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JANUARY 2015 13 au 22
Festival Anima
EVENTS 15 au 18 Holiday Fair
Cin Le Parc rue de Montigny in Charleroi
Tel.: 071/31.71.47
Charleroi Expo - Tel.: 071/20.99.65
Festival of the cartoon and the animated film.
5 days to see numerous tourist villages, hotels, Animations, cartoons, 2D, 3D, everything can
camp sites,bed and breakfasts, travel be discovered at Anima on a large screen, for
agencies... spread over20000m, which will help young and old.
you to plan your next holiday in Belgium or
abroad! 14, 15 et 22, 23 Les printemps de Saint-
18 et 19 Charleroi Wedding Fair Church Saint Laurent in Couillet at 7.30 pm
Charleroi Expo - Tel.: 071/20.99.61 Tel. : 0477/41.96.54
In gathering 75 exhibitors from a multitude of Classical music festival in Saint Laurent church
sectors, the Charleroi Wedding Fair at Charleroi in Couillet.
Expo helps you to efficiently organise the big
day, from the caterer to the jeweller, from the 21, 23 et 27, 29 House, Garden and
dress, to the sweets! Leisure Fair
Charleroi Expo - Tel.: 071/20.99.58
24/01 au 1/02 Craftsmen fair 250 professionals invite you to this 30000m
Htel de Ville de Chtelet - Tel.: 071/24.49.26 space. 9 days deals to bring to life your
Forty craftsmen show you the disciplines as construction, renovation, decoration, interior
diverse as lace, mosaics, jewelry, wood turning, and exterior design plans to life.
weaving, marquetry,
bargello and many more ... A glass blower will 23 au 29 The Spring of Sciences
also be present to introduce you to this ancient Centre de Culture Scientifique, rue de Villers,
art. 227
Couillet Tel.: 071/600.300
FEBRUARY 2015 activities which purpose is to discover, identify,
spread, encourage and share attracting projects
17 Carnival of Charleroi and good practice of Sciences education. The
City center - Tel.: 071/86.22.29 programme will be available on the website
Carnival has been celebrated joyfully in
Charleroi for over a century now. Animated
carnival with its own characteristic style: giants 29 Cavalcade of Chtelet
mingle with "Gilles" and majorettes. Family fun Chtelet - Tel.: 071/24.32.66
and ideal for kids. Age old procession with a diverse and colourful
stream ofparades.
21 Big masked Ball of the Climbias
La Ruche verrire in Lodelinsart APRIL 2015
Tel.: 071/86.46.18
This masked ball was held for the first time in 3 au 5 Turkish Festival
1893 at the time of the glorious glass industry Cinma Le Parc Tel.: 071/31.71.47
period. It is a masked ball with a costume Come to discover original Turkish films with
contest. French subtitles.

MARCH 2015 5 Cavalcade of Fleurus

Fleurus - Tel.: 071/82.03.15
Admire this folkloric tradition with some twenty
6 au 8 Saint Vincent Wine and Cheese Fair groups and about 400 Gilles in an incessant
Hall Sambrexpo in Aiseau Tel.: 0477/80.46.41 rain of oranges.
Some 100 wine makers from France and 4 au 27 Easter fair
elsewhere, food and alcohol producers, Free Charleroi Place du Mange/Parking Expo
tastings and direct selling from the producers to Ferris wheel, shooting galleries, sensational
the customers. attractions and candy floss

6 au 11 Elles tissent la toile du nord au 10 au 12 Medieval Festival

Sud Chteau de Trazegnies, Place Albert Ier in
Cin Le Parc rue de Montigny Charleroi. Trazegnies Tel.: 071/45.10.46
0032 71/31.71.47 Enjoy a medieval atmosphere in the beautiful
Women movie festival. castle of Trazegnies.
More informations on


