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25 Top Latin American Oil

& Gas Executives 2014

Top 25 Latin American Oil & Gas Execs
for 2014
We have carefully crafted a detailed list of the 25 leading NOC Executives in Latin America.

These individuals are responsible for shaping the future of the global oil and gas industry. They form
partnerships necessary to secure success in an uncertain and volatile world and tackle primary subjects and
concerns, such as the impacts of global gas game changers, to the global economic outlook, to the changing
nature of partnerships in both upstream and downstream projects and the challenges of investing and
expanding abroad.

Well be debating such issues with these key NOC Execs at the upcoming event World National Oil Companies
Congress Americas on 25-26 September 2014 in Cancun. Be sure to come along to discover what could be next
for the oil and gas industry.

In preparation, who are the Top 25 National Oil Company Executives?

Get comfortable and enjoy the list!
Emilio Lozoya, CEO, Pemex

Mr Emilio Lozoya has been Chairman of The Board of Pemex-Exploration and Production,
Chairman of The Board of Pemex-Refining and Chief Executive Officer at Petroleos Mexicanos
since 2012. Mr Austin serves as Chairman of The Board of Pemex-Gas, Chairman of The
Board of Pemex-Petrochemicals, Director of Pemex-Exploration and Production and Director
General at Petroleos Mexicanos.

Miguel Galuccio, CEO, YPF

Miguel Galuccio has been the president and CEO of YPF, the leading energy company in
Argentina, since May 7th, 2012. He has more than 20 years of international experience in the
Oil and Gas industry.

During his two years of management, YPF has reversed its decline and increased the
production of oil and gas. As a leader of the company he has formed associations with
relevant players to develop the third biggest shale formation in the world, Vaca Muerta.

Before re-entering YPF, Galuccio was the president and responsible for the creation and
operation of Schlumberger Production Management, and led companies and work teams
in the United States, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia, and China.
Maria das Graas Silva Foster, CEO, Petrobras

Petrobras recently announced that oil production from fields they operate in the pre-salt
areas of the Santos and Campos Basins has exceeded 500,000 bopd. The importance of this
milestone is that it took just 8 years to reach this figure, after the first pre-salt discovery in
2006. To put this in to perspective, it took 20 years for oil production from the Gulf of Mexico
to reach 500,000 bopd after first discovery.

Ms Maria Das Gracas Silva Foster has been the Chief Executive Officer of Petroleo Brasileiro
SA - Petrobras since 2012. M Gracas Silva Foster serves as Director of Gas & Energy and
Member of the Executive Board of Petrobras Distribuidora SA. Prior to this she served as
Chief Gas and Energy Officer of Petroleo Brasileiro, as a Director of Gas and Energy of
Petroleo Brasileiro. Ms Gracas Silva Foster served as the Chief Executive Officer of Petroquisa
and also served as President of Petrobras Distribuidora.

Rafael Ramirez, CEO, PDVSA

Rafael Daro Ramrez Carreo is the president of the Venezuelan state-owned petroleum
company PDVSA. In the past, Ramrez had also served as the Venezuelan Minister of Energy
and Mines for a time. Ramrez was appointed to that position in July 2002 by Hugo Chavez.
Ramirez had been the chief officer of Venezuela's ""Enegas"", a gas and power-generation
watchdog and has had wide-ranging experience in the design, development, coordination,
and management of engineering projects for the Venezuelan petroleum agency. Ramrez
served also as the founding president of Enagas, the national regulatory agency that was set
up to be responsible for establishing the national plan for natural gas production and
Javier Gutierrez, CEO, Ecopetrol

Mr. Javier Genaro Gutirrez Pemberthy has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of
Ecopetrol SA since January 22, 2007. He is among Colombias top 10 executives. He earned a
degree in civil engineering, a masters degree in industrial engineering from Universidad de
los Andes and a specialization degree in finance from Universidad EAFIT.
Prior to this role, Mr. Pemberthy served as a professor of operational research at Universidad
EAFIT and had several managing roles within Empresa de Interconexin Elctrica S.A. ESP or
ISA, Interconexion Electrica SAESP. In 2002, he received an award from the Portafolio
economic journal as the Best Enterprise Leader in Colombia.

