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Office and Mailing Address

44 Butler Street
Opawa, Christchurch
New Zealand
Contact Numbers
Telephone +64 3 342 9433
Facsimile +64 3 342 9433
Mobile 021 1404345 Phil Robson
Mobile 021 0542587 Louise Smith

Itinerary Specially Prepared for

Soak it Up 100% Pure New Zealand Basketball Tour 2017


It is my pleasure, as Managing Director of Total Tours, to welcome the NIAS

basketball touring group to New Zealand. Total Tours will ensure that your time
here will be memorable, with well hosted competitive games of basketball and
opportunities to experience the very best New Zealand hospitality and attractions.
Welcome, Haere Mai, and enjoy your stay.


Weather: September is regarded as late-winter early-spring in New Zealand. It can

be very changeable with harsh winter and mild spring temperatures all in the same
day! Prepare for a mixture but generally should be 12-15 degrees celsius during
the day and down to 5-8 during the night.

Post Game Arrangements: We want to encourage post-match socialising and so

request this from all hosting teams. It is customary to exchange momentos of the
visit and to share in some food and drink with both teams.
Equipment: Please let Total Tours know if you require any equipment. We can
generally supply balls, cones, drink bottles while you are on tour.

Ice: Ice for sideline treatment of injuries is available from nearly all service stations
and supermarkets. It is recommended that teams bring an insulated container for
storing ice at games.

First Aid: The emergency number in New Zealand is 111. There are after-hours
medical services available in all main centres. ACC (Accident Compensation
Commission) covers most of the cost if it is an accident - there will be a surcharge.
Total Tours will assist with coordinating medical services if required. It is expected
that tour groups will have their own travel insurance to cover medical expenses.
Operators of tourist services have their own policies regarding health and safety
and issues arising should be managed directly with them.

Laundry: A laundry service is available at St Andrews College, this is to be paid

direct to the college on check out. Please confirm your laundry arrangements with
hostel staff on arrival. Please note this service is not available every day.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included daily throughout your itinerary.
Breakfasts will all be at your accommodation and are continental (typically cereal,
toast and spreads, tea/coffee). Lunches are packed and need to be collected after
breakfast. Dinners at your accommodation are two course (main course and
Please note meal times have been booked as shown on this itinerary. Should you
wish to amend these times please do so well in advance, directly with the
accommodation staff.

Security/valuables: This is your own responsibility. Valuables have been stolen

before. Please never assume that it will be okay to leave valuables unattended or
hotel rooms unlocked. Every attempt will be made to assist you with your own

Liaison: Total Tours staff will be available 24 hours. Please use the cell phone
numbers on this page. Our staff will not always be with you during your activities
but we will check in with you each day, either in the evening to discuss the days
events and go over the next day, or in the morning. Contact numbers: Phil Robson
021 1404345 and Louise Smith 021 054587.

Amendments to Itinerary: Should the group, or any members of the group, wish to
deviate from the main itinerary, this will be subject to service fees based on the
amount of work undertaken and any fare, taxes or any group/individual rate
differences applicable.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is not included in your tour cost, Total Tours
strongly encourage that all group members take out a travel insurance policy prior
to departing from your point of origin.
Luggage: Due to coach luggage capacity it is requested that each person is limited
to one suitcase and one carry-on bag. If your luggage is going to exceed this please
advise Total Rugby prior to your arrival.

Gear: We recommend everyone brings two towels with them. Swim wear and towel
will be required at Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve.

Emergency and Risk Management: Total Tours have an Emergency Management

Plan that you will have a copy of. Staff will take you through this and ask for a sign

1355 Arrive into Christchurch on flight EK412. Welcome to New Zealand.

On clearing customs and immigration formalities you will be met and
welcomed by Total Tours staff who will assist with your coach transfer to your

Check in to St Andrews College Boarding Hostel where accommodation is

confirmed for 7 nights. Accommodation is multi share dormitory style with
shared bathrooms.

Accommodation: St Andrews College Boarding Hostel

347 Papanui Road, Christchurch
Tel: 03 9402000

1600 Saint Andrews College has 2 gyms. The older gym has been booked from
4pm - 5.30pm for a training run.

1830 Dinner at the hostel


0730 This morning you will be joined by a celebrity basketball player for breakfast
at the hostel. Please pick up your packed lunch at breakfast

Marques Whippy
Marques is a Fijian professional basketball
player currently playing for the Canterbury
Rams and the National Basketball League. As
a 14 year old he played for the Fijian national
basketball team. He has played college
basketball for Brigham Young University in
Hawaii and has also played professionally in
Spain, Australia and Chile. While playing for
BYU he was awarded first team all-conference
and led his team to the Division II National Championship. He has played for
the Brisbane Spartans and the Northside Wizards. Last year Marques helped
the Canterbury Rams finish the regular season in first place

Darcy Rose
Darcy is American and has played Division 1 basketball for
Dartmouth College in the US. She is a current member of
the Canterbury Wildcats who have won the WBC national
competition for the past 2 seasons. She has played
against a number of international teams as a member of
the NZ Select Team. She is studying for a Phd at
Canterbury University in Linguistics.

