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Pastor Appeals
From Westmoreland, Jamaica WI
Shipping Local & Overseas
Vol 12; No. 13 FREE COPY AUGUST 19-31, 2017

Expulsion Notice
By Patrick Maitland $10,000 for the defendant to pay
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legal expenses.
mbattled Pastor Ivan Plummer The leadership battle for the
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will be in court on September church erupted on April 7, 2011, Guaranteed and Discreet.

18 to appeal a 10-day notice to when the board accused Plummer CALL
cease management of the Em- of misappropriating church re-
manuel Seventh Day Church Min- sources and failing to keep proper
istries in the Bronx. records.


According to court papers ob- He was then fired. But Plum-
tained by Street Hype Newspaper, mer pushed back and in an attempt
Supreme Court Judge Allison Y. to maintain the power of the
Tuitt, July 19 court order, found church, he dismissed the original Personal Injury
Pastor Plummer in contempt for board and appointed new trustees
deliberately violating two previous and directors.
court orders dated April 16, 2013 However, Judge Tuitt deemed Matrimonial/
and Aug. 24, 2017. his action illegal and ruled that Family Law
Defendant Plummer and all the original board be re-instated. ------------------
defendants, their agents and repre- In 2013, the Bronx Supreme Providing
sentatives are hereby enjoined Court intervened in the ongoing fi- Quality Legal
from interfering with the function- nancial dispute between the Board Services to the
ing of the Board of Trustees and of Trustees and Pastor Plummer. Caribbean
restrained from entering the According to court docu-
church premises effective immedi- ments obtained by Street Hype,
Since 2005
ately, Judge Tuitt ordered. the board and the members of the
The pastor was given 10 days congregation alleged that Plum- Call Now for Consultations
from July 24, 2017 to submit com- mer, with the help of other church
plete financial records of the officers, misappropriated and em- ADAM S. HANDLER, ESQ.
church from 2009 to date, as well
as all equipment and other proper-
bezzled church funds and had
taken over sole control of all
ties belonging to the organization. church assets.
Failure to comply with the Plummers decision to appeal
order would result in further civil the July 24, 2017 court order to
contempt, civil sanctions, and quit the management of the church
criminal contempt, the judge was the latest move in an ugly bat-
warned. tle for control of the 120-member
However, within days, Plum- church, located at 3301 Laconia
mers attorney, Joshua S. Brass of PASTOR IVAN PLUMMER Ave.
the Law Offices of Regina L. Will be in court on September 18 to appeal Plummer and his attorney
Darby, filed an appeal and asking a 10-day notice to cease management of the were not available for comments.
the court to fix an undertaking of Emmanuel Seventh Day Church Ministries in the Bronx

Bronx DA charges 29
More Educational
gang members ... Page 4 GOING NATURAL?
Support Needed NEW BEGINNING

Brooklyn court officer
in the Black indicted for sex ... Page 5

501 South 8th Ave, Mt. Vernon

US imposes new sanctions
See Page 3 on Venezuelan .. Page 8
Patty Day Celebration - See Page 5

More Educational Support

Needed in the Black Communities HOMES
E ducation and training con-
tinue to be the most impor-
tant vehicles to achieve
formance of African Ameri-
can students across
the country still
contributing to lower ex-
pectations from the
student, less-
must focus more on education.
We should demand that more
resources be allocated to ther
Call About Our Fly & Buy Program
personal sustainable social and significantly lag positive atti- schools and other educational No Credit, Bad Credit,
economic development. behind that of tudes toward institutions in our communities. No Problem

The summer holiday is just their white school, fewer It is no secret that the
about over for thousands of stu- counterparts. out-of-school schools in the black communi-
dents in schools and colleges Sadly, edu- learning op- ties nationwide are in de-
Starting Price:
across the country. The shop- cational expecta- portunities and plorable conditions compared
ping for back-to-school supplies tions are lower for less parent-child with those in neighboring white
has been robust, while just black children, ac- communication areas.

about everyone is engaged in cording to Child about school. Our political leaders city,
some effort to assist students Trends, a non- In the areas of justice, state and federal -- can do more Florida AAA Action Realty Inc.
with school supplies. profit and non-par- several studies have re- to serve us better. But in most
In our opinion, people in tisan research vealed that people with cases, they fail because it ap-
the African American commu- center that tracks lower wealth, lower pears education does not top
nities are getting the message data about chil- health and lower their agenda.
that a good education is impor- dren. parental education levels The politicians know that
tant for everyone, including African Ameri- in most cases have more education is not the immediate
adults and children. can parents, most of dealings with the justice sys- needs of grown men and
But it appears that they are whom are less educated tem. women trying to pay their bills
not reaping the benefits, espe- than their white coun- In other words, these nega- each day. It is more about peo-
cially with the increasing num- terparts, do not expect tive circumstances create a ple being fed today and not a
ber of African Americans filling their children to attain as much perfect storm that leaves blacks worry about the education of
college classrooms or pursuing education as white parents ex- without the same educational the next generation.
professional courses. pect. opportunities as whites.
Despite real gains in aca- Lower expectations be- We are sharing these find- _____________________
demic achievement, the per- come self-fulfilling prophecies, ings to make the points that we Patrick Maitland

People Are Talking...!

The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send
your comments and or suggestions to Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published.

Getting your baby ready for school..!

A s we get ready for school, I would like to
give you some ideas on the importance of
helping to develop children's fine motor skills. By
I do not recommend high chairs because
the baby is not able to sit comfortable with
their feet on the floor. You should purchase the
Having these muscles develop reduces the Daseta Gray, M. Ed small infant chair that sits on the floor. It is
need for occupational therapy later on. Certified Infant/ called Healthy booster chair.
r- Fine Motor Development skills are very Toddler Specialist This chair allows your baby to sit com-
important. Give your baby small toys that she fortable with her feet on the floor. When your

e- can grasp. You are helping your infant to de- baby is comfortable she will sit there for a
velop their finger muscles. These muscles are She will try to screw on the top. This while and will indicate when she wants to get
needed for writing. movement helps to develop the finger muscles out. You are teaching your baby self discipline
c- As your baby gets older you need to pro- and the wrist muscles. Once your baby is able the idea on sitting a completing a task. This
k vide different experience that allows fine to master one item you can add two. skill is need for school. Publisher & Editor:
n motor development.You should provide snacks Just present the items to the baby do not Your baby will play with the food, throw PATRICK MAITLAND
that the baby will be able to pick up using the show her what to do. Babies love to discover some on the floor and also wash her hair and
and if you show her what to do you are deny- Consulting Editors
thumb and the pointer fingers. Provide oppor- face. This is natural part of development. GLORIA BENT; PAULETTE GRANT
tunities that will allow the baby to develop her ing her that cognitive experience to demon- When your baby gets to school she will be re- ANGELLA GOLDING; ANTHONY TURNER
wrist muscles. strate her problem solving skills. quired to sit and listen during circle time. Business office:
You can purchase developmental toys. You are planting the roots for learning; You are giving her that experience .Your Street Hype Newspaper
You can also provide items that you can find remember that infants/toddlers put everything infant and toddler learns these skills through 329 Miller Place, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
within your home. in their mouths dont be alarmed. Just clean the repetition, patience and time. When your infant Tel: 914-663-4972-3 Fax: 914-663-4972
For example, you can give your baby the items. gets to pre-school and lacks the ability to sit
top from the small liquid detergent or any When your baby is about nine months you for a while and listen, complete an activity or
other empty container. Just clean it and give it should allow him to feed himself with his play independently for a while that is that is
to your baby to play with. hands. age appropriate. Published by: JAMVISTA INC.