Carlos Villegas, CEO, YPFB

Carlos Villegas Quiroga was born in Potos, Bolivia and studied as an Economist. He has a
Masters Degree in Economics and a specialization in Political Economy. He was a Director of
Postgraduate Studies in Development Sciences (UMSA), professor of Economics of the
Universidad Mayor de San Andrs, as well as in several universities in Mexico. Mr Villegas is
an author of books, newspapers and magazine articles related to oil issues, social reforms
and economic topics, amongst others. Villegas was the Minister on three opportunities:
Minister of Development Planning (2006, 2008 2009); Minister of Hydrocarbons and
Energy (2006 2008). He has been the Executive President and Chairman of the Board of
Directors of YPFB since January 2009.
Marcelo Tokman, CEO, ENAP

Marcelo Tokman was Chile's Minister of Energy and President of the National Energy
Commission from 2007-2010 and has a longstanding record of supporting clean energy:
while in these roles he established the Chilean Energy Efficiency Agency and the Chilean
Renewable Energy Center.

In the private sector he was Vice President of Government Relations and Managing Director
for South and Central America for Vestas, a large wind turbine manufacturer. His current
roles include serving as board member for several companies and NGOs in Chile; an NGO in
the United Kingdom; as board member of the Latin American & Caribbean Council on
Renewable Energy (LAC-CORE) in Washington, DC; and is also on the advisory committee of a
specialized energy publication.

Luis Ortigas, CEO, Perupetro

Luis Enrique Ortigas Cneo who had been working as Undersecretary of Mines, was recently
appointed CEO of Perupetro. Mr Ortigas will be tasked for continuing the growth and
development in Perus oil and gas sector which includes the launch of new blocks, both
onshore and offshore in 2015.
Ali Moshiri, President - Africa and Latin America, Chevron

Mr. Ali Moshiri serves as the President of Africa and Latin America Exploration & Production
Company at Chevron Corporation and served as its president of operations - Africa and Latin
America since August 14, 2007. Mr. Moshiri served as Managing Director of Chevron Corp in
Latin America .

Marco Calvopia, CEO, Petroecuador

Marco Calvopia studied as a Chemical Engineer, and obtained his MBA with a specialization
in banking and finance from Alajuela, Costa Rica. He began working for CEPE Petroecuador in
1981, developing different functions and working in various positions. He is currently the
General Manager of EP Petroecuador and also teaches at the Chemical Engineering School of
the Universidad Central del Ecuador.
Josu Jon Imaz, CEO, Repsol

Qualified with a doctorate in Chemical Sciences from the University of the Basque Country.
He graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Sciences in San Sebastin. He received the End of
Degree Extraordinary Prize. In 2008, Josu Jon Imaz joined the Repsol Group as Chairman of
its Petronor unit, where he successfully managed the challenges surrounding modernization,
sustainability and community relations.

In 2012 he joined Repsols Management Committee and, as General Director of the Industrial
and New Energy unit, completed two of the companys most important projects in recent
years: The modernization of the Cartagena refinery, Spains largest-ever industrial
investment at over 3.1 billion euros and the construction of a new fuel-oil coking plant at
Petronors Muskiz refinery, with an investment of over 1 billion euros.

In 2014 he was named Chief Executive Officer of the company and member of the Delegate

Jos Coya, President, ANCAP

Mr Jos Coya served as Manager of the Shared Services department at Administracion

Nacional de Combustibles Alcohol y Portland from 2008 to 2013. Mr Coya has also served as
Advisor for Board of Directors at Administracion Nacional de Combustibles Alcohol y Portland
(ANCAP) since 2006 and Analyst of the Budget and Planning department since 1990 and now
serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the company.
Khalid Hassanali, President, Petrotrin

Khalid Hassanali is a Vice-President for Corporate Administrative Services at Petrotrin, the

Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago (a state-owned oil company). He is currently on
secondment (assignment) as President/CEO of Evolving TecKnologies, an Enterprise
Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago, another state-owned venture that is
responsible for the industrial development of the non-energy sector of Trinidad and Tobago.
Hassanali has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the
West Indies, a Master of Science in Systems Planning and Optimisation from the University of
London and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of London. He completed his secondary
schooling at Queens Royal College in Port of Spain.

Mark Shuster, EVP Exploration Upstream Americas, Shell

Mark is responsible for Shells conventional exploration and appraisal in the Americas
comprising Shell-operated and non-operated ventures in offshore Canada, Gulf of Mexico
(USA), Colombia, Guyana, French Guiana and Brazil. He received his Bachelor of Science
degree in Geology from the University of the Pacific and his PhD in Geology from the
University of Wyoming.

