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Tongue twisters are fun to say and sometimes the tongue gets so
twisted that the mind skips and then you laugh and then you try
again and again.
The point of tongue twisters is to practice the mind and the tongue
Tongue Twisters to make them coordinated, and to make it stretch just like a muscle,
but a mental kind of muscle.
BULB. Rural ruler, rural ruler, rural ruler, rural ruler, rural ruler,
rural ruler.

Picture Description

Can't you, don't you, won't you, William?, Can't you, don't you,
Tongue Twisters won't you, William?, Can't you, don't you, won't you, William?

She sells the sea shells on the sea shore, She sells the sea shells on
the sea shore, She sells the sea shells on the sea shore, She sells the
sea shells on the sea shore.

Story narration

The king would sing, about a ring that would go ding, The king
would sing, about a ring that would go ding, The king would sing,
Tongue Twisters about a ring that would go ding.

I thought a thought but the thought I thought wasn't the thought I

thought I thought. I thought a thought but the thought I thought
wasn't the thought I thought I thought.

Conversation between a teacher and a student, conversation
between a doctor and a patient, conversation between an
Day-3 interviewer and interviewee.

Converstaional English
using role play

Tongue Twisters I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!

A big black bug bit a big black dog on his big black nose!

A recruiter has several tools to evaluate candidates. Group

Discussion provides a platform to the recruiter to identify multiple
necessary skills for a large number of candidates in a short span of
time. Do's
1. Be as natural as possible.
2. Sit with a straight and confident posture.
3. Dress formally.
4. Be assertive yet humble. You need to stick to your values and
beliefs, but learn to respect the values and opinions of others too.
5. Grab the opportunity to speak first, i.e. to start the group
discussion with your opinion. It generally leaves a good impression
on the evaluator, but take the move only if you have complete
knowledge of the subject.
6. Make an eye contact with all the participants. It creates more
Day-4 room for conversation. Also keep nodding, when others speak, it
UNIT-4 shows receptivity.
7. Be an active and dynamic participant. The examiner wants to
hear you speak. So do put forth your views.
Group Discussion 8. Think well before you speak. You are being heard and judged
using current issues upon.
9. When raising an objection to a point kept by another speaker,
back it up with a solid reason to get the point across.
10. Use quotes, facts and figures, statements, everyday life
examples to express a clear chain of thoughts. Also it might leave a
good impression on the examiner and help you score well.
1. Dont deviate from the topic
2. Dont speak longer than necessary.
3. Dont interrupt unnecessarily
4. Dont disagree impolitely.
5. Avoid raising new points.
6. Dont be nervous.
7. Gestures like finger pointing and table thumping can appear
aggressive, so limit your body gestures
8. Dont display low self confidence with shaky voice and trembling
9. Dont try to dominate
10. Dont put others in an embarrassing situation by asking them to
Tongue Twisters Bitty bought some butter that was bitter, so she bought a better
butter and mixed it with the bitter butter to make it a better butter.
How many cookies could a good cook cook if a good cook could
cook cookies?


Shadowing leading to

Explain what are tongue twisters and use two tongue

twisters to repeat with difference in pace, tonality, loudness, 10 Mins

The students will look and observe the

object/animal/person in the picture and then start
describing in his/her own words what it is (lion), how it is
(majestic, strong, bold), where it is (forest, zoo), its title (king
of the jungle), its appearance (brown colour, ferocious,
strong teeth, muscular body, mane, legs, paws, claws, tail
etc., then its significance.

50 mins
Use two tongue twisters to repeat with difference in pace,
tonality, loudness, pitch.

10 Mins

The students will look and observe the picture and then
start describing the story, in his/her own words for eg., The
story of thirsty crow, the characters in the story, narration of
the story and the moral of the story.

50 mins
Use two tongue twisters to repeat with difference in pace,
tonality, loudness, pitch.

