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[ bsd.u ] - hoodie weather

[rin ishi] - Nostalgia

[rin ishi] - Linear

~ s o h e e - murmur

- human music

8trk - Moonlight

90sFlav -

Aatsi - Funke

ahiru - i often think about what you said to me that day

Altitude - Cherry

ameba. - august

another perspective - idealism

anrrro - Melancholy

.anxious. memories

Ardent - SMR

B I N A - bad decisions
BACKWHEN - Wintergreen

BadRiver - CurleSnow

Balling - Tycho Beach

Bassti - Im sad

Bassti - To All The Ladies In The Place

Bcu - Am I Really Alive

bemos - Table Tennis (Ft. Omar)

Birocratic - Tonys Belated Breakfast

Blending In - Pastry

Bliss - Lxxfy

bzkt. - I just wanna die

C h i n s a k u - See ya

c stick - Game boi adv

Cheesy- Brutalmoose

chuckee. - birthday beats

Clinton Affair - W i n d o w s

Cozy In Bloom

DAEMON - Halftime Kid

daki - a list of things that will be missed

Discandy - in love again -

dont be scared [ sophie meiers x michael mason ]

driver - moonglow

driver - the eye of truth

E66S - beachsi

EEVEE - (Unexpected) Lily

eevee - Belas
Efence - Spaceflight

elijah who - love u hate me

eugene cam - take flight

Evil Needle - Chillaxing

fantompower - dont think about tomorrow

Flamingosis - Football Head

Flamingosis - Getting Close To You

Flamingosis - Want Me (Need Me)

fragile -

Game Over - Super Mario World Remix

gfbeats - business casual

goodbye - BINA

Grape Choice - EN KYOTO

greafer - Letting Go

great dane - is it a syn

Her - eery

hisohkah - school rooftop

HOUNDTRACK - Darjeeling Feat. Nestor Estrada


Husky - Joey Pecoraro

I fell in love with you one night in september - ROOK1E

idealism - phosphenes

in love with a ghost - complex feelings about my own existence feat. jungkook

in love with a ghost - flowers feat. nori

in love with a ghost - i just loved you w tomppabeats oiseaubizarre

jawn - but she looks happier

jawn - i love u

jawn - reverse (txx lvte)

Jazzinuf - Coffee And Cigarettes

JHAS - Pain au chocolat

jhfly - crossings

jinsang - affection

jinsang - reflection

jinsang - umbrella

joji - thom

joji - unsaved info

Joji - You Suck Charlie [The Vapor Room Vaporchill Edit]

june gloom - Prima

junyii. - 1 for leaf beach

Kenai - im not crying its just raining

knowmadic - idk anymore

ksiaze gitara

Kurogane Haito - Steel Heart

l o s t f o u n d - altitvde

Laster - Sakura

Late Night - pauca-pa

leaf beach. - rain

Liam Phelan - Put Yourself In The Picture

light blending in - you are enough

luvbird - dandelion

luvbird - dry rain

Manatang - Stoned
Max Crowe - that girl

Max Crowe - we walked in silence but it wasnt awkward

mimikyu - I think youre really cute and I like you alot ok bye

Moods - Snow Steps

moonlight- CIANO

Mounika Miss Winter

MR JWM -thinking

Mr. Stee - inhale

mt. marcy - i miss you

mt. marcy - cold nights

mt. marcy - okay but this is the last time

Mt.Fujitive - happy thoughts

Mukashi - Essex County

n u a g e s - Lately


nion - you and me

no m e r c y - Its a bird its a plane

Nymano - Solitude

ocha - someday

otxhello - depression


Pneumoniker - PleaseLetMeKeepThisMemory

prima - distant moon

prima - lonely. (w duendita)

purpan - my

Quince - I got faith in you


ryuzk - feels (daki rmx)

s w e e p s - swan song

Sai Wai- Art Of War II- A Letter Of Love

Sai Wai- Crystalis- Lost Forever

Sai Wai FT. H E RX- Kaleidoscope

Sai Wai -Take My Hand-Ice Queen Ballad

saib. - Sakura Trees

saiko - Breezin - 6. lo-finesse (ft. delicasteez)

Save Me - I Eat Plants for a Livingsecret crates -

Seneca B - Flowers

sincerely yours [ sophie meiers x nohidea ]

sippin syrup - no m e r c y

Sleepdealer - Swim

sleven - tidecruz

sp404microwave3 - knghts

Steven Pitzl - Takes Time

strawberry kisses [ olivia herdt x ]

Sun Burn - Dirty Art Club

swell - im sorry (feat. shiloh)

teams. - mayuris messages .(free download)

tell me - potsu

the burn marks on my epiano wont go away - a l e x

Tomppabeats - Emotional

Tomppabeats - Monday Loop (Extended)

Tomppabeats - The Girl Next Door (EXTENDED)

Tomppabeats - U Love

towser - knight

trains - altitude.

TV Blonde - Ocarina

tyrannus - eat half

Uyama Hiroto - Stratus

Varyant - Jfkay


walterwarm - home

Warm - Joey Pecoraro

wavy u - I M A G I N A T I O N

where two. x tomppabeats - Humming

White Meng Da - no m e r c y

who we are - through & through

wntr - free dl

wnsche - birds

Xori - Everything's Alright

XULY - abyss

yung sherman - STAY FOREVER

Yuni Wa - So 1989

XXRICO - on.the.road

Window Seat - tonnA

taxpurposes - VEGAN LEAN

sussgod -

SPW - Past LIfe EP

sordid - donnie (alone)

Sky.High - Patient with u (ft. shiloh)

Sky.High - Its just a blur

Sal Dulu - Duluoz Dream

ryan glass - life or strife

Long - Ride

Kate May - june 7th



Ill be okay

furino - nagato (w BID)

firetype -

Fifty Point - Shead

Explack - When It Rains

David Chief x NOtation - SANDS [EP]

Communion Cup and Someones Coat (TSUKI Bootleg)

City Girl - on the train somewhere between my apartment and you

Charles Gentles - Crime and punishment

BLVK. - Beat Batches 1 2 [Full BeatTape]

blk.swn - my last relationship ended like a peanut butter sandwich w no drink


andrei eremin - one summer spirited away

andrei eremin - naoko the wind rises

AJMW - OldTricks


[attn] - worse nights (neotic edit)

Greibel Sanchez - Contigo

aging aeroplanes - remember

Xori - Spirit EP

walterwarm - beats without a home


Vanilla - Fuji

Sonder - Departure

roots [beat tape]

New Horizon ep - i eat plant for a living

netflix and chillwave - cameragrammar

mt. marcy - tied together [ep]

jinsang - smile from u

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