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Tools for Assessing Student Global Competence

American Forum for Global Education checklist
--Set of excellent, easy-to-use guidelines or "intellectual filters" that could be used to
validate state standards and local curriculum to help teachers assess the global relevance of
their lessons

Asia Society Checklist for Teaching Global Competence
--Clear and simple checklist to ensure a lesson is addressing global competency (see page 70)

Duke Global Assessment Tool
--Very detailed assessment rubric, particularly useful for upper levels in assessing the global
relevance of curriculum materials

Education for Global Citizenship: A Guide for Schools - Oxfams curriculum for Global
--This guide introduces key elements of Oxfam's Curriculum for Global Citizenship; also a source
of "best practice" case studies, global curriculum activities, and resources for further reading.

Education for Global Citizenship An ETFO (Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario) and
Government of Ontario Curriculum Development Inquiry Initiative
--Resource of teacher-developed, inquiry-based curriculum development that involved
selecting, developing, and piloting specific "educating for global citizenship" curriculum ideas
for classroom and school-wide use

Guide to Infusing Global Education into the Curriculum Canadian International

Development Agency, Global Classroom Initiative
--Document which reports on why schools should expand the reach of global
education, how teachers can implement elements of design in their lessons, and what student
outcomes are to be expected in a well-designed global education lesson

Intel Assessing Student Work webinar (recorded)
--Webinar which addresses some of the issues in designing and utilizing assessment
rubrics. Give suggestions and examples of good and not-so-good student work as identified
with an effective assessment rubric.
Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)
Assessment tools and their resulting data for international competency in literacy, mathematics, and sciences.