10 Mins
The students will pair up and take roles, for eg., doctor and
patient, teacher and student, interviewer and interviewee
and thus develop creative conversation between them and
start to interact (questions and answers) using the materials
given or they can do on their own.

50 mins
Use two tongue twisters to repeat with difference in pace,
tonality, loudness, pitch.
10 Mins

To make the students know the nature and significance of a

Group discussion and its importance in placement
interviews. To teach students how to perform in and get
through a GD.
To train the students on Communication skills,
Team work, Group Dynamics, Leadership skills, Time
management, Body Language & Confidence and also the
do's and dont's in a GD.
The Trainer will evaluate the students on the following and
give feedback accordingly for the students;

*Body language
*Leadership skills
*Team spirit
*Eye Contact

50 mins
Use two tongue twisters to repeat with difference in pace,
tonality, loudness, pitch.

10 Mins

It is repeating Immediately. The instant you start to hear the

sounds, you can try to say those sounds. Since you are not
thinking about what the words are, it is easy. Hear a sound
and repeat it. Imagine a person humming a tune. Imagine
you are humming with them. That is how you can shadow,
only by speaking. Students start imitating the speaker, the
tone, pronunciation, the style and start doing this with the
content twice or thrice and then try speaking it without the
content but with the speaker, later progressing on to speak
without the content- a kind of making oratory on the topic.

Teach them to give a self-introduction using non-verbal

communication, teaching them to do with confidence, good
body posture, and clarity of thought. Starting from name,
educational qualification from recent to past and their areas
of interest and going on to positives and negatives and
ending with a thanking note.

50 mins

Improves pronunciation, muscle

coordination, good exercise for the
tongue. Done as a warmup exercise,
gets the student to participate.
Creates fun.

Students start using vocabulary

related to the picture and speak in
bits and pieces, word by word or
small phrases and sentences to
describe the object/animal/person.

Improves pronunciation, muscle

coordination, good exercise for the
tongue. Done as a warmup exercise,
gets the student to participate.
Creates fun.

Students recollect the old stories of

their schools, learnt in English or
Tamil medium, now is expected to
start using phrases and sentences in
English to narrate the story in the
picture step by step.

Improves pronunciation, muscle

coordination, good exercise for the
tongue. Done as a warmup exercise,
gets the student to participate.
Creates fun.
Students start to interact in English,
develop communication by practicing
these simple conversational stuff and
also learn to do role play and do it in
front of others getting rid of stage
fright and also interestingly
participate in the activity enabling
them to speak lengthy sentences and
also think and respond based on the
questions asked.

Improves pronunciation, muscle

coordination, good exercise for the
tongue. Done as a warmup exercise,
gets the student to participate.
Creates fun.

Students start to interact in English,

develop communication by practicing
these GD samples or talk on their own
thus learn to convey their views (for it
or against it) and also interestingly
participate in the GD activity enabling
them to debate on a given topic
expressing their analytical thinking,
constructive argument,
communication skill,
presentation of views and clarity of
thoughts, capability to hold the
discussion with everyone and
articulate boldy and confidently in a
Improves pronunciation, muscle
coordination, good exercise for the
tongue. Done as a warmup exercise,
gets the student to participate.
Creates fun.

Students improve on the tone,

pronunciation, the style. Speak with
content, then without content making
oratory on the topic thus improving
pronunciation , communication skill,
memorizing and reproducing the
content; advancing to the level of
making an oratory in English.
Student: May I come in, sir?
Teacher: Yes, stand here. Why do you always come late?
S: Sir It is the bus which makes me late.
T: What time do you leave home?
S: I always leave home at quarter to eight.
T: How far is your home from here?
S: It is about three kilometers from here.
T: That is why, you get late. You leave your home very late.
S: Sir, I take my break fast at 7:30 a.m.
T: What time do you get up?
S: I get up at about 7:00 a.m.
T: Don't you offer your prayer?
S: Not regularly.
T: My dear. It is a bad habit. Change your routine. Always get up early in
the morning. Offer your prayers and go for a morning walk.
S: Sir, there is no park near our home.
T: No problem. You can walk along the street in the morning time. Take
breakfast at right time and then leave for school.
S: You are right, sir. From tomorrow, I shall never be late.
T: Good. One thing more keep in mind. Regularity and punctuality
conquer the mountains.
A: Thank you very much for your good advice. Can I sit now, sir?
T: Oh Yes, of course.