Mark has worked in Research, Exploration, Appraisal and New Ventures in technical and
leadership roles. Prior to his current Executive Vice President role, Mark was the Vice
President of Exploration for Shell in the Middle East/North Africa. He is a Trustee Associate
with American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Mark is a recipient of the 1998 Australia
Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Best Paper award.
Gustavo Hernandez, Director General, Pemex E&P

Mr Hernandez has 34 years of professional experience, starting his professional career at the
Mexican Petroleum Institute in 1979 where he worked as assistant researcher, researcher
and senior researcher with interest in applied geostatistics in reservoir simulation and history
matching of reservoir simulators.

In 1992 he joined Pemex where he held several positions such as head of the department of
reservoir characterization, exploitation vice manager, planning manager, asset manager, vice
president of an offshore region, and Vice President for Planning in Pemex E&P. He was
responsible for: conducting and leading the E&P Strategy, to allocate investment funds in the
E&P Project portfolio, leading the reserves team to internally certifying the Pemex
Hydrocarbon reserves and to comply the regulatory topics issued by the National
Hydrocarbon Commission.

Oswaldo Madrid, CEO, Petroamazonas

Oswaldo Madrid Barrezueta holds a Masters in Business Administration from Andina Simn
Bolvar University and has 22 years experience in the oil sector. For three and a half years he
has been the General Manager of Petroamazonas EP, a public company for exploration and
exploitation of hydrocarbons. He is currently responsible for operating 16 oil blocks in the
Oriente Basin, and 3 blocks in the Costa including operations off shore natural gas production
in the Gulf Country of Amistad Guayaquil.
Mr Hector Manosalva, EVP - Exploration and Production, Ecopetrol

Hector Manosalva (52) joined Ecopetrol in 1986 and serves as Production and Exploration
Executive Vice-President. Mr Manosalva is a petroleum engineer educated at the Universidad
de America in Bogota, and completed post-graduate studies in Finance at the Universidad
EAFIT and Executive Management at the Universidad de los Andes. Over the course of his
career at Ecopetrol, Mr Manosalva has served as Chief of Production, Head of the Planning
Division, Production Manager of the Southern Region, Director of Corporate Social
Responsibility, Advisor to the Office of the President of the Republic for the Protection of
Energy Infrastructure and Production Manager of the Central Region.

Steve Crowell, President & CEO, Pluspetrol

Steve Crowell is the CEO & President of Pluspetrol Resources Corporation. He earned a
BSEE from the University of Texas and an MBA from the University of Nebraska.

After completing three years as an officer in the U.S. Navy, Steve began his career in oil and
gas exploration and production with Mobil Oil Corporation. From there he moved into
various general management and senior executive positions with Diamond Shamrock
Corporation (later Maxus).

For the past eighteen years, Steve has headed Pluspetrol from a base in Buenos Aires
Argentina. During that time, Pluspetrol has evolved from a small privately-held company
focused on Argentina into a significant player in South American energy. Today Pluspetrol is
the leading producer of both oil and gas in Per, and it continues to be one of the top
producers of both oil and gas in Argentina. The company also has exploration and production
activities in Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Angola.
Ronald Pantin, CEO, Pacific Rubiales Energy

Mr Pantin worked in the Venezuelan oil industry for twenty-three years prior to his
appointment as CEO of Pacific Rubiales in 2007. Mr Pantin held a number of senior positions
within PDVSA, including Vice President of Corpoven, Vice President of PDVSA E&P, President
of CVP, President of PDVSA Exploration, President of PDVSA Services, and Executive Vice
President of PDVSA Oil & Gas. Immediately after PDVSA, Mr Pantin joined Enron Venezuela
as its President. Mr Pantin is also a director of Pacific Coal and CGX Energy.

Rudolf Elias, incoming Managing Director, Staatsolie

Rudolf Elias is the incoming Managing Director of Suriname's national oil company,
Staatsolie. He is a Member of the Board of Directors and is currently responsible for the
existing Refinery, Marketing and the execution of the Refinery Expansion Project.
Federico Arisi Rota, EVP Americas, Eni

Mr Arisi Rota is the Executive Vice President Americas for Eni. His main areas of operations
are USA (Gulf of Mexico, Texas and Alaska), Venezuela, Ecuador and Trinidad & Tobago.

