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Comprising a Complete Directory of

the General Conference, all Union
and Local Conferences, Mission Fields,
Educational Institutions, Publishing
Houses, Periodicals, and Sanitariums.

H. E. ROGERS, Statistical Secretary
of the General Conference


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+ I
+ +
+ A
+ A Call for Workers +
+ +
+ By Helen D. Stolz
.++ There's a call for workers on every hand; +
+ The work is heavy, but laborers few. - ++
+ 0, spread ye the news in every land, +4.
I: And do as the Lord commissions you. 4..
.1. *
+ +
+ 0, work, brother, work,for soon shall come + 4.
+ The time when man can work no more! +
4. 4.
+ It will not be long 'til the set of sun, +

++ When we're brought by God to Heaven's +
-4. shore. +
4. *
44 The time is short, and the work is long, +
+ But working together with heart-filled
+ praise, +
4. +
+ We'll finish the task, and sing the song, +
$ "All glory to God, the Ancient of Days." 4.
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The following pages present a directory of the conferences, missions,
and institutions connected with the Seventh-day Adventist denomina-
tion. The territory is divided into the following Division Conferences,
each of which has the evangelistic organizations, churches, and mem-
bership indicated below, according to the Statistical Report for 1937:
Confer- Total Mem-
Division Unions ences Missions Orgs. Churches bership
Australasian 1 9 14 24 343 18,100
Central European 8 26 19 53 1,379 52,269
China 7 38 45 291 17,375
Far Eastern . 4 24 28 524 26,093
Inter-American 5 6 22 33 554 31,136
North American 10 48 6 64 2,508 164,490
Northern European 10 18 24 52 660 35,951
South American 5 5 18 28 243 28,945
Southern African 6 3 106 115 180 29,849
Southern Asia 5 42 47 128 5,736
Southern European 8 16 14 38 901 29,045
U.S.S.R. 14 6 20 677 13,709

Totals, 1937 69 145 333 547 8,388 452,758

Ordained Licensed Missionary Col- Evangelistic
Division Ministers Ministers Licentiates porteurs Laborers
Australasian 114 137 534 101 1,002
Central European 315 130 213 541 1,277
China 124 148 526 161 1,476
Far Eastern 101 92 260 344 864
Inter-American 99 68 206 237 618
North American 1,033 373 473 900 3,016
Northern European 161 114 276 324 1,279
South American 69 40 120 379 635
Southern African 132 83 963 66 1,244
Southern Asia 95 80 191 70 708
Southern European 172 67 189 286 714
U.S.S.R. 70 30 50 175

Totals, 1937 2,485 1,362 4,001 3,409 13,008

To find matter readily, use the Index.


Primary Advanced Total In
School School Publishing Sanitarium Miscel- stitution
Division Teachers Teachers Employees Employees laneous Laborers
Australasian 284 95 73 175 1,039 1,666
Central European 148 43 140 129 86 546
China 187 255 75 665 ... 1,182
Far Eastern 147 116 78 200 11 552
Inter-American 77 57 ... ... ... 134
North American 1,073 1,431 568 4,036 43 7,151
Northern European 334 120 115 774 53 1,396
South American 253 83 73 40 ... 449
Southern African 800 213 29 138 1,180
Southern Asia 156 180 60 160 556
Southern European 12 40 60 78 19 209
U.S.S.R. ... ..
Totals 3,471 2,633 1,271 6,395 1,251 15,021
Total Institutional Workers 15,021
Total Evangelistic Laborers 13,008
Grand Total" 28,029

Fundamental Beliefs 5.
General Conference and Departments 9
North America 24
Australasian 71
Central European I 80
Central European II 93
China 102
Far Eastern 124
Inter-American 142
Northern European 157
South American 178
Southern African 191
Southern Asia 211
Southern European 225
U. S. S. R. 240
Educational 241
Publishing Houses 287
Periodicals Issued 301
Sanitariums 320
Treatment Rooms 337
Statistical Tables 342
Constitution 357
Ministerial Directory 366
Obituary 'Record 452
Index 454
Seventh-day Adventists hold certain fundamental beliefs, the principal
features of which, together with a portion of the scriptural references
upon which they are based, may be summarized as follows:
1. That the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were
given by inspiration of God, contain an all-sufficient revelation of His
will to men, and are the only unerring rule of faith and practice.
2 Tim. 3:15-17.
2. That the Godhead, or Trinity, consists of the Eternal Father, a
personal, spiritual Being, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, infinite
in wisdom and love; the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal
Father, through whom all things were created and through whom the
salvation of the redeemed hosts will be accomplished; the Holy Spirit,
the third person of the Godhead, the great regenerating power in the
work of redemption. Matt. 28:19.
3. That Jesus Christ is very God, being of the same nature and essence
as the Eternal Father. While retaining His divine nature He took upon
Himself the nature of the human family, lived on the earth as a man,
exemplified in His life as our Example the principles of righteousness,
attested His relationship to God by many mighty miracles, died for our
sins on the cross, was raised from the dead, and ascended to the Father,
where He ever lives to make intercession for us. John 1 i 1, 14; Heb.
2:9-18; 8:1, 2; 4:14-16; 7:25.
4. That every person in order to obtain salvation must experience the
new birth; that this comprises an entire transformation of life and
character by the recreative power of God through faith in the Lord
Jesus Christ. John 3:16; Matt. 18:3; Acts 2:37-39.
5. That baptism is an ordinance of the Christian church and should
follow repentance and forgiveness of sins. By its observance faith is
shown in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. That the proper
form of baptism is by immersion. Rom. 6:1-6; Acts 16:30-33.
6. That the will of God as it relates to moral conduct is comprehended
in His law of ten commandments; that these are great moral, un-
changeable precepts, binding upon all men, in every age. Ex. 20:1-17.
7. That the fourth commandment of this unchangeable law requires
the observance of the seventh day Sabbath. This holy institution is
at the same time a memorial of creation and a sign of sanctification,
a sign of the believer's rest from his own works of sin, and his entrance
into the rest of soul which Jesus promises to those who come to Him.
Gen. 2:1-3; Ex. 20:8-11; 31:12-17; Heb. 4:1-10.
8. That the law of ten commandments points out sin, the penalty of
which is death. The law can not save the transgressor from his sin,

nor impart power to keep him from sinning. In infinite love and mercy,
God provides a way whereby this may be done. He furnishes a substi-
tute, even Christ the Righteous One, to die in man's stead, making
-Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the
righteousness of God in Him." 2 Cor. 5:21. That one is justified, not
by obedience to- the law, but by the grace that is in Christ Jesus. By
accepting Christ, man is reconciled to God, justified by His blood for
the sins of the past, and saved from the power of sin by his indwelling
life. Thus the gospel becomes "the power of God unto salvation to
every one that believeth." This experience is wrought by the divine
agency of the Holy Spirit, who convinces of sin and leads to the Sin-
Bearer, inducting the believer into the new covenant relationship, where
the law of God is written on his heart, and through the enabling power
of the indwelling Christ, his life is brought into conformity to the
divine precepts. The honor and merit of this wonderful transformation
belong wholly to Christ. 1 John 3:4; Rom. 7:7; Rom. 3:20; Eph. 2:8-10;
1 John 2:1, 2; Rom. 5:8-10; Gal. 2:20; Eph. 3:17; Heb. 8:8-12.
9. That God "only bath immortality." 1 Tim. 6:15. Mortal man pos-
sesses a nature inherently sinful and dying. Eternal life is the gift of
God through faith in Christ. Rom. 6:23. that bath the Son hath
life." 1 John 5:12. Immortality is bestowed upon the righteous at the
second coming of Christ, when the righteous dead are raised from the
grave and the living righteous translated to meet the Lord. Then it is
that those accounted faithful "put on immortality." 1 Cor. 15:51-55.
10. That the condition of man in death is one of unconsciousness.
That all men, good and evil alike, remain in the grave from death to
the resurrection. Eccl. 9:5, 6; Ps. 146:3, 4; John 5:28, 29.
11. That there shall be a resurrection both of the just ana of the
unjust. The resurrection of the just will take place at the second
coming of Christ; the resurrection of the unjust will take place a
thousand years later, at the close of the millennium. John 5:28, 29;
1 Thess. 4:13-18; Rev. 20:5-10.
12. That the finally impenitent, including Satan, the author of sin,
will, by the fires of the last day, be reduced to a state of non-existence,
becoming as though they had not been, thus purging God's universe of
sin and sinners. Rom. 6:23; Mal. 4:1-3; Rev. 20:9, 10; Obadiah 16.
13. That no prophetic period is given in the Bible to reach to the
second advent, but that the longest one, the 2300 days of Dan. 8:14,
terminated in 1844, and brought us to an event called the cleansing of
the sanctuary.
14. That the true sanctuary, of which the tabernacle on earth was a
type, is the temple of God in Heaven, of which Paul speaks in Hebrews
8 and onward, and of which the Lord Jesus, as our great high priest,
is minister; and that the priestly work of our Lord is the antitype of the
work of the Jewish priests of the former dispensation; that this heavenly
sanctuary is the one to be cleansed at the end of the 2300 days of Dan.
8:14; its cleansing being, as in the type, a work of judgment, beginning
with the entrance of Christ as the high priest upon the judgment phase
of His ministry in the heavenly sanctuary foreshadowed in the earthly
service of cleansing the sanctuary on the day of atonement. This work
of judgment in the heavenly sanctuary began in 1844. Its completion
will close human probation.

15. That God, in the time of the judgment and in accordance with His
uniform dealing with the human family in warning them of coming
events vitally affecting their destiny (Amos 3:6, 7), sends forth a
proclamation of the approach of the second advent of Christ; that this
work is symbolized by the three angels of Revelation 14; and that their
threefold message brings to view a work of reform to prepare a people
to meet Him at His coming.
16. That the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary, synchronizing
with the period of the proclamation of the message of Revelation 14,
is a time of investigative judgment, first with reference to the dead,
and secondly, with reference to the living. This investigative judgment
determines who of the myriads sleeping in the dust of the earth are
worthy of a part in the first resurrection, and who of its living multi-
tudes are worthy of translation. 1 Peter 4:17, 18; Dan. 7:9, 10; Rev.
14:6, 7; Luke 20:35.
17. That the followers of Christ should be a godly people, not adopt-
ing the unholy maxims nor conforming to the unrighteous ways of the
world, not loving its sinful pleasures nor countenancing its follies.
That the believer should recognize his body as the temple of the Holy
Spirit, and that therefore he should clothe that body in neat, modest,
dignified apparel. Further, that in eating and drinking and in his
entire course of conduct he should shape his life as becometh a follower
of the meek and lowly Master. Thus the believer will be led to ab-
stain from all intoxicating drinks, tobacco, and other narcotics, and the
avoidance of every body- and soul-defiling habit and practice. 1 Cor.
3:16, 17; 9:25; 10:31; 1 Tim. 2:9, 10; 1 John 2:6.
18. That the divine principle of tithes and offerings for the support
of the gospel is an acknowledgment of God's ownership in our lives,
and that we are stewards who must render account to Him of all that
He has committed to our possession. Lev. 27:30; Mal. 3:8-12; Matt.
23:23; 1 Cor. 9:9-14; 2 Cor. 9:6-15.
19. That God has placed in His church the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
as enumerated in 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4. That these gifts
operate in harmony with the divine principles of the Bible, and are
given for the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry, the
edifying of the body of Christ. Rev. 12:17; 19:10; 1 Cor. 1:5-7.
20. That the second coming of Christ is the great hope of the church,
the grand climax of the gospel and plan of salvation. His coming will
be literal, personal, and visible. Many important events will be asso-
ciated with His return, such as the resurrection of the dead, the de-
struction of the wicked, the purification of the earth, the reward of the
righteous, the establishment of His everlasting kingdom. The almost
complete fulfillment of various lines of prophecy, particularly those
found in the books of Daniel and the Revelation, with existing condi-
tions in the physical, social, industrial, political, and religious worlds,
indicates that Christ's coming "is near, even at the doors." The exact
time of that event has not been foretold. Believers are exhorted to be
ready, for "in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man" will be
revealed. Luke 21:25-27; 17:26-30; John 14:1-3; Acts 1:9-11; Rev.
1:7; Heb. 9:28; James 5:1-8; Joel 3:9-16; 2 Tim. 3:1-5; Dan. 7:27;
Matt. 24:36, 44.

21. That the millennial reign of Christ covers the period between
the first and the second resurrections, during which time the saints
of all ages will live with their blessed Redeemer in Heaven. At the
end of the millennium, the Holy City with all the saints will descend
to the earth. The wicked, raised in the second resurrection, will go up
on the breadth of the earth with Satan at their head to compass the
camp of the saints, when fire will come down from God out of Heaven
and devour them. In the conflagration which destroys Satan and his
host, the earth itself will be regenerated and cleansed from the effects
of the curse. Thus the universe of God will be purified from the foul
blot of sin. Rev. 20; Zech. 14:1-4; 2 Peter 3:7-10.
22. That God will make all things new. The earth, restored to its
pristine beauty, will become forever the abode of the saints of the
Lord. The promise to Abraham, that through Christ he and his seed
should possess the earth throughout the endless ages of eternity, will
be fulfilled. The kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the king-
dom under the whole heaven will be given to the people of the saints
of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all
dominions shall serve and obey Him. Christ, the Lord, will reign su-
preme and every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under
the earth, and such as are in the sea will ascribe blessing and honor
and glory and power unto Him that sitteth upon the throne and unto
the Lamb forever and ever. Gen. 13:14-17; Rom. 4:13; Heb. 11:8-18;
Matt. 6:5; Isa. 35; Rev. 21:1-7; Dan. 7:27; Rev. 6:13.
Directory of the Seventh-day
Adventist Denomination
Organized May 21, 1863
Territory: The following-named Di- General Field Secretaries
vision Conferences: North Amer- W. A. Spicer, I. H. Evans, C. H.
ican, Australasian, Central Euro- Watson, J. L. Shaw, M. E. Kern,
pean, China, Far Eastern, Inter- G. W. Wells, F. C. Gilbert, Meade
American, Northern European, MacGuire, R. Ruhling, W. Muel-
Southern African, South Amer- ler, E. E. Andross, G. W. Schu-
ican, Southern Asia, Southern bert, Frederick Griggs.
European, Union of Socialist Auditors
Soviet Republics.
Cable Address: Adventist, Wash- Claude Conard; Associates, II. W.
ington. (A B C Code, fifth Barrows, 'W. E. Phillips.
edition.) Statistical Secretary
Telegraphic Address: General Con- H. E. Rogers.
ference, Washington, D. C.
(NOT Takoma Park.) Secretaries of Departments
Express and Freight Address: Bureau of Home Missions: M. N.
General Conference, Takoma Campbell; Associates: German,
Park, D. C. (Nothington.)
as R. Ruhling; Swedish, M. N.
Consign freight via B. & 0. Ry. Campbell; Danish-Norwegian and
Postal Address: Takoma Park, Miscellaneous Languages, L.
Washington, District of Co- Halswick ' Jewish Dept., F. C.
lumbia, U. S. A. Gilbert; Spanish, Portuguese, and
Indian Dept., H. D. Casebeer.
Executive Officers Educational: H. A. Morrison; As-
President: J. L. McElhany. sociates, W. H. Teesdale, J. E.
Vice-Presidents: W. H. Branson, Weaver.
L. H. Christian, W. G. Turner, Home Missionary: Steen Rasmus-
M. N. Campbell, C. H. Watson, sen; Associates, Wm. Butler,
A. Minck, V. T. Armstrong, G. W. H. Bergherm.
A. Roberts, W! E. Read, N. P. Medical: -H. M. Walton, M. D.;
Neilsen, J. F. Wright, N. C. Associates, M. A. Hollister, I. J.
Wilson, A. V. Olson. Woodman, Kathryn L. Jensen.
Secretary: E. D. Dick. Ministerial Association: Chairman,
Associate Secretaries: A. W. Cor- J. L. McElhany; Secretary, I. H.
mack, H. T. Elliott. Evans; Associates, L. E. Froom,
Treasurer: W. E. Nelson. Meade MacGuire.
lindertreasurer North American Negro: F. L.
W. H. Williams. Publishing: C. E. Weaks; Asso-
Assistant Treasurers ciates, E. E. Franklin, J. J.
H. H. Cobban, J. J. Ireland. Strahle.
Religious Liberty: .
Office Secretary Associates, C. S. Longacre, IT. H.
T. E. Bowen. Votaw.

Sabbath School: J. A. Stevens; teer; A. W. Peterson; Associ-

Associates, S. A. Wellman, W. ates, C. L. Bond, D. A. Ochs.
K. Ising. Home Commission: A. W. Spald-
Young People's Missionary Volun- ing.


President: J. L. McElhany. North American Negro: F. L.
General Vice-Presidents: W. H. Peterson.
Branson, L. H. Christian, W. G. Publishing:" C. E. Weaks; Asso-
Turner. ciates, E. E. Franklin, J. J.
Secretary: E. D. Dick. Strahle.
Associate Secretaries: A. W. Cor- Religious Liberty: . .
mack, H. T. Elliott. Associates, C. S. Longacre, H. H.
Treasurer: W. E. Nelson. Vota w.
Undertreasurer: W. H. Williams. Sabbath School: J. A. Stevens;
Assistant Treasurers: H. H. Cob- Associates, S. A. Wellman, W.
ban, J. J. Ireland. K. Ising.
General Field Secretaries: W. A. Young People's Missionary Volun-
Spicer, I. H. Evans, C. H. Wat- teer: Alfred W. Peterson; Asso-
son, J. L. Shaw, M. E. Kern, G. ciates, C. L. Bond, D. A. Ochs.
W. Wells, F. C. Gilbert, Meade Home Commission: A. W. Spald-
MacGuire, R. Ruhling, W. Muel- ing.
ler, E. E. Andross, G. W. Schu-
bert, Frederick Griggs. OTHER MEMBERS BY
Statistical Secretary: H. E. Rogers. DIVISIONS
Secretaries of General North America
Vice-President: M. N. Campbell.
Bureau of Home Missions: M. N. Union Conference 'Presidents:
Campbell; Associates: German, Atlantic: M. L. Rice.
R. Ruhling; Swedish, M. N. Canadian: W. B. Ochs.
Campbell; Danish-Norwegian and Central: J. F. Piper.
Miscellaneous Languages, L. Columbia: H. J. Detwiler.
Halswick; Jewish Dept., F. C. Lake: J. J. Nethery.
Gilbert; Spanish, Portuguese, Northern: E. H. Oswald.
and Indian Dept., H. D. Case- North Pacific: E. K. Slade.
beer. Pacific: Glenn Calkins. -
Educational: H. A. Morrison; As- Southern: J. K. Jones.
sociates, W. H. Teesdale, J. E. Southwestern: R. L. Benton.
Home Missionary: Steen Rasmus- Australasian
sen; Associates, Wm. Butler, W. President: C. H. Watson.
H. Bergherm. Union President: E. B. Rudge.
Medical: H. M. Walton, M. D.;
Associates, M. A. Hollister, I. J. Central European
Woodman, Kathryn L.Jensen. Section I
Ministerial Association: Chairman, President: A. Minck,
J.. L. McElhany; Secretary, I. H. Secretary: O. Schiklhauer.
Evans; Associates, L. E. Froom, Treasurer: M. Voigt.
Meade MacGuire. Field Secretary: E. Gugel.

Departmental Secretaries: Japan: A. N. Nelson.

Educational: Malayan: E. A. Moon.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Netherlands East Indies: P. Drin-
and Young People's Missionary haus.
Volunteer: M. Busch. Philippine: R. R. Figuhr.
Medical: Dr. L. E. Conradi. Inter-American
Publishing: H. Box. President: G. A. Roberts.
Union Conference Presidents: Sec. and Treas.: W. C. Raley.
East German: M. Budnick. Departmental Secretaries:
Netherlands: J. Wintzen. Educational and Y.P.M.V.: W. L.
South German: G. Seng. Adams.
West German: Hans Fenner. Home Missionary and Sab. School:
Section II R. R. Breitigam.
Publishing: W. A. Bergherm.
President: H. L. Rudy.
Sec. and Treas.: T. J. Michael. Religious Liberty: G. A. Roberts.
Union Conference Presidents: Union Mission Superintendents:
Antillian: H. M. Blunden.
Arabic: G. Keough.
Czechoslovakian: J. Doubraysky. Caribbean: A. R. Ogden.
Hungarian: L. Michnay. Central American: C. P. Crager.
Colombia-Venezuela: L. V. Finster.
China Mexican: C. E. Wood.
President: W. H. Branson. Northern European
Secretary: S. L. Frost. President: W. E. Read.
Treasurer: C. C. Morris. Secretary: J. I. Robison.
Departmental Secretaries: Treasurer: E. R. Colson.
Educational and Missionary Vol- Field Secretary: T. T. Babienco.
unteer: D. E. Rebok. Departmental Secretaries:
Home Miss.: Educational: J. I. Robison.
Medical: H. W. Miller, M. D. Home Miss.: G. E. Nord.
Publishing: E. L. Longway. Y. P. M. V.: W. T. Bartlett.
Sabbath School: Bessie Mount. Medical: A. Andersen, M. D.
Union Presidents: Publishing: L. A. Vixie.
Central China: M. C. Warren. Religious Liberty: W. T. Bartlett.
East China: N. F. Brewer. Sabbath School: W. T. Bartlett.
Manchuria: K. H. Wood. Union Conference Presidents:
North China: W. J. Harris. Baltic:
Northwest China: G. J. Appel. British: H. W. Lowe.
South China: A. L. Ham. East African: S. G. Maxwell.
West China: G. L. Wilkinson. East Nordic: G. A. Lindsay.
Far Eastern Gold Coast: J. Clifford.
Nigerian: W. McClements.
President: V. T. Armstrong. Polish: W. Czembor.
Sec. and Treas.: C. L. Torrey. Upper Nile: V. E. Toppenberg.
Departmental Secretaries: West Nordic: L. Muderspach.
Educational and Young People's
Missionary Volunteer: W. P. South American
Bradley. President: N. P. Neilsen.
Home Missionary and Sabbath Secretary: H. 0. Olson.
School: J. H. MeEaehern. Treasurer: F. L. Harrison.
Medical: H. W. Miller, M. D. Departmental Secretaries:
Publishing: G. A. Campbell. Educational and Young People's
Union Mission Superintendents: Missionary Volunteer: N. W.
Chosen: H. A. Oberg. Dunn.

Home Missionary: J. L. Brown. Union Mission Superintendents:

Publishing: J. C. Culpepper. Burma: J. 0. Wilson.
Sabbath School: J. L. Brown. Northeast India: F. H. Loasby.
Union Conference Presidents: Northwest India:
Austral: W. E. Murray. South India: G. G. Lowry.
East Brazil: H. G. Stoehr. Western India: N. C. Wilson.
Inca: H. B. Lundquist. Southern European
North Brazil: L. B. Halliwell.
South Brazil: E. H. Wilcox. President: A. V. Olson.
Secretary: W. R. Beach.
Southern African Treasurer and Auditor: F. Brenn-
President: J. F. Wright. Departmental Secretaries:
Secretary: Milton Robison. Educational: W. R. Beach.
Treas. and Auditor: C. W. Bozarth. Home Missionary:
Departmental Secretaries: Medical and Religious Liberty:
Educational: Milton Robison. Dr. J. Nussbaum, 49 Avenue de
Home Missionary: F. E. Potter. la Grande Armee, Paris 16,
Medical: A. N. Tonge, M. D. France.
Publishing: F. E. Potter. Publishing: F. Charpiot.
Religious Liberty: L. L. Moffitt. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.:
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.: H. Struve.
L. L. Moffitt. Union Conference Presidents:
Union Conference Presidents: Franco-Belgian: 0. Meyer.
Angola: C. W. Curtis. Iberian: A. J. Girou.
Congo: G. A. Ellingworth. Indian Ocean: M. J. Bureaud.
South Africa: A. F. Tarr. Italian: L. Beer.
Southeast Africa: H. M. Sparrow. Jugoslavian: Jovan Bauer.
Zambesi: J. R. Campbell. North African: J. DeCaenel.
Rumanian: D. Florea.
Southern Asia Swiss: Robert Gerber.
President: N. C. Wilson. Union of Socialist Soviet Republics
Sec. and Treas.: A. E. Nelson. Officers: .
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational: J. M. Steeves. Elective Members
Field Missionary: L. C. Shepard. 0. Montgomery, W. P. Elliott,
Home Miss. and Sabbath School: F. M. Wilcox, Dr. P. T. Magan,
E. D. Thomas. Dr. W. A. Ruble, M. C. Taft,
Young People's Missionary Volun- W. E. Howell, G. E. Peters,
teer: J. M. Steeves. M. V. Tucker, Dr. Geo. Thomason,
Medical: G. A. Nelson, M. D. J. H. Cochran, M. L. Andreasen,
Religious Liberty: R. B. Thurber. F. R. Isaac.
The Departments of the General Division Secretaries
Conference named below, while do-
ing work, some of them prior to Australasian: B. H. McMahon,
the time the General Conference Cooranbong, New South Wales,
was organized, and some at a Central European: .
much later date, were organized China: D. E. Rebok, 526 Ningkuo
under the terms of the General Road, Shanghai, China.
Conference Constitution at the Far Eastern: W. P. Bradley, Box
dates mentioned in each case. 226, Singapore, Straits Settle-
Inter-American: W. L. Adams,
Organized 1933 Box 2006, Balboa, Canal Zone.
Office: General Conference, Ta- Northern European: J. I. Robison,
koma Park, Washington, D. C. 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware,
Secretary: M. N. Campbell. Middlesex, England.
Associate Secretaries: South American: N. W. Dunn.
R. Ruhling for German Depart- Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
ment. Address: Takoma Park, Argentina, South America.
Washington, D.C. Southern African: Milton Robison,
L. Halswick -for Danish-Nor- Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape
wegian and Miscellaneous Province, South Africa.
Languages in North America. Southern Asia: J. M. Steeves, Box
Address: 3340 - 31st Ave., 15, Poona, India.
Minneapolis, Minn. Southern European: W. R. Beach,
F. C. Gilbert for Jewish Depart- 115heweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
ment. Address: Takoma Park,
Washington,D. C. Union Secretaries
H. D. Casebe r for Spanish, The educational secretaries of the
Portuguese and North Ameri- union conferences in North
can Indian. Address: 223 N. America (to be addressed at
Sinclair Avenue, Glendale, their respective offices).
M. N. Campbell, Acting Secre- College PresidentsNorth America
tary for Swedish Department. G. W. Bowers, College Place, Wash.
Address: Takoma Park, Wash- G. E. Jones, South Lancaster,
ington, D.C. Mass.
Bureau Committee: M. N. Camp- H. J. Klooster, Berrien Springs,
bell, Chairman; H. T. Elliott, Mich.
W. H. Williams, L. Halswick, P. T. Magan, M. D., 304 North
R. Ruhling, F. C. Gilbert, H. D. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
Casebeer. A. H. Rulkoetter, College View
Station, Lincoln, Nebr.
Organized 1902 B. G. Wilkinson, Takoma Park,
Office Address: Takoma Park, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Junior College Presidents
Officers North America
Secretary: H. A. Morrison. L. W. Cobb, College Heights, via
Associate Secretaries: W. H. Tees- Lacombe, Alberta, Canada.
dale, J. E. Weaver. E. E. Cossentine, Arlington, Calif.


F. R. Isaac, Oshawa, Ontario, (To be addressed at Takoma Park,
Canada. Washington, D. C.) W. E. Nel-
J. L. Moran, Huntsville, Ala. son, H. A. Morrison, Claude
J. C. Thompson, Collegedale, Tenn. Conard, W. H. Teesdale, M. N.
Foreign School Directors
(Colleges and Junior Colleges) Secretary and Associate Secre-
W. E. Anderson, Box 1663, Kow- taries of the Department of
loon, Hong Kong, China. Education, W. I. Smith, G. R.
I. F. Blue, Mussoorie, U.P., India. Fattic, E. H. Risley, Kathryn
L. E. Downs, Colegio Adventista, Jensen, E. E. Cossentine, E. F.
Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Heim:
South America.
R. S. J. Hamilton, Mandeville,
Jamaica, British West Indies. HOME MISSIONARY DEPART-
L. B. Loasby, Bangalore Heights, MENT
South India. Organized 1918
E. R. Maas, Puiggari, F. C. E. Office Address: Takoma Park,
R., Entre Rios, Argentina, South Washington, D. C.
G, H. Minchin, 401 Upper Seran- Officers
goon Road, Singapore, Straits Secretary: Steen Rasmussen.
Settlements. Associate Secretaries: W. A. But-
W. G. C. Murdoch, Newbold Mis- ler, W. H. Bergherm.
sionary College, Rugby, War- Assistant Secretary: Mrs. Grace
wick, England. D. Mace.
C. S. Palmer, Cooranbong, N. S. Division Secretaries
W., Australia.
G. E. Shankel, P. 0. Mont Clair, Australia: R. E. Hare, "Miz-
via Somerset West, C. P., South pah," Wahroonga, N. S'. W., Aus-
Africa. tralia.
L. M. Stump, Box 1772, Manila, Central European, Section I: M.
Philippine Islands. Busch, Regensburger Str. 22, V.,
D. Walther, Collonges sous Saleve, Berlin W. 50, Germany.
Haute Savoie, France. Section II: H. L. Rudy, Takoma
, Showa-machi, Ki- Park, D. C.
mitsugun, Chiba-ken, Japan. China: E. L. Longway, 526 King-
kuo Road, Shanghai, China.
Other Members Far Eastern: J. H. McEachern,
Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set-
The following to be addressed at tlement,:.
Takoma Park, D. C.: Inter-American: R. R. Breitigam,
M. N. Campbell, E. D. Dick, Box 2006, Balboa, Canal Zone.
Claude Conard, A. W. Peterson, Northern European: G. E. Nord,
Kathryn L. Jensen, M. E. Kern, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware,
C. S. Longacre, L. E. Frown, A. Middlesex, England.
W. Werline, M. E. Olsen. South American: J. L. Brown,
Academy principals: Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
V. P. Lovell, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Argentina, South America.
R. R. Newman, Enterprise, Kans. Southern Africa: F. E. Potter,
E. F. Heim, Hutchinson, Minn. Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape,
H. E. Westermeyer, Lodi, Calif. South Africa.

Southern Asia: E. D. Thomas, Box China: H. W. Miller, M. D., P. 0.

15, Poona, India. Box 77, Hankow, China.
Southern European: Far Eastern: H. W. Miller, M. D.,
Union Secretaries P. 0. Box 77, Hankow, China.
Northern European: Dr. A. Ander-
(All Home Missionary Secretaries sen, Sanitarium, Skodsborg, Den-
of organized union conferences mark.
and union missions are members Southern African: A. N. Tonge,
ex-officio.) M. D., 22 Moray House, care
Other Members Jeppe and Sinai Sts., Johannes-
(All of whom may be addressed at burg, Transvaal, South Africa.
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.) Southern Asia: G. A. Nelson, M.
W. G. Turner, W. H. Branson, D., S. D. A. Mission, Surat, Bom-
J. A. Stevens, A. W. Peterson, bay Presidency, India.
J. D. Snider, C. E. Weaks, W. H. Southern European: Dr. J. Nuss-
Williams, F. L. Peterson. baum, 49, Avenue de la Grande-
Arm6e, Paris 16e, France.
(All Union Conference medical
MEDICAL DEPARTMENT secretaries are members ex-
Organized 1902 officio, and should be addressed
Office Address: Takoma Park, at the union office.)
Washington, D. C.
Other Members
F. A. Stahl, 136 North Primrose,
Secretary: H. NI. Walton, M. D. Monrovia, Calif.
Associate Secretary: M. A. Hol- C. W. Harrison, M. D., Sydney
lister. Sanitarium, WahrOonga, N. S.
Associate Secretary for Nurses' W., Australia.
Division: Kathryn L. Jensen, G. A. S. Madgwick, M. D., Gendia
R. N. Mission, Kenya, via Kisumu,
Associate Secretary: I. J. Wood- Kenya Colony, British East Af-
man, 312 North Boyle Ave., Los rica.
Angeles, Calif. M. N. Campbell, Takoma Park,
Assistant Secretary for Medical Washington, D. C.
Education: P. T. Magan, M. D., Steen Rasmussen, Takoma Park,
304 North Boyle Ave., Los An- Washington, D. C.
geles, Calif. A. W. Peterson, Takoma Park,
Assistant Secretary for Institu- Washington, D. C.
tions in Western 'united States: D. H. Kress, M. D., Takoma Park,
H. W. Vollmer, M. D., Sanita- Washington, D. C.
rium, Napa County, California. F. M. Wilcox, Takoma Park,
Assistant Secretary for Institu- Washington, D. C.
tions in Eastern United States: H. A. Morrison, Takoma Park,
W. A. Ruble, M. D., Melrose, Washington, D. C.
Mass. The Medical superintendent, busi-
Division Secretaries ness manager, and superintend-
Australasian: T. A. Sherwin, M. ent of nurses in each regularly
D., Warburton, Victoria, Aus- organized and denominationally
tralia. recognized medical institution.
Central European Sec. I: L. E. Con- The President and the Dean of the
radi, M.D., Sanitarium "Wald- College of Medical Evangelists.
friede," Alsenstrasse 99-109, Ber- Editors of denominational health
lin-Zehlendor f-West, Germany. journals.

MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Peterson,* H. A. Morrison," 1'. L.

Office Address: Takoma Park, Peterson,* H. M. Walton, M.D.,*
Washington, D. C. G. W. Wells,", F. D. Nichol,"
Official Organ: The Ministry (48- Meade MacGuire, Modesto,
page monthly). . Calif.; M. L. Andreasen,"
C. B. Haynes, Lansing, Mich.;
Officers H. M. S. Richards, Glendale,
Secretary: I. H. Evans. Calif.; W. R. French, Angwin,
Associate Secretaries: L. E. Froom, Calif.; Rose E. Boose, Arlington,
Meade MacGuire. Calif., and the vice-presidents
Advisory Council and Ministerial Association sec-
Chairman: J. L. McElhany. retaries of all overseas divisions.
Secretary: L. E. Froom.
*Address at General Conference
Division Secretaries Office.
Australasian: W. J. Westerman,
"Mizpah," Wahroonga, New South North American Members-at-large:
Wales, Australia. Glenn Calkins, Glendale, Calif.;
Central European, Section I: E. J. K. Jones, Decatur, Ga.; E. K.
Gugel, Regensburger Str. 22, V., Slade, College Place,; ash. J. L.
Berlin W. 50, Germany. Section Shuler, Decatur, Ga.; L. K.
II: H. L. Rudy, Takoma Park, Dickson, Oakland, Calif.; W. W.
Washington, D. C. Prescott, Takoma Park, D. C.;
China: 0. A. Hall, 526 Ningkuo T. G. Bunch, Battle Creek, Mich.;
Road, Shanghai, China (on fur- R. A. Anderson, Arlington, Calif.
lough in U. S.). B. G. Wilkinson, Takoma Park,'
Far Eastern: V. T. Armstrong, D. C.; L. H. Wood, Takoma
Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set- Park, D. C.; H. J. Klooster,
tlements. Berrien Springs, Mich.; M. E.
Inter-American: "G. A. Roberts, Olsen, Takoma Park, D. 0.; W.
Box 2006, Balboa, Canal Zone. E. Howell, Takoma Park, D. C.;
Northern European: W. T. Bart- 0. E. Peters, Philadelphia, Pa.;
lett, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware; Mary A. Walsh, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Middlesex, England. Division Members
South - American: H. 0. Olson,
Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Australasian: C. H. Watson, W. J.
Argentina, South America. Westerman, "Mizpah," -
Southern African: W. H. Anderson. roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
Grove Avenue, Claremont, Cape, Central European, Section I: A.
South Africa. Minch, E. Gugel, Regensburger
Southern Asia: R. B. Thurber, Str. 22, V, Berlin W. 50, Ger-
Post Box 15, Poona, India. many. Section II: H. L. Rudy,
Southern European: A. V. Olson, Takoma Park, Washington, D.C.
Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland. China: W. H. Branson, 0. A. Hall,
526 Ningkuo Road, Shanghai,
Advisory Council China.
J. L. McElhany,* Chairman; L. Far Eastern: V. T. Armstrong,
E. Froom,* Secretary; I. H. Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set-
Evans,* E. D. Dick,* W. E. Nel- tlements. .
son,* L. H. Christian,* W. H. Inter-American: G. A. Roberts,
Branson, W. G. Turner,* M. N. Box 2006, Balboa, Canal Zone.
Campbell,* A. W. Cormack,* H. Northern European: W. E. Read,
T. Elliott,* W. P. Elliott,* M. E. W. T. Bartlett, 41 Hazel Gardens,
Kern,* F. M. Wilcox,* A. W. Edgware, Middlesex, England.

South American: N. P. Neilsen, T. M. Rowe, Room 2605, Para-

II. 0. Olson, Calle Pino 3801, mount Bldg., 1501 Broadway,
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South New York, N. Y.
America. A. E. Webb, 3817 Cook St., St.
Southern African: J. F. Wright, Louis, Mo.
W. H. Anderson, Grove Ave.,
Claremont, Cape, South Africa. PUBLISHING DEPARTMENT
Southern Asia: N. C. Wilson, Organized 1902
R. B. Thurber, Post Box 15,
Poona, India. Office Address: Takoma Park,
Southern European: A. V. Olson, Washington, D. C.
Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland. Officers
Secretary: C. E. Weaks.
NORTH AMERICAN NEGRO Associate Secretaries: J. J. Strahle,
DEPARTMENT E. E. Franklin.
Organized 1909 Office Secretary: Mrs. Nell H.
Secretary: F. L. Peterson, Takoma Hunter.
Park, Washington, D. C. ' Division Secretaries
Other Members Australasian: T. A. Mitchell, "Mix-
J. K. Jones, 437 East Ponce de pah," Wahroonga, New South
Leon Ave., Decatur, Ga. Wales, Australia.
J. J. Nethery, Drawer C, Berrien Central European, Section I: H.
Springs, Mich. Bbx, Regensburger Str. 22, V,
J. F. Piper, 4547 Calvert St., Lin- Berlin W. 50, Germany.
coln, Nebr. China: E. L. Longway, 526 Ning-
R. L. Benton, Keene, Texas. kuo Road, Shanghai, China.
H. J. Detwiler, 507 Flower Ave., Far Eastern: G. A. Campbell, Box
Takoma Park, D. C. 226, Singapore, Straits Settle-
Glenn Calkins, Box 146, Glendale, ments.
Calif. Inter-American: W. A. Bergherm,
J. L. Moran, Oakwood Junior Col- Box 2006, Balboa, Canal Zone.
lege, Huntsville, Ala. Northern European: L. A. Vixie,
G. E. Peters, 1701 Conlyn St., 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware,
Philadelphia, Pa. Middlesex, England.
F. S. Keitts, 85 Chicamauga Ave., South American: J. C. Culpepper,
Atlanta, Ga. Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
0. A. Troy, 536 E. 42 Pl., Chi- Argentina, South America.
cago, Ill. Southern African: F. E. Potter,
J. G. Dasent, 1526 S. Haskell St., Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape
Dallas, Texas. Province, South Africa.
J. G. Thomas, 1346 W. 7th St., Southern Asia: L. C. Shepard,
Jacksonville, .Fla. Box 15, Poona, India.
P. G. Rodgers, 1207 W. 98th St., Southern European: F. Charpiot,
Los Angeles, Calif. Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
J. H. Wagner, 24 Fusting Ave., Ex-officio Members
Catonsville Branch, Baltimore, Union Field Missionary Secre-
Md. taries.
T. H. Allison, 730 Oakwood Blvd., Publishing House Managers (see
Chicago, Ill. list in directories of Publishing
L. H. Bland, 4250 Tirernan Ave., Houses in later pages).
Detroit, Mich. Managers of Circulating Depart-
Miss Anna Knight, 306 Rowe Road, ments and Branches.
Chattanooga, Tenn. Superintendents and Treasurers.

Other Members Inter-American: G. A. Roberts,

J. L. McElhany, Takoma Park, Box 2006, Balboa, Canal Zone.
D. C. North American: M. N. Campbell,
V. T. Armstrong, Box 226, Singa- Takoma Park, D. C.
pore, Straits Settlements. Northern European: W. T. Bart-
M. N. Campbell, Takoma Park, lett, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware,
Washington, D. C. Middlesex, England.
C. H. Watson, "Mizpah," Wah- South American: N. P. Neilsen,
roonga, New South Wales, Aus- Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
tralia. Argentina, South America.
W. H. Branson, 1207 Yu Yuen Southern African: L. L. Moffitt,
Road, Shanghai, China. Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape,
W. E. Read, 41 Hazel. Gardens, South Africa.
Edgware, Middlesex, England. Southern Asia: R. B. Thurber, Box
J. F. Wright, Grove Ave., Clare- 15, Poona, India.
mont, Cape, South Africa. Southern European: Dr. J. Nuss-
N. P. Neilsen, Calle Pino 3801, baum; 49, avenue de la Grande
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South Armee, Paris 16e, France.
America. Union Secretaries
N. C. Wilson, Box 15, Poona, India.
0. A. Roberts, Box 2006, Balboa, The Religious Liberty secretaries
Canal Zone. of the Union Conferences and
A. V. Olson, Hoheweg 17, Berne, Union Missions are members ex-
Switzerland. officio.
A. Minck, Regensburger Str. 22, Other Members
V., Berlin W., 50, Germany. J. L. McElhany, E. D. Dick,
H. L. Rudy, Takoma Park, D.C. W. E. Nelson, W. G. Turner,
Steen Rasmussen, Takoma Park, M. C. Taft, W. A. Spicer, I. H.
Washington, D. C. Evans, L. H. Christian, G. W.
Wells, W. P. Elliott, H. A. Mor-
RELIGIOUS LIBERTY rison, T. M. French, J. A.
DEPARTMENT Stevens, Steen Rasmussen, W.
A. Butler, L. E. Froom, F. A.
Organized 1902 Coffin, C. P. Bollman, D. W.
Office Address: Takoma Park, Reavis, F. M. Wilcox, M. E. Kern,
Washington, D. C. W. L. Burgan, F. D. Nichol, B.
Officers G. Wilkinson, F. C. Gilbert, all
Secretary: of whom may be addressed at '
Associate Secretaries: C. S. Long- Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
aere, H. H. Votaw. A. L. Baker, Mountain View, Calif.
Wm. G. Wirth, 5447 El Verano
Division Secretaries Ave., Eagle Rock, Calif.
Australasian: A. W. Anderson, Hon. George A. Williams, Fair-
" Mizpah," Wahroonga, N. S. W., mont, Nebr.
Australia. V. J. Johns, Loma Linda, Calif.
Central European: A. Vollmer, Samuel Kaplan, 628 West 139th
Regensburger Str. 22, V, Berlin St., New York, N. Y.
W. 50, Germany. J. E. Shultz, 2123 24th Ave., N.,
China: W. H. Branson, 1207 Yu Nashville, Tenn.
Yuen Road, Shanghai, China. A. R. Bell, 2209 Young St., Belling-
Far Eastern: V. T. Armstrong, ham, Wash.
Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set- L. H. King, Box 235, Greensburg,
tlements. Pa.

E. L. Maxwell, 1390 Villa St., Other Members

Mountain View, Calif. (All of whom may be addressed
Crwynne Dalrymple, College Place, at Takoma Park, Washington,.
Wash. D. C., unless another address is
A. S. Maxwell, Mountain View, given.) W. A. Spicer, F. A. Cof-
Calif. fin, T. E. Bowen, M. E. Kern,
W. H. Teesdale, D. A. Ochs, L.
H. Christian, M. L. Andreasen.
SABBATH SCHOOL DEPART- W. H. Wakeham, Loma Linda,
MENT Calif.
Organized 1902 L. L. Caviness, Angwin, Napa Co.,
Office Address: Takoma Park, F. B. Jensen, Richmond, Va.
Washington, D. C.
Secretary: J. A. Stevens. MENT OF MISSIONARY
Associate Secretary: S. A. Well- VOLUNTEERS
man. Organized 1907; made a Depart-
Associate Secretary: W. K. Ising. ment by General Conference Con-
Assistant Secretary: Rosamond D. stitution 1909.
Office Secretary: Miss Margaret Office Address: Takoma Park,
Weir. Washington, D. C.
Division Secretaries
Secretary: Alfred W. Peterson.
Australasian: Miss Helena Lewin, Associate Sec.: C. Lester Bond.
"Mizpah," Wahroonga, New Associate Sec.: Daniel A. Ochs.
South Wales, Australia. Office Secretary: Mrs. Marjorie W.
Central European, Section I: M. Marsh.
Busch, Regensburger Str. 22, V,
Berlin W. 50, Germany; Section Division Secretaries
II: T. J. Michael, Takoma Park, Australasian: E. L. Minchin, "Miz-
Washington, D. C. pah," Wahroonga, New South
China: Miss Bessie Mount, 526 Wales, Australia.
Ningkuo Road, Shanghai, China. Central European, Section I: M.
Far Eastern: J. H. McEachern, Busch, Regensburger Strasse 22,
Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set- V, Berlin W. 50, Germany.
tlements. China: D. E. Rebok, 526 Ningkuo
Inter-American: R. R. Breitigam, Road, Shanghai, China.-
Box 2006, Balboa, Canal Zone. Far Eastern: W. P. Bradley, Box
Northern European: W. T. Bart- 226, Singapore, Straits Settle-
lett, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware, ments.
Middlesex, England. Inter-American: W. L. Adams,
South American: J. L. Brown, Box 2006, Balboa, Canal Zone.
Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Northern European: W. T. Bart-
Argentina, South America. lett, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware,
Southern Africa: L. L. Moffitt, Middlesex, England.
Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape South American: N. W. Dunn,
Province, South Africa. Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
Southern Asia: E. D. Thomas, Box Argentina, South America.
15, Poona, India. Southern African: L. L. Moffitt,
Southern European: H. Struve, Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape
Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland. Province, South Africa.

Southern Asia: J. M. Steeves, Committee: I. H. Evans, J. L.

Box 15, Poona, India. McElhany, C. S. Longacre, M. E.
Southern European: H. Struve, Kern, R. L. Benton, W. E.
Fliiheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland. Howell, Dr. H. M. Walton, J. F.
Union Secretaries Piper, B. G. Wilkinson, M. A.
All union conference and union Hollister, E. K. Slade, F. G.
mission Missionary Volunteer Ashbaugh, A. W. Peterson, L. A.
secretaries. (To be addressed at Hansen, M. N. Campbell, J. A.
their respective offices.) Stevens, L. E. Frown, H. T. El-
liott, Steen Rasmussen, C. L.
Other Members Bond, E. D. Dick, J. K. Jones, C.
(All of whom may be addressed at E. Weaks, H. H. Votaw, W. L.
Takoma Park, Washington, D.C., Burgan, F. M. Wilcox, F. D.
unless another address is given.) Nichol, H. A. Morrison, J. E.
M. N. Campbell, M. E. Kern, H. Weaver, J. D. Snider, Lora
T. Elliott, Mrs. E. E. Andross, E. Clement, Ernest Lloyd, Dr.
Miss Kathryn L. Jensen, Miss D. H. Kress, Dr. N. G. Evans,
Ldra E. Clement, L. E. Froom, Dr. E. H. Risley, Dr. P. T. Ma-
H. A. Morrison, J. A. Stevens, gan, Dr. W. B. Holden, Dr. W. A.
Steen Rasmussen, C. S. Long- Ruble, F. A. Coffin, A. L. Baker.
acre, C. E. Weaks, H. M. -Wal-
ton, F. L. Peterson, W. H. Tees-
dale, J. E. Weaver, A. W. Spald- PRESS BUREAU
ing, J. D. Snider. Meade Mac- Secretary: W. L. Burgan, Ta-
Guire, Route 5, Box 1304, Mo- koma Park, Washington, D. C.
desto, Calif.
(An interdepartmental Committee, Incorporated 1904
for the helping of parents and
uplift of the home.)
Legal Title: " Genera! Conference
A. W. Spalding, Secretary; M. E.
Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
Kern, Vice-Chairman; Mrs. Flora
Constituency: The General Con-
H. Williams, Asst. Secretary;
ference delegates.
F. M. Wilcox, H. T. Elliott, L. E.
Office Address: Takoma Park,
Froom, H. A. Morrison, J. E. Washington, D. C.
Weaver, A. W. Peterson, C. L.
Bond, H. M. Walton, M. D., Officers
M. A. Hollister, Kathryn L. Jen- President, J. L. McElhany; Treas-
sen, R. N., Steen Rasmussen, urer, W. E. Nelson; Secretary,
W. A. Butler, J. A. Stevens, H. H. Cobban.
S. A. Wellman. Board of Trustees: J. L. McElhany,
F. M. Wilcox, W. E. Nelson,
M. N. Campbell, E. D. Dick,
H. T. Elliott, H. H. Cobban,
H. E. Rogers, W. H. Williams.
Headquarters: Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C.
I. H. Evans, Chairman. TIONS
J. L. McElhany, Vice-Chairman. An organization formed in har-
C. S. Longacre, Secretary. mony with the trust created in the
W. E. Nelson, Treasurer. will of the late Ellen G. White, to

act as her agent in the custody "Adventist, London." Tele-

of her writings, and in the promo- grams, "Adventist, Rath., Lon-
tion of their continued publication don." (Telephone, Gerrard 1470.)
in all lands. Transportation Agent: Ch. Wehrli,
Board of Trustees: The five trus- 130 Boulevard de PHopital, Paris,
tees appointed by Ellen G. 13e, France. (Telephone, Gobe-
White, or their successors; Y. _ lins 6176.)
M. Wilcox, J. L. McElhany, M. The Treasurers of Union Con-
E. Kern, Steen Rasmussen, A. L. ferences in North America are
White. Transportation Agents for their
Office Address: General Conference, respective Union Conference ter-
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. ritory.
Officers: President, F. M. Wilcox;
Secretary, A. L. White.
Superintendent of Transportation: INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE
W. E. Nelson, Takoma Park, COMPANY OF TAKOMA PARK,
Washington, D. C. (Also gen- MARYLAND
eral agent for trans-Atlantic
steamship lines.) Asst., 'W. H. 684o Eastern Ave., Takoma Park,
Williams. Washington, D. C.
General Transportation Agent: Organized 1936
G. C. Hoskin, Chicago agency,
care Hinsdale Sanitarium, Hins- Board of Directors:
dale, Ill. Telephone: Hinsdale J. L. McElhany, Pres.; W. E.
2100. Nelson, Vice-Pres. and Treas.;
Eastern Transportation Agent: W. H. Williams, Undertreasurer;
Adolph Dorn, 30 Irving Place, .W. A. Benjamin, Sec.; M. N.
New York, N. Y. Room 502. Campbell, E. D. Dick, H. H. Cob-
(Telephone, Algonquin 4-0079.) ban, W. P. Elliott. C. C. Pulver,
Cable Address: "Adventist New J. H. Nies, W. B. Mohr.
York." (Consign freight to office
address, and express care Cen-
tury Transportation Company, PERSONS HOLDING CREDEN-
113 Broad St., New York, N. Y.) TIALS FROM THE GENERAL
Western Transportation Agent and CONFERENCE
General Agent for Transpacific
Steamship Lines: H. G. Childs,
Pacific Press Publishing Assn., Andreasen, M. L., Theological
Mountain View, Calif. Tele- Seminary, Takoma Park, D.C.
phone 527 (Residence telephone Andross, E. E., Takoma Park,
701). Cable address, "Uprising," Washington, D. C.
Mountain View. (Consign freight Armstrong, V. T., Post Box 226,
and express care Union Transfer Singapore, Straits Settlements.
Company, 821 Howard St., San Bergherm, Wm. H., Takoma Park,
Francisco, Calif.), Assistant, J. H. Washington, D. C. .
Cochran. Bond, C. Lester, Takoma Park
Transportation Agent: C. H. An- Washington, D. C.
scombe,, 29 Oxford St., London, Bowen, T. E., Takoma Park, Wash-
W. 1., England, Cable Address: ington, D. C.

