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Comparative Analysis with Competitors through Customer Mapping

and Price Mapping

A Summer Training Project Report

Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the

Award of degree of




Deeba Sharma External Guide:-
MBA Sagar Sharma
222 Internal Guide
Mr. Makarand Pole


This is to certify that the project report entitled, "Comparative Analysis with Competitors
Through Customer Mapping And Price Mapping." submitted to Bharati Vidyapeeth
Deemed University, Pune in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree
of MBA is an original work carried out by Ms Deeba Sharma under the guidance of Mr.
Makarand Pole. The matter embodied in this project is a genuine work done by Deeba
Sharma to the best of my knowledge and belief and has not been submitted before, neither to
this university nor to any university for the fulfilment of the requirement of any course of

Signature of Student Signature of the Guide



This is to certify that the project titled, " Comparative Analysis With Competitors
Through Customer Mapping And Price Mapping." is an academic work done by Deeba
Sharma Submitted in the partial fulfilment of the requirement of the degree of MBA from
Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune. It has been completed under the guidance
of Mr. Makarand Pole. We are thankful to Anmol Polymers Pvt Ltd. for having allowed
our student to undergo project work training. The authenticity of the project work will be
examined by the viva examiner which includes data verification, checking duplicity of
information etc. and it may be rejected due to non fulfilment of quality standards set by the

Dr. Sachin Vernekar

(Director, IMED)


I take this opportunity to present my vote of thanks to all my guides who really acted as
pillars to help my way through the project that has led to successful and satisfactory
completion of this project.

I thank my mentor Mr. Makarand Pole for her continuous support and guidance during the

Deeba Sharma


The research provides an opportunity to student to demonstrate application of their

knowledge, skill and competence required during the technical session. Research also helps
the student to devote their skill to analyze the problem to suggest alternatives solutions, to
evaluate them and to provide feasible recommendations on the provided data.

The research is on the topic of Comparative Analysis With Competitors Through

Customer Mapping And Price Mapping.. I have tried my level best to prepare this report
as an error free report and every effort has been made to offer the most authenticate position
with accuracy.

Deeba Sharma

Table Of Content

1 Introduction 8-26

1.1 Overview of the Industry 8-10

1.2 History 11

1.3 Company Profile 12-13

1.4 Overview of the Company 14-23

1.5 Competitors 23

1.6 Problems of the Industry 23-24

1.7 Problems of the Company 24

1.8 SWOT Analysis 26

2 Research Methodology 28-30

2.1 Statement of the Problem 28

2.2 Objectives 28

2.3 Scope of the Study 28

2.4 Managerial Usefulness of the Study 29

2.5 About Research Methodology 29

2.6 Data Collection Method 30

2.7 Limitations 30

3 Data Analysis 32-34

4 Findings, Conclusion and Suggestions 36

Appendix 38-39

Bibliography 41




The pulp and paper industry comprises companies that use wood as raw material and produce
pulp, paper, paperboard and other cellulose based products. India is producing about 15-16
million tonnes of paper/board per annum with over 700-800 paper mills.

Compared globally, this figure is still very low owing to shortage of fibrous raw material. Per
capita consumption of paper in India is 9 kg ,whereas in the developed country like USA it
counts to 250 kg . The global average figure is 58 kg.

So there is ample of scope for growth of this industry.

1.1.1.Market Of The Industry

1. The paper industry in India has become more promising as the domestic demand is on
the rise.
2. Increasing population and literacy rate, growth in GDP, improvement in
manufacturing sector and lifestyle of individuals are expected to account for the
growth in the paper industry of India.
3. The per capita consumption of paper is increasing by at least 1.5 % an is currently
12kg where as in developed countries its up to 350 kg.
4. An increase in consumption by one kg per capita can potentially increase annual
paper demand by a million tons
5. The paper industry in India is expected to grow at the CAGR of around 9.6% during
2012-2017, which will make the revenues of paper industry of India to reach up to
USD 11.83 Billion by 2017
6. Paper is used for various purpose such as :