Mobile phones requirement of the day.


1. The invention of mobile phones has made life easier. Now we can
connect with people in few seconds who are living in other parts of world.

2. Mobile phones have proved to be a boon for the success of every

business as information passes very quickly through this medium.

3. We can get in touch with our relatives, friends and closed ones
whenever we want without waiting for many days which were used to be
the situation in the ancient times.

4. Everyone is available to each other 24*7.

5. All types of information related to any area are available in few
6. Parents feel less stressed as they are connected to their all the time.


1. Mobile phones are instrument of health hazard as the electro magnate

waves which are transmitted through it cause harm to the body.

2. Due to the unlimited connectivity mobile phones has made life

miserable for the people who are over using it.

3. We dont have time for ourselves as all the time we are busy over due
to one reason or the other reason.

4. Today many accidents are caused due to use of mobile phones while

5. It is deterring the office atmosphere as most of the people are

spending their time over phone instead of working.
6. Mobile phones have ruined the social life of people as they
communicate with their friends and relatives over phone instead of
meeting them personally.
7. The radiation generated by the towers of mobile phones has disturbed
the balance of the environment. More and more birds everyday die every
day due to the effect of this radiation.

8. Children having an access to mobile spend more time in talking with

friends rather than on studies and with their family.

critics, waiting to blame my team and me,but my ChairmanProfessor
Satish Dhawan took the mic from me and answered all the questions
confidently. His composure and his clarity of thoughtreally impressed me.
He said these are very complex machines. We have to find out what went
wrong,correct it, and thenmake sure that it's not repeated. He also
added,I'm confident that in exactly a years time, we can successfully
place a satellite in orbit. His last sentence made my heart soar. I had
hardly slept for the past week and I went straight to my room and fell
onmy bed. Exactly one year later, on 18July 1980, the whole nation was
watching us again. It was time for the launch that was going to change
the future of the Indianspace program. In the early hours of the day,
SLV-3 lifted off. The satellite was successfully put into orbit. Then I got
the opportunity to speakthe most important words I have ever uttered in
my life. Mission Directorcalling all stations, all stages performed
successfully and the Rohini Satellite is now in orbit. There was a loud
cheer everywhere. When I came out of the building, my colleagues lifted
me on their shoulders and paraded me around thelaunching pad. It was
my proudest and happiest moment. I was so proud of my team, the
whole nation was excited. India had made its entry into the small elite
group of nations that possessedsatellite launch capability.

Every newspaper carried headlines of the event. A press conference was

held onceagain and I requested professorSatish Dhawanto address it, but
this time, he turned the mic towards me and let me face the questions.
He knew how hard I had worked for the project, and thought I should be
given the privilege of facing the press. That day Ilearned how a leader
guides his team, taking the blame when faced with failure,and sharing the
praise in the event of success. I hoped that someday I could also support
my team in the same way.

Teacher :What happened in 1869?
Student:Gandhi ji was born.
Teacher :What happened in 1873?
Student:Gandhiji was four years old.


Question:What is the fullform of maths.

Anwser: Mentaly affected teachers harrasing students


Teacher :Because of Gandhiji's hard work what do we get on 15th

Student:A holiday


Teacher :Tomorrow there will be a lecture on Sun.Everyone must attend

Raju:No ma'm! I will not be able to attend it.
Teacher :Why?
Raju:My mother will not allow me to go so far!!!


Teacher: How old is ur father.

