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FDP101x Foundation Program in ICT for Education by IIT Bombay

Course Journal: Week 1

Learning Objectives
1. To identify various ICT devices and applications useful in teaching learning.
2. To develop awareness towards ethical practices for the use of ICT in
3. To make use of best practices for information dissemination using ICT.

Classroom Environment
Teacher teaches and the student asks doubts
Teacher teaches and questions the students by providing example problems
Both teacher and student discusses the content and analyses

LEDs Learning dialogues

1. What is the equivalent of instructor videos is a physical classroom?
Ans. The teacher lecturing and discussing the contents such as slides.
2. What additional feature does the video provide in an online setting?
Ans. In an online setting, video provides Illustration and Demonstrations.
Moreover, everything is crisp and clear

LBDs Learning by doing activities

3. What advantage do you see in answering practise questions immediately
after LeD videos?
Ans. Our concentration on class increases. Analytical capacity increases. It
reinforces certain key concepts discussed in the class.
4. What is the function of an Assimilation Quiz (AQ)?
Ans. It checks our aptitude and our depth of knowledge about different modules
learned by us.
5. What are the advantages of having a structural group discussion with a focus
question and specific instructions?
Ans. It provides us opportunity to brainstorm different ideas. Improve ideas based
on the suggestions put forward by other students. With specific instructions the
discussion would not digress.
Basics of ICT
We can store data, manipulate and send them which is the basis of ICT.

6. Write one advantage of maintaining a course journal.

Ans. Helps in the revision of what one has studied.