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About the Author

Anne Geraghty, Ph.D . Clinical Psychology

- here with Martin, her husband and Shadow

Anne Geraghty has run workshops on love and relation-

ships all over the world. She has written several books on
relationships and is now writing a book on death.

I felt, I had found another Key Anne says:

Biosa is a non-carbonated beverage consisting of a mixture I have always been curious about
of organically grown aromatic herbs, other plants and Mo- how the body and the mind are intercon-
lasses. This mixture is then fermented by the action of Lac- nected. Many more years ago than I care
tobacilli cultures , also known as Probiotics. It has a pun- to remember, my Ph.D. research looked at
gent yet pleasurable taste and is aimed at re-establishing a how children evolve an understanding of
healthy digestive tract that is vital for the health and well-
the world in direct tandem with the evolu-
being of humans, animals and plants. tion of their bodily skills. As a Clinical Psy-
chologist I later realized how our happi-
My husband, Martin, came across Biosa when looking for ness as human beings also involves not
top quality health products for his shop. We each tried a only our psychology but also our bodies. I
sample for ourselves and also gave it to our dogs. The re- learned to listen to the energy of situa-
sults were so astonishing we investigated further and dis- tions rather than only the events. I discov-
covered that this product is not only for humans and pets, ered that to breathe and feel is as impor-
but also for horses, farm animals, plants, compost and tant as to think and speak. And I found
even the soil itself. that when we attune to the subtle sensa-
tions of the body, a different wisdom be-
I spoke with Niels Wandler, one of the people primarily comes available that holds important keys
involved in the manufacture and distribution of Biosa for our health and happiness. When I dis-
products including the twin Original Vita Biosa. My first covered Biosa,
question was, Given that this product is so amazingly ef-
fective, and I know it is because I have seen the astonish- I felt I had found another key.
ing results of using it, why is it not better known and more
widely available?

He said that before he explained the history of Biosa he would like to hear what
exactly had impressed us so much when we began to take Biosa ourselves.

I told him that I lost my sugar craving and, without changing my diet, except for less
chocolate and sweets, I began to lose weight. My hair became shinier and my complexion, more lus-
trous. In general both my husband and I felt we had more energy and better digestion. People
told us we looked well. And we felt it. We have no particular illness so for us it had been a gen-
eralized increase in well-being; more dramatic had been what had happened for one of our
dogs, Shadow.
Shadow is far from a shadow, he is a large black dog, handsome, full of life and intelligence.
His father was a working gun dog, a Labrador, and his mother, a working Collie, but Shadow
was his name as a puppy. Shadow is gun-shy and so instead of becoming a working dog, he
was given to a family who lived in a city. They loved him but could not give him the stimulation
and engagement he needed. He was left alone all day. In his boredom, he began to chew furni-
ture and was then shut into a small cage while the family were out at work and school. Not at
all the life an active intelligent dog needs.

Eventually they realized they could not cope with him and so, at three years old, he came to
us. When he arrived he was enormously fat. They had not been able to train him and so he
had only walked out with a halti-collar and had rarely been able to run free. He also had mites
in his ears and terrible digestive trouble. The two young girls of the family had adored him and
fed him chocolate and cuddles. The chocolate had harmed his digestion; the cuddles led him
to think he was a young girl. When we first took him for walks he would ignore other dogs
completely but run up to young girls to play.

Within six weeks of training and long walks, Shadow had lost weight, his ear-mites had cleared
up never to return, and he had learned to walk to heel and obey us. The speed of his learning,
however, was not due to our training techniques; he was extremely intelligent, grasping im-
mediately what was wanted and was eager to learn. Though we had to be authoritative and
not let him get away with anything, because like all intelligent creatures he liked to do things
his own way rather than ours. It was very satisfying to see him learning to be a dog again.

Shadow thrived. He loved the discipline and walks, his new sleek and handsome shape
was much admired and he rewarded us with a deep loyalty and joy in life. He was a fulfilled
and happy dog in every way, except for his digestive trouble.