23 et 24 Option Focus Latino military companies, makes its way through a Quai de Brabant in Charleroi Tel.:
Cinma Le Parc Tel.: 071/31.71.47 total of seven villages. The grand finale is when 071/86.14.14
A unique insight into Latin America through the the procession enters the streets of the centre One of the most beautiful and impressive
medium of cinema. of Gerpinnes at around 6 pm. second-hand markets in the country. The
"Brocante des Quais" spans for 4km along the
25 PacRock Festival 23 au 30 Tennis tournament Astrid Bowl River Sambre and offers dozens of stalls.
Pont--Celles - Tl.: 0475/46.56.05 Centre de Dlassement de Marcinelle - Tel.:
PacRock will let you discover a broad range of 071/36.59.71 20 et 21 Saint-Jean Tour
musical styles, from pop to rock via metal, Each year in May, the Astrid Bowl Charleroi for Gosselies - Tel.: 071/86.88.56
electronic and ska, with the aim of revitalising Belgian Juniors Tennis tournament is being Thousand-year-old city Gosselies is doing its
rock in the centre of the region. organised on the courts of the Centre of best to keep intact its traditions by reviving an
Relaxation at Marcinelle. In the past we could ago-old rite: the exit of the Saint-Jean Tour. You
26 Book and Paper market already admire there such "great talents of the will see the impressive show of the Saint-Jean-
Chteau de Trazegnies, from 9am to 6pm court" as Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin-Hardenne, Baptiste's procession and the cortge of
Tl.: 071/45.10.46 Lleyton Hewitt, Xavier Malisse and many knights, sappers, infantrymen, grenadiers,
Bookshop keepers, sellers, book lovers and others musicians and young shepherdesses, cheered
comic book collectors gather at Trazegnies on by the crowd.
castle. 30 et 31 Terrils Sport for everybody
Bois du cazier, rue du Cazier Marcinelle Tl.: 21 10 Miles of Charleroi
MAY 2015 071/88.08.56. City center - Tel.: 071/86.45.47
Come to climb the trees, play golf and take part Annual jogging in the main roads of Charleroi.
to several sport activities.
* Concert de Jazz 27 Festival Mat Noir
Chteau de Trazegnies, at 8 pm 0032 Marcinelle, in front of IPSMA rue de la
71/45.10.46 JUNE 2015 Bruyre
Jazz concert in the Castle of Trazegnies.
* Saint-Roch March The musical event of the early summer! Once
3 Dimanche des Sciences Chtelet - Tel.: 071/24.32.66 again, the plain of MatNoir will come alive with
Centre de Culture Scientifique ULB Tel.: The folklore march of Saint-Roch is very old. Its thousands of lights and the rhythm of regional
071/600.300 origin can be found in a 17th century pilgrimage and national bands.
The Centre for scientific culture organizes every during which the image of Notre-Dame of Rome
year a scientific exhibition open to the public, was carried to the monastery of Soleilmont. The
known as the "dimanche des sciences" (Sunday
JULY 2015
march came back into being in 1961 and
of Science) in its parkmuseum of Parentville in nowadays some 800 walkers in costumes of
Couillet. Come wiht your family to discover the the 1st Empire, divided over nine associations 3 au 5 Pottery festival
science in a funny way. participate in it, one which consists only of Chtelet and Bouffioulx - Tel.: 071/38.19.27
children from 3 to 16 years. Street activities, visits to the master potters'
9 et 10 "Django" Festival in Liberchies workshops (free of charge) , demonstrations,
Center of Liberchies - Tel.: 071/84.02.53 6 et 7 Open Churches Day exhibition of unique pieces, local beers and
Discover the native village of Django Reinhardt, Churches in Charleroi products, local dance, folk procession with
which will celebrate the memory of this mythical giants. In the framework of "Potters from
jazz artist. 2015 is the international year of light. For the Europe", this event will honour a country or a
8th edition of Open Churches Day, let us shine region.
14 City parade our projectors onto our religious heritage ! Let
Charleroi, city center us light up our hidden treasures, let us bring 5 Choral festival
Over a 3.2 km circuit, the Sambrienne area will forth forgotten tales out of the shadows. Bois du Cazier in Marcinelle 071/88.08.56
dance to the rhythm of today's hippest Djs. From 2pm to 7pm, in four places, attend the
6 et 7 Craftsmen week-end performance of ten choirs from different
16 Short Film Festival Clap d'or Chteau de Trazegnies, place Albert Ier, 32 countries.
Cinma Le Parc Tel.: 071/31.71.47. Trazegnies
Reports, interviews, animations, fictions ... all Tl.: 071/45.10.46 19 Madeleine Tour
kinds of achievements are possible during this Fire, iron and yesterday methods. Jumet - Tel.: 071/34.24.17
short film festival. One of the most interesting and colourful folk
13 au 17 Napoleon celebration - walks. It differs itself from the other walks
25 Sainte-Rolende March Commemorations June 1815 in Fleurus because of the extraordinary different uniforms
Gerpinnes - Tel.: 071/50.14.85 Fleurus Tel.: 071/88.50.72 worn by approximately 2000 parade soldiers.
This march is one of the most important as well Visits, exhibitions, concerts, animations...
as one of the longest and most popular of all the AUGUST 2015
processions of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse : it 19 au 21 Music festival in Wallonia
starts very early in the morning at 2 am to the Different places in Charleroi - Tel.: 071/20.29.95
sound of fifes and drums and continues until 1 au 24 August Fair
A renowned event, perfect to celebrate the
dusk. From 4 am to 6 pm this folkloric parade Charleroi Place du Mange/Parking Expo
summer solstice with hundreds of free concerts
which is made up of some two thousand Ferris wheel, shooting galleries, sensational
in Brussels and Wallonia
marchers dressed in Napoleonic costumes and attractions and candy floss
representing a considerable number of different 20 et 21 Brrocantte des quais
16 Saint-Roch and Saint-Frgo Procession