Writing paper
Packaging paper
Tissue paper

1.1.2.Order Cycle

Order check
Material Packed


Accounts dept Material prepared

Supply chain production

team manager

1.1.3.Manufacturing Process

1.1.4.Paper Industry In India


1. In 1889, organization was started as Anmol Polymers Pvt Ltd.

2. In 1991, organization was divided with Raghav industries products.
3. Founder of an organization is Mr Arvind Sharma.

4. Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma a technocrat started Paper Chemicals business in the
year 1987 and established a company in the name of M/s. Anmol Chemical

5. Anmol Group of Companies was started by Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma in the year
1991. It started in a humble way with the manufacturing of various chemicals related
to Pulp & Paper Industry. At present it consists of the following companies :

M/s. Anmol Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

M/s. Raghav Industrial Products Unit-I
M/s. Raghav Industrial Products Unit II
M/s. Anmol Multi Exports
6. The groups turnover at present is approx Rs. 120 crores.

1.2.1.Hierarchy Of The Company:-

There are 5 directors in an organization:-

Mr Arvind Sharma
Mr Anurag Sharma
Mr Sanjeev Sharma
Mr Sagar Sharma
Mr Shiva Sharma
There are 100 customers of the company.
There are 20 major products in the company.
No. Of employees in the company are near around 100.


ANMOL GROUP OF COMPANIES is first generation technocrat promoted enterprise,

having multi location manufacturing facilities. This leading Pulp & Paper specialty chemical
manufacturing company was started by Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma. In a period of two and a
half-decade of its establishment, the GROUP has made rapid strides in the manufacturing &
marketing of specialty chemicals and is enjoying a major market share of these chemicals in
India. ANMOL is well competing with multinationals both in quality and services.
ANMOLs excellent relationship with customers has proved an asset to the ever growing
reputation, resources and ascent of the company. We have an excellent and highly
efficient marketing network consisting of some 40 technical person. The company is having
among its clients almost all the renowned Indian Pulp & Paper manufacturing units like M/s.
Ballarpur Industries Ltd., M/s. Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Paper Ltd., M/s. Rama Newsprint &
Paper Ltd., M/s. J.K Paper Ltd., M/s. Century Pulp & Paper, The Andhra Pradesh Paper
Mills, The West Coast Paper, M/s. Khanna Papers Ltd., M/s. Naini Paper, M/s. Chadha
Papers Ltd. & M/s. Orient Paper Mill etc. and at present we are supplying pulp & paper
chemicals to more than 100 Paper Mills in India and abroad. The turnover of the company
has increased two and a half fold in the last four years, being at present approximately INR
700 millions. ANMOL has made successful entry in the overseas export market and is
presently concentrating in Nepal, Bangladesh, East Africa and Philippines.

ANMOL is providing specialty chemicals for various solutions to Indian Pulp & Paper
Industry. ANMOLs chemicals and services cover the entire spectrum of Pulp & Paper
making processes. ANMOL is providing chemicals and services for Cooking Additives,
Sizing Chemicals, Wet Strength Resins, Dry Strength Resins, Defoamers, Stickies and
Pitch Control Programs & Bleach Boosting Enzymes, Refining Enzymes, Deinking
Enzymes, Starch Viscosity modifying enzymes, Binders and Dispersants for coating color.

To achieve its goal, to have international presence and to have latest speciality pulp and paper
chemicals, ANMOL is considering a joint venture with international experts in the field of
pulp and paper chemicals. ANMOL has made a considerable progress in this direction.

ANMOLs vision is to have global presence in Paper and other chemicals to share common
platform with international leaders by outsourcing specialty chemicals to create innovative
solutions for Pulp & Paper Industry. The GROUP is sure of rapid progress in the years to
come and is gearing up its infrastructure to meet future requirements and challenges.

ANMOL has installed a 40 TPD Packaging Paper Mill at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on

After reviewing the situation of Ethiopia in future ANMOL has planned seriously to
go into Bagasse or Wood based Pulp & Paper Mill in Ethiopia to supplement the
present requirement of 80,000 to 100,000 tons pulp and paper being currently required
in Ethiopia. Being the agriculture and forest produce totally unutilized for industrial
purpose, Bagasse or Wood pulping should be long lasting solution for Ethiopia to
help the country in saving substantial amount of foreign exchange

As Ethiopia is entering in Industrial revolution and demand for electricity transformers

and other distribution equipment is increasing, Anmol Group is also planning to enter
into a Joint Venture with some renowned manufacturer of these equipment to establish
a manufacturing unit in Ethiopia to cater this increasing demand. It will also help in
our vision to diversify our product and service range and global presence.

