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Muhammad Fadlun


Education implementation in Indonesia nowadays still has problems. The

learning process is still focused on abstract things and even far away from real
life, so that students have difficulties in understanding the learning values. This
illustrates the poor quality of education in school. Contextualization process in
learning can be done by integrative learning. It can be implemented by rising topic
of a discourse which is discussed from various points of view and interrelated
disciplines. Beside of effective in learning time, integrative pattern also provides
direct experience, so students are easy to accept, store, and apply the learned
concepts. Integrative learning can also help students to learn as whole, not just to
understand and memorize. It is so easy to be applied in daily life. This research is
derived from the phenomenon of a natural school that applies integrative learning
in all subjects, so the author is interested to examine how the implementation of
integrative learning in that school.
The research was conducted by qualitative with ethnography approach in
Natural Elementary School Baturraden. The theory used is an integrated learning
model. Data collection techniques used were observation, in-depth interview, and
documentation. Data analysis used is Miles Huberman method through data
reduction technique, data presentation, and conclusion.
The result shows that the integration pattern that is done in learning uses
webbed model that is collaborated with the characteristics of a natural school. It is
seen in the characteristics of the planning include the identification of
Competence Standard and Basic Competence materials and then it is combined
with the curriculum of natural school which is poured in an action plan of
particular topic. The implementation consist of exploration, observation, and
survey. Meanwhile, the evaluation stage include test and non-test. Brief field and
description were used in test, while non test techniques include portfolio,
perfomance, project, and product. In addition, mid term and final test were also
held by Education Ministry of Banyumas.

Key words: Integration Pattern, Islamic Education, Science, Natural School