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Kaeli Earle

Bassist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Bandleader | (360) 223-9699 |
Composer and performer (bass & vocals), with experience in tour organization,
musical & live act collaborations, event and self-promotion and social media


Kaeli Earle 7/2016 Kaeli Earle 5/2017
West Coast Tour: Distance (EP):
Bass, Vocals, Bandleader, Booker Vocals, Compositions, Production,
Kaeli Earle 5/2015
West Coast Tour: Kaeli Earle 3/2016
Bass, Vocals, Bandleader, Booker Live in Bellingham (Live album):
Bass, Vocals, Compositions, Management
George Cole 7/2013 - 9/2013
Midwest + E. Coast: Kaeli Earle 8/2015
Bass, Vocals Headfirst (Album):
Bass, Vocals, Compositions & Arranging,
George Cole 1/2013 Production
East Coast Tour:
Bass, Vocals George Cole 3/2015
George Cole LIVE ft. Dave Grisman
George Cole 8/2012 (Live album):
Midwest Tour: Bass, Vocals
Bass, Vocals


EDUCATION Berklee College of Music 9/2014 - present

Bachelor of Arts: Songwriting
Awards: University Scholarship: Full Tuition

University of San Francisco 9/2011 12/2012

Bachelor of Arts: Performing Arts & Social Justice
Awards: University Scholarship: 20k Tuition/year

SKILLS Instruments Bass: Upright, Electric

Voice: Lead, Backgrounds, Scatting
Cello: Classical, Jazz/improvisational
Software Notation: Finale
Recording: Ableton, Pro Tools
Social Media: FB, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat
Other Sightreading: Western notation, charts