Bronx DA charges 29 gang members

on Rikers with violent attacks

ozens of current and former Rik- Prosecutors also say a group of
ers inmates were indicted for al- prisoners beat a correction officer with
legedly assaulting fellow prisoners and a chair after covering security cameras
two jail guards. with peanut butter.
The Bronx District Attorney says The attackers are members of the
29 gang members were involved in four Bloods, Trinitarians, MS-13 and Folk
separate attacks between October and Nation gangs.
February. In the first assault, six men They're facing multiple charges,
allegedly slashed an inmate who including assault and harassment.

Group of men sexually

needed more than a hundred stitches.

assault woman in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN: They said the group approached the 30-
SUPPORT FOR EDUCATION: olice need help finding a group of men year-old woman and forced her to perform a
(l-r) Jamal Bailey, NYS Senator; James Haynes, President Jah Jerry Foundation; Alonzo de they say sexually assaulted a woman in sex act on each of them.
Castro, Community leader at the recent Jah Jerry Foundation's Annual Summer Scholarship Brooklyn on Monday. Police said a fourth suspect has been
Fundraiser on July 28, 2017 at St. Luke's Episcopal Church Hall, Bronx. Investigators said it happened around 3 taken into custody.
a.m. behind a building on Eastern Parkway Anyone with information on the case
near Utica Ave. in Crown Heights. should contact the Crime Stoppers hotline at
Police are searching for three men, in- 1-800-577-TIPS, or text CRIMES and then
cluding the pair seen above. enter TIP577, or visit www.nypdcrimestop-

Administrative Assistants & Advertising Executives
Send resume to:

Bronx community honors girl doused

Bronx community honors girl doused with boiling water in sleepover

with boiling water in sleepover

Natural &Organic
BRONX Bronx girl doused with boiling water
Bronx community on Wednesday night during sleepover is back home & Caribbean
honored a young girl who suffered se- The 12-year-old who threw the water on Ja-
vere burns when another girl allegedly poured moneisha during a sleepover faces assault
boiling water on her earlier this month. charges. Meals, Grocery
Jamoneisha Merritt, 11, was the star of Jamoneisha's face is still scarred from
an anti-bullying block party near Morrisania. the water, but she said she is feeling much Juice Bar & Catering
"I feel great because mad people are better thanks to her friends and neighbors.
about to be here," she said just before the fes- "Once they cleaned her face and she was sad-
tivities. "I just feel good." dled with medication, she was good, she was Open Monday - Saturday
Her family says she was the victim of the back to herself. She was really rocking [by
hot water challenge, for which kids and teens the] second day in the hospital," said Ja- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
do pranks or dares using boiling water and moneisha's mother, Ebony Merritt. "Her spirit
post them on the internet. and everything, it's amazing."

New panel to evaluate New York nightlife policies
3565C Boston Road
ow would you like to serve on City Hall's official advisory board of nightlife? Bronx, N.Y. 10469
It's now a real thing after the City Council voted to approve its creation.
The office of nightlife will serve as a liaison between the city, businesses and
local community members. It will also evaluate city laws and policies dealing with Fax 718-653-5499
the industry.
Council Member Rafael Espinal sponsored the bill. He says similar programs
in London and Paris have proven successful in growing business.

Brooklyn court officer indicted for

allegedly pressuring woman for sex
BROOKLYN the officer took her to a stairwell inside of ceeding along with the case and getting an
Brooklyn court officer is indicted for Brooklyn Criminal Court. indictment," McRae said.
allegedly pressuring a woman to per- Nolan allegedly offered to help her "I don't want this to happen to anybody
form a sex act on him in the courthouse. boyfriend beat a case if she said yes, then else, especially in the court system. This
58-year old Timothy Nolan of Long Is- he exposed himself to her. happened at court and I think if something
land is charged with official misconduct, McRae says she wants to prevent any- like this was to happen again they should
second-degree coercion, and public lewd- thing like this from happening again. know that they're gonna get charged and
ness. Erica McRae says back in October, "I'm just grateful for the DA for pro- something's gonna happen."

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Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill executives - Omar Hawthorne, Director, Franchise Development & Community Re-
Customized publicity

lations (1st l) and Steven Clarke, Director of Marketing and PR (5th l) along with NYPD officers celebrate National Jamaican
Patty Day on August 5th at the companys retail outlet 1381 East Gunhill Road, Bronx. The annual event which was staged by
Books sold at
major retailers

Golden Krust was attended by several hundred customers in the community. Golden Krust is a Caribbean cuisine fast food
chain, and manufacturer and distributor of Caribbean food product.

Thieves Steal $10K Worth Of School Supplies

Call today for
your Free Author

From Hope Community Services

Submission Kit!
Call 1-800-413-6235

NEW ROCHELLE: 250 backpacks loaded with notebooks,
bout $10,000 worth of school supplies pens, pencils, rulers and more, newyork.cb-
destined for a free backpack giveaway said.
this weekend were stolen from Hope Com- The giveaway is scheduled for Satur-
munity Services in New Rochelle Monday day at New Rochelle City Hall, and organ-
night. izers are hoping for donations to make up
Hope Executive Director Carole the deficit.

Queens senator opens job bank

Troum said thieves made off with about

S tate Senator James one is,' Sanders said.

Where many different
voices are heard!
Sanders officially It gives me the ability
opened a job bank in the to research different compa-

Book your program today

basement of his district of- nies and things like that,
fice Tuesday. The facility even in video production. It

... call David

has 10 Apple workstations gives me the opportunity to
for people to look at jobs. explore my options, said
There are also bill- job seeker Koro White.
boards with flyers for train- The job bank will be
ing programs and open open on Tuesday, Thursdays

Whitney Media
positions and a list of jobs and Fridays from 10:00am
for people who were for- James Sanders to 1:00pm. Sanderss office
merly incarcerated. young men standing with is located at: 142-01 Rock- 1 Broadcast Forum, New Rochelle, NY 10801
914-636-1460 (OFFICE) 914-636-9847 (ON AIR)
People can also learn their pants sagging, we can away Boulevard, South
about how to file for unem- say 'Hey, have you, do you Ozone Park, NY 11436
ployment. When we see have a job? I know where

