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2015, novel, literary fiction

224 pages (61,978 words)
Kat Kaufmann

A novel dissecting the foundations of

society in a world in which the ownerless
dog becomes an aggressive wolf, searching
for its pack.
SUPERPOSITION is the story of the 26-year-old jazz-pianist, Izy Lewin. Staggering
through Berlin's days and nights while past and presence, boundaries between
dream and reality become fluid. Izy is stuck between humiliating hotel gigs,
desperate advances and other crappy things. The great dying will begin with
babushka Ella and then Izy will be all alone in the world. Homeless. Her best
friend Timur could be home. Like a dog and a wolf howling at the moon, with a
bottle of Nastoy, listening to old jazz records, arm in arm under the table or at
dawn in the park: Whereever Timur is, there is tundra and steppe, it tastes and
German, Hoffmann und Campe
smells of home. A home that does not belong to her, one that she is only allowed
to borrow.
paperback - Ullstein REVIEWS
Finding your place in the world isnt easy. Kat Kaufmann has risen to the
AVAILABLE MATERIAL challenge brimming with attitude.
German pdf Der SPIEGEL
English sample

A deep poetic sound, rare these days in younger prose - fresh, urban and
RIGHTS SOLD attentive.
Czech Knihy nakladatelstv Odeon
Dutch Lebowski

Kat Kaufmann succeeds brilliantly in addressing the major issue of our time. She
wrote an impressive debut novel about the possibilities of living many lives in
aspekte Literature Prize 2015 for Best Debut
Novel one, preserving many identies and all of that not shamefully with a migration
background but proud and open with a migration foreground. Congratulations!
aspekte Literature Prize

Kat Kaufmann narrates breathlessly. A book beating like a heart.


Kat Kaufmann embodies literary zeitgeist in an ideal way: Together Kaufmann

and the emigrants are a present to German Literature.
Hamburger Abendblatt

Kat Kaufmann wrote an ecstatic intoxicating novel, which could be dominated

by a huge hangover, judging by all the vodka drunk in it. Instead, you will feel
wiser, clearer, stronger after its lecture.
WDR, einslive

Kat Kaufmann is bursting with ideas. Completely wild, sometimes even the

THIS BOOK TRAVELS | Kathrin Scheel | +49 . 163. 7292 168 | |
sound, very explicit. I loved it.
Radio Eins, RBB

Kat Kaufmann's second nature is knowing which sentences to reduce, which

words to omit, she has a very special feel for rhythm.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

This reads beautifully. Unusual. Kaufmann's novel is a mixture of love-story and

urban road-movie
Die Presse

What a sound: Angry, shrill, hungry for life. In Kat Kaufmann's debut this turns to
poetry, rough and with an irresistible urge.
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

An absolute must for everyone, who likes good literature and the poetic
freshness of a new writer.

Alexey Kiselev

Kat Kaufmann, born in 1981 in St. Petersburg, works as a freelance artist, jazz-musician,
composer, writer and photographer in Berlin. SUPERPOSITION is Kat Kaufmann's first

THIS BOOK TRAVELS | Kathrin Scheel | +49 . 163. 7292 168 | |

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