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Company Name Nationality Objectives

DFNN INC. Philippines - To help companies integrate

technology processes and
people while they focus on their
core business and their

- To develop various wireless

solutions for business operations
requiring effective and 24 x 7
reliable operations.

MDS Circuit Technology Japan - To provide IT- enabled services

such as software development,
electronic circuits designing and
printed wiring board designing.

Allied Telesis Philippines, Inc. Japan -To provide network solutions to

Enterprise and Service Provider
companies across the globe.

- To provide strategy,
Data Horizon Phils, Inc. implementation, and
Japan operational solutions for clients
managing their enterprise.

- To address critical client

business imperatives. DHPI
helps clients eliminate
boundaries, collaborate in new
ways, establish their customers'
trust and continuously seek

- Our core competencies in

SGS Global Trade Solutions Canada inspection, verification, testing
Phils., Inc. and certification are being
continuously improved to be

- to provide specialized solutions

to make your business faster,
simpler and more efficient.
. California, USA - to exceed the performance,
BITMICRO NETWORKS productivity, and reliability
INTERNATIONAL, INC. standards of solid state
storage. Solving real-world
challenges by developing and
supporting scalable
enterprise-class and
military/industrial solutions,
BiTMICRO provides
innovative products with the
highest standards in concert
with exceptional customer
- To advance solid state
storage technologies and break
traditional barriers in the areas
of storage reliability, efficiency,
capacity, and performance.

Prepared by:

De Pedro, Franciel G.
Ferrer, Jeanna May R.