Branson, W. H., 526 Ningkuo Road, Kern, M. E., Takoma Park, Wash-
Shanghai, China. ington, D. C.
Butler, W. A., Takoma Park, Kress, D. H., M. D., Takoma Park,
Washington, D.- C. Washington, D. C.
Campbell, M. N., Takoma Park, Loebsack, H. J.,Moscow 10, Ulica
Washington, D. C. Durowa 22, hg. 19, U. S. S. R.
Casebeer, H. D., 223 N. Sinclair Longacre, C. S. Takoma Park,
Ave., Glendale, Calif. Washington, D. C.
Christian, L. H., Takoma Park, MacGuire, Meade, Route 5, Box
Washington, D. C. 1304, Modesto, Calif.
Cormack, A. W., Takoma Park, McElhany, J. L., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Cottrell, H. W., Paradise 'Valley Magan, P. T., M. D., 304 North
Sanitarium, National City, Calif. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
Cottrell, R. F., 809 Stanley Ave., Montgomery, 0., 110 E. Smith
Long Beach, Calif. Ave., Orlando, Fla.
Counsell, I. V., Takoma Park, Morrison, H. A., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Demchuk, S., College Place, Wash. Mueller, W., Takoma Park, Wash-
Dick, E. D., Takoma Park, Wash- ington, D. C.
ington, D. C. Neilsen, N. P., Calle Pino 3801,
Eastman, W. W., Riggs Road, Buenos Aires, Argentina, South
Hyattsville., Md. America.
Elliott, H. T., Takoma Park, Nelson, W. E., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Elliott, W. P., Takoma Park, Nordstrom, J. A., Ruthven, Iowa.
Washington, D. C. Ochs, D. A., Takoma Park, Wash-
Evans, L H., Takoma Park, Wash- ington, D. C.
ington, D. C. Olsen, M. E., Takoma Park, Wash-
Franklin, E. E., Takoma Park, ington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Olson, A. V., Hiiheweg 17, Berne,
Froom, L. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Switzerland.
ington, D. C. Peters, G. E., 1701 Conlyn St.,
Gilbert, F. C., Takoma Park, Philadelphia, Pa.
Washington, D. C. Peterson,Alfred W., Takoma
Griggs, Frederick, 312 N. Boyle Park, ashington, D. C.
Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Peterson, F. L. Takoina Pal 1,,
Halswick, L., 3340 - 31st Ave., S., Washington, D. C.
Minneapolis, Minn. Prescott, W. W., Takoma Park,
Hansen, L. A., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Rasmussen, Steen, Takoma
Hoffman, B. P. 800 Maple Ave., Washington, D. C.
Takoma, Park, D.C. Read, W. E., 41- Hazel Gardens,
Hollister, M. A., Takoma Park, Edgware, Middlesex, England.
Washington, D. C. Roberts, G. A., Box 2006, Balboa,
Howell, W. E., Takoma Park, Canal Zone.
Washington, D. C. Robinson, A. T., Angwin, Calif.
Isaac, F. R., Oshawa Missionary Robinson, D. E., Takoma Park,
College, Oshawa, Ontario, Can- Washington, D.C.
ada. Ruble, W. A., M. D., care New
Ising, W. K., Takoma Park, Wash- England Sanitarium, Melrose,
ington, D. C. Mass:

Rudy, H.L., Takoma Park, Wash- Woodman, I. J., 31Z N. Boyle Ave.,
ington, D. C. Los Angeles, Calif.
Ruhling, R., Takoma Park, Wash- Wright, J. F., Grove. Ave., Clare-
ington, D. C. mont, Cape, South Africa.
Schubert, G. -W., Takoma Park, Ziprick, 0. J., Gen. Del., Denver,
Washington, D. C. Colo.
S'chuberth, H. F., Hiinibach-Thurr, Licentiates
Switzerland. Cobban, H. H., Takoma Park,
Shaw, J. L., Route 1, Arlington, Washington, D. C.
Calif. White, Arthur L., Takoma Park,
Spalding, A. W., Takoma Park, Washington, D.0
Washington, D. C. Williams, W. H., Takoma Park.
Spicer, W. A., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C.
Stevens, J. A., Takoma Park, Missionary Licentiates
Washington, D. C. Barrows H. W., Takoma Park,
Strahle, J. J., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Benjamin, W. A., Takoma Park,
Teesdale, W. H., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Burgan, W. L., Takoma Park,
Thomason, Geo., M. D., 317 Hol- Washington, D. C.
lingsworth Bldg., Los Angeles, Cochran, J. H., Mountain View,
Calif. Calif.
Tucker, M.V., 2119 - 24th Ave., N., Conard, Claude, Takoma Park,
Nashville, Tenn. Washington, D. C.
Turner, W. G., Takoma Park, Ginther, Rosamond D., Takoma
Washington, D. C. Park, Washington, D. C.
Votaw, H. H., Takoma Park, Gregg, Lizzie M., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Hunter, Mrs. Nell, Takoma Park,
Walton, H. M., M. D., Takoma Washington, D. C.
Park, Washington, D. C. Ireland, J. J., Takoma Park,
Watson, C. H., "Mizpah," Wah- Washington, D. C.
roonga, N. S. W., Australia. Jensen, Kathryn L., Takoma Park,
Weaks, C. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Washington, D. C.
ington, D. C. Mace, Mrs. J. W., Takoma Park,
Weaver, J. E., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Marsh, Mrs. Marjorie W., Takoma
Wellman, S. A., Takoma Park, Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Peck, Sarah, care Pacific Press,
Wells, G. W., Takoma Park, Wash- Mountain View, Calif.
ington, D. C.- Phillips, W. E., Takoma Park,
Westphal, F. H., 217 North Ver- Washington, D. C.
dugo Road, Glendale, Calif. Plummer, Mrs. L. Flora, Takoma
Westphal, J. W., 2214 E. Glenoaks Park, Washington, D. C.
Blvd., Glendale, Calif. Rogers, H. E., Takoma Park,
Wilcox, F. M., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Taft, M. C., Takoma Park, Wash-
Wilson, N. C., P. 0. Box 64, Poona, ington, D. C.
India. Weir, Margaret, Takoma Park,
Wood, L. H., Theological Semi- Washington, D. C.
nary, Takoma Park, Washing- Williams, Mrs. Flora H., Takoma
ton, D. C. Park, Washington, D. C.
Organized zgor
Territory: The Conferences of Missionary Licentiates:
Greater New York, New York, W. M. Vehorn, E. L. Place.
Northern New England, South- Honorary: Ellery Robinson, Jen-
ern New England, and The Sev- nie Thayer, Elizabeth Kehrein,
enth-day Adventist Church of Mrs. Eva Daggett, Emma
Bermuda.' . Wells, Sophie Gooss, C. L. Kil-
Population: 20,781,407; churches, gore.
206; members, 13,020.
Office Address: South Lancaster, BERMUDA MISSION
Mass. (Telephone, Clinton 682.)
Officers: Organized as The Seventh-day
Pres., M. L. Rice. Adventist Church of Bermuda
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, I. G. Address: Box 370, Hamilton, Ber-
Ortner. muda.
Executive Committee: M. L. Population: 30,000; churches, 3;
Rice, I. G. Ortner, W. H. membership, 182.
Howard, J. D. Smith, C. M. Officers:
Bunker, W. A. Nelson, 0. R. Superintendent and Minister: 0.
Snipes, E. A. vonPohle, R. G. R. Snipes.
Strickland, J. F. Kent, G. E. Sec. and Treas.: Lillian A.
Peters, G. E. Jones, W. A. Ruble, Snipes.
E. L. Place, D. A. Bailey. Department Secretaries:
Legal Assn.: "The Atlantic Home Miss, and Y. P. M. V.,
Union Conference Association of 0. R. Snipes.
Seventh-day Adventists." Sabbath School, Mrs. Lillian A.
Department Secretaries: Snipes.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Missionary Licentiates:
E. A. von Pohle. Mrs. B. Redmond, Mrs. Lillian
Field Miss., J. F. Kent. A. Snipes.
Home Miss., R. G. Strickland.
Medical, W. A. Ruble, M. D.
Negro Representative, GREATER NEW YORK
Religious Liberty, . CONFERENCE
Transportation Agent,
Ministers: Organized 1902
M. L. Rice, W. A. Ruble, Territory: The City of New York;
' M.D., R. G. Strickland, E. A. and the following counties in
von Polite, L. H. Hartin, C. E. the State of New York: West-
Kellogg, H. K. Martin, T. M. chester, Rockland, Putnam,
Rowe. Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Sulli-
Honorary: P. F. Bicknell, D. G. van, Delaware, Greene, Colum-
Turk, H. W. Carr, W. R. Ucht- 'bia, Nassau, and Suffolk.
man, E. E. Osborne, D. H. Han- Population: 8,448,704; churches,
son, E. W. Thurber, L. S. 32; members, 4,000.
Wheeler, A. J. Haysmer.
Office: Room 2605, Paramount
Licentiates: Bldg., 1501 Broadway, New York,
G. E. Jones, C. A. Haysmer, N. Y. (Telephone, LOngacre
M. D.-, J. F. Kent, I. G. Ortner. 5-7258.)

Officers: Nopper, Mary E. Walsh, G. M.

Pres., W. A. Nelson. Harris, F. R. Aldridge, J. R.
Sec. and Treas., J." B. Frank. Britt, Anna Mary Beckner, Ruth
Executive Committee: W. A. Head, D. M. Cowin, E. Ruth
Nelson, J. B. Frank, W. R. An- North, Alice Benson.
drews, D. E. Venden, P. 0. Her- Church School Teachers:
wick, C. Beck, L. B. Schick, L. Christine Dyer, Dorothy Koep-
Klebahn. pen, Ida Jane Crosse, Helen
Legal Assn.: "Greater New York Mead, Violet Wiles, Rita
Corporation of Seventh-day Ad- Thompson, Esther Feltus, Betty
ventists"; Pres., W. A. Nelson; Thorgeson.
Sec. and Treas., .J. B. Frank.
(General Conference S. D. A.
Transportation Agency: 30 Irv-
ing Place, Room 502; Telephone, NEW YORK CONFERENCE
Algonquin 4-0079. Adolph Dorn, Organized 1922
Transportation Agent. Cable
Address: " Adventist, New Territciry: That portion of the
York." Consign freight to office State of New York north and
address, and express in care of west of the line formed by the
Century Tran4ortation Co., 113 northern boundaries of Dela-
Broad St., New York.) ware, Greene, and Columbia
Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, F. R. Population: 4,139,362; churches,
Aldridge. 57; members, 2,959.
Educational and Y. P. - M. V., Office: 25 Park Street, Union
Louise C. Kleuser. Springs, N. Y. (Telephone,
Field Miss., R. G. Campbell. Union Springs 2351.)
Asst. Field Miss., J. R. Britt.
Home Miss., W. A. Nelson. Officers:
Medical Miss., . Pres., W. H. Howard. (Tele-
Religious Liberty, W. A. Nelson. phone, Union Springs 2951.)
Sabbath School, LouiSe C. Sec. and Treas., C. H. Gerald.
Kleuser. (Telephone, Union Springs 4211.)
Ministers: Executive Committee: W. H.
W. A. Nelson, W. R. Andrews, Howard, C. H. Gerald, A. S. An-
D. E. Venden, M. L. Venden, P. derson, Theo. Carcich, 0. D.
G. Herwick, A. 0. Lund, B. M. Cardey, Virle Neall, D. P. Wood.
Legal Assn.: "The New York
Heald, T. M. Rowe, U. S. Willis, Conference Association of S.D.A."
A. F. Wellman, A. Catalano, L. Board of Trustees: W. H. How-
B. Schick, C. Beck, R. G. Camp- ard, C. H. Gerald, A. S. Ander-
bell, A. Chavrenko, V. C. Town- son, Theo. Carcich, 0. D. Cardey,
send, D. A. Mozar, S. Kaplan, Virle Neall, D. P. Wood.
T. Wilson, A. Kiesz, I. M. Vac-
quer. Department Secretaries:
Licentiates: Book and Bible House, P. I. Nos-
M. S. Duiichek, B. Kanachky. Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Missionary Licentiates: J. F. Bohner.
Vesta Cash, Louise Johnson, Au- Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
gusta Meyer, Maria Larson, 3. A. F. Ruf.
B. Frank, Louise C. Kleuser, Field Miss., W. D. Fleming.
Madge Gould, L. Wilkins, E. Religious Lib., W. H. Howard.


Ministers: ker; Treas. and Clerk, L. E.

A. S. Anderson, J. F. &liner, Aldrich, W. W. Rice, H. R. Rolfe,
Theo. Carcich, 0. D. Cardey, W. W. A. Bickford, J. E. Edwards,
D. Fleming, H. P. Grain, Alex. J. J. Dollinger.
Houghton, W. H. Howard, S. N. Department Secretaries:
Rittenhouse, A. F. Ruf, Joseph Book and Bible House, J. F. Ed-
Schnetzler, D. P. Wood. wards.
Licentiates: Educational,
V. H. Campbell, F. H. Jenkins, Field Miss., A. M. Barnhardt.
L. R. Scott. Home Miss.; Religious Liberty,
Missionary Licentiates: and Y. P. M. V., C. M, Bunker..
Isabel Benjamin, Cora Bowers, Sabbath School, L. E. Aldrich.
Ena Ferguson, C. H. Gerald, P. Ministers:
I. Nosworthy, Mrs. J. Schnetz- C. NI. Bunker, E. W. Thurber,
ler, Mabel Vreeland. W. W. Rice, D. H. Hanson, H. R.
Church School Teachers: Rolfe, C. M. Pike, J. J. Dol-
Emma Hunt, Dorothea Ray- linger, G. A. Mitchell, V. 11.
mond, Mrs. H. Greene, Mrs. Fern Pike.
Edmister, Helen Sauer,' Mrs. Ed- Licentiates:
mund Robinson, Ila, Collins, A. M. Barnhardt, Floyd Smith.
Olivia Dahl, Mrs. Merton Caster, Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. Ruth Solomon, Helen Mor- L. E. Aldrich, J. E. Edwards,
ris, Orpha Collins, Madge Myers, Helen Armstrong, Edith Davis.
Elaine Landgrebe, Mrs. James
Russell, Mrs. Grace Oakley, Jean Church School Teachers:
Smith. Mrs: Violet Hall, Adelbert
Bowen, David Shaw, Mrs. Ber-
tha Peake, Barbara Tyler, Vera
NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND Baldwin, Wilma Powers.
Territory: States of Maine, New SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND
Hampshire, and Vermont. CONFERENCE
Population: 1,622,327; churches, Reorganized 1926, combining the
51; members, 1,691. Massachusetts Conference, - or-
Office: 55 South Main St., Roches- ganized in 1870, and the South-
ter, N. H. (Telephone 540.) ern New England Conference,
Officers: organized in 1903.
Pres., C. M. Bunker. Territory: Commonwealth of Mas-
Sec. and Treas., L. E. Aldrich. sachusetts, and States of Con-
Executive Committee: C. M. necticut and Rhode Island.
Bunker, L. E. Aldrich, J. E. Population: 6,544,014; churches,
Edwards, II. R. Rolfe, W. W. 63; members, 4,188.
Rice, J. J. Dollinger, W. A. Office Address: South Lancaster,
Bickford. Mass. (Telephone, Clinton 255.)
Legal Assn.: Maine Conference Officers:
Assn. of S. D. A.; Pres., C. M. Pres., J. D. Smith. (Telephone,
Bunker; Treas., L. E. Aldrich; Clinton 508.)
Clerk, H. R. Rolfe; J. E. Ed- Sec. and Treas., J. E. Osterblom.
wards, W. W. Rice, W. A. Bick- (Telephone, Clinton, 516-J.)
ford, J. J. Dollinger. Executive Committee: J. D.
Northern New England Conf. S. Smith, J. E. Osterblorn, J. G.
D. A., Inc.; Pres., C. M. Bun- Mitchell, 0. D. Wright, A. A.

Cone, J. F. Knipschild, E. L. man, J. R. Kennedy, S. Loin-

Place, C. L. Taylor. bard, Hazel Malick, J. E. Oster-
Legal Assn.: " The Southern blom, Mary H. Stocks, Mrs.
New England Conference Asso- Dorothy W. Conklin.
ciation of S. D. A." Church School Teachers:
Department Secretaries: George Brewer, Estelle Broome,
Book and Bible House, R. S. Emma Brown, Euphemia Bryne,
Blackburn. Margaret Bush, Margaret
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Drown, Lillian Eastman, Jo-
N. H. Saunders. sephine Folsom, Marion Fol-
Field Miss., I. M. Evans. . som, Dorothy Gray, Eva Cries-
Home Miss. and Sabbath Sch., h aber, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
G. Butler. Hall, Sophie Hirt, Miriam Hunt,
Religious Liberty, Mass., J. D. Florence Kidder, -Myra Kite,
Smith; Conn., A. E. Sander- Doris Lamont, Elizabeth Lillie,
son; Rhode Island, A. A. Cone. Dorothy Loveitt, Mrs. J. G.
Mitchell, Beulah Oliver, Lida
Ministers: Patchett, Hazel Ray, Lawrence
W. M. Andress, F. F. Bush, G. Smart, Edna Stevens, Beatrice
Butler, A. W. Clarke, A. A. Ware, Vesta Webster.
Cone, F. W. Cummings, C. E.
Eldridge, I. M. Evans, C. E. Guen- INSTITUTIONS IN THE AT-
ther, J. F. Knipschild, J. G. LANTIC UNION CON-
Mitchell, A. W. Ortner, A. E. FERENCE
Sanderson, N. H. Saunders, M.
T. Shanko, J. D. Smith, C. L. Educational:
Taylor, 0. D. Wright, R. H. Atlantic Union College, South
Cooke. Lancaster, Mass.
Honorary: I. M. Martin. Greater New York Academy,
Cor. Washington St. and
Licentiates: Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
I. H. Anderson, H. R. Beckner, Union Springs Academy, Union
J. Cheripko, B. F. Hartman, C. Springs, N. Y.
A. Nelson, A. R. Sousa, H. R. Brookside Junior Academy (Por-
Thurber. tuguese), East Taunton, Mass.
Missionary Licentiates: Sanitarium:
R. S. Blackburn, Mrs. A. A. New England Sanitarium, Mel-
Cone, Mrs. R. H. Cooke, J. Hege- rose, Mass.


Organized 1932
Territory: Dominion of Canada Executive Committee: W. B.
and Dominion of Newfoundland. Ochs, H. A. Shepard, C. W.
Population: 11,280;000; churches, Degering, W. A. Clemenson, F.
148; members, 8,639. R. Isaac, E. A. Beavon, S. G.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 396, White, P. A. Rick, C. L. Pad-
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. dock, D. N. Reiner, A. E. Millner,
(Phone: 3293.) A. Clark, W. E. Perrin, L. W.
Officers: Cobb, A. N. Hanson, M. D.
Pres., W. B. Ochs.
Sec.-Treas, and Auditor, H. A. Legal Assns.: Eastern Canadian
Shepard. Union Conference Corporation of

S. D. A., and Western Canadian Department Secretaries:

Union Corporation of Seventh- Book and Bible House, G. L.
day Adventists. Sather.
Department Secretaries: Educational, E. J. Westman.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Field Miss., R. D. Steinke
Home Miss., D. N. Reiner. Home Miss., E. J. Westman.
Field Miss., A. Clark. Religious Liberty, C. W. Deger-
Medical, ing.
Religious Liberty, C. G. Maracle. Sabbath. School, Miss Anna
Transportation Agent, W. B. Nickel.
Ochs. Y. P. M. V., E. J. Westman.
Ministers: Ministers:
W. B. Ochs, D. N. Reiner, C. 0. C. W. Degering, M. L. Long,
Smith, C. L. Paddock, F. R. J. D. Neufeld, E. J. Westman,
Isaac, C. G. Maracle, IL M. Lee. W. C. Jensen, W. R. Foulstom
Honorary: J. T. Errington, Neil R. A. Hubley.
McGill, E. M. Chapman, J. E. Licentiates: R. Drayson, L. L.
Saunders, F. W. -Stray. Reile, L. IV. Cobb, MT. Poleshuk.
Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
T. S. Bowett, W. E. Perrin, M. G. L. Sather, R. D. Steinke,
Philbrick, A. Clark, H. A. Shep- Anna Nickel, Pauline Leinweber.
ard, L. W. Cobb. Church School Teachers:
Missionary Licentiates: Esther Comm, Audrey Taylor,
C. W. Shankel, A. N. Hanson, C. Kathleen MeCafferky.
H. Casey, R. E. Robinson, Char-
lotte Erdman, Grace E. Snow-
Organized 1906 Territory: British Columbia, Can
Territory: The Province of Al- ada.
berta. Population: 694,263; churches, 19;
Population: 772,017; churches, 32, members, 1,487.
members, 2,238.
Office: Renfrew Building, 120 7th Cable Address: Adventist, Van-
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta. couver.
(Telephone M7015.) Office: 3250 Fraser Ave. at Kings-
Officers: way, Vancouver, British Colum-
Pres., C. W. Degering. bia, Canada.
Sec.-Treas., G. L. Sather. Officers:
Executive Committee: C. W. Pres., E. A. Beavon.
Degering, G. L. Sather, E. J. Sec. and Treas., E. S. Humana.
Westman, E. E. Farnsworth, L. Executive Committee: E. A.
W. Cobb, J. D. Neufeld, E. C. Beavon, E. S. Humann, H.
Scott. Cameron, J. MacPhail, IV. E.
Legal Assn.: " Alberta Confer- Perrin, AV. J. Hurdon, J. Al.
ence Association of S. D. A." Ackerman.
Trustees: C. W. Degering, C. L. Legal Assn: " British Columbia
Sather, E. J. Westman, E. E. Association of S. D. A." Pres.,
Farnsworth, L. W. Cobb, J. D. E. A. Beavon; Sec. and Treas.,
Neufeld, E. C. Scott. E. S. Hamann,

Department Secretaries: Saskatchewan; Sec.-Treas., A. 0.

Book and Bible House, E. S. Bernhard.
Humann. Department Secretaries:
Educational and Home Miss., J. Book and Bible House, C. L.
M. Ackerman. Paddock, Jr.
Field Miss., R. H. Locke. Educational, Home , Miss., and
Religious Liberty, E. A. Beavon. Y. P. M. V., H. D. Henriksen.
Sabbath School, E. S. Hamann. Field Miss., R. Carlill.
Y. P. M. V., J. M. Ackerman. Religious Liberty, A. E. Millner.
Ministers: Sabbath School, Mary E. Neu-
E. A. Beavon, J. L. Wilson, W. feld.
J. Hurdon, L. A. Wilcox, N. Ministers:
Bodrug. A. E. Millner, D. D. Neufeld,
Licentiates: P. G. Yakovenko, F. T. Balmer,
Ainsley Blair, E. S. Humann, A. M. Baybarz, H. D. Henriksen,
J. M. Ackerman. C. C. Voth.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates: R. Carlill, H. Peterson.
H. Cameron, Mrs. H. Cameron, Missionary Licentiates:
Alice Campbell, Carl Weis, R. H. Mary E. Neufeld, Miss S. John-
Locke, Ruth Brown. son, A. 0. Bernhard, C. L. Pad-
Church School Teachers: dock.
C. W. Mayor, E. Edstrom, Ruby Church School Teachers:
Barrett, Evelyn McLuhan, R. E. Mae Kinney, M. B. Bordson, J.
Rick, Clifford Jewkes, Percy An- A. Jewkes, Evelyn Chambers,
drews, Fanny Rabuka, Lawrence Mrs. H. Duncan.
Organized 1932 Organized 1902
Territory: The Provinces of Sas- Territory: The Provinces of New
katchewan and Manitoba and Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and
that portion of Ontario lying Prince Edward Island, with the
west of the 89th Meridian. Gasp6 Peninsula.
Population: 1,721,281; churches, Population: 1,124,000; churches,
44; members, 2,264. 14; members, 647.
Office: 404 Avenue Building, Sas- Office: 55 Argyle St., Halifax,
katoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Nova Scotia. (Telephone B-8472.)
(Telephone 2561.) Officers:
Officers: Pres., S. G. White.
Pres., A. E. Millner. Sec. and Treas., Dorothy E.
Sec. and Treas., A. 0. Bernhard, Ostoich.
Executive Committee: A. E Executive Committee: S. G.
Millner, P. G. Yakovenko, A. 0. White, Dorothy E. Ostoich, D.
Bernhard, 0. Jackson, C. W. Mackintosh, C. Banks, R. A. Mat-
Deer, C. C. Voth, R. Carlill, H. thews, J. A. Toop.
D. Henriksen. Department Secretaries:
Legal Assns.: "Saskatchewan Book and Bible House, Dorothy
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." E. Ostoich.
"The Manitoba Conference of Educational, Home Miss., Reli-
S. D. A."; Pres., A. E. Millner, gious Liberty, and Y. P. M. V.,
404 Avenue Building, Saskatoon,. S. G. White.

Field Miss., P. G. Biy. ONTARIO-QUEBEC CON-

Sabbath School, Dorothy E. FERENCE
Ostoich. Organized 1932
Ministers: (Ontario 1899Quebec 1880)
S. G. White, D. Mackintosh,
J. A. Toop. Territory: The Province of On-
Honorary: F. W. Stray. tario lying east of the 89th me-
ridian, and the Province of Que-
Missionary Licentiates: bec with the exception of the
Dorothy E. Ostoich, P. G. Biy, Gaspe Peninsula.
P. Moores.
Population: 6,246,281; churches,
Church School Teacher: 34; members, 1,684.
Lulu Van Buskirk.
Office: Box 337, Oshawa, Ontario,
Canada. (Phone 223W.)
Pres., W. A. Clemenson.
Territory: The Dominion of New- Sec. and Treas., J. C. Neithercut.
foundland which includes Labra- Executive Committee: W. A.
dor, and all Islands surrounding Clemenson, J. C. Neithercut, F.
the main Island; also the French G. Hill, F. R. Isaac, F. W. Hos-
possessions of Miquelon and St. king, J. W. Wagner.
Pierre. Legal Assns.: "The Ontario Con-
Population: 275,000; churches, 5; ference of Seventh-day Advent-
members, 319. ists," and "Quebec Association
Office Address: 106 Freshwater of Seventh-day Adventists."
Road, St. John's. (Phone 3160.)
Postal Address: P: 0. Box 574, St. Department Secretaries:
John's, Newfoundland. Book and Bible House, J. C.
Officers: Educational, Y. P. M. V., and
Supt., P. A. Rick. Home Miss., J. W. Wagner.
Sec. and Treas., P. A. Rick. Field Miss., G. F. Wimer.
Mission Committee: P. A. Rick, Religious Liberty, W. A. Clem-
G. IT. Morgan, S. Nosworthy, enson.
W. C. Baird, J. Simms, J. T. Sabbath School, J. C. Neither-
Adams, S. Webber. cut.
Department Secretaries: Ministers:
Sabbath School, Irene Rick. W. A. Clemenson, 0. B. Gerhart,
Educational: School Board which J. W. Wagner, G. H. Smith, J.
has charge of all educational A. Buckwalter, George Soloniuk,
work throughout our territory A. W. Wennerberg, H. R. Bren-
is appointed by the Governor in nan, Andre Lecoultre.
Council and the personnel is as
follows: P. A. Rick, W. C. Baird, Licentiates:
S. Webber, S. Nosworthy, A. G. S. Balharrie, P. S. Marla.
Clarke, G. H. Morgan, W. R. Missionary Licentiates:
Duffett. J. C. Neithercut, G. F. Wimer,
Minister: P. A. Rick. Ada Manuel, Addie M. Wood.
Licentiate: G. M. Dolan. Church School Teachers:
Church School Teachers: Esther Neufeld, Mrs. L. Oxford,
J. G. Combden, Mrs. J. G. Comb- Juanita Clemenson, Ada Knister,
den, Hazel Avery, Viola Curtis, Verna Clark, Sadie Bokavoy, R.
Alma Butler. Steele, Jeanette Soloniuk.


DIAN UNION CONFERENCE Canadian Watchman Press, Box
398, Oshawa, Ontario.
Educational: College Press, College Heights,
Canadian Junior College, College via Lacombe, Alberta.
Heights, via Lacombe, Alberta. Medical:
Oshawa Missionary College, Box, Rest Haven Sanitarium, Sidney,
308, Oshawa, Ontario. British Columbia.


Organized igoz

Territory: The conferences of Col- Medical, Dr. H. A. Green.

orado, Kansas, Missouri, Ne- Sabbath School, J. F. Piper.
braska, and Wyoming Mission. Christian Record Board:
Population: 8,149,685; churches, (Work for the blind) Pres., J. F.
249; members, 14,380. Piper; Sec., D. D. Rees; Treas.,
S. J. Lashier; 'W. H. Heckman,
Telegraphic Address: Telephone M. N. Campbell, W. E. Nelson,
4-2182, Lincoln, Nebr. J. J. Nethery.
Office Address: 4547 Calvert St., Ministers:
Lincoln, Nebr. J. F. Piper, A. H. Rulkoetter,
Officers: R. J. Christian, J. M. Howell,
Pres., J. F. Piper. J. M. Jackson, S. J. Lashier, D.
Sec.-Treas., S. J. Lashier. D. Rees, J. W. Rowland,-F.-H.
Auditor, S. J. Lashier. Yost, M. H. Schuster, J. N. An-
Executive Committee: J. F. derson, A. E. 'Webb, F. E. Bresee.
Piper, S. J. Lashier, V. G. Ander- Honorary: A. C. Long, 0. W.
son, A. H. Rulkoetter, J. W. Berry, . W. K. Smith, C. G.
Turner, T. B. Westbrook, Dr. Bellah, H. Langenberg, Chas.
H. A. Green, 0. T. Garner, R. J. . Lightner, C. W. Miller, D. P.
Christian, J. M. Howell, R. J. Miller, W. F. H. Schroeder, A.
Brown, R. E. Bowles, E. H. E. Johnson, J. H. Schilling, J. G.
Meyers, J. M. Jackson, A. E. Hanhardt, L. W. Shaw, W. L.
Webb. Nott, J. D. Johnson, R: M. Car-
Legal Assn.: "Central Union ter, A. W. Kuehl.
Conference Assn. of the S. D. A." Licentiates:
Pres., J. F. Piper; Sec.-Treas., R. E. Bowles, H. A. Green, M.D.,
S. J. Lashier. A. L. Moon, M.D., H. C. Hart-
Transportation Agent, S. J. man, H. K. Schilling, R. J.
Lashier. Brown.
Department Secretaries: Honorary Licentiates: L. G.
Educational and M. V., J. M. Beans, F. A. Page, R. L. Brad-
Howell. ford.
Field Miss., J. M. Jackson. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Miss., R. J. Christian. Catherine Shepard.
Religious Liberty, J. F. Piper. Honorary: Esther Smith, Mary
Negro Dept., A. E. Webb. L. Doan.

COLORADO CONFERENCE Margaret O'Dea, Barbara Hon-

- Organized 1908 necke, Ruth Jensen, Florence
Pogue, E. J. Barnes, Mrs. E. J.
Territory: State of Colorado and Barnes, H. D. Jeffries, Kimber
San Juan County in New Mex- Johnson, Floyd Hills, Mrs. Floyd
ico. Hills, Lura. Wilbourn, Helen
Population: 1,050,492; churches, Swenson, Marie' Haefeli, Mrs. E.
67; members, 4,505. 0. Westermeyer, Elaine Hause,
Office: 1081 Marion St., Denver, Mrs. Flossie Keechler, Loa Love,
Colorado (Telephone, CHerry Ethel Swayze, Dan Cornforth,
1767). Mrs. Dan Conforth, Crystal
Officers: Pres., V. G. Anderson. Wheeling, Mrs. Roy Rouse, Mrs.
Sec. and Treas., F. W. Schnepper. W. A. Wolcott, Dorothy Thrall,
Executive Committee: V. G. Elinor Staples, R. Chester Bar-
Anderson, F. W. Schnepper, R. ger, Mrs. Francis Jones, Esther
T. Baer, W. B. Johnson, R. R. Hardt, L. G. Barker, Mrs. L. G.
Bietz, A. L. Moon, M.D., Earl Barker, W. W. Sutherland, Mrs.
Austin. W. W. Sutherland, Laura Brow-
Legal Assn.: "The Seventh-day nell.
Adventist Association of Colo-
rado." Pres., V. G. Anderson;
Sec.-Treas., F. W. Schnepper. KANSAS CONFERENCE
Department Secretaries: Organized 1875; reorganized 1914
Book and Bible House, F. W. Territory: The State of Kansas.
Schnepper; Asst., C. W. Teel. Population: 1,880,999; churches,
Educational, R. R. Bietz. 65; members, 3,042.
Field Miss., C. M. Norman. Office Address: 612 Taylor St., To-
Home Miss., L. G. Jorgensen. peka, Kansas (Phone, 2-4141).
Medical, A. L. Moon, M.D. Mail Address: Box 267, Topeka,
Religious Liberty, V. G. Ander- Kans.
son. Officers:
Sabbath School, L. G. Jorgensen. Pres., J. H. Roth.
Y. P. M. V., R. R. Bietz. Sec. and Treas., T. C. Nethery.
Ministers: Executive Committee: J. H.
V. G. Anderson, R. T. Baer, R. Roth, T. C. Nethery, A. A.
R. Bietz, E. E. Bietz, J. B. Car- Dirksen, R. R. Newman, 0. A. -
ter, R. E. Finney, C. E. Grant, Olson, C. E. Davis.
G. W. Hosford, L. G. Jorgensen, Legal Assn.: "The Kansas Sev-
W. B. Johnson, A. A. Leiske, enth-day Adventists Conference
L. S. Melendy, H. J. Meyer, Association."
Thos. Murphy, S. B. Olney, D. R. Department Secretaries:
Schierman, N. T. Sutton, Carl Book and Bible House, T. C.
Swenson, M. B. Van Kirk. Nethery.
Licentiates: Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
C. M. Norman, F. W. Schnepper. L. V. Grunke.
Field Miss., E. F. Coy.
Missionary Licentiates: Religious Liberty, J. H. Roth.
C. L. Wickwire, Ruth Lamb, H. Sabbath School and Home Miss.,
R. Turner, C. W. Teel, Ray H. Wentland.
Archuleta, E. 0. Westermeyer. Ministers:
Church School Teachers: J. H. Roth, N. J. Aalborg,
Marguerite Haefeli, R. T. Water- A. A. Dirksen, C. L. Vories, H.
house, Mrs. R. T. Waterhouse, Wentland, E. S. Dillett, R. H.

Newman, J. W. McComas; W. H. Ministers:

Clark. J. W. Turner, C. M. Babcock,
Honorary: A. S. Bringle, G. P. C. J. Metzger, C. W. Marsh, F. E.
Gaede, W. L. Nott, P. E. Ber- Thompson, A. E. Lickey, F: W.
thelsen. Detamore, A. E. Webb, L. L.
Licentiates: McKinley, P. E. Shakespeare.
E. F. Coy, D. L. Olsen_ T. C. Licentiates:
Nethery, W. I. UnterseNer, K. E. F. Finck, L. B. Reynolds,
Kurz, H. N. BreTrr L. V. H. H. Schmidt.
Grunke, W. A. Lusk. Missionary Licentiates:
Church School Teachers: Hester Kessler,Alta Nesbit, Ida
Mrs. Hugh Jones, Mildred Robinson, Evey n Davis.
Shannon, Wallace Lusk, Mrs. Church School Teachers:
Wallace Lusk, Thelma Mc- L. W. Taft, Lola Malone, Aimee
Broom, Elva Bartel, Mrs. Leon- Giddings, Olga Almskog, Mrs.
ard Wood, Benjamin Morlong, John Minear, Margaret Turner,
Mrs. R. D. Sibley, Anna Torkel- Esther House, LaVerne Turner,
son, Mrs. L. E. Perry. .Loren Mathews, Mrs. Loren
Mathews, Wilma Ann Hubert,
Lauralee Mosher, Jeanette. Bur-
MISSOURI CONFERENCE bridge, P. W. Peters, W. W.
Murray, Garfield Jorgenson,
Organized 1876; reorganized 1914. Mary Martin.
Territory: The State of Missouri.
Population: 3,629,367; churches, NEBRASKA CONFERENCE
49; members, 2,913.
Office: 2928 Campbell St., Kansas Organized 1878
City, Missouri. (Telephone, Territory: The State of Nebraska.
Logan 6077.) Population: 1,377,963; churches,
Officers: 55; members, 3,245.
Pres., J. W. Turner. Office Address: 1405 South Seventh
Sec. and Treas:, C. W. Marsh. St., Lincoln, Nebr. (Telephone
Executive Committee: J. W. F-2171.)
Turner, C. W. Marsh, F. E. Officers:
Thompson, A. E. Lickey, F. W. Pres., 0. T. Garner.
Detamore, L. L. McKinley, C. M. Sec. and Treas., G. T. Burgess.
Babcock. Executive Committee: 0. T.
Legal Assn.: Missouri Confer- Garner, F. H. Yost, Melvin Oss,
ence Association of Seventh-day Geo. A. Williams, Henry John-
Adventists; Pres., J. W. Tur- son, G. T. Burgess. -
ner; Sec. and Treas., C. W. Legal Assn.: "Nebraska Confer-
Marsh. ence Association of the Seventh-
'Department Secretaries: day Adventists."
Book and Bible Housp, C. W. Department Secretaries:
Marsh. Book and Bible House, M. A.
Y. P. M. V., L. L. McKinley. Wyman.
Home Miss. and Educational, F. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
E. Thompson. L. W. Pettis.
Field Miss., P. E. Shakespeare. Field Miss., F. L. Burkhardt.
Religious Liberty, J. W. Turner. Home Miss. and Sab. Sch., M. H.
Sabbath School, Leola Thom- Jensen.
son. Religious Lib., E. L. Pingenot.

-Ministers: Hagen.
0. T. Garner, E. L. Pingenot, Educational, and Home Miss.,
E. W. Wolfe, C. A. Purdom, N. E. H. Meyers.
R. Hickman, Melvin Oss, A. E. Field Miss., L. E. Loomer.
Hagen, M. H. Jensen. Ministers:
Honorary: L. E. Johnson, J. H. E. H. Meyers, B. T. S'enecal, C.
Wheeler. A. Mock.
Licentiates: Licentiates:
G. T. Burgess, R. J. Thomas, M. E. Hagen, L. E. Loomer,
M. A. Wyman, J. J3. Apigia11, Avery Dick.
R. W. Wentland, L. W. Pettis, Honorary: L. G. Beans.
F. L. Burkhardt, T. J. Jenkins. Missionary Licentiate:
Honorary: Geo. A. Williams. Mrs. M. E. Hagen.
Missionary Licentiates: Church School Teachers:
Addie Mae Kalar, A. B. T. Hum- Dorothy Clark, Edith Frimml,
phrey. Gladys Wilson, Minerva Warn-
Church School Teachers:
Geo. Stone, Mrs. Flora Moyers,
Louise Ambs, Perry Hills, Mrs. INSTITUTIONS IN THE CEN-
H. W. Bass, 1\lis Rhoda Peder- TRAL UNION CONFERENCE
sen, Miss Ida Edgerton. Educational:
Campion Academy, Loveland,
Denver Jr. Academy, 659 S.
WYOMING MISSION Navajo St., Denver, Colo.
Territory: State of Wyoming. Enterprise Academy, Enterprise,
Population: 225,565; churches, 13; Kans.
members, 675. Shelton Academy. Shelton, Nebr
Union College, College View Sta-
Address: 425 W. Twelfth St., tion, Lincoln, Nebr.
Casper, Wyo. Publishing:
Postal Address: Box 803, Casper, Pacific Press Pub. Assn. Branch,
Wyo. 2508 Farnam St., Omaha,
Officers: Nebr.
Pres., E. H. Meyers. Christian Record Benevolent
Sec. and Treas., M. E. Hagen. Assn., College View Station,
Executive Committee: E. H. Lincoln, Nebr.
Meyers, J. F. Piper, S. J. Lashier, Sanitariums:
M. E. Hagen, William Miller. Boulder - Colorado Sanitarium,
Department Secretaries: Boulder, Colo.
Book and Bible House and Y. Porter Sanitarium and Hospital,
P. M. V., M. E. Hagen. 2525 South Downing St., Den-
Sabbath School, Mrs. M. E. ver, Colo.
Organized rgo7
Territory: The conferences of burn, B. A. Wolcott, C. W.
Chesapeake, East Pennsylvania, Weber, A. D., Haynal, R. L.
New Jersey, Ohio, Potomac, Bradford, U. D. Pickard, J. W.
West Pennsylvania, West Vir- 'Hirlinger, R. M. Spencer.
ginia. Licentiates:
Population: 26,827,212; churches, A. W. Werline, J. P. Neff, F. A.
305; members, 19,244. Coffin, E. L. Richmond, L. W.
Office: 507 Flower Ave., Takoma Graham,' L. F. Theil, J. N.
Park, D. C. (Telephone, Shep. Clapp, R. N. Calvert, M. D.,
3163.) J. D. Snider, C. C. Pulver, S. L.
Officers: Clark, C. E. Palmer, D. A. Bailey.
Pres., H. J. Detwiler. Honorary: G. H. Clark, D. W.
Sec.-Treas. and Auditor, W. B. Reavis, -L. W. Kurz.
Mohr. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: H. J. Dr. Lauretta E. Kress, R. W.
Detwiler, W. B. Mohr, the presi- Conard, Lora Clement, Dr. R. L.
dents of conferences in Union, Runk, Mrs. C. C. Lewis, W. B.
C. P. Sorenson, J. C. Holland,
J. P. Neff, B. G. Wilkinson, Dr. Mohr, Mrs. L. Holbert, J. IL
R. A. Hare, S. L. Clark, J. D. Nies.
Snider, J. H. Wagner.
Legal Assn.: " Columbia Union
Conference Association of Sev- CHESAPEAKE CONFERENCE
enth-day Adventists."
Organized 1890
Department Secretaries:
Educational, J. P. Neff. Territory: The States of Delaware
Field Miss., S. L. Clark. and Maryland, except the coun-
Home Miss., J. C. Holland. ties of Montgomery, Garrett
Religious Liberty, H. J. Detwiler. and Allegany, in Maryland; and
Y. P. M. V., C. P. Sorenson. including the counties of ivior-
Negro Representative, J. H. gan, Berkeley, and Jefferson in
Wagner. West Virginia, and Accomac and
Ministers: Northampton in Virginia.
H. J. Detwiler, J. C. Holland, Population: 1,820,845; churches,
B. 0. Wilkinson, C. P. Sorenson, 27; membership, 1,848.
B. P. Hoffman, R. A. Hare, M.D., Office: 24 Fusting Ave., Catonsville
F. D. Nichol, L. A. Semmens, Branch, Baltimore, Md. (Tele-
M. E. Munger, D. W. Hunter, phone: Gilmor 3840).
Frederick Lee. Officers:
Honorary: C. P. Bollman, W. H. Pres., W. C. Moffett.
Sebastian, M. E. Cady, C. C. Sec. and Treas., N. C. Van Horn.
Webster, C. C. Ellis, R. D. Hot- Executive Committee: W. C.
tel, C. L. White, G. L. West, Moffett, N. C. Van Horn, E. L.
E. W. Carey, J. P. Gaede, G. W. Jackson, R. S. Fries, W. C. Witt,
Lawrence, J. J. Marietta, J. H. W. R. Riston.
Wierts, C. L. Stone, C. Bairle, Legal Assn.: "Chesapeake Con-
A. N. Durrant, W. C. Young, ference Assn. of S.D.A."
H. C. J. Walleker, C. S. Baum, Board of Trustees: W. C. Mof-
I. D. Richardson, J. S. Wash- fett, N. C. Van Horn, R. S.

Fries, W. R. Riston, W. C. Witt, Officers:

E. L. Jackson. Pres., G. F. Eichman.
Department Secretaries: Sec. and Treas., W. H. Jones.
Book and Bible House, Mary Executive Committee: G. F.
Ney. Eichman, W. H. Jones, G. E.
Educational and Sabbath School, Peters, W. J. Venen, G. S. Rapp,
Sara D. Hanson. F. P. Rankin, H. H. Frizzell,
Field Miss., I. Y. Stonebrook. N. R. Dower, Dallas Youngs.
, Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Legal Assn.: " The East Pennsyl-
E. L. Hanson. vania Conference Assn. of S. D.
Religious Liberty, W. C. Moffett. A., Inc."
Ministers: Department Secretaries:
W. C. Moffett, C. V. Leach, Book and Bible House, C. J.
J. H. Wagner, J. E. Patzkowski, Sumner.
W. F. Schmidt, R. S. Fries, W. Educational, D. C. Butherus.
R. Riston. Field Miss., G. H. Carter; Asst.,
F. D. Myers.
Licentiates: Home Miss.,
E. L. Hanson, L. W. Kuri, E. Religious Liberty, G. F. Eichman.
E. Russell, I. V. Stonebrook, Sabbath School,
W. L. Cheatham. Y. P. M. V., D. C. Butherus.
Missionary Licentiates: Sara D. Ministers:
Hanson, J. E. Hickman, N. C. G. F. Eichman, W. J. Venen, J.
Van Horn. A. Dominiski, G. S. Rapp, U. D.
Church School Teachers: Pickard, M. A. Maloney, B. E.
Violette White, Mrs. Lillian A. Miller, S. H. McLennan, R. B.
Hill, Mrs. Genevieve Hobbs, Clapp, Dallas Youngs, J. Z.
Janice Kepner, Martha Ander- Hottel, N. R. Dower, R. W.
son, Carl Shafer, Mrs. Carl Numbers, G. E. Peters, C. W.
Shafer, Mrs. Lillian A. Pinck- Guenther.
ney, Miss. S. Lockstanfor, Miss Licentiates:
C. Shreckengost, Miss F. Pitcher, C. H. Carter, B. P. Gernet, F. B.
Miss H. Robinson, J. Buchanan, Slater, D. C. Butherus, W. H.
C. Aebersold. Jdnes, F. D. Myers, J. M. Hoff-
man, R. G. Schirner.
Missionary Licentiates:
David Warner, Mrs. C. C. Little-
EAST PENNSYLVANIA CON- ton, Mrs. Jessie M. Curtis, Miss
FERENCE Maude Belmont, Sadie Baker,
Organized in 1903, out of territorl Mrs. Lydia Nester, Mrs. W. B.
comprising t h e Pennsylvania Parkins, Mrs. Gertrude Resse-
Conference, which was organ- guie, Mrs. Florence Eichman, C.
ized in 1879. J. Sumner, Mrs. A. E. King.
Territory: That portion of Penn- Church School Teachers:
sylvania lying east of the east- Vivian Steen, Mrs. Elsie Evans,
ern line of Potter, Clinton, Cen- Mrs. R. L. Vincent, Bernice Pitt-
ter, Mifflin, Huntingdon, and man, Margaret Van Buskirk,
Fulton Counties. Ruth Thompson, Helyn Boche-
Population: 5,674,254; churches, nek, Agnes Eroh, Mrs. Stella
54; members, 3,219. Chisholm, Ruth Gove, Rose De
Office: 1701 Conlyn St., Philadel- Benedetto, E. E. Carman, Mrs.
phia, Pa. (Phone, Hancock E. E. Carman, Florence Miles,
4000.) Mrs. Opal Butherus, H. T. Saul-

ter, Mrs. H. T. Saulter, Eliza- Hand, Mary Anna Meade, Beu-

beth Sims, Herbert Walls, Jr., lah Harmon, M. Elizabeth Jones,
Agnes Marks, Mrs. Harriet Beck, Mrs. Florence Williamson, Lil-
Wilma Steinman, Viola Sim- lian Whitefield, Mrs. W. F. Mil-
mons, Jennie Lewis,,Oscar ler, Elva Copple, Mrs. Katherine
Schmidt, Mrs. Howard Dew iler, Moss, Mrs. Maella Monell, Miss
Marian Oswald. Irene Butler, Miss Elsie Katcher.


Organized 1002
Organized 1863
Territory: The State of New Jer-
sey. Territory: The State of Ohio.
Population: 4,041,334; churches, Population: 6,646,697; churches,
47; members, 2,426. 80; members, 4,759.
Office: 1574 Brunswick Ave., Tren- Postal Address: Box 831, Mt. Ver-
ton, N. J. (Telephone 2-3919.) non, Ohio. (Telephone 1175.)
Officers: Officers:
Pres., W. M. Robbins. Pres., F. H. Robbins.
Sec. and Treas., W. F. Miller. Sec. and Treas., E. F. Willett.
Executive Committee: W. M. Executive Committee: F. H.
Robbins, H. G. Gauker, G. A. Robbins, C. E. Welch, Walter
Coon, A. Boynton, Dr. S. G. Sil- Sooy, M. R. Coon, E. F. Willett,
vers, H. W. Kibble. D. A. Rees, V. P. Lovell, J. E.
Legal Assn.: " New Jersey Con- Cox.
ference Association of S. D. A." Legal Assn.: "The Ohio Confer-
ence Assn. of the S. D. A.
Department Secretaries: Church." Pres., F. H. Robbins;
Book and Bible House, V. Donak. Sec., E. F. Willett.
Educational and Sabbath School,
Miss E. F. Williams. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., 0. C. Weller. Book and Bible House, R. G.
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Burchfield.
R. H. Pickling. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Religious Liberty, W. M. Rob- 0. S. Hershberger. -
bins. Field Miss., W. A. Higgins.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Ministers: Anol Grundset.
W. M. Robbins, M. S. Krietzky, Medical, C. E. Welch.
0. J. Nerlund, H. G. Gauker, C. Religious Liberty, F. H. Robbins.
B. Newmyer, J. C. Oswald, T. A.
McCoy, G. A. Coon, H. W. Kibble, Ministers:
A. D. Nagy, L. W. Belote, R. H. F. H. Robbins, Anol Grundset,
Pickling, M. S. Bonfield. Henry Berg, L. 0. Gordon, J. W.
Shultz, W. F. SchWartz, M. R.
Licentiates: Coon, D. A. Rees, D. F. Roth,
0. C. Weller, C. Bufano, W. F. R. F. Farley, J. W. Kasa, J. E.
Miller, E. H. 0. Lehrthoff, C. Cox, V. P. Lovell, M. A. Bour-
Jeffreys, J. Dobias. deau, C. R. Carter, 0. L. Dens-
Missionary Licentiates: low, S. E. Norton, Joseph Spi-
Miss E. F. Williams,- E. Rob- cer, Leon Robbins, F. C. Phipps.
bins, Anabel Bush. Honorary: L. A. Spring, N. J.
Church School Teachers: Michaelenko, J. F. Olmsted, F.
Mrs. Mary 'Gaskill, Mrs. Hattie M. Fairchild, E. W. Thirlwell.

Licentiates: Sec. and Treas., C. H. Kelly.

D. S. Teters, 0. S. Hershberger, Executive Committee: J. W.
E. F. Willett, Merle Mills H. MacNeil, H. A. Morrison, L. W.
R. Veach, C. E. Welch, Virgil Graham, W. C. Hannah, J. H.
Gibbons, C. Dornburg, R. B. Hill, Smith, C. H. Kelly, W. B. Hill,
W. A. Higgins, W. R. Robinson. C. H. Dougherty, F. B. Jensen.
Legal Assn.: "Potomac Confer-
Missionary Licentiates:
Lillie Kraft, Cora Gibson, Ce- ence Corporation of S. D. A."
leste Wiseley, Miss A. Larson, Also, " District of Columbia
Mrs. Hazel Perkins, C. G. Stew- Conf. Corp. of S. D. A." and
art, Vinnie Goodner, Hester "Virginia Conf. Agency of S.
Alston, H. S. Baskerville. D. A."

Church School Teachers: Department Secretaries:

Pearl Meese, A. R. Lawson, Mrs. Book and Bible House, C. H.
A. R. Lawson, L. J. Fritz, Mrs. Kelly. 'Asst!: J. A. Bee.
L. J. Fritz, Avis Wiggins, Lucy Educational and Sabbath School,
Coley, Mrs. Susan Mosley, Vera A. 0. Dart.
Bradford, Samantha Johnson, Field Miss., F. E. Thumwood.
Raymond Kraft, Josephine Bill- Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., J. E.
heimer, J. F. Olmsted, Mrs. J. F. Edwards.
Olmsted, R. I. Thomson, Nina Religious Liberty, J. W. MacNeil.
Hunt, L. C. Trubey, Mrs. L. C. Ministers:
Trubey, Thomas Stottlemyer, .J. W. MacNeil, H. P. Gray,
Mrs. Thos. Stottlemyer, Mrs. L. Peter Hafenmayr, 'W. B. Hill,
A. Hadley, Bertha Laughlin,
R. D. Hottel, J. H. Smith,
Amanda Kirkpatrick, Lorraine
R. F. Woods, A. H. Johns, F. B.
Fankhouser, Marie Reitmann,
Jensen, A. B. Russell, A. 0. Dart.
Julia Edson, Mary Swisshelm,
Mae Stebbins, Mrs. Esther Licentiates:
Brackett, Marie Justiss, Lottie C. H. Kelly, W. C.
Gibson, Mrs. Wm. Robinson, F. E. Thumwood, James Stanley,
Mrs. M. A. Bourcleau. E. F. Koch, A. C. Fearing, Percy
Manuel, K. S. Crofoot.
Missionary Licentiates:
Organized 1924 - Mrs. L. Steiker, George Finley,
Territory: The State of Virginia, Hazel Brent.
except Accomac and Northamp- Church School Teachers:
ton Counties; the District of Letha Blom, Mrs. C. C. Ellis,
Columbia; and that portion of Naomi Ingle, Mrs. Leslie Wildes,
Prince George's County, Mary- Anne Fuchs, D. B. Myers, Mrs.
land, within five miles of the D. B. Myers, Mrs. Allen Crom-
District line; and Montgomery well, Irma Storey, W. L. Miller,
County, Maryland. Mrs. W. L. Miller, Mrs. D. Witt,
Population: 2,955,991; churches, Mae Painter, Mrs. S. W. Tyme-
48; members, 4,744. son, Mrs. James Meade, Lenna
Office: 411 Cedar St., Takoma Meyers, Mrs. R. C. Hill, Anna-
Park, Washington, D. C. (Tele- belle Eshenko, Mrs. W. D.
phones, Georgia 5791 and 5792.) Meyers, Hazel Berg, Ruby Ingle,
Officers: Olive Lindberg, Louise Stuart,
Pres., J. W. MacNeil. Irene Walker, Grace Harrison.

Colored Department Field Miss., G. B. Hoag.

Committee: J. W. MacNeil, C. Home Miss., P. C. Cardey.
H. Kelly, J. E. Johnson, Grant Religious Liberty, L. H. King.
Smith, L. J. Pryor. Sabbath School, Miss E. R.
Department Secretary: Y. P. M. V., P. C. Cardey.
Asst. Field Miss., P. C. Winley.
Ministers: Ministers:
J. E. Johnson, L. J. Pryor. L. H. King, R. K. Krick, R. L.
Honorary: W. H. Sebastian. Boothby, R. Quackenbush, J. H.
Licentiates: Wagner, E. H. Swanson, A.
M. A. Burgess, H. R. Murphy.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
H. E. Garrarde, F. S. Fowler,
Mrs. Ethel Nell, P. C. Winley. G. B. Hoag, P. C. Cardey, W.
Church School Teachers: W. Fordham.
Garland Millett, Mrs. Garland Missionary Licentiates:
Millet, Lucille Heyward. Miss E. R. Hochschorner, L. R.
Mansell, Mrs. Nancie Harris,
Myrtle Bateman, M. A. Paden.
WEST PENNSYLVANIA CON- Church School Teachers:
FERENCE G. P. Katcher, Mrs. G. P.
Katcher, Miriam Burgess,
Organized 1903 . Frances Dingee, Evelyn Win-
Territory: All of Pennsylvania ly- ston, Grace Ashton.
ing west of the easterly line of
Potter, Clinton, Center, Mifflin,
Huntingdon, and Fulton Coun-
Population: 4,050,000; churches, ENCE
34; members, 1,489.
Office: Newill Bldg., cor. Otter- Organized 1887
man and Main Sts., Greensburg,
Pa. (Telephone, 2520.) Territory: The State of West Vir-
Office Address: P. 0. Box 235, ginia, except the counties of
Greensburg, Pa. Morgan, Berkeley, and Jeffer-
son, and including the countie.
Officers: of Garrett and Allegany in
Pres., L. H. King. Maryland.
Sec.-Treas., H. E. Garrarde. Population: 1,775,995; churches,
Executive Committee: L. H. 15; members, 759.
King, C. V. Leach, J. H. Wag-
ner, E. H. Swanson, R. L. Office: 1455 Seventh St., Parkers-
Boothby, G. H. Herdman, W. burg, W. Va. (Telephone, 394.)
A. Kelly. Officers:
Legal Assn.: "West Pennsyl- Pres., M. G. Conger.
vania Conference Assn. of S. Sec. and Treas., C. M. Paden.
D. A." Executive Committee: M. G.
Department Secretaries: Conger,C. M. Paden, N. S. Ash-
Book and Bible House, M. A. ton, W. T. Dishman, L. 0. Coon,
Paden. J. H. McHenry.
Educational, Miss E. R. Hoch- Legal Assn.z " Seventh-day Ad-
schorner. ventist Book Society."

Department Secretaries: INSTITUTIONS IN THE COLUM-

Book and Bible House, C. N. BIA UNION CONFERENCE
Paden. Educational:
Educational, Miss M. Vander- Columbia Junior College, Ta-
mark. koma Park, Washington, D. C.
Field Miss., J. R. Ridenour. Home Study Institute, Takoma
Park, Washington, D. C.
Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., and Mt. Vernon Academy, Mt. Ver-
Home Miss., Miss M. Vander- non, Ohio.
mark. S. D. A. Theological Seminary,
Ministers: Takoma Park, D.C.
Shenandoah Valley Academy,
M. G. Conger, Chancy Wood, A. New Market, Va.
E. Hoist, V. A. Joseph, N. S. Takoma Academy, Takoma
Ashton, L. 0. Coon, G. W. Hol- Park, Washington, D. C.
man. Washington Missionary College,
Licentiates: Takoma Park, Washington,
D. C.
L. L. Philpott, J. R. Ridenour,
Stephen Paully, C. M. Paden. Publishing:
Review and Herald Pub. Assn.,
Missionary Licentiates: Takoma Park, Washington,
Miss Jessie Welsh, Miss M. Van- D. C.
dermark. Washington Branch, Review and
Herald Pub. Assn., Takoma
Church School Teachers: Park, Washington, D. C.
Lillian Halstead, Mrs. Marie Sanitarium:
Bee, M. Mae Carberry, Pauline Washington Sanitarium, Tako-
Flint. ma Park, Washington, D. C.


Organized nor
Territory: The Conferences of In- Harrison; B. E. Wagner, C. S.
diana, Illinois, Michigan, Wis- Joyce, T. H. Allison, G. C.
consin. Hoskin.
Population: 18,650,488; churches, Legal Assn.: " Lake Union Con-
391; members, 24,103. ference Assn. of S. D. A."
Office Address: Box C, Berrien "Indiana Med. Miss. and Benv.
Springs,*Mich. (Telephone, 124.) Assn.," Pres., J. J. Nethery;
Officers: Vice-Pres., S. E. Wight; Sec.
Pres., J. J. Nethery. and Treas., R. M. Harrison.
Sec.-Treas., R. M. Harrison. Department Secretaries:
Auditor, H. P. Bloum. Educational, T. E. Unruh.
Executive Committee: J. J. Field Miss., B. E. Wagner.
Nethery, the presidents of the Home Miss., C. S. Joyce.
conferences comprising the Lake Negro, T. H. Allison.
Union Conference, and T. E. Religious Liberty, Jay J. Neth-
Unruh, H. J. Kbooster, E. 'W. ery.
Dunbar, H. P. Bimini, R. M. Y. P. M. V., E. W. Dunbar.

