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Cbt IPV4 notes


IP address range
A => 1-126.x.x.x
B => 128-191.x.x.x
C => 192-223.x.x.x

Private ip address range

A => 10.x.x.x
B => 172.16-31.x.x
C => 192.168.x.x

32 Bits value

To create a custom subnets we need to take few bits from host bit
part according to requirement.
If we want network we have to take bits from left to right side .
and if we want to host we need to calculate from left to right.

The whole game is on the power of 2 thats mean whatever the

network or host you want just put the value on the power of 2
e.g : 2^2=4 , 2^5=32.

To find out the ip address is sitting in which subnet

e.g: /22

1> Identify block size.

2> Divide last network octet by block size (74/4=18)
3> Multiply result with block size (18*4=72)

so our network is /22