His career in the industry began with the involvement in multiple exploration projects in Italy
and overseas (mainly in Egypt and Angola) with increasing levels of responsibility. In 1999 he
was appointed Managing Director in Angola.

In August 2002 he relocated to Houston to become President & CEO of Eni Petroleum. He
returned to Milan in 2006 as SVP worldwide Exploration. His responsibilities increased as he
was also asked to manage Petroleum Engineering, R&D and Unconventional Exploration.

In February 2010 he was appointed Executive Vice President Venezuela program (Junin-5 and
Perla giant projects). Since October 2010 he has been based in Houston as Executive Vice
President Americas.

Dana Coffield, President & CEO, Gran Tierra Energy

Prior to joining Gran Tierra Energy in May 2005, Dana was Vice President of the Middle East
Business Unit for EnCana Corporation, responsible for business development, exploration
operations, commercial evaluations, government and partner relations, planning and
budgeting, environment/health/safety, security and management of several overseas
operating offices. He held various senior management positions for EnCana's predecessor,
Alberta Energy Company, including petroleum exploration operations in five countries. Dana
was previously with ARCO International for ten years, where he participated in exploration
and production operations in North Africa, SE Asia and Alaska. He graduated from the
University of South Carolina with an MSc and PhD in Geology and holds a BSc in Geological
Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Dana is also a member of the AAPG, the
CSPG, and is a Fellow of the Explorers Club.
Jose Formigli, E&P Director, Petrobras

Jose Formigli is the head of the companys exploration and production division. Formigli was
previously the head of Petrobras pre-salt unit that is in charge of developing the countrys
largest oil fields. He has worked in several activities related to well completion and subsea
engineering starting as an offshore Company man and, in sequence, having managed those
areas, as well as being Production Manager of many fields. He is a member of the Gaspetro
and IBP (Brazilian Petroleum Institute) boards. He is a Civil Engineer graduated from Instituto
Militar de Engenharia (IME). He also has a MBA in Advanced Business Management from
UFRJ/COPPEAD in Rio de Janeiro.

Barclay Hambrook, President & CEO, Americas Petrogas

Barclay Hambrook is president and CEO and has 35 years oil and gas experience. His current
position is President and CEO of Americas Petrogas Inc. (TSX symbol: BOE) an oil and gas
Exploration and Production company whose focus is the Neuquen Basin Argentina. The
company has an operational staff of 50 persons in its Buenos Aires offices and field
personnel. It has conventional and unconventional Vaca Muerta shale oil and gas production
and has been assessed with 7.6 Billion BOE Prospective P50 Best Case Net Recoverable
spread over 9 shale blocks.
Kevin Shaw, President & CEO, Madalena Energy

Kevin Shaw, President and Chief Executive Officer of Madalena since November, 2012. Prior
thereto, Managing Director & Head of Global Energy Research at a boutique investment bank
from August 2011 to November 2012. Prior thereto, Senior Oil & Gas Research Analyst and
Partner building a successful energy franchise at Wellington West Capital Markets from 2009
to July 2011 prior to Wellington's sale to National Bank Financial. Prior to holding executive
positions within the capital markets, Mr Shaw was Alliance Manager for Colt Worley Parsons,
Vice President, Operations for Trimox Energy Inc. and held various technical & managerial
roles with Imperial Oil Limited.
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Building the energy partnerships
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The World National Oil Companies Congress Americas is the premier meeting place for Latin American NOCs and their partners
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The sweeping energy reforms in Mexico, passed in December 2013, represents the most significant overhaul of Mexicos oil and
gas industry since 1938, and paves the way for exciting opportunities for investment and partnering in the country, to develop
Mexicos world class resources.

From frontier, deepwater and unconventional resources and rejuvenation of mature fields to development of midstream and
downstream, the Congress provides opportunities and strategies for Latin American national oil companies and their partners.

Key speakers include:

Emilio Lozoya, CEO, Pemex

Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, Secretara de Energa, Mexico
Gustavo Hernandez, Director General, Pemex E&P
Juan Carlos Zepeda, President Commissioner, Comisin Nacional de Hidrocarburos (CNH)
Mario Beauregard, CFO, Pemex
Francisco Xavier Salazar, President, Comisin Reguladora de Energa

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