Ministers: Religious Liberty, H. J. Cap-

Jay J. Nethery, T. H. Allison, man.
C. A. Burman, E. W. Dunbar, Sabbath School, F. A. Wright.
H. E. Edwards, C. S. Joyce, H. Y. P. M. V., W. C. Loveless.
J. Klooster, T. W. Steen, W. E. American Temperance Society,
Straw, E. R. Thiele, T. E. Unruh, W. C. Loveless.
B. E. Wagner, K. A. Offerman. Ministers:
Honorary Credentials: F. H. M. V. Campbell, M. R. Bailey,
Henderson, E. Rosenwald, S. T. F. A. Wright, W. A. Dessain,
Shadel, Ilija Belich, H. II. Hu- Joseph Capman, R. W. Eng-
mann. strom, M. N. Skadsheiui, A. J.
Licentiates: Olson, W. C. Loveless, R. A.
0. Granlund, B. L. Grundset, Smithwick, G. G. Hmelevsky, J.
W. Osborn, Raffele Valerio, 0. J.
C. A. Thorp. Dahl, W. P. Ortner, T. H. Alli-
Missionary Licentiates: son, D. C. Newbold, T. J.
P. Blown, R. M. Harrison. Kroeger, J. A. Wasenmiller, G.
Honorary Missionary Licentiate: Varga, H. J. Capman, A. L.
Frank Hiner. Beazley, G. T. Vore.
Honorary: W. H. Sherrig, H. H.
Humann, G. C. Hoskin, Charles
Thompson, F. E., Ferris.
Organized 1931 R. J. Winders, Alexander Piet-
rasz, C. C. Katt, P. M. Lewis,
Territory: The State of Illinois. John Dewald, B. C. Marshall, J.
Population: 7,630,654; churches, Florea.
72; members, 5,072. Honorary: Karl Mattsson, H. R.
Office: Pacific Press Bldg., Brook- Stearns.
field, Ill. Mailing Address, Box Missionary Licentiates:
29, Brookfield, Ill. (Telephone, This Morey, Mrs. Celia McAlis-
Brookfield 6100.) ter, Florence Hall, J. G. Holmes,
Officers: C. Wilber, Marie Riffel, Lillian
Pres., M. V. Campbell. Gable, C. B. Burgess, Helen
Sec. and Treas., B. C. Marshall. Spangle, R. E. Spangle.
Honorary: Anna Hibben, H. B.
Executive Committee: M. V. Tucker, Emplia Robersen.
Campbell, B. C. Marshall, J. W.
Osborn, R. A. Smithwick, M. R. Church School Teachers:
Bailey, B. F. Tucker, W. C. Mabel Ferguson, Virginia Mott,
Loveless, T. R. Lukens, T. H. Arlene Marks, 'Mildred Ostich,
Allison. Mrs. Hazel Samples, 1VIrs. May
Legal Assn.: "Illinois Confer- Lemmon, Marjorie Butler, Mrs.
ence Association of S. D. A." T. J. Kroeger, Ruth Arbuckle,
and "Chicago Conference Asso- Mrs. Doris D. Scott, Florence
ciation of S. D. A." Utter, Mrs. Earl Eytcheson, Lin-
den Foll, Mrs. Harvey Mackey,
Department Secretaries: Richard Little, Mrs. Richard
Book and Bible House, C. B. Little, Otha Kirk, Mrs. Otha
Burgess. Kirk, Leonard Hill, Iva Bran-
Educational, W. C. Loveless. son, Juliette Herscher, Lovata
Field Miss., P. M. Lewis. Lockhart, Flora Jones, Mrs,
Home Miss., F. A. Wright. Laurabelle Cook.

INDIANA CONFERENCE Honorary: Mary Kent, Ida V.

Hadley, Eva Pitcher, Mrs. N. H.
Organized 1872 Hollingsworth, Katherine Lang.
Territory: The State of Indiana. Church School Teachers:
Population: 3,291,000; churches, Lillian Keller, Kenneth Ken-
74; members, 3,942. nedy, Mrs. Kenneth Kennedy,
Office: 310 East 23rd St., Indian- Edna Wingard, J. A. Hickey,
apolis, Indiana. (Telephone: Tal- Mrs. J. A. Hickey, Mrs. Roland
bot 4420.) Price, Vesta Byers, Irene Amen,
Helene Hammond, L. G. Wart-
Officers: zok, Mrs. L. G. Wartzok, Frances
Pres., S. E. Wight. Vaughan, Iris Shelton, Louise
Secretary and Treasurer, A. E. Schultz, Viola Boat, Mrs. Ora
Mobley. Moore, Mrs. Laurinda Crays,
Executive Committee: S. E. Adele Hamra, Francis Hamilton,
Wight, A. E. Mobley, J. 0. Georgia Harris, Jocelyn Laur-
Marsh, F. C. Carrier, W. R. ence, A. A. Anderson, Irene De-
Elliott, A. H. Welklin, W. L. Vries, Dorotha Case.
Legal Assn.: " The Indiana Assn.
of S. D. A.," Incorporated. MICHIGAN CONFERENCE
Department Secretaries: Organized Oct. 5, 1861; Reor-
Book and Bible House, W. A. ganized 1931
Petersen. Territory: State of Michigan.
Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
L. L. Murphy. Population: 4,842,325; churches,
Field Miss., C. H. Smith. 150; members, 10,847.
Asst. Field Missionary, C. C. Office: 620 Townsend, Lansing,
Stoner. Mich.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, (Telephone, Dial 5-0443.)
J. 0. Marsh. Mail Address: Box 900, Lansing,
Religious Liberty, S. E. Wight. Mich.
Ministers: Officers:
S. E. Wight, 0. K. Butler, H. E. Pres., C. B. Haynes.
Bisel, W. R. Elliott, F. 0. Sand- Sec. and Treas., E. L. Green.
ers, J. H. Laurence, L. L. Mur- Executive Committee: C. B.
phy, F. C. Carrier, J. 0. Marsh, Haynes, E. L. Green T. G. Bunch,
W. A. Nelson, M. W. Deming. H. B. Taylor, L. N. Holm, W. C.
Honorary: T. F. Hubbard, C. E. Hankins, J. J. Irwin, B. F. Wil-
Allen, W. B. White, F. W. Hal- liams.
laday. Legal Assn.: "Michigan Confer.
ence Assn. of Seventh-day Ad-
Licentiates: ventists," Incorporated.
A. V. McClure, M. K. Ecken- Association Trustees: C. B.
foth, W. W. Ellis, A. E. Mob- Haynes, W. C. Hankins, E. L.
ley, C. H. Smith, G. E. Vande- Green, T. G. Bunch, H. B. Tay-
man, W. T. Weaver. - lor, L, N. Holm, J. J. Irwin,
Honorary: Burton Castle, T. M. B. F. Williams.
Butler. Department Secretaries:
Missionary Licentiates: Book and Bible House, E. S.
W..A. Petersen, Edith Cross, C. Knecht.
C. Stoner, Genevive Laurence. Educational, G. M. Mathews.

Field Miss., A. G. Sutton; Asst., Dorothy Crosby, Marion Cran-

I. H. Thrig. dall, Grace Maas, Elaine Den-
Home Miss., H. F. Brown. nison, Margaret Benedict, Mattie
Medical, C. B. Haynes. Vixie, Zilda Forde, Howard
Religious Liberty, C. B. Haynes. Stockton, Mrs. Oline Peck, H.
Sabbath School, H. F. Brown. A. Weaver, Mrs. H. A. Weaver,
Y. P. M. V., Edward Heppenstall. Eileen Adams, Mary Lou Whit-
Ministers: ford, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Lude-
C. B. Haynes, H. J. Alcock, J. man, Lydia Muttersbach, Al-
I. Beardsley, W. C. Hankins, f aretta Sherman, Effie Bell,
A. C. Lien, W. L. Latham, L. Homer Barrett, Mrs. Homer
W. Light; H. L. Peden, B. L. Barrett, Ethel Hull, Paul Evers,
Post, G. M. Mathews, C. B. Erma Clouth, M. J. Perepelitza,
Messer, C. W. Pruitt, H. L. W. J. Wilkinson, W. D. Pad-
Shoup, 0. F. Schwedrat, A. R. gett, Mrs. W. D. Padgett, Ber-
Sherman, H. B. Taylor, E. L. nice Webber, Ada Dean, Mrs.
Sheldon, B. J. White, B. F. Wil- Irma Ellsworth, Madge Kamerer.
liams, T. G. Bunch, Paul Mat-
ula, E. R. Potter, H. W. Wil-
liams, T. S. Hill, L. C. Lee, L. WISCONSIN CONFERENCE
H. Bland, W. D. Forde, H. F. Organized 1871; divided as North
Brown, W. E. Yates, W. B. and South Wisconsin Conferences
Pontynen. 1916; reunited 1927.
Honorary: R. J. Bellows, J. V. Territory: The State of Wisconsin.
Maas, Dr. Lyle Shepard, J. W.
Hirlinger, J. J. Irwin, R. U. Population: 2,939,006; churches,
Garrett, L. T. Nicola, W. E. 95; members, 4,242.
Videto, J. B. Blosser, C. M. Office Address: Box 512, Madison,
Gruesbeck. Wis. (Telephone, Badger 2210.)
Licentiates: Officers:
S. W. Hyde, V. A. Anderson, Pres., W. H. Holden.
H. R. Coats, E. P. Weaver, E. Sec. and Treas., Clarence Lawry.
Heppenstall, 0. Klein, H. H. Executive Committee: W. H.
Crandell, A. G. Sutton. Holden, Clarence Lawry, F. L.
Missionary Licentiates: Abbott, A. 0. Johnson, A. W.
E. L. Green, Mrs. D. Brander, Nelson, R. W. Moore, A. H.
Mrs. B. Davison, Jennie De- Parker.
Young, Alma DuBois, Mrs. E. Legal Assns.: " South Wisconsin
Smith, Jody Ketterman, Oka- Conference Assn. of the S. D. A."
reda Ketterman, H. E. Moon, E. " North Wisconsin Conference
S. Knecht,- Sadie Willette, Edith Assn. of S. D. A." (Continuing
Shepard, F. B. Steen, Mae Grills, as long as there is business to be
Mrs. J. M. Heslip. done under that name.)
Church School Teachers: Department Secretaries:
Emilie Crouch, Dorothy Dean, Book and Bible House, D. B.
Florence Orth, Laura Pelley- Wildman.
mounter, Gladys Bakeman, Mrs. Field Miss., M. H. Odegaard.
Audrey Shull, Muriel Stevenson, Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Mrs. Irene Claflin, Maxine Stev- H. K. Halladay.
enson, Mary Louise Stevens, Religious Liberty, W. H. Holden.
Mildred Mobley, Charles Gray, Educational and. Y. P. M. V.,
Bertha Bollinger, E. J. Santee, Theodore Lucas.

Ministers: May Brodersen, Marian Staf-

W. H. Holden, F. L. Abbott, W. ford Alyce Smith, Pansy Mid-
Holbrook, Grundset, 0. A. daugh, Winnifred Lloyd, Mrs. M.
Lyberg, T. M. Summerville, C. Sievers, Myrtle Johnson, Lola
V; Keiser, H. K. Halladay; E. A. Dutter, Daisy Sterns.
Jarreau, J. Braun, R. W. Moore,
M. E. Anderson, H. A. Fish.
Honorary: F. Stebbeds, P. M. UNION CONFERENCE
Hanson, J. Vitrano, J. C. Stotz, Educational:
H. P. Anderson, P. E. Sheppler, Adelphian Academy, Holly, Mich.
S. T. Shade'. Bethel Academy, Arpin, Wis.
Licentiates: Battle Creek Academy, Battle
M. H. Odegaard, Theodore Creek, Mich.
Lucas, A. H. Parker, G. C. Sow- Broadview Academy, R. F. D. 1,
ler, C. M. Bee, H. E. Bowen, A. Box 58, La Grange, Ill.
W. Perrine, V. R. Hillman, Clar- Cedar Lake Academy, Cedar
ence Lawry. Lake, Mich.
Honorary: A. W. Hallock. Emmanuel Missionary College,
Berrien Springs, Mich.
Missionary Licentiates: Emmanuel Missionary College
D. B. Wildman, Sue Jones. Academy, Berrien Springs,
Church School Teachers: Mich.
Mrs. Boyd Jones, Alice Bodine, Indiana Academy, Cicero, Ind.
C. Conquest, Mrs. C. Conquest, Publishing:
Lucile Parfitt, Aileen Sheppler, Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Brook-
Alice Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. K. field, Ill.
Day, Alf reda Costerisan, Ra- The College Press, Berriell
mona Ellis, Mrs. Eva Brown, Springs, Mich.


Organized 19o2; Reorganized 1937
Territory: The conferences of Executive Committee: E. H. Os-
Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, wald, A. R. Smouse, V. E. Peugh,
and South Dakota. D. S. Osgood, D: N. Wall, A. V.
Rhoads, K. L. Gant, P. 1). Ger-
Population: 6,408,586; churches, rard, D. E. Reiner, A. E. Gilbert,
225; members, 11,205. M.D., B. L. Schlotthauer.
Telegraphic Address: Telephone, Legal Assn.: "The Northern
Colfax 8004, Minneapolis, Minn. Union Conference Assn. of S. D.
Office Address: 2718 Third Avenue A., Inc." Pres., E. H. Oswald;
South, Minneapolis, Minn. Sec.-Treas., A. R. Smouse.
Officers: Department Secretaries:
Pres., E. H. Oswald. (Tele. Lo- Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
cust 8548.) K. L. Gant.
Sec.-Treas., A. R. Smouse. (Tele. Field Miss., P. D. Gerrard.
Midway 9482.) Home Miss., D. E. Reiner.
Auditor and Transportation Medical, A. E. Gilbert, M.D.
Agent, A. R. Smouse. Religious Liberty, E. H. Oswald.

Ministers: T. Gackenheimer, Glenn Fillman,

E. H. Oswald, P. D. Gerrard, Dr. A. E. Gilbert, Eugene Woes-
D. E. Reiner, K. L. Gant. ner, G. H. Boehrig.
Honorary: N. M. Jorgenson, W. Missionary Licentiates:
A. McKibben, 0. Madsen, P. G. Ruby McSparran, Mrs. Ernest
Stanley, J. R. Staton, J. A. Hanson, Mildred Dessain, Ernest
Litwinenco. Hanson, Bert Rhoads, R. E.
Licentiate: Kepkey.
A. R. Smouse. Honorary: Josephine Blanchard.
Church School Teachers:
IOWA CONFERENCE Bert Rhoads, Mrs. W. Archbold,
Homer Opstad, Mrs, Robert
Organized 1863 Ross, Grace Rosenthal, Vada
Territory: The State of Iowa. Korgan, Charles L. Smith, Mary
Population: 2,470,939; churches, Jane Douglas, Henel Mae Smith,
64; members, 2,957. Mrs. Orval Atkins, Mabel Mad-
Office: 734 Main St., Nevada, Iowa. sen, Ralph Combes, Mrs. Ralph
(Telephone 158) Combes, Madge Simmons.
Pres., D. S. Osgood.
Sec.-Treas., Eugene Woesner. MINNESOTA CONFERENCE
Executive Committee: D. S. Os- Organized 1862
good, Eugene Woesner, L. C. Territory: The State of Minne-
Christofferson, Dr. A. E. Gilbert, sota.
W. R. Archbold, Geo. C. Lauter- Population: 2,563,953; churches,
bach, B. A. Scherr.
73; members, 4,421.
Legal Assn.: " The Iowa Sev-
enth-day Adventist Association." Office: 1854 Roblyn Ave., St. Paul,
D. S. Osgood, chairman; Eugene Minn. (Telephone,Midway8441.)
Woesner, Sec. and Treas. Officers:
Department Secretaries: Pres., V. E. Peugh. (Telephone,
Book and Bible House, Eugene Midway 8578.)
Woesner. Sec. and Treas., C. B. Caldwell.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., (Telephone., Midway 8441.)
W. A. Howe. Executive Committee: V. E.
Field Miss., G. H. Boehrig. Peugh, N. R. Nelson, C. B. Cald-
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, well, E. A. Piper, Dr. C. J.
B. A. Scherr.. Martinson, F. J. Nenno.
Medical, Dr. A. E. Gilbert. Legal Assn.: " The Minnesota
Religious Liberty, D. S. Osgood. Conference Association of Sev-
Ministers:- enth-day Adventists."
D. S. Osgood, A. L. Miller, C. H. Department Secretaries.
Miller, B. A. Scherr, Alfred Gor- Book and Bible House, C. B.
don, B. Peterson, J. A. Tucker, Caldwell.
W. R. Archbold, L. P. Knecht, Educational, C. H. Lauda.
W. A. Howe, A. E. Axelson, J. Field Miss., C. G. Cross.'
A. 'Nordstrom. Home Miss. and Sabbath Sch.,
Honorary: 0. Madsen, W. A. Mc- J. C. Christenson.
Kibben, N. M. Jorgensen. Medical, Dr. C. J. Martinson.
Licentiates: Religious Liberty, V. E. Peugh.
Calvin Gordon, R. T.'Hudson, E. Y. P. M. V., C. H. Lauda.

Ministers: . Executive Committee: D. N.

V. E. yeugh, David Bulbrand- Wall, B. L. Schlotthauer, I. C.
son, D. K. Olson, N. R. Nelson, Schmidt, C. H. Knudson, Chris
A. J. Lockert, H. M. Hiatt, J. C. Lang, R. W. Fowler, Aug. Rin-
Christenson, C. S. Weist, G. E. ger.
Hutches, J. W. Christian, E. A. Legal Assn.: "The North Da-
Piper, August Anderson, C. Ed- kota Conference Association of
wardson, H. A. Vandeman, J. C. Seventh-day Adventists."
Harder, A. L. Bietz, S. A. Doug- Department Secretaries:
las, C. E. Smith, V. A. Lidner, Book and Bible House, B. L.
C. H. Lauda. Schlotthauer.
Licentiates: Educational, Home Miss., and
Carl Sundin, C. G. Cross, H. E. Y. P. M. V., George. Loewen.
Preston, H. V. Reed, C. B. Cald- Field Miss., Roger 0. Baker.
well. Religious Liberty, D. N. Wall.
Sabbath School, Mrs. D. N. Wall.
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. V. B. Cummings, Alice E. Ministers:
Mattson, Ethel Beeson, Doris D. N. Wall, I. C. Schmidt, G. F.
Peterson, Gladys Searle, Bertha Theiss, J. C. Michalenko, G.
Calstad, Florence Kimmel, Ver- Loewen.
nice Peterson. Honorary: J. H. Seibel.
Church School Teachers: Licentiates:
Mrs. S. J. Skadsheim, Mrs. Ma- M. F. Grau, G. H. Rustad, H.
bel Peterson, Salisbury Zytkos- Kuelme, T. R. Torkelson.
kee, Helen Zeelau, Hilda Mad- Missionary Licentiates:
sen, Albert Houck, Ingvald B. L. Schlotthauer, Mrs. D. N.
Johnson, C. N. Harvey, Ruth Wall, Ray Fowler, Roger 0.
Roush, Florence Unterseher, Baker.
Anna Anderson, Mrs. H. E. Pres- Church School Teachers:
ton, Lillie Beeson, Arlene Mar- Edna Hanson, Mrs. C. A. Lind-
tin, L. Edwards, Mrs. L. Ed- quist.
wards, Erna Olson, Ruth Nelson.


ENCE Organized 1879
Organized 1902 Territory: The State of South
Territory: The State of North Dakota.
Dakota. Population: 692,849; churches,
35; members, 1,640.
Population: 680,845; churches; Office Address: Broadway .and
53; members, 2,187. Third Ave., N. E., Watertown, S.
Office Address: 312 West Second Dak. (Telephone, 2115.)
St., Jamestown, North Dakota Postal Address: Drawer 36, Water-
(Telephone 676). town, S. Dak.
Postal Address: Box 1491, James- Officers:
town, North Dakota. Pres., A. V. Rhoads.
Officers: Sec.-Treas., H. J. Perkins.
Pres., D. N. Wall. _ Executive Committee: A. V.
Sec. and Treas., B. L. Schlott- Rhoads, H. J. Perkins, J. H.
hauer. Rhoads, Carl Haffner, P. P. Kier.

Legal Assn.: "South Dakota Missionary. Licentiates:

Conference of Seventh-day Ad- H. J. Perkins, . Lena Myers,
ventists," Pres., A. V. Rhoads; Grace Stewart, R. H. Brown.
Sec.-Treas., H. J. Perkins. Church School Teachers:
Department Secretaries: Lela Thompson, Mrs. 0. L.
Book and Bible House, H. J. Poore, Robert Wagner. -
Field Miss., R. H. Brown.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, INSTITUTIONS IN THE NORTH-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Educational:
J. II. Rhoads.
Religious Liberty, A. V. Rhoads. Maplewood Academy, Hutchin-
son, Minn.
Ministers: Oak Park Academy, Nevada,
A. V. Rhoads, E. F. Heim, W. H. Iowa.
Hanhardt, S. A. Reile, C. D. Plainview Academy, Redfield, S.
Smith, J. H. Rhoads, E. R. Dak.
Lauda, J. A. Estey. Sheyenne River Academy, Har-
Honorary: J. R. Staton, P. G. vey, N. Dak.
Licentiates: Sanitariums:
L. W. Welch, A. L. Watt, Carl Iowa Sanitarium and Hospital,
Braun. Nevada, Iowa.


Organized 1906
Territory: The Conferences of Auditor, R. T. Emery.
Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Upper Transportation Agen,t, R. T.
Columbia, Washington, and the Emery.
Alaska Mission.
Department Secretaries:
Population, 3,559,098; churches, Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
253; members, 21,317. H. C. Klement.
Office Address: 202 South Palouse Field Miss., D. E. Collins.
St., Walla Walla, Wash. (Tele- Home Miss., L. E. Esteb.
phone 702). Religious Liberty, E. K. Slade.
Officers: Ministers:
Pres., E. K. Slade. E. K. Slade, D. E. Collins, L. E.
Sec. and Treas., R. T. Emery. Esteb, D. A. Lower, F. M. Burg,
G. W. Bowers, J. C. Haussler,
Executive Committee: E. K. T. M. French, Gwynne Dal-
Slade, R. T. Emery, G. S.- Bel- rymple, W. S. Boynton, H. C.
leau, J. L. 1VIcConaughey, E. L. Klement.
Neff, C. A. Striven, H. L. Honorary: R. W. Airy, H. A.
Wood, L. E. Esteb, D. E. Aufderhar, M. A. Belding, A. R.
Collins, G. W. Bowers, F. W. Bell, A. C. Bird, J. W. Boynton,
Peterson, D. A. Lower. G. L. Budd, C. H. Castle, J. J.
Legal Assn.: " The North Pacific Clark, I. C. Coleord, C. J. Cole,
Union Conference Assn, of S. J. M. Comer, F: H. Conway, E.
D. A." H. Curtis, W. D. Emery, W. G.

Forshaw, J. C. Foster, C. A. IDAHO CONFERENCE

Hansen, J. F. Harder, W. T. Rib Organized 1907
gert, J. A. Holbrook, Paul Iver-
son, C. Johnson, Fred Johnson, Territory: That portion of Idaho
Lewis Johnson, I. G. Knight, Al- south of the Forty-fifth parallel,
bert Kruger, G. E. Langdon, N. including all of Lemhi county,
W. Lawrence, R. H. Martin, together with six counties in
Daniel Nettleton, Martin Olson, Oregon, as follows: Wallowa,
John Peterson, W. R. Smith, A. Union,. Baker, Malheur, Harney,
G. Steinert, F. E. Stratton, Dr. Grant.
3. H. Sturges, C. Sulzle, G. F. Population: 389,921; churches, 27;
Watson, C. A. Wyman. members, 1,565.
Office: 523 Main St., Boise, Idaho.
Licentiates: Postal Address: Box 2238, Boise,
R. T. Emery, M. L. Neff, Holger Idaho (Tel. 1651).
Lindsjo, C. E. Thurston. Officers:
Honorary: S. J. Abegg, W. F. Pres., G. S. Belleau.
Hahn, R. E. Keller, J. S. Kil- Sec. and Treas., Andrew Roedel.
gore. Executive Committee: G. S.
Belleau, Andrew Roedel, C. M.
Missionary Licentiates: Munsey, Truman Hendryx, W.
Pearl Cook, Helen Burch, Ione G. McCready.
Dorner,- Florence Elliott, Doro- Legal Assn.: "The Southern
thy Foreman, F. W. Peterson, Idaho Conference Assn. of S.
H. R. Sittner, E. S. Cubley, P. D. A."
W. Christian, G. G. Kretchmar.
Honorary: Mrs. J. VT. Harmer, Department Secretaries:
W. L. Manful, Nellie 'J. Orr, Asa Book and Bible House, Andrew
Smith, Mrs. Eliza Cole-Thorp. Roedel.
Educational, Home Miss,., and
Y. P. M. V., H. S. Hanson.
Field Miss., N. H. Waters.
Religious Liberty, G. S. Belleau.
ALASKA MISSION Sabbath School, Andrew Roedel.
Population: 59,278; . churches, 6; Ministers:
members, 183. G. S. Belleau, C. F. Cole, S. W.
Office Address: 101 East 2nd St., Munro, H. S. Hanson, Fred
Juneau, Alaska. Phone 241. Wagner, G. W. Chambers.
Postal Address: Box 2841, Juneau, Honorary: H. W. Oliver.
Alaska. Licentiates:
Radio Call: WIFH. N. H. Waters, E. C. Reiber, An-
drew Roedel, W. G. McCready,
Officers: , R. D. Young.
Supt., H. L. Wood.
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. Myrtle M. Missionary Licentiate:
Wood. Minnie Wirth.
Minister: Church School Teachers:
H. L. Wood. .S. J. Hegstad, Mrs. S. J. Heg-
stad, Miss Enid Sparks, L. E.
Licentiates: Martin, Miss Mildred Brown,
M. W. Smith, M. L. Miles. Miss Mae 'Wells, Miss Margaret
Missionary Licentiates: Chase, Mrs. E. D. Hargrove,
Mrs. Myrtle M. Wood, Mrs. M. Keith Holman, Mrs, Keith Hol-
W. Smith, Mrs. M. L. Miles. man.

MONTANA CONFERENCE Gilliam, Wheeler, Grant, and

Organized 1898 Harney Counties; also the coun-
Territory: The State of Montana. ties of Clarke, Skamania, Cow-
Population: 537,606; churches, 25, litz, Wahkiakum, Klickitat west
members, 1,334. of Klickitat River, and southern
Office: 417 South Black St., Boze- portion of Pacific, in the State of
man, Montana. Washington.
Office Address: Box 507, Bozeman, Population: 940,668; churches, 83;
Mont. (Telephone, 435.) members, 8,502.
Officers: Office: 341 S. E. 47th Ave., Port-
Pres., J. L. McConaughey. land, Oreg. (Telephone, Lan-
Sec. and Treas., Werber Johnson. caster 2187.)
Executive Committee: J. L. Officers:
McConaughey, Werber Johnson, Pres., E. L. Neff. (Tel. Trinity
G. T. Beech, J. R. Nelson, John 6089.)
Schaak, Dr. T. R. Vye, C. R. Sec. and Treas., H. C. Kephart.
Kinney. (Tel. Tabor 1429.)
Legal Assn.: " The Montana.
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." Executive Committee: E. L.
Neff, H. C. Kephart, R. W. Nel-
Department Secretaries: son, H. C. Klement, Adolph
Book and Bible House, Werber Johs on, 0. C. Luchterhand, St.
Johnson. Clair Diamond, L. D. House, L.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., Home E. Niermeyer.
Field Miss., N. J. Aaboe. Legal Assn.: "Western Oregon
Religious Liberty, J. L. Mc- Conference Association of Sev-
Conaughey. enth-day Adventists." Pres.,E.
Sabbath School, Werber John- L. Neff; See. and Treas., H. C.
son. Kephart.
Ministers: Department Secretaries:
J. L. McConaughey, William Book and Bible House, H. R.
Lay, C. R. Kinney, L. B. Mer- Gay.
shon, M. J. Jackson. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Werber Johnson, N. J. Aaboe, Field Miss., C. S. Johnson,
Arthur Knauft. Home Miss., J. R. Nelson.
Religious Lberty, E. L. Neff.
Missionary Licentiates: Sabbath School, Edith Starbuck.
Lola Dick, Burt Kurtz, Mrs. Wm. Conference Nurse, Agnes Kezer.
Lay, R. A. White, Merle Kinney.
Church School Teachers:
Mrs. A. Kline, Florence Gill, E. L. Neff, J. K. Fish, J. A.
Mrs. Burt Kurtz, La Vona Rippey, V. C. Becraft, G. A.
Pogue, Isabel Gregg, Halyard Thompson, T. M. Cole, Adolph
Thomsen. Johnson, H. A. Peckham, G. W.
Pettit, H. R. Gay, J. L. Tucker,
G. T. Dickinson, B. E. Schaff-
ner, L. E. Niermeyer, C. C.
OREGON CONFERENCE Wilcox, G. J. Seltzer, N. C.
Organized 1877; reorganized 1902; Erntson, C. J. Goodman, G. H.
reorganized 1932 Simpson, F. W. Steunenberg, R.
Territory: That portion of the L. Badgley, J. R. Nelson, F. F.
State of Oregon lying west of Schwindt, H. E. Weaver.


H. C. Kephart, W. B. Holden,
M. D., G. E. Patterson, C. S. Organized 1880
Johnson, A. R. Tucker, H. L.
Graham, G. L. Goffar, W. R. Territory: That portion of the
Emmerson, Paul Bartholomew,' State of Washington lying east
W. F. Specht, Buford Ward. of the Cascade Mountains, ex-
cepting that portion of Klickitat
Missionary Licentiates: County lying west of the Klicki-
Edith Starbuck, R. W. Nelson, tat River; the counties of Uma-
E. E. Rippey, M. D., Nina Pet- tilla, Morrow, Gilliam, and
erson, Mrs. Artha Jutzy, Pearl Wheeler, in the State of Oregon;
Stafford, L. M. Seltzer, M. Pau- and that portion of the State of
line Leiter, Mrs. G. A. Thomp- Idaho lying north of the forty-
son, Lucy Featherston, Velma fifth parallel, excepting Lemld
Copeland, Agnes Kezer, Mrs. County.
Ross Gage, E. B. Hallsted, Ann Population: 610,701; churches, 54;
Stratton, Frances Tautfest, members, 5,835.
Adele G. Wood.
Honorary: Rose E. Herr, Ivadel Office: 817 West Nora Ave., Spo-
Eaton. kane, Wash. (Telephone, Broad-
way 0597).
Church School Teachers:
Paul Alderson, Mrs. Paul Alder-
son, Mrs. Jeanette Anderson, Pres., C. A. Scriven. (Tel.,
Audrey Ashby, Mrs. Perry Baden, Broadway 5949.)
E. L. Barclay, Shirley Bigger, Ida Sec. and Treas., M. G. Dealy.
Bowman, L. H. Booth, Mrs. L. H. (Tel., Broadway 2830.)
Booth, Shirley Budd, Ilda Car- Executive Committee: C. A.
penter, Eloise Crowley, Mrs. Scriven, M. G. Dealy, L. A. Rey-
George Davidson, H. W. Din- nolds, P. W. Ochs, S. Kime, C.
widdie, Mrs. Frank Doleman, D. Hobbs, C. A. Schutt, M. E.
Mabel Dougherty, Mrs. L. E. Mullinex, M.D.
Emery, Faith Fullerton, Dortha Legal Assn.: "Upper Columbia
Gorsuch, E. B. Hallsted, R. E. Mission Society of S. D. A."
Hathaway, Mit. R. E. Hatha-
way, Marjorie Hines, Mary Department Secretaries:
Hight, Mrs. A. E. Howland, Mrs. Book and Bible House, R. S.
Charles Hooker, Wallace John- Dexter.
son, Mrs. Wallace Johnson, Bon- Educational, Mrs. Louise Beers.
nie Johnson, Mrs. Ellen Ken- Field Miss., R. H. Hempel.
nedy, Madeline Knight, Rose Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Merth, Esther Miller, Elva Mc- L. A. Reynolds.
Kinnis, Mrs. R. I. McCormick, Medical, J. E. Potts, M. D.
Catherine Nissen, Dorothy Pe- Religious Liberty, C. A. Scriven.
terson, Mrs. J. L. Quaff, Gale Y. P. M. V., C. A. Scriven.
Rood, Mrs. G. A. Roth, Fran-
cetta Rustin, Mrs. Anna Mae Ministers:
Stacy, Walter Seibly, John C. A. Scriven, L. A. Reynolds,
Stuivenga, Mrs. Margaret Sproed, F. M. Oliver, S. Kime, J. T..
Mrs. B. E. Schaffner, James Jacobs, 0. E. Schnepper, W. A.
Vetter, Mrs. James Vetter, Mrs. Gosmer, R. J. Kegley, Jacob
R. E. Wolgamott, Miriam Zum- Riffel, F. G. Young, 11. Dustin,
walt. C. A. Schutt, F. F. Sehwindt.

Licentiates: Office: 2610 Nob Hill Ave., Seattle,

M. G. Dealy, A. G. Emmer, R. H. Wash. (Tel., Garfield 8231).
Hempel. Officers:
Missionary Licentiates: Pres., - . (Telephone,
Hemlock 0416.)
R. S. Dexter, J. D. Nichols, Mrs. Sec. and Treas., A. P. McDow.
G. R. Soper, Loretta McCarthy, (Tel., Garfield 3428.)
Pearl Canwell, Yvonne Olney, Executive Committee:
Mrs. Louise Beers, W. H. Mc- , R. G. Schaffner, E. N. ear-
Ghee, G. M. Krick. geant, A. P. McDow, A. V. Bentz,
Academy Teachers: R. L. Hubbs, K. J. Nelson.
C. A. Schutt, Mrs. C. A. Schutt, Legal Assn.: "Western Washing-
G. W. Meldrum, Mrs. G. W. ton Corporation of Seventh-dny
Meldrum, 0. E. Schnepper, Mrs. Adventists.':
L. Zumbaum, Mrs. R. A. Gard- Department Secretaries:
ner, Mrs. M. Ward, E. Coleman, Book and Bible House, A. P.
Mrs. E. Coleman, V. Bramlett,
McDow. (Tel., Garfield 3428.)
R. A. Gardner.
Educational and Sabbath School,
Church School Teachers: Nida Davis.
Ethel Johnson, Mrs. G. W. Bow- Field Miss., G. E. Lindquist.
ers, Mavis Smith, Mrs. Eleanor Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Lindsjo, G. B. Harbison, Mrs. A. D. Bohn.
G. B. Harbison, H. Hardt, Mrs.' Medical, Dr. L. E. Joers.
H. Hardt, A. H. Warner, Mrs. Religious Liberty,
A. H. Warner, Mrs. Buford Ministers:
Holm, Mrs. M. V. Olney, Pearl , R. G. Schaffner, E. M.
Cox, Ed itha Zielke, Myrtle Oberg, E. N. Sargeant, A. V.
Cochran, Glenn Stewart, Mrs. Bentz, H. E. Willoughby, 0. II.
Kenneth Mosser, Grace Jepson, Shrewsbury, W. H. Bradley, A.
Leon Pedersen, Mrs. M. Matson, D. Bohn, G. E. Johnson, N. F.
Mrs. B. Nichols, Clara Pease, Pease, K. Inouye, W. W. White,
Mrs. E. E. Cox, Henrietta Lam- R. F. Bresee.
berton, Beth Baker, Pauline
Beeks, Hannah Swanson, Mrs. Licentiates:
Louise Hanson, Mrs. Mabel
L. W. Hallsted, R. L. Hammill,
Lewellen, John Lamberton, Mrs. G. E. Lindquist, A. P. McDow,
John Lamberton, G. MacLaf- R. L. Hubbs.
ferty, Mrs. G. MacLafferty, Mrs. Missionary Licentiates:
John Roberts, Theodore Lust, Nida Davis, Esther Nerlund,
Rosie Mehling. Mrs. Viola J. Carpenter, M. M.
Mohr, Agnes Kruger, Clara
Silver, C. L. Ferguson.
Organized 1902 Archie Morley, Grace Everett,
Territory: All of the State of Mrs. Lulu Gritzmacher, Regina
Washington west of the Cas Magary, Clara Mae Roedel, Miss
cade Mountains, except the coun, Myrtle Everett, Mrs. Lawrence
ties of Clarke, Skamania, Cow Thompson, Mrs. H. E. Broder,
Mr. 'Lim Berntson, Miriam
litz, and Wahkiakum, and the
Pease, Mrs. Lillian White, Ber-
south tip of Pacific County.
nice Jenks, Mabel Taylor, Mrs.
Population: _ 1,020,924; churches, Mildred Gyes, Mrs. Ruth Wage,
58; members, 3,898. C. D. Overton, Mrs. C. D. Over-

ton, Charles Taylor, Mrs. Mt. Ellis Academy, Route 4,

Charles Taylor, Mrs. Hazel Bozeman, Mont.
Fjordbeck, Irma Johnston, Lela Portland Union Academy, 4837
Dimick, Vivian Carman, Mrs. N. E. Couch St., Portland,
Vivian Morton, Dorothy Walker, Oregon.
Mrs. A. P. McDow, Florence Rogue River Academy, R. 1, Box
Jacobson. 182, Medford, Oregon.
Walla Walla College, College
Place, Wash.
FERENCE Publishing:
Northwest Branch of the Pacific
Educational: Press Publishing Association,
Auburn Academy, Route 1, Au- 2101 N. E. Flanders St., Port-
burn, Wash. land, Oreg.
Columbia Academy, Route 2, Sanitariums:
Battle Ground, Wash. Portland Sanitarium, East Six-
Gem State Academy, Box 691, tieth and Belmont Sts., Port-
Caldwell, Idaho. land, Oreg.
Laurelwood Academy, Route 2, Walla Walla Sanitarium, Walla
Gaston, Oreg. Walla, Wash.


Organized 1901
Territory: The Arizona, Central W. M. Adams, F. G. Ashbaugh,
California, Nevada-Utah, North- H. G. Childs, W. I. Smith, E. E.
ern California, Southeastern Cossentine, Dr. E. H. Risley,
California, and Southern Cali- James Howarth, T. L. Copeland,
fornia Conferences, and the C. S. Prout, Dr. C. E. Nelson, A.
Hawaiian Mission. C. Nelson, E. M. Fishell, Dr. H.
Population: 7,613,437; churches, W. Vollmer, Dr. A. E. Coyne,
275; members, 32,377. G. T. Chapman, Dr. M. M. Hare.
Cable Address: Adventist, Glen- Legal Assn.: "Pacific Union
dale, California. Assn. of S. D. A."
Board of Directors: Glenn Cal-
Office: 1531 East Wilson Ave., kins, T. L. Oswald, H. G. Childs,
Glendale, Calif. (Tel., Chapman C. L. Bauer, David Voth, James
5-1047 and Citrus 1-5174.) Howarth, T. L. Copeland.
Postal Address: Box 146, Glendale, Department Secretaries:
Calif. Field Secretary, J. E. Fulton.
Officers: Educational and Home Cimmis-
Pres., Glenn Calkins. sion, A. C. Nelson.
Sec. and Treas., C. L. Bauer. 'Field Miss., E. M. Fishell.
Executive Committee: Glenn Home Miss., T. L. Oswald.
Calkins, C. L. Bauer, L. K. Dick- Medical, Dr. M. M. Hare.
son, J. E. Fulton, E. F. Hack- Religious Liberty, W. M. Adams.'
man, David Voth, W. E. Atkin, Y. P. M. V. and Temperance,
C. R. Webster, T. L. Oswald, F. 0. Ashbaugh.

Auditor, James Howarth; Asso- Warren, H. A. Washburn, G.

ciate Auditor, A. R. Smith. A. Wheeler, C. D. M. Williams,
Transportation Agents, H. G. Dr. W. J. Johnson, J. A.
Childs, C. L. Bauer. Burden, Dr. W. A. George,
Ministers: V. H. Lucas, R. W. Parmele, W.
Glenn Calkins, F. G. Ashbaugh, C. Baldwin, W. H. Wakeham, L.
W: R. French, L. L. Caviness, Dr. F. Passebois, B. F. Bryan, L. J.
A. E. Coyne, H. M. S. Richards,Dr. Burgess, F. L. Perry,. A. G.
Emanuel Ehlers, E. H. Emmer- Christiansen, E. C. Cushman, L.
son, E. M. Fishell, Ernest Lloyd, L. Hutchinson, W. B. Lindsay,
H. G. Lucas, T. L. Oswald, Dr. H. B. Parker, H. W. Pierce,
E. H. Risley, Dr. Glenn Millard, G. A. Stevens.
W. I. Smith, 0. R. Staines, A. Licentiates:
0. Tait, W. G. Wirth, G. F. Wolf- H. W. Clark, A. R. Smith, D.
kill, W. C. Flaiz, J. E. Fulton, N. G. Evans, J. M. Peterson, C.
A. L. Baker, A. S. Maxwell, V. L. Bauer, W. B. Taylor, H. B.
J. Johns, A. C. Nelson, Dr. M. Thomas, C. E. Weniger, J. R.
M. Hare, C. R. Anderson, F. H. Ferren, J. M. Rowse, G. T.
Rahm, H. L. Graham, R. W. Chapman, H. Howarth, W. Lind.
Pearson, J. L. Cummings, B. F. Honorary: 0. J. Graf, J. L.
Gregory. Johnson, E. L. Lutz, I. T. Reyn-
Honorary: J. W. Adams, J. W. olds, L. J. Black.
Allison, F. B. Armitage, J. Missionary Licentiates:
W. Beams, A. T. Robinson, J. H. H. G. Childs, G. H. Curtis, Min-
Behrens, W. L. Bird, G. F. nie E. Dauphinee, Dr. Mary Mc-
Enoch, E. B. Bray, Andrew Bror- Reynolds, Otis Hudson, A. A.
sen, E. A. Brown, W. D. Burden, Sprengel, Louis Crane, Waldo
J. A. Chaney, R. B. Coberly, Crane, Wesley Crane, R. M.
I. P. Dillon, H. W. Cottrell, Turner.
Arthur Currow, E. A. Curtis, 0. Honorary: -Mrs. L. E. Cox, Mrs.
0. Bernstein, 0. 0. Farnsworth, M. E. Hoyt, Mrs. Ella E. Hughes,
L. T. Heaton, D. P. Gaede, E. H. Mrs. J. L. Kay, Myrna C. Lee,
Gates, F. D. Gauterau, L. A. Gib- Peter Lindahl, Stella B. Lowry,
son, H. E. Giddings, A. C. Gilbert, Mina Morse Mann, Florence W.
W. R. Hansen, Dr. C. H. Hayton, Merrill, Mrs. Alma E. McKib-
J. S. James, B. L. Howe, Daniel ben, Mrs. Jessie F. Moser, Mrs.
Isaac, John Isaac, C. C. Jensen, E. E. Parlin, Cora A. Rapp, H. L.
0. M. Kittle, C. E. Knight, C. J. Rawson, Mrs. Alice H. Robinson,
Kunkel, C. J. Leer, R. J. Mc- D. K. Royer, Mrs. Luther War-
Keague, W. P. McLennan, A. A. ren, S. P. S. Edwards, Wil-
Meyer, W. W. Miller, Andrew helmine Mueller.
Nelson, R. J. Nethery, A. J. Os-
. borne, C. H. Parker, D. A. Par-
sons, J. R. Patterson, A. E. Place, ARIZONA CONFERENCE
T. M. Langberg, A. Mountain,
A. G. Nelson, Milan Ostoich, Reorganized March 1, 1936
G. W. Reaser, H. M. J. Richards, Territory: State of Arizona.
Melzar Shepard, G. H. Skin- Population: 453,000; churches, 17;
ner, G. H. Smith, E. A. Bristol, members, 1,197.
G. B. Starr, J. B. Stuyvesant, Office: 1230 N. First St., Phoenix,
W. A. Sweany, -Swin Swinson, Ariz. (Telephone, 3-8112.)
Luzerne Thompson, T. L. Thu- Office Address: Box 1871, Phoenix,
emler, H. G. Thurston, Luther Ariz.

Officers: Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Stan-

Pres., W. E. Atkin. islaus, Calaveras, Alpine, Tuo-
Sec. and Treas., J. C. Kozel. lumne, Merced, Mariposa, Ma .
dera, San Bonito, Monterey.
Executive Committee: W. E. Fresno, Kings, Tulare, San Lui,.
Atkin, H. C. Brown, C. R. Eck- Obispo, Kern (North of Teha-
man, H. M. Moore, H. M. Farley, chapi Mountains), Santa Bar-
R. D. Watson, J. C. Kozel. bara West of 120th Meridian.
- Legal Assn.: "Arizona Confer-
ence Corporation of S. D. A." Population: 1,447,735; churches.
73; members, 6,958.
Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, J. C. Office: 685 So. 3rd St., San Jose,
Kozel. Calif.
Educational and Religious Lib- Postal Address: P. 0. Box 580, Sail
erty, W. E. Atkin. Jose, Calif. (Phone, Columbia
Field Miss., D. V. Pond. 2343.)
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Officers:
Y. P. M. V., H. C. Brown. Pres., T. L. Copeland.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., F. T. Oakes.
W. E. Atkin, H. C. Brown, C. R. Executive Committee: T. L
Eckman, Orno Follett, L. H. Copeland, J. R. Ferren, P. 1'.
Lindbeck, H. G. Rutherford, Adams, A. 0. Sage, L. E. Folken-
Wm. Steele. berg, Isaac Schneider, P. J. Wolf-
Honorary: sen, F. T. Oakes.
W. P. McLennan, C. D. M. Wil- Legal Assn.: " Central California
liams, E. Von Pohle, M.D. Conference Association of the
Licentiates: Seventh-day Adventists, a Cor-
J. F. Games, J. C. Kozel, A. F. poration."
Purcell, D. V. Pond. Department Secretaries:
Missionary Licentiates: Bible House, W. E. Van Atta.
Vivian Crosslan, Mrs. Katie Educational, V. E. Berry. -
Hancock, Mrs. Ellen B. Fatte- Field Miss., F. C. Denney.
bert, Mrs. Lulu P. Wilcox, J. L. Home Miss., J. D. Haynes.
Pettis. Senior and Junior Y. P. M. V.,
Academic Teachers: H. A. Davis.
C. R. Eckman, Mrs. H. C. Brown, Religious Liberty, E. L. Maxwell.
Mrs. Ellen Fattebert, Helena Sabbath School, Eva Beeler.
Sargent, V. W. Swayze, Mrs. Ministers:
Lulu P. Wilcox. E. H. Adams, P. P. Adams, I. M.
Church School Teachers: Burke, P. 0. Campbell, T. L.
A. M. Amundson, Mrs. Robert Copeland, C. T. Everson, L. E.
Gale, Bernice Hawkins, Mrs. V. Folkenberg, K. Nozaki G. G.
W. Swayze, S. J. Hamilton. Brown, J. D. Haynes, P. 'F. Rich:
ard, J. W. Rich, A. 0. Sage, H.
B. Wescott,- W. M. Ruininson,
CENTRAL CALIFORNIA H. E. Baasch, R. C. Baker, H. A.
CONFERENCE Davis, H. E. Westermeyer, H. E.
IV[cWhinney, Don Spillman.
Organized 1932 Honorary: H. G. Thompson, W.
Territory: The following-named B. Ammundsen, Isaac' Schneider,
counties in the State of Califor- D. P. Harder, P. J. Gaede, B. L.
nia: San Francisco, San Mateo, Diffenbacher.

Licentiates: Toews, Marian Toews; C. 0.

Philip Chiodo, F. T. Oakes, V. E. Trubey, E. C. Walter, Mrs. E. C.
Berry, N. S. McLeod, Cecil Chris- Walter, Emma Waterbrook, F.
man, Vernon Flory, F. C. Den- R. Wendall, Walter Werth, Mrs.
ney, Dale Smith. Walter 'Werth, H. E. Wester-
Missionary Licentiates: meyer, Lawrence Wheeler, Mrs.
Florence Collier, Celia Green, Lawrence Wheeler, Judson
Dr. Myrtle B. Hudson, Mary E. Whitney, Mrs. Judson Whitney,
Clark, Mrs. Ada La France, Inez -Williams, Ruth Williams,
Laura B. Morrison, C. L. Wil- Eiffel Winn.
liams, Hazel Roth, Eva Beeler,
Clyde Sage, Mrs. Jane Baldwin, HAWAIIAN MISSION
Verda Gibson, Thelma Flattum,
Mrs. Bertha Pflugradt, Clarice Entered 1895
Heydenfeldt, Doris Smith, Ella Territory: The Hawaiian Islands.
Winn, Grace Flory, Lewis Ly- Population: 411,4S5; churches, 10;
man, W. F. Van Atta, Kenneth members, 768.
H. Wood.
Honorary: Mrs. Helen Jarvais. Cable Address: " Adventist," Hono-
Church School Teachers:
Office Address: 1120 Keeaumoku
Millie Adamson, W. B. Ammund- St., Honolulu, Hawaii. (Tele-
sen, Mrs. W. B. Ammundsen, J. phone, 3713.)
D. Bare, Mrs. J. D. Bare, Allyce
Bond, Delmer Bond, Lawrence Officers:
Breitigam, Geneva Brookshire, Supt., C. S. Prout.
Lena Butler, Ruth Carlson, See. and Treas., H. Baerg.
George Casebeer, Cecil Chrisman, Advisory Committee: C. S.
Mrs. Cecil Chrisman, Leona Cod- Prout, H. Baerg, W. P. Barto,
dington, C. R. Cyphers, Glenice Arthur Delafield, R. F. Alderson,
Fuller, Rolla M. Gardner, Mrs. C. R. Harrison, Shohei Miyake,
Rolla M. Gardner, Wini- G. H. Miranda, J. A. Simonson,
fred George, R. W. Gepford, S. 0. Martin, L. D. Weber, S.
Edith Gerrans, Julia Goeringer, Morikone.
Elinore Hahn, Myrta Hart, Della Legal Assn.: "Hawaiian Associa-
Hemme, Marian Hopkins, Max- tion of Seventh-day Adventists."
ine Kochenderfer, Doris Leavitt, Department Secretaries:
Roy Lessard, Mrs. Roy Lessard, Book and Bible House, H. Baerg.
Martha Doris MacElvains, Ruth Educational, J. A. Simonson.
Markley, James McClenaghan, Field Miss., 0. A. Bowen.
Paul Meeth, Ruth McWhinney, Home Miss. and Religious Lib-
Clarice Miller, Grace Morel, erty, C. S. Prout.
Hazel Morrow, Mrs. V. R. Nel- Sabbath School, Mrs. H. Baerg.
son, Emma Neufeld, Nellie Y. P. M. V., 0. A. Bowen.
Odell, Marjorie Olinder, Amanda
Pease, Mrs. A. L. Peugh, Mrs. Ministers:
Tom Powell, W. C. Potts, Goldie C. S. Prout, W. P. Barto, S. 0.
Raley, B. I. Rasmussen, Truman Martin; J. A. Simonson, L. D.
Reed, Ruth Rice, Irma Richards, Weber, Shohei Miyake, C. R.
William Robinson, Helyne Rum- Harrison.
inson, Clara Sanders, Reginald Honorary: L. T. Heaton, R. J.
Sheppard, Dale Smith, Wm. F: McKeague.
Storz, Enid Thompson, R. B. Licentiates:
Tower, Beth Thurston, Lydia Arthur Delafield, F. E. Rice, H,

Baerg, R. F. Alderson, S. with Highway Number 36 west

Morikone, 0. A. Bowen. of Lake Almanor, and along and
Missionary Licentiates: south of Highway 36 eastward
Mrs. H. Baerg, A. R. Barron, to the junction of that highway
Mrs. A. R. Barron, Mrs. MT. P. with Highway Number 395, con-
Barto, Walter Bolinger, Mrs. tinuing eastward along Highway
Walter Bolinger, Mrs. 0. A. 395 and an unumbered roadway
Bowen, Dovie Brix, Wini- to the California-Nevada line.
fred Craig, Mrs. Arthur Dela- Population: 603,905; churches, 17;
field, Richard Gima, Mrs. R. members, 789.
F. Alderson, Mrs. S. Morikone, Office Address: 1852 South Eighth
Miss A. Hand, Miss W. Naka- East, Salt Lake City, Utah.
moto, Miss E. Workman, (Phone, Hyland 1924.)
Mrs. C. R. Harrison, Willamae,
Hawkins, Mrs. L. T. Heaton, Postal Address: Box 56, Sugar-
J. H. Horning, Mrs. J. H. Horn- house Station, Salt Lake City,
ing, Mrs. Juliette Lau, Mrs. S. 0. Utah.
Martin, Mril Toshi Miyake, R. Officers:
S. Morrison, Mrs. R. S. Morrison, Pres., C. R. Webster.
Helen Morton, Mrs. Betty M. Sec.-Treas., G. B. Nelson.
Player, Mrs. C. S. Prout, Mrs. Executive Committee: C. R.
F. E. Rice, Edna Simon, Mrs. Webster, H. A. Rentfro, G. B.
Viola H. Simonson, Mrs. L. D. Nelson, H. W. Tamka, Dr. C. M.
Weber. Smith, A. H. Field, D. T. Swing.
Academic Teachers: Department Secretaries:
A. R. Barron, Mrs. A. R. Barren, Book and Bible House and Edu-
Walter Bolinger, Richard Gima, cational, G. B. Nelson.
R. S. Morrison, Mrs. R. S. Morri- Field Miss., Temperance, and Y.
. son, F. E. Rice, Mrs. F. E. Rice, P. M. V.,
Edna Simon, J. A. Simonson, Horne Miss., Sabbath School,
Mrs. Viola H. Simonson. and Religious Liberty, C. R.
Church School Teachers: Webster.
Dovie Brix, Winifred Craig.
Miss A. Hand, Willamae Haw- Ministers:
kins, J. H. Horning, Mrs. J. H. A. H. Field, C. F. Lickey, H. A.
Horning, Mrs. Juliette Lau, Rentfro, C. R. Webster, W. A.
Helen Morton, Miss W. Naka- Westerhout.
moto. Licentiates:
B. W. Mattison, 0. B. Nelson,
R. F. Radke, 0. P. Lenz.
Missionary Licentiates:
Organized 1931 D. T. Swing, Mrs. C. R. Web-
Territory: The States of Nevada ster.
and Utah, and that part of the Church School Teachers:
State of California which lies Mrs. Florence Dale, Mrs. Orva
along and east of Highway Hammersmark, Muriel Harlow,
Number ' 89, beginning at the R. F. Holt, Mrs. R. F. Holt, May
junction of that highway with Knowles, E. H. Lenz, Mrs. E. H.
Highway Number 50 south of Lenz, 0. F. Lenz, Mrs. 0. F.
Lake Tahoe and continuing Lenz, Maurice Mathisen, Mrs.
northward along Highway 89 to Maurice Mathisen, F. M. Owen,
the junction of that highway Hazel Striplin.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CON- Educational and Home Commis-

FERENCE sio, J. T. Porter.
Organized 1911 Field Miss., W. W. West; Asst.,
A. J. Werner.
Territory: The following-named Home Miss., J. A. Neilsen.
counties in the State of Califor- Medical, H. W. Vollmer, M. D.
nia: Modoc, Siskiyou, Del Norte, Religious Liberty, L. K. Dickson.
Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino, Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Shasta, Lassen, Tehama, Glenn, Eric B. Hare.
Plumas, Butte, Sierra, Lake, Co-
lusa, Sutter, Yuba, Nevada, El- Ministers:
dorado, Placer, Sonoma, Marin, L. K. Dickson, C. E. AcMoody,
Napa, Yolo, Amador, Calaveras, John Baerg, 13. W. Brown, R.
Sacramento, San Joaquin, Con- Calderone, Raymond Cales,
tra Costa, Alameda, Solano, with D. Dobbins, C. R. Gibbs, J. G.
the exception of ttasmall por- Gjording, E. B. Hare, C. W.
tion of these counties along and Hartwick, H. C. Olmstead, E. F.
east of Highway No. 89, begin- Peterson, J. T. Porter, B. A.
ning at the junction of that high- Reile, J. A. Neilsen, 0. B. Ste-v
way with highway No. 50, south ens, T. L. Thuemler, T. Treat,
of Lake Tahoe and continuing L. E. Tupper, H. W. Vollmer,
northward along highway No. 89 M.D., H. L. Wallace, A. J.
to the junction of that highway Wearner, G. R. West, T. D.
with highway No. 36 west of Zaharis, G. E. Taylor.
Honorary: Dr. G. K. Abbott, Dr.
Lake Almanor and along and
C. C. Landis.
south of highway No. 36 east-
ward to the junction of that Licentiates:
highway with highway No. 395, P. C. Heubach, F. A. Lashier,
continuing eastward along high- L. R. Rasmussen, W. W. West,
way No. 395 and an unnumbered William Wilkinson..
roadway to the California-Ne- Missionary Licentiates:
vada line. Carl Anderson, Mrs. Irene An-
Population: 1,288,087; churches, derson, Marie Baerg, Austin E.
60; members, 6,687. Butler, C. W. Christian, Leland
Office: 537 25th Street, Oakland, Cottrell, Alice Duerksen, H. M.
Calif. (Phone, Highgate 1853.) Dukes, Marjorie Heiser, Seikichi
Imai, Lottie Kuhns, Louise
Officers: King, R. G. Lewis, Wilton Lock-
Pres., L. K. Dickson. wood, Mrs. Nan MacKenzie, Mrs.
Sec.-Treas., R. G. Lewis. L. M. Maycock, Ella MoBrooin,
Executive Committee: L. K. Kingsley Minifie, Charles Na-
Dickson, R. G. Lewis, J. T. Pm- gele, Stella -Peterson, Mrs. Mae
. ter, Dr. H. W. Vollmer; Dr. H. Van Horne, Elmer Walde, A. J.
W. Crane, B. A. Reile, E. F. Werner, Muriel Wichman, Esther
Peterson, I. G. Krieger, J. G. Westermeyer, Jeannette Wilson.
Gjording, C. L. Bauer, Glenn
Calkins. Academy Teachers:
R. B. Prout, Alvin W. Johnson,
Legal Assn.: "Northern Cali-
fornia Conference Assn. of the Alice C. Babcock, Alexander R.
Monteith, Milton D. Hare, Her-
S. D. A." schel D. Wheeler, W. B. Taylor,
Department Secretaries: Marjorie Chapman, Grace Mar-
Book and Bible House, C. W. tin-Johnson, Noah E. Paulin,
Christian. Ivalyn Law, Gilmour McDonald,