Free time prior to todays match

1430 Depart by coach for Cashmere High School, venue for

todays match


Your first tour matches will be played today
against Cashmere High School. Cashmere HS has
a strong basketball programme and is one of the
top basketball schools in the city. The matches will
be followed by an aftermath function. Supporters
and families are invited to attend.

1530 Game 1 (Girls)

1645 Game 2 (Boys)

Return to the hostel by coach

1930 Dinner at the hostel


0730 Breakfast at the hostel

Packed lunches will be available to collect after breakfast.

0845 Depart by coach for the YMCA Bishopdale for this mornings training

0900 Two hour Total Tours Basketball Training Experience will be held this
morning. It will be conducted by an elite local coach
Mark Dickel
Mark is a New Zealand-Australian former
professional basketball player and the current
head coach of the Canterbury Rams.
Mark has played college basketball at the
University of Nevada. In 2000, he was named an
Associated Press All-American. He has played for
teams in NZ, Australia, Turkey, Belgium, Russia,
Greece, Poland and Germany. In 2006 he was awarded NZNBL All-Star Five,
been twice the NZNBL assist champion. He was first selected for the NZ
national basketball team in 1994 and has represented NZ in the 2000 Sydney
Olympics and the 2004 Athens Olympics. He played in the 2002 FIBA World
He has coached the Albanian national team in 2010-2011.

Marques Whippy
Marques will be coaching with Mark today to ensure
both teams are catered for. See his profile from the
breakfast guest profile.

1115 Return to the hostel by coach

1300 Coach departs hostel for Spencerville, just north of Christchurch for some
team building fun among the trees!!


Adrenalin Forest is a multi-level aerial obstacle
course!! It includes 6 pathways from 1.5 to 20
meters high, 100 challenges and is more than
2km long.
Group leader to present voucher

1630 Depart Adrenalin Forest to return to the hostel late


1830 Dinner at the hostel


0800 Breakfast at the hostel

Packed lunches will be available to collect after breakfast.

0930 Depart by coach and its time to get cold..


Established in 1992, the Antarctic Attraction is located in the heart of a
working Antarctic campus at Christchurch International Airport. It is from
here that many Antarctic missions are organized. With this in mind, the
Antarctic Attraction is designed to bring a powerful and memorable
experience of Antarctica to visitors in a fun, exciting and informative way.
Included in your admission is a ride on the Hagglund all terrain vehicle. Sit
back, hold on and experience travelling across rough terrain in this
unique and exciting machine This ride is the only one of its type in the
world!! Watch the Little Blue Penguins be hand fed and experience the 4D
Group leader to present voucher

1230 Return to the hostel morning for match preparation

MATCH 2 (2 teams) Mainland Eagles Academy Team (venue Saint

Andrews College)
Your second tour matches will be played today
against a Canterbury Selection team. This will be
an U17 team with a mixture of abilities. Mainland
Eagles is a South Island based academy that
supports top players throughout the South Island.
It also directs US scholarships and there are
currently two players from the academy playing at the University of
Washington (Sam Timmins) and Saint Marys (Quin Clinton). The team will be
made up mostly of junior academy members.
The matches will be followed by an aftermath function. Supporters and
families are invited to attend

1600 Game 1 (Girls)

1730 Game 2 (Boys)

1930 Dinner at the hostel


0800 Breakfast at the hostel

Packed lunches will be available to collect after breakfast.

Free time this morning prior to your coach transfer for todays games. Please
note: you will need to take a change of clothes (warm) with you as you will
be leaving from Middleton Grange school for your Ko Tane experience.
1115 Depart the hostel by coach for todays match venue


Your third tour matches will be played today against

Middleton Grange Gators. This school is widely
recognised as one of the strongest basketball
schools in Canterbury and the school has this code
as their leading sport. To ensure you have enough
time to get to Willowbank for the Ko Tane
experience, these games will likely be 8 minute
quarters.The matches will be followed by an aftermath function. Supporters
and families are invited to attend

1215 Game 1 (Girls)

1330 Game 2 (Boys)

1550 Depart from Middelton Grange by Ko Tanes Red Bus coach for this
evenings cultural experience and hangi dinner. As parts of this evenings
experience is outdoors please dress warmly.