Citizenship firm US imposes new sanctions Mega-technol-
denies involvement on Venezuelan government ogy companies
in Grenada pass-
ready to meet
port allegations
By Caribbean News Now contributor

with Jamaica
he United States has imposed a new

A tourism
By Caribbean News Now contributor round of economic sanctions aimed at
ST GEORGES, Grenada: choking off money to Venezuelan President
ttorneys acting for citizenship con- Nicolas Maduro's regime, but "carefully
sultants Henley & Partners have de- calibrated" to preserve US oil imports from
nied that the firm had any knowledge or the South American country, according to KINGSTON, Jamaica:
involvement in an alleged scheme to ob- the White House. Jamaica minister of tourism, Edmund
tain a diplomatic passport from the gov- The latest sanctions the fourth round Bartlett, is set to travel to San Francisco,
ernment of Grenada for a Ukrainian in recent weeks are the first to move be- California, this week to engage in strate-
businessman in exchange for a payment yond freezing the assets of individuals and gic meetings with American technology
of US$1 million. target the government itself. mega-companies Google, Airbnb, and
The executive order signed by Presi- Uber Technologies Inc.
dent Donald Trump bars US institutions
from buying new debt issued by the
Venezuelan government or from the state-
owned oil company Petrleos de Venezuela
SA (PDVSA). Venezuelan President
"It also prohibits dealings in certain Nicolas Maduro
existing bonds owned by the Venezuelan At the time, the pressure was intended,
public sector, as well as dividend payments unsuccessfully, to prevent Venezuela from
to the government of Venezuela," the White going forward with a controversial election
House said in a statement. to form an all-powerful National Con-
However, the sanctions will not affect stituent Assembly. Days after that vote,
US oil imports from Venezuela in that they Maduro's assets were also frozen.
Specifically, Henley & Partners as- do not apply to short-term financing for oil And earlier this month, US financial
sert that a purported copy of a wire trans- sales and also exempt transactions with sanctions targeting individuals associated
fer for such a sum, ostensibly to the Wells PDVSA's US subsidiary, Citgo. with the creation of that assembly were Edmund Bartlett
Fargo account of Henley Global in Singa- The exceptions are designed "to miti- rolled out. Jamaican Tourism Minister
pore, is "clearly bogus", "faked" and "cre- gate harm to the American and Venezuelan Meanwhile, Louisa Ortega, the former
ated maliciously". people," the White House said in a state- attorney general of Venezuela and formerly The meetings are in tandem with two
The situation first came to light in re- ment, adding that the latest sanctions are a staunch Maduro supporter, has said she of the five strategic pillars of the ministry
gional government circles on October 27, "carefully calibrated to deny the Maduro has evidence linking him to a corruption building new products and fostering
2016, when the businessman in question dictatorship a critical source of financing scandal. new partnerships; and will also be used to
sent an email to the prime minister of An- to maintain its illegitimate rule." Ortega, who fled Venezuela to Brazil promote the UNWTO, GOJ, World Bank
tigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, say- Last month, the Trump administration after Maduro tried to take away the inde- Conference on Jobs and Inclusive
ing that he had been dealing with a imposed sanctions on 13 current and for- pendence of the Supreme Court, said she Growth: Partnerships for Sustainable
person called Chris who represents Hen- mer officials of Maduro's government, has evidence implicating Maduro in cor- Tourism, scheduled for November 27
ley and Partner who according to him are freezing their assets in the United States rupt dealings involving Odebrecht, the 29, at the Montego Bay Convention Cen-
authorized as agents and advisors to An- and preventing Americans from doing busi- Brazilian construction giant at the centre of tre.
tigua and St Lucia. ness with them. a massive bribery scandal. Executives at Airbnb a trusted
Browne categorically told the community marketplace for people to list,
Ukrainian that his government would not discover, and book unique accommoda-
countenance any sale of a diplomatic tions around the world online extended
passport and advised him to move swiftly an invitation to Bartlett to participate in
Call now: 800-729-1085

to recover his funds. strategic meetings and to also tour their

headquarters in San Francisco on

Serious crimes down

Wednesday August 23.
The meeting will advance discus-

in St Kitts-Nevis
sions regarding an MOU, which was

signed with Airbnb in December 2016, to
augment and drive growth within the
BASSETERRE, St Kitts (SKNIS): tourism industry. Special focus will also
he proactive and sustained operations to
be placed on the possible participation of
enhance public safety by law enforce-
Airbnb as a sponsor and presenter at the
ment have resulted in decreases in the num-
upcoming global conference.
ber of serious crimes committed in St Kitts
and Nevis, including homicides, attempted
The minister will also meet with sen-
murder, and grievous bodily harm, as well ior executives at the headquarters of
Renancing now could save you thousands
as a corresponding increase in the rate of de-
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tection for all crimes in general. get an overview of how Google generally
works with tourism boards and ministries
Benets of Renancing

At a press conference on Thursday,

Just as you would shop around for your Lower your interest rate

Commissioner of Police, Ian Queeley, worldwide. This includes search trends

home, it's equally as important to shop Lower your monthly

about the island and how Google can an-


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around for your home loan whether Adjust your loan term

22, 2017, and compared it to statistics from alyze the data; leverage external and pub-
you're a rst-time buyer or are looking Convert a variable rate

lic online tools; and outline digital best

to a xed rate

the same period in 2016.

to renance your existing loan. At Take cash (equity) out of

He said: The decrease in the category practices on how to use the power of data
your home
LendingTree, we make it easy by doing

of serious crime is worthy of note, as homi- to attract more tourists more efficiently.
the shopping for you. By comparing

cide declined from 23 to 18 or 22 percent; He will later meet with senior repre-
Call LendingTree
lenders and having them compete for
at 800-729-1085 to

attempted murder from 29 to 18 or 38 per- sentatives from Uber Technologies Inc.

your business, you're certain to get the
get multiple oers,

cent; shooting at with intent from 17 to 12 a ridesharing technology company head-

best rate possible on your mortgage and speak with our

or 29 percent; and grievous bodily harm quartered in San Francisco, which oper-
renance. The better your rate, the network of top

from 90 to 82 or nine percent. ates in 633 cities worldwide.

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NMLS #1136

Fewer Woman Lawyers DCA investigates home healthcare Workers'
J agencies for sick leave violations Bill of Rights
in NY Courtroom Roles

ust a quarter of lawyers who have leader-
ship roles in New York state and federal
courtrooms are women, according to a new epartment of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
analysis by the New York State Bar Associa- Commissioner Lorelei Salas on Mon- orkers in NYC have rights regardless
tion. The gender discrepancy differed signif- day announced that its Office of Labor Pol- of immigration status. The Depart-
icantly between attorneys representing public icy & Standards (OLPS) has launched ment of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Office of
entities, such as state or federal government, investigations into nearly 40 home health- Labor Policy & Standards is NYCs central
and those representing private parties. care agencies across the city that represent resource for workers.
Women accounted for 38.2% of lawyers rep- upwards of 33,000 workers.
resenting the public, but only 19.4% of General compliance issues with this Paid Sick Leave
lawyers representing private parties, accord- industry have been reflected in OLPS ex- If you work in NYC for more than 80 hours
ing to the report, by the association. a year, you can earn up to 40 hours of sick
perience enforcing the NYC Paid Sick
PC Richard Escapes Suit
leave each year to care for yourself, your

Leave Law. Home care aides as a group
child, or other family members.
Over ID-Exposing Receipts have filed the third highest number of paid
If your employer has five or more em-
New York federal judge Thursday sick leave complaints.
ployees, you have a right to paid sick leave.
tossed a case accusing P.C. Richard & OLPS has handled 94 home healthcare
If your employer has fewer than five
Son of exposing customers to identity theft agency cases leading to nearly $200,000 in DCAs OLPS has been shifting its en-
employees, you have a right to unpaid sick
and credit card fraud by printing too much fines and more than $475,000 in restitution forcement resources to focus on industries
card information on receipts, citing the (about 12 percent of total restitution recov- that tend to have higher rates of labor and It is illegal for an employer to retaliate
Supreme Court's landmark Spokeo ruling and ered) on behalf of 6,183 workers, or more employment law violations. against you for requesting or using sick
saying the proposed class lacks standing be- than one third of all workers on behalf of The Office recently sent 39 notices of leave.
cause it alleges a risk of theft but no concrete whom OLPS has recovered restitution investigation and requests for documents to Under federal law, you may also have
injury. under the law in two-plus years of enforce- home health agencies around the city. The the right to take additional unpaid time off
NY Court Revives Breast