L. R. Rasmussen, H. B. Wilcox, Population: 750,000; churches, 47;

W. R. Bobst, William Wilkin- members, 6,261.
son, P. C. Heubach, Wesley Office: 9707 Magnolia Ave., Arling-
Rhodes, Ruth Miller, Winifred ton, Calif. (Telephone, 9012.)
Wichman, Rae Weinheimer,
Office Address: Box 584, Arlington,
Zella Rine, J. E. Hansen, A. A.
Rupert, L. M. Knapp, W. 0.
Baldwin, H. L. Wallace, F. D. Officers:
Fisher, Evelyn Wegner, Mrs. H. Pres., E. F. Hackman.
Voorheis, Verlyn Bond. Sec. and Treas., Lloyd Biggs.
Church School Teachers: Executive Committee: E. F.
Caleb Davidian, Katheleen Ka- Hackman, Lloyd Biggs, M. B.
chuck, Paul Limerick, Mrs. Paul Graybill, M. D., S. T. Borg, N. C.
Limerick, Soletha Smith, Gilbert Petersen, C. A. Thompson, H. C.
McConnell, Mrs. Gilbert McCon- Neslund, M. D., A. C. Larsen,
nell, Mrs. Leonard Graham, K. J. Reynolds, C. O'Reilly, H.
Hazel Ringer, Thomas Geraty, H. Hicks.
Anna Jensen, Elsie Nelson, Mrs. Legal Assns.: " Southeastern
Ruth Schultz, Lorene Putnam, California Assn. of S. D. A."
M. A. Reese, Helen Youngs, " Seventh-day Adventists Asso-
Paul Stauffer, Mrs. Pearl Wil- ciation of Southeastern Califor-
son, Hila Hughes, Kathryn nia, a Corporation Sole."
Reinmuth, John Kennedy, Mrs. Department Secretaries:
0. B. Stevens, Helen Toews, Book and Bible House, Herbert
Evelyn Oberti, L. Alice Flana- Griffith.
gan, Cecil Olmstead, Mildred Educational and Home Com..
Jones, Mildred Martin, Mrs. Lu- W. L. Avery.
cile Tuttle, Mrs. D. H. Miller,
Field Miss., J. D. Leslie.
Mrs. E. G. Truitt, Mrs. Bertha
Home Miss. and Sab. School.
Towler, Evelyn. Dockstader, R.
C. J. Ritchie.
P. Axtell, 0. D. Hancock, Alban
Medical, Dr. C. E. Nelson.
Millard,' Mrs. Alban Millard,
Mrs. Jessie Dillon, Franees Rel. Liberty, E. F. Hackman.
Johnson, Wilfred Rathbun, Mrs. Y. P. M. V., J. C. Nixon.
Wilfred Rathbun, Carl Ander- Ministers:
son, Mrs. Carl Anderson, Mrs. E. F. Hackman, R. A. Anderson,
Ferne Minifie, Harold Mauk, L. R. Anderson, W. L. Avery, S.
Mrs. Waive Green, Mrs. Clara T. Borg, C. W. E. Bond, E. E.
Heinrich, Mrs. Rolland LeVere, Cossentine, H. H. Dexter, J.
Carrie Tichenor, Mrs. Bernice W. Allison, F. 0. Fowler,
Hanson, F. A. Lashier, Mrs. F. A. B. Huenergardt, H. H. Hicks,
A. Lashier, Robert Young, Miss E. R. Johnson, C. L. Lingerfelter,
Eula Clark, Mrs. Aa line G. R. E. MeNay, C. J. Ritchie,
Reimche. J. C. Nixon, F. A. Moran, N. C.
Petersen, J. C. Stevens, H. J.
Shaw, C. M. Sorenson, G. A.
Sustentation Workers:
Reorganized '1932
J. W. Adams, J. W. Allison,
Territory: The following-named F. B. Armitage, J. W. Beams,
counties in the State of Califor- W. L. Bird, Burt Bray, E. A.
nia: Orange, San Diego, Impe- Bristol, B. F. Bryan, R. J. Bry-
rial, Riverside, San Bernardino. ant, J. A. Burden, W. D. Burden,

L. J. Burgess, J. A. Chaney,. A. Frances Ross, Hilda Benjamin,

G. Christiansen, E. A. Curtis, Dallas Colvin, Gladys Rosser,
E. C. Cushman, D. P. Gaede, E. Leona, James, Mrs. Merle Hoff-
E. Gardner, W. A. George, M.D., man, C. R. Baker, Virginia
L. A. Gibson, 0. J. Graf, H. L. Hughes, Mrs. Betty Riley, Miss
Hoover, 0. M. Kittle, T. M. La Verna Olmstead, Miss Rose
Langberg, J. D. Lorenz, A. G. Tarrello, Mrs. Waldo Brown,
Nelson, R. J. Nethery, D. A. Vernon Winn, Miss Ester
Parsons, L. F. Passebois, C. N. Matteson, Miss Elsbeth Graefe,
Rittenhouse, G. H. Skinner, J. Miss Esther Heim, Mrs. Jack
B. Stuyvesant, W. H. Wakeham, Huguley, Miss Ruby Dybdahl,
Luther Warren. Miss Hazel Lay, Herbert Toews,
Licentiates: Sarita Nydell, Viola Blair, Miss
K. F. Ambs, N. Banks, J. D. Letha Campbell.
Leslie, A. C. Madsen, Lloyd
Biggs, J. D. Marshall, J. E.
Young, D. W. Smith, A. M. Till- SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
man, Dan Dirksen, George Free- CONFERENCE
man, R. H. Kezer, C. E. Nel- Organized 1901
son, M.D. Territory: The following counties
Missionary Licentiates: in the State of California: Los
Rose Boose, Donald Clark, Mrs. Angeles, Ventura, Inyo, Mono.
Grace Folkenberg, Bertha Davis, that part of Kern County lying
Oma Gentry, Marion Leitch, A. south and east of the Tehachapi
C. Larsen, Mrs. Mary Little, Mountains, and all that part of
Mrs. W. I. Morey, K. J. Rey- Santa Barbara County lying to
nolds Mrs. Edith Sawyer, Mrs. the east and south of a line be-
E. B. Stoddard, Mrs. L. V. ginning at the intersection of the
Smith, Mrs. M. Smith, Selma 120th meridian with the north
Uhrig, Theressa Gatewood, Her- boundary line of said Santa Bar-
bert Griffith, Virginia Smith. bara County, thence south on
the said 120th meridian to the
Academic Teachers: summit of the No Joqui Grade;
Mabel Andre, F. Brown, Irene thence following the No Joqui
Wakeham, Paul Adams, Joe Grade in a southwesterly direc-
Marshall, Mrs. Edith Wall, A. tion to the Pacific Ocean.
C. Madsen, Frank Moran, J. E. Population: 2,315,883; churches,
Young, Miss Ruth Frye, Mrs. 51; members, 9,717.
W. Durm, Ivan Neilsen, Mrs.
Ivan Neilsen. Office: 3131 Pasadena Ave., Los
Angeles, California. (Telephone,
Church School Teachers: Capitol 7344)
Mrs. Rilla Manning, Mary Mo- Postal Address: Station A, Box
reno, Mrs. Ethel Haley, Mrs. 148, Los Angeles, Calif.
Mary Groome, Mrs. Alyda Jar-
rett, Mrs. Jessie Osborne, R. L. Officers:
Garber, Mrs. R. L. Garber, Mrs. Pres., David Voth.
Daisy Sturges, Mrs. Carrie Sec.-Treas., F. H. Raley.
Brown, Marie Lucas, Ethel Executive Committee: David
Nash, Mrs. Clarence Purdy, Eve- Voth, F. H. Raley, W. M. Adams,
lyn Roose, Helen Johnson, Dale Dr. M. A. McElhany, G. H. Cur-
Nesbitt, Gerald Mosier, Bernice tis, Philip Knox, W. W. Ruble,
Squier, Alma Nephew, Mrs. W. R. Goss, S. Donaldson, DT.
Crystal Duce, Esther Duce, Mrs. A. E. Coyne, Dr. R. Rodriquez.

Legal Assn.: "Southern Califor- Madison; H. Norton, Lillian San-

nia Association of Seventh-day tee, Mary Treber, Hester Walsh,
Adventists;" Sec.-Treas., B. M. M. Brockett, L. V. Clark, Mrs.
Emerson. T. Fullerton, Mary D. Hopkins,
Department Secretaries: Mrs. Evelyn Knight, W. H.
Book and Bible House, H. Nor- Burt, W. Dunn.
ton. Academic Teachers:
Educational, W. W. Ruble. Glendale Academy: C. D. Strip-
Field Miss., A. E. Barnes. lin, M.S., W. F. McCully, AR.,
Home Miss., H. M. Burwell. Kathryn Steh, M.A., H. M.
Medical, Dr. Naomi Kime. Lashier, B.S., V. A. Jackson,
Religious Liberty, W. M. Adams. A.B., Olive Westphal, A.B.,
Sabbath School, Mary D. Hop- Frankie Guthrie, Air, R. K.
kins. McAllister, A.B., Grace Hansen-
Y. P. M. V., L. A. Skinner. Buell, Ruth Edeburn, Mrs. C. D.
\V. M. Adams, W: E. Barr, C. Lynwood Academy: M. B. Dart,
J. Coon, S. Donaldson, A.B., Wm. Albee, A.B., Willeta
Guthrie, E. G. Hays, W. R. Jef- Carlsen, B.S., J. E. Craver, A.B.,
ferson, Philip Knox, F. G. Lane, Mildred Grandbois, M.A., Mn. 5 A.
A. Munson, R. H. Nightengale, P. Hansen, M.A., Yvonne How-
E. Remsen, J. S. Rouse, W. H. ard, Edna Kilcher, A.B., Robert
Schacht, L. A. Skinner, C. D. Kitto, M.A., N. L. Parker, A.13.,
Striplin, David Voth, A. D. Arm- H. J. Sheldon, A.B., L. P. West,
strong, J. M. Campbell, R. F. A.B., P. G. Wipperman, A.B.,
Cottrell, A. A. Esteb, G. B. L. Coltrin, Mrs. West, Mrs. W.
Raining, C. A. Holt, Robt. Kitto, B. Dart.
H. C. Lacey, C. C. Morlan, C. S. Church School Teachers:
Nicholas, F. W. Paap, P. G. Louise Alcorn, F. V. Anderson,
Rodgers, W. 'W. Ruble, E. T. Alice Brown, Mildred Bowman,
Seat, B. R. Spear, J. H. N. Tin- Estelle Barker, Hylda Booker,
dall. Ruth Beaman, LaVonne Cort-
Honorary: A. E. Coyne, M.D., right, Iris Cristman Mrs. V. L.
Hare, M.D., Lee R. Marsh, Chapman, June Culhane, Mil-
J. B. Nelson, H. M. J. Richards, dred Clanton, Effie Carroll,
Riley Russell, M.D., F. H. West- Dorothea Dilbeek, Esther Dock-
phal, J. W. -Westphal. ham, D. D. Darst, Hilda Dobson,
Paul Felker, Ethel GrieSe, Fern
Licentiates: Halvorsen, A. P. Hanson, Claude
A. E. Barnes, H. M. Burwell, Heitman, Vada Huling,, Mrs. V.
B. M. Emerson, R. D. Moon, Jackson, Mrs. J. A. Land,
F. H. Raley, W. B. Dart, P. B. Marion Lewis, Esther Morris,
Bontemps, Donald Darst, Waco Bertha Moore, Ajfreda Morten-
McCully, A. T. Okohira, G. A. sen, Lillian Norr-Marsh, Stella
Rosenberg. MacMillan, Mrs. T. A. McFar-
Honorary: I. A. Ford, W. W. land, Mrs. J. A. Merkel, Mrs.
Worster, Ruaolph Rodriguez, W. F. Norwood, Gerald Neff,
M.D. Gertrude Numm, J. J. Paulson,
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. J. J. Paulson, Emma Ram-
Lona Brosi, Oleta Butcher, H. stead, Eleanor Rothgeb, Lucille
de Fluiter, Mrs. H. de Fluiter, Redmon, Vivian Smith, Elwyn
Vienna Hamilton, Jennie Ire- Smith, Alice Smith, Katherine
land, Reathel Jenkins, Ada Siemens, Laura Shafer, Hazel

Skinner, Geneva Smith, Cleora Modesto Union Academy, 335

Turner, Barbara Walters, Mrs. Colorado Ave., Modesto, Calif.
L. R. Walton, Eunice L. Willis. Mountain View Union Academy,
Mountain View, Calif.
Nevada-Utah Academy, 2171 S.
San Diego Academy, 3057 G St.,
Educational: San Diego, Calif.
Boarding: Publishing:
Arizona Academy, 1325 North Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Moun-
Fourteenth St., Phoenix. Ariz tain View, Calif.
Lodi Academy, Bin 8, Lodi, Cal.
Pacific Union College, Angwin, Sanitariums:
Napa Co., Calif. Glendale Sanitarium and Hospi-
Southern California Junior Col- tal, 1509 East Wilson Ave.,
lege, Route 1, Arlington, Calif. Glendale, Calif. (Mail address,
Non Boarding: Box 871, Glendale, Calif.)
Fresno Academy, 841 West Bel- Loma Linda Sanitarium, 'Loma
mont Ave., Fresno, Calif. Linda, Calif.
Glendale Union Academy, 700 ' Paradise Valley Sanitarium, Na-
Kimlin Drive, Glendale, Calif. tional City, Calif. ,
Golden Gate Academy, 1709 Al- St. Helena Sanitarium, Sanita-
catraz Ave., Berkeley, Calif. rium, Napa Co., Calif.
Hawaiian Mission Academy, 1417 White Memorial Hospital, cor.
Makiki St., Honolulu, Hawaii. Boyle and Michigan Ayes., Los
Kern Academy, Shafter, Calif. Angeles, Calif.
Loma Linda Academy, Loma Medical:
Linda, Calif. College of Medical Evangelists,
Lynwood Academy, 11081 Lo- Loma Linda and Los Angeles,
cust St., Lynwood, Calif. Calif.


Organized 1932
Territory: The Conferences of Ala- Sec. and Treas., Chas. 0. Franz.
bama-Mississippi, Carolina, Flor- Executive Committee: J. K.
ida, Georgia-Cumberland, and Jones, Chas. 0. Franz, H.W.Wal-
Kentucky-Tennessee. ker, H. E. Lysinger, L. E. Len-
Population: 19,172,972; churches, heim, R. I. Keate, C. V. Ander-
298; members, 16,893. son, J. C. Thompson, M. V.
Telegraphic Address: Phone, Dear- Tucker, H. F. Kirk, C. A. Rus-
born 7748. sell, B. M. Preston, J. L. Shuler,
E. A. Sutherland.
Office: 437 East Ponce de Leon
Ave., Decatur, Ga. Legal Assn.: "Southern Union
Postal Address: Box 449, Decatur, Conference Association of S.
D. A."
Georgia. Auditor, Chas. 0. Franz.
Officers: Transportation Agent, J. K.
Pres., J. K. Jones. Jones.

Department Secretaries: Boyd, J. G. Thomas, E. Wilkins,

Educational and Y. P. M. V., A: B. Storey.
C. A. Russell. Ministers:
Field Miss., H. F. Kirk. F. S. Keitts, J. L. Moran, C. E.
Sabbath School and Home Miss., Moseley, 0. B. Edwards.
B. M. Preston. Honorary: C. M. Kinney, N. B.
Religious Liberty, J. K. Jones. King, J. F. Crichlow.
Union Evangelist, J. L. Shuler. Licentiate:
Ministers: T. R. M. Howard.
J. K. Jones, H. K. Christman, Missionary Licentiate:
J. L. Shuler, H. F. Kirk, J. E. Anna Knight.
Shultz, C. A. Russell, B. M.
Preston, J. C. Thompson, H. E.
Honorary: W. H. Armstrong, CONFERENCE
C. E. Boynton, R. H. Brock, J. Organized 1932
F. Brownlee, V. 0. Cole, 0. B.
Crary, J. H. Krum, C. F. Mc- Territory: The States of Alabama,
Vagh, W. E. Bidwell, F. W. Mississippi, and the following
Field, K. R. Haughey, L. E: counties in Florida: Escambia,
Wellman, J. G. White, P. C. Santa Rosa, Walton, Holmes,
Hanson, E. A. Sutherland, W. Washington, Jackson, Okaloosa,
W. Williams. Gulf, Bay, and Calhoun.
Poulation: 4,827,863; churches,
Licentiates: 54; members, 2,652.
Chas. 0. Franz, E. C. Waller, S. Office Address: 1703-24th Ave.,
Brown, D. C. Ludington, Dr. C. Meridian, Miss. (Phone 431.)
J. Larsen. Officers:
Honorary: L. D. Randall, Mrs.
M. Sype-Atteberry, F. W. Pres., H. W. Walker.
S eh m ehl. Sec. and Treas., J. M. Jansen.
Executive Committee: H. W.
Missionary Licentiates: Walker, J. M. Jansen, L. A. But-
R. G: Bowen, C. W. Lynn, W. A. terfield, H. 0. Rogers, J. G. White,
Harvey, W. R. White, P. L. C. F. Graves, M. R. Garrett.
Green, L. S'. Christensen. Legal Assn.: "Alabama-Missis
Honorary: Mrs. M. Balsbaugh, sippi Conference Association of
Miss M. Baxter, Miss E. Mc- Seventh-day Adventists."
Hugh, Miss R. Orchill, Mrs. C. Department Secretaries:
Stringer, Mrs. F. C. Widgery,
Mrs. M. Smith. Book and Bible House, J. M.
Union Colored Department Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Pres., J. K. Jones. Miss Marion G. Seitz.
Sec. and Treas., Chas. 0. Franz. Field Miss., V. R. Johnson.
Union Evangelist," F. S. Keitts. Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Asst. Sec., Educational, Y. P. M. W. H. Westermeyer.
V., and Home Miss., Anna Religious Liberty, W. H. Wester-
Knight. meyer and F. H. Devinney.
Committee: J. K. Jones, Chas. Ministers:
0. Franz, H. W. Walker, H. E. H. W. Walker, L. A. Butterfield,
Lysinger, L. E. Lenheim, R. I. W. W. Walker, F. H. DeVinney,
Keate, C. V. Anderson, F. S. C. J. Buhalts, C. F. Graves, M.
Keitts, Anna Knight, P. M. Garrett, W. H. -Westermeyer.

Licentiates: Population: 4,892,890; churches,

J. D. Dobbs, C. J. Ashlock. 56; members, 2,506.
Missionary Licentiates: Office Address: 213 North Mc-
Rachel-May Lemon, J. M. Jan- Dowell St., Charlotte, N. C.
sen, Mrs. K. A. Macaulay, V. R. (Telephone, 6951.)
Johnson, Marion Seitz, Sadie Postal Address: Box 930, Charlotte,
Walleker. N. C.
Church School Teachers: Officers:
Mrs. W. S. Byran, Annie Lowe,
Ruth Davis, Flora Savelle, H. G. Pres., H. E. Lysinger.
Sammer, Mrs. Ray Chastain, Sec. and Treas., F. R. Boggs.
Jeroleen Davis, Empress Sam- Executive Committee: H. E. Ly-
son, Lester Heifner, Mrs. L. singer, F. R. Boggs, E. L. Jones,
Heifner, P. Hendershot, Mrs. P. R. E. Griffin, H. F. Taylor, B. F.
Hendershot, Margaret Deaux, Kneeland, E. C. Waller.
Mrs. Ben Harr, Mrs. J. Van Legal Assn.: "Carolina Confer-
Campen, Irad Levering, Mildred ence Association of Seventh-day
Snyder, Thelma Graham. Adventists, Incorporated."
Colored Department Department Secretaries:
Committee: H. W. Walker, J. M. Book and Bible House, F. R.
Jansen, E. Wilkins, C. F. Curtis, Educational and Y. P. M. V., A.
T. T. Frazier. D. Kaelin.
Ministers: Field Miss., A. E. Deyo. -
E. Wilkins, C. F. Curtis, N. B. Home Miss., and Sabbath School,
King. M. E. Chapman.
Licentiates: Religious Lib., A. J. Clark.
C. B. Holloway, 0. B. Hall, W. Medical, J. F. Brownsberger.
G. Mills, W. E. Adams. Ministers:
Missionary Licentiate: H. T. M. H. E. Lysinger, M. E. Chapman,
Palmer. H. F. Taylor, B. F. Kneeland, U.
Bender, R. E. Griffin, A. E. Deyo.
Church School Teachers:
Frances Fountain, Mrs.- Evelyn Licentiates:
Street, H. T. M. Palmer, Julia R. L. Winders, J. W. Franklin,
Baugh, Seneva Crosgrove, Mrs. D. F. Haynes, W. T. Smith, W.
F. Phillips, Mrs. W. G. Mills, 0. Reynolds.
Devolia Fowler, Ruby Goss, Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. W. Rowe, Mrs. S. Richard- F. R. Boggs, A. D._Kielin, _Mrs.
son. M. Lucas.
Church School Teachers:
CAROLINA CONFERENCE Hazel King, Mrs. R. I. Denton,
Mary Little, Helen Campbell,
Organized in 1901 and 1907, as the Mrs. Edna Gray, Lelah Ray,
North Carolina and South Caro- Mrs. J. A. Byrd, Mrs. Marie
lina Conferences; reorganized as Acuff, Mrs. John 0. Jones, Mrs.
Carolina Conference in 1918. Bessie Baker, Mrs. G. Prusia,
Territory: The States of North Arline Chambers, Grayce Mar-
and South Carolina, except- quis, Marie Halloway, Velma
ing Cherokee County, N. C., Campbell, Mrs: Helen Graham,
.which belongs to the Georgia- Mrs. G. P. Tripp, Grace Fran-
Cumberland Conference. ciscoe, Mrs. Sadie Wolcott.

Colored Department Ministers:

Committee: H. E. Lysinger, F. L. T. Crisler, L. C. Evans, J. C.
R. Boggs, F. L. Bland, P. M. Klose, W. S. Lawrence, L. E. Len-
Boyd, W. H. Winston. heim, H. S. Prenier, J. D. Reavis,
Allen Walker, F. C. Webster, J.
Ministers: E. Whelpley, J. A. Leland, H.
F. L. Bland, W. H. Winston, J. Doolittle, M. C. Guild, J. B.
P. M. Boyd. Locken.
Honorary: N. J. Grant.
Honorary: J. H. Krum, C. B.
Missionary Licentiate: Stephenson.
Honorary: Charlotte G. Weeks.
Church School Teachers: Licentiates:
Mrs. Alberta Daniels, Bernice J. M. Cox, F. D. Meintzer, K. A.
Hall, Rachel Watts, Mrs. L. A. Wright, W. E. Kuester, Nathan
Rogers, A. P. McNichols. Russell, J. C. Gaitens.
Missionary Licentiates:
Martha Ferree, T. D. Gibson,
FLORIDA CONFERENCE H. E. Schneider, Lucille R.
Organized 1893 Smith, C. H. Boyts.
Territory: The State of Florida, Church School Teachers:
excepting the counties of 'Es- Miss Luta Pilgreen, Mrs. Alice
cambia, Santa Rosa, Walton, Weinberg, Miss Nellie Ferree,
Holmes, Washington, Gulf, Jack- Mrs, J. R. Conger, Mrs. Irva
son, Okaloosa, Bay, and Cal- Baessler, Miss Esther Thompson,
houn, which belong to the Ala- S. G. Northcott, Mrs. S. G.
bama-Mississippi Conference. Northcott, Mrs. Ida J. Sollen-
berger, Miss Anna Tucker, Mrs.
Population: 1,418,064; churches, Sidney Keller, Mrs. Mable Smith,
76; members, 4,459. Alex Steinert, Mrs. Alex Stein-
Office: 311 North Rosalind Ave., ert, Miss Ercel Bradley, E. G.
Orlando, Fla.; Box 372. (Tele- Wrigley, Miss Louise Batten,
phone, 4276.) Miss Dorothea Muncey, Miss
Officers: Brace Bush, Mrs. B. J. Jame-
Pres., L. E. Lenheim. son, Miss Annette Rilea.
Sec. and Treas., H. E. Schneider. Colored Department
Executive Committee: L. E. Len-
heim, H. E. Schneider, L. C. Committee: L. E. Lenheim, H.
Evans, F. C. Webster, B. H. E. Schneider, J. G. Thomas, H.
Shaw, H. Lester, Dr. R. S. Akers. D. Singleton, A. J. Bailey.
Legal Assn.: "Florida Confer- Ministers:
ence Association of Seventh-day J. A. Bookhart, H. D. Singleton,
Adventists, Inc." M. C. Strachan, J. G. Thomas.
Department Secretaries: Licentiates:
Book and Bible House, C. H. L. S. Follette, B. F. Marbury.
Boyts. Church School Teachers:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Trula E. Wade, Mrs. H. D.
J. C. Gaitens. Singleton, Margaret E. Caldwell,
Field Miss., Nathan Russell. Miss Henrietta Emanuel, Mrs.
Home Miss., and Sabbath Sch., L. S. Follette, M. B. Ezzard,
J. C. Klose. Pauline Cantrell, Catherine
Religious Liberty, L. E. Lenheim. Murray, Kathryne L. Bowman.

CONFERENCE J. R. Perkins, F. W. Harvey, J.
S. Jameson, Dr. J. R. Mitchell,
Organized 1932 R. E. Crawford, W. E. Bailey,
C. G. Ortner, L. R. Schultz.
Territory: Eastern Tennessee, the
western boundary being the Missionary Licentiates:
western line of the counties of Dr. J. F. Schneider, Anita Mar-
Clay, Jackson, Smith, DeKalb, tin, Maude Crump, Mrs. R. I.
Warren, Grundy, and Marion; Keate.
also one county in western North Church School Teachers:
Carolina, Cherokee; and the Carl Jacobs, Marjorie Randall,
State of Georgia. Mrs. Paul Travis, Ruby Shreve,
Population: 3,743,880; churches, Mrs. Olivia Dean, Myrtle Max-
62; members, 3,624. well, Evelyn Karr, Mrs. Inez
Wrenn, Mrs. Lela Whorton,
Office: 547 Cherokee Ave., S. E., Lynn Sudduth, Ethel Mae Mar-
Atlanta, Ga. ley, Mrs. R. L. Underwood, Mrs.
Post Office Address: Box 4929, At- X. P. Walton, Mattie Bell Chas-
lanta, Ga. tain, Ruth Beck, Velma Walker,
Officers: Mildred Powers, A. D. McKee,
Pres., R. I. Keate. George Russell, Mrs. Olivia
(Phone, Jackson 2982.) Clark, Nellie Van Doren.
Sec.-Treas., C. G. Ortner. (Res.
Phone, Main 6024.) Colored Department
Executive Committee: R. I. Committee:
Keate, C. G. Ortner, A. C. Griffin, R. I. Keate, C. G. Ortner, F. H.
V. A. LaGrone, B. F. Summerour, Stevens, N. B. Smith.
Dr. L. E. Coolidge, S. M. Schlei- Ministers:
fer. F. H. Stevens, N. B. Smith,
Legal Assns.: "The Cumberland J. B. Mallory.
Conference Association of Sev- Licentiates:
enth-day Adventists, Incorpor- R. M. Berry, C. A. Lynes.
ated." "The Georgia Confer-
ence Association of Seventh-day Church School Teachers:
Adventists, Incorporated." Matthew Green, Mildred Mc-
Clellan, Philip Morgan, Mrs.
Department Secretaries: D. M. S. Custard, Mrs. M. Stev-
Book and Bible House, C. G. ens, Mrs. M. F. Sweedenberg.
Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Field Miss., J. R. McWilliams. CONFERENCE
Home Miss., R. E. Crawford.
Medical, Dr. J. F. Schneider. Organized: Kentucky, 1908; Ten-
Religious Liberty, S. M. Schleifer. nessee, 1888; Consolidated 1932
Sabbath School, R. E. Crawford. Territory: The state of Kentucky
Ministers: and Western Tennessee, the
R. I. Keate, W. E. Lanier, A. C. eastern boundary being the east-
Griffin, S. M. Schleifer, V. A. ern line of the counties of Ma-
LaGrone, J. R. Mc William, A. con, Trousdale, Wilson, Cannon,
R. P. Johnson. Coffee, Franklin.
Sustentation: W. G. Kneeland, Population: 4,086,328; churches,
G. Med-airy, C. P. Lillie. 50; members, 3,652.

Office: 2001 24th Ave., North, Leffler, Mrs Mary Miller, Mil-
Nashville, Tenn. Telephone, dred Mitchell, R. W. Martin,
6-0573. Erline Thomas, Audrey Hill,
Elmer King, Elsie Weeks, Mrs.
Officers: Florence Taylor, Mrs. R. B.
Pres., C. V. Anderson. King, Mrs. H. H. Ard, Mrs. K.
Sec.-Treas., Clyde 0. Franz. P. McDonald, Effie French, K J.
Executive Committee: C. V. An- Beardsley, Mrs. Don VanMeter,
derson, J. H. All, G. E. Leffler, Mrs. Pearl Stewart, Mrs. Clara
R. W. Martin, Jeff Hickman, Norton, Frances Pierce, Martha
J. E. Shultz, Clyde 0. Franz. Zebra, Mrs. Mark Zalabak.
Legal Assn.: "Kentucky-Tennes-
see Conference Association of Colored Department
Seventh-day Adventists, Inc." Committee:
Department Secretaries: C. V. Anderson, A. B. B. Storey,
Book and Bible House, Clyde 0. J. W. Jones.
Franz. Ministers:
Educational and Y. P. lg. V.,
R. H. Libby. A. B. B. Storey, J. W. Jones, T.
Field Miss., Arva Nickless. M. Fountain, H. J. Miller.,
Home Miss. and Sab. School, Licentiates:
H. E. McClure. L. R. Hastings, R. F. Warnick.
Religious Liberty for Kentucky,
, for Tennessee, Church School Teachers:
Rosetta Baldwin, Grayce Hamil-
Ministers: ton, Mrs. J. A. Wesley, Mrs.
C. V. Anderson, Arva Nickless, Grace Frazier, Ruby Mounts.
G. E. Leffler, R. M. Whitsett,
J. E. All, H. J. Welch, Frank
Weeks, B. H. Shaw, W. 0.
A. L. Dickerson, E. C. Banks, CONFERENCE
H. D. Colburn, H. E. McClure,
R. H. Libby, A. N. Atteberry. Educational:
Forest Lake Academy, Route 2,
Missionary Licentiates: Maitland, Fla.
T. I. Rush, V. W. Esquilla, M. Oakwood Junior College, Hunts-
Bartholomew, Mrs. J. P. Rus- ville, Ala.
sell, Mrs. J. W. Wilhelm, Kath- Southern Junior College, Col-
leen Meyer-Brownel, Geo. P. legedale, Tenn.
Browne', Dave Miller, Clyde 0.
Franz. Publishing:
Southern Publishing Assn., 2119-
Church School Teachers: 2125 Twenty-fourth Avenue,
C. E. Saucier, Thelma Wallace, North, Nashville, Tenn.
Dorothy Matthews, E. E. Mes-
singer, Lila Pearl Stewart, Pa- Sanitarium:
tricia Sullivan, Paul S. Haughey, Florida Sanitarium and Hos-
Violet Ruskjer, Myron E.-Pow- pital. Orlando, Fla.
ers, Jessie Pride, Mrs. M. E. Riverside Sanitarium and Hos-
Powers, L. J. Larson, Mrs. L. J. pital, Route 3, Box 53, Nash-
Larson, Minnie Brown, Evelyn ville, Tenn.
Organized zgoz; reorganized zgoz
Territory: The Conferences of way, W. S. Lowry, W. S. North,
Arkansas-Louisiana, Oklahoma, J. R.. Patterson.
Texas, and Texico. Licentiates:
Population: 12,585,446; churches, W. E. Abernathy.
192; members, 10,851. Honorary: G. C. Jenks, D. E.
Office Address: Keene, Texas. McNeil.
(Telephone 7.) Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: L. N. Carter, Mrs. F. M. Robin-
Pres., R. L. Benton.
Sec. and Treas., W. E. Aber- Union Negro Department
nathy. Pres., R. L. Benton.
Executive Committee: R. L. Ben- Sec.-Treas., W. E. Abernathy.
ton, W. E. Abernathy, I. C. Committee: R. L. Benton, I. C.
Pound, J. J. Reiswig, F. M. Pound, J. J. Reiswig, J. G. Das-
Robinson, J. A. P. Green, G. R. ent, 0. J. Trotter, R. E. Louden,
Fattic, H. H. Hamilton, F. D. I. A. Christian, F. D. Wells,
Wells, E. A. Manry, W. Amund- W. Amundsen.
sen. Minister:
Legal Assn.: " The Southwest- J. G. Dasent.
ern Union Conference Corpora- Honorary: E. M. Gates.,
tion of S. D. A." Pres., R. L.
Benton; Sec. and Treas., W. E.
Auditor, W. E. Abernathy. CONFERENCE
Trans. Agent, R. L. Benton. Arkansas Organized 1888
Board of Trustees: R. L. Benton, Louisiana Organized 1900
Pres.; W. E. Abernathy, Sec. Consolidated 1932
and Treas.; H. H. Hamilton.
Territory: States of Arkansas and
Department Secretaries: Louisiana.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Population: 3,956,075; churches,
G. R. Fattic. 44; members, 2,400.
Field Miss., J. A. P. Green.
Rome Miss., E. A. Manry. Office: 1215 Marshall St., Little
Religious Lib., R. L. Benton. Rock, Ark. Phone 4-4501.
Negro Secretary, J. G. Dasent. Officers:
Medical, Veda S. Marsh. Pres., I. C. Pound.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., 0. J. Bell.
Executive Committee: I. C.
R. L. Benton, H. S. Miller, H. H. Pound, 0. J. Bell, J. L. Neil, W.
Hamilton, F. M. Robinson, J. A. E. Bement, G. M. Brown.
P. Green, 0. R. Fattic, E. A. Legal Assn.: "Arkansas Confer-
Maniy. ence Association of Seventh-day
Honorary: J. G. Oblander, G. M. Adventists."
Brown, E. B. Hopkins, H. Pann-
koke, U. B. Dake, H. B. French, Department Secretaries:
B. M. Garton, W. R. Polite, J. I. Book and Bible House, 0. J. Bell.
Taylor, D. U. Hale, N. H. Con- Assistant, Louise Dunn.

Educational and Y. P. M. V., Officers:

W. E. Bement. Pres., J. J. Reiswig.
Field Miss., A. E. Van Noty. Sec. and Treas., L. R. Alexander.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Executive Committee: J. J.
R. E. Cash. Reiswig, L. R. ; Alexander,
Religious Lib., Isaac Baker. E. E. Beddoe, C. D. Hein, Conrad
Ministers: Spomer, W. N. Wittenberg, W.
I. C. Pound, M. L. Wilson, Isaac D. Frazee.
Baker, J. L. Neil, P. E. Scog- Legal Assn.: "Oklahoma Confer-
gins, W. E. Bement. ence Corporation of Seventh-day
Licentiates: Adventists."
0. J. Bell, A. E. Van Noty, C. Department Secretaries:
R. Beeler, R. E. Cash, Verne Book and Bible House, C. Fred-
Kelsey, Gene Dell'Anno, James erick Lee.
B. Ross. Educational and Sabbath School,
Missionary Licentiate: T. S. Copeland.
Mrs. Verne Kelsey. Field Miss., W. L. Kinder.
Church School Teachers: Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Katherine B. Hale, W. D. Pierce, W. N. Wittenberg.
Mrs. W. D. Pierce, Mrs. Roscoe Home Commission, T. S. Cope-
Wentz, Lucile Turner, Lottie land.
Dickerson, Esther Pittman, Carl- Rel. Liberty, J. J. Reiswig.
ton Blackburn, W. M. Ladd, Isolated, C. J. Dart.
Mrs. W. M. Ladd, Miss Julia Ministers:
Inabinet, H. C. Lambeth, Mrs.
Joe Perkins, Mrs. Charles Pitts, J. J. Reiswig, T. S. Copeland,
Mrs. Charles Beeler, Annie C. J.' Dart, W. D. Frazee, E. E.
Laurie Gifford, Elizabeth Mans- Beddoe, C. D. Hein, W. N. Wit-
ker, Betsy Hedrick, Bruce Bush, tenberg, F. W. Johnston, Ber-
Thelma Hardin. nard Voth, 0. J. Trotter.
Honorary: C. E. Riffel.
Colored Department Licentiates:
Ministers: W. L. Kinder, L. R. Alexander,
'I'. H. Coopwood, I. A. Christian, R. E. Browning, Ora S. Plue,
F. J. Bryant, J. H. Williams. W. S. Lee, R. F. Marshall.
Church School Teachers: Missionary Licentiate:
Sylvia Kee, Mrs. I. A. Christian, Helen Maxwell.
Mrs. William Green, Mrs. Z. L. Church School Teachers:
Burns, H. B. Milan, Mrs. Alyce Florence Kinder, Elizabeth Lo-
Williams. thian, Alice Will, Mrs. Ella
Grosvenor, R. A. Nesmith, Mrs.
R. A. Nesmith, Agnes Barnes,
OKLAHOMA CONFERENCE Maude Reid, Wilma Turner,
Organized 1894 Vera Baker, Walter Nelson, Mrs.
Walter Nelson, Gladys Miracle,
Territory: The State of Okla- Elbertine Laird, Zelda Ful-
homa and Lipscomb Co., Texas. bright, Eileen Miller, Bertha
Population: 2,400,552; churches, Chrispens, Donna Wineland, Ed.
52; members, 3,060. Lockett, Mable Johnson, Mrs.
Office: 217 Northwest 7th St., Carl Riffel, Mable Jones, Man-
Oklahoma City, Okla. (Phone, ryne Sloan, Chas. Ary, Mrs. J.
3:1678.) J. Dodson.

TEXAS CONFERENCE D. U. Hale, J. B. Hampton, J. I.

Reorganized 1932
Territory: That part of the State J. 0. Hanson, J. A. Smith, C.
of Texas lying east and south of L. Chastain, W. L. Barclay, P.
the following counties, except W. McDaniels, A. R. Caruthers,
the city of Texarkana: Harde- Cree Sandefur.
man, Foard, Knox, Haskell,
Jones, Taylor, Runnels, Concho, Missionary Licentiates:
Tom Green, Irion, Reagan, Up- Mrs. H. Eder, Lena Merzbacher,
ton, Crane, Ward, Reeves, Cul- Nadine Harris, Mrs. Beulah
berson, Hudspeth, and El Paso. Langdon, J. S. McMullen.
Population: 4,931,953; churches, Church SChool Teachers:
64; members, 4,002. Mrs. Perry Watkins, Mrs. J. L.
Office Address: 112 St. Louis Ave., Rettig, A. K. Phillips, Nellie
Ft. Worth, Texas; Phone, 2-1814. Wetzel, Mildred Baldwin, Mrs.
Officers: C. R. May, F. W. Baldwin, Mrs.
Pres., F. D. Wells. F. W. Baldwin, Rosa Lee Has-
Sec.-Treas., J. 0. Hanson. senpflug, R. A. Jenkins, Mrs.
Executive Committee: F. D. R. A. Jenkins, Kenneth Beem,
Wells, J. 0. Hanson, W. H. Mrs. Kenneth Beem, F. E. Wal-
Clark, A. B. Russell, V. W. ther. Mrs. F. E. Walther, Miss
Becker, A. G. Youngberg, S. W. Ruby Dell McGee, Victoria
Dake. Larson, Mabel Wood, Mary
Legal Assns.: "Texas Conference Woodward, Mrs. Nora Hedrick,
Association of SPimnth-day Ad- Gladys Moore, W. L. Vickers,
ventiste," "South Texas Confer- M. A. Dunn, Mrs. J. W. Wilson,
ence Association of Seventh-day Clyde Bushnell, Hilda Fern
Adventists." Reinley, Mrs.. Alna Grant, Mrs.
Clyde Bushnell, Wayne An-
Department Secretaries: drews, Hattie Stewart, J. N.
Book and Bible' House, J. S. Fischer, Katie Baker, Mrs. W. T.
McMullen. Jones, Samuel Castillo, Velma
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Smith, C. Ray Fry.
V. W. Becker.
Field Miss., C. L. Chastain.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Religious Liberty, A. B. Russell. Organized 1916
Isolated, F. D. Wells.
Negro, R. E. Louden. Territory: The State of New Mex-
Spanish, ico (excepting San Juan County
belonging to the Colorado
Ministers: Conference), and that part of
F. D. Wells, A. G. Youngberg, the State of Texas lying west
E. W. Storing, G. A. Schwerin, and north of the following coun-
R. E. Louden, V. W. Becker, ties (excepting Lipscomb county
J. F. Anderson, B. L. Hassen- belonging to the Oklahoma Con-
pflug, R. P. Montgomery, S. 13, ference): West of the Eastern
Huddleston, T. B. Westbrook. line of Hardeman, Foard, Knox,
Honorary: C. U. Taylor, A. G. Haskell, Jones, Taylor, Runnels,
Haughey, I. A. Crane, C. F. Sta- Concho, and north of the south
ben, W. S. North, E. M. Gates, line of Concho, Green, Irion,

Reagan, Upton, Crane, Ward, Aldrich, J. J. Knittle, Mrs. J.

Reeves, Culberson, Hudspeth, El D. Wilburn, Mrs. Ben Medina.
Population: 1,296,866; churches, SOUTHWEST INDIAN MISSION
31; members, 1,378. FIELD
Postal Address: Box 1040, Clovis, Territory: The American Indians
N. Mex. in the Southwestern Union.
Population: 129,956; church, 1;
Officers: members, 13.
Pres., W. Amundsen. Postal Address: Route 3, Stilwell,
Sec. and Treas., T. R. Gardner. Okla.
Executive Committee: W. Officers:
Amundsen,' T. R. Gardner, C.
A. Walgren, G. W. Casebeer, Supt., F. M. Robinson.
C. W. McClintock, J. W. Taylor. Sec. and Treas., Mrs. F. M.
Legal Assn.: " The Texico Con- Executive Committee: F. M.
ference Assn. of S. D. A." Robinson, Mrs. F. M. Robinson,
Department Secretaries: R. L. Benton.
Book and Bible House, T. R. Dept. Sec.: F. M. Robinson.
Gardner. Minister: F. M. Robinson.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. Missionary Licentiate:
W. Hughes. G. B. Boswell.
Field Miss., R. R. Coble.
. Home Miss. and Sab. School,
Religious Liberty, W. Amundsen. WESTERN UNION CON-
Ministers: FERENCE
W. Amundsen, O. A. Walgren, Educational:
G. W. Casebeer, W. B. Pontynen. Southwestern Junior College.
Honorary: R. E. Stewart, G. A. Keene. Tex;
LaGrone. Ozark Junior Academy, Gentry,
T. R. Gardner, Lee Carter, J. Berea Junior Academy, Route 4,
W. Hughes, R. R. Coble, P. Jefferson, Tex.
Mireles, B. V. Tibbets. Dallas Junior Academy, 3011
Missionary Licentiate: Greenwood, Dallas, Tex.
Ponciana Mireles. Ketchum Junior Academy, Route
3, Vinita, Okla.
Church School Teachers: Oklahoma City Junior Academy,
Percy Saxon, Oleta Frakes, Mrs. 2620 North Western, Oklahoma
Ada Webka, J. S. Gillespie, Mrs. City, Okla.
J. S. Gillespie, Mrs. G. Romero, Tulsa Junior Academy, 920 East
Mozelle Fulbright, G. F. Silli- Sixth St., Tulsa, Okla.
vent, Miss Lottie Woodruff, Valley Grande Junior Academy,
Mrs. J. H. Nylander, Paul Weslaco, Tex.
Created a Division Conference by action of the General Conference
in session at San Francisco, Cal., May 24, 1922.
Population: 9,750,000; churches, Vice-President for Australasia, C.
345; members, 18,500. H. Watson.


Organized 1894 -
rerritory: The Conferences of Greenaway, G. H. Engelbrecht,
North New South Wales, South J. W. Kent, E. E. Roenfelt, R. A.
New South Wales, North New Thrift, C. S. Palmer, B. 0. Jo-
Zealand, South New Zealand, hanson, H. J. Halliday, A. L.
Queensland, South Australia, King, A. L. Pascoe, Miss H. K.
Victoria, West Australia, and Lewin, T. C. Lawson, G. S.
Tasmania; Eastern Polynesia, Fisher, F. A. All um, IL 0. Moulds,
Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Papua, W. L. Pascoe, C. E. Bird, N. C.
Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Burns, C. W. Tinworth, T. J.
New Hebrides, Niue, Norfolk Bradley, R. Reye, W. E. Battye,
Island, Lord Howe Island, Terri- H. Stockton, James Pascoe, A.
tory of New Guinea, Monamona, Dawson, E. J. Johanson, P. J.
and North Queensland Missions. Wright, E. M. Abbott MT. M. R.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Syd- Scragg, L. V. Wilkinson.
ney. Auditor, A. G, Minchin.
Office: "Mizpah," Wahroonga, Asst. Auditors, R. R. Gooding,
New South Wales, Australia. R. W. Lang.
Officers: Statistician, Henry Stockton.
Pres., E. B. Midge. Legal Assn.: " Australasian
Vice-President for the Home Conference Association. Ltd."
Field, . General Manager, T. W. Ham-
Vice-President for the Island mond.
Mission Field, A. G. Stewart. Sec., R. H. Adair; Asst., W. L,
Secretary, E. E. Roenfelt. Pascoe.
Asst. Sec., S. V. Strafford. Treas., R. H. Adair; Asst., W. L.
Treas., R. H. Adair. Pascoe.
Asst. Treas., W. L. Pascoe.
Field Secretaries, A. W. Ander- Department Secretaries:
son and W. J. Westerman. Educational, B. H. McMahon.
Executive Committee: C. H. Health Food, G. E. Adair; Assts.,
Watson, W. J. Westerman, A. G. C. MT. Tinworth, B. 0. Johan-
Stewart, A. H. Piper, T. W. son.
Hammond, R. H. Adair, A. W. Home Miss., R. E. Hare.
Anderson, E. H. Guilliard, R. E. Medical, Dr. T. A. Sherwin.
Hare, E. L. Minchin, L. D. A. Ministerial Assn., W. J. Wester.
Lemke, H. E. Piper, F. G. Ramp- man.
ton, E. B. Rudge, MT. N. Lock, S. Publishing, T. A. Mitchell; Asst.,
V. Stratford, B. H. McMahon, Dr. Sec., J. R. Kent.
T. A. Sherwin, J. J. Potter, G. E. Religious Liberty, A. W. Ander-
Adair, Dr. C. W, Harrison, G. H. son.

Sabbath School, Miss H. K. Miss I. Colley, Miss D. Chapman,

Lewin. D. Dunlop, Miss R. Hill, Miss J.
Y. P. M. V., E. L. Minchin. McKean, Miss R. Bunney, F. R.
Ministers: Dawson, Miss I. von der Heyde,
C. H. Watson, A. W. Anderson, Miss L. Risby, Mrs. A. M. Cott,
A. H. Piper, E. B. Rudge, A. G. F. Black, Miss E. Hodgkinson,
Stewart, E. Rosendahl, C. S. Pal- Miss E. Mitchell, Miss K. Mc-
mer, S. V. Stratford, J. J. Pot- Ewen, J. Gosling, Miss H. von
ter, A. W. Knight, T. W. Ham- der Heyde, Miss M. Bathgate,
mond, E. E. Roenfelt, A. F. J. Dr: Margaret Godfrey, Miss M.
Kranz, W. J. Westerman, E. L. Greive.
Minchin, W. T. Hooper, G. L. Licensed Teachers:
Sterling, G. F. Jones, R. E. Hare. R. B. Watts, Mrs. M. V. White,
Licentiates: L. H. Turner, Miss D. Phillips,
A. L. King, Wm. Chapman, Dr. Miss E. A. Durrant, Miss B.
T. A. Sherwin, Dr. C. W. Harri- Aitken, T. Rutter, Una Gardner,
son, G. E. Adair, C. V. Bell, L. A. Large, H. Millist, Miss M.
T. C. Lawson, G. H. Greenaway, Schnepel, Miss A. Stirling, R. W.
G. S. Fisher, C. H. Schowe, J. R. Johnson, Miss E. E. Thorpe, Mrs.
Kent, B. H. Schwarzkopf, T. A. C. H. Schowe, Miss I. Behrens.
Mitchell, E. L. Pengilley, B. H.
McMahon, C. W. Tinworth, R. H. NEW ZEALAND, NORTH CON-
Adair, Dr. M. F. Godfrey, H. J. FERENCE
Halliday, A. W. Dawson, P. A.
Donaldson, E. P. Jewson, B. 0. Organized 1889
Johanson, A. G. Minchin, R. R. Territory: That portion of the
Gooding, J. Strange, G. F. Bohr- Dominion of New Zealand north
inger, C. F. Ulrich, H. J. Franks, of Cook's Straits.
H. Stacey. Cable Address: "Mastery," Auck-
Missionary Licentiates: land, New Zealand.
R. J. Riley, R. I. Wright, J. S. Also "Adventist."
Sandeman, T. J. Dowling, H. Office: 84 Jervois Road, Auckland,
Stockton, A. H. Battye, L. A. New Zealand.
Piper, S. Grieve, W. L. Pascoe,
L. G. Unwin, W. G. Thrift, N. H. Officers:
Faulkner, C. Lane, H. C. Temp- Pres., H. G. Moulds.
est, R. W. Westerman, S. Eau11, Sec.-Treas., R. E. G. Blair.
C. J. Howell, V. Nilsson, ,Miss Legal Assn.: "New Zealand Con-
H. K. Lewin, Miss M. Hay, G. ference, Incorporated."
Creswell, C. H. Eiszele, H. E. Department Secretaries:
Eiszele, A. W. Gersbach, G. Hop- Educational, H. G. Moulds.
kins, L. McKinnon, H. Mitchell, Field Miss., H. A. L. Freeman.
Cyril Watson, W. J. Wright. Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Medical MiSsionary Licentiates: A. Mitchell.
Dr. E. S. Richards, 0. V. Religious Liberty, F. L. Sharp.
Hellestrand, R. A. Thompson, Sabbath School, Miss A. E. Doug-
R. G. L. Cooper, J. Newman, J: L. lass.
Simpson, Richmond Hill, Mrs. Ministers:
E. M. Shannan, Miss J. McCul- H. G. Moulds, F. L. Sharp, C. A.
lough, Miss M. Speck, Miss L. Paap, 0. Robinson, N. C. Burns,
Phillips, Miss M. Burnside, M. H. Whittaker, J. D. Anderson,
Miss N. Dray, Miss D. Felsch, R. J. Burns.


A. G. Judge, R. E. G. Blair, P. CONFERENCE
Glockler, L. Graham, A. R. Mit-
. Organized 1920
Missionary Licentiates: Territory: That part of the state
D. H. Watson, Miss R. G. Dray, of New South Wales north of
Miss J. Johnstone, L. Hay, Miss the Hawkesbury and Capertee
A. E. Douglass, P. Claus, R. N. Rivers as far west as the 150th
Heggie. meridian of east longitude,
thence east of the line running
Church School Teachers:
north to Cassilis. Thence north-
E. Woods, H. M. Lansdown, W. east of a line running north--
Hill, Miss B. Gorrell, A. Hock- westerly from Cassilis to where
ley. the 147th meridian of east
longitude meets the 29th paral-
NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH CON- lel of south latitude.
FERENCE Office: Gordon Ave., Hamilton (P.
Organized 1915 0. Box 27), New South Wales,
Territory: That portion of the
Dominion of New Zealand south Officers:
of Cook's Straits. Pres., J. W. Kent.
Office: 902 Colombo St., Christ- Sec. and Treas., L. J. Imrie.
church, New Zealand. - Department Secretaries:
Cable Address: "Adventist," Christ- Educational, A. F. J. Kranz.
church. Field Miss., A. S. Jackson.
Officers: Home Miss., H. Kingston.
Pres., James Pascoe. Religious Liberty, J. L. Smith.
Sec. and Treas., A. S. Herbert. Sabbath School, Miss G. Clarke.
Y. P. M.. V., H. Kingston.
Department Secretaries:
Educational and Religious Lib- Ministers:
erty, James Pascoe. J. W. Kent, W. H. Pascoe, R. A.
Field Miss., G. Weslake. Salton, F. A. Allum, W. Gillis,
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., L. J. Imrie, L. F. Were, L. L.
H. J. Meyers. Jones, 0. K. Anderson, H. R.
Sabbath School, J. Pascoe. Steed.
Ministers: Licentiates:
James Pascoe, W. J. Smith, T. J. L. Smith, J. S. Jackson, C. J.
Bradley, H. J. Meyers. Griffin, F. Masters, A. S. Jack-
son, D. H. Gray, W. H. Ferris,
Licentiates: E. E. Thorpe.
W. J. Richards, E. R. Tucker, G.
Weslake, K. J. Wooler, A. S. Missionary Licentiates:
Herbert, S. Uttley. S. H. Wood, W. D. Lauder, V.
Warden, D. Whittaker, Mrs. E.
Missionary Licentiates: Meyers.
S. H. Shell, Wilbur Stewart,
Miss N. Knowles, M. Anderson.
Church School Teachers:
S. Donald, Miss 0. Blayden, Miss
- Church School Teachers: B. Griffin, A. Westerman, Miss
E. G. McDowell, Miss R. Vetter, H. Todd, N. Sheppard, Miss M.
Miss D. Fisher, Miss E. Macin- Schnepel, Miss G. Ralph, Miss
tosh, Miss R. Cleeve, F. Sutton. I. Roy.


Organized 1899 Home Miss., H. S. Streeter.
Religious Liberty, E. J. Johanson.
Territory: All that portion of the Sabbath School,
State of Queensland lying south
Y. P. M. V.,
of a line drawn from Yeppoon
west to Kumviarara on the Marl- Ministers:
borough line, and thence due E. J. Johanson, E. S. Butz, C. A.
south to the top of the range Wrigley, Fergus McFarlane.
just west of Deeford, and from Licentiates:
thence in a direct line to the H. S. Streeter, C. Hill.
- South Australian border. Missionary Licentiates:
Office: 37 O'Connell Terrace, Bowen Miss R. V. Stratford, J. A. Charl-
Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, ton.
Australia. Church School Teachers:
Officers: G. Rosenhain, Miss J. Cornell,
Pres., F. G. Rampton. Miss S. Hall.
Sec. and Treas., S. C. Butler.
Department Secretaries: SOUTH NEW SOUTH WALES
Educational and Religious Lib- CONFERENCE
erty, F. G. Rampton. Organized 1895
Field Miss., J. Young.
Home Miss., L. A. Butler. Territory: That part of the state
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., " of New South Wales south of
the Hawkesbury and Capertee
Ministers: Rivers, as far west as the 150th
F. G. Rampton, .A. I. Mitchell, meridian of east longitude,
E. R. Cane, S. W. Carr. thence west of the line running
Licentiates: north to Cassilis, thence south- ,
Robert Grieve, J. Young, S. C. west of a line running north-
Butler. westerly from Cassilis to where
the 147th meridian of east longi-
Missionary Licentiates: tude meets the 29th parallel of
Miss H. L. Cozens, C. Pascoe.
south latitude.
Church School Teachers: Office: " Tereora," The Boulevarde,
Miss B. Johanson, N. Speck, R.
Collett, Miss E. Wood. Strathfleld, N. S. W., Australia.
Pres., H. E. Piper.
SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CONFER- Sec. and Treas., W. H. Hopkin.
Department Secretaries:
Organized 1899 Educational and Religious Lib-
Territory: The State of South erty, H. E. Piper.
Australia. Field Miss., E. A. Turner.
Office: 82 Angas St., Adelaide, Home Miss., A. J. Dyason.
South Australia, Australia. Sabbath School, A. J. Dyason.
Office Address: Box J. 1011, Ade- Y. P. M. V., H. Hollingsworth.
laide, South Australia, Australia. Ministers:
Officers: H. E. Piper, H. Mitchell, A. H.
Pres., E. J. Johanson. White, G. G. Stewart, W. E.
Sec. and Treas., C. Hill. Battye, C. J. Reynolds, A. Smart,
Department Secretaries: II. C. Harker, Robert Hare,
Educational, E. J. Johanson. B. Cozens, L. C. Naden, E. R.