He had chronic diarrhea and extremely smelly flatulence. We tried different kinds of food for
sensitive stomachs, a gluten free diet and we gave him food supplements, acidophilus, Probi-
otics of various kinds. We even gave him antibiotics in case it was an amoebic dysentery of
some kind. To some extent these alleviated the problem, but nothing actually cured it. And so
we learned to live with his poor digestion, his diarrhea and his flatulence, and visitors just had
to put up with the unpleasant smells that wafted over us periodically. And then we discovered

Within six days of a tablespoon of Biosa with his dinner, Shadow was a new dog.
He no longer had loose stools and his flatulence had completely disappeared. If I had not seen
this transformation myself, I would not have believed such a thing possible. Biosa had man-
aged to cure in six days what three years of other treatments had failed to. Not only were his
digestive difficulties cured, his coat became even shinier, his energy levels rose and he became
the truly magnificent dog he was always meant to be. It is wonderful to see him now in his
prime with his shiny coat, bright eyes and sleek and super-fit condition.
I told Niels that we now feed all our animals Biosa routinely and every single one is responding
positively. We can see the benefits in their bright eyes, glossy coats, increased energy and

So back to my original question, Niels why is such a remarkable product not more
widely known?

He told me that first he would have to go back a bit into the history of Biosa, what it is made
from and how it was developed.

Niels is Danish though now lives in Canada. He originally worked in mechanically controlled
waste management. Over time it became apparent, with especially organically contaminated
process water, mechanical treatment wasnt able to satisfy the limits
for discharging, a kind of biological polishing step was necessary. In-
stead of inducing bacteria associated with each single medium, his
vision was to have a single solution to decompose all kinds of or-
ganic matters in contaminated waters.

Niels was introduced to Japanese multi bacterial technology - It was

love at first sight he said. I suddenly thought of Pandora's box;
we humans have let many dark and dangerous things out from Pan-
doras box, but the last creature to emerge was Hope. It became clear to me that our planet
has the tools to heal itself by using the tiniest and most primitive, yet intelligent forms of life,
if we humans will only let them. In other words, he told me, the problem became the solu-

He explained that microorganisms were both the cause of putrefaction and decay, and also
held the answers, for example to the smells and possible dangers from emerging detrimental

Micro- organisms he told me, have been around long before humans. They were the first
forms of life. Without these tiny life giving bacteria you and Shadow wouldnt be alive at all.
They have worked relentlessly for millennia to provide the necessary conditions for life at
every level, from converting dead material into life giving nutrition to keeping animals, plants
and the whole environment healthy. And now NASA Mars missions are searching for the basis
of life a we know it, and are looking for exactly the bacteria like those in Biosa products.

I told him that, if I understood him, he was saying that were the most complex form of life,
namely humans, to collaborate with respect and appreciation with multi-microbial communi-
ties, life on earth would become more full filling and prosperous.

He explained to me that is why he fell in love with them.

I could see that a group of micro-organisms (Probiotic) cannot do harm, they are free of any
detrimental and self destructive aspects. Their purpose is to re-establish and maintain a sym-
phonic harmony in life. Even when no one knows the cause of the disharmony in the first
place. For example in the complex eco-system of the body, these tiny micro-organisms imme-
diately begin the healing process towards restoring harmony. The beauty is that microbial
communities are working on many diverse levels simultaneously, which especially benefits
people suffering from multiply disorders. And such people greatly appreciate the effects of
drinking Biosa.

I told Niels that I was beginning to understand, micro-organisms are essential, not only for our
digestion and general health, but also for maintaining the balance and harmony of life.