ment. agencies include a broad cross-section of from work: Some workers who work for
agencies across the five boroughs, which
Cancer Misdiagnosis Suit Recent New York State Department of employers with more than 50 employees
Health data estimates that the number of collectively employ approximately 33,000 may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave
New York state appeals court on
home care aides working in New York City workers. The investigation will provide a each year to care for themselves or a family
Wednesday partly revived a suit on be-
half of a woman who died of breast cancer, is about 203,100, making them one of the comprehensive look at existing practices member or to bond with a new child. The
ruling that questions remained as to whether largest private sector workforces in the city. around compliance with paid sick leave, leave may be taken all at once or from time
her gynecologist breached care standards by Approximately 700 licensed Home Care and ensure both that employers are clear to time.
not ordering a mammogram after seeing signs Service Agencies operate nearly 850 loca- about their labor and employment law ob- Starting January 2018, most workers
of an unusual breast discharge. tions in the city and dispatch this workforce ligations, and that workers know and can in New York will be eligible to take paid
use their rights. family leave to bond with a new child, care
Senate Passes Bill to Help mostly to private homes. Wage and hour

and other labor and employment law viola- We want to make it clear to this in- for a close relative with a serious health
Terminally Ill Patients tions among this workforce are reportedly dustry, which has had so much trouble condition, or address certain military family
he Senate on Thursday passed by unani- rampant, despite recent reforms meant to complying with the law in the past that needs. The amount of leave and pay will
mous consent a measure designed to raise standards like the States wage par- New York City is paying close attention to phase in over four years, starting at eight
make it easier for terminally ill patients to get ity law and extension of federal wage and its treatment of its workers, who are the un- weeks paid at 50% of the workers salary
access to experimental treatments without hour rights to the workforce. derpinnings of the citys economy. said in 2018.
oversight from the Food and Drug Adminis- DCA Commissioner Lorelei Salas.
tration. The right-to-try legislation has been Right to Organize
LEGAL TERMS You can join together with your
championed by the libertarian Goldwater In- pects to prove
stitute, which has worked to pass similar leg- coworkers in a range of activities about
affirmation: A solemn and formal decla- allege: To assert a fact in a pleading.
islation in 37 states. The federal version, now work issues that matter to you, including
ration under penalties of perjury that a alternate juror: a juror selected as substi-
headed to the House, would bar the govern- whether you want to be represented by a
tute in case another juror must leave the
ment from blocking patients from getting ac- statement is true, without an oath. union. Employers cannot threaten, discrim-
cess to medications that have undergone only affirmed: Upheld, agreed with (e.g.,The jury panel
inate against, or otherwise take action
preliminary testing in humans. Patients first Appellate Court affirmed the judgment of amend: To change.
against you for organizing or talking with
would have to try all other available treat- amicus curiae: A Friend of the Court. A
the City Court). your coworkers about working conditions.
ments and be unable to participate in clinical allegation: the assertion, declaration, or non-party to a proceeding that the Court
For information or to file a complaint,
trials. The bill would provide drug companies statement of a party to an action, made in permits to present its views. contact: U.S. Department of Labor
some legal protection if a treatment results in a pleading, setting out what the party ex- annul: to make void, as to dissolve the 866-487-9243 |;
harm of patients. bonds of marriage

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Maurice D. Maitland, Esq.


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legal advert
Social Security Disability

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Immigration Law

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Ansonia, Connecticut 06401
90-04 161 Street, Suite 301,
718-206-2411 Call Donike or Patrick
203-751-9070 646-761-2770
Jamaica, NY 11432

takes runner-up
spot at Zurich
Diamond League
ouble Olympic champion Elaine
Thompson had to settle for the runner-
up spot in the women's 200m at the Diamond
League meet in Zurich on Thursday.
Thompson who was coming off a vic-
tory in the women's 100m on Sunday at the
Birmingham Diamond League, was beaten
into second in the half lap event, clocking 22
seconds flat to finish behind Bahamian Shau-
nae Miller-Uibo who came from behind to


post a splendid national record of 21.88.
World Championship silver medallist
Members of the St. Kitts & Nevis football team - winner of the Caribbean Cup 2017 during the championship spectacular playoff Marie-Josee Ta Lou of the Ivory Coast did
actions held on Sunday (August 20) in Brooklyn. At the end of regulation time the final score was St. Kitts/Nevis 3 St. 22.09 for third while Dutch woman Dafne

Gayle returns to Windies ODI squad

Vincent/Grenadines - 1. -Photo By Keith A Dawson Schippers was fourth in 22.36. The other Ja-
maican in the event, Simone Facey could
only manage seventh in 22.80 seconds. Ja

Meanwhile, former world record holder M
Asafa Powell finished down the track in the
men's 100meters clocking 10.11 for seventh
amaicans Chris Gayle and Marlon
place. The event was won by Great Britain's
Samuels will make a return to One Day
Chijindu Ujah over Youssef Ben Meite of the
International cricket after being selected in Ivory Coast .
the West Indies 15-man squad for the lim- Both were credited with the same sea-
ited overs leg of their tour of the United son's best of 9.97 seconds. New world cham-
Kingdom. pion Justin Gatlin had to settle for third in
The 37 year old Gayle returns after a 10.04.
three year absence, having last played in a National champion Danielle Williams
One Day International match in March was fourth in the women's 100m hurdles in
2015, while Samuels has not played since 12.73 seconds. Australian world champion
October 2016. The call-ups follow a relax- Sally Pearson took the event in a close finish
ation in Cricket West Indies' criteria in with American Sharika Nelvis both clocking
order to be eligible for selection. 12.55.
Jerome Taylor also makes a return to Kimberly Williams registered 14.41m
the ODI squad, having played his last fourth for 4th in the women's triple jump
which was won by Olga Rypakova with
match in june 2016. A fourth Jamaican,
14.55 meters.
Rovman Powell has also been named to the Meanwhile, in the non-Diamond Trophy
squad. events, Thompson teamed with Christania
However, Trinidadians Sunil Narine Williams, Jura Levy and Simone Facey to an-
and Darren Bravo declined to be consid- chor Jamaica to victory in the women's sprint
ered. According to chairman of selectors Chris Gayle relay clocking 41.85.
Courtney Browne, Narine has said he wants
to play in the regional Super50 before play- Alzarri Joseph, Evin Lewis, Jason Mo- their tour after the third test against England
ing ODIs again while Darren Bravo said he hammed, Ashley Nurse, Miguel Cummins at Headingley on August 25.
was not available for selection. Dwayne and Kesrick Williams. They play an ODI against Ireland on
Bravo has said he is still not 100 percent fit. Kieran powell, Jonathan Carter and September 13, followed by five matches
The unit will be captained by Jason Roston Chase have been dropped from the against England between September 19 and

Reggae Boyz
Holder and also includes Sunil Ambris, De- squad that played against india earlier this 29.
vendra Bishoo, Kyle Hope, Shai Hope, year. West Indies will begin the ODI leg of

clip Soca Warriors

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Michael Binns' 54th minute free kick was
he Reggae Boyz and Trinidad and To- flicked onto goal by another debutant
bago's head to head record now stands Fabian Reid, which led to heavy handball
at 25 wins apiece following their 2-1 win appeals from the Soca Warriors. Trinidad
Artist/Singer Song Writer
by the Reggae Boyz on Thursday in their found the back of the net minutes before
friendly international at the Hasley Craw- the final whistle but the goal was ruled
ford Stadium. offside. Actress MC/Host
Thanks to a brilliant cross from It was the first time since 2010 that Versatile, Vivacious,
Rosario Harriott, debutant Jamiel Hard- the Reggae Boyz were beating Trinidad
ware opened the scoring for the Jamaicans and Tobago. The Reggae Boyz will now
Creative and Talented
in the 7th minute. However, Trinidad and turn their attention to their next interna- For booking and interviews:
Tobago were level just minutes later from tional friendly against Canada on Septem- 718-652-9836 678-462-9626
a long range strike from Kevon Villaroel. ber 2.

