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High PressureSodium-7Oto l50Watts, Mercury Vapor - I OO to 25O Watts'

Low Pressure Sodium - 35 Watts



A gasket seat insures moisture seal between photo-
electric control and control receptacle. Ballast,
terminal board and socket are one iniegral replace-
Now available in high efiiciency, low consumption
sodium lamps. Select from 35 watt low pressure
sodium, 70, 100 or 150 watt high pressure sodium,
able unit. Easy lamp replacernent. or 100, 175 and 250 watt mercury vapor units.


The die-cast aluminum head is manufactured to
interior EEI-NEMA dimension standards. A hydro-
? formed aluminum reflector yields maximum effi-
ciencies. Toggle latches and all hardware are of
Q-.g, corrosion-resistant materials. Fully insulated wet
process mogul lamp socket with nickel-plated brass
f contacts has a spring-loaded center contact.


Available in qlass, acrylic or polycarbonate
refractors with prismatic construction to assure
precise IES type distribution patterns, select Type
Low Pressure
ll, ll-4 way (glass refracior only), lll or V. The open-
bottom relractor requires no cleani ng-insects
are never a problem. Closed-bottom refractors
opiionally available.

COMPLETE LIGHTING PACKAGE Quickly attached to the 24" aluminum mast arm by
EveMhing but the pole in one package complete a 1%" slipfitier with only 2 cap screws; leveling is
with f ixture, lamp, photoelectric control, wire, mast provided by a third cap screw. Terminal board with
arm and mounting hardware. Speeds installaiion
and simplifies orderinq, warehousing and inven-
tory. The Package "8" is more prof itable for resi
pressure connectots accomrnodates wire sizes
to +8. Fixture is furnished with f ive foot leadwires.
Phoioelectric control is easily attached io the
dential, rural, and security liqhtinq applications. f riction-lock type control receptacle.


Mercury Vapor 17.2,, 12%"

High Pressure Sodium 17y2" 12%"
Low Pressure Sodium 21%" 12%"

F-B-__ >l


Luminaire shall be ITT Outdoor Llghting Package Ballast shall be (mercury vapor 240 volt reactor or
B ' catalog number for (35, 70, 120 volt high reactance, high pressure sodium 120
100, 150, 175,25O) watt (mercury vapor, high volt reactor or 240 volt lag auto, low pressure
pressure sodium, low pressure sodjum) lamp for sodium 120 or 240 volt lag auto) type rated
(120, 2401 volt operat jon watts.
Luminaire housing shall be of die-cast aluminum. Sockel shall have nickel-plated brass conlacts.
Housing shail meet nterior EEI-NEl\/lA dimension Center contact shall be spring-loaded. Socket base
standards. Housing shall include a sing le-bolt level- -shall be {ully insulated wet-process porcelain.
ing device operating in conjunction with slipfitter
Terminal board shall have pressure connectors to
n'rounting screws.
accommodate wire sizes to +8.
Rellector shall be cydroforn'ed from
Slipfitter mounting shail be {or use with 1%" pipe
sheet aluminum and shall conforrn to all
size mast arm.
d mensions as outlined in applicable EEI-NEMA
standards. Reflector is aitached to the lumlnaire Package contents shall consist of one luminaire,
housing by means of two toggle latches. one clear (mercury vapor, high pressure sodium.
low pressure sodium) lamp, one 1%" x24" alrmi-
Relractor shall be made of (borosilicate glass,
num mast arm, one 120 volt A.C. photoelectrlc
acrylic polycarbonate) and shall be of (open
control, 5' #12 lead wires, two %" x 3" galvanized
closed) bottomed design with straight sides effect-
lag screws and one %" x l0" galvanized thru-bolt
ing light d istribution pattern lEStype (ll, ll-4way, lil,
V.) The refractor shall be attached io the reflector. Finish on head shall be aluminum.
ordering data

(Optional) Giass Fletractor Slandard Acrylic Belractor (Optional) Polycarbonale Fetracld

wt. Lbs. Cataloq Number wl.-Lbs. Cataloq Nunber Wt Lbs Ca:alog Number


70 watt, 120 volt 19 11-570E5-0/Pks. B 12 11-570E5-6/Pkg B 13 1 1-570Es-B/Pks. B
70 watt. 240 volt 23 11-573E5-0/Pkg. B 16 1 1-573E5-6/Pks. B 17 11 573E5 8/Pkg B
100 wait 120 volt 20 11-57015-0/Pkg. B 13 11-57015-6/Pks. B 14 1 1-5701 s-8/Pkq. B
100 watt. 240 vo t 24 11-57315-0/Pks. B 17 11-57315-6/Pkg. B 18 1 1-5731s-B/Pks B
1 50 wati. 120 vo t' 21 11-57065-0/Pkg. B 14 11-57065-6/Pks. B 15 11-57065-8/Pkg. B
150 watt. 240 volt' 25 11-57s65-0/Pks. B 18 11 57365 6/Pkg. B 19 1 1-57s65-8/Pkg. B
1 00 watt. 120 vo t 19 11-1815-0/Pks. B 12 1 1-1815-6/Pkq. B 13 1 1-1 81 s-B/Pks. B
100 watt. 240 vo t 19 11-1615-0/Pks B 12 1 1-1615-6/Pkg. B 13 1 1-1615-B/Pks. B
1 75 watt, 120 volt 19 11 1825-0/Pkg. B 12 1 1-1825-6/Pks. B 13 1 1-1825-8/Pkq B
175 vlatt. 240 volt 19 11 1625-0/Pkg. B 12 11-1625-6/Pkg. B 13 1 1-1625-8/Pkg. B
250 watt 120 volt 19 11-1835-0/Pkg B 12 11-1835-6/Pkg. B 13 11-1835-8/Pkg. B
250 watt. 240 volt 19 1 1-1 635-o/Pks. B 12 11-1635-6/Pks. B 13 11-1635-8i Pkg. B
35 watt, 1 20 volt {H PF) 25 11-85C5-0/Pkq. B 15 11-85C5-6/Pkg. B '16 11-85C5-B/Pks.
35 watt, 240 volt (HPF) 25 11-79C5-0/Pkg. B 15 1 1-79C5-6/Pkq. B 16 1 1-79C5-B/Pkq.
35 watt, 120 vo t (NPFJ 22 1 1-91Cs-o/Pkg. B 12 1 1-91C5-6/Pkg. B 13 1 1-91Cs-B/Pkg.
35 watt 240 volt (NPFI 22 1 1-96C5-0/Pks. B 12 1 1-96C5-6/Pkg. B 13 1 1-96C5-B/Pkq.
Units for 55 volt lamp; contact factory tar 104 volt lamp unit intormation.

1 Cata og nurnbers shown above are for IES Type V liqht distri- un ess othenvise specif ed
bution. A so ava lable in types ll and Ill. To order change the 3 Package B isasoavai ablewththefo owrng modifrcairons:
last dig t of thc calalog number to des red number iExarnp e 2" sliplitter grounding lug.1%" x 30" mastarms. and other
ll-lBl2 O/Pkq B. Type ll l lamp types. Specify if requ red
2 A I 120 volt lixtures wrred for and sLrpp ed rirth 120 vo t A C 4 For iudher inlorrnatron conlact your oca ITT Outdoor L ght ng
photoe -.ct c control A I 240 volt f ixtures wired f oa th ree wire representat vc or ITT Outdoor Lrg htrng Southav-on N/ ssis-
operation and s upplied w th I20 vo t photoelectric control s pp 38671 telephone 601 342-1545 or te ex 053-952

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Secuflry L shrinq Sect on fo o 82
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