Whitehead, J. Thompson, E. H. Church School Teachers:

Parsons, W. Morris, H. A. Hill, H. Vetter, Miss M. Streeter,
R. Brandstater. Miss A. Weetman, W. Whisker,
Miss R. Beveridge.
J. Hindson, A. Parker, W. H.
Hopkin, C. H. Pretyman, W. R.
Carswell, J. L. Brandford, R. H. VICTORIAN CONFERENCE
Powrie, A. J. Dyason, H. W. Organized 1888
Hollingsworth, Ray Bullas, G. J.
Parker. Territory: The State of Victoria.
Office: 8 Yarra St., Hawthorn,
Missionary Licentiates: Victoria, Australia.
Miss A. E. Pearce, Miss S. Read,
Mrs. G. E. Chapman, Mrs. H. Officers:
Bridgett, Mrs. M. E. Tank, Miss Pres., E. H. Guilliard.
E. Moran, Miss E. Westerman, Sec. and Treas., F. J. Butler.
F. L. Taylor, W. A. Mackley, H. Department Secretaries:
E. White, H. Kingston. Educational, E. H. Guilliard.
Church School Teachers: Field Miss., A. J. Gathercole.
S. Louis, Miss N. Pratt, V. Pas- Home Miss., C. Head.
coe, Miss G. Stewart, T. Hep- Religious Lib., E. G. Whittaker.
worth, E. Felsch, G. Currow, V. Sabbath School, Miss A. Rorke.
Herbert, Miss V. G. Camp, Miss Y. P. M. V., S. T. Leeder.
G. Adlard. Ministers:
E. H. Guilliard, G. E. Marriott,
Whittaker, P. G. Foster, M. Gro-
Formerly included in Victoria-Tas- limund, C. Head, J. R. James, D.
mania Conference, organized as Sibley, S. T. Leeder.
separate conference 1926. Licentiates:
Address: 361 Argyle St., Hobart, M. A. Connell, C. E. Ashcroft,
Tasmania. Dr. W. H. James, A. M. Fraser,
R. Tudor, C. J. Boulting, B. E.
Officers: Hadfield, 0. W. Knight, A. J.
Pres., W. M. R. Scragg. Gathercole, A. M. Badeock, F. J.
Sec. and Treas., W. S. Renn. Butler, J. Eggins, L. A. Dyason.
Department Secretaries: Missionary Licentiates:
Educational, Home Miss., and Re- Miss E. Britten, Mrs. K. M.
ligious .Lib., W. M. R. Scragg. Thorpe, Miss F. Grolimund,
Field Miss., W. M. R. Scragg. Mrs. T. H. Craddock,, Mrs.
Sabha th School and Y. P. M. V., 0. E. Marriott, Miss F. Car-
W. S. Renn. ver, Mrs. M. Badcoek, Mrs.
Ministers: L. Currow, Miss C. E. Hodgetts,
W. M. R. Scragg, A. H. Rogers, Miss A. M. Williams, Miss D.
H. B. P. Wicks, E. Behrens, G. Moore, Miss R. Creelman, Miss
Peacock. F. Whisker, T. Austin, Miss E. F.
Hopgood, Miss E. McCashney,
Licentiates: Mrs. A. Cornell.
W. S. Renn, A. E. Magnusson,
G. Burnside. Church School Teachers:
Miss V. Beacham, Miss E. Clery,
Missionary Licentiates: Miss A. Hardy, Miss L. Hunger-
Miss E. Lane, Miss V. M. Rogers. ford, A. W. Ivey, M. Robb, Miss

H. J. Patterson, Miss S. Duffin, Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,

R. Brinsmead, D. Stewart, A. L. D. A. Speck.
Hefren, L. B. Large, Miss J. Religious Liberty, R. A. Thrift.
Mitchell, Miss R. Langstaff. Sabbath School, Miss F. Cherrett.
R. A. Thrift, L. D. A. Lemke,
ENCE Licentiates:
Organized 1902 G. I. Wilson, D. A. Speck, W. R.
Litster, E. Reye, L. A. Butler.
Territory: The State of West Missionary Licentiates:
Australia. Miss P. Nippress, Mrs. F. E.
Office: 47 Hay St., Subiaco, Perth, Lyndon, Miss F. Cherrett, Miss
West Australia, Australia. E. McIntosh, G. V. Palmateer,
Officers: H. G. Bryant, L. S. Barnes.
Pres., R. A. Thrift. Church School Teachers:
Sec.-Treas., W. R. Litster. H. Totenhofer, D. Dyson, Miss
Department Secretaries: G. Clark, D. Goulton, Miss L.
Educational, T. C. Lawson. Giblett, H. Lethbridge, Miss H.
Field Miss., D. A. Speck. Fletcher.


COOK ISLANDS MISSION Territory: All the Pacific Islands

Established 1892. east of the 160th degree of west
longitude, and south of the tenth
(Included as part of the Central parallel of north latitude.
Polynesian Mission, 1916 to 1923;
reorganized 1923.) Headquarters: Papeete, Tahiti,
Society Islands, Pacific Ocean.
Territory: Those islands compris-
ing the Cook or Hervey Group, Officers:
and other small islands adjoin- Supt., P. J. Wright.
ing. Licentiate: P. J. Wright.
Headquarters: Box 18, Rarotonga, Missionary Licentiates:
Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean. Mrs. P. J. Wright, Tofa, Tea-
Officers: hatu, Mrs. A. Poroi.
Supt., A. G. Jacobson.
Church School Teachers:
Licentiate: A. G. Jacobson. Roy Clark, Miss L. S. Christian,
Missionary Licentiates: F. P. Ward.
Mrs. A. G. Jacobson, Tauraki,
Joseph Vati.
SION (Included as part of the Central
Established 1892; reorganized 1916 Polynesian Conference, 1916 to
Comprising the following former 1921; reorganized 1921.)
missions; Society Islands, and Address: Suva Vou, Suva, Fiji,
Pitcairn Island. Pacific Ocean.

Officers: Mrs. L. A. Borgas, R. Collett,

Supt., L. V. Wilkinson. Mrs. R. Collett, Miss J. Doble,
See. and Treas., A. Forbes. S. C. Ward, Mrs. S. C. Ward.
Meciusela Naisogo, Timoci Na- Organized as separate mission
warn, Mitieli Nakasamai, Sani- in 1924
valati Ramuai, Jope Laweloa, Address: Atchin, New Hebrides,
L. V. Wilkinson, Josaia Pacific Ocean.
Semi Vuloaloa, Semite Gade,
Maika Dauniika, Seteriki Cev- Officers:
aca, G. Branster, Nafitalai Na- Supt., G. H. Engelbrecht.
vara. Sec., J. Miller.
Licentiates: Ministers:
W. G. Ferris, Tereti Nagara, G. H. Engelbrecht, A. H. Weil,
A. P. Dyason, Saimoni Nala- Joe, Joel, Masing Nalo.
itbo, Joeli Lotawa, Anitipasa Licentiates:
Naucukidi, Taniela Vauvau, Te- David Ferris, F. Hollingsworth,
vita Railave, Semi Tikivili. J. C. H. Perry.
Missionary Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. G. M. Masters, Mrs. L. V. Mrs. D. Ferris, Mrs. F. Hollings-
Wilkinson, Mrs. R. W. Lane, worth, Mrs. J. C. H. Perry, Mrs.
Mrs. W. G. Ferris, Miss B. E. G. H. Engelbrecht, Mrs. A. H.
Edwards, John Kamea, A. Weil, C. Tucker, Mrs. C. Tucker,
Forbes, Mrs. A. Forbes, Mrs. J. Miller, Mrs. J. Miller, and
G. Branster. Also over 40 local more than ten local missionary
missionary licentiates. licentiates.


Established 1914
Under direction of North New
South Wales Conference. Address: Niue Island, Pacific
LORD HOWE ISLAND MISSION Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. A. G. Head.
Address: Lord Howe Island, Aus-
Missionary Licentiates: Established 1893
R. Farrar, Mrs. R. Farrar. Address: Norfolk Island, Aus-
Missionary Licentiate: A. G. Wise,
Established 1913 Mrs. W. D. Smith.
Address: Oaklands, via Cairns,
Officers: Formerly included in Queensland
Supt., L. A. Borgas. Conference. Operated as Mission
Minister: L. A. Borgas. under direction of Aust. Union
Missionary Licentiates: Conference from Jan. 1, 1929.
H. Mills, Mrs. H. Mills, Mrs. H. Territory: All that portion of the
Rowlands, A. Hill, Mrs. A. Hill, State of Queensland lying

north of a line drawn from Licentiates:

Yeppoon west to Kumviarara W. W. Petrie, H. T. Howse.
on the Marlborough line, and Missionary Licentiates:
thence due south to the top of Mrs. R. Reye, Mrs. W. W. Petrie,
the range just west of Deeford, Mrs. H. T. Howse.
and from thence in a direct line
to the South Australian border.
Established 1914: Organized 1920
Supt., C. E. Bird.
Address: Marovo Lagoon, via Tu-
Sec. and Treas., L. Allum.
lagi, Solomon Islands, Pacific
Ministers: Ocean.
C. E. Bird, T. A. Anderson.
Licentiate: M. S. Ball. Supt., A. L. Pascoe.
Missionary Licentiates: Sec. and Treas., A. R. Barrett.
J. Dever, Miss N. Levett, Miss T. Ministers:
Morrison, L. Allum. A. L. Pascoe, N. A. Ferris, A. R.
Barrett, Kata Ragoso, Rori.
PAPUA MISSION Licentiates:
A. F. Parker, J. Howse, nioto,
Established 1908; Organized 1928 Jugha, J. Cormack, Dr. E. Finkle.
Address: Mirigeda, Port Moresby, Missionary Licentiates:
Papua, Pacific Ocean. Mrs. A. R. Barrett, Miss E.
Totenhofer, Mrs. N. A. Ferris,
Mrs. J. Howse, Mrs. J. Cormack,
Supt., W. N. Lock.
Sec., R. Frame. S. C. Pennington, Mrs. S. C. Pen-
nington, Mrs. A. L. Pascoe, Mrs.
Minister: W. N. Lock. E. Finkle, Dr. Dorothy I. Parker,
Licentiates: Miss E. Zeunert, E. Martin,
C. E. Mitchell, L. I. Howell, E. Mrs. E. Martin, and over 100
Boehm. local missionary licentiates and
Missionary Licentiates: teachers.
Mrs. W. N. Lock, Mrs. C. E.
Mitchell, Mrs. Alma Wiles, TERRITORY OF NEW GUINEA
Mrs. L. I. Howell, Dick Richard- Established 1929
son, Jessie Richardson, Bill Shep- Address: S. D. A. Mission, Matupi,
pard, Minnie Sheppard, K. Gray, Rabaul, Mandated Territory of
Mrs. K. Gray, Mrs. E. Boehm, New Guinea.
W. H. Nolan, R. Frame, Mrs.
AV. H. Nolan; Mrs. R. Frame. Officers:
Supt., E. M. Abbott.
Sec. and Treas., A. W. Carr.
R. H. Tutty, A. J. Campbell.
Established 1895; reorganized 1936
( Included as part of the Central A. S. Atkins, L. G. Maxwell, S.
Polynesian Conference, 1916 to H. Gander, D. Brennan, E. M.
1921; reorganized 1921.) Abbott.
Address: Apia, Samoa, Pacific Missionary Licentiates:
Ocean. Mrs. A. S. Atkins, Mrs. S. H.
Ministers: Gander, Mrs. R. H. Tutty,
R. Reye, Sanika Afa'ese. A. R. Hiscox, Mrs. A. R.

Hiscox, Mrs. A. J. Campbell, New Zealand Missionary College,

Mrs. L. G. Maxwell, A. W. Carr, Longburn, New Zealand.
Mrs. D. Brennan, Mrs.- E. M. Vatu Vonu Central School,
Abbott, and- 100 island mis- Vatu Vonu, Vanua Levu, Fiji.
sionary licentiates and teachers. Wainibuka Central School,
Wainibuka. River, via Viria,
TONGAN MISSION West Australian Missionary
Established 1895 College, Carmel, West Aus-
(Included as part of the Central tralia.
Polynesian Conference, 1916 to Publishing:
1921; reorganized 1921.) Eastern Polynesian Mission
Address: Nukualofa, Tonga, Press, Tipaerui, Papeete, Ta-
Friendly Islands, Pacific Ocean. hiti, Society Islands.
Officers: Fiji Mission Press, Suva, Fiji.
Supt., H. L. Tolhurst. Papua Mission Press, Mirigeda,
Minister: H. L. Tolhurgt. Papua.
Signs Publishing Co., Ltd., War-
Licentiate: James Moala. burton, Victoria, Australia.
Missionary Licentiates: Solomon Island Mission Press,
Mrs. H. L. Tolhurst, Taliauli Batuna, Marovo Lagoon, Solo-
Joni, Beaua Isilali, Havea Sila, mon Islands.
A. Knudson, A. E. Watts, Mrs.
A. E. Watts. Sanitariums:
Sydney Sanitarium and Hospi-
tal, Wahroonga, N. S. W.,
TRALASIAN UNION CON- Warburton Sanitarium, Warbur-
FERENCE ton, Victoria, Australia.
Educational: .Health Food Factories:
Aore Training School, Aore, New Sanitarium Health Food Co.,
Hebrides. CooranbOng, N. S. W., Aus-
Australasian Missionary College, tralia.
Cooranbong, N. S. W., Ans- Cerix Puffed Wheat Co., 3 Par-
. tralia. ram atta Rd., Concord, New
Batuna Training School, Mar- South Wales.
ovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. Grain Products, 62 Randolph St.,
Buresala Training School, Bure- Auckland, New Zealand.
sala, Ovalau, Fiji. New Zealand Health Food Fac-
Choiseul Intermediate School, tory, Papanui, Christchurch,
Ruruvae, Choiseul, Solomon New Zealand.
Islands. Sanitarium Buyers and Packers,
Mirigeda Training School, Miri- Sydney, N. S. W.
geda, via Port Moresby, Pa- Victorian Health Food Factory.
pua. Warburton, Victoria.
New Guinea Training School, West Australian Health Food
Put Put, Territory of New Factory, Carmel, West Aus-
Guinea. tralia.
Organized at Darmstadt, Germany, 1928

Territory: The East German, South ADVENT MISSION SOCIETY

German, West German, and (Advent-Missionsgesellschaft E.V.)
Netherlands Union Conferences.
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg 13,
Population: About 83,731,000; Germany
' churches, 997; members, 38,446.
Organized 1913
Cable Address: Adventist, Berlin.
Office: Berlin W.,50, Regensburger
Postal Address: Regensburger- Str. 22, V.
strasse 22, V., Berlin W 50.
Germany. Board:
Pres., A. Minck.
Officers: Vice-Pres., E. Gugel.
Pres., A. Minck. Sec. and Treas., M. Voigt.
Sec., 0. Schildhauer.
Treas., M. Voigt. Other members: H. Fenner, G.
Seng, G. W. Schubert, W. Muel-
Field Sec., E. Gugel.
ler, J. Wintzen, P. A. Brandt,
Auditor, P. A. Brandt.
W. Hans, A. Vollmer, H. Biix,
Executive Committee: A. Minck, M. Busch, 0. Schildhauer, M.
0. Schildhauer, M. Voigt, E. Budnick, W. K. Ising.
Gugel, H. Box, M. Busch, Dr.
med. L. E. Conradi, J. Wintzen,
H. Fenner, G. Seng, M. Budnick, ADVENT WELFARE WORK
Department Secretaries: Organized 1927 (1935)
Educational, Legal Name: Verein"Advent-Wohl-
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and fahrtswerk" E. V. (formerly:
Y. P. M. V., M. Busch. Deutscher. Verein fiir Gesund-
Medical, Dr. med. L. E: Conradi, heitspflege "Friedensau," E. V.)
Krankenhaus "Waldfriede", Sitz Berlin, Regensburgerstr. 22,
Fischerhiittenstr. 99-109, Ber- V., Berlin W 50, Germany. (Oper-
lin-Zehlendorf-West, Germany. ates the welfare work and eight
Ministerial Assn., E. Gugel. Nurses' Homes in Germany.)
Publishing, H. Box. Officers:
Welfare, 0. Brozio. Pres., A. Minck.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., M. Voigt.
A. Minck, E. Gugel, 0. Schild- Board of Trustees:
hauer, H. .Box, M. Busch, M. A. Minck, M. Voigt, Dr. E.
Voigt, 0. Brozio. Meyer, E. Gugel, G. Seng, El-
Licentiates: friede Schroder, M. Budnick.
Dr. med. L. E. Conradi, P. A. Nurses Homes:
Brandt. Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Koblenzer
Missionary Licentiates: Str. 3, Germany.
P. Bfidde, Laura Hagelstein, El- Breslau, Lohestr. 79, Germany.
friede Schroder, Clara Schulz, Chemnitz, Heinrich Beckstr. 9,
Elly Motzer, Hannchen Sieber, Germany.
Gertrud Bockenhaupt, Ruth Dresden A. 16, Haydnstr. 16,
Hauck. Germany.

Frankfurt/Main, Eschenheimer Established 1893

Anlage 32, Germany. (Legal society to hold all property
Kln, Salierring 60, Germany. of the denomination in Hamburg.)
Leipzig, Humboldstr. 17, Ger-
many. Officers:
Wiesbaden, Riidesheimer Str. 7, Pres., A. Minck.
Vice-Pres., W. Hans.
HAMBURG. SEVENTH-DAY AD- Power of Attorney, A. Vollmer.
(Hamburger Verein der Siebenten- G. W. Schubert, H. Fenner, G.
Tag-Adventisten) Seng, E. Gugel, W. Mueller, 0.
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg 13, Ger- Schildhauer, H. Btix, M. Bud-
many nick, M. Busch, M. Voigt.


Organized 'gal
Territory: The Berlin, East Prus- Department Secretaries:
sian, March Lusatian, Northeast Field Miss., W. Knitter.
Saxonian, Pomeranian, Silesian, Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Sudeten, and West Saxonian Sabbath School, A. Burger.
Conferences, Free State of Medical, Dr. med. E. Meyer.
Danzig. Ministers:
Population: About 23,465,000; M. Budnick, A. Burger, W. Eber-
churches, 465; members, 16,853. hardt, R. Dtiumichen, R. Lusky.
Office Address:. Koblenzer Strasse
3, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany.
(Teleph., 86 63 51.) Adventhaus. BERLIN CONFERENCE
Organized 1909
Territory: Province of Berlin, Ad-
Pres., M. Budnick. ministration District of Potsdam
See. and Treas., It. Dilumichen. (excepting the Districts of An-
Auditor, P. A. Brandt. germiinde, Beeskow-Storkow, Rt.
Executive Committee: M. Bud- terbog, Oberbarnim, Prenzlau,
nick, M. Baier, H. Brinkmann, Templin, Eberswalde) Straus-
A. Burger, R. Daumichen, W. berg, Werneuchen, Oranienburg,
Eberhardt, H. Glass, F. Ham- Burg, School Church Friedensau.
brook, W. Hans, P. Horn, W. Population: About 5,300,000;
Klinkmtiller, W. Knitter, M. churches, 49; members, 3,173.
Hartmann, R. Lusky, B. Ohme, Office Address: Koblenzer Strasse
A. Rebensburg. 3, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany.
Legal Building Assn.: "Mittel- (Telephone, 86 63 48.)
deutsche Grundstlicksgesellschaft Officers:
m. b. H."
Manager, W. Hans. Pres., G. Mai.
German S. D. A. Assn., Frieden- Sec. and Treas.i H. Dilumichen.
sau, Post Grabow, Bez. Magde- Executive Committee: G. Mai,
burg, Germany. 0. Haase, E. Kolsch, W. Oest-

reich, W. Rogge, H. Schacht, Missionary Licentiates:

Dr. S. Liipke, P. Schmidt. E. Karwatzke, W. Uhlig, K.
Department Secretaries: Weise, E. Tulaszewski, J. Ku-
Field Miss., P. Schmidt. lessa, E. Denkert.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Ministers: Population: About 407;517;
G. Mai, A. Dorner, A. Schenck, churches, 2; members, 99.
A. Behrens, F. Kessel, 0. Haase, Minister: 0. Kiehnast.
R. Scheibitz, A. Heurnann, F.
Rimier, \V. Ninow, G. Ronisch, MARCH LUSATIAN
H. Rtistig, H. Vollrath, R. Helm, CONFERENCE
F. Dombrowsky, Dr. S. Liipke.
Organized Jan. 1, 1929
H. Daumichen, W. Korinth, K. Territory: Districts of Liegnitz,
Danke, H. Ventzke. Upper and Lower-Lausitz, Grenz-
mark and the territory of prov-
Missionary Licentiates: ince Brandenburg except the dis-
A. Reinhold, J. Mailer, P. Fent- tricts belonging to the Berlin
ross, Miss H. Junker, Mrs. K. and Pomeranian Conferences.
Horn, Mrs. E. Trusen, Miss M.
Thiimmel, Mrs. M. Soyk. Population: About 2,350,000;
churches, 61; members, 1,670.
Office Address: Kaiser-Wilhelm-
EAST PRUSSIAN CONFERENCE Platz 46, Cottbus, Germany.
Organized 1903 (Telephone, 2993.)
Territory: Provinces of East Prus- Pres., P. Horn.
sia. Sec. and Treas., F. Vogt.
Population: About 2,440,000; Executive Committee: P. Horn,
churches, 63; members, 1,944. R. Dangschat, H. Kobs, W.
Office Address: Kneiphtifsche Hof- Klinknitiller P. Schulze, A. Klhp-
gasse 22, 1, Konigsberg (Pr.), per, W. Suckert.
Germany. (Telephone, 32292.) Department Secretaries:
Officers: Field Miss., G. Oerterer.
Pres., Hugo Glass. Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Sec. and Treas., E. Tulaszewski. Y. P. M. V., R. Dangschat.
Executive Committee: H. Glass, Ministers:
W. Noack, F. May, J. Heimann, P. Horn, R. Dangschat, 0.
G. Dobinski, M. Zielinski, J. Ur- Schwenecke, A. Krautschick, R.
gien. Dietrich, W. Radke, H. Kobs, A.
Department Secretaries: Faetting, H. Langner, T. Boit-
Field Miss., Joseph Kulessa. cher, E. Jager, F. Brandt, A.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Brendel, K. Hoffmann, E. Simon,
Y. P. M. V., W. Noack. C. Hummel.
Ministers: Honorary: E. Dwehus, H. Diet-
H. Glass, W. Noack, M. Zielinski, rich.
W. Kloss, H. Korsch, W. Adam- Licentiates:
sky, E. Rathke, A. Arnhold, P. F. Vogt, F. Dobinski, H. H.
Bopping, H., Dombrowsky, P. 'Oestreich.
Behrendt, \V. Gotz. Missionary Licentiates:
Licentiate: B. Schulz. E. Oestreich, H. Pale.

NORTHEAST SAXONIAN CON- Office Address: Elisabethstrasse

FERENCE 20, III., Stettin, Germany. (Tele-
phone, 223 19.)
Organized 1919
Territory: District of Dresden,
Bautzen, and Leipzig. Pres., A. Rebensburg.
Sec. and. Treas., Fritz Weidmer.
Population: About 3,284,578;
churches, 59; members, 2,597. Executive Committee: R. Re-
bensburg, G. Suckert, W. Gauger,
Office Address: Haydnstr. 16, Dres- R. Bischoff, R. Wulff, R. Sehade,
den A., Germany. (Telephone, S. Kohl.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., Gustav Glass.
Pres., H. Brinkmann. Home Miss., Sab. Sch., and Y. P.
Sec. and Treas., E. Kermer. M. V., G. Suckert.
Executive Committee: H. Brink-
mann, H. Richter, R. Dienel, F. Ministers:
Heinrich, B. Neuhaus, M. A. Rebensburg, D. Brinkmann,
Fischer, M. Thiirmer, M. Thier- W. Schulz, W. Derlath, G. Pet-
mann. zold, W. Gauger, W.. Willer, 0.
Dlibritz, C. Maier, Fr. Leskien,
Department Secretaries: G. Suckert, K. Dobinsky.
Field Miss., R. Dienel.
Home Miss., Sabbath Sch., and Licentiates:
Y. P. M. V., H. Richter. E. Schafer, R. Saborowski.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
H. Brinkmann, H. Richter, J. C. Wloka, R. Schmidt, F. Wied
Brzezinski, W. Thalmann, R. mer, H. Lingel, P. Bohlmann.
Patzig, F. Heinrich, B. Neef, B.
Westhofer, J. Beier, M. Hoch-
muth, M. Ballack, F. Meyer, W.
Schmieder, F. Jurke, A. Porsch, SILESIAN CONFERENCE
W. Thiermann, W. Schwenecke. Organized 1907
Licentiates: Territory: Upper Silesia, and dis-
H. Werner, A. Geseriek. tricts of Breslau and Liegnitz.
Missionary Licentiates: Population: About 3,750,000;
K. Vogt, H. Gunther, H. Schlut- churches, 60; members, 2,025.
tig, K. Box. Office Address: Karnerstr. 6/8,
Breslau 13, Germany, (Tele-
phone, 39652).
Organized 1901 Pres., B. Ohme.
Territory: Province of Pomerania, Treas., Erna Spichale.
Districts of Friedeberg, Soldin, Sec., 0. Bahr.
Arnswalde, Landsberg/W., Ko- Executive Committee: B. Ohme,
nigsberg N/M., Oberbarnim, 0. Bahr, J. Becker, G. Dombek,
Schneidemahl, Anger- R. Milke, P. Munch, H. Schmidt.
miinde, Templin, Prenzlau, and Department Secretaries:
North Grenzmark. Field Miss., K. Keller.
Population: About 2,500,000; Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
churches, 69; members, 1,773. Sabbath School, 0. Bahr.

Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:

B. Ohme, A. Thomas, H. R. Fischer, A. Strala, 0. Fuchs.
Schmidt, 0. Bauscher,F. Grell-
mann, G. Lehmann, . Gulden- WEST SAXONIAN CON-
pfennig, E. Pistorius, H. Neu- FERENCE
mann, K. Keller, J. Kanzok, H. Organized 1920
Lane, A. Amelung, 0. Bahr, A.
Langholf. Territory: District of Chemnitz
and Zwickau.
Licentiates: H. Schaller, R. Fraun- Population: 2,000,000; churches,
berger, T. Neuwirth. 75; members, 2,763.
Missionary Licentiates: Cable and Telegraphic Address:
P. Schaar, M. Rothe, F. Bes- Adventhaus, Chemnitz.
mehn, R. Irmer, R. Clausnitzer, Office Address: Adventhaus, Hans
J. Richter. Sachs-strasse 9, Chemnitz, Ger-
many. (Telephone, 51332.)
Pres., F. Hambrock.
Organized 1938 See. and Treas., W. Wolf.
Territory: Sudetenland. Executive Committee: F. Ham-
brock, W. RUcker, E. Lippert,
Population: 2,100,000; churches, R. Queck, M. Baier, R. H. Koh-
27; members, 754. ler, P. Haufe, 0. Wilde, B.
Office Address: Breite Gasse 14, Oehme.
Reichenberg, Sudetenland, Ger- Department Secretaries:
many. Field Miss., 0. Wilde.
Officers: Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Pres., M. Hartmann. Sab. Sch., W. Rocker.
Sec. and Treas., A. Kunert. Ministers:
Executive Committee: M. Hart- F. Hambrock, W. Racker, K.
mann, A. Weinert, E. Hanitzsch, Thiele, H. Hufnagel, K. Jonuleit,
W. Schnabel, 'F. Klimt. K. Pansegrau, 0. P. Muller, P.
Department Secretaries: Haufe, A. Dulling, W. Oswald,
Field Miss., 0. Fuchs. R. Schafer, E. Koch, R. Biller,
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and H. Schaper, J. Klingbeil, K.
Sabbath School, M. Hartmann. Wagner, Kurt Kohl er, Karl
Ministers: Kohler.
M. Hartmann, G. Geier, F. Licentiate:
Bohm, A. Weinert. H. Saborowski.
Licentiates: M. Pose', F. Munich, Missionary Licentiates:
E. Ltiftner, A. Kunert, H. E. Loser, F. Tertel, W. Wolf, S.
Knobloch. Krautschick.


Organized 1938

Territory: The Netherlands. Office Address: Lange Beesten-

markt 102, The, Hague, Nether-
Population: 8,500,000; churches, lands. (Telephone, Den Haag
33; members, 1,340. 11 70 25.)

Officers: Executive Committee: H. Eel-

Pres., J. Wintzen. sing, P. Voorthuis, J. Toben, J.
Sec., P. Voorthuis. Kerssen, C. Schutte.
Treas., C. A. L. Havenstroom. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: J. Wint; Same as in the Union.
zen, H. Eelsing, F. Baecker, P.
Voorthuis, J. Toben, T. Eijkelen- Ministers:
boom, J. Kerssen. H. Eelsing, P. Voorthuis, A.
Legal Name: Kerkgenootschap der Schmutzler, P. v. Oossanen, H.
Zevende - Dags - Adventisten in Schor.
Nederland, gevestigd to 's Licentiates:
Gravenhage. J. Lankhorst, H. H. Schmitz.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., J. v. Iterson. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Miss., Sabbath School, P. Klop, G. L. A. Faber, J. Hoes,
Y. P. M. V., F. Baecker. M. v. Kerkvoort.
Welfare Work: H. Eelsing.
J. Wintzen, F. Baecker. SOUTH NETHERLAND
Miss. Licentiate: CONFERENCE
C. A. L. Havenstroom. Organized 1938
Institutions: Territory: Zuid-Holland, excepting
Publishing House: (Branch of the village Hillegom; Gelderland
Hamburg House) Boekenhuis southward of the river Rijn from
der Advent-Zending; Van Lobith to Rhenen; Limburg,
Weede van Dijkveldstr. 77, Noord-Brabant, and Zeeland.
The Hague, Netherlands.
(Telephone, 55 41 40.) Population: 4,500,000; churches,
Childrenhome : "Zonheuvel," Bilt- 15; members, 680.
scheweg 14, Bosch en Duin Office Address: Same as in the
bij Utrecht, Netherlands. Union.
CONFERENCE Sec., F. Baecker.
Treas., C. A. L. Havenstroom.
Organized 1938 Executive Committee: J. Wint-
Territory: Noord-Holland, includ- zen, F. Baecker, T. Eijkelen-
ing the village Hillegom of Zuid- boom, A. L. Faber, N. Baars.
Holland; Gelderland northward Department Secretaries:
of the river Rijn from Lobith Same as in the Union.
to Rhenen; Overijsel; Drente,
Groningen, and Friesland. Ministers:
Population: 4,000,000; churches, J. Wintzen, F. Baecker, J. W.
18; members, 660. Berthold, W. Betram.
Office Address: Badhuisweg 14, Licentiate:
Apeldoorn, Netherlands. F. J. Voorthuis.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Pres., H. Eelsing. C. A. L. Havenstroom, C. P. de
Sec., P. Voorthuis. Ruiter, B. S'lond, D. Vink, P. L.
Treas., C. A. L. Havenstroom. Prins, P. Sol, J. A. de Ruiter.
Organized 1912

Territory: Wurtemberg, Baden, BADEN CONFERENCE

Bavaria, Rhine, Palatinate, Organized 1912; reorganized 1922.
Thuringia, North Austria, South
Austria, viz, the Baden, Central Territory: Baden and the Bavarian
Rhenish, Franc.-Thuring., South Palatinate.
Bavarian, Wurtemberg, North Population: 3,300,000; churches,
Austrian, and South Austrian 27; members, 1,187.
Conferences and the Marienhohe Office: Kriegsstrasse 84, Karlsruhe
School Church. i/R., Germany.
Population: 25,140,000; churches, Officers:
247; members, 10,428. Pres., E. Berner.
Office Address: Ritter von Schoner- Treas., B. Muth.
erstr. 6, Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, Auditor, Miss H..Kofink.
Germany. Executive Committee: E. Berner,
Officers: Fr. Zapp, K. Kafitz, Th. Gawlik,
Pres., G. Seng. K. Ohm, Fr. Muller, F. C.
Treas. and Office Sec., Helene Grieser.
Kofink. Department Secretaries:
Auditor, P. A. Brandt. Field- Miss., Fr. Zapp.
Executive Committee: G. Seng,, Sabbath School, Home Miss.,
A. Sachsenmeyer, A. W. Muller, and Y. P. M. V., E. Berner.
W. Edener, E. Mayer, L. Schnee- Ministers:
bauer, A. Wegener, E. Berner, E. Berner, F. C. Grieser, G. F.
0. Neubauer, H. Erzberger, A. Horner, F. Diirr, R. Lange, Fr.
Wicklein, W. Meinhardt, W. Kobele, D. Eicher, H. Gobel.
Amelung. Licentiate: J. Schmidt.
South German Building Associa- Missionary Licentiates:
tion. F. Breuninger, A. Ntissle.
Manager and Bookkeeper, Wil-
helm Amelung.
Committee: G. Seng, A. Sachsen- CENTRAL RHENISH CONFER-
ineyer, A. W. Muller, W. Edener, ENCE
E. Mayer, 0. Neubauer, A. Organized 1920
Wicklein, W. Amelung.
South German Health Association: Territory: The Free State Hessia
Committee: G. Seng, A. Sachsen- (Provinces Rhinehessia, Starken-
meyer, A. W. Willer, W. Edener, burg and Upper Hessia). Of the
W. Amelung. Hessia-Nassau Province: The ad-
ministrative district of Wiesba-
Department Secretaries: den excepting the Unterlahn dis-
Educational, H. Erzberger. trict. Of the administrative dis-
Field Miss.,A. Wicklein. trict Kassel: Hanau, Gelnhausen,
Sabbath Sco ol, Home Miss., and Schliichtern, Fulda, Hiinfeld. Of
Y. P. M. V., 0. Neubauer. Bavaria: Aschaffenburg, Alzenau,
Obernburg and Miltenberg. The
Ministers: Saar-District. From the Rhine
G. Seng, H. Erzberger, 0. Neu- Province the districts: Trier,
bauer. Saarburg, Merzig-Wadern, St.

Wendel, Baumholder, Bad Kreuz- Executive Committee: A. W.

nach. From the State Olden-- Muller, W. Touchard, IL Fed-
burg: the district Birkenfeld. dersen, W. Meinhardt, R.
Population: 4,500,000; churches, Kopp, K. Engel, W. Hofmockel,
38, members, 1,496. W. Reinhold, F. Vogel.
Office: Eschenheimer Anlage 32, Department Secretaries:
Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Field Miss., W. Touchard.
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
Officers: Y. P. M. V., H. Schmidt.
Pres., A. Sachsenmeyer.
Treas., Lydia Rein. Ministers:
Auditor, Miss Helene Koflnk. A. W. Muller, J. Seefried, R.
MtWer, H. Feddersen, L. Krug,
Executive Committee: A. Sach- E. Kuschel, H. Wittig, W.
senmeyer, H. Nau, F. Hasel, F. Gericke, E. Adolph, E. Schwarz,
Fritz, W. Christanz, G. Meyer, 0. Kelle, W. Gehl, F. Schratten-
0. Schneider. holzer, E. Schank, W. Lorenz,
Department Secretaries: A. Haag, H. Schmidt.
Field Miss., F. Hasel. Missionary Licentiates:
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and M. Michaelis, G. Bohm, A.
Y. P. M. V., A. Sachsenmeyer. Stammberger, 0. Elsmann, H.
Ministers: Simon, A. Hertwig, K. Fischer,
A. Sachsenmeyer, FL Zimmer- M. Scheibenberger, A. Gutmann.
mann, W. Gemeinhardt, M. Prtill.
W. Haas, W. Binanzer, H. Nau,
K. Fleck, H. Behr, F. J. Ott. NORTH AUSTRIAN
Licentiates: CONFERENCE
H. Noltze, A. Ohme. Organized 1936
Missionary Licentiates: Territory: Vienna, Lower Danube,
J. Schonach, Miss L. Furst. Upper Danube, Burgenland,
South Moravia.
Population: 4,840,000; churches,
CONFERENCE Office: Pelzgasse 2/10, Vienna
Organized 1934 XV., Austria.
Territory: Upper, Cenffral, and Officers:
Lower Franconia (excepting As- Pres., L. Sehneebauer.
chaffenburg), Upper Palatinate Treas., Miss B. Bruscha.
(excepting Regensburg), Thur- Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
ingia with the administrative Executive Committee: L. S'chnee
district Erfurt, district Schleu- bauer, K. Floder, R. Grabner,
singen, Schmalkaldbn, Ziegen- E. Pickhart, E. Pfingstl, A. Wal-
ruck (excepting Sondershausen). ter, H. Auer.
Population: 4,600,000; churches, Department Secretaries:
61; members, 2,553. Field Miss., R. Grabner.
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
Office: Hinterm Bahnhof 30, Nth-- Y. P. M. V., L. Schneebauer.
emberg, Bavaria, Germany.
Officers: L. Schneebauer, Fr. Gruber, F.
Pres., A. W. Muller. Pfingstl, J. Penner, M. Schwab,
Treas., Miss F. Andersson. R. Lohner, H. S'chnotzinger, J.
Auditor, Miss H. Kofink. Schor.

Licentiate: Treas., Miss Aurelia Rinsch.

Th. Erbes. Auditor, Miss Helene Kofink.
Missionary Licentiate: Executive Committee: W.
E. Kiepe. Edener, H. Schwarz, A. Schnei-
der, W. Kehr, J. Bauer, A.
Konrad, E. Beck.
SOUTH AUSTRIAN Department Secretaries:
CONFERENCE - Field Miss., A. Schneider.
Organized 1936 Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
Territory: Salzburg, Tirol, Vorarl- Y. P. M. V., G. Schmalkoke.
berg, Styria, Carinthia. Ministers:
Population: 2,000,000; churches, W. Edener, J. F. Grieser, K.
15; members, 742. Golzer, H. Schwarz, M. Ganz-
leben, G. Schmalkoke, Fr. Fleck,
Office: Leopoldskronstrasse 22, A. Ulrich, Fr. Weigel, R. Vogel.
Salzburg, Austria.
Officers: H. Riedel, E. Alberth.
Pres., A. Wegener. Missionary Licentiates:
Treas., Miss B. Bruscha. J. G. Sommer, Fr. Krautz, K.
Auditor, Miss H. Kofink. Westenberger, M. Kuffer.
Executive Committee: A. Weg-
ener, K. Brich, H. Mayer, P.
Department Secretaries: Organized 1912
Field Miss., R. Grabner. Territory: Wurtemberg including
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and HohenzollernSigmaringen.
Y. P. M. V., A. Wegener.
Population: 2,600,000; churches,
Ministers: 45; members, 1,638.
A. Wegener, K. Fleck, P. Wein-
and, 0. Saur, W. Gast, F. Lub- Office Address: Fangelsbachstr. 11,
schina. Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, Ger-
0. Lenzi. Officers:
Pres., Ed. Mayer.
Missionary Licentiates: Treas. and Office Sec., Miss Jo-
A. Grak, F. X. Lechler. hanna 1Valz.
Auditor, Miss Helene Kofink.
SOUTH BAVARIAN Executive Committee : Ed. Mayer,
CONFERENCE Fr. Gregorius, E. Spah, L.
Feucbt, W. Kramer, Fr. Hager,
Organized 1919 Fr. Kurz.
Territory: Upper and Lower Ba- Department Secretaries:
varia, Swabia, Neuburg and the Field Miss., Fr. Hager.
southern part of the Upper Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
Palatinate, including Regens- Y. P. M. V., 0. Neubauer.
burg. Ministers:
Population: 3,300,000; churches, Ed. Mayer, Fr. Gregorius, M.
41; members, 1,788. Kunze, R. Werner, C. Reihlen,
Office Address: Tizianstrasse 18, A. Ansel, A. Henger, Fr. Roth,
Munich 19, Bavaria, Germany. H. Schulte, H. Zettwoch.
Officers: Licentiates:
Pres., W. Edener. K. Burk, F. Gunther.

Missionary Licentiates: Office Address: Ritter von Schone-

E. Fuchs, A. Posch, Miss J. rerstr. 6, Stuttgart, Wfirtem-
Baschenegger, Miss A. Kale, berg, Germany.
Miss E. Kiispert. Officers:
SCHOOL CHURCH Treas., Miss Helene Koflnk.
Organized 1921 Auditor, P. A. Brandt.
Territory: Darmstadt-Marienhihe. Minister: W. Hoffmann.


Organized 1909
Territory: Central German, Han- CENTRAL GERMAN CON-
over, Hansa, Hessia-Westphalian, FERENCE
and Rhenish Conferences. Organized 1934
Population: 25,400,000; churches, Territory: The Free-States Bruns-
252; members, 9,825. wick,-Anhalt; from the Free-
Office Address: Richard-Wagner- State Thuringia the district
str. 28, Hanover-N., Germany. Sondershausen; from the prov-
(Telephone, 60-018.) ince Saxony (Free-State Prus-
Full Title in German: Gemein- sia) the administrative district
schaft der Siebenten-Tags-Ad- Merseburg; the administrative
ventisten Westdeutscher Ver- district Erfurt without Erfurt;
band. from the administrative district
Officers: Magdeburg the districts Werni-
-Pres., Hans Fenner. gerode, Halberstadt city and ru-
Sec. and Treas., Otto Gmehling. ral, Quedlinburg city and rural,
Auditor: For the Union, the Di- Aschersleben, Oschersleben, Wan-
vision Auditor. For the Con- zleben, Calbe, Wolmirstedt, Neu-
ferences, the Union Treasurer. haldensleben, Jerichow I, and II.,
Executive Committee: H. Fen- Magdeburg city; from the prov-
ner, C. A. Motzer, W. Althoff, ince Hanover (Free-State Prus-
A. Pioch, W. Peters, L. Lutz, sia) the administrative district
R. Dettmar, 0. Gmehling, A. Hildesheim.
Vollmer, K. Faesecke, E. Ka- Population: 4,400,000 churches,
mann, Th. Schrlider. 44; members, 1,631.
Legal Assn: Weatdeutsche Grund- Office Address: Fasanenstr. 63, I.,
stticks-Gesellschaft m. b. H., Braunschweig, Germany. (Tele-
Hamburg. phone, 4167.)
Office: Richard-Wagnerstr. 28, Full Title in German: Gemein-
Hanover-N.; Manager, Hans Fen- schaft der Siebenten-Tags-Ad-
ner. ventisten, Mitteldeutsche Verei-
Department Secretaries: nigung.
Field Miss., Lorenz Lutz. Officers:
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and Pres., W. Althoff.
Y. P. M. V., R. Dettmar. Sec., C. Steudel.
Ministers: Treas., Miss M. Fuchs.
H. Fenner, R. Dettmar, 0. Auditor: The treasurer of the
Gmehling. West German Union.

Executive Committee: W. Al- Executive Committee: C. A.

thoff, C. Steudel, 0. Stein, J. Motzer, A. Weske, F. Risch-
Hiihn, A. Lanz. miiller, 0. Drosemeyer, W. Meier,
Department Secretaries: R. Kaufmann, M. Barlach.
Field Miss., A. Lanz. Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der
Home Miss., Sabbath School, Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten,
and Y. P. M. V., C. Steudel. Hannoversche Vereinigung
Ministers: Department Secretaries:
W. Althoff, C. Steudel, W. Field Miss., W. Meier.
Herbert, 0. Panzig, G. Fisch- Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
dick, H. Kn6ner, W. Pohland, Y. P. M. V.; R. Kaufmann.
K. Schieber. Ministers:
Licentiates: C. A. Motzer, F. Rischmiiller,
J. Fenner, L. Martin, G. Busch- K. Kapitz, R. Kaufmann, W.
ner, R. Linker, A. Weisse, A. Amian, A. Mannesmann, H.
Scherf, W. Rieckmann, H. Wille, K. Harres, W. Begemann.
Tilgner. Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: H. Wehrmann, E. Fraatz, E.
W. Koch, F. Sutor, E. Fisch- Baumbach, P. Wilrzberger.
dick, P. Sehornstein, Miss J. Missionary Licentiates:
Volkmann. H. Heuser, H. Treeck, K. Ross-
feld, Mrs. 0. Thaden.
Territory: From the Province Han- Organized 1900
over (Free-State Prussia) the Territory: The Free-States Ham-
administrative districts LtMe- burg, and Mecklenburg. From
burg, Stade, Aurich; the admin- the Free-State Oldenburg the
istrative district Hanover with- district Eutin. From the Free-
out Hameln-Pyrmont. The ad- State Prussia the Province
ministrative district Osnabriick Schleswig-Holstein.
city and rural, Melle, Wittlage, Population: 3,800,000; churches,
Iburg. From the Province Sax- 52; members,. 2,261.
ony (Free-State Prussia) the dis-
tricts: Gardelegen, Osterburg, Office Address: Grindelberg 11, I.,
Salzwedel, Stendal city and Hamburg 13, Germany. (Tele-
rural. The Free-State Bremen, phone 55 90 80)
the Free-State Oldenburg with- Officers:
out Birkenfeld and Eutin. Pres., W. John.
Population: 3,500,000; churches, Sec., H. Teichmann.
44; members, 1,552. Treas., P. Jaschke.
Auditor, the treasurer of the
Office Address: Neustadt-Contre- West German Union.
scarpe 30 I., Bremen, Germany.
(Telephone, 50626.) Executive Committee: W. John,
H. Teichmann, C. Sinz, H.
Officers: Zuber, C. Brilning, F. Rickers,
Pres., C. A. Motzer. E. Kluge, F. B itzrnann, C.
Sec., Richard Kaufmann. Schwiderowitz.
Treas., Miss F. Meier. Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der
Auditor, the treasurer of the Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten,
West German Union. Hansa-Vereinigung, e.V,

Department Secretaries: Office Address: Brfickenstrasse 34a,

Field Miss., H. Zuber. Hamm/W., Germany. (Tele-
Home Miss.., Sabbath School, and phone, 158.)
Y. P. M. V., H. Teichmann. Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der
Ministers: Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten,
W. John, H. Teichmann, H. Hessisch-Westfalische Vereini-
Detlefsen, G. Diirolf, H. Drang- gung; e. V.
meister, R. Schroder, K. Scheele, Officers:
K. Glockner, E. Kaufmann, E. Pres., A. Pioch.
Hennecke, H. Stoltenberg, J. Sec., Ewald Bartz.
Bohlmann, W. Unger. Treas., 0. Bahr.
Licentiates: Auditor, the treasurer of the
W. Hampel, H. Oswald, K. West German Union.
Gotzinger, G. Kortenhorn, A. Executive Committee: A. Pioch,
Heidzrstiidt, H. Burger, W. Watty, E. Bartz, Th.
Schiitte, E. Tilgner. SchrUder, S. Hohmann., A.
Missionary Licentiates: Bente, B. Schenk.
F. Kopp, F. Binnebiissel, Mrs. Department Secretaries:
E. Prieser. Field Miss., H. Grave.
Home Miss., Sabbath School,
and Y. P. M. V., E. Bartz.
FERENCE A. Pioch, E. Bahr, H. Phtschke,
Organized 1898 as West German H. Watty, A. Bremer, F. Racker,
A. v. Wallenstern, E. Bartz, P.
Paprotny, F. Schluter.
Territory: From the Free-State Licentiates:
Prussia the province Westphalia; W. Rhode, E. Detlefsen.
from the province Hessen-Nas- Missionary Licentiates:
sau the administrative district H. Kramer, H. Waldeck, E.
Kassel with the districts Es- Christoffers, P. Code, E. Bin-
chwege, Frankenberg, Fritzlar, anzer.
Hersfeld, Hofgeismar, Homberg,
Kassel city and rural, Kirchhain,
Marburg city and rural, Melsun- RHENISH CONFERENCE
gen, Rotenburg, Witzenhausen,
Wolfhagen, Ziegenhain, Hiinfeld, Organized 1902
der Eder, des Eisenbergs, der Territory: From the Free-State
Twiste, Schaumburg; from the Prussia the province Rhineland
administrative district Wiesba- (excepting Saarland) without
den the district Biedenkopf; the districts Kreuznach, Meisen-
from the administrative district heirn, St. Wendel-Baumholder,
Osnabruck (province Hanover) Trier city and rural, Merzing-
the districts: Osnabruck city Wadern, Saarburg. From the
and rural, Wittlage, Melle and province Hessen-Nassau and the
Iburg; from the administrative administrative district Wies-
district Hanover the district baden the Underlahn district
Hameln city and Hameln-Pyr- and the districts St. Goarshau-
mont. The Free-States Schaum- sen,: Niederlahnstein, Oberlahn-
burg-Lippe and Lippe-Detmold. stein, Braubach.
Population: 6,500,000; churches, Population: 7,300,000; churches.
54; members, 1,747. 53; members, 2,634.

Office Address: Adlerstrasse 70, Missionary Licentiates:

Dusseldorf, Germany. (Tele- F. Ernst, 0. Westermann, G.
phone, 16167.) Wuttke, Miss M. Diekinann.
Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der
Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten, INSTITUTIONS
Rheinische Vereinigung e. V. Section One
Officers: Educational:
Pres., W. Peters. Friedensau Missionary Seminary,
Sec., Fritz Hilmer. Friedensau, Post Grabow, Bez.
Treas., A. Pohl. Magdeburg, Germany.
Auditor, the treasurer of the Marienhohe Seminary, Darm-
West German Union. stadt, Germany.
Executive Committee: W. Peters, Publishing:
F. Hilmer, P. Knitter, A. Pohl; Hamburg Publishing House (Ad-
E. Kamann, 0. Adolph, F. vent-Verlag Vollmer & Bent-
Riiger, Th. Koch, H. Eicker- lin KG), Grindelberg 15a,
mann. Hamburg 13, Germany.
Holland Branch: (International
Department Secretaries: Advent -Zendingsgenootschap)
Field Miss., Paul Knitter. van Weede van Dijkveldstraat
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and 77, The Hague, Holland.
Y. P. M. V., F. Hilmer. Vienna Branch: (Advent-Verlag
Ministers: E. V.) VII, Wimbergergasse
W. Peters, R. Stein, F. Miner, 46, Vienna VII, Germany.
W. Schon, 0. Pelzer, K. Driige, Sanitariums and Treatment
R. Rittau, R. Eichwald, E. Rooms:
Wenzel. Krankenhaus "Waldfriede," Fie-
Licentiates: cherhiitten Str. 99-109, Berlin-
K. Schubert, G. Wucherer, K. Zehlendorf-West, Germany.
Voget, 0. Hesse, H. Osterburg, Kurhotel, Wittelsbach, Bad Ai-
R. Brager, B. Engel, H. Kachel, bling, Oberbayern, Germany.
G. Ludwig, H. Rohwedder, H. Charlottenbad, Charlottenstr. 24,
Soetber. Hamburg 19, Germany.
Territory: The Central European churches, 297; membership, 10,-
Division, Section II, shall con- 225.
sist of Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Headquarters: Takoma Park,
Albania, Hungary, Greece, Tur- Washington, D. C., U. S. A.
key, Egypt, Arabia, Cyprus,' Officers:
Syria, Palestine, Transjordan, Pres., H. L. Rudy.
Iran, Iraq, and Tanganyika, Sec.-Treas., T. J. Michael.
comprising the following-named Executive Committee: H. L.
Union Conferences and Missions: Rudy, T. J. Michael, C. E.
Arabic, Czechoslovakian, and Weaks, A. W. Peterson, Steen
Hungarian and the follow- Rasmussen, J. A. Stevens, G.
ing Missions: Tanganyika Mis- Keough, J. Doubraysky, L.
sion, Bulgarian Mission, Grecian Michnay, A. Sprogis, J. Mi-
Mission, Turkish Mission, and hailoff.
the Iran Mission. Ministerial Assn. Sec., H. L.
Population: About 92,054,640; Rudy.


Organized November, 1927

Territory: Egypt, Arabia, Pales- Union Committee: G. Keough,

tine, Transjordan, Cyprus, Sy- E. Maier, C. H. Rieckmann, E.
ria, Iraq, Turkey, viz., Egyp- Bethmann, S. Nowfel, B. Hasso.
tian, Palestine-Transjordan, Sy-
rian, Turkish, and Iraq Missions. Department Secretaries:
Population: 50,100,000; churches, Field Miss., C. H. Rieckmann.
16; members, 420. Other Departments, E. Maier.
Cable Address: Advent-Jerusalem. Minister:
Office Address: Location of House, G. Keough.
North of Y. M. C. A. Building, Honorary: R. S. Greaves.
Julians Way, Jerusalem, Pales-
Licentiate: E. Maier.
Postal Address: Box 592, Jeru- Missionary Licentiates: B. Faern-
salem, Palestine. stroem, A. Piorr, Miss S. Busen-
berg, Mrs. E. Kruger, Mrs.
Officers: Keough, Mrs. Bethmann, Mrs.
Supt., G. Keough. Schubert, Mrs. Lesowsky, Mrs.
Sec. and Treas., E. Maier. Grin, Mrs. Rieckmann, Mrs.

Maier, Mrs. Faernstroem, Mrs. Church Schools:

Piorr. Beni Adiat, Upper Egypt.
Hotel Directory: Visitors are rec- Tataliah, Upper Egypt.
ommended to the following ho-
Palestine: Johanniter-Hospiz, Je- IRAQ MISSION
rusalem. Organized 1923
Syria: Mr. Fuad R. Saadeh,
Territory: Iraq.
Kasm & Kabbany Building,
Apt. 16, Rue Du Parlement, Population: 3,000,000; churches,
Damascus, Syria. 2; members, 31.
Tourists are recommended to Address: c/o Hasso Bros., Bagh-
Sahhar Bros., Mamillah Road; dad, Iraq.
Jerusalem, for the arrangement Officers:
of tours in Palestine and Syria. Director, E. Bethmann.
Treas., E. Maier.
Committee: E. Bethmann, G.
EGYPTIAN MISSION Keough, B. Hasso, E. Maier.
Entered 1899 Minister:
E. Bethmann.
Territory: Egypt. Church School: Mosul.
Population: 16,000,000; churches,
6; members, 163.
Address: Rue Abd. El. Moneim 13, PALESTINE-TRANSJORDAN
Apartment 8, Heliopolis, Cario, MISSION
Egypt. Organized 1929
Cable Address: Advent, Mataria, Territory: Palestine and Trans-
Cairo. jordan.
Officers: Population: 1,300,000; churches,
Director, E. L. Branson. 3; members, 60.
Treas., R. M. Whitsett. Address: Box 592, Jerusalem, Pal-
Mission Committee: E. L. Bran- estine.
son, R. M. Whitsett, C. H. Officers:
Rieckmann, Nashid Yacoub. Director, G. Keough.
Ministers: Treas., E. Maier.
E. L. Branson, R. M. Whitsett, Committee: G. Keough, E.
Maier, E. Bethmann, M. Had-
Maurice Grin, Nashid Yacoub. dad.
Licentiates: Legal Assn.: General Confer-
C. H. Rieckmann, Basta Bishai, ence Corporation of Seventh-day
Samuel Farag. Adventists in Palestine, Jerusa-
Missionary Licentiates: Same for Transjordan, Amman.
Sophie Busenberg, Emily Levy. Ministers:
Nurse: Erna Krueger. E. Schubert, I. Khalil.