In the streets of Acoz and Lausprelle Tl.: the Great Parade of the friendship crafts, ...
071/50.14.85 flame.
These processions are classified as an * Carolorida
Intangible World Cultural Heritage by the Charleroi Expo Tel. 071/30.92.06
UNESCO OCTOBER 2015 A race through the streets of Charleroi and
Charleroi Expo. The running participants of 5
19 Openaiirr ttheattrre iin tthe casttlle and 10 km circuit cross the
Trazegnies Castle 9 pm Tel. 071/45.10.46 1 au 11 Biennial Event 2015 Christmas village.
By La compagnie des Galeries . Les Ecuries, bd Mayence, 65C in Charleroi
Tel.: 071/20.56.40 * March de Nol au Bois du Cazier
29 et 30 Spanish Feria This biennial is an international level event Rue du Cazier, 80 in Marcinelle Tl.:
Square Destre in Gilly From 11am dedicated to contemporary dance. Over a three- 071/88.08.56
Dances, horse shows, flamenco, tasting local week period, at the Ecuries, the refinery and in One of the prettiest Christmas markets in the
products, paella, sangria ... other various partner locations, you will region. Numerous regional craftsmen will be
discover, through outstanding shows, the present : potters, blacksmiths, knife markers,...
multiple facets of choreographic creation from And for children: distribution of sweets and
SEPTEMBER 2015 Belgian and other countries. fancy make-up workshop.

