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Art Appreciation / Art 110 (ICC)

Course Description

This is a college class, and therefore will be treated as such regardless if the student accepts the dual credit or not.

This is an introductory course that provides a basis for the understanding and interpretation of the visual arts. This class
is intended for students with little or no experience in fine arts. Course objectives include the development of the
students visual perception, the ability to interpret visual language, and the provision of an introduction to art historical
movements and corresponding concepts.

During the semester we will explore the use of basic line, shape, color and pattern and how mankind communicates
thought, expression and idea through the use of these design elements.

This is a lecture and project based class. 5 unit tests and 3 quizzes over elements of design are required of each student.
The class culminates towards a final exam and Master Reproduction painting, accompanied by a 2-page critique. ALL
students, both junior and senior, are required to take the final exam (in accordance with Eureka High School Handbook).

Course Structure

The primary focus of this class is: 1) Design Elements and tools 2) History of Art 3) Projects

Projects will accompany each unit and lecture.

At the conclusion of each lecture there will be a unit exam.

Our main exploration will primarily encompass, among other aspects of visual art, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics,
Sculpture, Color Theory, Art History.

We will do much of the work in class. However, additional readings, papers and some projects may need completion
outside of class time.

Students will be required to write a 2-page bio/critique of a famous piece of art work, to be chosen mid-semester as
directed by the instructor.


Textbook Living with Art. Gilbert

Supplied by Instructor: Student is required to bring:

Artist bin Notebook specific for this class
Paint palette Hand lotion
Brushes Pencil / pen
2H pencil Plastic IGA or Dollar General bag
Kneaded eraser Glue
Ruler 2 small pie tins
Canvas Smock or old shirt (optional)
Clay and tools
Plaster and tools

Students will be provided a space within the classroom in which to keep materials and projects.

Grading of the course will comply with Eureka High Schools grading policy. Grades are a culmination of exams, quizzes,
and projects.

2-PAGE bio and critique worth 50 points will accompany the Master Reproduction painting

FINAL EXAM -- worth 15% of the overall grade will be required by every participant in the class, whether dual credit or
not, including seniors. All quizzes and exams MUST BE HANDED back to instructor prior to picking up a final exam!

ATTENDANCE grade 100 points through daily participation and attendance that will be calculated at the end of the
semester. Each day absent = -1 point. Absences will be subtracted from the overall point value, whether excused or
unexcused by the High School handbook. This grade will NOT affect the students high school grade for this class, but
WILL be applied to those students ICC semester grade. This is an ICC grade only!

Extra Credit is permissible during the semester and will be awarded according to complexity and value of the additional
credit beyond required assignments. Extra Credit should not be accepted in place of an assignment, but rather in
addition to. No more than 25 points of extra credit may be accumulated during the semester (equivalent of a project

Class Rules:

1) No talking during lecture (will result in immediate dismissal from class)

2) No talking during exams or quizzes (will result in zero credit for that exam or quiz)
3) No ELECTRONICS in class (teacher has the right to confiscate any electronic device for duration of class time)
4) No BOOKBAGS or PURSES allowed at work station
5) No late assignments (students are allowed a day makeup for a day absent. However, if the student is
present whether intermittently or for part of the assignment and has been informed about the due date
prior to his/her absence, then no assignments will be accepted for credit later than 5 days after the assigned
due date).
6) No leaving class without permission
7) No crude or harsh language
8) No incompletes will be assigned at the end of each quarter
9) No sleeping or putting head down on table
10) No homework from other classes is to substitute note taking or working on a project. If the student is done
with the assignment, then he/she may work on assignments for other classes

Students are expected to work diligently and independently on projects and notation. Failure to rise to the maturity of
the collegiate level may result in removal from class for the day, thus affecting the students ICC attendance grade.

Gross Misconduct will not be tolerated and the student in question will be removed from the classroom.

All other Eureka High School behavior policies will be observed as outlined in the Student Handbook.