Missionary. Licentiates: Ministers:

Bror Faernstroem, Alfred Piorr, W. Lesovsky, S. Nowfel.
Miss Valborg Larsson.
Licentiate: E. Ashod.
Missionary Licentiates:
Institute for Massage and Hy-
dro and Electro Therapy, N. Hovhannessian, A. Keough,
K. Ibrahim, Mrs. Charl. Le-
Jerusalem,Box 1091. sovsky.
Nurses:r roFaernstroem and
Miss Valborg Larsson. Church School: Beyrouth.
Institute for Massage and Hy-
dro Electro Therapy, Amman,
Nurse: Alfred Piorr.
Entered 1899
Church School:
Territory: Turkey.
El Husn, Transjordan.
Population: 16,200,000; churches,
3; members, 81.
SYRIAN MISSION Office Address: 14 Saray Arkasi,
Ayaz Pass, Istanbul, Turkey.
Entered 1899
Postal Address: P.K. 2071, Istan-
Territory: Syria, Grand Lebanon, bul-Beyoglu, Turkey. (Request
and Cyprus. using personal name only.)
Population: 3,600,000; churches, Officers:
2, members, 85. Lirector, F. F. Oster, P.K. 509,
Address: Boite Postale 595, Bey- Ankara, Turkey.
routh, Lebanon. Sec. and Treas., R. Klinger.
Officers: Mission Committee: F. F. Oster,
R. Klinger.
Director, G. Keough.
(Under supervision of Palestine Ministers:
Mission.) F. F. Oster, R. Klinger.
Treas., E. Maier. Licentiate: K. Kalustian.
Mission Committee: G. Keough, Institution: Turkish Depository,
E. Maier, W. Lesovsky, S..Now- A. Barlas, P.K. 2120, Istanbul-
fel. Beyoglu, Turkey. (Request us-
Legal Assn.: General Conference ing personal name only.) Man-
Corporation of Seventh-day Ad- ager, R. Klinger, P.K. 2071, Is-
ventists in Lebanon and Syria. tanbul-Beyoglu, Turkey.

Organized 'gig; Reorganized ig3g
Territory: The entire republic, ian Conference and the Slovak-
corn prising the Bohemian-Moray- ian Mission.

Population: 10,000,000; churches, Ministers:

70; members, 2,000. J. Polednik J. Obornk, P. Raka,
F. Sumbera, V. Kroulik, A. Zu-
Office Address: Praha-Vinohrady, rek, F. Konvalina, K. Mokrt.
Londtnskti 35, Czecho-Slovakia.
A. Pra2an, A. Kubeeka.
Pres., J. Doubraysky.
Sec. and Treas., J. Cepl. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: J. Dou- B. Teplt, 0. Kimler, J. Marcolla,
brayskk, J. Popelka, J. Licht, L. Czeczotka, K. Hurta, J. Kutt,
F. A. Ludwig, J. Cepl, P. Sur- J. Skrla, J. Kantor, 0. Wagen-
man. knecht, M. Bujokova, M. Ada-
Seventh-day Adventist Associa- mova, A. Prochazkova, A. Mar-
tion: Manager, J. Doubraysky. tigova, M. Vranoya, B. Moko-
Department Secretaries:
,Field Miss., J. Popelka.
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and SLOVAKIAN MISSION
Sabbath School, P. Surman.
Organized 1919
Ministers: J. Doubraysky, J. Po-
pelka, P. Surman, J. Cepl. Territory: Slovakia and Carpath-
ian Russia.
Population: 2,000,000; churches,
25; members 650.
CONFERENCE Office Address: J. Licht, Poprad,
Tovarnickti 49. Czecho-Slovakia.
Organized 1919
Territory: Bohemia and Moravia- Supt., J. Lichy.
Silesia. Sec. and Treas., St. Macko.
Population: 8,000,000; churches, Executive Committee: J. Lichy,
45; members, 1,350. P. Surman, T. J. Zigmund, A.
Office Address: Praha-Vinohrady, Messerschmidt, J. Kapitan.
Londynska 35. Czecho-Slovakia. Department Secretaries:
Officers: Field Miss., J.. Popelka.
Pres., J. Doubraysky. Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Sabbath Sch., T. J. Zigmund.
Sec. and Treas., J. Cepl.
Executive Commitee: J. Dou- Ministers:
brayskk, F. Sumbera, J. Popelka, J. Licht, V. Cizmar, J. Gajan,
J. Mokrk, J. Hurta, K. Poled- T. J. Zigmund.
nil, F. Zidek. Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: St. Macko, D. Krtnskt, J. Strba.
Field Miss., J. Kantor. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V., J. Sobotka, J. Bandurovi, P.
and Sabbath Sch., P. Surman. Styk.
Organized rgrz; reorganized 1925 and 1936

Territory: Hungary, viz., Central, Officers:

East, and West Hungarian Mis- Director, L. Michnay.
sions. Vice-Pres., I. Berghauer.
Population: 9,000,000; churches, Sec. and Treas., A. Raz.
87; members, 2,546. Executive Committee: I. Berg-
hauer, L. Bajor, A. Raz, J.
Office Address: SzAkely Bertalan- Lorincz, J. Egyed.
utca 13, Budapest VI, Hungary.
(Telephone, 128-336.) Department Secretaries:
Officers: Field Miss., K. Kovacs.
Pres.. L. Michnay. Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Sabbath School, J. Jenik.
Sec. and Treas., J. Jenik.
Executive Committee: L. Mich- Ministers:
nay, J. Jenik, A. Muranyi, D. I. Berghauer, L. Bajor.
Zarka, J. TOth, B. Gyarrnati, B. Licentiates:
Jeszenszky, J. Egyed.
J. Veszelovszky, K. Berzenczei,
Legal Assn.: Building Society S. Debreczeni, J. Szabo.
"Koch 6s Tarsa," Sz6kely Berta-
lan-utca 13, Budapest VI, Hun- Missionary Licentiates:
gary. J. Szigethy, K. Delizotti, J. Kiss,
Manager, J. Jenik. J. N6gyesi, S. Greiner, M. Bajor,
E. Marinka.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., J. T6th.
Sabbath School, J. Jenik.
Organized 1925 and 1936
L. Michnay, J. Jenik, K. Sohl- Territory: Borstod-, Szatmar-, Bi-
mann. har-, Hajdu-, B6k6s- Csanad-,
Szolnok-, and Bereg-Comitates.
Missionary Licentiates: A. Raiz,
M. Erdodi. Population: 3,200,000; churches,
36; members, 1,041.
Office Address: FAbiAn-utca 5, Mis-
MISSION Officers:
Organized 1925 and 1936 Director, A. Muranyi.
Treas., A. Ro6z.
Territory: Pest-, CsongrAd-, Baca-, Executive Committee: A. Mu-
Hont-, Heves-, and NOgrad- ranyi, J. Albrecht, K. Kovacs, B.
Copitates. Jeszenszky, I. Porcsin.
Population: 3,200,000; churches, Department Secretaries:
31; members, 1,071. Field Miss., K. Kovacs.
Office Address: SzAkely Bertalan- Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
utca 13, Budapest VI, Hungary. Sabbath School, J. Jenik.
4 97

Ministers: Office Address: Szekely Bertalan-

A. Muranyi, J. Albrecht, I. Stoics, utca 13, Budapest VI, Hungary.
L. Halasz, A. Fodor. Officers:
Licentiates: Director, D. Zarka.
I. Danhauser, J. Pechtol, L. Lenk. Sec. and Treas., A. Raz.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: D. Zarka,
V. Fekete, I. Tdth. M. BuzgO, J. Tdth, J. Nagy, M.
Department Secretaries:
Organized 1925;. reorganized 1936 Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Territory: Esztergom-, FejOr-, Ba- Sabbath School, J. Jenik.
ranya-, Komfirom-, Veszprdm-, Ministers:
Somogy-, Tolna-, Zala-, Vas-, D. Zarka, M. Buzg6, A. Katona.
Moson-, and Gyor-Comitates.
Population: 2,600,000; churches, Missionary Licentiates:
20; members, 434. Z. Csanyi, M. Herczeg, M. Roth.


BULGARIAN MISSION Konstantinoff, B. Boneff, B.

Organized 1911 Nikolrff.
Territory: Bulgaria. Licentiates:
Population: 6,000,000; churches, D. Harboff, W. Iwanoff, A.
27; members, 771. G eorgieff.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Missionary Licentiates:
Sofia, Solunska 10. B. Kiriloff, Miss N. GaMchewa,
Office Address: Solunska 10, Sofia, Miss K. Nikolova, D. Kiroff, S.
Bulgaria. (Telephone, 2-64-66.) Mindova.
Officers: Institution: -
Director, J. Mihailoff. Bulgarian Book and Bible House,
Sec. and Treas., D. Kiroff. "Nov Schivot" Sofia (Bulga-
ria), Solunska 10; Manager,
Executive Committee: J. Mi- D. Kiroff.
hailoff, D. Kiroff, K. Waswasoff,
K. Christoff, N. Atanasoff, W.
Department Secretaries: Entered 1903
Field Miss., B. Kiriloff. Territory: Greece and Albania.
Y. P. M. V., Sabbath School and
Home Miss., K. Waswasoff. Population: 7,832,000; churches,
5; members, 117.
J. Mihailoff, K. Waswasoff, St. Office Address: Lahana St. 36.

Postal Address: Post Box 144, Legal Association: General Confer-

Saloniki, Greece. ence of Seventh-day Adventists.
Representative in Iran, F. F.
Officers: Oster.
Acting Director, .
Sec. and Treas., A. N. Stabellos. Institutions:
Executive Committee: A. N. Sta- The Iran Literature Society;
bellos, Chr. Christoforides, N. Manager, A. Hessel, Teheran,
Pappastamoulis, Iran.
Ministers: - Seventh-day Adventist Mission
-, N. Pappastamoulis. Hospital and Dispensary,
Araq, Iran. Director and
Missionary Licentiates: Manager, Dr. A. Arzoo;
A. N. Stabellos, Chr. Christo- Matron and Head Nurse,
forides, Miss A. Keanides, Miss Mrs. H. E. Hargreaves; Board
M. Kalfa. Iran Mission Committee and
head nurse of Hospital.
Adventist Eye Clinic, Araq,
IRAN MISSION Iran, Director, Dr. H. E.
Entered 1911Reorganized 1935 Hargreaves; Board, Iran Mis-
sion Committee and head nurse
Territory: Iran. of Hospital.
Population: 12,000,000; churches,
9; members, 153.
Cable Address: "Advent," Teheran. TANGANYIKA MISSION
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Entered 1903
Shah Ave., 20, Teheran, Iran. Territory: Tanganyika Territory.
Officers: Population: 5,022,640; churches,
Director, . 16; members, 2,365.
Sec. and Treas., A. Hessel. Office Address: P. 0. Musoma,
Mission Committee: Tanganyika Territory, East Af-
Dr. A. Arzoo, A. Hessel, Dr. H. rica.
E. Hargreaves.
Ministers: Director, A. Sprogis.
A. Hessel, Dr. H. E. Hargreaves, Sec. and Treas., R. Reinhard.
Richard Langholf.
Committee: A. Sprogis, H. Rob-
Licentiates: son, R. Helbig, H. Kotz.
Dr. A. Arzoo, V. Shirvanian, Ministers:
Haik Salakian.
European: AySprogis, H. Rob-
Missionary Licentiates: son, R. nelbig, E. A. Flammer,1-
Mrs. A. Arzoo, Mrs. A. Hessel, R. Reider, H. E. Kotz.
M. H. Gasparian, Rahman Ter- African: Paolo Saburi, Elisa
mei, M. S. Beitzakhar, Josef Manongi.
Gabrielian, Yoash Sangarloo, Licentiates:
Ohan Keshizade, Nadir- Poor-
hadi, Mrs. Xenia Nezarian, Mrs. European: W. Lud4g, Ph. We(
Shalim Sayad, Mrs. H. E. Har- ner.
greaves, N. Badal, J. Poorhade,
.1011p. African: B. Shaqira, E. Wandea,
K. Nazarian, S. Sayad. T. Nzota, Y. Mseli.

Missionary Licentiates: v. African Evangelists and Teachers:

W. Fengr, R. Reinhard, F. G. 18.
Reid, Miss M. Bremer, Mrs. A.
Sprogis, Mrs. H. Robson, Mrs. Suji Mission, Station
R. Helbig, Mrs. E. A. Flammer,
Mrs. R. Reider, Mrs. P. Werner, Missionary in Charge: W. Fenner,
Mrs. H. Kotz, Mrs. F. G. Reid. Evangelist, W. Ludwig.
Address: Suji, Private Bag, P. 0.
Tanga, Tanganyika Territory,
Ikizu Mission Station East Africa.
Missionary in Charge: P. Werner. African Evangelists and Teachers:
Address: P. 0. Musoma, Tangan- 32.
yika Territory, East Africa,
African Teachers: 10. Utimbaru Mission Station
African Evangelist: 1. Missionary in Charge: E. A. Flam-
Majita Mission Station Address: Utimbaru, P. 0. Musoma,
Lake Province, Tanganyika Ter-
Missionary in Charge: R. Helbig. ritory, East Africa.
Address: Majita, P. 0. Musoma, African Teachers: 8.
Tanganyika Territory, East Af-
African Evangelists and Teachers: INSTITUTIONS , /
Section Two
Mbeya Mission Station Educational:
Missionary in Charge: R. Reider. Ikizu Training School, Ikizu
Mission, P. 0. Musoma, Tan-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0. ganyika Territory, East Af-
Mbeya, Tanganyika Territory, rica.
East Africa. Ntusu Girls School, Ntusu, P. 0.
African Teacher: 1. Maswa, Lake Province, Tan-
ganyika Territory, East Af-
Mwagala Mission Station Suji Training School, Suji Mis-
Missionary in Charge: H. Kotz. sion, Private Bag, P. 0. Tanga,
Tanganyika Territory, East
Address: Mwagala, P. 0. Maswa, Africa.
Lake Province, Tanganyika Ter-
ritory, East Africa. Publishing:
African Teachers: 9. Hungarian Publishing House
(Advent Kiadnivatal Fiokja),
Budapest I, Ngmetvolgyi ut
Ntusu Mission Station 26, Hungary.
Missionary in Charge: H. Robson. Czechoslovakian Publishing
House, Brno-Kralovo Pole,
Address: Ntusu, P4, 0. Maswa, Wilsonova 8, Czechoslovakia.
Lake Province, Tanganyika Ter- Bulgarian Book and Bible House
ritory, East Africa. (Knigoisdateltsro "Nos Schi-
Missionary Licentiates: rot") Solunska 10, Sofia, Bul-
F. G. Reid, Mrs. F. G. Reid. garia.

Depositories: Sanitarium and Treatment Rooms:

Arabic Literature Society, P. 0. Amman Treatment Rooms, Am-
Box 1091, Jerusalem, Palestine. man, Transjordan.
Greek Depository, Post Box 144,
Salonica, Greece. JerusalemInstitution for Mas-
Turkish Depository, Posta Ku- sage and Hydro-Electric Ther-
tusu 2120, Istanbul-Beyoglu, apy, P. 0. Box 1091, Jerusa-
Turkey. A. Barlas, Manager. lem, Palestine.
Literature Society, Teheran, Seventh-day Adventist Mission
Iran. Hospital, Araq, Iran.
Organized 1931
Territory: China, Manchuria, Mon- Educational and Young People's
golia, Tibet, Sinkiang, and the Missionary Volunteer Depart-
islands controlled by China, to- ments:
gether with Hongkong and Ma- Secretary: D. E. Rebok.
cau; all of which are comprised Members: D. E. Rebok, S. L.
in the East China, West China, Frost, Bessie Mount, S. H. Lindt,
North China, South China, and P. E. Quimby, B. A. Liu, Educa-
Central China Union Missions, tional and Y. P. M. V. secre-
the Northwest China Mission, taries of union missions; the
and the Manchurian Union Mis- heads of senior and junior
sion. training institutes in the divi-
Population: 478,504,286; churches, sion; the superintendents of
292, members, 16,706. union missions in China.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Home Missionary Department:
" Adventist," Shanghai. Codes Secretary, E. L. Longway.
used: Western Union 5 letter Members: The division depart-
edition; A. B. C. Fifth edition. mental secretaries; the union and
Postal, Express, and Freight Ad- local home missionary secretaries
dress: 526 Ningkuo Road, Shang- as appointed; the union field
hai, China. Telephone, 51094. missionary secretaries; the ex-
Note. To find the Ningkuo ecutive heads of division, union,
Road Mission Compound, Shang- and local fields.
hai, if unencumbered by lug- Medical Department:
gage, ask to be directed to a Secretary, H. W. Miller, M. D.
No. 10 Omnibus (eastbound), Members: The division medical
and stop at Ningkuo Road. If secretary, with the physicians
you have luggage, the best plan connected with all recognized
will be to take a taxi to 526 sanitariums, treatment rooms,
Ningkuo Road (Ning-gwoh-lu). and hospital-dispensaries in the
OffiCers: China Division; the superintend-
Pres., W. H. Branson. ents of nurses in institutions
See., S. L. Frost. conducting nurses' training
Treas., C. C. Morris. schools.
Executive Board: W. H. Bran- Ministerial Association:
son, S. L. Frost, C. C. Mor- Secretary: 0. A. Hall.
ris, H. W. Miller, H. L. Shull, Advisory Council: 0. A. Hall,
John Oss, N. F. Brewer, M. division officers, superintend-
C. Warren, 0. A. Hall, K. H. ents of union missions, division
Wood, Geo. J. Appel, E. L. Long- departmental secretaries, union
way, Bessie Mount, W. A. evangelists, principals of senior
Scharffenberg, Dr. L. H. Butka, and junior training institutes in
D. E. Rebok, G. L. Wilkinson, the China Division, heads of the
B. A. Liu, W. J. Harris, A. L. Bible and evangelistic depart-
Ham, Y. H. Chti, J. C. Shull. ments of the China Training In-
Legal Association: "General stitute, S. H. Lindt, W. E.
Conference Corporation of Sev- Strickland, C. I. Meng.
enth-day Adventists." C. C. Publishing Department:
Morris, Attorney-in-fact. Sec., E. L. Longway.
Auditor, C. C. Morris. Members: The division publishing

and home missionary depart- P. E. Quimby, B. A. Liu, A. L.

ment secretaries; all union field Ham, W. J. Harris, Meng
and home missionary secretaries Chung-i, E. L. Longway, G. L.
within our territory; all local Wilkinson, V. J. Maloney, L. H.
field missionary secretaries; the Davies, T. G. Giang, Goh Djao 0,
head of the publishing house in David Hwang.
China, together with the chief Licentiates:
editors as appointed by the divi- W. I. Hilliard, Yeh Kwen Gan,
sion committee; the superin- Y. H. Chu, H. R. Dixon, Dr. L. H.
tendents of all union missions. Butka, H. H. Morse, C. L. Woods,
Religious Liberty: Hwang Tz Ting, P. L. Williams,
W. H. Branson. Herbert Liu, M.D., Wang Yung
Sabbath School Department: Yao, H. W. Christian, H. L.
Secretary: Miss Bessie Mount. Shull, J. C. Shull, R. W. Paul,
Advisory Committee: The divi- M.D., Ho Ping Duan, Chen
sion Sabbath school secretary; Ming, A. F. Tai, Shan Ying
all union Sabbath school sec- Min, H. A. Mourer, M.D.; S. H.
retaries; 0. A. Hall, Mrs. K. Pang, M.D., Joseph H. Su, Chen
H. Wood, Joseph May, C. C. Hwa Ting.
Morris, H. L. Shull, D. E. Re- Missionary Licentiates:
bok, N. F. Brewer, Chen Ming. Mrs. W. H. Branson, Mrs. Min-
The Rome Commission: nie H. Crisler, Mrs. S. L. Frost,
Members: D. E. Rebok (chair- Mrs. D. E. Rebok, Mrs. H. L.
man), Mrs. Minnie Crisler (sec- Shull, Mrs. P. E. Quimby, F. A.
retary), W. H. Branson, Dr. H. Landis, Mrs. F. A. Landis, Bes-
W. Miller, Mrs. B. Miller E. sie Mount, Mrs. S. H. Lindt,
Longway, Elsie Liu, Miss J. Mrs. W. A. Scharffenberg, E. C.
Holmes, Mrs. Chen Gien Wen, Wood, Mrs. E. C. Wood, Mrs.
S. L. Frost, Mrs. A. E. Hughes, H. H. Morse, Matilda Follett,
Mrs. L. H. Davies, Dr. Constance A. R. Boynton, Mrs. A. R.
Wen, Mrs. C. B. Green, Mrs. M. Boynton, Dr. J. Constance Wen,
C. Warren, Mrs. W. I. Hilliard, Mrs. C. C. Morris, R. A. Brett,
L. C. Wilcox, R. H. Hartwell, Mrs. R. A. Brett, Mrs. John Oss,
Mrs. T. F. Mi, B. A. Liu. E. C. Meisler, Mrs. E. C. Meisler,
Mrs. H. W. Miller, Mrs. John
Transportation Agents: C. C. Mor- Shull, Mrs. C. L. Woods, Miss
ris (chairman), the union treas- Yen Shu Bin, Mrs. L. H. Butka,
urers of the South China, Central Mrs. E. L. Longway, Wilton
China, and Liaotung Union Mis- Wood, Mrs. Wilton Wood, Dzo
sions. Ging Mei, Mrs. 0. A. Hall, W.
Division Building Committee: C. C. E. Anderson, Mrs. W. E. Ander-
Morris (chairman), W. H. Bran- son, Mrs. Mi Deh Feng, Ethel
son, E. C. Wood, D. E. Rebok, Porter, Charles Dale, M.D., Mrs.
H. L. Shull, N. F. Brewer, 0. A. Charles Dale, Frank Knight, Mrs.
Hall, S. L. Frost, F. A. Landis, Frank Knight, Mrs. A. A. Esteb,
G. J. Appel. Rachel Landrum, Ruth Lehman,
Ministers: Mary Ogle, Dorothy J. Wheeler,
W. H. Branson, Dr. H. W. Mil- Dr. Geneva Beatty, Mrs. Roger
ler, S. L. Frost, C. C. Morris, Paul, Mrs. Hazel B. Sevrens,
S. H. Lindt, D. E. Rebok, John Della L. Rice, S..J. Lee, Wang
Oss, W. A. Scharffenberg, G. J. Wen Tien, Hwang Yao Tso,
Appel, M. C. Warren, K. H. Mrs. B. A. Liu, Mrs. Wang Yong
Wood, N. F. Brewer, 0. A. Hall, Yao, Mrs. C. L. Ling, Wang

Sien Tung, Mrs. 'Wang Sien Y. C. Chu, Mrs. H. A. Mourer,

Tung, Mrs. D. G. Liu, Tsao Dr. Y: H. Chang, R. Y.' Hwang,
Chuin Kai, Chuan Hsi Tien, Dr. ' Mrs. H. C. Liu, Mrs. David
C. C. Wong, Ethel Chenalloy, Hwang, Elsie Liu, H. H. Djang,
Chu YU Ming, Ling Wei Su, Mrs. G. G. Hamp, Benjamin Gia,
Liu Chi Ming, C. C. Krohn, Mrs. John Wang, Lee Ming Ih, Mrs.
C. C. Krohn, Gertrude Green, S. H. Pang.


Organized xgrg
Territory: The following-named H. R. Dixon, Mrs. J. H. Dien-
provinces: Honan, Hunan, Hu- berg, Mrs. R. J. Brines, ANT, G.
peh, Kiangsi. Nethery; Miss M. Ragsdale, Mrs.
Population: 104,011,642; churches, A. B. Buzzell, Mrs. E. H. James.
24; members, 2,041.
Telegraphic Address: " Advent-
ist," Hankow. HONAN MISSION
Office Address: Hankow, Hupch, Organized 1917
Officers: Territory: The Province of Honan;
Supt., M. C. Warren. also Tungming-hsien and Chang-
Sec. and Treas., H. R. Dixon. yan-lisien of Hopei, and Tsao-
hsien of Shantung.
Executive Committee: M. C.
Warren, H. R. Dixon, M. E. Population: 31,031,909; churches,
Loewen, E. H. James, J. H. Eff- 10; companies, 25; members,
enberg, C. A. Carter, Liu Djung 1,100.
Gwang, B. C. Clark, Du Shu Telegraphic Address: "Adventist
Ren, Chang Swell Djen, Peng Mission," Yencheng.
Hsien Wu, Wang Ging Bo, A. Address: Yencheng, Honan, China.
B. Buzzell, Dr. W. G. Nethery, Officers:
Li Hung Bing, J. E. Frick.. Director, M. E. Loewen.
Department Secretaries: Sec. and Treas., 0. G. Erich.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., C. Department Secretaries:
A. Carter. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Djao Lien Ren.
J. H. Effenberg. Home Miss., Djang Djen Hai.
Medical, W. G. Nethery, M.D. Medical, W. G. Nethery, M.D.
Publishing, A. B. Buzzell. Publishing, Hou Hsu Hsuan.
Ministers: Sabbath School, Djao Lien Ren.
M. C. Warren, C. A. Carter, J. H. Ministers:
Effenberg, A. B. Buzzell, E. H. M. E. Loewen, Liu Djen Bang,
James. Shih Ru Ling, Wang Ging Bo,
Licentiates: Peng Hsien Djung, Su Dien
H. R. Dixon, Wang Ih Dji, Fan Ching, Djang Djen Hai, Tang
Deh Yu, W. G. Nethery. Hsin Loh.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
Mrs. M. C. Warren, Mrs. C. A. Niu Siu Shen, Djang Gwoh
Carter, Mrs. T. A. Smith, Mrs. Djen.

Missionary Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:

Mrs. M. E; Loewen, Miss M. Bu Hsin Ting, Djou Yu Wen,
Ragsdale, W. G. Nethery, Mrs. Djang Gwang Sing, Tsai Gwei
W. G. Nethery, 0. G. Erich, Mrs. Hsiang, Ih Fei, Hwang Ren Wu,
0. G. Erich, Mrs. Thelma Smith, Djan Tien Neng, Wu Hsin
Hou. Hsu Hsuan, Djao Lien Fang, Ling Fu Tang, Li Hung
Ren, Djang Ying Kou, Mrs. Bing.
Djang, Gia Da Sao, Mrs. Gia, Church School Teacher:
Wu Yung Guang, Feng Chen Liang Sui Seng.
Chieh, Mao Rung Hsing, Li Hunan Training Institute
Hsui Feng, Tang Hsin Ho, Kung Teachers:
Dzi Djen, Feng Cheng Yuin. Li Kwa,m, Ren, Wu Ding Chi,
Church School Teachers: Djang Hsiu Deli, Chen Djung
9 teachers. Sui.


Organized 1917 Organized 1909
Territory: The eastern part of Hu- Territory: The Province of Hupeh
nan Province,all hsiens east of
but not including Chiencheng, Population: 27,167,244; churches,
Yungswen, Fenghwang, ]3aoging,- 3; members, 285.
Mayang. Telegraphic Address: " Adventist,"
Population: 35,700,285; churches, Hankow.
8; members, 476. Address: 107 Woo Tsu Street,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Hankow, Hupeh, China.
Mission," Changsha. Officers:
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 75 Fu Director, B. C. Clark.
Dzen St., Changsha, Hunan, Sec. and Treas., Y. S. Leng.
China. Executive Committee: B. C.
Officers: Clark, Y. S. Leng, Hu Bing
Director, Du Shu Ren. Chen, Yen Chun Shan, Li Wei
Sec. and Treas., Lee Hung Bing. Chin, Fang Chih Hsiang.
Executive Committee: Du Su Department Secretaries:
Ren, Lee Hung Bing, Wang Deh Book and Bible House, Y. S.
Dzi, Chen Djung Sui, Hwang Leng.
Tsung Sen, Li Deng Ren, Li Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Gwang Ren. Hu Bing Chen.
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., Yen Ch'un Shan.
Educational, Wu Ding Chi. Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Field Miss. and Home Mission- Hu Bing Chen.
ary, Li Deng Ren. Ministers:
Sabbath School, Wang Deh Dzi.
Y. P. M. V., Chen Djung Sui. B. C. Clark, Fan Chih Hsiang.
Ministers: Licentiates:
Du Shu Ren, Hwang Djung Seng, Chang Shun Chen, Hsu Sin
Wang Deh Dzi.
Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
Djang Fu Hsuan, Dju Dzi Ai, Mrs. B. C. Clark, Chu Yeh Chang,
Hu Si Gwei, Hwang Dzi Ling, Abbie Dunn, Chang Keh Di, Y. S.
Li Kwang Ren. Leng, Yen Chien Shan, Yen Gia

Gieh, Anna Lo, Wang Yung Ministers:

Keang, Lo Yin Chiao, Chao J. F. Frick, Wang Wen Hwei.
Tung Mei. Licentiates:
Church School Teachers: 3. Shen Hsuen Hung, Peng Hsien
Missionary Licentiates:
KIANGSI MISSION Peng Liang, Liu Siao Ching, Lo
Yue Ching, Lo Dzen Yuan, Mrs.
Organized 1917 J. E. Frick, Deng Siao Sien.
Territory: The Province of Ki- Bible Women:
angsi. Hwang Dao Seng, Kung Yu
Population: 17,569,210; churches, Hwa.
5; members, 186. Church School Teachers:
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist Shen Dao Dzen, Lo Kwah Hwa,
Mission," Kiukiang. Chin Hwa. Cho.,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 41
Hsiao Giao Chang, Kiukiang, MIAO DISTRICT
Kiangsi, China. Organized 1937
Director, J. E. Frick. Territory: Tribal Districts of
Sec. and Treas., Peng Hsien Wu. Western Hunan.
Population: 5,000,000.
Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Peng D. R. White, Ho At Deng.
Hsien Wu.
Educational and Home Miss., Licentiate:
J. E. Frick. Wang Chwen Yung.
Field Miss., Missionary Licentiates:
Sabbath School, Mrs. J. E. Mrs. D. R. White, Mrs. Ho Ai
Frick. Deng, Dang Ho Lin.


Organized 1909; reorganized 1919
Territory: The Anhwei, Kiang- Dzi Chiao, H. C. Shen, S. T.
su, and Chekiang Provinces. Liu, Mrs. B. Miller, L. E. Reed,
Population: 77,073,623; churches, Y. C. Shib, T. S. Wu, Swen
112; members, 4,484. Tsung Gwang, Djang Ging Yuen,
Miss T. M. Wu, A. Fossey, L. F.
Telegraphic Address: "Mizpah," Chen, T. A. Shaw.
Office Address: 1207 Yu-Yuen Road, Department Secretaries:
Shanghai, China. (Tel. 20167.) Educational, H. C. Shen.
Officers: Field Miss., T. A. Shaw.
Supt., N. F. Brewer. Home Miss., L. E. Reed.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, V. J. Medical,
Maloney. Sabbath School, H. C. Sham
Executive Committee: N. F. Y. P. M. V., L. E. Reed.
Brewer, V. J. Maloney, R. H. Women's Evangelistic Depart-
Hartwell, W. E. Strickland, Wu ment, Mrs. B. Miller.

Ministers: Middle School Teachers:

N. F. Brewer, V. J. Maloney, H. . Li Yun Han, H. L. Meng, H. C.
C. Shen, L. E. Reed. Lei, Mrs. Wu.
Licentiates: Church School Teachers:
Djang Ging Yuen, Mrs. B. Mil- _ Wang Li Djung, Wu Pei Ling,
- ler, T. A. Shaw. T. Y. Wang, D. T. Djang, T. W.
Missionary Licentiates: Wang, S.- D. Hsu, T. D. Wu.
Mrs. L. E. Reed, Miss Helen Wu,
Mrs. N. F. Brewer, Mrs. V. 3.
Maloney, Mrs. T. A. Shaw. KIANGSU MISSION
Organized 1913
ANHWEI MISSION Territory: The southern portion
Organized 1910 of Kiangsu Province,.. and the
northern portion of Chekiang
Territory: The Province of An- Province.
hwei, and Nanking district of Population: 30,456,610; churches,
Kiangsu Province. 40; members, 1,785.
Population: 21,976,920; churches, Telegraphic Address:. "Mizpah,"
20; members, 732. Shanghai.
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," Office Address: Court 1207 Yu-
Nanking. Yuen Road, Shanghai, China.
Postal Address: 20 Gao Lou Men, (Phone, 20167.)
Nanking, Kiangsu, China. Officers:
Officers: Director, R. H.- Hartwell.
Director, W. E. Strickland. Sec. and Treas., Helen Wu.
Sec. and Treas., Y. C. Shill.
Executive Committee: W. E. Executive Committee: R. H.
Hartwell, Helen Wu, D. C. Wu,
Strickland, Y. C. Shih, Wu Tsung .Yeh Tung Sin, Miss H. Dju, Y.
Shan, Pan Shui Ru, Wang Hsi. G. Hsu, K. H. Djang, K. Y. Lee, -
Tien. L. F. Chen, I. F. Chen.
Department Secretaries:
Educational, Department Secretaries:
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Book and Bible House, Y. C.
Publishing, Hsu.
Sabbath School, Pan Simi Ru. Educational, H. C. Shen; As-
sistant, K. H. Djang.
Ministers: Field Miss., L. F. Chen.
W. E. Strickland, Wu Tsung Home Miss. and Y. M. V.,
Shan, Pan Shui Ru, K. Y. Lee.
Licentiates: Sabbath School, K. H. Djang.
Women's Work, Mrs. B. Miller.
Y. C. Shih, Ding Fit Chen, Cu
Shao Chiao, Dju Gien Pan, Lei Ministers:
Hsien Gwang, Wang Hsi Tien. D. C. Wu, R. H.. Hartwell, Wu
Tien En, K. D. Karallashvili, L.
Missionary Licentiates: F. Chen, L. S. Wang.
D. H. Hsiang, Mrs. W. E. Strick-
land, Yao Ming Yuan, Beh. Wen Licentiates:
Bing, Gwo Er Gieh, Chen Ih Yeli Tung Sin, T. R. - Hsing, G.
Liang, G. S. Djang, F. G. Gwo, C. Fan, T. R. Shen, I. F. Chen,
Y. L. Gao. K. Y. Lee, S. M. Sung..

Missionary Licentiates: C. N. Chen, Y. Y. Wang, H. F.

Miss H. Dju, Mrs. K. D. Karat- Fang, Mrs. K. H. Yao, Y. T.
lashvili, R. S. Chang, F. F. Hu, Hwang, Mrs. Y. T. Hwang.
P. F. Lee, C. S. Fang, W. H. Church School Teachers:
Shen, H. K. Ling, K. H. Djang,_ C. Y. Ting, C. C. Ifsia, T. M.
L. S. Hang, L. S. Pu, T. C. Tsao, Chen.
Mrs. Y. H. Peng, Mrs. M. D.
Li, Miss C. L. Tsui, Mrs. W. S.
Y. T. Wei, Mrs. W. P. Fee, Miss Organized 1919
A. L. Kou, Mrs. D. D. Tang, Mrs.
S. C. Hu,. Mrs. A. L. Hu, N. F. Territory: The Prefectures of
Hsu, Mrs. W. H. Ku, P. Fang, Wenchow, Chuchow, and Tai-
C. S. Djwang, T. D. Ma, C. E. chow, in the Chekiang Province.
Yang, S. I. Loh, Y. Y. Fu, S. K. Population: 7,616,517; churches,
Hwa, T. C. Wang, Y. T. Shen. 41; members, 1,280.
Church School Teachers: Telegraphic Address: " Adventist,"
Han Liang Sheug, T. H. Loh. Wenchow.
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Wenchow, Chekiang, China.
Organized 1931 Director, Alfred Fossey.
Territory: The Northern two- Secretary, R. H. Dinsbier.
thirds of the Kiangsu Province, Treasurer, Alfred Fossey.
except the Nanking District. - Executive Committee: Alfred
Population: 16,781,489; churches, Fossey, R. H. Dinsbier, Hu Dzih
23; members, 570. Ren, Liu Shiao Tien, Chang
Postal Address: Tsing Kiang Pu, Pao Ren, Dju Teh Ming, Wu
Kiangsu, China. Kao Fu, Pan Li Chan, Djiao
Ming Shien, Chen Yu-shih.
Director, Swen Tsung Gwang. Department Secretaries:
Sec. and Treas., Miss Helen Wu. Sabbath School and Educational,
Dju Teh-ming.
Executive Committee: Swen Evangelistic, Hu Dzi Ren and
Tsung Gwang, Miss Helen Wu, Liu Shiao Tien.
Shan Teh Djen, Chen Yu Djen, Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Hwang Li Hwei, B. A. Liu, C. I. Liu Shiao Tien.
Meng, Y. T. Hwang, Mrs.
Chwang. Ministers:
Dr. D. R. Wu, Y. S. Shih, Alfred
Department Secretaries: Fossey, S. T. Liu.
Educational, Swen Tsung Gwang. Licentiates:
Home Miss., Y. T. Hwang. T. M. Dju, Chang Pao Ren, Z.
Publishing, . Chang, Djiao Ming Shien, I. M.
Sabbath School, . Chen, W. S. Chen, Wu Kao Fu,
Y. P. M. V., K. H. Yao. Pan Li Chan, C. C. Tsai, F. R.
Minister: Swen Tsung Gwang. Wang, K. L. Yung.
Missionary Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
Yao Kwang Hwa, Mrs. T. G. R. H. Dinsbier, Mrs. A. Fossey,
Swen, Shan Teh Djen, Chen Yu Mrs. R. H. Dinsbier, C. K.
Djen, Hwang Li Hwei, H. R. Chiang, A. T. Chang, S. H.
Ching, S. S. Liu, 1. H. Chang, Chiang, P. C. Chao, Y. K. Chao,

W. S. Chow, S. T. Chou, F. Chen, Training Institute Teachers:

F. S. Chen, T. S. Chen, L. D. Y. S. Chen, D. S. Chang, T. T.
Cheng, C. S. Cheng, D. J. Ito, Chang, F. Y. Chou, S. Wu, Mrs.
C. T. Kung, S. T. Wu, R. Hwang, Fossey.
I. Ping, F. S. Yang, K. N. Yeh, Church School Teachers:
C. F. Wang, K. H. Wang, L. S. Z. L. Chang, H. C. Chao, T. K.
Wang, Kung Simu, F. L. Chen, Li, C. W. Ih, Y. K. Chang, H. S.
Y. L. Ch'eng, L. Z. Li, Liu Simu, Chen, T. H. Chen, Y. N. Chen,
Wang Simu, T. S. Chow, C. C. K. D. Ling, Y. A. Ling, N. C.
Mei, C. Y. Wang. Su, S. M. Tsai.


Organized 5959
Territory: Manchukuo, and the N. Brodersen, A. J. Robbins, K.
Kwangtung Leased Territories. H. Wood, R. F. Cottrell, Wang
Population: 34,000,000; churches, Tsi Yuen.
28; members, 1,872. Licentiates:
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," Dr. H. C. James, Liu Yuen
Mukden. Chen, Yang Kuo Kwang, A.
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Ivanoff, K. Savitsky, B. K.
Brajnicoff, Hsiao Tzi Fu, Wang
No. 57 29th Wei Lu, Mukden, Ching Yang, Li Hsu Tung, Chao
Manchukuo. Tien Tseng, Chu Yun Ting,
Officers: Chow Chieh Fan, Ho Tien Min,
Superintendent, K. H. Wood. Liang Rai Ho, Chang Chao Lin,
Sec. arid Treas., F. B. Knight. Feng Cheng Chun, Tsui Yu
Executive Committee: K. H. Djang.
Wood, F. B. Knight, H. N. Missionary Licentiates:
Brodersen, Dr. H. C. James, Dr. Mrs. K. H. Wood, Liu In Chang,
J. E. Miracle, A. J. Robbins, Wang Yu Fei, Mrs. A. J. Rob-
Y. C. Liu, Wang Fu Yuan, Wang bins, Mrs. R. F. Cottrell, Dr.
'Ching Yang, F. M. Larsen, M. J. E. Miracle, Kwan Sung Yao,
Popow, Kwan Sung Yao, R. F. Chen Ti Fan, Chi Chin Bo, Chao
Cottrell, Chi Chin Bo, Liang Reh Wen Ching, Mrs. Li Kwan Hsin,
Ho, Wang Ching Yang, Wang Mrs. H. N. Brodersen, Mrs. F.
Tsi Yuen. M. Larsen, Mrs. M. Popow, Mrs.
Department Secretaries: J. E. Miracle, Dr. E. James,
Minikerial Assn., K. H. Wood. Chen Hsin Sheng, Chia Ming
Hsien, Li Kwang Hsin.
Educational and Y. P. M. V.;
R. F. Cottrell.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., FENGTIEN MISSION
F. M. Larsen. Organized 1913
Home Commission, Mrs. H. N. Territory: The provinces of Feng
Brodersen. Tien, Antung, Chin Chow, Jehol,
Medical, Dr. H. C. James. Hsing An West, Tung Hwa, and
Sabbath School, F. M. Larsen. the Dairen Leased Territory
Ministers: (Kuan Tung Chou).
F. M. Larson, M. Popow, M. A. Population: 20,028,973; churches,
Kalabugin, Wang Fu Yuen, H. 13; members, 839.

Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," Population: 5,101,996; churches,

Mnkden. 2; members, 121.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 57 29th Office Address: 147 East San Ma
Wei Lu, Mukden, Manchuria. Lu, Hsinking, Manchukuo.
Officers: Officers:
Director, H. N. Brodersen. - Director, R. F. Cottrell.
Sec., Tsui Tien Chu. Sec. and Treas., Gwan Sung Yao.
Treas., H. N. Brodersen. Executive Committee: R. F.
Executive Committee: H. N. Cottrell, Gwan Sung Yao, Wang
Brodersen, Tsui Tien Chu, Ho Ching Yang, Ma Djen Doh, Li
Tien Min, Wang Tsi Yuen, Chow Yuin Ting, Hu Wen Hwan, Chao
Chieh Fan, Liang Rai Ho, Liu Wen Ching, Hu Hwan Djang.
Chih Chen, Chin Yao San. Department Secretaries:
Department Secretaries: Publishing, Field Miss., Ma
Educational, Ho Tien Min. Djen Doh.
Field Miss., Liang Rai Ho. Home Miss., Wang Ching Yang.
Sabbath School, Kwo Hsiao Educational, R. F. Cottrell.
Wen. Y. P. M. V., R. F. Cottrell.
Y. P. M. V., Ho Tien Min. Sabbath School, Mrs. R. F. Cot-
Ministers: trell.
H. N. Brodersen, Wang Tsi Minister: R. F. Cottrell.
Licentiates: Wang Ching Yang, Hsiao
Liang Rai Ho, Ho Tien Min, Tzi Fu.
Chow Chieh Fan, Le Hsu Teng,
Chu Yun Ting, Chao Tien Tseng. Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: Li Yuin Ting, Chao Hsiu, Chao
Mrs. H. N. Brodersen, Li Yu Chen, Wen Ching, Ma Djen Doh, Hu
Chih Ching Tien, Liu Chang Li, Hwan Djang, Chen Ming Hwa,
Yuen Wei Hsin, Chow chi min, Wang Li Rong, Mrs. Hsu Chong
Mu Wen Hwan, Chin Yao San, Gwang.
Kwo Hsiao Wen, Tsui Tien Chu, Bible Woman: Mrs. Hsu Chong
Hsu Chi Li, Le Pu Shan, Liu Gwang.
Hsing Han.
School Teachers:
Bible Women: Chen Ming Hwa, Miss Wang Li
Chin Hsu Chin, Tsui Hsu Ching, Hong.
Kwan Chieh Ching.
Church School Teachers:
Chow Lu Yuen, Wei Ching PINKIANG MISSION
Hwan, Hsieh Yao Tien, Tsou Organized 1929
Fu Sheng.
Territory: The Provinces of Pin-
Kiang, San Kiang, Hei Ho, Lung
KIRIN MISSION Kiang, Hsing An North, Hsing
An East, and the Northern part
Territory: The province of Kirin, of Hsing An South.
and the southern part of Hsing
An South, and Nung Kiang Population: 5,000,000; churches,
provinces lying south of a line 9; members, 360.
running from the northern Office Address: 44 Kovelskaya
boundary of Kirin Province Street, Sungary Town, Ta
west to the Manchukuo Border. Tung Road, Harbin, Manchukuo.


Director, Wang Fu Yuan. Organized 1925
Sec.-Treas., Gwan Sung Yao. Territory: Russians in Manchukuo
Executive Committee: Wang Fu and the :Kwangtung Leased Ter-
Yuan, Gwan Sung Yao, Ma Chin ritories.
Doh, Helen Wang, Hsu Tang Population: 60,000; churches, 3;
Ching, Chou Wen Mo, Djang members, 280.
Djao Lin, Liu Rui Hswan, Tang Office Address: 9 Tsitsihar Street,
Tsu Ching. New Town, Harbin, Manchukuo.
Department Secretaries: Officers:
Field Miss., Ma Chin Dolt. Director, NI. Popow.
Home Miss., Wang Fu Yuan.. Sec.-Treas., Gwan Sting Yao.
. Y. P. NI: V., Hsu Tang Ching. Sec. of Committee, M. Ka la -
Educational, Wang Fu Yuan. bugin.
Sabbath School, Helen Wang.
Field Evangelist, Djou Wen Mo. Executive Committee: NI. Po-
pow, NI. Kalabugin, Gwan Sung
Minister: Wang Fu Yuan. Yao, K. Savitsky, B. K. Brajni-
Licentiates: coff.
Tsui Yu Djang, Feng Cheng Department Secretaries:
Chun, Chang Chao Lin. Field Miss., NI. Popow.
Missionary Licentiates: Home Miss., NI. Kalabugin.
Hsu Tang Ching, Hwang Chung Y. P. M. V., N. Sorokin.
Wen, Djou Hsiao Fan, Chou Educational, M. Popow.
Wen Mo, Dung Hung Lieh, Sab. Sch., Mrs. E. 1. Brajnicoff.
Wang Tien Doh, Na Hsiao Ministers:
Kwang. M. Popow, NI. Kalabugin.
Bible Woman: Licentiates:
Mrs. Helen Wang. B. K. Brajnicoff, K. Savitsky,
Church School Teachers: A. I. Ivanoff.
Li Chih Chieh, Ho Chao Chu, Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. Wei Shu Hsien. V. Platonoff, Mrs. M. Popow.


Organized 'gig
Territory: The Provinces of Cha- Officers:
har, Hopei, Mongolia, Shansi, Supt., W. J. Harris.
Shantung, and that portion of Sec., Treas., and Auditor, H. W.
Suiyuan north of 36 degrees N. Christian.
Executive Committee: W. J.
Population: 84,358,964; churches, Harris, H. W. Christian, Chiao
17; members, 2,043. Wen-li, Otto Christensen, L. R.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Holley, Shen Chen-plan, Wang
Peiping; Telephone, East Office :Hsi-yuan, Ko Chiao-liang, C. B.
2841. Green, R. NI. Cossentine, C. E.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, 62 Randolph, M.D., Dwan Yung-
Ta Fang Chia Hutung, Peiping, ch'ien, S. B. May M.D., W. I.
Hopei, China. Ismond.

Department Secretaries: Telegraphic Address: Adventist,

Educational, H. W. Christian. Kalgan, Chahar.
Field Miss., L. R. Holley. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kalgan,
Home Miss., S. S., and Y. P. M. Chahar, China.
V., C. B. Green. Officers:
Home Corn., Mrs. C. B. Green. Director, Dwan Yung-chien.
Medical, C. E. Randolph, M.D., See. and Treas., Chow Hsin-min.
S. D. A. Mission, Kalgan,
Chahar, China. Executive Committee: Dwan
Ministerial, W. J. Harris. Yung-chien, Keng Kun-lin, C. E.
Randolph, M.D., Chang Chun-
Ministers: hsiang, Otto Christensen, Chow
W. J. Harris, C. B. Green, Ko Hsin-min, S. B. Mar, M.D., Li
Chiao-liang. Su-liang.
Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
H. W. Christian, L. R. Holley, Book and Bible House, Chow
C. E. Randolph, M.D., S. B. May, Hsin-min.
M.D., W. I. Ismond, San Lo-t'ien, Field Miss., Sabbath School, and
Miss Josephine Holmes. Y. P. M. V., Chang Chun-
Missionary Licentiates: hsiang.
Mrs. H. W. Christian, Mrs. L. Home Miss., Dwan Yung-chien.
R. Holley, Keng Kun Lin, Chow Minister: Dwan Yung-chien.
Hsin-min, Shen Tze Ming, Edith
Johnson, Mrs. W. J. Harris, Mrs. Missionary Licentiates:
C. E. Randolph, Jack Kuo, Mrs. Cheng Chung Sheng, Hsu Yao-
S. B. May, Mrs. W. I. Ismond, tang, Liu Chi-ch'ing, Wei En-
Ke Chung-yueh, Miss Chang Su- Vang.
lien, Sung Chih-min, Liu Ch'i-
hsien, Li Su-liang, Cheng Tsai- HOPEI MISSION
t'ing. Organized 1918
Institutions: Territory: The Province of Hopei,
North China Sanitarium and except Changyuan-hsien and
Hospital, Kalgan, Chahar, Tungming-hsien.
North China Training Institute, Population: 30,341,127; churches,
Fengtai, Hopei. 5; members, 640.
Hopei Training Institute, 62 Ta Telegraphic Address: Adventist,
Fang Chia Hutung, Peiping, Peiping.
Hopei. Address: S. D. A. Mission, 62 Ta
Shantung Training Institute, 102- Fang Chia Hutung, Peiping, '
Wei I Lu, Tsinan, Shantung. Hopei, China.
Acting Director, W..J. Harris.
CHAHAR-SUIYUAN MISSION Sec. and Treas., Keng Kun-lin.
Organized 1932 Executive Committee: MT. J.
Territory: Provinces of Chahar, Harris, Keng Kun-lin, Wang
Suiyuan, except that portion of Hsi-yuan, Ma Chim-in, Pai Tze-
Suiyuan south of latitude 40, heng, Keng Chiao Chun, Wang
and that portion of Shansi north Ya-ju.
of Great Wall. Department Secretaries:
Population: 6,000,000; churches, 2; Book and Periodical House,
members, 116. Hsu Wen-pin.

Educational, Li Kuang-chen. Population: 11,114,592; churches,

Field Miss., T'an Hsin Hsu. 5; members, 554.
Home Miss., Wang Ya-ju. Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Taiyuanfu.
Wang Ya-ju. Address: S. D. A. Mission, 36 Fu
Ministers: Hsi Chieh, Taiyu-anfu, Shansi,
Wang Hsi Yuen, Keng Fu China.
Luang. Officers:
Licentiates: Director, Chiao Wen Li.
Pei Tza-heng, Keng Chao-chun. Sec. and Treas., Cheng Tsai-
Missionary Licentiates: t'ing..
Wang Ya-ju, Chang Porch'ing, Executive Committee: Chiao
Mrs. Wang Ya-chin, Mrs. Ko Wen Li, Cheng Tsai-t'ing, Chu
Chih-Ch'ing, Tan Hsin Teh-ming, Chang Ch'ing-liang,
Chang Jen-Chu, Hsu Wen-pin. Fan Kuo-tung.
Department Secretaries:
MONGOLIAN MISSION Book and Periodical House,
Cheng .Tsai-t'ing.
Organized 1930 Educational, Sabbath School, and
Territory: Mongolia. Y. P. M. V., Cheng Tsai-t'ing.
Population: 3,600,000; churches, Publishing, Chu Teh-min.
1; members, 11. Minister: Chiao Wen-li.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Missionary Licentiates:
Kalgan. Chang Chien-an, Chang Ching-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kalgan, Hang, Fan Kuo-tung, Li Fu-t'ien,
Chahar, China. Li Hwai-jen, Mrs. Li Wen-mien,
Officers: Liu Sheng-hao, Liu Sheng-yao.
Director, Otto Christensen.
Sec. and Treas., Otto Christen- SHANTUNG MISSION
sen. Organized 1917
Executive Committee: Otto
Christensen, Mrs. Otto Christen- Territory: The Province of Shan-
sen, J. Maltsey, C. E. Randolph, tung.
M.D., P. Rodionoff. Population: 37,456,319; churches,
Department Secretaries: 6; members, 722.
Mission Publishing House, Otto Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Christensen. Tsinan.
Sabbath School, Mrs. Otto Chris- Address: S. D. A. Mission, 102 Wei
tensen. I Lu, Tsinan, Shantung, China.
Minister: Otto Christensen. Officers:
Licentiates: Director, R. M. Cossentine.
J. Maltsev, P. V. Rodionoff. Sec.-Treas., Shen Tze-ming.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: R. M.
Mrs. Otto Christensen. Cossentine, Shen Tze-ming, Shen
Chien-p'an, Chang Chien-kuan;
Liu Hsiao-Chiu, Wang Teh-
Organized 1928 Department Secretaries:
Territory: The Province of Shansi, Book and Periodical House,
south of the Great Wall. Shen Tze-ming.

Field Miss.,- Chang Tze-t'ing. Licentiates:

Sabbath School, Home Miss. and Wang Teh-chun, Liu Hsiao-chiu.
Y. P. M. V., Wang Teh-chin. Missionary Licentiates:
Educational, R. M. Cossentine. Hsieh Chin-lan, Chan., Jenchu,
Mrs. Jen Hsu-chin, Yang Han-
Ministers: chang, Jen Yung-ch'ang, Liu
Shen Chen-p'an Chang Chien- Chen-ch'iang, Mrs. R. M. Cos-
kuang, R. M. Cossentine. sentine.


Organized 1932

Territory: Provinces of Chinghai, Missionary Licentiates:

Kansu, Ninghsia, Shensi, and Mrs. G. J. Appel, Mrs. M. H.
Sinkiang, plus that portion of Viukel, Miss Muriel Howe.
Suiyuan Province south of 36
N. Lat.
Population : 26,147,023; churches,
18; members, 893. CHINGHAI MISSION
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Organized 1933
Territory: Chingliai Province.
Postal Address: Northwest China
Union Mission of S. D. A., Lan- Population: 700,000; churches, 2;
chow, Kansu, China. members, 60.
Temporary Address: 107 Woo Tsu Postal Address: Mo Chia Chieh,
St., Hankow, Hupeh, China. Sining, Chinghai, China.
Officers: Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Supt., G. J. Appel. Mission, Sining.
Sec. and Treas. (Acting), H. R. Officers:
Dixon. Director, J. H. Shultz.
Executive Committee: G. J. Ap- Sec. and Treas., Ko Lien Hsu.
pel, H. R. Dixon, J. H. Shultz,
Wu Dz Shan, Chen Wen Hsueh, Executive Committee: J. H.
Shao Chen Shiu, Dr. M. H. Vin- Shultz, Ko Lien Hsu, Feng Djung
kel, Cho Ching Mei, N. 0. Dahl- Tsoong, YU Dun Tien.
sten, L. H. Davies. Department Secretaries:
Department Secretaries: Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Cho Ching Mei. Home Miss., Yu Dun Tien.
Home _ Miss. and Publishing, Publishing,
G. J. Appel. Sabbath School, Yu Dun Tien.
Medical, M. H. Vinkel, M. D. Minister: J. H. Shultz.
. Sabbath School, Mrs. G. J. Appel. Missionary Licentiates:
Ministers: YU Dun Tien, Feng Djung
G. J. Appel, Wu Dz Shan. Tsoong, Che Yo Po, Goh Chun
Licentiates: Chi, Chen Tze Hsin, Chu Tze Hou.
M. H. Vinkel, M.D., Cho Ching Church School Teacher:
Mei. Hua Wen Te.