1.3.1.Vision Of The Company:-

To supply world class chemicals & services to its customers

To have international presence in latest speciality pulp & paper chemicals.
It is considering a joint venture with international experts in the field of pulp &
paper chemicals. The joint venture company may come into operation in the
beginning of next year.


Anmol group is first major indigenous speciality chemicals manufacturing company .The
company is involved in manufacturing and marketing of various types of Speciality
Chemicals for pulp and paper mills including pulping ,paper making chemicals, and water
treatment solutions .The products of our company are very well accepted by the large,
medium and small scale industries throughout the Nation as well as abroad. We are supplying
our products to various Paper Mills, across the Globe. Our Company is committed to the
quality and has adopted all the principals necessary for manufacturing of quality products.
The unit has been awarded with an ISO 9001-2000 Certificate.

They are involved in the manufacturing of speciality chemicals for pulp & paper industry.
These chemicals serve as property enhancers and value addition in the quality of paper .This
industry is service based where apart from supplying chemicals we also provide technical
backup for functioning of the same.Their customers are the paper mills where the paper is
being manufactured on the machine . At present Anmol group is one of the leading
manufactures and suppliers of chemicals to pulp & paper industry. Apart from supplying to
Indian paper mills we also export to Nepal, Pakistan , Philippines , Kenya ,Ethiopia, South
Africa , UAE.

1.4.1.Our Key Customers :-

1. The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd.- Rajahmundry

2. M/s. Century Pulp & Paper Lalkuan
3. M/s. ITC Ltd.-Secunderabad
4. M/s. Ballarpur Industries Ltd. Yamuna Nagar
5. M/s. Ballarpur Industries Ltd.-Unit Asthi
6. M/s. Ballarpur Industries Ltd.- Unit Sew
7. M/s. BILT Graphics Paper Products Chandrapur
8. M/s. J.K Paper Ltd.-Rayagada
9. M/s. J.K Paper Ltd.-Songadh
10.M/s. Rama Newsprint Ltd.-Surat
11.M/s. Seshasayee Paper & Board Ltd.
12.M/s. Tamilnadu Newsprint & Paper Ltd.
13.The West Coast Paper Ltd.
14.The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd.-Kaghaz Nagar
15.M/s. Khanna Paper Mill
16.M/s. Satia Industries Ltd.
17.M/s. ABC Papers Ltd.
18.M/s. Shakumbhari Straw Products Ltd.

1.4.2.Why Choose Anmol Polymers:-

At Anmol it has been our constant endeavour to bring out the best products , services
and the latest technology in the industry . Backed by highly experienced technocrats ,
we always strive to deliver best of the services.

Our enthusiastic professional team , technology experts and technical infrastructure

provides a competitive edge to accomplish any goal. Our products are specifically
designed according to our customers requirements and plant conditions .

In chemistry quality improvement is an unending process thats why we continuously

exercise to upgrade our technology through our indigenous and international
technology consultant and partners.

1.4.3.Location Of Work :-

The company has its manufacturing facilities at district Sirmour , Himachal Pradesh.

The head office is located in Delhi, including regional office at Chandigarh.

1.4.4.Services Of The Company:-

ANMOL POLYMERS PVT LTD is committed to provide our customers the highest level of
support & satisfaction by meeting their specific requirements. The core strength of the
company lies in its well-equipped state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and R&D centre.
Collaborations and strategic tie-ups with internationally reputed Speciality chemical
manufacturers provide an edge to the development of new products and up-gradation of
technologies time to time.

Maintaining a consistent level of high quality and meeting safety has been our utmost
standard for almost 25 years. Taking in mind the future need and demand the company has
now endeavoured itself into water treatment and speciality chemicals and is getting good
response from various paper mills across India.

