction injector, oxygen administrator, country-specific
standard couplings
Scheduled maintenance every four years
E9 Oxygen Medicine Oxygen Medicine E10

ACCUVAC Basic OXYcontrol 2 Accessories

Safe suction at home and away from home Oxygen concentration for careful monitoring

1 2 3

4 8

re d
t y e n su 5
P a t ie n t s af e s t able 10
d ju
in fi n itely a n
by gulatio
b p r e s s u re re

ACCUVAC Basic with accessories bag and

reusable collection canister

You can depend on safe suctioning with ACCUVAC Basic. With the handy measurement device you can get reliable, precise OXYBAG Hit, OXYTRON 3 and CYPRESS accessories OXYFLOW Basic and OXYFLOW Revi accessories
Thanks to the infinitely variable subpressure regulation, you can measurements of the oxygen concentration in the OXYMAT 3
adjust the pump for use in nearly any suction situation including oxygen concentrator. 1 0.8-l cylinder Pressure reducers OXYWAY Fine I, Fine II, Fine III, Fast I, Fast III
2 2.0-l cylinder (see page E8 for photo)
pediatrics. Our feature-laden ACCUVAC Basic is robust and tilt-
3 2.0-l lightweight aluminum cylinder PONY trolley with five casters (see page E8 for photo)
resistant. The product accessories let you put ACCUVAC Basic to 4 Caddy II Cylinder jacket, light gray (see page E8 for photo)
work wherever it is needed in hospital, mobile nursing services Only two operating keys (calibration, ON/OFF) for simple use Application system (See page E8 for photo) 10-l cylinder (see page E8 for photo)
and rescue services. Very brief sensor response time for fast calibration and Additional accessories for Revi
measurement Additional accessories for OXYBAG Hit
Features: 6 COMBIBAG resuscitator with oxygen reservoir
Pressure reducers OXYWAY Fine I, Fine II, Fine III, Fast I, Fast II (not shown) and ventilation mask for adult
Patient safety ensured by infinitely adjustable subpressure High level of accuracy at +/1%
7 OMNIVAC suction device with 500-ml and 1000-ml secretion canisters
regulation from 0.05 to 0.8 bar by means of rotary dial Device and accessories fit in a protective transport case Additional accessories for OXYTRON 3 and injector
and additional regulation via suction hose with fingertip 5 OXYTRON 3 pressure reducer 8 Administrator with two outlets
control OXYTRON 3 rechargeable battery pack (not shown) Holder for two secretion canisters (not shown)
Flow capacity > 20 liters/min. at 0.8 bar subpressure OXYTRON 3 charger (not shown) Air hose (not shown)
OXYTRON 3 spiral hose (not shown) Connection union with union nut (not shown)
Safe secretion removal with autoclavable reusable collection Additional OXYMAT 3 accessories OXYTRON 3 continuous flow adapter (not shown) Bubble humidifier (see page E7 for photo)
canister with bacteria filter or with disposable
collection canister with integrated overflow valve Separate flow meter for adults (not shown)
Separate flow meter for children (not shown) Accessories for application systems in oxygen therapy
Optional: power unit and charger Dosage monitor for adults (see page E7)
Optional: 12-volt cable for charging Nasal Cannula Set
Dosage monitor for children (not shown)
Adapter for sterile water packs (not shown) For babies with 2.1-meter connection hose (20 pcs./4 0 pcs.) (not shown)
Application systems (not shown) For children with 2.1-meter connection hose (20 pcs./4 0 pcs.) (not shown)
9 For adults with 2.1-meter connection hose (20 pcs./4 0 pcs./100 pcs.)

For adults with earpiece and 1.5-meter connection hose (20 pcs./4 0 pcs./100
ACCUVAC Basic accessories pcs.) (not shown)
For use with OXYTRON 3 (20 pcs./4 0 pcs./100 pcs.) (not shown)
1 Accessories bag Set of insufflation catheters, Ch. 10 with foam rubber pads (10 pcs./20 pcs.)
2 Wall bracket (not shown)
Charger (for charging only) (not shown) 10 Insufflation catheter Ch. 10 with foam rubber pads and connection hose

Power unit and charger (operation and charging) (not shown) 3 Set of inhalation masks for adults without breathing bag
12-volt connection cable (not shown) (6 pcs./12 pcs.) (not shown)
Rechargeable lead battery (not shown) Inhalation mask for children
Verbindungsschluche withoutWeinmann-Preisliste
siehe aktuelle breathing bag (not shown)
Conversion kit for disposable collection canister (not shown) 11 Set of inhalation masks for adults with breathing bag
3 Conversion kit for reusable collection canister 2
(6 pcs./12 pcs.)
F1 ber uns ber uns F2

Our Clinical Studies:

Idea generator:
Source of greatest patient Supporting new talent
and user benefits

Our involvement in clinical research is to your We are very much interested in young scientists and
advantage: The quality of our products is en- engineers who have attracted attention through
sured through systematic clinical testing. Our their commitment, ideas and innovations. We show
Science + Research team examines selected clinically our interest by awarding the Weinmann prize,
tested medical technology solutions for their ben- which is designed to encourage up-and-coming
efits to patients and users. Weinmann verifies inno- scientists working in sleep research and medicine,
vations from clinical research in close collaboration and by making supplemental grants to support
with experts at national and international conven- them at national and international symposiums and
tions and congresses. congresses.

Contact us directly or go to our Web site for information about

our newest developments and plans.
We are always there

Everything under one roof our Center for Production, Logistics, Service
for you.
Login There you will find our complete range of products and seminars,
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nance and repair of your products. GmbH+Co.KG We reserve the right to make changes to product design and
Approval of cost estimates
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ond behind BMW in the Industrial Excellence Award, D-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg Overview of your service qualifications ings. We cannot be held liable for printing errors.
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