* Course au Chteau * Course au Cazier 12 et 13 Christmas market in Trazegnies

Chteau de Monceau Tel. 071/30.92.06 Bois du Cazier - Tel.: 071/88.08.56. castle
A race of 10km or 5 km in the magnificent Two races of 5 and 11 km are proposed. Chteau de Trazegnies Tel.: 071/45.10.46
Chateau de Monceau. Strating from le Bois du Cazier in Marcinelle. Large Christmas market in the heated rooms of
the castle! A journey through time in Trazegnies.
4 au 6 Smoke on the water 2 et 16 Organ Festival
Charleroi city center Tel.: 071/31.40.79 Church Saint-Pierre-et-Paul, in Chtelet. Tel.: 26 Nuit de la Saint-Etienne
Discover Charleroi as you have never seen it! 081/61.45.53 Poterie Dubois and Maison de la Poterie in
Spectacles, digital art, cinema, electro evening, The aim of these concerts is to promote the Bouffioulx - Tel.:
family entertainment... The quays of Sambre will music of this magical and slightly mysterious 071/38.17.61
become whirlpool of activities. instrument reigning supreme in the shadows of Saint-Etienne is the patron saint of potters.
Over a weekend, time discovering Charleroi, our churches. To celebrate, a traditional cooking pieces of
land of talent and city in complete revival. pottery in an oven is proposed to you. Animation
4 Classical concert and tasting of regional products.
11 Organ Festival Chteau de Trazegnies, place Albert Ier, 32 in
Church Saint-Pierre-et-Paul, in Chtelet. Tel.: Trazegnies
081/61.45.53 from 5pm Tel.: 071/45.10.46
The aim of these concerts is to promote the
music of this magical and slightly mysterious 24 et 25 Pumpkin Fest
instrument reigning supreme in the shadows of Maison de village de Fromie - Tel.:
our churches. 071/50.14.85 -
Pumpkin cooking demonstration, children'
12 et 13 Heritage Days activities, tastings...
Charleroi - Tel.: 071/86.14.14
These Heritage Days are the perfect opportunity Fin octobre
to discover different places usually closed to the ( to be confirmed )
public. Bis-ARTS festival
Different places in Charleroi. Tel.: 071/31.12.12
11 au 13 Wallonia Festival An amazing programme with artists from all
Charleroi centre-ville - Tel.: 071/86.62.27 over the world, all creating worlds which are
Three days of fun and spectacular events that often funny, sometimes worrying, but always
will culminate in a magnificent fireworks. fascinating. The Bis-ARTS festival in
Charleroi also means concerts every evening at
12 NRJ in the park concert the Eden Brewery.
Parking Charleroi-Expo Tel.: 071/86.62.27
Great artists will take place to this concert-event NOVEMBER 2015
during the Wallonia Festival.

26 and 27 Pardon de la Batellerie * Salon des Arts Mnagers

Marchienne-au-Pont - Tel.: 071/51.60.01 Charleroi Expo - Tl.: 071/20.99.61
This unique event in Belgium brings together
more than 70 boats from Flanders, Brussels DECEMBER 2015
and Wallonia but also from neighbouring
countries such as France, The United Kingdom
* Village de Nol
and The Netherlands. Activities will be
organised on the docks of Sambre et Sud as
City centre - Tel.: 071/86.14.14
Christmas village, street activities, food
well as boat parades from different clubs and
specialties, gift items,



