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Reflection on field research Worksheet

Option (a)

Date of interview: ___15th of August 2017____

Option (a) or (b):

Name of person you interviewed/listened to:

____Christine Acers______________________________

Position: Freelance Accountant

Organisation: Acers Accounting

For Option (a) only, please provide the following contact details for your interviewee.

Ph: 0427 563 258

Email address:

Workplace Reflection

Record 500 word reflection here...

Prior to my interview with Christine, I had the understanding that Accounting while challenging
and might be the appropriate careers path. After the interview it was confirmed to me. She
established that accounting, while challenging can be a very rewarding career in many aspects.

Christine graduated university and went straight into corporate work life, however she now
works as a freelance accountant. She explained that is was a tough shift from university life to a
fulltime work week. I gained advise that it is wise to have a transitional period while
assimilating into full time work life. She suggested I take a holiday or just some time out to

During this interview I gained insight into the commerce field. I learned that accounting, whiles
it can be challenging however I was assured that the jobs is stimulating and keeps work life
interesting. I was inspired by Christines passion for accounting and people. She explained that
she finds satisfaction and reward in organising and analysing financial data for her clients.

Due to the large amount of people studying in the commerce field and particularly accounting,
Christine explained it can be a competitive field. She expressed that to have more a chance of
getting a graduate job, I should be getting more involved with university other than just doing
the degree its self. Therefore, in order to be the best possible candidate for graduate
employment, there are a number of steps that I will take.
Being more committed to university and focusing on getting the best possible grade point
average before graduating will be beneficial to my employability. It will give me confidence in
my knowledge and will show I am a smart and committed individual to employers.

To give me a competitive edge, I need to get involved with university opportunities such as
internships or exchanges. This will show that I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and
been open to new experiences. This will give me an interesting talking point for graduate

In my final year at university I need to apply for jobs in the Graduate Program at Griffith.
Applying for jobs in this program will give me the best possible chance of receiving a graduate
jobs straight out of university without having to look through outside sources.

To be more employable I should join clubs and student societies such as the Griffith University
Association of Commerce (GUAC). This will help me build connections and practice the
employable traits for the commerce field. It will also show that I have been involved in
university life and I am a committed and driven individual.

The interview with Christine gave me insight into the world of accounting. Her story and work
ethic inspire to be successful in my own career. She gave advice through the interview that I
will take with me though out my professional life as I grow in my career aspirations.