Comedian, civil rights

activist Dick Gregory dies
C omedian and civil rights activist Dick
Gregory, who broke barriers in the
1960s and became one of the first African-
Americans to perform comedy at white
clubs, has died. He was 84.
He died Saturday in Washington, the
family said on social media, expressing
their enormous sadness while thanking peo-
ple for the outpouring of love and support.
Gregory recently rescheduled an event

Shape of You making history on Billboard

in Atlanta because he was hospitalized.
"The family appreciates the outpouring of
support and love, and respectfully asks for
Ed Sheeran's Shape of You has tied the record for the most time spent in the top 10 of the their privacy as they grieve during this very
difficult time," Christian Gregory said.
Billboard Hot 100 chart - 32 weeks. The song equals the top 10 run of How Do I Live by "More details will be released over the next
LeAnn Rimes. Shape also passes Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk!, featuring Bruno Mars, few days."
for the most weeks in the top 10 for a song by a solo male. The song is currently number Gregory satirized segregation and
nine on the Billboard hot 100 chart. racial injustice in his acts, and was arrested

Jamaican reggae acts maintain

Richard Dick Claxton Gregory
several times in the 1960s for joining civil October 12, 1932 - August 19, 2017
rights rallies.

key spots on Billboard chart

Fellow civil rights activist Rev. Jesse mayor of Chicago in 1967.
Jackson paid tribute to Gregory. "He taught In a message to fans posted on his In-
us how to laugh. He taught us how to fight. stagram account after he rescheduled the
He taught us how to live," he tweeted. event in Atlanta, Gregory talked about the
Damian Jr. Gong Marley, Sizzla and Chronixx maintain key positions on the Bill- "Dick Gregory was committed to justice. I political climate in the US. "I've so much to
board Reggae Albums Chart. Stony Hill by Marley which peaked in the top spot miss him already." say and can't wait to get out of here and say
Gregory was also a health and spiritual it," he wrote Wednesday. "We have so
has now dropped to number 2. I'm Yours by Sizzla and Chronology from Chronixx
advocate, a motivational speaker and an au- much work still to be done, the ugly reality
occupy the third and fourth spots respectively.
thor. He used his comedy to attack racism, on the news this weekend proves just that."
had movie appearances and even ran for

Leadership that respects voters


Dr Rupert Green Promotes

which have been going strong ten years. As an active community member, he
Dr Green spent 17 years as a NYC DOE has his finger on the pulse of the activities
educator before he was terminated for ex- that are of concern to community members.
posing educational fraud and miseducation He has been a frequent guest on various
of youth. radio programs to discuss matters of concern
He is the co-founder of the Institute for to his community. He seeks to become a city
Hands-on Science, Engineering, and Tech- council member to use his skills and training
nology, a notfor- profit dedicated to provid- to ensure his community is not being left
ing STEM education to disadvantaged out, and that the voices of people in his com-
youth. munity are heard.
He has organized a team of scholars and Candidate Office
researchers from four nations to write for 205-26 113 Ave. St. Albans NY 11412
grants for the purpose. Green has undertaken
numerous activities to help educate adults.
He has published various research articles. 718 526 4264


A Republican candidate for New York City Council District - Queens 27 (Elections 2017)

r Rupert Green migrated from Jamaica Green is a recipient of the New York
35 years ago and is a long time educa- State Challenger scholarship for teachers, he
tors who has undertaken numerous activities was a national Association of Professional
to help improve schools and empower com- Black Business Man of the Year awardee,
munities. and a 113 Precinct Community Council hon-
He has been a fearless champion for oree.
quality education and has the scars to show On moving to Queens from the Bronx,
for his activities. His actions caused Mount he immediately organized his Hollis and St.
Vernon to employ its first Black school su- Albans communities, cleaned up abandoned
perintendent. yards, then organized annual Block parties,
West Indian Carnival, JOuvert Returns to Brooklyn

By NAN Staff Writer
News Americas:
ts back! For another year a thread has sur-
faced on an Internet bulletin board fre-
quented by New York cops who are placing
racist, theoretical bets on how many people
would be cut down by violence during the up-
coming West Indian carnival and the
Caribbean JOuvert events, News Americas
has found.
On Thee Rant, under the thread West
Indian Day Parade / JOuvert Parade
Over/Under, many were betting on the num-
ber of murders, shootings and stabbings that
could occur at the upcoming event.
The bets come as The City of New York
is partnering with Brooklyn Borough Presi-
dent Eric L. Adams and the New York City
Police Department for a safer and later start
to the JOuvert Parade on September 4, 2017.
And as the West Indian American Day
Carnival continues to be saddled by reports
that attribute all the crime that occurs in
Brooklyn on the Labor Day weekend, to the
FDA Registered Hearing Aid!
JOuvert, which means daybreak in
ONLY $299!
Try our Apollo-6200
French, is not affiliated with the West Indian
American Day carnival, which is held from E E
hearing aid risk-free for 45 days.
August 31st at the back of the Brooklyn Mu-
seum and on Labor Day Monday along East-
ern Parkway. TRI
JOuvert has been marred by violence in
the past years and is a celebration that occurs
in the wee hours of early Monday on the
streets of Flatbush and Crown Heights.
On the thread, poster Was In The Bag
predicts 2 Murders (gun), 1 Murder (other
If you like it then pay only $299!
Hearing aids by mail
than gun), 4 Non-lethal gunshot (victims),3
Non-lethal stabbing (victims) at the two
for 38 years
events this year, and included a video posting Comfort fit Crisp clear sound
of Drowning Pools Let The Bodies Hit The Over 650,000
Another poster nicknamed Bozo The satisfied
Cop bets there will be 4 public service
homicides, 2 gunshot survivors, 6 stabbings, customers  100% Risk-FREE
2 ass whippings, 1 head stomping and 2
politicians complaining about the police
while Luigi predicts: 2 shooting DOAs, 6
 45-day home trial
 FREE shipping
shooting non-DOAs, 1 stabbing DOA, 11
stabbing non-DOAs, 26 sexual assaults, nu-
merous non-sexual assaults, 16 heffers with

 Payment plans
wardrobe malfunctions, 32 heffers with ex-
treme grinding injuries.
Poster Lexisman stated: Ill take 2 mur-
ders by gunshot, 4 non lethal shootings and 2 Call for details!

 Licensed hearing aid

stabbings, not likely. And a good time will be
had all.
Posters to Thee Rant are generally active
or retired cops. The site has no connection to dispensers on staff
the NYPD.

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Hundreds Benefit from 47 Precinct School Supplies Giveback Festival

M embers of the NYPD at the 47th Precinct in the Bronx on Thursday (August
24) donated various school supplies - books, pencils and bags to several
hundred students in the community. Inspector Ruel R. Stephenson, Commanding
Officer at the Precinct said the annual School Supplies Giveback Festival was
very successful and praised the local politial, business and religious leaders for
donating items and cash to support the effort.

