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Bob Eisenmann willingly shares the following 49 years

of industrial knowledge and experience:
o 1964-1972: Shell Oil & Northern Petrochemical
operating plant work in design, construction, oper-
ations, and maintenance.
o 1972-1976: machinery consulting work with Dow
Industrial, followed by Endevco.
Robert C. Eisenmann, Sr. Summary o 1976-1981: Bently Nevada as Sr. Field Engineer
This 4-day event represents a unique opportunity to o 1981-1984: Bently Nevada as V.P. of World Wide
President of Wilpat, Inc. examine the three fundamental aspects for solving Sales & Service.
machinery problems. This includes an understanding o 1985-2000: Founded and managed consulting
of basic Machinery configuration, the company Machinery Diagnostics, Inc.
With additional field case histories and utilization of rotordynamic Modeling to o 2000-2007: Sulzer Hickham as Principal Mechan-
predict machinery behavior, and the ical Engineer for troubleshooting, vibration analy-
animations of rotor behavior, I offer the application of static plus dynamic sis, plus rotordynamic calculations, & evaluation.
following updated engineering seminar: Measurements to accurately doc- o 2007-2010: GE Energy as Director of Global Ma-
ument and properly interpret the chinery Diagnostics Services.
field vibration response data. As o 2010 to Present: Wilpat, Inc. dedicated to training
demonstrated in this course, the personnel in machinery diagnosis.
Machinery Malfunction interrelationship of these characteristics expedites o Author of multiple lectures and papers in addition
problem diagnosis, followed by the implementation of to the 820-page text Machinery Malfunction Diag-
Diagnosis and Correction appropriate corrective procedures. Throughout this
seminar, basic engineering concepts are expanded to
nosis and Correction
o Cat IV instructor for Mobius Institute, training in
explain this technology in understandable terms, and accordance with ISO standard 18436-2.
October 21 to 24, 2013 multiple case histories are presented. The foundation o Retired registered Professional Engineer in Illi-
for this course is the 820-page book: Machinery Mal- nois, Nevada, and Texas,
function Diagnosis & CorrectionVibration Analysis o A lifetime member of ASME, and NSPE.
La Porte, Texas and Troubleshooting for the Process Industries by o Mechanical engineering graduate of the Illinois
Robert C. Eisenmann, Sr., & Robert C. Eisenmann, Jr. Institute of Technology.

Course Topics
Dynamic Motion Fundamentals
Transducer Characteristics
Machinery Mechanical Characteristics
Machinery Modeling
Dynamic Signal Characteristics
Data Acquisition and Processing
Common Malfunctions
Unique Malfunctions
Mechanical Corrections: Rotor Balancing
Mechanical Corrections: Machinery Alignment
To register, or obtain additional
information, please contact
Bob Eisenmann at:

Wilpat, Inc.
10814 Cornwall Lane
Missouri City, Texas 77459
Tel: (281) 778-8531
Cell: (281) 658-3533
Fax (281) 778-3564

Seminar Registration Fee: $2,350.00

Please use the following link for more detailed

Attendance Seminar Location seminar information, and to submit the on-line
Recommended for engineers and technicians involved Sulzer Turbo Services registration form:
in design, operation, or maintenance of mechanical 11518 Old La Porte Road
equipment. Participants should have some direct field La Porte, Texas 77571
experience with rotating machinery. A Bachelors de- (713) 567-2770
gree or equivalent knowledge of basic college-level
mathematics would be helpful. For a developing ma- October 21 to 24, 2013 (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) In addition to Checks and Company Purchase
chinery engineer, this seminar provides an excellent Orders, we also accept:
Course Deliverables
introduction into the field of rotating machinery prob-
Hard copy binder of all Seminar presentations
lem solving. For an experienced engineer, this course
provides additional perspectives into methodologies CD Rom containing the following information:
for solving equipment problems. PDF copy of all PowerPoint presentations
PDF copy of the book Machinery Malfunction
Diagnosis and Correction
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets of useful ma-
chinery engineering calculations
Certificate of Completion
Daily Lunch plus morning and afternoon breaks
Four shop tours through Sulzer Turbo Services
Course Presentation
This educational event is presented in a conference
room environment to provide ample opportunity for
open communication and direct response to questions.
Since there is limited attendance, please register early,
and reserve your place at the table.