He smiled. Yes. The intelligence of life in nature is not the same as the human mind. Nature is
still the same as in the Garden of Eden, and far more advanced. It cannot do harm. Human
beings, however, have turned to their intellect to solve their problems and deal with chal-
lenges. He explained that God gave humans many powers but we are loosing the big picture,
namely to understand that life must work coherently and for a reason. So instead of working
with bacteria we do our best to defeat them by
using all means available. We humans are literally
They make us to be and not to be
turning into bacteria killing machines, paying no
These invisible friends have evolved over mil- attention to the misery we are doing to ourselves
lions of years to work in an intimate dialogue and life around us. Anti-bacterial cleaners, antibi-
with all living things to maintain eternity. otics (anti=against, bio = life) are everywhere.
Our body is not designed to absorbed chemicals;
instead these chemicals kill our immunity and lead to painful autoimmune disorders and dis-

So please bear in mind, micro-organisms are us, he told me. The fact is, life is unthinkable
without them. If they are not alive in us and around us, we will die quite quickly. And so when
we do our best to kill these micro-organisms, we are certainly doing ourselves a lethal disser-

He smiled. And now we have come to your question. Why is something so potent not more
widely used?

Niels then explained that although Biosa is a game changer it takes time for people to compre-
hend that the work of healing the body requires a kind of acceptance or surrender to nature,
if you wish. For the past 100 years, we have been led to believe that modern medicine is
the answer to our suffering. But Modern medicine has lost its innocence. It is no longer a heal-
ing discipline but has become a business brand on a mission - namely to keep us unhealthy.
He spoke of how education and research done in universities and other establishments are
inextricably linked with the mighty pharmaceutical industry, which, of course, has a vested in-
terest seeing disease as requiring a particular drug treatment.

Niels explained: With respect to studies on bacteria, these are done on an one-bacterium at
a time basis, because no monitoring method is available to study the complexity of bacterial
interactions. In other words science is prohibited from looking at the whole system and the
dynamics between elements such as to their individual
position in the communal hierarchy. Modern medicine,
therefore, can only treat observable symptoms of dis- Modern medicine has become a
ease; it cannot understand the underlying imbalance that business brand on a mission
is the cause of disorders. If you like, it may be useful in a
crisis but not good at preventing the crisis by keeping the system healthy in the first place.

I told Niels that I understood what he was saying. I had studied psychology at university, hop-
ing to penetrate the secrets of the human psyche and understand myself better. I learned a lot
about how white rats run through mazes and the physiology of the brain, but I cannot say I
learned much about myself and our humanity. I soon came to realize that science deals with
what is universal, not what is unique. Which is in part what Niels was talking about.

Niels explained that he is now more interested in observatorial experiences. I see daily that
the microbial- community provides evidence beyond scientific claims. Natural medicine is be-
ing attacked by the pharmaceutical companies, a vast billion dollar industry that wants to an-
nihilate any competitor. Biosa is not claiming specific healing powers, it is more that Biosa in-
creases and supports the bodys general well-being and potential for health. Though it takes
time for people to realize how powerful and compelling this bacterial community actually is.
But once they experience it, they know it.

OK, I now understand why Biosa is not more widely known, I say. My next question is: what
exactly is it and where has it come from?

Ill try keep it simple. To get a selection of beneficial bacteria to interact is complex because
this involves getting aerobic bacteria, who need oxygen and anaerobic bacteria who do not
need oxygen, to literally live under the same roof, while at the same time preserving each
ones quality in this multi bacterial environment. The processing involves 3 steps and takes
about 4 weeks, during which time the micro community is in a state of suspended animation.
The herbs are a catalyst, added because when the micro-organisms are exposed to the herbs,
they grow and multiply much faster.

You may find this hard to believe, he told me, but recent discoveries have shown that in the
dark Middle Ages, when it is generally thought people lived in squalor and poverty, people
were often taller than us, and possibly healthier. They were eating food rich with micro-
organisms, which provided for a healthy life. It was not until the C19th that peoples general
health began to deteriorate, when people began to move into the cities and food was shipped
in and bought from shops and no longer eaten soon after leaving the ground; it is well known
that children died in the cities in droves, but not in the countryside.

He put his cup of on the table and leaned forward. You see pharma science offers solutions
that then become part of the problem. Just look around, western nations spend an astonishing
portion of our income on health care. But what kind of care is that and is the care sustain-

He told me that it was Rudolph Steiner who first brought our attention to the important cor-
relation between micro-organism and food production and soil fertility. It was however the
Professor Higa, Japan and author of the book An Earth Saving Revolution who pioneered this
correlation in a practical way (EM Research Organisation).

