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NAME: Netram Jaundoo

CENTRE: Rosignol Secondary School


Digipac Limited,
IDC Industrial Estate,
East Coast Demerara

25 September 2017

Mr. Harry Chan,

Main Road,

Dear Mr Chan


In reply to your letter of 07 September 2017 Vacation Benefits, I wish to inform you that you
are entitled to Full Benefits for yourself with effect from the first January next year according
to the Terms and Conditions of your employment.

The maximum value if your benefits is $10 000.00 which is subject to Income Tax
deductions under the provisions of law. As a result, your maximum benefits will be
calculated as follows:

(a) Income Tax $3 361.28

(b) Net Benefits $6 638.72

Your spouse shall also be entitled for vacation benefits in accordance with the Terms and
Conditions of your employment. In support of your claims, please forward documentary
proof of marriage:

1 Birth Certificate of spouse (with affidavit where necessary)

2 Marriage Certificate

In making your claims you are reminded that:

1 The amount of your vacation Benefits is calculated on an individual basis and it should
not exceed your allowances.

2 If the cost of your travel ticket is less than your Vacation Benefits allowance, the
company will pay the cost of hotel accommodation to the amount of the difference
between the cost of your travel ticket and your Vacation Benefits Allowance.
NAME: Netram Jaundoo
CENTRE: Rosignol Secondary School

3 If the whole amount of your Vacation Benefits Allowance is not utilized, the remainder
cannot be used for any other purpose.
On completion of your arrangements for travel, please ask your travel agent to send me a
statement showing any of the following:
1 Itinerary

2 Cost of Travelling

I will then dispatch a Purchase Order to your travel agent who must purchase forward me an
invoice and a copy of your electronic ticket(s) before I can make any payment.

Should it become necessary for you to change or cancel your travel arrangements, please
inform me so that the necessary action may be taken. Should you proceed on your vacation
overseas, you must submit your electronic tickets and the stubs from your boarding pass to
the Human Resources Department within one week of your resumption of duties for the
completion of your vacation records.

Yours truly

CC The Chief Accountant

Human Resources Manager