KANSU MISSION En, Shen Yu ,An, Liang Kuei

Organized 1933
Department Secretaries:
Territory: Kansu Province. Educational, Sabbath School, and
Population: 9,750,645; churches, 3; Y. P. M. V., .
members, 188. Home Miss., Wu Dz Shan.
Postal Address: Kansu Mission of Publishing, .
S. D. A., Lanchow, Kansu, China. Ministers:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Wu Dz Shan, Chao His Liang.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Director, N. 0. Dahlsten. Tan Deh En, Liang Kuei San,
Sec. and Treas., Edson L. Goh. Shen Yu An, Chu Shih Ch'ing
Executive Committee. N. 0. Chang Sui, Wu Chao.
Dahlsten, Edson L. Gob, Chow
Ching Mei,
Department Secretaries: SHENSI MISSION
Home Miss., N. 0. Dahlsten.
Publishing and Sabbath School, Organized 1933
Chao Hung Fan. Territory: Shensi Province.
Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Cho Ching Mei. Population: 11,802,451; churches,
12; companies, 21; members, 525.
Minister: N. 0. Dahlsten.
Postal Address: Shensi Mission of
Missionary Licentiates: S. D. A., Outside West Gate,
Swen Sway Ching, Goh Lien Sianfu, Shensi, China.
Shu, Shen Keh Chang, Ying K'e
Ren, Wu Ching Feng. Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Church School Teachers:
Li Yu Shen, Cho Hung Pin, Ho Officers:
Mo Ch'ien. Director, L. H. Davies.
Sec.-Treas., Chang Tzu Chien.
Executive Committee: L. H.
Davies, Hsiao Djeng Hsiu, Djia
NINGHSIA MISSION Tai Hsiang, Chen Peh Dao, Djang
Organized 1933 Dzi Chien.
Territory: Ninghsia Province, and Department Secretaries:
that portion of Suiyuan Province Educational, Dzia Tai Hsiang.
south of 36 N. Lat. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Djang Dji Chien.
Population: 1,342,425; churches, 3; Publishing and Home Miss., Chi
members, 60. Fu Sheng.
Postal Address: Djung Shan Da Minister: L. H. Davies.
Chieh, Ninghsia, Ninghsia, China.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Mission, Ninghsia. Djia Tai Hsiang, Chen Peh Dao,
Hsiao Djeng Hsiu.
Missionary Licentiates:
Director, Wu Dz Shan. Mrs. L. H. Davies, Wang Shih
Sec. and Treas., Ko Lien Hsu. Wu, Swen Hwa Ting, Chi Tu
Executive Committee: Wu Dz Sheng, Mu Wen Chin, Liu Wei
Shan, Ko Lien Hsu, Tan Teh An, Wang Ti Ming.
Reorganized 1919
Territory: The Provinces of Missionary Licentiates:
Kwangsi, Kwangtung, Fukien; Mrs. A. L. Ham, Mrs. C. E.
the Island of Hainan; the Col- Wimer, Mrs. P. L. Williams,
onies of Hong Kong and Macau. Albert Lau, Miss T. E. Barr,
Population: 71,900,000; churches, Mrs. L. C. Wilcox, Dora Greve,
Mrs. E. A. Wagner, H. L.
59; members, 3,753.
Hoover, Mrs. H. L. Hoover, Dr.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: S. K. Hung, K. H. Siu, H. H.
" Adventist," Hongkong. Luke, Helen Anderson, Mrs. B.
Telephone: Office, 33653; residence, L. Anderson.
Office Address: 1st Floor, "Dina
House," Dudell St., Hong Kong, CANTONESE MISSION
China. Territory: The Cantonese-speaking
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 310, portion of Kwangtung Province;
Hong Kong, China. Hongkong and Macau.
Officers: Population: 11,000,000; churches,
Supt., A. L. Ham. 12; companies, 9; members, 900.
Sec., Treasurer, and Auditor, Telegraphic Address: "Adventist
P. L. Williams. Mission," Canton.
Executive Committee: A. L. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Ham, C. E. Wimer, P. L. Tungshan, Canton, China-.
Williams, J. P. Anderson, L. C. Officers:
Wilcox, K. T. Khng, B. L. Ander- Director, J. P. Anderson.
son, C. H. Davis, T. P. Tshi, Sec.-Treas., S. S. Wong.
T. S. Woo, D. D. Coffin, C. Y. Mission Committee: J. P. Ander-
Hung, H. S. Leung; T. M. Lei, son, H. S. Leung, C. N. Tso, S. S.
C. N. Tso, G. L. Williams, C. F. Wong, Dr. Leung Ping Hang, P.
Larsen, Dr. E. A. Wagner, C. Y. T. Lo, Y. T. Chue, S. M. Tsoi.
Ling, K. H. Hung. Department Secretaries:
Department Secretaries: Educational, H. S. Leung.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Field Miss., W. P. Chung.
L. C. Wilcox. Home Miss., and Y. P. M. V.,
Field Miss., C. E. Wimer; Asso., S. K. Lei.
K. H. Hung. Medical, Dr. P. H. Leung.
Home Com., B. L. Anderson. Sabbath School, S. K. Lei.
Home Miss., B. L. Anderson, Ministers:
Asso., T. M. Lei. J. P. Anderson, C. N. Tso, C.
Medical, D. D. Coffin, M. D. F. Larsen.
Sabbath School, B. L. Anderson;
Asso., T. M. Lei. S. M. Cheung, S. C. Ha, S. C.
Ministers: Chan, Y. T. Fun, , S. S. Wong,
A. L. Ham, L. C. Wilcox, T. M. Dr. Lung-Ping-Hang, Wong
Lei, B. L. Anderson. Chung Man, Leung Tong Leung,
Licentiates: S. K. Lei, W. P. Chung.
C. E. Wimer, P. L. Williams, Missionary Licentiates:
E. A. Wagner, M.D., H. . S. Mrs. J. P. Anderson, Mrs. C. F.
Leung, W. Y. Ho, K. H. Hung. Larsen, Leung Noito, T. Y. Tso,

Pak Yuen Chick, Wan Su Wen, Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,

Chan Yue Fong, P. T. Lo, Y. N. Kwangtung, China.
Chow, Lam Sz Ki, Leung Wa Officers:
Yau, Maou Tsz Yan, Au Sz Tai, Director, J. P. Anderson; Asso.
Chan Ye Ku. Dir., Tshi Tsok Phien.
Church School Teachers: Sec. and Treas., L. K. Lei.
Mrs. Hoh Wai Yu, Ha Shau Mission Committee: J. P. An-
Shek, Chung Tse 0i, Poon Cheng derson, Tshi Tsok Phien, Ho
Pik, Mrs. K. H. Siu, Miss Yuen Tsing, Van Shau Van, Chong
Yau Chi, Miss C. K. Chung, Tom Kwet En, Chung Yuk Hon, L.
Soon Leung. K. Lei.
Department Secretaries:
HAINAN MISSION Book and Periodical House,
L. K. Lei.
Organized 1935 Educ., Sab. Sch., and Y. P. M. V.,
Territory: Hainan Island and two Ho Tsing.
lower counties of the peninsula Field Miss., W. 0. Loh.
of Ljuchow, Kwangtung Prov- Home Miss., 'Tshi Tsok Phien.
ince. Medical, So Yai Chuen, M. D.
Population: 4,250,000; churches, 3; Ministers:
companies, 4; members, 92. Tshi Tsok Phien, Lo Tet Tsun,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Ng Yuk Pin, Lo Sin Tsai.
Mission," Hoihow. Licentiates:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chong Kwet En, Hoh Tsing.
Hoihow, Hainan Island, China. Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: Liu Tau Nyau, Li Tau Fan,
Director, T. S. Woo. Hoh Nyong, Ng Yok Chhi, Lo
Sec., W. K. Tso. Tet Tshien, Vun Shau Vun,
Treas., T. S. Woo. Chong Sin Tso, Chong Thau
Mission Committee: T. S. Woo, Fam, Li Moi Fa, Chung Yuk
W. K. Tso, L. C. Hon, K. P. Lei. Hon, Wong Yip Chili.
Minister: T. S. Woo. Church School Teachers:
Wong Pang Shau, Li Chhun Shi,
Licentiates: Chong Yun Fo, Mrs. Tsi Tsok
L. C. Hon, W. K. Tso, W. Y. Pang, Yeung To Yung.
Leung, K. P. Lei.
Missionary Licentiates:
Wan Chung Shan, Wong Talc KWANGSI MISSION
Shan, Lei Hing Fong.
Church School Teacher: Territory: The Province of Kwang-
Miss M. K. Wong. si, and On Po, Ling Shan and
Yam Chow Districts in Kwang-
HAKKA MISSION Population: 12,250,000; churches,
Territory: The Hakka-speaking 6; companies, 14; members, 454.
portion of the Province of Kwang- Telegraphic Address: Adventist
tung. Mission, Nanning, Kwangsi.
Population: 8,200,000; churches, 8; Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
companies, 12; members, 750. Nanning, Kwangsi, China.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist Officers:
Mission, Waichow, Kwangtung. Director, . Dr. D. D. Coffin

acting chairman of the com- Ministers:

mittee. C. H. Davis, Chai Guok Uong,
Treas., Lei Hang Sung. Ging Su Tang, Ging Ko Bing,
Committee: Dr. D. D. Coffin, Lei C. Y. Ling.
Hang Sung, Chick Tai Keung, Licentiates:
Miss Annie Lo, P. H. Cheung. Iek Sing, Iek Chung Guong, Kiou
Department Secretaries: Gi Sieu, Cong Ga Ciong.
Book and Periodical House, Missionary Licentiates:
Lei Hang Sung. Mrs. C. H. Davis, Diong Chi-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., ong Mi, Eu Tong Ching, Tong
Ming Ong, Ling Buoi Hi, Uong
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Ting Sing, Uong Bing Dung,
Chick Tai Keung. Ling Ging Ciong, Ling Buong
Medical, D. D. Coffin, M. D. Sieng, Ngu Ong Ing.
Sabbath School, Lei Hang Sung. Bible Women:
Licentiates: Ling Huoi Mu, Mrs. Do, Mrs.
D. D. Coffin, M. D., Cheung Yan Ngu Hok Liong, Mrs. Kung Hok
Kin, Chou Hei Nien, P. H. Hi, Mrs. Uong Sing Ai.
Church School Teachers:
Missionary Licentiates: Uong Cong Keng, Ngu Diong
Mrs. D. D. Coffin, Yang King Sang, Mrs. Eu Tong, Ngieng Giu
Shan, Chick Tai Keung, Wong Hok, Ding Chung Hung, Tong
King Sing, Lei Chak Man, Lei Huo King.
Hang Sung, Tong Oi Chan, Mrs.
Chan Chuck Ping, Lo Tai Ma,
Territory: The southern half of
Territory: The northern portion Population: 12,000,000, churches,
of the Province of Fukien. 10; companies, 8; members, 492.
Population: 13,200,000; churches, Cable Address: "Adventist Mis-
15; companies, 12; members, 625. sion," Amoy.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Mission," Foochow. Kulangsu, Amoy, China.
(Telephone No. 192)
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Foochow, China. Officers:
Director, G. L. Williams.
Officers: Sec., .E. H. Ngo.
Director, C. H. Davis. Treas., Timothy Y. Siaw.
Sec. and Treas., C. Y. Ling. Mission Committee: G. L. Wil-
Mission Committee: C. H. Davis, liams, N. K. Keh, T. S. Ngo,
Chai Guok Uong, Ging So Tang, C. T. Tan, C. Y. Hung, K. T. So,
Ngu Ong Ing, Diong Chiong Mi, E. H. Ngo, T. T. Chhoa, J. G.
Ling Buong Sieng, Dang Neng Maclntyre, T. Y. Siaw.
Cu, Ngu Go Hua, C. Y. Ling. Department Secretaries:
Department Secretaries: Book and Bible House, Timothy
Book and Periodical House, Y. Siaw.
Cong Ga Ciong. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Educational, Sabbath Sch., and J. G. Maclntyre.
Y. P. M. V., Ling Buong Sieng. Home Miss., C. Y. Hung.
Field Miss., Iek Sing. Publishing, E. H. Ngo.

Sabbath School, Ang Kim Hi. Office Address: S: D. A. Mission,

Home Corn., Timothy Y. Siaw, Huei Chia Tau, Swatow, Kwang-
Mrs. J. G. Maclntyre, Mrs. T. tung, China.
Y. Siaw, Mrs. T. B. Oei. Officers:
Ministers: Director, K. T. Khng.
G. L. Williams, E. H. Ngo, N. Treas., South China U. Office.
K. Keh, C. Y. Hung, C. T. Tan. Sub. Treasurer, .
Licentiates: Accountant, Lau Pou Tong.
K. T. So, T. K. Keh, T. S. Ngo, Sec., Joseph Hwang.
J. G. Maclntyre, K. H. Ang. Committee: K. T. Khng, M. C.
Missionary Licentiates: Ng, J. Hwang, T. N. Lo, S. T.
Mrs. 0. L. Williams, Mrs. J. 0. Heng, C. K. Tan, T. C. Ang.
Maclntyre, In Su Hui, B. L. Tan, Department Secretaries:
Timothy Y. Siaw, Si Iau Teng, Book and Bible House, .
Lee Thien Chia, Jim Se Kong, Educational, Sabbath School, and
Keh Hong Mo, Tan Giok Chia, Y. P. M. V., Robert Sung.
Tan Tsong Chi, Lim Sun Eng, Field Miss., .
Lim Sun Bee, Lim Le To, Tiu Home Miss., K. T. Khng.
Hoai Kok, Keh Tiong Su, Choa
Bun Kiet, Tan Keng Bun, Lim Ministers:
Lim. K. T. Khng, T. N. Lo.
Bible Woman (native): Licentiates:
Lu Ban Chim. Ng Mia Cheng, Heng Seng Teck,
Church School Teachers-: Ng Hi long, Lee Theng Huan,
Tan Tsong Chi, Iu Su Hui, Keh Joseph Hwang.
Hong Mo, Keh Tiong Su, Lim Missionary Licentiates:
Sun Bee, Choa Bun Kiet, Tan
Keng Bun, Tan Kiok Chio, Lim Lin Pan Tau, Kang Bun Chau,
Le To, Jim Se Kong, Lim Teck Ang Tsu Ch'ai, ,Tan Choeh Kun,
Chuan. Mrs. Sng, Miss Khu, Ho Su Kim,
Tan Pok Cheng, Lee Su Yau,
Tin Hue Hur, Tan Zui Cheng,
SWATOW MISSION Khu Su Tak, Te Gur Kee, Lo Zu
Territory: The Eastern slope of Tiang, Robert Sung, K. R. Lien,
the province of Kwangtung. Miss H. C. Kwok, Gou Goh Lau.
Population: 11,000,000; churches, Church School Teachers:
5; companies, 14; members, 440. Mrs. Sng, Lee Su Ian, Khu Su
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Tak, Chen Yen, Kang Been Chau,
Mission," Swatow. Miss H. C. Kwok.


Organized x9 x9.
Territory: The Provinces of Sze- Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission,
chwan, Yunnan, Kweichow, Si- Chungking, Szechwan, China.
kang, and Tibet.
Population: 92,679,380; churches, Officers:
29; members, 2,512. Supt., G. L. Wilkinson.
Telegraph Address: "Adventist Sec.-Treas., and Auditor, W. I,
Mission," Chungking. Hilliard.

ExecUtive Committee: G. L. Y. P. M. V. and Educational,

Wilkinson, F. B. Knight, C. B. Djeng Djao Yung.
Miller, C. B. Guild, Hwang Dzi Field and Home Miss., Li Chuen
Chiang, Wang An Hsi, F. W. An.
Johnson, Djang Djen Chiang, Li Sabbath School, Djou Hsi En.
Wan Chuen, H. E. James, M.D., Minister: Li Wan Chuen.
Li Deh Hsing, Lu Shou Dao, Licentiates:
Feng Deh Seng, Chen Gwoh
Djun, Liu Fu An, Z. H. Coberly, Chen Feng Lin, Chen Tse Chiao.
Djou Hsi Hsien. Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: Djang Dj Djung, Djou Min Yen,
Educational, Z. H. Coberly. G wo Djun Chang, Lung Cheng
Home Miss. and Field Miss., Liu Djou, Wang Li Cheng, Lueh Wu
Fu An. Liang, Li Chuen An.
Y. P. M. V. and Sabbath School,
Medical, Dr. H. E. James.
Ministerial Assn., G. L. Wilkin- Organized 1919
son. Territory: All hsiens east of bound-
Ministers: ary formed by and including the
G. L. Wilkinson, Z. H. Coberly. following: Kwangyiian, Chang-
Licentiates: chih, Sichung, Pengan, Suining,
W. I. Hilliard, Liu Fu An, Lu Neikiang, Lunchang, Kiangtsing,
Shou Dao, Lih Deh Hsing. Anyo.
Missionary Licentiates: Population: 32,550,000; churches,
Mrs. W. I. Hilliard, Mrs. G. L. 11; members, 538.
Wilkinson, Mrs. Z. H. Coberly, Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chung-
Li Tien Hsi, Gung Dan Chiu, king, Szechwan, China.
Liu Djung Hsiung. Officers:
Director, C. B. Guild.
EAST KWEICHOW MISSION Sec.-Treas., Mrs. C. .B. Guild.
Organized 1928 Mission Committee: C. B. Guild,
Mrs. C. B. Guild, Wang An Hsi,
Territory: All of Kweichow Prov- Yang Sin Seng, Li Gen Yu, Cheng
ince except nine counties allotted Shang Dji, Djang Djen Gwoh.
to West Kweichow Mission. Department Secretaries:
Population: 7,850,000; churches, Book and Periodical House,
4; members, 200. Wang Heng Yang.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kwei- Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
yang, Kweichow, China. Wang Heng Yang.
Officers: Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Director, Li Wan Chuen. Djang Djen Gwoh.
Sec. and Treas., Djou Hsi En. Sabbath School, Wang An Hsi..
Mission Committee: Li Wan Ministers:
Chuen, Djou Hsi En, Chen Feng Li Geng YU, Wang An Hsi.
Lin, Li Chuen An, Chen Tse Licentiates:
Chiao, Djeng Chih Djung, School Ren Gwoh Hwa, Loh. Yun Djang,
Principal. Yang Sin Seng, Yii Gung Tsing.
Department Secretaries: Missionary Licentiates:
Book and Bible House, Djou Mrs. C. B. Guild, Liu Dzi Ship,
Hsi En. Chen Djung Shuen, Djang Djen

Gwoh, Cheng Shang Dji, Wang Organized Churches: 5; members,

Heng Yang, Ho Djeng Li, Li Wei 810.
Dji, Chuen Ying Wu, Giang Djen Address: S. D. A. Mission, Pichieh,
Hwa, Giang Lung Gao, Djang Kweichow, China.
Yung Eng. Officers:
Church School Teachers: Director, Djang Djen Chiang.
Ho Wen Gieh, Yang Ai Dao, Sec. and Treas., Litien Ft"
Hsieh Chang Man, Li Shao Lan, Mission Committee: Djang Djen
Ren. Swen Ai, Hu Ching Dji. Chiang, Chen Dj Lwen, Chen
Gwoh Djun, Djang Hsioh Wen,
TIBETAN MISSION Djang Ya Go, Litien Fu,
Li Shih Yung, Wan Hsing Djou,
Organized 1919 Yang Ming Ding.
Territory: Sikang Tibet and fol- Department Secretaries:
lowing 13 hsiens in Szechwan: Sabbath School, Educational, and
Chaokioh, Sichang, Yenyuan, Y. P. M. V., Li Ih Ho.
Yuehsi, Luipo, Tsingki, Jung- Publishing and Home Miss., Yang
king, Yaan, Tienchtian, Lushan, Cheng Deh.
Kintang, Mowkung, Mienning. Minister: Djang Djen Chiang.
Population: 6,500,000; church, 1; Licentiates:
members, 18. Chen Gwoh Djun, Chen Dj Lwen,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kang- Dju Yung Ting, Loh Wen Bi.
ting (Tatsienlu), Sikang, China. Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: Djang Hsioh Wen, Djang Ya Go,
Director: F. W. Johnson. Dju Ren Djung, Dju Wen Gia,
Sec. and Treas., F. W. Johnson. Feng Kai Lin, Gu Fu Lin, Li Ih
Mission Committee: F. W. John- Ho, Ma Deh Yin, Pan Chung
son, Dr. H. E. James, An De Seng, Tao Fu Hsing, Wan Hsing
Hsuen. Djou, Wang Tao Yung, Yang
Minister: F. W. Johnson. Cheng Deh, Yang Ging Kwen,
Wang Hsin Bang, Wang Ya Men,
Licentiate: Dr. H. E. James. Yang Chi Lien, Ma Hsing Djou,
Missionary Licentiates: Wang Ying, Yang Ming Ding.
Mrs. H. E. James, Mrs. F. W. Teachers:
Johnson, An Deh Hsilen, Kung Dju Da Hsing, Yang Dzen Pei,
Pin Shan. Tang Mo Neng, Yang Ai Hwa,
Yang Shao Gwang.
Organized 1927 Yang Lung Si, Wang Fu Liang,
Sieh Yung Fang.
Territory: 9 hsiens in Kweichow:
Sishui, Chichshui, Jenhwai, Ta-
ting Kiensi, Chihkin, Pichieh, WEST SZECHWAN MISSION
Shuicheng, Weining; 7 hsiens in
Yunnan: Chensiung, Iliang,Lu- Organized 1919
tien, Chaotung, Takwan, Yung- Territory: All hsiens west of lines
shan, Suikiang; 14 hsiens in formed by and including the fol-
Szechwan: Kulin, Suyung, Ku- lowing: Chaohwa, Kienko, Yen-
sung, Hingwen, Changning, Kun- ting, Shehung, Lochih, Tzechung,
lein, Kunghsien, Kaohsien, King- Fushun, Ipin (Suifu), except
fu, Nanki, Kiangan, Nachi, Luh- those already allotted to West
sien, Hokiang. Kweichow and those to be al

lotted to Sikang as noted under Sen, Lo Gwei Ih, Chen Gien

Tibetan Mission. Wen, Hu Ben Djen, Hang Tsong
Population: 32,062,000; churches, Gwan, Ma Yin, Milton Lee, Lung
3; members, 236. Chang Deh, Den Gwei Yong.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Cheng- Department Secretaries:
tu, Szechwan, China. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Chen Gien Wen.
Officers: Sabbath School, Hu Ben Djen.
Director, Tract Society, Hell San Hsien.
Treas., Field Miss., Den Gwei Yong.
Sec., Hwang Dz Chiang.
Mission Committee: Hwang Dz C. B. Miller, Feng Deli Sen, Dao
Chiang, Li Gi Chuan, Yang Kai Yang Wan, Beh Chuin Yong,
Hsuen, Li Wei Hsin, Chen Bi Chang Seven Djen, Chen Gien
Nan. Wen.
Department Secretaries: Licentiates:
Book and Periodical House, Lo Gwei Ih, Liu Hen Ih, Milton
Chen Bi Nan. Lee.
Educational- and Y. P. M. V.,
Missionary Licentiates:
Field Miss., Li Gi Chuan. Mrs. C. B. Miller, Duan Ru:
Sabbath School and Evangelistic, Chang, Neng Da Deh, Chen Gien
Hwang Dz Chiang. Wen, Ma Yin, Ma Wu, Mrs.
Home Miss., . Chen Gien Wen, Chiang Hsing
. Ming, Lung Hsuen Ming, Han
Minister: Hwang Dz Chiang. Chieh,- Hu Ben Djen, Mrs. Dora
Missionary Licentiates: L. Feng, Lung Tsan Deh, Mrs.
Lin Han Chin, Li Gi Chwan, Milton Lee, Hang Tsong Gwang,
I. Y. Dzen, Yang Kai Hsuen, Pan Yao Deh.
Li Wei Hsin, Fang Gao Biao, Church School Teachers:
Lin Li Chieh, Yang Chung Lin, Pan Fu Chen, Han Hsin Tsai,
Liao Tien Shih. Pan Gwang Deh, Yuen Deh
Church School Teachers: Hsuen, Ma Wu, Lung Tsan Deh,
Chen Bi Nan, Dji Chen Djung. Han Chieh, Yang Dao Ming,
Chang Deh Yin, Chang Ming
YUNNAN MISSION Kwei, Yuen Kai Dao, Wang Li
Organized 1928 Hsin, Chang K'ai Hwei, Li Feng
T'sao, Beh Shih Hsin, Fu Yung
Territory: Three hsiens in Szech- Nien, Yu Djen Ming.
wan: Hweili, Yenpien, Ningnan,
and all of Yunnan except 7
hsiens given to West Kweichow INSTITUTIONS IN CHINA
as listed. DIVISION
Population: 14,795,486; churches, Educational:
5; members, 741.
Anhwei Junior Training Insti-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Yun- tute, Pengpu, Anhwei, China.
nanfu, Yunnan, China. (School destroyed by war.)
Officers: Bee Hwa Training Institute,
Director,C. B. Miller. Kulangsu, Amoy, China.
Sec. ad Treas., Mrs. C. B. China Training Institute, Shatin,
Miller. Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tem-
Mission Committee: C. B. Miller, porary address, Box 310,
Mrs. C. B. Miller, Feng Hong Kong.

Far Eastern Academy, 458 Ning- House 515 Ningkuo Road,

kuo Road, Shanghai, China. Shanghai, China.
Foochow Junior Training Insti- Tibetan Mission Press, Tatsienlu,
tute, Foochow, China. Sikang, China.
Hankow Bible and Industrial Mongolian Mission Press, S. D.
Institute of S. D. A., Wang A. Mission, Kalgan, Chahar,
Gia Dun, Hankow, Hupeh, China.
China. Medical:
Harbin Training Institute, Tsi- Canton Sanitarium and Hospi-
tsihar St., 9, New Town, Har- tal, Sam Yuk Road, Tung
bin, Manchukuo. Shan, Canton, China.
Home Study Institute, Oriental Chiao Tou Hospital-Dispensary,
Branch, 525 Ningkuo Road, China Tr. Inst., Shatin, Kow-
Shanghai, China. loon, Hong Kong, China.
Honan Junior Training Institute, Fui On Hospital-Dispensary, Ad-
Lowanho, Yencheng, Honanb ventist Mission, Waichow,
China. Kwangtung, China.
Hopei Junior Training Institute, Northwest China Sanitarium and
62 Ta Fang Chia Hutung, Peip- Hospital, Lanchow, Kansu,
ing, Hopei, China. China.
Hunan Provincial Junior Train- Little Eden Hospital-Dispensary,
ing Institute, Changsha, Hu- Shek Lo Tau St., Fatshan.
nan, China. Kwangtung, na.
Manchurian Union Training In- Nanning Hospital - Dispensary,
stitute, Wen Kuan Tun, Muk- Nanning, Kwangsi, China.
den, Manchukuo. North China Sanitarium and
North China Training Institute, Hospital, Kalgan, Chahar,
Fengtai, Hopei, China. China.
Northwest China Union Training Shanghai Sanitarium. Postal
Institute, Lanchow, Kansu. Address, Box 1281. 150 Rubi-
Shanghai Training School for con Road, Shanghai China;
Nurses. Postal Address, Box also a branch establishment at
1281. 150 Rubicon Road 171 Range Road, Shanghai,
Shanghai, China. Temporary China. (Hospital and Clinic,
location, 526 Bubbling Well temporary location, 526 Bub-
Road. bling Well Rd.)
Shantung Junior Training In- Sheng Yang Sanitarium-Hospi-
stitute, 102 Wei I Lu, Tsinan, tal, Pei Ling, Mukden, Man-
Shantung. chukuo.
South Chekiang Training Insti- Sheng Yang (Mukden) Clinic, 57-
tute, Wenchow, Chekiang. 29th Wei Lu, Mukden, Man-
South China Training Institute, chukuo.
New Territories, Kowloon. Shensi Mission Dispensary, Out-
Postal address, Box 310, Hong side West Gate, Sianfu, Shensi.
Kong. Tatsienlu Dispensary, Tatsienlu,
West China, Training Institute, Sikang, China.
Da Bao, Tsitsikow, Szechwan. Wuhan Sanitarium and Clinic,
West Kweichow Provincial Mis- Wuchang, Hupeh, China. Pos-
sion Junior Training Institute, tal address, Box 77, Hankow,
Pichieh, Kweichow, China. Hupeh.
Yencheng Sanitarium-Hospital,
Publishing: Lowanho, Yencheng, Honan,
Signs of the Times Publishing China.
Organized 1931
Territory: Japan, Chosen (Korea), gerin, Mrs. A. N. Nelson, Mrs.
Formosa, Japanese Mandates, R. R. Figuhr, H. W. Jewkes.
Philippine Islands, Guam, Straits Home Missionary Department:
Settlements, British North Bor-
neo, Brunei, Sarawak, Portu- Sec., J. H. McEachern.
guese section of Timor, Malay Members: R. M. Milne, F. R.
States, Siani, French Indo-China, Millard, M. F. Wiedemann, W. J.
Netherlands East Indies, and the Pudewell, F. J. J. Dittmar.
Chien Tao (Kando) Mission in Medical Department:
Manchukuo, all of which is Sec., Dr. H. W. Miller.
comprised in the Chosen, Japan, Members: Dr. Paul V. Starr,
Malayan, Netherlands East Dr. G. H. Rue, Dr. H. A. Erick-
Indies, and Philippine Union son (on furlough).
Population: 214,239,782; churches, Ministerial Association:
662; members, 30,908. Sec., V. T. Armstrong.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Members: The Division depart-
"Fareast," Singapore. mental secretaries, the superin-
tendents of union missions, the
Headquarters: 800 Thomson Rd., principals 'of the advanced train-
Singapore, Straits Settlements. ing schools in the Far Eastern
Postal Address: Post Box 226, Division.
Singapore, Straits Settlements. Publishing Department:
Officers: Sec., G. A. Campbell.
Pres., V. T. Armstrong. Members: F. A. Mote, R. M.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, C. L. Milne, Ernst Bahr, F. R. Mil-
Torrey. lard, W. E. Gillis, H. P. Evens,
Executive Board: V. T. Arm- J. A. Leland, L. I. Bowers, G.
strong, C. L. Torrey, W. P. Faass, H. E. R. Schell.
Bradley, J. H. McEachern, G. A.
Campbell, R. R. Figuhr, H. A. Religious Liberty:
Oberg, E. A. Moon, A. N. Nelson, ,Sec., V. T. Armstrong.
P. Drinhaus, H. E. R. Schell, Sabbath School Department:
W. A. Scharffenberg, Dr. H. W. Sec., J. H. McEachern.
Miller, R. S. Watts, George Diet- Members: Mrs. F. R. Millard,
rich, V. E. Hendershot, M. F. Mrs. Theodora Wangerin, M. F.
Wiedemann. Wiedemann, H. W. Jewkes, F.
Legal Assn.: "General Confer- J. J. Dittmar.
ence Corporation of Seventh-day Young People's Miss. Vol. Dept.:
Adventists." Sec., W. P. Bradley.
Educational Department: Members: A. M. Ragsdale, S.
Sec., W. P. Bradley. Ogura, H. W. Jewkes, F. J. J.
Members: A. M. Ragsdale, C. W. Dittmar, W. J. Pudewell.
Lee, 'W. A. Scharffenberg, G. H. Transportation Agents:
Minchin, L. M. Stump, A. N. C. L. Torrey (chairman); the
Nelson, L. M. D. Wortman. union treasurers of the Japan,
Home Commission: Chosen, Philippine, Netherlands
Sec., J. H. McEachern. East Indies, and Malayan
Members: Mrs. Theodora Wan-. Unions.

Division Building Committee: Campbell, A. N. Nelson, E. A.

The Division Executive Commit- Moon, P. Drinhaus.
tee. Licentiates:
I. E. Gillis, C. D. Forshee, L. F.
Bohner, 0. A. Blake, H. E. R.
EASTERN DIVISION Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. V. T. Armstrong, Mrs. J. H.
Ministers: McEachern, Mrs. W. P. Bradley,
V. T. Armstrong, J. H. McEach- Nora Atkins, Mrs. C. L. Torrey,
ern, W. P. Bradley, R. R. Figuhr, Effie A. James, Mrs. G. A. Camp-
H. A. Oberg, C. L. Torrey, G. A. bell, Jennie L. Carrier.


(Formerly Korean Union Mission)
Mission organized 1908; Conference organized ig17; Union Mission
organized zgzs
Territory: Chosen (Korea). Sab. Sch. and Home Commis-
Population: 22,899,031; churches, sion, Mrs. Theo. Wangerin.
117; members, 3,643. Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventist," Seoul. H. A. Oberg, C. W. Lee, W. E.
Western Union Five letter Code. Gillis, H. F. Benson, W. J.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Pudewell, E. W. Bahr, P. N.
Seiryori-machi, Keijo (Seoul), Kim, S. E. Lee.
Chosen. (Telephone, Kokamon Licentiates:
1721.) Y. M. Kim, 0. C. Kim, I. E.
Gillis, Y. S. Leu, C. C. Kim, Y. H.
Officers: Hyun, G. H. Rue, M. D., C. U.
Supt., H. A. Oberg. Pak, N. S. Lee, S. S. Ko.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, I. E. Missionary Licentiates:
Gillis. P. E, Im, C. K. Chyung, Saul
Executive Committee: H. A. Pak, 0. S. Chae, C. S. Kwak, E.
Oberg, I. E. Gillis, T. H. Chae, T. Ha, P. S. Im, S. T. Chae, K.
T. S. Chyong, W. J. Pudewell, P. Chyung, K. Y. Kim, C. W.
D. S. Chyong, C. W. Lee, P. T. Chung, T. S. Kwun, A. K. Kim,
Kim, W. E. Gillis, G. H. Rue, H. C. Kim, C. P. Lee, Meriam
Ernst Bahr, R. S. Watts, S. E. Pak, K. K. Cho, C. U. Kim, Y.
Lee, H. M. Kim, S. S. Ko, C. H. C. Chae, 0. C. Kim, H. K. Ko,
Cho, P. S. Kim. Mrs. R. S. Watts, S. C. Kim,
Legal Organization Title: Zidon of Mrs. Theo. Wangerin, Miss H.
the Chosen Union Conference of M. Scott, Ernestine Gill, Mrs.
S. D. A. H. F. Benson, Mrs. C. W. Lee,
Mrs. H. A. Oberg, Mrs. I. E.
Department Secretaries: Gillis, Mrs. W. J. Pudewell, Mrs.
Educational, C. W. Lee. E. W. Bahr, Mrs. W. E. Gillis,
Field Miss., E. W. Bahr. Mrs. W. C. Williams, G. G. Inno-
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., cent, M.D., Mrs. G. G. Innocent,
W. J. Pudewell. James Lee, Mrs. James Lee, W.
Medical, G. H. Rue, M. D. C. Williams.

CENTRAL CHOSEN MISSION Population: 614,684; churches, 2;

Organized 1919 members, 272.
Territory: Provinces of Kang Won Director, Che Yung Djien.
(except the counties of Tong Sec. and. Treas., F. B. Knight.
Chyung, Ko Syung, Im Chae, Executive Committee: Che Yung
Yang Yang, Kang Nyung, Sam Djien, Kim Ryong Eul, Sin
Chuk, Ul Chin,Kyung Ki, Chy- Hung Sik, F. B. Knight, K. H.
ung Chungrth o (except the Kim.
counties of Ok Chun and Young
Dyong), Chyung Chung South Department Secretaries:
(except the counties of Non San Educational, Kim Ryong Eul.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Che
and Tai Chun). Yung Djien.
Churches: 28; members, 1,072. Sabbath School and Y. P. M.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," V., Che Yung Djien.
Seoul. Ministers:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kim Kyu Hyok, Che Yung Djien.
Seiryori-machi, Keijo (Seoul), Licentiates:
Chosen. (Telephone, Kokamon Kim Ryong Eul, Pei Hsiang
1721.) Lien, Sin Hung Sik.
Officers: Bible Women:
Director, R. S. Watts. Kim Yu Ra, Li Un Hung.
Sec.-Treas., S. S. Ko. Church School Teachers:
Executive Committee: R. S. C. K. Lee, Sin Hung Sik.
Watts, S. S. Ko, M. K. Kim,
T. C. Ko, K. P. Pak, D. S.
Chyong, M. C. Lee.
Department Secretaries: NORTH CHOSEN MISSION
Field Miss., Y. 0. Kim. Organized 1934
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Sabbath School, D. S. Chyong. Territory: Provinces of North and
Ministers: South Ham Kyung, and Tong
R. S. Watts, K. P. Pak. Chyung, Ko Syung, Im Chae,
Yang Yang, Kang Nyung coun-
Licentiates: ties in Kang Won.
M. K. Kim, K. S. Chung, C. S.
Chai, M. C. Lee, C. H. Kang, Churches: 13; members, 334.
D. S. Chyong. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Missionary Licentiates: Wonsan, Chosen.
S. C. Lee, S. T. Kim, P. S. Oh. Officers:
Church School Teachers: Director, T. S. Chyong.
C. H. Kang, I. C. Saw, A. K. Sec. and Treas., S. S. Ko.
Kim, K. S. Hwang. Executive Committee: T. S.
Chyong, S. S. Ko, S. W. Im, M.
T. Lee, P. T. Kim, P. C. Han,
Department Secretaries:
Organized 1930 Field Miss., K. M. Lee.
Territory: The Province of Chien Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Tao. Sabbath School, P. T. Kim.
Postal Addrest: S. D. A. Mission, Ministers:
Yen Chi, Chien Tao, Manchukuo. T. S. Chyong, S. W. Im.

Licentiates: Churches; 15; members, 358.

K. M. Lee, M. T. Lee, I'. T. Kim, Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
M. Y. Pang. Chyung Up, Chosen.
Missionary Licentiate: P. T. Oh. Officers:
Church School Teachers: Director, H. M. Kim.
S. I. Hwang, C. Y. Pang. Sec.-Treas., S. S. Ko.
Executive Committee: H. M.
Kim, S. S. Ko, C. I. Yang, S. L.
Organized 1934 Department Secretaries:
Territory: Provinces of North and Field Miss., H. K. Son.
South Kyung San, and Sam Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Chuk and Ul Chin counties in Sabbath School, C. H. Kim.
Kang Won. Ministers:
Churches: 16; members, 483. H. M. Kim, C. I. Yang.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Licentiates:
Keizan, Chosen. C. H. Kim, H. K. Son, K. Y. Kim,
S. 0. Lee, S. N. Oh.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Director, C. H. Cho. T. S. Kang, T. I. Lee, M. S. Haw.
Sec.-Treas., S. S. Ko. Church School Teachers:
Executive Committee: C. H. Cho, S. Y. Oh, T. P. Han.
S. S. Ko, T. P. Syung I. C.
Chawn, Y. S. An, H. P. Oh, P.
W. Uh.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., Y. S. An. Organized 1919
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Sabbath School, H. P. Oh. Territory: North and South Pyeng-
yang, and Whang Hai Provinces.
Minister: C. H. Cho.
Churches: 45; members, 1,422.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
I. C. Chawn, P. W. Uh, H. P. Soonan, Chosen.
Oh, Y. S. An, U. C. Lee, T. H.
Nam, C. S. Lee. Officers:
Director, T. H. Chae. '
Missionary Licentiate: Sec. and Treas., S. S. Ko.
P. S. Chyong.
Executive Committee: T. H.
Church School Teachers: Chae, S. S. Ko, B. S. Chyong,
T. H. Sin, C. S. Lee, S. S. Pak. P. S. Kim, Y. S. Pak, H. K. Kim,
N. C. Kim.
SOUTHWEST CHOSEN MISSION Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., C. H. Im.
Organized 1934 Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Sabbath School, Y. S. Pak.
Territory: Provinces of North and
South Chulla, Ok Chun and Ministers:
Young Dyong counties in North T. H. Chae, S. Y. Kim, B. S.
Chyung Chun and Non San and Chyong, Y. S. Pak, N. C. Kim.
Tai Chun counties in South Licentiates:
Chyung Chun. C. H. Ha, W. S. Pak, P. C. Lee.

Missionary Licentiates: Kim, N. S. Chang, H. S. Sin, T.

Maria Hyun, N. 0. Kim, C. S. K. Chyung, P. C. Kim, N. H.
Lee. Chyung, K. P. Chyung, I. S. Lee,
Church School Teachers: M. S. Chang, T. S. Chyung,
0. T. Kim, C. S. Leu, P. C. P. K. Ko.


Organized as a mission 1896; as a conference, Nov. 2, igr7; and as a
Union Mission, Aug. 20, 1919
Territory: Japan proper, Saghalin, Medical, Dr. P. V. Starr.
Formosa, and the Japanese Man- Sabbath School, Mrs. F. R. Mil-
dates. lard.
Population: 74,905,780; churches, Y. P. M. V., Syroh Ogura.
21; members, 1,145. Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventist," To- A. N. Nelson, Hide Kuniya, T.
kyo. (Use Western Union code H. Okohira, Syroh Ogura, H. P.
only.) (Phone, Ogikubo 2051.) Evens, H. Yamamoto, P. A.
Postal Address: Box 7, Suginami Webber, F. R. Millard.
Post Office, Tokyo, "Japan. Licentiates:
Headquarters Location: 171 Ama- C. D. Forshee, C. F. Thurston,
numa 1 Chome, Suginami-ku, Paul Eldridge.
Tokyo, Japan. Missionary Licentiates:
Legal Name: Japan Seventh-day Dr. P. V. Starr, Mrs. P. V. Starr,
Adventist Kyokai Iji Zaidan. K. Nagashima, Mrs. C. F. Thur-
Recognized as a corporate body ston, Mrs. C. D. Forshee, Mrs. H.
by Japanese Government, July P. Evens, Mrs. F. R. Millard,
31, 1932. Mrs. A. N. Nelson, Mrs. George
Deitrich, Mrs. A. Koch, Dr. E. H.
Railway Station: Ogikubo, Central Olson, Mrs. E. H. Olson, Mrs. Ai
Line.-35 minutes from Tokyo.- Fukuzawa, Dr. S. Watanabe, H.
11/2 hours from Yokohama. Kikuchi, M. Sasaki, Y. Seino,
Officers: Mrs. P. A. Webber, S. Yamada.
Supt., A. N. Nelson.
Sec. 'and Treas., C. D. Forshee.
Executive Committee: A. N. Nel-
son, C. D. Forshee, F. R. Millard, Memberg: 5.
Dr. P. V. Starr, P. A. Webber, Address: 7 Hanazono-cho 3 Chome,
Geo. Dietrich, A. Koch, H. Ku- Tainan, Taiwan.
niya, T. H. Okohira, S. Ogura, T. Licentiate: Nagao Wachi.
Kajiyama, E. Seino, S. Kaneko, Operated under the direct super-
K. Otsuki, S. Nakauchi. vision of the Executive committee
Department Secretaries: of the Japan Union Mission.
Educational, A. N. Nelson.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., HOKKAIDO MISSION
F. R. Millard.
General Field, Hide Kuniya. Churches: 3; members, 115.
Home Commis., Mrs. A. N. Nel- Address: Minami 6 Jo, Night 11
son. Chome, Sapporo, Japan.

Officers: Ministers:
Director, A. C. Koch. George Dietrich, Y. Watanabe,
Sec., K. Ochai. E. Seino, K. Otsuki. .
Treas., C. F. Thurston. Licentiate: T. .Hayakawa.
Executive Committee: A. Koch, Missionary Licentiates:
C. D. Forshee, K. Ochai, K. T. Hara, G. Tei, E. Yokomizu.
Sugimoto, S. Ishikawa, T. Hase-
gawa, T. Murakami.
Department Secretaries: KANTO TOHOKU MISSION
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Churches: 9; members, 604.
A. C. Koch. Postal Address: Box 7, Suginami
Sabbath School, T. Murakami. Post Office, Tokyo, Japan.
Y. P. M. V., K. Ochai.
Minister: A. C. Koch. Director, Hide Kuniya.
Licentiates: Sec., T. Uehara.
K. Ochai, T. Hasegawa. Treas., C. F. Thurston.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: Hide
T. IVIurakami, S. Ikeda, Mrs. T. Kuniya, C. D. Forshee, T. Ue-
Hasegawa. hara, S. Nakauchi, S. Kaneko,
T. Kato, S. Ogura.
Department Secretaries: -
JAPANESE MANDATED IS- Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Churches: ; members, 37. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Address: Korror 5, Chome, Palau;
West Caroline Islands, Pacific Ministers:
Ocean. Hide Kuniya, S. Kaneko, Hiroshi
Minister: Jose 0. Bautista. Kuniya, I. Nomura.
Operated under the direct super- Licentiates:
vision of the Executive committee H. Takaya, S. Nakauchi.
of the Japan Union Mission. Missionary Licentiates:
T. Kato, T. Uehara, K. Hai, Dr.
S. Watanabe.
Churches: 6; members, 273.
Address: Nunobiki Dori 2 chome
12 of 2, Kobe. Churches: 3; members, Ill.
Officers: Address: 4 of 4 Komagawa, Nishi
Director, George Dietrich. Machi, Fukuoka, Japan.
Sec., T. Hara. Officers:
Treas., C. F. Thurston. Director, T. Kajiyama.
Executive Committee: George Sec., K. Hatada.
Dietrich, C. D. Forshee, Hiroshi Treas., C. F. Thurston.
Kuniya, T. Hara, S. Morita, Y. Executive Committee: T. Kaji-
Wantanabe. yama; C. D. Forshee, S. Tabuchi,
Department Secretaries: K. Hatada, A. Araki, I. Nimura,
Field Miss., T. Hare. Mrs. T. Yamagata.
Home Miss., T. Hare. Department Secretaries:
Sabbath School, Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Y. P. M. V., K. Hatada.
. 5

Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Missionary Licentiates:

T. Kajiyama. S. Imamura, K. Hatada, Mrs.
Minister: T. Kajiyama. Araki.


Reorganized 1929
Territory: Straits Settlements, Licentiates:
Malay States, Portuguese Sec- L. I. Bowers, H: W. Jewkes, G.
tion of Timor, British North H. Minchin, L. F. Bohner.
Borneo, Brunei, Sarawak, Siam, Missionary Licentiates:
French Indo-China. Mrs. R. P. Abel, M. Arokiasamy,
Population: 42,067,872; churches, Yeo Peng Yee, Mrs. L. I. Bowers,
35; members, 1,705. Dr. R. F. Waddell, Mrs. V. E.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Hendershot, Mrs. W. W. R. Lake,
"Adventist," Singapore. Mrs. A. P. Ritz, Mrs. R. H. Went-
land, Tan Chin Khin, Mrs. D. S.
Office Address: 399 Upper Seran- Kime, Mrs. R. M. Milne, Mrs.
goon Road, Singapore, Straits E. A. Moon, Ngo Beng Hoe, Mrs.
Settlements. (Telephone, 7085.) S. M. Tan, Z. H. Macarewa,
Officers: Mrs. H. W. Jewkes, Mrs. G. H.
Supt., E. A. Moon. Minchin, Mrs. G. B. Youngberg,
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, L. F. Blanche Keasberry, Kong Khi
Bohner. Tshin, Ngo Beng Lim, Mrs. L.
Executive Committee: E. A. F. Bohner, Mrs. J. M. Nerness,
Moon, L. F. Bohner, G. H. Min- E. Rogers, Mrs. R. F. Waddell,
chin, R. M. Milne, A. P. Ritz, L. B. Tamboenan, Mrs. R. H.
S. H. Tan, Pinang Yin Hee, Kong Howlett, P. Stuart, Mrs. P.
Vui . Leong, Z. H. Macarewa, Stuart.
Tran-ngoc-Te, K. G. Prakshhin, Church School Teachers:
Sutan Mangatas, G. B. Young- Cheong Wong Sung, Daisy Chew,
berg, D. S. Kime, .J. M. New- Gloria Tan, Mrs. Ngo Beng Lim.
ness, H. W. Jewkes, R. H.
'Wentland, L. I. Bowers, Supt.
of Penang Sanitarium. BRITISH BORNEO MISSION
Legal Association: "General Con- Organized 1914
ference Corporation of Seventh- Territory: British North Borneo,
day Adventists." E. A. Moon, Labuan.
Attorney-in-fact. Population: 278,146; churches, 8;
Department Secretaries: members, 298.
Educational, G. H. Minchin. Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Field Miss. and Home Miss., "Adventist," Jesselton.
R. M. Milne.
Medical, Office Address: Signal Hill, Jessel-
Sabbath School, Home Commis- ton, British North Borneo.
sion, and Y. P. M. V., H. W. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 34, Jes-
Jewkes. selton, British North Borneo.
Ministers: Officers:
E. A. Moon, R. M. Milne, W. Director, G. B. Youngberg.
W. R. -Lake, Tan Kia On. Sec. and Treas., D. P. Siagian.

Executive Committee: G. B. Educational, R. H. Howlett.

Youngberg, D. P. Siagian, L. S. Y. P. M. V., Sabbath School,
Sibarani, Ku Hyuk Min, M. T. and Home Miss., Nguyen
Sibadogil, Arr. Silalahi, Ginal. Dinh Nhon.
Department Secretaries: Field Sec., Tran Ngoc Te.
Tract Society, D. P. Siagian. Minister: R. H. Wentland.
Educational, L. S. Sibarani. Licentiates:
Y. P. M. V.,- and Home Commis- Tran Xuan Phan, Tran Ngoc Te,
sion, Mrs. 0. B. Youngberg. Eng Pheng.
Sabbath School, and Home Miss., Missionary Licentiates:
D. P. Siagian. R. Bentz, R. H. Howlett, Nguyen
Field Miss., R. M. Milne. Dinh Nhon, Nguyen Van Xuan,
Ministers: Nguyen Tan Vang, Phan Thi
G. B. Youngberg, L. S. Sibarani, Nhon, Svay Sas, Tran Thu,
M. T. Sibadogil. Pham Thanh.
Licentiates: Church School Teachers:
M. Agian, Arr. Silalahi, Ku Phan :Hien Thuan, Nguyen Van
. Hyuk Min, D. P. Siagian. Ty.
Missionary Licentiates: Seminary Teachers:
Lumpisau, Bulangak, Peter R. H. Howlett, Mrs. R. H.
Leopold Yaang, Oinal. Howlett, Pham Xuam Thai.


MISSION Organized 1914 (Reorganized 1932
to include former Singapore,
Organized 1937 - Mission)
Territory: Cochinchina, Cambodia, Territory: Straits Settlements (ex-
Annam, Tonkin, and Laos. clusive of Labuan), Malay
Population: 23,000,000; churches, States.
6; members, 255. Population: 5,095,520; churches,
15; members, 917.
Office Address: 65, Route Localle
22, Gia-Dinh, Saigon, Indo- Cable and Telegraphic Address:
China, (Take Rickshaw to Cen- " Adventist Mission," Kuala
tral. Market; take bus marked Lumpur.
Govap, show driver address of Office Address: 140 Bukit Bintang
Mission, .to know where to get Road, Kuala Lumpur, Federated
off bus. Pi'Oceed in same direc- Malay States.
tion about 700 yards.) Officers:
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Director, D. S. Kime.
"Adventiste" Gia-Dinh. Treasurer, D. S. Kime.
Officers: Secretary, B. T. Lan.
Director, R. H. Wentland. Executive Committee: D. S.
Sec. and Treas., R. H. Howlett. Rime-, B. T. Lan, R. Abdy, .Liew
Executive Committee: R. H. Yon, Ng Hock Thye, Y. Joseph,
Wentland, R. H. Howlett, R. Daniel Liem, Mrs. D. S. Kime,
Bentz; Tran Ngoc Te, Nguyen Wan Yon Chong.
Dinh Nhon, Tran Xuan Phan, Department Secretaries:
Tien Van Triem. Tract Society: B. T. Lan.
Department Secretaries: Field, Home, and Educational,
Tract Society, R. H. Howlett. Ng Hock Thye.

Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., R. T. Morrow, L. R. C. P. & S.;.

and Home Commission, Mrs. L. F. P. & S., Dakka.
D. S. Kime. Lay Preacher's Licentiate: Alai.
D. S. Kime, V. E. Hendershot,.
Ng Hong Boon, Phang Yin Hee,
Phang Nyuk Thin, John Moses. SIAM MISSION
Licentiates: Organized 1919
Choo Yun Fatt, Mampe Sire-
- gar, Wan Yun Chong, R. Abdy, Reorganized in 1937 to include
K. G. Prakasham, Wong Kiat East Siam
Sam, Daniel Liem, Ng Hock Territory: Kingdom of Siam.
Thye, Sutan Mangatas. Population: 14,464,489; churches,
Missionary Licentiates: 3; members, - 131.
B. T. Lan, Y. Joseph, Y. Sam- Cable and Telegraphic Address:
uel, Liew Yun, Ma Teng Meng. "Adventist Mission" Bangkok.
Church School Teachers: Office Address: 633 Suriwongse
Liew Yun, Mrs. Liew Yun, Miss Road, Bangkok, Siam.
Lu Suk Chin, Yeong Sze Tai,
Miss Matilda Choo, Mable Officers:
Knight. Director, A. P. Ritz.
Sec. and Treas., A. P. Ritz.
Executive Committee: A. P. Ritz,
SARAWAK MISSION R. P. Abel, Dr. R. F. Waddell,
Icon Viii-Leong, Prachurd Jola- .
Organized 1937 vicharana, Puie Tonasudh.
Territory: The Raj of Sarawak and Department Secretaries:
the Sultanate of Brunei. Tract Society, Mrs. A. P. Ritz.
Population: 630,135; churches, 3; Educational, A. P. Ritz.
members, 101. Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Office Address: P. 0. Box 54, Kon Vui-leong.
Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Officers: Prachurd Jolavicharana.
Director and Sec.-Tregs., J. M. Ministers:
Nerness. R. P. Abel, A. P. Ritz.
Executive Committee: J. M. Ner- Licentiates:
ness, Chu Sing Fatt, Dr. R. T. Kalee Paw, Kon Vui-leong.
Morrow, A. L. Pauner, J. T. Missionary Licentiates:
Pollan, E. Sinaga, M. P. Boon Mee Suvanakut, Hiu Hiu-
shon, Liu Hon-chong, Prachurd
Ministers: Jolavicharana, Puie Tonasudh,
J. M. Nerness, J. T. Pohan. Sailon Sitauggang, Sorot Mu-
angtong, Miss Teo Mui-kim,
Licentiate: E. Sinaga. Pleng Vitiamyalaksana, Tan
Missionary Licentiates: Oui-kiang.
Chu Sing Fatt, S. M. Hutapea, Church School Teachers:
A. L. Pauner, Chong Yu Foh, Nang Tong Dee, Nai Noi, Nai
Tsen Shau Tsh, M. P. Sormin, Sook, Nai Ngow Weng, Nai Yoi.
Organized 1929

Territory: Netherlands East In- M. Twijnstra, Mrs. P. K6Iling,

dies, viz., the Ambon, East Java, Mrs. M. Tilstra, Mrs. L. Erlecke,
North-Celebes, North-Sumatra, Mrs. A. Wood, Mrs. M. Niemann,
Padang, South-Sumatra, West Mrs. J. Horn, Mrs. L. Schell,
Java Missions and the Detached Mrs. Ch. Faass, Mrs. S. Wort-
station Makassar. man, A. I. Krautschick, L. Ho-
Population: 60,731,025; churches, gendorp, R. M. van Emmerik,
132; members, 4,668. M. E. Diredja, J. Tenda.
Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Adventzending Bandoeng. Code: AMBON MISSION
A. B. C., 5th Edition. (Tele- Organized 1929
phone, Bandoeng 445.)
Territory: Residencies Moluccas,
Office Address: Advent Zendings- . Timor, New Guinea.
genootschap in N. 0. I., Hoold-
kwartier, Naripan 63, Bandoeng, Population: 2,549,666; churches,
Java, Netherlands East Indies. 9; members, 266.
Officers: Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Supt., P. Drinhaus. Adventzending Ambon.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, H. Office Address: Advent Zendings-
E. R. Schell. genootschap in N. 0. I. Afdeel-
Executive Committee: P. Drin- ing Ambon, Ambon, Moluccas,
haus, H. E. R. Schell, A. H. Netherlands East Indies.
Zimmermann, W. J. Bolling, F. Officers:
J. J. Dittmar, H. Twijnstra, K. Acting Director, F. K. Erlecke.
Tilstra, F. K. Erlecke, G. Faass, See., Th. H. Njio.
L. M. D. Wortrnan, K. Mandias, Treas., F. K. Erlecke.
G. A. de Jager, Dr. Liem, H. E. Executive Committee: E. K. Er-
Diredja. lecke, Th. H. Njio, L. Tuasuun,
Department Secretaries: C. Pesulima, Ch. Soparue.
Educational, L. M. D. Wortman. Minister: F. K. Erlecke.
Field Sec., G. Faass. Licentiates:
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Z. Tuasuun, L. Tuasuun.
y. P. M. V., F. J. J. Dittmar. Missionary Licentiate:
Ministers: A. Pesulima.
P. Drinhaus, W. J. Dolling, A.
H. Zimmermann, F. J. J. Ditt-
mar, H. Twijnstra, K. Tilstra, NORTH SUMATRA MISSION
F. Erlecke, S. H. V. Horn, Organized 1917
E. Niemann, G. A. Wood (emeri-
tus). Reorganized 1937 to include former
Licentiates: Batakland Mission
H. E. R. Schell, G. Faass, L. M. Territory: Residency of Tapanolei,
D. Wortman. East Coast of Sumatra, Atjeh,
Missionary Licentiates: Riouw.
Mrs. K. Drinhaus, Mrs. I. Zim- Population: 3,717,824; churches,
mermann, Mrs. E. Dittmar, Mrs. 25; members, 731.

