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About the programme

A management trainee position in Telenor involves working closely with one of our top executives for
one year. You will receive a unique opportunity to learn and understand the daily tasks and challenges
of a top manager, and you will get to learn how decisions are made at an executive level through
operational and hands-on work. Examples of leadership levels you will work with and be exposed to are
Senior Vice Presidents and CxOs.

As a management trainee, it is crucial that you quickly adapt to new information and tasks. You have
high ambitions and a strong willingness to learn. You are ready to work with highly experienced people,
ready for high pace and action from day one. The position also involves a unique opportunity to kick-
start your career and build an extensive network in a large global organization.

Our Leadership attitudes, Explore, Engage, Empower and Execute, describe the mind-set expected from
leaders in guiding the company towards our goals. We need people with these qualities.

Are you ready to explore the world of opportunities within telecommunication and digital services? Are
you ready to engage 214 millions of customers worldwide? Are you ready to empower the world by
connecting people around the world in innovative ways? Are you ready to execute?

Meet the trainees

The recruitment process of 2017

5 March Application Deadline

Week 10 Online assessment (ability testing)

Week 11 1st interviews (motivation & formal qualifications)

Week 12-14 2nd round interviews (personality testing)

19.04 Assessment Center

21.08 First Workday

All interviews will be conducted online.


An important element of our HR Strategy, in support of the University's Strategy on sustainability, is to

develop leadership and management capacity throughout the organisation.
Certain roles in the administrative structure of the University present an opportunity to recruit and
develop staff who have the aptitude, potential and the desire to become future managers within the
Higher Education or other employment sector.

The successful development of such staff requires University managers to provide successful candidates
with a structured training plan which involves management and/or professional development in the
area for which they are employed i.e. general management, Finance, HR, Estates Management etc,
while at the same time they are fulfilling a clearly defined role within a department. The procedure for
appointing Management Trainees is set out later in this on this page.

Trainees will be appointed to an established position and over the period of their development
programme will be expected to undertake all the work for that position. They will receive on the job'
training and their review process will include the setting of work objectives against which their progress
can be monitored.