Sunny:As old as I am.
Teacher:How is it possible?
Sunny:He became father only after I was born


Teacher:"What is your name?".

Student:"Mera naam Suraj Prakash hai."
Teacher:"When I ask aquestion in english,answer it in english."
Student:"My name is Sunlight."
Patient" Hello doctor! Can you spare me a few minutes?
Doctor: Certainly! Come in and sit down. Now, what is the matter with you?
P: That is just what I want you to tell me.
D: Well, tell me how you are suffering?
P: I seem to be generally out of sorts. I have no appetite for my food, and yet
I am always suffering from indifestion.
D: Are you troubled with headaches?
P: Yes, I am. And what is worse I cannot sleep at night.
D: I see, What is your work?
P: I am a clerk in an office, and have to work long hours.
D: What sort of exercise do you take in the evening?
P: I am afraid I don't take any. I feel so tired when I get home that I simply
want to sit down, or go to bed.
D: I see. Well, you are evidently run down, and need a rest and change. All
your troubles are signs of nervous exhaustion. I will give you a nerve tonic but
the main thing is rest. If you do as I say, you will soon be all right.
P: Thank you, doctor. I will follow your advice, Good sight!
D: Good night! And let me know how you get on.

Should we change the present system of education in our country?


- There is need for more innovation in the education system.

- More advanced technologies should be used in this sector in order to

compete with other countries.

- More and more amendments should be done to make students more

physically fit and mentally strong.
- Schools and institutes should focus more on the development of an
- Schools and institutes with education should teach values and manners.


- The system is automatically changing and including new and moder options
to help students to improve their skills.

- The curriculum has already included the improvements like balanced

textbooks and they try to make it more interactive.

- Current education trends are using more technological programs to help

students grow and to increase their memory.

- Lots of programs is been conducted to help students to grow mentally and


According to me the curriculum needs a revision on the prospects they are

providing in their education system to strengthen it more.

First of all, thank you very much
for giving me this golden opportunity. I am Mona Choudhary.
I completed my engineering in computer science from Anna University,
Tamilnadu, and schooling from Delhi Public School, Delhi. During my
Graduation period, I had done three Mainframe projects and successfully
completed a training course on the Mainframe. I am excellent in planning,
analyzing, designing, and developing.
I am interested to work as a Mainframe web developer and my goal is to get
good opportunities on the same profile in your company. I have done many
successful Mainframe projects during college. Even though, I have just started
my career and don't have any working experience, but once I get the
opportunity, I will prove myself.

My hobbies are Internet browsing & searching for helpful applications,

watching news & discovery channel, playing Indoor games, listening old songs,
art & design. My strengths are self-confidence & dedication, positive attitude,
and hard work. My weakness is my soft nature that sometime harms me.
Thanks for giving me this golden opportunity.
your academics and have got through with flying colours!
Raj Kiran : Thank you very much Sir.
CEO : Well! Bright students like you generally proceed to foreign universities for
higher studies. How come you didn't opt for it?
Raj Kiran : First of all, my parents couldn't afford it. Secondly, I didnt want to as I
believe Indian institutions offer quality education and it depends on the students to
make the best use of it.
CEO : Well! You have done B.E. in
ComputerEngineering and have proceeded to do MBA and specialised in marketing
instead of doing Masters in the same under graduation subject. Is there any
particular reason for it?
Raj Kiran : Well! I felt a technical degree along with Master in marketing would
help me move upwards in my career.
CEO : That is good thinking! Certainly that's why you are here for this interview.
We are looking for fresher with such an educational combination to take on as
Raj Kiran : Thank you very much Sir. Well! May I know how long the training will
CEO : Training will be for six months. Initially it will be held in Mumbai. Later,
trainees will be shifted to the regional offices for on-the-job training for another six
months. Afterwards they will be placed in anyone of the regional offices.
Raj Kiran : Is there any exam to be passed at the end of the training sir?
CEO : No. No exam as such. But you will be assessed for your performance
through the entire training period.
Raj Kiran : Sir, when will I get to know the result of this interview?
CEO : Say, within two weeks. You see, we have scheduled a number of interviews
for this week. You have a bright chance Mr. Raj Kiran. Best of luck!
Raj Kiran : Thank you very much Sir. You're very kind.
CEO : You're welcome!

