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Grammar and Vocabulary

1. Short forms of be

a She is a student c Hello, I am Marta.

Shes a student
d You are on holiday.
b He is a dentist.

2. Put the correct form of be in the correct place

a you married? c What your name?

Are you married?
d Where they from?
b This Pablo.
e She twenty years old.

3. Write the nationalities of people who were born in

a Paris French d Rome

b London e Beijing
c Moscow f Warsaw

4. Complete the jobs and add a or an

a an a c t or d ___ __ur__ __
b ___ b__s__n__ss__an e ___ en__ __ __e __ __
c ___ w__ __ t __ r f ___ l __ __ y __ __
5. question words


Read the texts. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

My names Ildiko. Im from Budapest in Hungary. Im a

teacher and Im not married.

Im Chen Li. Im a student

from China. Im not married.

Hi. Im Frederica. Im Italian. Im a student and Im

from Rome. Im not married.

My names Angelo. Im a police

officer from Mexico. Im married.

The student from China is married. F
Ildiko is a teacher from Budapest. The Italian student is from Rome.
Angelo is Italian.
The teacher is married. Angelo is a police officer.
Chen Li is not a student. The teacher is from Mexico.

Read the texts. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

Marc Foure
Managing Director Jake Taylor
LKK International Gardener
15 Rue Pascal Tel: 074422861
Paris 75005
Miguel Fernandez
Mrs A Paterson 311A Mountain View
The Grange Drive
25 London Road Tulsa
Cambridge Oklahoma
CB2 1TT OK 74104

London Road is in Cambridge. T
75005 is a postcode in Paris.
Jakes phone number is 074422681.
Miguel Fernandez lives in house number 31A.
The managing director of LKK International is Marc Foure.
Mrs Paterson lives in the USA.
Mountain View Drive is in Oklahoma.
CB is a postcode in London.

H Listening

Listen to the conversation. Is the information correct () or incorrect (x)?

Her name is Hannah.

Her surname is Dexter.

She lives in Durban.

Her phone number is 01332 340 735.

Her address is 5 Mill Street.

Her postcode is DE1 8AB.