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Subject : English Language

Year : 4 Bestari

Enrolment : 27 pupils

Date/Day : 18th April 2017 (Tuesday)

Time : 9.10 am 10.10 am (60 minutes)

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : The Prince and The Thieves

Focused Skill : Grammar

Previous Knowledge : Pupils have learnt about preposition explicitly from the story
The Prince and The Thieves.

Content Standard : 5.1 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will
be able to use different word classes correctly and

Learning Standard : 5.1.5 Able to use prepositions correctly and appropriately:

(a) above

(b) below

(c) beside

(d) between

Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

a) Answer at least 6 preposition questions correctly based on

the worksheet.
b) Answer at least 5 preposition questions from the game
Snake and Ladder correctly.

Vocabulary : above, below, beside, between

Educational Emphases : Constructivism

Moral Values : Cooperation
Thinking Skills : Interpretation, Analysis
Multiple Intelligences : Verbal-linguistic
Resources/Teaching Aids : PowerPoint presentation, worksheets
Stages/Time Content Activities Remarks

1) Attention getter 1) Teacher greets the pupils. Teaching aid:

2) To provide stimulus 2) Teacher shows a video about - video
Set induction
for the pupils to talk preposition.
(5 minutes) about. 3) Teacher asks the pupils to list
down the prepositions that they
can find in the video.

1) To reintroduce the 1) Teacher introduces the topic of Introduction

focused grammar the day which is preposition. Phase
item which is 2) Teacher introduces the Focused
(10 minutes) preposition. prepositions of above, below, preposition:
2) To teach the between and beside. - below
prepositions 3) Teacher explains on how to use - above
implicitly. those prepositions by using - beside
classroom items. - between
4) Then, teacher gives more
examples by showing pictures.

1. To enhance pupils 1. Next, teacher distributes a Development

understanding on the worksheet to each pupil. Phase
topic presented. 2. Teacher reads the instruction
- Enhancement
(10 minutes) 2. To give chance for and models on how to complete
the pupils to express the task.
their thought. 3. Pupils are given time to complete Teaching aid:
the task. - Worksheet
4. Teacher discusses the answers
with the pupils.
1. To assess pupils 1) Teacher introduces the game Action Phase
understanding on the Snake and Ladder.
Production - Assessment
topic presented. 2) Teacher explains the rules and
(30 minutes) 2. To integrate fun models on how to play the Teaching aid:
learning in the lesson. game.
3. To inculcate the
moral value of 3) Pupils will play the game in - worksheet
cooperation. groups.
4) For each round, they will have
to answer a preposition
Closure 1) To consolidate the 1) Teacher asks pupils to recall on
lesson in a what they had learned in the
(5 minutes)
meaningful way. lesson.
2) Teacher asks questions about
the prepositions.