Is the boss always right?

For - The title boss comes with an experience:

-The title boss does show off some authority but only comes with an experience
and practical understanding of business. So, most of the decisions a boss would
make, he would make on the basis of practical understanding of the situation.

-Organisations usually have a reporting system which means that a boss would
make the decisions based on facts and figures. These will be well thought of
actions and would be right in most cases.

-The bosses these days come equipped either with a management degree and/or
have attended a lot of training programmes and work shops on team management
and soft skills. This makes them understand that they can not work without team
and have to give it due importance and credit. This again ensures that the boss
makes a well thought of decision based on the skills and opinion of the team. This
further increases his probability of being right.
Against - The boss is a human being too:

-The employees working in the frontline know the practical aspects of business
which the boss might not know but they always make a decision for the lower level
employees which many times are taken with insufficient information.

-It is a human tendency to focus on certain aspects while ignoring others and the
boss is no exception.

-We can not expect the boss to know everything, many a times an employee may
have an easy solution to problem than a boss. Many bosses are not able to accept
this fact and get into a competition with their own sub-ordinates. Many a times, it
turns out to be an ego issue for the boss.

-If the boss comes from different domain, he may not be technically as competitive
as some of the senior employees though he may be good at managing the team
and running the whole show. In such a case the boss may not always be right and
must ponder over the thoughts of his team.

-The boss may at times get into the favouritism mode which might dilute the
objectivity of his decisions.

The boss is a human being too and can have his own share of right or wrong
decisions. We as employees should not be judging him just because he is a boss.
At the same time, to run the organization effectively the boss must try to take his
team into confidence and try to grow himself into the role of a leader while getting
out of the shadow of the word boss which is a bit too strong.
Tucket was the saddest bucket in the world. He had once been the garden favorite,
the gardener used to swing him by his strong handle, as he went to fetch water.
What a good bucket, he said but as time passed, Tucket, the bucket grew a hole,
suddenly he was useless. What good is a bucket with a hole? Tucket was tossed
into the corner of the garden. He was left out in the rain and the Sun and began to
rust. Sometimes he even got kicked around. I should throw that bucket away, the
gardener muttered. Tucket didn't want tobe thrown away, he felt very sad, though
his good friends in the garden tried to cheer him up. The squirrels set him back up
when he was kicked down and the birds cheerfully flapped about him. Don't worry
Tucket- they chirped soothingly. Tucket really tried to be happy, but it was very,
very hard. One day a little girl, ran through the garden and stopped in front of
Tucket, he sighed and waited for the usual kicks, when suddenly he heard
perfect. Soon he found himself blinking and spluttering under the garden hose.
The girl was cleaning him, he felt heavy chunks of rust fall off and his spirits
brightened. Oh!You already have a big hole at the bottom said the girl as she
peered inside, even better. Tucket could not believe what he had just heard. She
wanted a bucket with a hole. The girl took him to the veranda, filled him with rich
soil and planted a tiny rose inside. This is a baby rose she said to Tucket. You
must help me take care of her okay Tucket was so happy, the girl really wanted
him, she even asked him to take care of this small rose. Tucket nearly burst with
joy, he straightened himself up proudly, as the girl finished planting. She carefully
placed tuck it in the best spot of the veranda. It was a cozy corner protected from
the wind and the rain and Tucket winked and smiled at his friends in the garden,
Look, I'm taking care of this little roseWe're very happy for you Tucket
shattered the squirrels and the birds chirped happily Tucket took great care of the
rose and was visited by the girl and his friends every day. Hewas now the happiest
bucket in the world.