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Learning activity 4 / Actividad de aprendizaje 4

Evidence: Getting to Bogota / Evidencia: Llegando a Bogot

1. Johanas friend Sakie is coming to Colombia. Shes traveling from Yokohama

to Bogota.
the She! wrote
message. an e-mail
La amiga to Johana
de Johana, showing
Sakie, va a her itinerary.
venir Please
a Colombia. read
estar viajando desde Yokohama a Bogot y le escribi n e!mail a Johana
mostrndole s itinerario. "or #avor, lea el mensaje.


DATE: AUGUST 18, 2014

My !"# $#%!&,

H'(! y') "#! *#!"+. Y!+!#"y, I -')*+ "// +! +%!+ $'# y +#%( +'
C'/'-%" &!+ '&+. I "++"%&* " '(y '$ +! $'# y') +' "5! "
/''. I &'6 y') "! +% +#%( /"+ y!"#, % +!#! "&y+%&* %('#+"&+ +'

W"+ "& I ' 6!& I "##%5! +' '*'+97

I 6%// -! /''%&* $'#6"# +' !"#%&* $#' y') ''&.

L'+ '$ /'5!,

". #ow have a look of Sak ies tickets. ! $hora, observe los ti%etes de Sakie.

Sakies train ticket from Yokohama to ok!o

Sakies flight ticket from ok!o to Los Angeles

Sakies fight ticket from Los Angeles to Bogota

Fuente de imgenes: S$#%

&. 'el( Johana re(lying Sakies message. )ead the "riting plan and the
#sef#l lang#age $o% for "riting e&mails for ideas and (lanning. ! $yde a
Johana a res&onder el mensaje de Sakie. Lea el plan de escrit#ra y el
voca$#lario 'til para escri$ir e&mails &ara ideas y &laneacin.

Useful langu age for writing e-mails: / (oc$#lario 'til para escri$ir

Beginning phrases:

*ear ! 'i + #ame ! ,y dear friend.

hank yo ! hanks so mch ! ,any thanks for yor message ! yor

e-mail ! yor letter.

/m ha((y ! glad to hear from yo ! /t is great to know abot yo.

Ending phrases:
hats all for now ! 'o(e to hear from yo soon ! 0ooking forward to
hearing from yo soon.

Best wishes ! 0ots of love ! 0ove from2 ! )egards ! 3ive my regards to +

Writing lan: / )lan de escrit#ra:

4b5ective6 o write a re(ly to Sakie e-mail message.


1. Johana thanks Sakie for her message.

". Johana tells Sakie she has to arrive to Yokohama train station one
hor before the train de(artres.
&. Johana tells Sakie that after the train arr ives in okyo she need s to
take a bs from the train station to #arita /nternational air(ort.
7. Johana recommends having the (ass(ort and boarding (ass on hand
before the check in.
8. Johana tells Sakie that the flight to 0os %ngeles take s very long.
Considering the arrival time Johana thinks it is better to s(end the
night at the hotel air(ort.
9. Johanna tells Sakie she can wake ( early and do some sho((ing at
the dty free section of 0os %ngeles air(ort. he dty free is at
erminal "2.
:. Johana tell s Sakie that the boarding gate to Bogotas fli ght is at
erminal 8. hs Sakie needs to take a shttle from erminal " to
erminal 8. he shttle takes 18 mintes. Johana also tells Sakie that
she can walk if she (refers so. he walk from erminal " to erminal 8
takes abot &8 mintes.
;. Johana tell s Sakie she cant s(end too mch time walking arond
becase she can miss her flight.
<. Johana tells Sakie that she is wor king in the afte rnoons now. So on
Se(tember "&rd she cant go to $l *orado air(ort. Johana tells Sakie
that after she arrives in Bogota she has to go (ass by the immigration
1=.Johana tells Sakie that after (assing immigration she can go to the
baggage claim section and (ick ( her lggage.
11. Johana tells Sakie that there are ta>i (oints at $l *orado %ir(ort where
she can ask for a safe a>i.
1".Johana tells Sakie to get a ta>i and ask the driver to take her to the
downtown where Johana lives.
1&.Johana says goodbye.

Check6 )ead the e-mail again and check for mistakes grammar s(elling
(nctation etc.2.
7. #ow write the e-mail to com(lete the evidence. Yo have to give Sakie clear
instrctions by following the writing (lan and sing at least five 82
(re(ositions of movement in the a((ro(riate conte>ts. ?ee( in mind all the
different means of trans(ortation Sakie will be sing and the (laces she will
go throgh. ! $hora, escriba el e!mail &ara com&letar la evidencia. 'sted
debe darle instrcciones claras a Sakie sigiendo el &lan de escritra y sar
&or lo menos cinco ()* &re&osiciones de movimiento en el conte+to indicado.
enga en centa los di#erentes medios de trans&orte %e Sakie sar y los
lgares &or los %e &asar.

Pre(ositions of movement e>am(les6 - Ejem&los de &re&osiciones de


3et into the train ! bs ! shttle.

@alk across the sho(s.


DATE: AUGUST 1;, 2014

HI My dear friend

Many thanks for your message Im glad to hear from you

Sakie arrive to Yokohama train station one hour before the train departure
after the train arrives in Tokyo, sakie you need to take a bus from the
train station to Narita International ai rport You must have the passport and
boarding pass on hand before the check in t he flight to os !ngeles takes
very long Taking into account the time of arrival I think that you should
spend the night in an airport hotel If you get up early you should go
shopping to the ta"#free section at the los angeles international airport To
abodar the flight to bogota you must enter by terminal five I$m %orking in
the afternoons& So, on September '( you can not go to )l *orado airport&
Sakie that after you get to +ogota, she has to go through the controls f
immigration There are ta"i points at )l *orado airport %here she can ask
for a safe ta"i !nd ask the driver to take you to the city center
@hen yo finish yor work send the file to yor instrctor throgh the (latform
as follows6

1. Click on the title of this evidence.

". Click on E+aminar mi e%i&o and look for the file in yor com(ter. ,ake
sre the file is attached.
&. 0eave a comment for the instrctor o(tional2.
7. Click Enviar.
'na ve/ #inalice la evidencia env0e al instrctor el archivo a trav1s de la
&lata#orma, as0

2. 31 clic en el t0tlo de esta evidencia.

4. 31 clic en el enlace E+aminar mi e%i&o y bs%e el archivo en s
com&tador. $seg5rese de adjntar el archivo.
6. Escriba alg5n comentario si lo considera &ertinente.
7. 31 clic en Enviar.

!ote: his evidence is an individal activity. )emember to check the learning

gide in order to know if yo have done all the assigned activities know how to
develo( them and deliver them correctly.

*ota: Esta evidencia es de carcter individal. 8ecerde revisar la g0a de

a&rendi/aje con el #in de veri#icar %e ha reali/ado todas las actividades
&ro&estas, saber cmo desarrollarlas y entregarlas correctamente.

+riterios de eval#aci,n
E+&resa deberes y obligaciones, teniendo en centa la estrctra
gramatical, vocablario y conte+to re%eridos.

'sa las &re&osiciones de movimiento con la estrctra y el vocablario


3escribe los &re&arativos &ara n viaje teniendo en centa la estrctra, el

vocablario y conte+to re%eridos.

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