MUSEE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE Mons offers an outstanding compendium of For the the bicentenary of the Battle of
Avenue Paul Pastur, 11 - 6032 hydraulic Waterloo, Charleroi is proposing an exhibition
Mont-sur-Marchienne.Tl.: techniques. On the occasion of Mons 2015, he illustrated with items of exeption from some of chose to highlight and reveal the identity of both the most interesting collections of the world
heritage and characteristic of Hainaut, while such as the Pierre-Jean Chalenon Collection.
13/12/14 au 17/05/15 strengthening the existing of historical ties The exhibition tells the story of key moments of
Gary Winogrand : Women are beautifull between Charleroi and Mons. the fabulous destiny of Napoleon, from Toulon
Winogrand pioneered the "snapshot aesthetic" untill Sainte-Helene witch ,was the climax of his
within the documentary 26/09/15 au 31/01/16 life. You will find in the exhibition drawings,
photography realm, capturing a unique Les Mondes inverss - Following extensive sculptures, etchings, personal effects of the
perspective of everday life. The exhibition renovations, Emperor and his wife. A portrait of Napoleon
Women are beautiful celebrates, rather than B.P.S.22, the Centre for Contemporary from Gerard is certainely the master-piece of it.
criticizes, his various images of women. The Creativity in Hainaut, will reopen its doors as Service Culture de la Ville de Charleroi
images candidly capture women in everyday part of Mons in 2015 with a contemporary art 071/86.14.14
life, transforming their daily duties - from parties exhibition devoted to popular culture, entitled
to protests into beautiful works of art. Inverted worlds. Throughout history, artists have 14/11/15 au 15/03/16
Les Armniens: Image d'un destin been inspired by the popular culture that Entre ombre et lumire An two-parts
Exhibition to commemorate the centenary of the surrounds them. The varied sources include exhibition on stained-glasses that has for
first genocide of the twentieth century that killed objects, crafts, patterns of social organisation objective preservation of the Patrimony. The first
nearly one million three hundred thousand and behavioural practices. Even today, in part shows the technical aspect of the craft and
Armenians Europe and elsewhere, numerous visual artists the second is centered on the artistic aspect of
Colin Delfosse: Les amazones du PKK - draw inspiration from this quarter. city center realisations.
The pictures of Colin Delfosse ( taken in 2009 ) Muse du Verre - 0496/59.92.14
highlight the struggle of more than 2000 Kurdish LE BOIS DU CAZIER
women from Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq , but also Rue du Cazier, 80 6001 Marcinelle
from Europe, for freedom and the rights of a Tl.:
highly repressed people.
24/01 au 19/04/15
23/05 au 6/12/15 Ernest et Clestine la mine. De l'ombre
Stephane Vanfleteren - Every year since la lumire. De Monique Martin
2010, a Belgian or foreign photographer has Gabrielle Vincent - Ernest et Clestine
taken to the roads to explore Charleroi and its la mine , is the occasion to discover mine
region. Chosen for their specific approach or worship through the adventures of the two
their aesthetic quality, and given the freedom to famous caracters : solidarity, work, friendship,
interpret their mission according to their own partnership, tolerance...
sensibility, they have put together a
photographic memory of the territory of Hainaut CHATEAU DE TRAZEGNIES
through their reports. Place Albert Ier, 32 6183 Trazegnies Tl.:
IN_OUT : La rencontre - With 2015 nearly 071/45.10.46
upon us, Mons is changing fast. With huge
renovation projects, new museums and cultural 01/05 au 27/09/15
and public facilities, and efforts to regenerate Patrimony Art and Crafts are presented in the
districts, architecture is at the heart of the museum of the castle.
European Capital of Culture and will be one of
its most enduring legacies. In 2012, eager to PALAIS DES BEAUX-ARTS DE
maintain a powerful record of these changes, CHARLEROI
the Mons 2015 Foundation and the City of Mons Muse des Beaux-Arts Entre extension
commissioned three photographers and a film- vitre Place du Mange 6000 Charleroi
maker, Maud Faivre, Pierre Liebaert, Rino
Noviello and Zo Van der Haegen, under the Jusqu'au 1/03 Putain de guerre Dive into
supervision of the architect Marc Mawet, to history with photographs and works of art by
report on the urban, landscape and architectural contemporary artists from around the world!
changes in the city. The focal point of the exhibition is the cartoon
Putain de guerre (Goddamn this war) by the
BPS 22 french author, jacques Tardi, which puts
Boulevard Solvay, 22 - 6000 Charleroi mankind at the heart of the conflict.
Tl.: 071/27.29.70 - During your visit, take the time to look at The
girl green, a photo taken in Kabul by Massoud
4/09 au 18/10/15 Hossaini, winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize.
Bteau paysage-Bas Smet - Belgian
architect and landscape designer, Bas Smets 28/05 au 10/09 Exposition Juin 1815
offers another reading of our territories. The the Napolon Charleroi - June 1815 was the
canal systems which connects Charleroi to last military campaign of the Emperor.