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v2.0.3 (September 16th, 2006)

This document contains information specific to KiGB. For general

information about emulators and the program interface, please see
the "About the Shell" document.

What is it?

KiGB is a Gameboy emulator, featuring excellent compatibility and

high quality sound. It supports full emulation of the Gameboy
hardware, as well as support for the Super Gameboy adapter, the
Colour Gameboy, and the Gameboy Printer.

Version History

v2.0.3 - September 16th, 2006

- Updated to shell version 2.1. See "About the Shell" for changes.

v2.0.2 - April 15th, 2006

- Ported to Xcode and recompiled as Universal Binary.

- Updated to be in sync with v2.0.2 on the PC.

- Added "Quick Quit" key.

- Support for Zipped ROMs fixed.

v2.0.1 - October 6th, 2005

- In sync with v2.0.1 for PC.

- Updated to shell version 1.6. See "About the Shell" for changes.
v1.6.9a - September 30th, 2004

- In sync with v1.6.9 for PCs, adding support for the Barcode Boy.

- Cheat database support should now work properly again.

v1.6.9 - September 11th, 2004

- Fixed emulator crash with a number of Colour Gameboy titles.

v1.6.8 - August 25th, 2004

- In sync with v1.6.8 for PC.

v1.6.6 - August 15th, 2004

- In sync with v1.6.6 for PC. Significant changes are support for MBC7
(Kirby Tilt & Tumble) and CGB Palettes for classic Gameboy games. To
get the old behaviour back for classic Gameboy, turn off CGB
emulation in Preferences.

v1.6.3 - June 19th, 2004

- In sync with v1.6.3 for PC. This entailed some major rewriting of the
Mac code. Hopefully future updates will happen more quickly now.
Note that v1.6.0 was finished the evening v1.6.3 was released, so I
decided not to release it.

- Ported to Mach-O environment.

- Updated to shell version 1.5. See "About the Shell" for changes.

v1.5.6 - February 5th, 2004

- In sync with v1.5.6 for PC.

- Updated to shell v1.4.2.

v1.5.5a - January 20th, 2004

- Updated to be in sync with v1.5.5 for PC.