Councilman Andy King hands bags to children at the School Supplies Giveback Festival
held on Thursday.

Inspector Ruel R. Stephenson, Commanding Officer at the Bronx 47 Precinct packs a bag
for the the children at the School Supplies Giveback Festival held on Thursday.

LOCATIONS: Sadie Campbell of the Jamaica Progessive League, Speaker at New York State Assembly Carl
E. Heastie, June O'Connor of the Garvey School and other members of the Jamaican com-
munity celebrate the 130th Anniversary of Jamaicas first national hero Marcus Mosiah Gar-
BROOKLYN vey on August 17.
Stanley Ave
Utica Ave
White Plains Rd
Richmond Hills, I could not be happier about the job performance of BGA.
They have proven that they are there to help unfortunate
people who are in need of a helping hand. America should be

proud to have them represent those in need.

I would recommend them to anyone -Gil B.

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Rocatone Seafood Restaurant Gets New Look

T he popular Jamaican owned and oper-

ated Rocatone Seafood Restaurant has
taken on new look after the 3740 White
restaurant to better serve the customers.
Creative designer Doran Lewis was
the mastermind behind the redesigning of
Plains Road, Bronx operations was re- the restaurant and other logistical changes.
designed and refurbished during a six-week Rocatone Seafood aims at providing
closure. outstanding customer service and quality
Co-owners Charmaine Keene and Ro- products. Our specialty is in the area of
catone said after 15 years in operations it Seafood and Jamaican Cuisine, Keene ex-
was time to change the appearance of the plains.

Rocatone Seafood Restaurant co-owners/managers (l-r) Charmaine Keene and Rocatone

Rocatone customer services staff


The nation's largest senior living referral service. Contact our trusted, local experts
today! Our service is FREE/no obligation.
CALL 1-855-387-9827 Family members and supporters of Rocatone Seafood Restaurant

Jamaican national Lorna Levy poses in her country of birth col-
ors and flag while attending the 30 Plus Jamaica Independ- Call now: 800-729-1085
ence celebration held on August 12 in Queens.

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The Five Traits of a Great Stylist

D o you think you have what it takes? All
stylists are different and thats part of
what makes this industry so fantastic but
walking out the door, but its another thing en-
tirely to make sure theyre just as happy a
month later. And speaking of honesty: one of
great stylists all possess five definite traits. the number one complaints salons receive by
guests is sticker shock because they didnt
1. Youre a Good Listener know how much something would cost. If you
Finding success as a hair stylist means listen- suggest an add-on or elevated service while
ing to your clients in more ways than one. We your guest is in the chair, make sure you con-
all know the old saying: that hair stylists make vey the added costs.
better therapists than the real deal. Its true that
many of your guests will love rehashing the 4. You Possess Technical Skill and Manual
ups, downs, and dramas of their lives with you Dexterity
(and chances are, youll have fun listening), All the honesty, creativity, and listening skills
but the most significant act of listening youll in the world cant make up for a bad haircut.
undertake as a stylist is during the initial con- Being a good stylist means committedly learn-
sultation with your guest, before their service. ing the ins and outs of several techniques
Dont let the rehashing of their latest work- and staying hungry for more education and
place drama overshadow your obligation to training once you leave school. Weve all
clarify exactly what they want from their serv- heard practice makes perfect throughout our
ice. Before you pick up the shears or mix the lives, but it bears repeating because its true.
color, it is imperative that you and your guest You have to make sure youre familiar with a
have communicated clearly and are on the number of techniques and tools, that you work
same page. on building stamina in your hands, and hone
your ability to keep your energy up while
2. You are Creative and Visual, and You working on your feet all day.
Know how to Make Your Visions a Reality
Part of being a successful hair stylist means 5. You are Adaptable
staying on top of the latest trends, and the truly Bronx top stylist Cavell James tending to her client. Adaptability is the crucible in which the first
great stylists have the skill to integrate those design should let you set a few trends of your 3. You are Honest four requisites come into play. An excellent
trends into their clients personal style. At the own. At the end of the day, what is most im- If a guest wants a look that you think wont stylist is unfazed by changing trends, new
same time, being a slave to fashion can be so portant is you can not only generate a vision, work for them whether due to the cut, the tools, client visions that come way out of left
clich. Your elevated taste and killer eye for but can execute it. color, or the fact that their lifestyle simply field, and the millions of tiny inconveniences
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maintenance you must be able to tactfully know what your day will bring you, so its im-
let them know some other ideas that would perative that youre confident that your cre-
better suit them. A great stylist understands ativity, vision, and skill can all come into play
how a look will work and wear in the long to help you achieve a stellar result and a happy
term, and can identify whether its a good fit guest no matter what pops up.
for the guest. Its one thing for your client to
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Pharmacist Sorrow continues in Nazerah Bugg case

Convicted of Illegally HACKENSACK, NJ: But Dennis and Johnson,
Distributing Opioids echnically, there was jus- while not gunning for the girls,

from Pill Mills

tice in a Hackensack NJ were there to shoot. Johnson

courtroom Friday. Jeavonte was 20, attending community
CAMDEA: Dennis was sentenced to 45 college. Dennis was 17, a drug
Medford, New Jersey, pharmacist was years in prison and Nyje John- dealer and alleged member of
convicted today for his role in illegally son to 22 years for the gang-re- the Paterson gang known as 230
distributing and dispensing oxycodone from lated murder of Nazerah Bugg its named after a liquor store.
two pharmacies located in Medford, Acting and the wounding of Nylijah The two, along with three other
U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick an- Albert. men, came to that fateful corner
nounced last week. The men will spend in a black BMW looking for re-
Michael Ludwikowski, 45, the owner of decades in prison. But for the venge for a gang-related shoot-
Olde Medford Pharmacy and Medford Fam- families of the victims, that ing that happened earlier that
ily Pharmacy, was convicted of six counts in does not change an irreversible day.
an indictment charging him with illegally
outcome. Whether they came to the
distributing and dispensing oxycodone, a
One girl was murdered, the Jeavonte Dennis (2nd l) was sentenced to 45 years in prison and corner intending to kill Bugg,
Schedule II controlled substance, and main-
taining a drug-involved premises. He was other injured, because they Nyje Johnson (4th l) to 22 years for the gang-related murder they came with guns. Someone
convicted following a five-week trial before were in the wrong place at the of Nazerah Bugg and the wounding of Nylijah Albert. was bound to die.
U.S. District Judge Jerome B. Simandle in wrong time. We cannot find comfort in
petty thugs with pistols and North Main and Clinton streets,
Camden federal court. The jury deliberated And that sums up the prob- the sentences handed down by
gang allegiances determine who where they were shot, should
for three days before returning the guilty ver- lem in Paterson, where the Judge James J. Guida. The two
lives and who dies. It was not have belonged to them. The
dict. shootings occurred on Sept. 20, mens sentences will run con-
Bugg and Albert who were in girls were doing nothing to pro-
The trial follows the guilty plea of co- 2014, and in other cities where currently.
defendant David M. Goldfield, also a phar- the wrong place. The corner of voke acts of violence.
macist (who Ludwikowski had hired to work
at Olde Medford Pharmacy), to engaging in
a conspiracy to dispense controlled sub- HIGH-SPEED INTERNET
stances with Ludwikowski, and the pleas of
Dontees Jones, Matthew Lawson, and
Patrick Clark, all long-term customers of
Ludwikowski, and Krystal Wood, a former
employee of Olde Medford Pharmacy.