Our enthusiastic professional team, technology experts and technical infrastructure provides a
competitive edge to accomplish any goal. Our products are specifically designed according to
our customers requirements and plant conditions.

In chemistry quality improvement is an unending process thats why we continuously

exercise to upgrade our technology through our indigenous and international technology
consultant and partners.

1.4.5.Products Of The Company:-


SUPERBOND-FMP dry strength resin

ANMOSUPER-DI deinking agent for paper

ANMOSUPER-DIF felt washing compound

ANMOSIZE-50 fortified rosin size

ANMOSIZE-30 dispersed rosin for neutral size

ANMOCATSIZE Cationic rosin size

ANMOL LP-300 Surface size chemical(cationic)

ANMOL LP- 200 Surface size chemical(anionic)

DEFOAMER-P Defoaming agent for paper

DEFOARMER- SI 99 Defoaming agent for paper

ANMOPULP-MICR Wet strength resin

ANMOPULP AQ Digestive cooking addictive

ANMOSUPER-PAE Cross linking agent

ANMOCIDE-101 Slimicide for paper

UNICOL SB(ANMOFLEX) Tissue softner

ANMO B.F. BOOSTER Glyoxilated polyacrylamide

ANMO DETACKIFIER Sticky control chemical

R SIZE-15 AKD Emulsion

R FIX Fixing agent(coagulant)

R-FLOC Retention aid

BIOREFINE-L+ Enzymatic refining aid

BIODEINK-D Enzymatic deinking agent

R-PULP 520 R Bleaching emzyme

FIBER CAR-DR Refining enzyme pulp

WASH AID(ANMOFOAM-SID) Washing defoarmer

BIOPULP(BAN 480 L) Starch modification

SEDIFLOC 100 Coagulant

SEDIFLOC 526 Anionic polymer Powder

SEDIFLOC 492 Cationic polymer Powder

1.4.6.Some Of The Major Products Are As Follows:-

1.Pulp Mills

They are offering a number of chemicals for pulp mills based upon wood / bamboo as well as
based upon agricultural residues. These chemicals are functional chemicals that help in
reducing the pulping cost as well as in improving the productivity. The details are given
Digestor cooking additives
Pulp wash aid
Refining enzyme
Bleaching enzyme

AQ based-This is unique combination of speciality surfactant and dispersed Anthraquin
one having synergistic effect in pulping process. It has been found to be highly effective
in soda, sulphate and neutral sulphite pulping of agro residues and that of soft and
hardwood. With the use of this cooking additive, a considerable reduction in the cooking
chemicals can be achieved. The use of this cooking additive also results in increased pulp
yield and reduced level of stickies at a particular degree of cooking.

Surfactant based- This is a speciality chemical developed to improve liquor penetration

in the chips during cooking by way of wetting mechanism. It works on surface wetting
principle and modifies viscosity of cooking liquor. It improves strength properties by
loosening of resinous materials in wood chips. In addition to removing the resinous
material during cooking, it also helps in keeping the remaining resinous material in
emulsion form and thus prevents their deposition on the wire, felt screens and other
process equipments.

2. De-Inking

Anmol also offers chemicals for the mills based upon recycled fiber. These chemicals help
in dispersion of the waste paper, in removing the ink, increasing the brightness and helping
in processing of the recycled fiber by taking care of the stickies and related products. These
chemicals are offered both for the plants based upon froth flotation process as well as
washing de-inking.

Deinking enzyme
Soap noodles


This chemical is NOVOZYMES enzyme for use as environmentally friendly enzyme based
deinking agent in the paper & pulp industry it is essentially a specific blend of enzyme.

3. Wet End

Wet End as you know is the heart of the paper plant where various chemicals are used to
impart different characteristics to the paper. We offer a whole spectrum of chemicals both
functional as well as performance to mills based upon wood fiber, agricultural residues fiber
as well as recycled fiber. Details follow.

