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Part 1
G.K. Part-1

1. Warsaw is the Capital of POLAND.
2. The White House is situated in USA.
3. Days and Nights are of equal-duration when the suns rays are vertical on the
4. Redcliff line is between Pakistan and India
5. Longitude is the line from North to South Pole.
6. Equatorial regions are regions of permanent low pressure.
7. China is the biggest gold producer in the World.
8. Citrus fruits are normally grown in Mediterranean region.
9. The Earth rotates on its axis from west to east.
10. Kimberley is famous for Diamonds.
11. Kashgar city is in China.
12. Jupiter is the Planet with the maximum number of moons.
13. Pine trees are grown in Coniferous forests.
14. Black soil is best suited for the cultivation of Cotton.
15. Baht is the currency of Thailand.
16. Taka is the currency of Bangladesh.
17. Agra is famous for Taj Mahal.
18. OSLO is the capital of Norway.
19. 10-Downing Street, London is the official residence of Prime Minister of UK.
20. The part of earths surface is covered with water approximately 71%
21. China is the biggest gold producer in the world.
22. Khunjrab Pass connects Pakistan and China.
23. Yellow sea is near China.
24. The island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean belongs to Mauritius.
25. In 1979 Russia invaded Afghanistan.
26. Loss Angeles is Favourite place for film production. (Because it is situated in a
place of picturesque beauty)
27. Radio Carbon dating process is used to find age of Fossils.
28. Light year is a unit of Distance.
29. Jaffna is situated in Sri Lanka.
30. Contour is measure of Topology.
31. Synagogue is place of worship of Judaism.
32. Kiev city is called City of Parks.
33. A cyclone is a system of wind in which the wind blows spirally towards the
centre of low pressure.
34. Peoples Great Hural is the parliament of Mangolia.
35. Copenhagen is the Capital of Denmark.
36. New Castle is an important port in England which is famous for coal industry.
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G.K. Part-1
37. Venus is nearest to the earth.
38. Khanpur Dam is on Haro River.
39. The cutting of forests may cause rise in temperature.
40. A group of interconnected islands is called Archipelago.
41. The Himalayas mountains system belongs to Fold Mountains.
42. Sahara is the biggest Hot Dessert in the world.
43. Antarctica is the biggest Cold Dessert in the world.
44. Africa is the second biggest continent.
45. Yen is the currency of Japan.
46. Attock Oil Refinery is located at Morgah Rawalpindi.
47. Volga flows into the Caspian Sea.
48. The coldest months in Australia are July and August.
49. Rawal Dam is on Korang river.
50. Tanda Dam is on Kohat Toee.
51. Kampala is the capital of Uganda.
52. Port Stanley is the Capital of Falkland islands.
53. Aswan Dam is located in Egypt.
54. Mirani Dam is on the river Dashat.
55. The stars are not visible in the day time because of suns brightness during
day time.
56. Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon of light seen in the Northern hemisphere.
57. In Northern Hemisphere, the longest day is June 21.
58. Anti trust laws are meant to prevent monopolies.
59. Europe is completely situated in the Northern hemisphere.
60. The border line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is Durand Line.
61. The revolution of the earth round the sun, causes change of seasons.
62. Condensation of water vapours in the atmosphere on particles of dust leads to
the formation of Fog.
63. Ghana is the biggest producer of Cocoa.
64. McMahon line is between India and China.
65. Wind is caused by unequal heating of the atmosphere by the sun.
66. Nile is the longest river of the world.
67. Amazon is the largest river of the world.
68. Gobi Desert is in Mongolia.
69. Sahara Desert is situated in Northern Africa.
70. Atacama is the famous desert of Northern Chile.
71. Greenland is the biggest island in the world.
72. About 29.7% of world land is occupied by Asia continent.
73. Rainfall is measured in inches by means of a rain gauge.
74. Rainfall may be recorded on maps by Isohytes.
75. Nimbus is a class of cloud means a raincloud
76. Qila Kitas is near Choa Saiden Shah.
77. Qila Darawar is near Bahawalpur.
78. Suez Canal is opened for traffic in 1869.
Study Group Based on Preparation of ONE paper MCQs
G.K. Part-1
79. Mediterranean and Red Seas are connected by the Suez Canal.
80. The earth rotates around its axis once in 24 hours.
81. Earth takes 4 minutes to cover one degree of latitude.
82. Delta is triangular piece of land formed by deposition of mud and silt.
83. Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are connected by the panama Canal.
84. Balahisar is a fort near Peshawar.
85. Sukkur Barrage is the biggest barrage in Pakistan.
86. The Color of the lunar soil is grayish.
87. Gulf stream is water current in the Gulf of Mexico.
88. Venice (Italy) is called city of Canals.
89. Lake Superior is the worlds biggest Fresh water lake.
90. Al-Azhar University, (Egypt) is the oldest university in the world.
91. Japan is known as the Land of the rising sun.
92. Norway is called the Land of the midnight sun.
93. Gorge is a narrow passage Land.
94. Khyber Pass is the legendary pass that links Pakistan with Afghanistan.
95. Bangkok, Thailand is known as the Venice of East.
96. Tibet is called the Roof of the World.
97. Indonesia has the greatest number of Volcanoes in the world.
98. Virginia is the state of USA is called the Mother of Presidents.
99. Siam is an old name of Thailand.
100. Chinese is the most spoken language.

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