Rudolph Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, architect and social reformer who attempted to
combine science with a more natural worldview. He worked in art, creating new forms or ar-
chitecture, the Goetheanum Educational Centre and performance art
and dance, eurhythmy. He worked with educators to develop Waldorf
education, which led to the network of Steiner schools. And he worked
with doctors to create anthroposophical medicine, which led to the de-
velopment of complementary medicine. He was a creative pioneer who
had a profound impact on many areas of modern culture, whose ideas
even penetrated banking and led to the formation of the first ethical
bank. He also worked with farmers to create biodynamic agriculture,
the first form of organic gardening. Many of his ideas of food produc-
tion were linked to the importance of keeping the bacteria alive that
are essential for our well-being. Now we understand much more about
how the use of fertilizers and pesticides can destroy these essential micro communities, we
need to digest and utilize the goodness in the food, but at the time Steiner first explored this,
it was revolutionary.

One of Steiners Goetheanum students was Knud Dencker-

Jensen, a Danish Biodynamic farmer (here lecturing Indian
farmers). He was the first to utilize Prof. Higas EM (Effective
Microorganisms) technology in Europe. He discovered how
efficiently microbial communities work to reintroduce equilib-
rium in exhausted organic matter. They work together in a
symbiotic co-operation, rather than singularly and alone,
which greatly increases their efficiency. Today Knud is in-
volved in distributing Biosa to farmers globally. The Biosa
community is looking forward to sharing his wealth of knowl-
edge on the correlation between microbes and soil fertility with interested English farmers as

So what is the point, Niels asked, of eating expensive food if your body is unable to utilize its
goodness? After all it doesnt really matter what kind of food you eat if you cannot digest it
properly. The moment a vegetable or fruit is picked, micro-organisms also referred to as
destructors immediately begin the decomposition process. If digested, only a plentiful and
well balanced microbial community is able to extract and utilize the remaining nutrition prop-
erly, while keeping the destructors at bay. It is quite easy to help your stomach to improve on
digestion - simply add good microorganisms, Probiotics, to the diet. Many Probiotic supple-
ments come in a powder mixture or in a pill format, yet due to the physiological design of the
digestive tract, Niels emphasized that fermented ones in a fluid are superior to powder, pills or
capsules because they are more easily absorbed by the body.

Niels spoke eloquently and passionately about the many ways in which Biosa, can help so
many areas of our lives. He spoke about the birth of babies and how they need such bacteria
in their guts from the very beginning, from the first breath. He spoke of farm animals and how
instead of automatically pumping them full of antibiotics to keep them alive when we keep
them is such dreadful conditions and feed them a terrible diet, we can give them something
far more natural to their systems and far more effective. He spoke of how not only would the
use of micro-organisms in farming be more cost effective in the long term, it would also be
kinder for the environment as well as the animals.

There are about 50 trillion bacteria in the human gut, more than the total number of
stars in our Milky Way Galaxy. We are not only home to these creatures, we are these crea-
tures. Yet at both the macro and micro level, we have created a culture in our society where
bacteria and germs are alien and dangerous and need to be eradicated. Yet they are our
friends, not our enemies. Without them we would
- humans cannot survive without nature, not be alive at all. Bacteria are not only essential
nature can survive without humans. for our health, they keep us alive, all of us, hu-
mans, animals and plants. And they are not sepa-
rate from us, they are us. We live in a symbiotic union with micro-organisms and this needs to
be respected and understood if we are to lead healthier lives. Martin and I have certainly had
direct experience of the profound and lasting benefits of nurturing the micro-organisms in our
systems through drinking Biosa.

I will let Niels have the last word.

I wish that people and science would understand that we need to look holistically at what we
are doing. If we humans violate the laws of nature, nature will certainly hit back. Yet if we re-
spect each other, including animals, plants and nature itself, then all can work together in har-
mony. Even when we pollute our environment, all we have to do is make sure we intelligently
deal with the pollution. And that means to copy nature, using micro-organisms to clean up our
mess. If we think about it, humans cannot survive without nature, but nature can survive
without humans!

Anne Geraghty