Dry Strength Resins
Wet strength resins
Retention aids
Fixing agents/ coagulants
Stickies control

AKD-It is free flowing white colour emulsion of Alkyl Ketene Dimer wax. Due to problem
of ageing in paper and increasing demand for Calcium Carbonate loaded papers, R Size 15 is
the best solution. With the use of R Size 15, sizing can be carried out in pH range of 7.0 to

Cationic Rosin- Cationic dispersed rosin size designed for efficient sizing in all pH
conditions upto 6.8. Compared to competitive cationic rosin sizes, Anmocatsize is the most
efficient rosin size available in 6.0 to 8.0 range with or without CaCO3 containing furnish.
Incorporation of an additional charge donor, e.g., cationic starch and/or retention aids, at near
neutral pH is beneficial.

Neutral Size- This is a dispersed Rosin emulsion with a very high free Rosin content. It can
be further diluted to required concentration before addition to stock.

Fortified Rosin- This is highly efficient fortified rosin soap. It is supplied in a ready to use
form. It can be advantageously used under acidic pH to Size all grades of paper e.g.

packaging and printing & writing papers . Desired degree of sizing can be achieved in Kraft
box-boards, Duplex Board and other writing and printing papers at a very lower dosage of
application of ANMOSIZE 50 as compared to normal Rosin size. ANMO SIZE 50 is gel
free, does not stratify during storage, and is easily pourable at room temperature.


Anti-foaming agents that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process.

Machine Defoarmer- This is a novel defoaming and deaerating agent to control the
foam on paper machine. Due to its unique effectiveness in Acidic, Neutral and
Alkaline pH, Defoamer SI 99 is the first choice of paper makers.

Pulp Wash Aid- This product works as defoaming and antifoaming agent in pulp
washing system. WASH AID (ANMOFOAM-SID) is a water based defoamer and can
be easily diluted on line and offline. It helps in improving the productivity of wash
plant. It has been specially formulated to takecare of downstream problems etc.

ETP Defoarmer- This is a defoaming agent specially meant for Effluent Treatment
Plants, it is effective in acidic, neutral and alkaline pH.


For manufacture of hard tissue and soft tissue including yankee chemicals , softners , dry
strength resins , wet strength resins . These chemicals can be supplied for all the applications
on tissue machine.

Hard coat- It is a Yankee coating adhesive for providing a hard coat on the Yankee
dryer. This is a specially formulated product based upon the best available chemistry
for the purpose. The application of this coat results in smooth running and desired
creping of the tissue products.

Soft Coat- It is a Yankee coating adhesive specially formulated for providing a soft
coat on the yankee dryer. This product is based upon the latest chemistry for yankee

Release- This Chemical is specially formulated for controlling the release of the
sheet from the Yankee dryer. The application of this releasing agent is carried out
with spray boom.

Tissue softner- What is looked for in the tissue which touches delicate persons
skin, are flexibility and smoothness. For the purpose of softness of paper, we have
developed a new type of softening agent. ANMOL USB is a new paper additive to
improve the quality of paper and made a facial tissue and a bath tissue have this
ANMOL USB is a new paper additive with cationic property that make it possible
to come to stay on the fiber of paper. Then, it gives softness to the fiber of paper,
and improve surface of paper.
6.Surface Sizing:-

This is again a very important section of a paper machine, in this section surface sizing is
carried out with various additives so as to achieve the desired characteristics in paper. At
present even the kraft paper machines which were running previously without size press are
being modified so as to have a size press. We offer starch modifying enzymes so as to reduce
/ eliminate the use of sizing chemicals in the wet end.

ANIONIC- This is a specialty surface sizing agent to bring down the internal sizing
cost to great extent. The product can be used on machines with size press and GATA
ROLL to form a thin film on paper surface. ANMOL LP-200 A reduces fluff and
dusting in paper and improves permeability and surface properties.
CATIONIC- This is a specialty surface sizing agent to bring down the internal sizing
cost to great extent. The product can be used on machines with size press and GATA
ROLL to form a thin film on paper surface. ANMOL LP-300 reduces fluff and
dusting in paper and improves permeability and surface properties.