Jerry Lewis died


erry Lewis, the manic, rubber-faced
showman who jumped and hollered to
fame in a lucrative partnership with Dean
Martin, settled down to become a self-con-
scious screen auteur and found an even
greater following as the tireless, teary host
of the annual muscular dystrophy telethons,
has died. He was 91.
Publicist Candi Cazau said Lewis died Sun-
day of natural causes in Las Vegas with his
family by his side.
Lewis career spanned the history of show
business in the 20th century, beginning in his
parents vaudeville act at the age of 5. He
was just 20 when his pairing with Martin
made them international stars. He went on to WHY HUGHESNET?
make such favorites as The Bellboy and
The Nutty Professor, was featured in Mar-
tin Scorseses The King of Comedy and
High-Speed Performance
appeared as himself in Billy Crystals Mr.
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5 Surprising Truths About Trusting a Partner With a Past

Dr. Duana Welch,
Relationship Coach and
author of Love Factually
ho can you trust? Thats the
gamble, and when it comes to
choosing a partner, fidelity is a core
aspect most of us require. Yet the
adage, once a cheater, always a
cheater, isnt always true. Here are
five guidelines you can use right now
to make the wisest choice if you find
yourself drawn to a partner with a

1.Weigh Their Past

Factually, odds are highest that your
sweetie will treat your relationship
boundaries like they treated those to their habits. All relationships go circumstances, its likely best to avoid
boundaries in other relationships. In through stresses. Are you okay with everyone with a history of infidelity,
study after study, past behavior is a partner whose default is soothing no matter what might indicate it
your crystal ball; its the single best themselves in anothers arms? wouldnt recur. Living with constant
predictor of how any of us will be- fear is contrary to loving yourself, and
have, given similar circumstances. 4. Explore Their Insight besides, most people have never
Its one reason why someone who What reasons does your new love cheated on anyone. Choose from
The hottest place
cheated with you is likely to cheat on give for their past infidelity? Do they among them! to meet Latinos!
you. Overlook this rule of thumb, and offer excusesor remorse? Do they So, who can you trust? You can
youll get hurt again and again. Peo- give themselves a passor did they trust everyoneto be who they already
ple tend to do what and whom they commit to change even if they were are. Take a clear-eyed view of your
have done before. never caught, because in their view, partner; accept that you arent going Try FREE: 888-411-7538
affairs are wrong and they dont want to change them; weigh the available
2. Note Their Timing to catch themselves violating their evidence; and get honest about your 18+
The recent past is particularly impor- own moral code? Do they accept re- own comfort level.
tant. How long ago was the affair? A sponsibility for their choices and be-
person who cheated last month and havior, or do they pawn it off on their
says it wont happen again might be exs failings?
telling the truth. But the person who Its a safer bet for you if your
had an affair once, ten years ago, and would-be mate takes it all on the
never did it again, is far safer. chin: my fault, my responsibility, and
Timing also matters in the con- my choices led to this. Remember the
text of their former relationship. saying, the first step to change is
Most people, including people who knowing you have a problem? Own-
have had an affair, arent willful phi- ership is key. If your date defends,
landerers. But a statistically small excuses, and finds just cause for their
group sees getting some strange past infidelity, prepare for more.
as that is as their right. If theyve
cheated early in the passionate love 5. Consider Yourself
phase of a relationshipduring seri- During prep for this article, I heard
ous exclusive dating, engagement, or from many people who basically
in the honeymoon phase of mar- said, Even if you gave me all the
riagethats a red flag youre with data on best-cases, I would never
one of them. again date someone who cheated. A
partner was unfaithful to me, and I
3. Examine Their Habits would always be waiting for the
Was their cheating a one-night, one- other shoe to drop. Or, I trusted
time thing, or something they turned someone with a past, and they
to often? Repeated acts are likelier to cheated on me too.
recur; they become habits. And espe- If thats you, the psychological
cially in stressful times, people return strain is just not worth it. Under those

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Richard David, candidate for City Council in district 28 (with baby) advocates for the re-
opening of the Baisley Park Houses community center and for more after school pro-
grams for children in the community during a public meeting Wednesday August 23.

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A new study found little evidence that
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Coronary Artery Risk Development in
in young adults with normal kidney func-
tion may not translate into a clinically
meaningful difference and may be insuffi-
pears in an upcoming issue of the Clinical Young Adults (CARDIA) study, which con- cient to inform decision-making concerning
Journal of the American Society of tained re- peated assessments of marijuana use; however, it is possible that
Nephrology (CJASN). mari- juana use and kidney out- the association between marijuana use and
Because marijuana is becoming comes. kidney function could be different in other
increasingly accepted in the United The team found that at populations such as older adults or patients
States, there is a critical need for studies the start of the study, individu- with kidney disease, so additional research
examining its risks and benefits. Re- als with higher is needed," said Dr. Ishida.
garding kidney health, animal studies marijuana use had In a recent study of healthy young
suggest that marijuana might affect kid- lower kidney function. adults, marijuana use was not associated
ney function, but data in humans are lim- Upon follow-up, with change in kidney function over time or
ited. however, marijuana use was the appearance of albumin in the urine,
In the first study of its kind, Julie not associated with change in which is a sign of kidney damage. Addi-
Ishida, MD, MAS (University of Califor- k i d n e y function over time or the ap- tional studies are needed to assess the ef-
nia, San Francisco and San Francisco VA pearance of albumin in the urine, which is fects of marijuana in older adults and
Medical Center) and her colleagues exam- a sign of kidney damage. patients with kidney disease.
ined the potential links between marijuana "Results from our observational study Source: American Society of Nephrology.

BP Adams invites talk on

Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis NUTRICARE
rooklyn Borough President By GLORIA BENT, MS, RD, CDN

Good eating habits!