Welcome to Ko Tane Living Maori Village at Willowbank
Wildlife Reserve , Christchurch, where Maori culture and
conservation meet to give a unique glimpse into the way of
life of the South Island Ngai Tahu Maori people before the
arrival of the Europeans. Experience the thrill of the wero,
the traditional challenge to visitors, as you are brought
into the sacred precinct of Tane, Maori God of the Forests.
Hear the haunting traditional call, the Karanga, performed
by a wahine (woman) as the powhiri (ritual of arrival)
begins, allowing you to enter our hidden enclave. Listen
to a tane (male) explain the customs of the Ngai Tahu
tribe as you visit the Living Village and witness an ancient
way of life where Maori struggled to survive in the harsh
conditions of the most southerly of the Polynesian Pacific
Islands.Learn about the coming of the Pakeha (fair-
skinned ones), the changes Maori were forced to make
from their traditional way of life and how the culture has
grown and adapted as a result. Join in the laughter as you
take part in a performance of the haka (men) or the poi dance (women), and
be entertained by the songs and games performed by the kapa haka (Maori
cultural performance) group. Take a guided New Zealand nature
tour and get close to kiwi, kea and other native species housed in sensitively
purpose-built environments. Enjoy a four course dinner with traditional hangi
mains where the food is cooked underground long and slow from stones that
are heated in a pit
Group leader to present voucher
Return to hostel at the conclusion of the evening


0730 Breakfast at the hostel

Packed lunches will be available to collect after breakfast.

0830 Depart by coach this morning for Hanmer Springs. Travelling north from
Christchurch through the wineries region of Waipara, travel time approx. 1.5

Stop just south of Hanmer Springs for a New Zealand jet boat experience.
The jet boat was invented here in New Zealand by William Hamilton in 1954
and has opened up many otherwise inaccessible areas of New Zealand -
unlike a conventional propeller the jet boat has an impeller above the water
line enabling it to travel through extremely shallow water (3 or 75mm).


Join Thrill Seekers as you jet the entire
length of Hanmers spectacular Waiau
Gorge. Following the contours of the steep
canyon walls where possible, elbows in as
we pass within centimetres of rugged
rocks and cliff faces. Take in the
magnificent scenery, then .hold on while
you experience the famous Hamilton jet
spin. Make no mistake this is the best!
Narrow gorges, braided shallows, white water rapids this trip has it all. Over
30km of exciting jetboating spectacular scenery a total, unique
Group leader to present voucher

A short drive from Thrillseekers and you will arrive in the small thermal
township of Hanmer Springs. Heres theres time for lunch, a stroll around the
township and a visit to the world famous thermal reserve


Set in a breathtaking natural landscape, surrounded by forests and
mountains, the award-winning Thermal Pools offers visitors a wide range of
experiences, from soothing indulgence to exciting family fun. The
Thermal Pools & Spa has nine open-air thermal pools, three sulphur pools
and four private thermal pools, as well as a sauna/steam room. A fresh-
water, heated pool and a popular family activity area, complete with water
slides and water toys and picnic area, ensure the Thermal Pools & Spa offer
something for everyone.
Group leader to present voucher which includes admission and water slides
1530 Coach departs Hanmer Springs to return to Christchurch

1830 Dinner at the hostel


0800 Breakfast at your accommodation. Please pick up your packed lunch at


0900 This morning depart by coach for Action Karts for some high octane fun on
the race track


Action Kart Raceway is New Zealands only
clay base go kart track. Its awesome fun and
something totally different. The track
features the drifting experience, tighter
more technical corners and long fast
sweeping straights.
Group leader to present voucher

Return to the hostel for a brief break

1200 Depart by coach for Rangiora, venue for your final tour matches

MATCH 4 (2 teams) Rangiora High School

Your final tour matches will be played today
against a Rangiora High School combined team.
Rangiora is a small town about 30 minutes
northwest of Christchurch. RHS is now one of the
largest schools in Canterbury. It is likely that
these teams will be a mix of North Canterbury
players and Rangiora High School players.The
matches will be followed by an aftermatch
function. Supporters and families are invited to
1330 Game 1 (Girls)
1445 Game 2 (Boys)

Return to the hostel late afternoon

1830 Dinner at the hostel


0800 Breakfast at your accommodation. Please pick up your packed lunch at


1000 Check out of your accommodation, you can store your luggage prior to your
airport transfer early afternoon

Free time, perhaps a chance for some last minute souvenir shopping.
Merivale Mall and Northlands Mall are both walking distance from the hostel.

You have free time this morning until 2pm. You may wish to walk to
Northlands Mall (about 15 minutes - north along Papanui Road) or head
south to Merivale Mall (about 15 minutes).

1400 Coach pick up from STAC for City Sights

Tour. Please arrive a bit earlier so you
can collect your luggage from storage
and transfer it to the coach. The tour
will take you around and into town or
head out to the coastal districts. At the
end of the tour the coach will take you
directly to the airport to arrive at 1600
for your flight home.

1845 Depart Christchurch on EK413

Your Tour Arrangements Terminate

We wish you a safe journey home