* Most probably the world first and only emulator that can
emulate the following games perfectly:
~ Prehistorik Man (U)
~ Little Indian in Big City
~ LEGO Racers
See the Bugs Fixed section for details.
* Games started with L's and M's are tested. Now, all games started
with #'s, A's to M's in GoodGBX ROM set have been tested. 50% is
- Bugs Fixed:
* In Prehistorik Man (U), the following message is now correctly
at the title screen:
* In LEGO Racers, the colors of the cloud and the sky were incorrect
in the Imperial Grand Prix race course. Fixed.
* In FIFA Internation Soccer, the effect on the sign "probe" during the
intro should now be correct.
* When playing tricks in MTV Sports - Pure Ride, the line showing the
names tricks flashed. Fixed.
* The picture behind the title near "P" and "L" flashed at the title
screen. Fixed.
* When moving in Mario Brothers Demo, the screen did not scroll
properly. Fixed. However, the screen should be near white and only
some traces can be seen when moving as in a real Gameboy Color.
* Screen flashes when screen changed in Lunar Lander. Also, the
space shuttle was masked by the lanucher before taking off. Fixed.
* In Prince Naseem Boxing, when resume from pause, there was
garbage flashing quickly. Also, the colors of the belt and the flag
changed instead of dimmed after selecting a boxer. Fixed.
* In Monster Rancher Explorer, there was garbage appears at the very
beginning. Also, the backgroud near "P" and "L" flashed at the title
screen. Fixed.
* In UEFA 2000, the pictures are corrupted. Fixed.
* In MainBlow (Bung V4) (PD) [C], the graphics display is incorrect.
* In Duke Nukem, the graphics was not correct at the very beginning.
* In Pocket Monster Red (V1.0) (J) [S] (Chinese), KiGB hung after
pressing Start at the title screen. Fixed.
* In Pocket Love 2, invalid opcode error was encountered. Fixed.
* In Purikura Pocket 3, incorrect graphics displayed when selecting
* In the intro of Meta Mode, the lower half of the little guy when
rotating flashed slightly. Fixed.
* In Madden '97, garbage flashed quickly after the whistle. Fixed.
* In Lion King - Simba's Mighty Adventure, garbage showed up at the
very beginning. Fixed.
* In Super Robot Pinball, the graphics of the slot machine was
corrupted. Fixed.
* In Pocket Voice V2.0 Demo (all versions), the screen no longer
shakes. Also, the counters for PICTURE and SEC are now correct.
* In Pocket Sonar, it hung after selecting an option. Fixed.
* In Perfect Choro Q, the game was slow when the car was entering a
town. Fixed.
* In Urusei Yatsura, there was a flashing line at the right just above
the wall when the 2 main characters were moving to the left during
intro. Fixed.
* Better sound for the following games:
~ Little Indian in Big City - music during play.
~ Lamborghini American Challenge - music at the title screen.
~ Medarot 3 (Kabuto and Kuwagata versions) - noise removed in the
after pressing Start at the title screen.
* In Lawnmower Man, the player fired automatically when the game
just started. Also, the joypad was not responsive before game play.
* In Pocket Sonar, the game hung after selecting an option. Fixed.
* Improved the "GBC with SGB borders" preference:
~ Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Duel Stories II - Duel Monsters - border can be
~ Harvest Moon GBC 2 - start in GBC mode instead of SGB mode.
~ Last Bible 2 (Chinese) [C][p1] - screen will no longer be blank.
~ Legend of the River King 2 - start in GBC mode instead of SGB
* When a save state is loaded, the colors are now properly shown no
matter the option "Real Colors" is checked or not.
* When changing ROMs, the screen sometimes corrupted. Fixed.

v1.5.5 - December 25th, 2003

- Updated to shell version 1.4.1. See "About the Shell" for changes.

v1.5.4 - December 2nd, 2003

- In sync with the latest version for PCs.

v1.5.2 - October 1st, 2003

- In sync with the latest version for PCs.

v1.5.0 - September 3rd, 2003

- Ported to the new emulator shell. Too many changes to list.

- In sync with the latest PC version.

v1.4.3 - June 18th, 2003

- In sync with the latest PC version. It is now possible to emulate the

Colour Gameboy with Super Gameboy borders.

- Added support for turning off Colour Gameboy emulation.

- Added the ability to turn off the SGB border independently from
turning off SGB emulation.

- Added experimental code to reduce CPU usage. KiGB now uses

about 10% of one CPU on my dual 1.42GHz. I would be very grateful for
feedback on this before I move it into my other emulator ports.

v1.4 - May 25th 2003

- In sync with the latest PC version; adds Gameboy Camera and

Gameboy Printer support.

v1.31 - May 13th 2003

- In sync with the latest PC version.

v1.30 - May 9th 2003

- In sync with latest PC version; adds support for Super Gameboy and
many bug fixes. Note that Super Gameboy is off by default; you can
turn it on in the Preferences.

v1.25 - March 30th 2003

- Added new about box.

- Added support for Game Genie and Game Shark codes.

- Fixed an issue with the Defrost file dialog which prevented KiGB
freeze states from being selected.

1.23 - February 25th 2003

- Fixed a problem causing portions of video output to be missing in

certain colour gameboy titles.

- Fixed issue where B&W games would lose video output after using
Emulator Preferences command.

v1.22 - February 19th 2003

- Blitter Library joystick support did not work correctly under Mac OS
9. Fixed.

- Fixed a minor issue with Quick Freeze and Defrost when a USB
gamepad was connected.

v1.21 - February 9th 2003

- Saved states were broken in v1.20. Fixed.

- Added the ability to turn off the LCD colour simulation.

v1.20 - February 8th 2003

- Initial Release