Eric L. Adams recently ex- Nutritionist
tended an invitation to all New
Questions & Comments:
Yorkers, especially medical industry
professionals and his health-con-
scious neighbors, to attend a public
conversation he is hosting with in-
fluential physician Michael Greger,
MD, the New York Times best-sell- Courtesy of 3. Keep track of what you eat. When you
ing author of How Not to Die. The American Heart Association keep track of what you eat, you're more likely
Borough President Adams has
to meet your food goals. Studies show that
credited his book, which focuses on
the role of diet in preventing, stop- 1. Keep portions smaller than your fist. Its keeping a food log or diary helps people lose
ping, and reversing chronic disease, Eric L. Adams easy to overeat when you have too much food weight and keep it off.
as a catalyst in successfully turning Brooklyn Borough President on your plate. Smaller portions help prevent 4. Make trade-offs to reduce how much
around his Type 2 diabetes diagno- overeating. Overeating can make health prob- sodium, saturate and trans fat and sugar
sis last year. that frankly helped save my life, lems worse, especially if you have diabetes. you eat. Foods high in fat and sugar are often
He will present the talk in the said Borough President Adams. One way to control overeating is to reduce por- high in calories, too. But that doesn't mean you
Courtroom of Brooklyn Borough Nutrition education is nowhere
Hall on Friday, September 8th at near prioritized enough in our doc-
tion sizes when you eat. have to give up your favorite foods. Learn to
6:00 PM in partnership with the tors offices, hospitals, and schools, For most foods, a reasonable portion is make trade-offs instead. If you want to indulge
Coalition for Healthy School Food, leaving people without a vitally im- to 1 cup about the size of a womans fist. in your favorite dessert, enjoy a smaller portion
a nonprofit organization he is work- portant tool in their battles against Even if your fist is larger than that, it is still a and eat a lower-calorie meal.
ing with to help introduce and pro- chronic diseases. I have recom- handy measuring tool that goes everywhere
mote plant-based nutrition in the mended Dr. Gregers book to every- you go. Just keep your portions smaller than 5. Enjoy more physical activity. As you al-
boroughs school cafeterias. one I have met in the last year, and
your fist. ready know, regular physical activity is impor-
Borough President Adams I am thrilled that he can share his
highlighted the impact that Dr. knowledge in person to our bor- The two most common exceptions are: tant for keeping your heart healthy. Increasing
Gregers work has had on his life, ough. It is my mission to show my Lean meat, chicken and fish. For these foods, physical activity may help you lose weight and
and what he believes his message fellow Brooklynites that food can keep portions the size of a deck of cards (about strengthen your heart at the same time. If you
on preventive health care can help be our medicine. half the size of your fist) and trim all visible feel you need extra support to lose weight, look
all Brooklynites. The good news is that we fats before cooking. for a weight-loss program that's been proven
This is an incredible opportu- have tremendous power over our Plain vegetables, including salads without safe and successful.
nity for the residents of our region health destiny and longevity, said
Dr. Greger.
dressing. You can have as much as you want Look for a program that:
to hear from one of the leading
voices in clinical nutrition, a voice because these foods are nutritious, filling and Stresses a healthy eating plan (low in saturated
low in calories. fat, trans fat, added sugar and sodium, with
plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean
2. Control your hunger with filling foods poultry, meat and fish, and fat-free or low-fat
that are low in calories. Foods such as lower- dairy).
sodium soup, salad, fruits and vegetables can Includes daily physical activity.
help fill you up without adding a lot of calories. Gives you personal support from a group,
These foods will satisfy hunger and help you buddy or dietitian.
lose weight. Does not deprive you of the foods you enjoy.
Research shows that people feel less hun- Has a system to help you keep track of what
gry when they eat a certain volume (amount) you eat and drink.
of food. High-fiber foods, such as fruits and Recommends a gradual weight loss of 1 to 2
vegetables, can provide a feeling of fullness pounds per week until a healthy weight is
and also digest slowly. That helps you feel sat- reached.
isfied longer so you eat less.

Highlighting the opportunities and challenges of local business

How Does Cosigning a Loan Affect Your Credit?

C osigning for a loan is an action
that should never be taken
lightly, as it can have very serious
to risk your credit helps the bor-
rower get the loan and can help
them build a positive credit history.
Hire a Lawyer
While cosigning a loan is
implications for your credit history. If the person you cosign for largely a personal decision, a de-
The reason youre asked to cosign defaults on the loan, you are re- fault by the co-borrower can leave
a loan is usually because the credit sponsible for paying back the debt. you holding the bag. You may want
applicant did not meet the require- The unpaid debt will appear on to hire an attorney before cosigning
ments to qualify for a loan on their your credit report, seriously DAM- to get the best advice and counsel-
own. AGING YOUR CREDIT and per- ing regarding your options. A
Your signature on the loan im- haps your ability to qualify for new lawyer can help you draft a written
plies that you are allowing the main credit. If left unpaid, it could also contract to protect your interests
credit applicant to borrow your lead to collection accounts and fur- beforehand.
good credit. It also means you ther damage your creditworthiness. This article is provided for
agree to abide by the terms of the general guidance and information.
loan. If the borrower defaults, you Who Cosigns for Loans? It is not intended as, nor should it
are obligated to pay off the balance Business associates, family be construed to be, legal, financial
to resolve the total amount. members, spouses and friends all or other professional advice. Please
The cosigned loan will AP- have the option to cosign for a loan. consult with your attorney or finan-
PEAR ON YOUR CREDIT RE- However, many financial experts Friendships and relationships You Are in Control cial advisor to discuss any legal or
PORT and can directly affect your are quick to advise that you use can be ruined if a co-borrower de- As a financially responsible indi- financial issues involved with
credit as a debt owed. If you choose caution before you combine your faults on a loan. If there is a danger vidualand one who strives to credit decisions.
to apply for additional credit of credit with anyone elses through a of default, contact your lender and avoid life in the redyou have the Published by permission from
your own, lenders may consider the cosigned loan. Open communica- ask if you can set up a different ability, and responsibility, to weigh, Inc., an Exper-
debt from the cosigned loan when tion with the co-borrower is essen- payment schedule or adjust the the risks of cosigning a loan. Be- ian company. 2017 Consumer-
deciding whether or not to extend tial. Make sure they fully loans interest rate. Turning the fore you sign on the dotted line, re-, Inc. All rights reserved.
additional credit. understand their responsibilities other cheek can only make the sit- view your own credit and
Ideally, the person you cosign and that there is a clear understand- uation worse. Your good credit is at understand how taking on addi-
for is reliable, never late and never ing of how the debt will be man- stake. tional debt can impact your credit.
misses a payment. Your willingness aged.

Dont Fall Victim to Financial

Distress Caused by Credit Card Debt
Credit counseling is the easiest, most effective way to explore the options for
credit card debt and identify the best solution for your needs.
ments go toward your debt instead of
adding more interest which means
you can get out of debt faster. Every
financial situation is different, but
most people see their total monthly
debt payments reduced by up to 30
to 50 percent as they get out of debt
faster. The program is usually com- youre able to build a positive cred-
pleted in around 40-60 payments, it history while reducing your overall
so you can be debt-free in just a few debt level. As a result, some people see
HIGH MONTHLY CREDIT CARD CREDIT COUNSELING IS THE years instead of taking decades to their credit score even increase over the
PAYMENTS combined with even EASIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE WAY eliminate everything you owe. course of their time with a credit coun-
higher interest rates can make it al- TO EXPLORE THE OPTIONS seling service.
most impossible to maintain control FOR CREDIT CARD DEBT AND Its the fastest and easiest to
over your credit card debt. Even with IDENTIFY THE BEST SOLUTION FREEDOM FROM DEBT IS
your monthly payments you may not FOR YOUR NEEDS. Speak with a
get professional financial POSSIBLE! Dont spend another
see much of a reduction in debt no certified credit counselor at no charge advice without incurring sleepless night worrying about your
matter what you do. to analyze your debt and budget. They another bill to do it. debt problems, or another day stressed
will review your options to see what about your bills instead of focused on
Whats more, as your credit card bal- solutions may work best for you. Your your family and life.
ances increase, it can also cause prob- credit counselor may be able to lower Build a Positive Credit History Call Consolidated Credit now at
lems for your budget you end up jug- high interest rates or even eliminate Additionally, consolidating debt-
gling bills, choosing between expenses, them while consolidating your credit through a certified credit counseling 1-800-721-4370
and putting off important purchases. card debts into one easy payment service may help save your credit score to speak with a certified credit
Luckily, theres a way you can find the through a debt management program. from additional damage. You stop fu- counselor today.
solution that works for your unique fi- ture penalties and prevent further dam-
nancial situation and even better, it Get Out of Debt Faster age from missed payments and over-
wont cost a thing to get the informa- As a result of those lower interest drawn credit lines. Even better, as you
tion you need. rates more of your monthly pay- work your way through the program, (Fees may apply for voluntary participation in debt management - all
counseling services are free.)

Start June 14, 2017 

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