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Teacher: P.

Course: Multimedia and Webpage Design
Phone Extension: (252) 492-6041 ext. 6040
Tutoring Hours: Wed and Thurs, 3:15-4:00 pm

BD10 MaWD Course Syllabus

Course Description: This course focuses on desktop publishing, graphic image design, computer animation, multimedia production,
and webpage design. There is a lot of vocabulary for this content area.

Instructional Software and Coding: Adobe Creative Cloud, MS, Audacity, HTML5, Google Drive

Required Class Materials: Headphones, notebook or folder and pencils or pens

Course Learning Objectives:

1.01 Understand typography, multiuse design principles and elements.
1.02 Understand digital communication products.
2.01 Understand digital raster graphics.
2.02 Understand digital vector graphics.
3.01 Understand principles of audio and video.
3.02 Understand basic motion graphics. (Animation)
4.01 Understand the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS.
4.02 Understand the concepts of responsive web design.

Grade Determination: Grading Scale:

Tests: 40% 100-90 A
Quiz: 25% 89-80 B
Classwork: 25% 88-70 C
Homework: BR & ET 10% 69-60 D
Below 60 F

Class Expectations:
1. Respect all: people, property, job positions, and protocol.
2. Participate, be prompt, prepared, grateful, committed to learn and use MaWD vocabulary, software, and coding
3. Obtain any missed assignments and turn in completed within the week. 10 pt penalty for late assignments.
4. Keep your website updated and enter a blog for each assignment posted. (No Personal information, just name)
5. Check your Powerschool regularly to view grades and assignments.
6. Obtain a 80% or higher on the EOC exam.

Know thy Student Handbook and follow it:
Know thy Viking Pride PBIS(Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) expectations and do them.

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