1.5. Competitors Of Anmol Polymers Pvt Ltd.

SNF India Pvt Ltd

KEMIRA chemicals India Pvt Ltd
IVAX chemicals Pvt Ltd

Some Of The Major Players In An Industry:-

Arjun Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Arjun Chemicals rewrites the equation in paper sizing with range of one-of-its kind
products. Arjun Chemicals has always delivered versatile products. It now presents a
full range of new generation world class paper sizing products in the indian market.
Products that is capable of providing solutions to every application in paper sizing.
These eco-friendly products perform excellency in every system. be it acidic, alkaline
or just neutral. Rendering quality and world class support for paper manufacturing in

The Buckman Way

Although we call our global customer service culture "The Buckman Way," it's really
not about us. It's about the people we serve, and the way we help companies solve
problems, optimize safety, raise efficiency, and increase profitability. It's about
finding ways to be a true business partner. And about identifying that gap between
where our customers are and where they want to go, working with them to close the
gap. Over the years we have honed The Buckman Way into one of the most
successful customer-focused platforms in the world. At its core is superior
communication, which leads to a deeper understanding of our clients needs and,
ultimately, to the kinds of solutions that not only make a company stronger but each

employee better at what they do. Click on the topics listed at left to learn more. The
Buckman Way. The path to success. The high road to continuous improvement. The
route to return on investment.

Ivax Paper Chemicals

Ivax manufactures specialty chemicals for the paper and paperboard industries. Ivax
has three manufacturing facilities in India and one in Thailand. Ivax manufactures a
complete range of chemicals used for paper and paperboard manufacturing. Majority
of the products manufactured by us are used at the wet end section of papermaking.
Their products include a complete range of sizing chemicals, retention aids, coagulants,
flocculants, strength aids, drainage aids, fluff and lint control chemicals, preservation
chemicals, anti foams, cleaning chemicals, a range of organic and inorganic biocides,
pulping aids, enzymes etc.

1.6.Problems Of The Industry:-

Environment issues- various types of environmental issues have been occurred

because of making of paper like deforestation, air pollution, water pollution and
various type of waste produced by chemicals.
Reduced use of writing printing papers- Day-by-Day there is a reduction in writing
printing paper.
Technological changes-Even with the availability of alternative forms of production,
most of the manufacturers are constantly in search of advanced technological methods
and reduced costs of production to increase the margin of profits.
Low price imports- One of the most popular sectors that remain unaffected is the
Indian paper industry due to various factors. Majority of the small scale paper
manufacturers in the country make steady profits due to the absence of low priced
imports and firm paper prices. However, the present scenario of the industry has
altered to a great extent. The low demand for paper in the global markets and the
process of dumping imports has led to lowering the profits of these small scale
industries. This has affected the prices of paper products in a huge manner.
Shortage of raw material- The current scenario depicts the problems faced by the
industry mainly due to the shortage of raw materials in the country. With the increase
in population, there is a constant increase in the use of all types of wood. This has

further depleted the sources of raw materials in the country. Cheap imports of raw
materials from foreign countries are one of the sources of reliable raw materials for
the industry.


1. Family running business- As Family is involved in a business so there is no

2. PAN network- THE PRESENCE ACROSS NATION (PAN) network in the company
is not so strong. At the current time, it is weak.
3. Regions- Company do not have a hold and control over south India.
4. Planning- There is no future target planning as employees are engaged into their own
existing work instead of planning about some future targets

1.8.Swot Analysis Of The Company

First mover Lack of

advantage professionalism
Geographical Quality issues
location. Latest equipments
Team of
Strength Weakness

Opportunity Threats

Papermills in south New entrants in

,west india. industry
Introduce new Increased imports
product line Price wars




In this sector, paper play a vital role and contribute to the economic growth of the country.
The characteristics and nature of the India are very difficult to understand and the defined
population of the country has been divided in to different social classes, namely high class,
middle class, and lower class, As paper is such a thing which is own by every person , the
present study tries to analyze the opinions of the customer, why they prefer particular quality
of a paper produced by the company.


The following are the objective s of the study:

1. To find the popularity of the company in chemical industry.

2. To analyze the customers preferences to paper mills in particular.

3. To analyze the factors which in influence their decisions.

4. To analyze the performance, service cost, quality of the service rendered by the


The study is based on Comparative analysis with competitor through customer and
price mapping.
The study provides an area ti find whether the company is existing in a well manner in
this tough competitive market.
To know about the customer preference.
This study can also helps to know the pricing strategies of the competitors.
It may bring more effectiveness and professionalism in an organisation.


