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Persuading other Adult Educators to Use

ICTs in the Classroom

Group Members:
Seopershad Naraindeth(niten)
Bihari Wiresh
Zichem Daria
Mahasingh Jerry
Shiromenie Ramautar
Stacy Shaw
Priya Hiralal
Mangroelal - Purperhart, Jerryl

In this assignment we brainstorm and plan on persuading a teacher to use technology in her
classroom. The scenario which we describe this teacher is one of a worst case, but seems
familiar here in Suriname.

By starting from this worst case we might learn a lot and be better prepared for real life
situations in Suriname..

Table of contents
Introduction. 2

Table of contents 3

Scenario_________________________________ 4
School 4
Character 5

Plan____________________________________ 6
Arguments 7
ICTs applications 7
Kahoot 7

Summary 8


This is a secondary school where you would not like to send your kids.
Most of the parents do not prefer this either, but have little or no other
The results are bad, has the highest dropout rate.

There are no computers or modern technology. The teaching materials are outdated. The
school is poorly maintained because of government's bad policy and lack of finances.

This school is located in a disadvantaged neighborhood outside the city. It has 8 classes, 30
students per class, and 14 teachers.

Some of the teachers here are mutated from other schools by the ministry of education.
Most of them are very demotivated.
Some teachers are comfortable teaching at school and dont want to change, because they
were taught the same way too in their time at school.
They see technology as complicated, also believe it has bad influence on the youth.
They just do basic routines everyday.

The students come from poor families, with social and economic problems. They live in a
crowded neighborhood ( ghettos) with not enough employment, lots of crime, drugs use,
poor infrastructure. They lack discipline, have no interest in learning and show no respect for

A schets that represents the classroom of the teacher..


This teacher, called Maria, aged 35 years, teaches Dutch at a secondary

school. She has 12 years of experience and a MO - B ( Bachelor )
degree in language.

She is having a very hard time at home also. Her husband doesnt have a full time job. He
works as a carpenter here and there. To meet the financial needs of the family, this teacher
also works as a waitress in a casino after school.

They lack good transportation and she cycles to school, casino and back every day.

According to the diffusion of innovation theory she is considered an early majority.
Because of financial issues and the crisis in Suriname, she couldnt afford technology like
smartphones and computers. Her children sometimes watch television at the neighbors.

Teaching philosophy: Teaching is her addiction , teaching the pupils for her, is like a
satisfaction of a mom who teaches something new to her kid. Children are her medicine!
she believes that there is a much brighter future awaiting for the new generation and
teachers are the touring guide to let them go through all the subjects and be the brighter

Teacher thoughts about technology: Technology is like a paper sheet you can use it ,
upgrade yourself and yet you dont need it . Its all in the state of your mind what you need
and what you want are all there online and still you dont depend on it , just use it for greater
good .

Interests: Teaching , learning new thing about technology

Good teaching practices: In her 12 years teaching experience she always has been one of
the favourites of the school director and he wondered always how she could function in such
a fantastic way even though she is 35 when other teachers are just 20.

A schets that represents the teacher at work and home.

Well apply strategies which weve learned in the previous module diffusion of
innovation. Our plan has phases, and well try be successful one each before
we move to the next. We will be a facilitator and make sure she has a great
experience at every stage.

Phase Our Actions

Awareness Find an entry (during breaks, or ride along with her after school) to
start a 101 conversation and get to know her better
Use a conversation, and lead it to an event where ICT was used
successfully, like the stream ( STEM ) festival in Paramaribo last year.
Ask questions ( during conversation) about her/or students
experience during the festival. We want her to talk about technology..
IF she mentions KAHOOT, which was very popular, than its BINGO!
If not, share our experience..I have never seen KIDS having FUN
doing math in a particular booth..

Interest well continue conversations ( share more stories about events where
kids learn and have fun) with her so that she develops interest in
using Technology. If she wants her students to have great
experiences too, by using technology, than BINGO again!

Appraisal continue conversations..Find out how she wishes to use the

technology (Kahoot).
What might be the pros and cons..
come up with suggestions to fix the cons.. and praise the pros..(as
motivation to her.)

Trial help her with one or more trials on a small scale( important: let her
take initiatives. guide or facilitate her ).
Show her how to make a quiz in kahoot, and let her do the rest..
Borrow netbooks/tablets or wireless internet modem from our Good
friend John.
have her share her and the students experience..
If trial was successful then move to next step. Otherwise help to try

Adoption Find out if she wants to continue using this technology or scale it..
Find out what else she might need ..
Advise her to invite key stakeholders from the ministry and parents
when doing Kahoot with kids.
Guide her to get school to invest in needed technology ( internet,
computers) Eventually help her find external donors..

Some arguments to persuade the teacher to use technology:
Kids/students love technology.(awareness phase)
Using Kahoot is fun and engaging.( after awarenes phase)
Technology can help us be very effective ( kids have fun, are
engaged) and efficient ( get instant results after quiz)..( @ trial
If kids/students can have FUN while Learning, their behaviour might change
Technology can have a huge impact on society and also create business
Besides all the Fun and learning, you get instant feedback of students learning. This
is very powerful as formative assessment. This feedback can be useful to adjust the
lessons and focus on weak areas (topics certain students didnt understand very
well). Teacher can focus on individuals ( personalized learning) and improve overall
Technology can also help her take frequent anonymous surveys about her teaching.
This can be useful to improve teaching.

ICTs applications

We just want to start with something simple but still very effective.
We have used kahoot several times already and master it by now. This enables us to
support others better.
Kahoot is free and very easy to use. No technical skills or special configurations
There are millions of quizzes already created and shared. This makes it much easier
to start.
The quizzes this teacher will create can also be shared with everyone. With her 12
years experience she can also make a greater impact beyond her school.

While persuading this teacher, we try not to force her to use technology. We want her to
come up with the ideas and take the initiative. We also chose to make small steps and get
noticeable short term results. This will make her gain confidence and feel proud of herself.

With her progress on with students, she might gain attention from the government and
parents. This might help her get more support or required investments to scale her solutions.
She might become a role model, train other colleagues and eventually earn more too.
All this will also improve her status and help her gain more respect..

With just a few small steps towards using technology, this teacher makes hughes impact on
society and improves her financial situation.

It was worth choosing a teacher in a worst case scenario. We had to think seriously and
believe that this might help prepare us for the terrible situations in Suriname too.

This is the original schets of our scenario...