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Most people would rather call than write because it takes less time. They place a great
deal of emphasis on accomplishing things as quickly and efficiently as possible. So it is not
startling that we would place a ten minute phone call to let a loved one know what is going
on in our lives rather than spend an hour explaining details in a three page letter. In addition,
telephoning is more convenient because there is less work involved. When using the phone,
we merely dial and begin to talk. When writing a letter, however, we must find stationery,
write the letter, address it, get a stamp on it, mail it, and then wait, who knows how long for

Emphasis: Special or extra importance given to an activity
To accomplish: To succeed in doing something
Startling: Surprising and frightening
Convenient: Easy, useful or suitable
To involve: To require, to mean
Merely: Only
Stationery: Paper, envelopes, and other materials for writing
II. EXERCISES: Complete the sentences with a suitable form of the words defined
1. In the business of acting the .... is always on practical work.
2. The passage included a bit about small men being unable .... great things.
3. Jean had never paid much attention to her appearance because she didn't have time for
it, but now she didn't have Steven to look after, she used the hairdo as a starting point
for a general overhaul of her wardrobe, and the effect was quite .....
4. Using a mouse is very .... but some might prefer the keyboard.
5. This would .... staying behind after office hours to empty some bins and hoover
around a hit.
1. Most people think that getting in touch with a person by writing .....................
A. is quicker and more efficient.
B. does not take much time.
C. is not as efficient as by phoning.
D. requires less work.
E. always takes an hour to explain details.
2. Writing a letter is considered to be .............
A. tiring
B. convenient
C. efficient
D. emphasizing
E. quicker
3. If you are an impatient person
A. writing a letter is not meant for you,
B. you should write a letter instead of phoning.
C. you can wait for reply for a long time.
D. explaining things in detail is for you.
E. ton-minute phone calls are not enough for you.