Tried to do customer mapping

Comparison study from past records.
Marketing team helped in figure out the reasons for drifting away the customers.
Find new competitors in the market.


Exploratory research-It is research conducted for a problem that has not been clearly
defined. It often occurs before we know enough to make conceptual distinctions or
position an explanatory relationship. Exploratory research helps determine the
best research design, data collection method and selection of subjects.
Descriptive research-It is used to describe characteristics of a population or
phenomenon being studied. It does not answer questions about how/when/why the
characteristics occurred.
Analytical research-It is a specific type of research that involves critical thinking
skills and the evaluation of facts and information relative to the research.


In the given study on Comparative analysis with competitors through customer and price
mapping. It includes the descriptive research. As it involves all the major issues and
observations of the company in a descriptive manner.

Sampling size: The study is conducted on a sample size of 50 respondents who are
customers of the Anmol polymers.

Sampling Frame: The target population for the study consists of customer of the

Research instruments: An interview schedule was used to conduct the study.


The instrument used for this study is structure interview schedule. Questions related to
objectives of the study from the major portion of the interview schedule. It mainly consists of
multiple choice questions where the respondents can make one or more of the several choice
of answers.


Despite all possible efforts to make analysis more compressive and scientific, a study of the
present kind is bound to have certain limitations. The present study is an empirical work
presented in a descriptive manner.

Since the objective to the study will meet this kind of analysis, no attempt has been made to
provide a conceptual analysis. However the role of chemical industry in the development of
the economy and future prospects have been rightly understood and explained.

There are always certain limitations of interview method, observation technique and
questionnaire method. Due to time constraints and other supporting factors the study has been
limited only to the few customers of the company, Further it is inevitable in a study of this
kind that time analysis has to be done based on the opinion and attitudes of the people. In
such cases the results at best near to truth. However an honest attempt has been made to
report and analyze the opinions of the people.




Primary data are original source from which the researcher directly collects data that have not
been previously collected from the structured questionnaire. For the purpose of collecting the
same, fifty respondents have been selected. In this study primary data plays a vital role for
analysis, interpretation, conclusion and suggestion.


These are source- containing data, which have been collected and complied for another
purpose. The secondary sources consist of readily available media and already compiled
statistical statements and reports whose data may be used by the researcher for the studies.

Secondary data have been collected from the following.

1. Various Newspapers

2. Company Brochures

3. Company Reports

4. Information From Internet

5. Car Magazines

In the above research both primary and secondary data been used to analyse the topic
which is choosen can be in descriptive form.

100 90
90 85
80 72
70 60
(in crores)

60 53

50 41
40 32
30 25
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

8 6.9
(in crores)

6 5.4

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017






a. The most important thing for any company is to maintain a good image in the market,
this company is maintain so good and reputed image in the market.
b. Company have to work on professionalism.
c. Management target is so high.
d. Management and the staff of the company is doing well to achieve the common target
of the organization.
e. Accounts department is maintaining all the company records in a refine manner.
f. Purchase department is get involved with the customers properly.
g. Regarding their problems.
h. The company is maintaining a good public relations in the market.


As per the study i have done in the company regarding the topic the conclusion is company is
in a good frame in the market. It is growing by the turnover as well as with the good quality
of the products supplied by the company. Company is trying to introduce itself in a region
where its holding is less than the other areas.


Company should go into some professionalism.

It should improve PAN network.
It should increase their presence in south region
It should increase the imports
It should get introduced in the new market
It should innovate some good new product line.
It should adopt new technological changes.



1. Are the customers satisfy with the company services?


2. Are the customers happy with the products supplied?


3. Are the products really going good in the market?


4. Does the company still have to compete with the other organisations in an industry?


5. Price settled by the company for products is competetive?


6. Does the company need to improve/work more on quality/consistency?


7. Are the employees satisfied with the company facility?


8. Management has reach to the target or not?


9. Is the company able to come up with tailor made products as per specific customers


10. Is the marketing team is presenting the company well in an external environment?




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