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Bulletproof Professional Services

Sitecore - Customer Experience Platform

Optimise Sitecore at every layer of the technology
stack for a robust, resilient and flexible environment.
Bulletproof provides end-to-end professional services and
hands-on technical expertise to help optimise Sitecore for the 2. STRATEGISE & PLAN 3. PROTOTYPE & VALIDATE

ultimate customer experience.

Our services range from reviewing and auditing your exisiting 1. REVIEW & ASSESS 4. UPSKILLING (optional)

Sitecore setup to ensure optimisation and best practice, to
creating automated testing and deployment routines, lift-and-
shift and migration into the Cloud, or simply receiving ongoing 12. OPTIMISE CONSULT
Consult & design for
best-practice, agility,
infrastructure, integration and Sitecore application support. robustness & growth.

Our Approach



Through our comprehensive Service Catalogue, extensive SUPPORT Proactive support, so you
can focus on delivering
Hands-on expertise to
ensure your project is

Sitecore experience and project governance, we have
customer excellence. delivered successfully.

e li
developed an effective framework to design, deploy and
support to end-to-end Sitecore strategy.

The diagram to the right provides a high-level overview of the & MANAGEMENT
steps we take and the professional services to support you at
each step of your Sitecore journey.

Infrastructure Assessment includes: Sitecore upgrade Assessment includes: implementation assessment assessment duration: ask us Database server Investigation of existing site duration: 0. Web Server configuration for upgrade compatibility and resilience. extensions and code practice standards and identify and database deployments will be tested areas for improvement. re-usability. steps to improve your strategy strategy Page Editor Support This Source control practice standards. Layout and templates package will provide you with next usage. Setup and usage Assessment includes: Development process Assessment includes: assessment assessment duration: 2 days Back-end code quality duration: . processes and robustness.Bulletproof .access to servers points. structure and more. Front-end code quality processes and methods. Security .Sitecore Professional Services Assessment & Consulting Service Packages The following page details the assessment and consulting services that we offer. T: 1300 663 903 E: sales@bulletproof. Bulletproof will conduct a comprehensive review of your current Sitecore environment to check against best practice standards.5 days Automated Testing Your dedicated Sitecore expert will Data Architecture This half day program will review Continuous Integration & review core areas of your Sitecore Datasources your current development Delivery deployment environment to check for best. towards implementing Agile Use of Indexes Delivery best practices. W: www.5 days configuration and code A comprehensive review of your A review of your exisiting hosting Database backup / current Sitecore environment maintenance plan environment and infrastructure including any custom integration will be conducted to check best.

Development and configuration technical team to design and Documented use cases and We will work with your internal of templates and contents architect the best solution for your system interactions team to ensure seamless project Creation of rollback and business requirements. Sitecore Engagement includes: Creation & management Deployment includes: architecture design of a Sitecore deployment duration: 5 days 3 day workshop duration: ask us Installation of Team Technical scoping Development for Sitecore Your dedicated Sitecore project Our hands-on technical team will team: Senior Consultant. database snapshot HA configuration Set up of development Sitecore migration Migration includes: processes for servers assistance duration: ask us (Dependent on current environment. Technical Solution architecture install. Our expert team of Sitecore and Cloud consultants will work with your marketing. digital.Bulletproof . project and partners to design the right environment for your strategy. planning. Implement and Migration Service Packages The following page details the . roll out. T: 1300 663 903 E: sales@bulletproof. Sitecore module and your Sitecore environment to meet Create build scripts for codebase will work with your digital and high-level solution design your prescribe architecture W: www. implement and configure Install & setup of Build servers Architect and Functional Analyst. We will provide We can help you migrate Sitecore you with inclusions after an from your current hosting provider environment review) to Bulletproof. implementation and migration services that we offer.Sitecore Professional Services Architect.bulletproof. Plan.

provide best-practice Sitecore patch management support.saving your team time. over and above our Enterprise and Enterprise Premier Managed Cloud Services. or Automation testing Phone: 1300 663 903 Email: sales@bulletproof. Review and Continuous Improvement Service Packages The following page details the PREMIER CONSULTING PARTNER T: 1300 663 903 E: sales@bulletproof. when Target resolution within 4 Sitecore expert help is Professional Services Support.perfect for big projects. Contact us Certified Hosting Partner additional testing. hands-on Hands-on pair programming: today to discuss your requirements.Bulletproof .bulletproof. Certified Solution Partner Sitecore development and training Continuous integration. Lean on us for that extra technical support and . W: www. Application Support Support includes: Developer Support Support options include: duration: ask us duration: ask us 24/7 Application We can work in parallel with Sitecore core configuration and Contact our 24/7 proactive Management set up advice support team for your Sitecore your Developer team to manage application management and Managed escalations to patches.bulletproof. business days Agency & Development Support options include: Team Support Contact Us duration: ask us Continuous integration & Automation testing We are dedicated to helping Sitecore clients get Digital Agencies and Development the most out of their investment and deliver the teams can use Bulletproof for Training & Upskill course best customer experience Web: www. AWS . review and continuous improvement services that we offer. Your one-stop shop for Sitecore application owner configuration and set up advice SLA achknowlegement all Sitecore technical assistance.