Office Address: Advent Zendings- Officers:

genootschap in N. 0. I. Afdeel- Director, W. J. Kolling.
ing North Sumatra, P. Siantar, Sec.,
. E. Niemann.
Sumatra, Netherlands East In- Treas., E. Niemann.
dies. Executive Committee: W. J.
Officers: KLiBing, E. Niemann, D. J.
Director, K. Tilstra. Panggabean, D. A. Dompas, A.
See., S. F. Sitompoel. de Vink, Tan Kiem Siang, Liem
Treas., K. Tilstra. Soen Hoo, K. Maspaitella.
Executive Committee: K. Til- Department Secretaries:
stra, G. A. Wood, A. Mamora, Field Miss., D. J. Panggabean.
K. Tamboenan, S. F. Sitompoel, Home Miss., E. Niemann.
Lie Koen Tiong, F. A. Hess. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Department Secretaries: E. Niemann.
Field Miss., M. V. Pandjaitan. Ministers:
Home Miss. and Educational, K. W. J. Kolling, E. Niemann..
Tilstra. Licentiates:
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., E. H. Vijsma, M. Sormin, S.
S. F. Sitompoel. Pattikawa.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
Tilstra, K. Tamboenan, H. Doso. Kartodiherdjo, P. Simand-
Aritonang, G. A. Wood (emeri- joentak, D. Pattikawa, Em-
tus). manuel, D. A. Dompas, L. S.
Licentiates: Njoo, B. v. Waardenburg, D. J.
A. Mamora, N. H. Manullang, Panggabean, M. Onsoe, M.
Kr. Pandjaitan, S. Ritonga. Sara-Lin.
Missionary Licentiates:
Baginda Mangojang, M. V. NORTH CELEBES MISSION
Pandjaitan, N. U. Hoetapea, Th.
Manullang, M. Hoetapea, Elman Organized 1923
Hoetapea, S. F. Sitompoel. Territory: North Celebes, Hal-
mahery Islands.
EAST. JAVA MISSION Population: 3,250,000; churches,
53; members, 1,758.
Organized 1913 Cable Address: Adventzending
Territory: Residencies of Semar- Menado.
ang, Kedoe, Djokjakarta, Soera- Office Address: Advent Zendings-
karta, Madioen, Kediri, Soera- genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeel-
baja, Madoera, Pasoeroean, Be- ing Noord Celebes, Tondano,
soeki, Southeast Borneo, with Celebes, Netherlands East In-
Islands to East of Java up to dies.
and including Timor.
Population: 26,702,620; churches, Director, H. Twijnstra.
16; members, 814. Sec., J. W. Lumentut.
Cable Address: Adventzending Treas., H. Twijnstra.
Soerabaia. Executive Committee: H. Twi-
Office Address: Advent Zendings- jnstra, J. W. Lumentut, A.
genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeel- Laloan, R. 0. Walean, A. Londa,
ing Oost-Java, Tandjoeng Anom S. Lintang, A. Soeineikoe.
3, Soerabaia, Java, Netherlands Department Secretaries:
East Indies. Field Miss., C. L. Sondakb.

Home Miss., C. L. Sondakh. Population: 1,779,124; churches,

Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., 9; members, 237.
J. W. Lumentut. Office Address: Advent Zendings-
Ministers: genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling
H. Twijnstra, A. Londa, R. 0. Zuid-Sumatra, Palembang, Su-
Walean, J. Sumayku. matra, Netherlands East Indies.
Licentiates: Officers:
W. Pandelaki, S. R. Rantoeng, Director, S. H. V. Horn.
C. L. Sondakh,. A. Sakul, F. Sec., S. H. V. Horn.
Walean. Treas., S. H. V. Horn.
Executive Committee: Unidn
Missionary Licentiates: Committee, M. Akib.
K. Walandouw, N. Pattyranie,
J. Moroisa, H. Zacharias, J. Department Secretaries:
Anton, J. Lumentut, F. Hamel. Educational and Field Miss.,
Church Address: Menado, Tikala
West. Minister:
S. H. V. Horn.
Missionary Licentiates:
PADANG MISSION V. E. Siwy, H. Hasiboean, M.
Organized 1929 Burian, M. Tamboenan, E. Tu-
Territory: Residency of West
Coast of Sumatra.
Population: 1,919,109; churches, WEST JAVA MISSION
1; members, 46. Organized 1913
Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Adventzending Padang. Territory: Residencies of Bantam,
Office Address: Advent Zendings- Batavia, Cheribon, Pekalongan,
genootschap in N. 0. I., District Banjoemas, Preanger, West
Padang, Strandweg 30, Padang, Coast of Borneo.
Sumatra, Netherlands East In- Population: 15,016,904; churches,
dies. 16; members, 658.
Officers: Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Director, Under direction of the Adventzending Batavia.
Union Committee.
See. and Treas., W. Ti. Hoe- Office Address: Advent Zendings-
tapea. genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeel-
ing West Java, Naripan 63,
Executive Committee: Union Bandoeng, Netherlands East In-
Committee. dies.
Licentiate: W. U. Hoetapea.
Director, H. Zimmermann.
Treas., H. Zimmermann.
Organized 1929
Executive Committee: H. Zim-
Territory:. Residencies of Ben- mermann, S. H. V. Horn, L. M.
koelen, Biliton, Bangka, Djambi, D. Wortman, H. Kauntul, S. H.
Palembang, Lampongsche Dis- Pandjaitan, A. de Jager, Loe
tricten. Liang Te.

Department Secretaries: DETACHED STATION

Field Miss., S. H. Pandjaitan.. MAKASSAR
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Address: ' Advent Zendingsge-
Y. P. M. V., S. FL V. Horn. nootschap in N. 0. I., District
Educational, L. M. D. Wortman. Makassar, 3 de Beroeweg 17.
Ministers: churches: 3; members, 153.
A. H. Zimmermann, S. H. V.
Horn, H. Kauntul. In Charge: K. Mandias.
Sec. and Treas., K. Mandias.
P. R. Goltam, B. C. Dompas, Minister: K. Mandias.
S. H. Pandjaitan, S. Silitonga, Missionary Licentiates:
Ong Ban Giok. E. Losu, Y. Tampung.


Organized 1914

Territory: The Philippine Islands. Home Commission, Mrs. R. R.

Population: 13,636,074; churches, Figuhr.
357; members, 19,747. Medical, H. A. Erickson, M.D.
Religious Liberty, R. R. Senson.
Cable Address: "Philipunion,"
Sabbath School and Home Miss.,
Manila. M. F. Wiedemann.
Office Address: 1939 Luna St.,
Pasay, Rizal, Philippine Islands. Ministers:
(Please do not direct mail to R. R. Figuhr, M. F. Wiede-
this address.) Telephone, 5-19-96. mann, F. -A. Mote, A. M. Rags-
Postal Address: Post Office Box dale, E. J. Urquhart, L. M.
401, Manila, Philippine Islands. Stump, R. R. Senson, V. T.
Supt., R. R. Figuhr. 0. A. Blake, B. B. Davis, Tan
Sec.-Treas. and Auditor, 0. A. Nai Se, U. Oliva, C. L. Witzel,
Blake. R. Villanueva, P. H. Romulo.
Executive Committee: R. R.
Figuhr, 0. A. Blake, E. N. Missionary Licentiates:
Lugenbeal, J. B. Emralino, F. Mrs. 0. A. Blake, Miss B. Ir-
L. Jabola, P. R. Diaz, A. A. vine, C. C. Morrison, Mrs. C. C.
Douglas, E. M. Adams (on fur- Morrison, Mrs. E. N. Lugenbeal,
lough), F. A. Pratt, W. B. Miss I. Blancaflor, H. L. Dyer,
Riffel, J. A. Leland, E. J. Urqu- Mrs. H. L. Dyer, M. Perez, Mrs.
hart (on furlough), L. M. E. J. Urquhart, H. C. Honor,
Stump, H. A. Erickson (on I. A. Kintanar, J. Suban, Mrs.
furlough), A. M. Ragsdale, M. F. A. Mote, Mrs. F. A. Pratt,
F. 'Wiedemann, F. A. Mote, R. R. Imperio, Mrs. A. M. Rags-
A. Pilar, R. Villanueva, A: dale, J. A. Leland, Mrs. J. A.
Capobres. Leland, Miss D. Stoelting, Mrs.
W. J. Blake, Mrs. R. R. Figuhr,
Departmental Secretaries: N. F. Legaspi, F. Malapira,Mrs.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., L. M. Stump, Mrs. B. B. Davis,
A. M. Ragsdale. H. A. Erickson, Mrs. H. A.
Field Miss., F. A. Mote. Erickson, A. Cruz, Mrs. M. F.

Wiedemann, Mrs. B. Palmer, Licentiates:

Miss B. Parker, Mrs. C. L. Wit- F. Martin, F. Reyes, A. Sta.
zel, Mrs. A. A. Douglas, Miss R. Rita, L. A. Yutuc.
Missionary Licentiates:
F. A. Velasco, A. J. Abawag, Sr.,
H. G. Roque, J. Sto. Domingo,
Organized 1931 alban, Miss I. Matie, Miss C. 0.
Vergara, J: M. Herrera, Miss L.
(Formerly a part of Central Luzon Lacuesta, Miss M. Pablo.
Church School Teachers:
Territory: Provinces of Zambales, Miss R: Macalinao, Miss C.
Tarlac and Nueva Ecija (except Maghirang, T. Nabong, Miss M.
those parts in the north given to P. Roda, Miss P. Silvestre, A.
Northern Luzon Mission), Pam- Donato.
panga, Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite,
Bataan, the towns of Baler and
Casiguran of the province of EAST VISAYAN MISSION
Tayabas, the islands of Cuyo (Formerly Cebuan Mission)
group, the City of Manila, and Organized 1914
the town of San Jose, Mangarin,
Mindorb. Territory: Islands' of Cebu, Bohol,
Population: 2,275,112; churches, Leyte, Samar, Masbate, Oriental
69;- members, 3,700. Negros, and Siquijor.
Cable Address: "Philipunion," Population: 3,340,137;. churches,
Manila. 26; companies (unorganized),
115; members, 2,637.
Office Address: 1402 Oroquieta St.,
Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippine Is- Office Address: 307 Tres de Abril
lands. St., San Nicolas, Cebu, Cebu,
Philippine Islands.
Director, J. B. Emralino. Director's Residence:- 88 F. Ramos
Sec.-Treas., and Auditor, V. M. St.,Cebu, Cebu, Philippine Is-
Montalban. lans.
Executive Committee: J. B. Post Office Address: Box 119, Cebu,
Emralino, V. M. Montalban, J. Cebu, Philippine Islands.
Jimenez, R. R. Senson, D. Ca- Officers:
lang, A. Sta. Rita, L. A. Yutuc. 'Director, A. A. Douglas.
Department Secretaries: See.-Treas., and Auditor, A.
Book and Periodical Agency, F. Aqui.
A. Velasco. Executive Committee: A. A.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Douglas, A. Aqui, M. G. Yorac,
J. M. Herrera. A. Capobres, U. Oliva, J. K.
Field Miss., A. Sta. Rita. Ramos.
Home Miss. and Sab. Sch., L. A. Department Secretaries:
Yutuc. Book and Periodical Agency, P.
Medical and Home Commission, U. Abatayo.
Miss C. 0. Vergara, R.N. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Religious Liberty, R. R. Senson. P. D. Rocero.
Ministers: Field Missionary, J. K. Ramos.
J. B. Emralino, C. Cara, P. S. Asst. Field Miss. S. Quines.
Magsalin, B. G. Nepomuceno, F. Horele Miss and Sabbath School,
Dalisay (on sustentation). E. Abas.

Ministers: Ministers:
A. A. Douglas, M. 0. Yorac. W. B. Riffel, A. N. Anderson,
Licentiates: A. Somoso, R. S. Llaguno.
D. Novel, R. N. Somosot, P. B. Licentiates:
Gonzales, E. Alias, J. K. Ramos. A. Sumicad, A. Cabarclo.
Missionary Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
P.. U. Abatayo, B. D. Ferraren, G. A. Briones, H. C. Rosell, D.
Mrs. E. L. Ricarte, D. 0. Famor, B. Ladion, J. Cristobal, S. So-
A. Aqui, F. Cabansag, T. Caba- lano, A. Macasiano, Mrs. W. B.
luna, S. Emverda, G. Somoso, Riffel, Mrs. A. N. Anderson, A.
F. Bacus, P. D. Rocero, S. Tan- Cometa.
jal, U. Oliva, A. Domondon. Church School Teachers:
Church School Teachers: D. Pabriga, A. Noval, R. Pasco,
Mrs. C. Llaguno, T. Basiga, G. F. Suico, R. Cruz, S. Calo, R.
Silud, C. Sanchez, F. Curia, Mrs. Llaguno, F. Guinguing, Mrs. F.
C. Francisco, L. Noval. Guinguing, M. Atibagus, S.
Villacampa, T. Layon, Mrs. A.
Singuillo, B. Awid.
(Formerly a part of the East
Organized 1937 Entered 1013; Organized 1917
Territory: The island of Mindanao Territory: Provinces of Pangasi-
and all adjacent small islands nan, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela,
included in the province of Cagayan, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos
Mindanao as well as the Sulu Sur, Abra, La Union, Mountain
Archipelago. Province, Batanes, and the
Population: 1,462,401; churches, northern portions of the -prov-
32; members, 2,544. inces of Nueva Eeija and Tarlac.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 124, Population: 2,414,442; churches,
Cagayan, Oriental Misamis. 55; members, 2,830.
Officers: Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Director, W. B. Riffel. Mission, Artacho, via phone Po-
Sec.-Treas. and Auditor, D. B. zorrubio, Pangasinan, Philippine
Ladion. Islands.
Executive Committee: W. B. Office Address: Artacho, Sison,
Riffel, D. B. Ladion, A. Somoso, Pangasinan, Philippine Islands.
A. Cometa, A. N. Anderson, R.
S. Llaguno, A. Sumicad. Officers:
Director, E. N. Lugenbeal.
Department Secretaries: Sec.-Treas., and Auditor, J. 0.
Book and Periodical Agency, L. Afenir.
L. Villanueva. Executive Committee: E. N. Lu-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., genbeal, V. C. Medina, A. Ba-
A. Macasiano. linao, J. A. Valdez, F. Primer,
Field Miss., A. Cometa; Asst., 0. Aguas, J. Yovan, J. 0.
P.. Lobitania. Afenir.
Sabbath School and HOme Miss.;
A. Somoso. Department Secretaries: -
Religious Liberty and .Home Book and Periodical Agency,
Commission, J. D. Cristobal. R. N. Antonio.

Educational and Y. P. M. V., Jabola, M. NI. Zamora, U. Cas-

Q. Cabansag. tillo, S. Barrameda, M. C. Pas-
Field Miss., V. C. Medina. cual.
Asst. Field Miss., E. Dizon and Department Secretaries:
C. Domingo. Book and Periodical Agency, M.
Sabbath School and Home Miss., M. Zamora.
B. G. Malqued. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Ministers: S. V. Manuel.
E. N. Lugenbeal, T. P. Atiga, Field Miss., U. Castillo.
T. A. Pilar, R. A. Pilar, J. A. Asst. Field Miss., M. Cudanin.
Valdez, J. Yovan, J. 0. Afenir. Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Sustentation: E. Valera, A. M. C. Pascual.
Panaga. Home Commission, P. Molim-
Liceltiate: V. C. Medina. bayan.
Missionary Licentiates: Ministers:
F. de la Cruz, J. Revita, E. F. L. Jabola, M. C. Pascual, I.
Dizon, M. Balaoas, R. Atiteo, Enriquez.
A. Roda, B. G. Malqued, M. Licentiates:
Dalupan, E. 0.. Vigilia, A. San U. Castillo, M. M. Zamora.
Juan, Miss L. Taaca, Miss L. V. Missionary Licentiates:
Garcia. M. P. Arevalo, R. Alinsod, F.
Church School Teachers: Dabu, P. Buendia, V. Quintal,
J. Umagat, J. Wandacr, R. P. Molimbayan, A.. Rada, C. N.
Atiteo, Bodayao, I. Adangas,
b Enriquez.
Miss P. Medina, Miss F. Trini- Church School Teachers:
dad, Miss L. Malapira, Miss A. Miss T. Galang, Miss NI. Racal,
Cacal, Miss M. Eder, Miss E. Miss L. Ferrer, G. Pasco, J.
Luzano, Mrs. A. Ganzagan, Miss Farago, Miss H. Luna, Miss Z.
C. Geslani, Miss I. Geslani, Miss Florendo, Mrs. D. Arevalo, J.
M. Manuel, Miss E. Sabagitn, Magsalin.
Miss F. Lestino, Miss 0. Vigilia,
Miss Mi Agpasa, Miss C. Corpui.
Organized 1926
SOUTH-CENTRAL LUZON Territory: The provinces of Cam-
MISSION arines Sur, Camarines Norte,
Organized 1931 Albay, Sorsogon, and the islands
of Ticao, Burias, and Catandua-
Territory: Provinces of Batangas, nes.
Laguna, Marinduque, Mindoro,
Tayabas, and the islands politi- Population: 1,021,275; churches,
cally administered thereby. 30; members, 896.
Population: 1,158,861; churches, Office Address: Box 32, Legaspi,
03;_ members, 2,094. Albay, Philippine Islands.
Office Address: Box 39, Lucena, Officers:
Tayabas, Philippine Islands. Director, P. R. Diaz.
Sec.-Treas. and Auditor, L. P.
Officers: Gaje.
Director, F. L. Jabola. Executive Committee: P. R.
Sec.-Treas. and Auditor, M. M. Diaz, L. P. Gaje, M. B. Gabarra,
Zamora. C. B. Barnedo, Julian Martinez,
Executive Committee: F. L. R. Umali and Antonio Daya.

Department Secretaries: Field Miss., J. Q. Sarsoza.

Book and Periodical Agency, L. Asst., Field Miss., E. Moreno.
P. Gaje. Home Miss., D. C. Sabrine.
Educational and Home Miss., P. Sabbath School and Religious
R. Diaz. Liberty, 0. de Guzman.
Field Miss., R. Umali. Medical and Home Commission,
Home Commission, R. Cuizon. V. G. Tamayo.
Religious Liberty, P. II,. Diaz. Auditor, Z. B. Cahilig.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Asst. Auditor, J. G. Quijote.
R. Y. Dizon. Ministers:
Ministers: B. M. Adams, F. A. Pratt, A.
P. R. Diaz, J. M. Imperio. C. Same, G. de Guzman, R. 13.
Licentiates: Cahilig, D. C. Sabrine, T. G.
Mel Gabarra, Gregorio Arguzon, Recalde, F. H. Jornada (susten-
C. B. Barnedo. tation subsidized).
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
R. Umali, R. Y. Dizon; P. Aspe, D. M. Bautista, V. Diaz, M.
L. P. Gaje, P. Estipona, F. De- Mindoro, E. Tantia, J. Urbanoso.
terala, C. Valenciano, I. S. Ca- Missionary Licentiates:
ballero, R. Cuizon. Z. 13. Cahilig, F. Bayuna, T. H.
Church School Teachers: Jamandre, E. Ferrer, J. Q. Sar-
R. Verdan, Mrs. R. San Juan, soza, E. Moreno, T. Dinanein, F.
,E. Finns, Mrs. N. Advincula. Sargado, J. G. Quijote, L. Da-
lumpines, J. M. Tauro, A.
Labasan, C. Manta, S. Perez,
L. Leuterio, A. Mopia.
Church Schod Teachers:
Organized 1914
A. Aguilar, A. Gonzales, 13. Cla-
Territory: The provinces of Iloilo, veria, C. Villanueva., M. Arel-
Capiz, Antique, Romblon, Occi- lano, C. Jereos, F.. Tamares, F.
dental Negros, the Cuyo Is- Jereos, J. Bersabal, J. Vidal, R.
lands, and the Islands of Pala= Garcia, L. Duriquiz, M. Bau-
wan and Guimaras. tista, M. Mirallores, R. Guisihan,
Population: 1,957,846; churches, R. Gayatin, P. Tafieza, D.
82; members, 4,986. Laurie, M. Gonzales.
Postal Address: Box 271, Iloilo,
Iloilo, Philippine Islands.
Director,- E. M. Aclanis (on fur- ERN DIVISION
lough). Educational:
Acting Director, F. A. Pratt. Chosen Union Workers' frain-
Sec.-Treas., Z. B. Cahilig. ing Institute, Seoul, Chosen
Executive Committee: E. M. (Korea).
Adams, F. A. Pratt, Z. B. Ca- East Visayan Academy, Box 119,
hilig, T. H. Jamandre, G. de Cebu, Cebu, Philippine Islands.
Guzman, D. Flores, A. C. Same, Japan Junior College, Showa-
F. H. Jornada. machi, Kimitsu-gun, Chiba
Department Secretaries: Ken, Japan.
Periodical Agency, F. Bayuna. Japan Girls' School, Box 7, Su-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., ginami Post Office, Tokyo,
E. P. Ferrer. Japan.

Malayan Seminary, 401 Upper Medical:

Serangoon Road, Singapore, Bangkok Mission Clinic, 4986
Straits Settlements. Plabplachiai Road, Bangkok,
Netherlands East Indies Train-
ing School, Opleidingsschool Siam.
der Advent-Zending, Tjimahi, Bintulu Mission Hospital, Bin-
Bandoeng, Java, Netherlands tulu, Sarawak, Borneo.
East Indies. Blind People's Home, Sipogoe,
Northern Luzon Academy, Arta- Sumatra, Netherlands East
cho, Sison, Pangasinan, Philip- Indies.
pine Islands.. Bukit Nya-la Mission Dispensary,
Orphans' Home, Tjimindi, Ban- Bukit Nyala; 'ratan River,
doeng, Java, Netherlands East via Bintulu, Sarawak, Borneo.
Indies. Cebu Public Health Dispensary,
Philippine Union College, Box P. 0. Box 119, Cebu, Cebu,
1772, Manila, Philippine Philippine Islands.
Islands. East Siam Dispensary, Kulu,
Soonan Academy, Soonan, Ubol, Siam.
Chosen (Korea). Manila Sanitarium and Hospi-
West Visayan Academy, Box tal, cor. Vermont and Indiana
502, Iloilo, Iloilo, Philippine Sts., Manila, Philippine Is-
Islands. lands. Postal Address: 707
Vermont St., Manila, Philip-
pine Islands.
Japan Publishing House, 169- Nunobiki - Sanitarium, 15, 2
171 Amanuma 1 chome, Sugi- Nunobiki Dori, Fukiai-
nam i-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Post- Ku, Kobe, Japan.
al Address: Box 7, Suginami Penang Sanitarium, No. 465 Bur-
P. 0., Tokyo, Japan. mah Road, Penang, Straits
Malayan Signs Press, 399 Upper Settlements.
Serangoon Road, Singapore, Penang Mission Clinic, 511 Chulia
Straits Settlements.
Netherlands East Indies Pub. St., Penang, Straits Settle-
House (Advent Boeken Depot), ments.
Bandoeng, Naripan 63, Java Polyclinic, Batavia.
Netherlands East Indies. Seoul Sanitarium and Hospital,
Philippine Publishing House, Hwee Kyung Re, Seiryori,
1939 Calle Luna, Pasay, Rizal, Seoul, Chosen.
Philippine Islands. Postal Ad- Seoul City Clinic, 136 Insadong,
dress: Box 813, Manila, Philip- Seoul, Chosen.
pine Islands. Soonan Hospital-Dispensary,
Signs of the Times Publishing Soonan, Chosen (Korea).
House, Outside East Gate, Tokyo Sanitarium-Hospital, Box
Seiryori, Seoul, Chosen (Ko- 7, Suginami P. 0., Tokyo, Ja-
rea). pan.
Organized 1922

Territory: Mexico,Guatemala,Hon- .R. Breitigam, D. A. Cone, E.

duras, British Honduras, Salva- R. Sanders, R. L. Odom.
dor, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Pan- Department Secretaries:
ama, Columbia, Venezuela, Brit- Educational, Home Commission,
ish, Dutch, and French Guiana, and Y. P. M. V., W. L. Adams.
West Indie.s,Cuba, Haiti, Ja- Home Miss., and Sabbath School,
maica, Santo Domingo, Puerto R. R. Breitigam.
Rico, Trinidad, Windward and Ministerial Assn. and Religious
Leeward, also Virgin and Ba- Liberty, G. A. Roberts.
hama Islands. Publishing, W. A. Bergherm.
Population: 47,577,459; churches, Transportation Agent, W. C.
570; members, 32,085. Raley.
Cable and Wireless Address: "In- Laborers Holding Credentials from
teramerica," Balboa. the Inter-American Division:
Office: cor. Balboa and Gavilan Ministers:
Roads, Balboa, Canal Zone (Tele- G. A. Roberts, W. L. Adams, W.
phone, Balboa 1349). A. Bergherm, R. R. Breitigam,
Postal Address: Box 2006, Bal- R. L. Odom.
boa, Canal Zone. Licentiate: W. C. Raley.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Esther M. Adams, Mrs. W. L.
Pres., G. A. Roberts. Adams, Mrs. W. A. Bergherm,
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, W. C. D. A. Cone, Mrs. D. A. Cone,
Raley. Viola E. Cooke, Mrs. R. L.
Asst. Sec., Treas., E. R. Sanders. Odom, Mrs. W. C. Raley, Mrs.
Asst. Auditor, H. L. Nielsen. 0. A. Roberts, E. R. Sanders,
Division Committee: G. A. Rob- Mrs. E. R. Sanders, H. I. Smith,
erts, W. C. Raley, H. M. Blun- Mrs. H. I. Smith, 0. F. Tandy,
den, A. R. Ogden, C. P. Crager, Mrs. 0. F. Tandy, Mrs. R. R.
L. V. Finster, C. E. Wood, W. Breitigam, H. L. Nielsen, Mrs.
L. Adams, W. A. Berghermn, R. ' H. L. Nielsen.


Reorganized 1923

. Territory: The Bahamas, Cayman Office Address: D'Estrampes No.

Islands, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, 252, Vibora, Havana, Cuba.
Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Officers:
and the Turks and Caicos Supt., H. M. Blundell.
Islands. Sec.-Treas. and Auditor, A. P.
Population: 11,490,175; churches, Christiansen.
223; members, 13,648. Accountant, S. L. Folkenberg.
Cable Address: "Unionantil," Ha- Executive Committee: H. M.
vana, Cuba. (Telephone, 1-6341.) Blunden, A. P. Christiansen, E.

J. Lorntz, C. E. Andross, A. C. Missionary Licentiates:

Roth, W. H. England, L. L. Mrs. L. L. Dunn, Mrs. D. B.
Dunn, R. S. J. Hamilton, F. W. Reid, M. Nembhard.
Miller, D. A. McAdams, E. E. Honorary: Mrs. E. Someillian.
Parchment. Church School Teachers:
Department Secretaries: Mrs. D. B. Reid, Eulalie Law-
Field Miss., D. A. McAdams. rence.
Educational and Y. P. M. V.,

Home Miss., H. M. Blunden. CUBA CONFERENCE

Sabbath School, Mrs. H. M. Organized 1935
Religious Liberty: H. M. Blun- Territory: Cuba and the Isle of
den. Pines.
Minister: H. M. Blunden. Population: 4,055,156; churches,
Licentiates: D. A. McAdams, A. P. 40; members, 2,140.
Christiansen. Cable Address: "Adventista," Ha-
vana, Cuba. (Telephone 1-
Missionary Licentiates:
S. L. Folkenberg, Mrs. D. A. 7030).
McAdams, Mrs. H. M. Blunden, Office and Postal Address: Patro-
Mrs. S. L. Folkenberg, Etta Mill No. 20, Vibora, Havana,
Hewgley, Mrs. A. P. Christian- Cuba.
sell. Officers:
BAHAMAS MISSION Sec.-Treas., H. L. Higgins.
Entered 1909 Executive Committee:
Territory: The Bahamas Islands - , H. L. Higgins, J. S.
including the Turks and Caicos, Marshall, M. Vilsques, W. R.
dependents of Jamaica. Mulholland, Arturo Perez.
Population: 66,219; churches, 15; Department Secretaries:
members, 499. Book and Bible House, H. L.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Nas- Higgins; Asst., Emil.o Girado.
sau, Bahamas. Educational, F. W. Thorp.
Field Miss., W. R. Mulholland.
Postal Address: Box 356, Nassau, Sabbath School, and Y. P. M. V.,
Officers: Home Miss.,
Supt., L. L. Dunn. Ministers:
Sec.-Treas., . , J. B. Sales, J. S.
Advisory Committee: L. L. Dunn, Marshall, M. Vasques, Jose
D. B. Reid, W. E. Fountain, 'I'. Veiga, V. Saurez.
Thompson. Honorary: Pedro Cruz, Manual
Department Secretaries: Avila.
Book and 'Bible House, L. L. Licentiates:
Dunn. W. R. Mulholland, J. A. Zara-
Home Miss., and Educational, goza, Emmanuel Pupo, Hum-
berto Pupo, Eladia Ceballos, R.
Sabbath School, and Y. P. M. V., del Sol, F. W. Thorp, I. M.
L. L. Dunn. Angell.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
L. L. Dunn, D. B. Reid. H. L. Higgins,

Mrs. H. L. Higgins, Mrs. W. R. Church School Teachers:

Mulholland, Mrs. J. S. Marshall, M. Dolce, H. Petigny, E. Lator-
Mrs. I. M. Angell, Ana Rosa tue, G. Rodriguez, Mrs. A. Pain-
Alvarado, Hermes - Mendez, son, A. Valcourt, N. Mercier,
Emilo Girado. H. Labossiere, E. Pierre-Louis,
Church School Teachers: R. Birmingham, Renee Cantave,
Raul Galliano, Felix Vasquez, Carpel Desvarieux,
Matilde Tello, Lola Dominguez, Lamour, Amedee Saint-Pierre,
Rosita. Tello. Hennessy Jean-Pierre, Antonio
Etienne, Francois Saint-Jean.

Established 1905
Organized 1903
Territory: Republic of Haiti. Territory: Island of Jamaica, and
Population: 3,126,000; churches, Cayman Islands.
28; members, 2,938. Population: 1,119,266; churches,
Cable Address: "Adventiste," Port- 106; members, 6,069.
au-Prince, Haiti. Cable Address: "Adventist" King-
Office Address: Joseph Nicolas ston, Jamaica.
Avenue and Magloire Ambroise. Office and Postal Address: 176
Postal Address: Casier A-55, Port Orange Street, Kingston, J a-
au Prince, Haiti. m aica, British West Indies.
Officers: Officers:
Supt., A. G. Roth. Pres., C. E. Andross.
Sec.-Treas., A. L. Christensen. Sec.-Treas., F. S. Thompson.
Advisory Committee: A. G. Roth, Executive Committee: C. E. An-
A. L. Christensen, A. J. Jean- dross, F. S. Thompson, W. S.
Baptiste, M. N. Isaac, Leonce Nation, H. Fletcher, B. A.
Painson. Meeker, A. C. Stockhausen, E.
Department Secretaries: S. J. Hamilton.
Book and Bible House, A. L. Department Secretaries:
Christensen. Book and Bible House, F. S.
Field Miss., Home Miss., Sab- Thompson; Asst., R. Har-
bath School, and Y. P. M. V., riott.
Julien email. Field Miss., W. A. Holgate.
Educational, A. G. Roth. Home Miss., B. A. Meeker, act-
Ministers: ing.
A. G. Roth, M. N. Isaac, A. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Theodore, A. J. Jean-Baptiste, Mrs. C. E. Andross.
F. D. Apollon. Ministers:
Honorary: D. Dorsinville. C. E. Andross, H. Fletcher, G. A.
Licentiates: E. Smith, A. C. Stockhausen, B.
A. L. Dorce, N. Isaac, B. Lanoix, A. Meeker, W. S. Nation, F.
Julien. Craau. Fletcher, E. E. Parchment, L. S.
Missionary Licentiates: Crawford, E. C. Boger, J. N.
A. L. Christensen, Mrs. A. G. Williams.
Roth, Mrs. A. L. Christen- Honorary: J. A. Reid, W. H.
sen, M. Cherenfant, Horatius Randle, Frank Hall, L. Rash-
Petigny, A. Valcourt, A. Isaac. ford, H. P. Lawson.

Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:

A. R. Haig, R. H. Robertson, W; B. Bullard, Mrs. W. H. England,
A. Holgate, F. S. Thompson, B. Mrs. B. Bullard, Ana M. Gon-
Harriott, R. S. J. Hamilton. zalez, V. Serra, F. Cardona, L.
Missionary Licentiatesi Hernandez, R. Hernandez.
Mrs. C. E. Andross, Mrs. B. A.
Church School Teachers:
Meeker, Miss A. W. Sangster,
Mrs. F. S. Thompson, Mrs. E. Mrs. B. Bullard, Ruth Martinez,
C. Boger. Serafina Perez, Rosalina de
Church School Teachers:
Mrs. F. S. Thompson, Mrs. S.
N. Gorden, Miss E. E. Williams,
Willis, A. D. Laing. Organized 1924
Territory: Republic of Santo Do-
Organized 1909 Population: 1,400,000; churches,
13; members, 1,032.
Territory: Island of Puerto Rico Cable Address: "Adventista," Ciu-
and Viaquez. dad Trujillo, Rep. Dominicana.
Population: 1,723,543; churches, Office Address: Avenida Mella 91,
21; members, 970. Ciudad Trujillo.
Cable Address: " Adventista," San Postal Address:. Apartado 568, Ciu-
Juan, Puerto Rico. dad Trujillo, Republica Domini-
Office Address: Stop 14, Santurce, cana.
Puerto Rico. Officers:
Postal Address: Apartado 3005, Supt., F. W. Miller, acting.
Santurce, Puerto Rico. Sec.-Treas., Arthur L. , Edeburn.
Officers: Advisory - Committee: F. W.
Supt., Miller, acting chairman; Arthur
Sec. and Treas., B. Bullard. L. Edeburn, J. A. Phipps R.,
Advisory Committee: , B. Eugenio Valencia, Juan Palau.
Bullard, M. -Mendez, Fe. Me- Department Secretaries:
grant, R. W. Prince, acting Book and Bible House, Arthur
chairman of committee. L. Edeburn.
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., Juan Palau.
Book and Bible House, B. Bul- Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., J. A.
lard. Phipps R.
Asst., Fernando Cardona. Sabbath School, Mrs. F. W.
Field MiSs., L. Hernandez. Miller.
Educational, R. W. Prince. Educational and Rel. Liberty,
F. W.
Home Miss., Sab. School, and
Y. P. M. V., W. Cadiz. Ministers:
F. W. Miller, J. A. Phipps R.,
Ministers: Eugenio Valencia.
W. H. England, Fco. Megrant,
M. Mendez, R. W. Prince, R. Licentiates:
Bracero. A. Moreta, Juan Rivera.
Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
E. Acosta, W. Cadiz, A. Mar- Juan Palau, Mrs. F. W. Miller,
rero, Jose Rivera, P. Perales. Arthur L. Edeburn, Mrs. J. A.

Phipps R., Leonela Gonzalez, J. Church School Teachers:

W. Williams, Mrs. Eugenio Val- Josefa Felix, Ana de Cabral,
encia, Mrs. Arthur L. Edeburn. Evangelina Gonzalez, Edna
Honorary: Mrs. L. E. Moulton. Brewer.


Organized 1926

Territory: Trinidad, Barbados, the FRENCH WEST INDIAN

Windward, Leeward, andVirgin MISSION
Islands, British, Dutch, and Established 1929
French Guianas.
Population: 1,982,334; churches, Territory: French West Indies
133; members, 7,992. Martinique, and Guadeloupe and
its dependencies.
Cable Address: "Caribunion,"
Port of Spain, Trinidad. Population: 514,212; churches, 8;
members, 350.
Postal Address: Box 221, Port of
Spain, Trinidad, British West Cable Address: "Adventiste," FOrt-
Indies. de-France, Martinique. -
Office Address: 25 Edward St., Postal Address: Casier postal 16,
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, British Fort-de-France, Martinique, _
West Indies. (Telephone, 4732.) F. W. I.
Officers: Officers:
Supt., A. 0. Dunn.
Pres., A. R. Ogden. Sec. and Treas., Mrs. A. 0. Dunn.
Sec., Treasurer, and Auditor, Advisory Committee: A. 0.
IL E. Beddoe. Dunn, Mrs. A. 0. Dunn, S. B.
Executive Committee: A. R. Og- Jean-Elie, E. Berle, H. Girard,
den, H. E. Beddoe, Gorden Oss, Louise Ledran. -
A. E. Hempel, L. H. Gardiner,
Department Secretaries:
A. 0. Dunn, M. E. Smith, C. A. Book .and Bible House, A. 0.
Edwards. Dunn; Asst., M. Linzau.
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., H. Girard.
Educational, M. E. Smith. Home Miss., A. 0. Dunn.
Field Miss., C. A. Edwards. Sabbath School, Mrs. A. 0. Dunn.
Home Miss., A. R. Ogden. Y. P. M. V., Louise Ledran.
Sabbath School and Y. R M. V., Ministers:
Mrs. H. E. Beddoe. A. 0. Dunn, E. Berle.
Ministers:. Licentiate: S. _B. Jean-Elie.
A. R. Ogden.
Honorary: Philip Giddings, R. Missionary Licentiates:
T. Colthurst. Mrs. A. 0. Dunn, Louise Ledran,
M. Linzau, H. Girard.
H. E. Beddoe, C. A. Edwards,
M. E. Smith, C. E. Stenberg. GUIANA CONFERENCE
Missionary Licentiates: Reorganized 1926
Mrs. H. E. Beddoe, Mrs. M. E.
Smith, Mrs. C. E. Stenberg, Territory: British, Dutch a n d
Linda Austin, W. A. Osborne. French Guianas, South America.

Population: 531,537; churches, 31; Office Address: McGregor St.,

members, 1,425. Bridgetown, Barbados, British
Cable Address: "Ad v e n t i s t," West Indies.
Georgetown, British Guiana. Officers:
Postal Address: Box 78, George- Pres., A. E. Hempel.
town, British Guiana, South Sec. and Treas., J. W. Grounds.
America. Executive Committee: A. E.
Office Address: 31 Hind: Street, Hempel, J. W. Grounds, W. H.
Georgetown, British Guiana, Lewis, C. G. Van - Putten, A. E.
South America. Riley, Dr.. Charles Cave, 0. P.
Reid, Fitz Willoughby.
Pres., L. H. Gardiner. Legal Titles: The Board of Trus-
Sec. and Treas., R. G. Jones. tees of the Seventh-day Advent-
ist Church in the Leeward Is-
Executive Committee: L. H. lands. The Leeward Islands Con-
Gardiner, R. G. Jones, J. T. ference of Seventh-day Advent-
Carrington, H. Beck, C. Mano- ists (Barbados).
ram, E. S. Greaves.
Legal Title: "Guiana Conference Department Secretaries:
of Seventh-day Adventists." Book and Bible House, J. W.
Department Secretaries: Grounds.
Book and Bible House, R. G. Educational and Home Miss.,
Jones. A. E. Hempel.
Field Miss., E. S. Greaves. Field Miss., F. A. Sebro.
Home Miss., L. H. Gardiner. Medical, Dr. Charles Cave.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Mrs. Isabella Downer. Olive Edwards.
Ministers: Ministers:
L. H. Gardiner, J. T. Carrington, A. E. Hempel, W. H. Lewis,
H. Beck, R. G. Jones. C. G. Van Putten, A. E. Riley,
0. C. Walker, 0. P. Reid, A. A.
Licentiate: C. Manoram. Fortune.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiate: Dr. Charles Cave.
E. S. Greaves, Mrs. L. H. Gar-
diner, Mrs. Isabella Downer, Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. R. C. Jones. J. W. Grounds, Mrs. A. E. Hem-
pel, Mrs. J. W. Grounds, F. A.
Sebro, Olive Edwards, Joshua
Territory: Barbados, St. Lucia,
Leeward and Virgin Islands, ex- Reorganized 1938
cepting the French West Indies. Postal Address: Wakipata
Population: 399;713; churches, 34; Kurupung, Mazaruni River,
members, 2,525. British Guiana, South America.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Bar- Director: A. A. Carscallen.
bados, British West Indies. Minister: A. A. Carscallen.
Postal Address: Box 216, Bridge- Missionary Licentiates:
town, Barbados, British West R. E. Brooks, Mrs. A. A. Cars-
Indies. callen.

SOUTH CARIBBEAN CON- Legal Title: The Incorporated

FERENCE Trustees of the Seventh-day Ad-
ventist Church in Trinidad and
Reorganized 1926 Tobago.
Territory: Trinidad, Tobago, Gre- Department Secretaries:
nada, the Grenadines, and St.
Vincent: Book and Bible House, C. M.
Population: 536,872; churches, 60; Educational and Home Miss.,
members, 3,692. Nathaniel. Gooding.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Port Field Miss., J. B. Ramratan.
of Spain, Trinidad. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Postal Address: Box 66, Port of Mrs. C. A. Edwards.
Spain, Trinidad, British West Ministers:
Indies. Gorden Oss, M. B. Butterfield,
Office Address: 31 Dundonald St., S. L. Ash, J. D. Wood, T. J.
Port of Spain, Trinidad, British Warner, Nathaniel Payne, Ben-
West Indies. (Telephone, 1595.) jamin Yip, Henry Wiseman.
Officers: Licentiates:
Pres., Gorden Oss. C. M. Crawford, C. L. Jones, C.
Sec. and Treas., C. M. Craw- D. Henry, Nathaniel Gooding.
Executive Committee: Gorden Missionary Licentiates:
Oss, C. M. Crawford, S. L. Ash, Mrs. Gorden Oss, Mrs. C. M.
J. D. Wood, Benjamin Yip, T. Crawford, Mrs. C. A. Edwards,
J. Warner, E. E. Osborne. J. B. Ramratan, Annie Osborne.


Reorganized 1926

Territory: Panama, Costa Rica, A. ',Vild, P. Nygaard, L. Astle-

Nicaragua, Honduras, British ford, G. C.
Honduras, Bay Islands, Guate- Department Secretaries:
mala, Salvador. Educational, Y. P. M. V., and
Population: 6,676,632; churches, Home Miss., A. H. Both.
87; members, 4,131. Field Miss., F. W. Steeves.
Cable Address: "Adventista," San Sabbath School, C. P. Crager.
Jose, Costa Rica. Ministers:
Office Address: Apartado 1059, San C. P. Crager, A. 1.1. Roth, W. A.
Jose, Costa Rica, Central Amer- Wild.
ica (Telephone, 3359). Licentiates:
Officers: H. Larrabee, B. Perez; E. Revelo,
Supt., C. P. Crager. F. I. Mohr.
Sec., Treasurer, and Auditor, Missionary Licentiates:
F. I. Mohr. Mrs. C. P. Crager, Mrs. F. I.
Advisory Committee: C. P. Mohr, F. W. Steeves, Mrs. F. W:
Crager, F. I. Mohr, Orley Steeves, Mrs. W. A. Wild, Lela
Ford, A. H. Roth, F. W. Steeves, Pierce, Mrs. B. Perez, H. Miller,
C. E. Westphal, D. A. Cone, W. Mrs. H. Miller, Mrs. H. Larrabee,

Mrs. A. H. Roth, T. J. Galliano, Advisory Committee: C. P.

Lilia Levy. Crager, F. I. Mohr, J. E. Rogers,
A. H. Roth, F. W. Steeves, S.
Farrell, J. Vela.
BRITISH HONDURAS MISSION Department Secretaries:
Reorganized 1937 Book and Bible House, F. I.
Territory: The Colony of British Field Miss., F. W. Steeves.
Honduras. Home Miss., A. H. Roth.
Population: 60,000; churches, 8; Sabbath School, Mrs. C. P.
members, 329. Crager.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Belize, V. P. M. V., and Educational,
British Honduras. A. H. Roth.
Office Address: Box 123, Belize, Licentiates:
British Honduras. J. Vela, S. Farrell.
Supt., L. Astleford. GUATEMALA MISSION
Sec. and Treas., L. Astleford.
Reorganized 1927
Advisory Committee: L. Astle-
ford, L. L. Garbutt, Mrs. L. Territory: The Republic of Guate-
Astleford, U. E. Morgan. mala.
Department Secretaries: Population: 2,454,000; churches,
9; members, 510.
Book and Bible House, L. Astle-
ford. Cable Address: " Adventista," Gua-
Home Miss., L. Astleford. temala, Central America.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Office Address: Apartado 218, Gua-
Mrs. L. Astleford. temala, Republic of Guatemala,
Minister: L. Astleford. Central America.
Licentiates: Officers:
L. L. Garbutt, U. E. Morgan. Supt., Orley Ford.
Missionary Licentiate: Sec. and Treas., Mrs. A. Fanse-
Mrs. L. Astleford. lau.
Advisory Committee: Orley
Ford, Mrs. A. Fansleau, Jose C.
Aguilar, Dionisio Santos, David
Organized 1927 Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Mrs. A.
Territory: Republic of Costa Rica. Fanselau.
Population: 520,000; churches, 9; Field Miss., D. Santos.
members, 419. Home Miss., Orley Ford.
Cable Address: "Adventists," San Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Jose, Costa Rica, Central Amer- Mrs. Orley Ford.
ica. Ministers:
Office Address: Apartado 1325, San Orley Ford, Jose C. Aguilar.
Jose, Costa Rica, Central Amer-
ica. (Telephone, 3359.) Licentiate: David Garcia.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Supt., C. P. Crager. Mrs. Orley Ford, Mrs. A. Frans-
Sec. and 'Teas., F. I. Mohr. elau, D. Santos, G. Orozco.

HONDURAS MISSION Advisory Committee: C. P.

Reorganized 1937 Crager, A. E. Lutz, L. E. Concep-
cion, 0. D. Andrean, Emma Ro-
Territory: Republic of Honduras. driguez.
Population: 807,632; churches, 15; Department Secretaries:
members, 621. Book and Bible House, Emma
Cable Address: "Adventista," La Rodriguez.
Ceiba, Honduras, Central Amer- Field Miss., A. E. Lutz.
ica. Ministers:
Office Address: La Ceiba, Republic L. E. Concepcion, 0. D. Andrean.
of Honduras, Central America. Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: Emma Rodriguez, Roger Brooks.
Supt., C. E. Westphal.
Sec. and Treas., Hilda Gristo. PANAMA CONFERENCE
Advisory Committee: C. E. West-
phal, E. E. Neblet, R. T. Rankin, Organized 1906
A. E. Lutz, Hilda Gristo. Territory: Republic of Panama,
Department Secretaries: Canal Zone, Talamanca Valley
Book and Bible House, Hilda (Costa Rica), and the islands of
Gristo. San Andrds and Old Providence
Field Miss., A. E. Lutz. (Colombian).
Home Miss., C. E. Westphal. Population: 500,000; churches, 32;
Sabbath School, and Y. P. M. V., members, 1,583.
Hilda Gristo. Cable and Wireless Address: "Ad-
Ministers: ventist," Cristobal, Canal Zone.
C. E. Westphal, R. T. Rankin. Office Address: Masonic Temple,
Ministerial Licentiate: Eleventh and Bolivar Sts., Cris-
L. H. Connolly. tObal, Canal Zone.
Missionary Licentiates: Postal Address: Box M, Cristo-
Mrs. C. E. Westphal, Hilda bal, Canal. Zone. (Phone 3-1325.)
Gristo, I. Vasquez, A. E. Lutz, Officers:
Mrs. A. E. Lutz. Pres., G. C. Nickle.
Honorary: David Hayloek. Sec. and Treas., 'W. H. Wineland.
Executive Committee: G. C.
Nickle, W. H. Wineland, Roy
NICARAGUA MISSION Haight, R. T. Newhall, Ishmael
Organized 1928 Ellis, D. A. Cone, C.W. Omphroy.
Territory: Republic of Nicaragua Department Secretaries:
and Corn Island. Book and Bible House, W. B.
Population: 700,000; churches, 6; Field Miss., C. E. Townsend.
members, 323. Home Miss., G. C. Nickle.
Cable Address: "Adventista," Ma- Sabbath School, Mrs. G. C.
nagua, Nicaragua. Nickle.
Office Address: Apartado 92, Ma- Y. P. M. V., Clinton Woodland.
nagua, Rep. de Nicaragua, Cen- Ministers:
- tral America. G. C. Nickle, C. B. Sutton,
Officers: Ishmael Ellis.
Supt., C. P. Crager. Licentiates:
Sec., Emma Rodriguez. Clinton Woodland, R. R. Matti-
Treas., . son, MT. H. Wineland.

Missionary Licentiates: Officers:

C. E. Townsend, Mrs. C. E. Supt., P. Nygaard.
Townsend, Mrs. C. B. Sutton, Sec. and Treas., Eugenia Robin-
Mrs. R.. R. Mattison, Mrs. G. C. son.
Nickle, Mrs. Clinton Woodland,
Jose Chavanz, R. T. Newball, Advisory Committee: P. Ny-
Sani Clarke, Mrs. W. H..Wine- gaard, B. Hernandez, Eugenia
.Honorary: Felix Vega. Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Miss
SALVADOR MISSION Eugenia Robinson.
Reorganized 1927 Field Miss., B. Hernandez.
Territory: The Republic of El Sal- Home Miss., P. Nygaard.
vador, Central America. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Population: 1,635,000; churches, Mrs. P. Nygaard.
8; meihbers, 346. Ministers:
Cable Address: "Aclventista," San P. Nygaard, Victor Printemps.
Salvador, Republic of El Salva-
dor, Central America. Missionary Licentiates:
Office Address: 8a Ave. Norte, No. Mrs. P. Nygaard, Eugenia Rob-
57, San Salvador, Rep5blica de inson, B. Hernandez, Eduardo
El Salvador, Central America. Acosta, R. Sagastume.

Organized 1927
Territory: The Republics of Co- Howard, N. H. Kinzer, G. W.
lombia, Venezuela, and the Is- Chapman, A. R. Sherman, E. M.
lands of Curacao, Aruba and Tritinmer, Mrs. L. V. Finster.
Department Secretaries:
Population: 11,024,288; churches,
41; members, 1,953. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
and Sabbath School, Mrs. L.
Cable and Wireless Address: "Ad- V. Finster.
ventista," -Medellin, Colombia, Field Miss., M. E. Lowry.
South America. Home Miss., L. V. Finster.
Postal Address: Apartado 39, Me-
dellin, Colombia, South America. Minister: L. V. Finster.
Air Mail Address: Correo A6reo Licentiates:
Apartado 609, Medellin, Colom- J. W. Cole, M. E. Lowry, L. E.
bia, South America. Greenidge.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Supt., L. V. Finster. Mrs. J. W. Cole, Mrs. M. E.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, J. W. Lowry, G. W. Chapman, Mrs.
Cole. G. W. Chapman, Esther Pierce,
Advisory Committee: L. V. Fin- Mrs. L. V. Finster, Elizabeth
ster, J. W. Cole, M. E. Lowry, Baxter, Mrs. L. E. Greenidge,
L. H. Olson, W. E. Baxter, E. P. Vivi na Pantoja.

ATLANTIC COLOMBIA MISSION Postal Address of Director: Apar-

Organized 1926 tado 83, Bucaramanga, Colombia,
South America.
Territory: Departments of Atlan- Director's Telegraphic Address:
tico, Bolivar, Magdalena, and the "Adventista," Bucaramanga, Co-
territory of La Goajira. lombia, South America.
Population: 1,220,983; churches, 9; Office Postal Address: Apartado 39,
members, 523. or Correo Aereo 609, Medellin,
Cable Address: "Adventista," Bar- Colombia, South America.
ranquilla, Colombia, South Amer- Office Telegrahpic Address: "Ad-
ica. ventista," Medellin, Colombia,
Postal Address: Apartado 261, South America.
Barranquilla, Colombia, South Officers:
America. Director, E. M. Trummer.
Office Address: Calle Magdalena, Sec.-Treas., J. W. Cole.
Carrera Cuartel esquina, Bar- Advisory Committee: E. M.
ranquilla, Colombia, South Trummer, J. W. Cole, Jorge
America. Rendon, Moises Valdes, Mrs. L.
Officers: V. Finster.
Director, N. H. Kinzer. Department Secretaries:
Sec. and Treas., Mabel L. Head. Home Miss., Moises Valdes.
Advisory Committee: N. H. Kin- Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
zer, Aquilino Gonzales, Pedro Mrs. E. M. Trummer.
Gonzales, Mabel L. fIead, Eu- Minister: E. M. Trummer.
genio Plata D. Licentiate: Jorge Rendon.
Department Secretaries: Missionary Licentiate:
Book and Bible House, Mabel L. Mrs. E. M. Trummer.
Field Miss., Pedro Gonzales. CURACAO MISSION
Home Miss., N. H. Kinzer.
Sabbath School, Mrs. N. H. Kin- Organized 1934.
zer. Territory: Islands of Aruba, Bon-
Minister: N. H. Kinzer. aire and Curacao, Netherlands,
Licentiate: Eugenio Plata D. West Indies.
Missionary Licentiates: Population: 90,000; churches, 2;
Mrs. N. H. Kinzer, Pedro Gon- members, 102.
zales, Mabel L. Head, Aquilino Cable Address: "Adventist," Cu-
Gonzales, Mrs. Francis L. Plata, racao (N. W. I.).
Jose M. Martinez. Director's Postal Address: Pisca-
deraweg 22, Mundo Nobo, Cu-
racao, Netherlands West Indies.
Reorganized 1929 Director, E. P. Howard.
Sec. and Treas., E. P. Howard.
Territory: Departments of Antio- Legal Board of "Advent Zend-
quia, Santander del Norte, San- ingsgenootschap," E. P. How-
tander del Sur. ard, Mrs. E. P. Howard, Fred
Population: 2,112,837; churches, 9; Labega, D. Martyn, Jacob Myers.
members, 422. Advisory Committee: E. P. How-

ard, Mrs. E. P. Howard, Fred UPPER MAGDALENA MISSION

Labega. Reorganized 1929
Department Secretaries: Territory: Departments of Cundi-
Book and Bible House, E. P. namarca, Boyaca, Tolima, Huila,
Howard. and the territories of Vichada,
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Meta, Caqueta, Vaupes,. Ama-
E. P. Howard. zonas and Arauca.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Mrs. E. P. Howard. Population: 3,077,566; churches, 5;
members, 226.
Minister: E. P. Howard.
Cable Address: "Adventists," Bo-
Missionary Licentiate: gota, Colombia, South America.
Mrs. E. P. Howard. '
Director's Postal Address: Apar-
tado 436, Bo,gotil, Colombia,
South America.
Office Address: _Apartado Nacional
Reorganized 1929 de Correos No. 436, Bogota, Co-
Territory: Departments of El lombia, South America.
Valle, Cauca, Nariao, Caldas, Officers:
the commisariats of Caqueta Director, W. E. Baxter.
and Putumayo, and the terri- Sec. and Treas., .
tory of Choco.
Advisory Committee: W. E.
Population: 1,389,021; churches, Baxter, Jorge Escandan, Car-
7; members, 229. los J. Plata, Salvador Plata.
Cable Address: "Adventista," Cali,
Colombia, South America. Department Secretaries:
Postal Address: Apartado 313, , Book and Bible House,
Cali, Colombia, South America. Field Miss., Jorge Escand6n.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Officers: Mrs. W. E. Baxter.
Director, L. H. Olson. Home Miss., Carlos J. Plata.
,.Sec. and Treas., D. N. Peralta.
Minister: W. E. Baxter.
Advisory Committee: L. H. Ol- Missionary Licentiates:
son, D. W. Peralta, Vicente Mrs. W. E. Baxter, ;Jorge
Moreno, Gilberto Bustamante, E. Escandon, Carlos J. Plata.
Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, D. N. VENEZUELA MISSION
Field Miss., Vicente Moreno. Territory: Republic of Venezuela.
Home Miss., Vicente Moreno. Population: 3,491,159; churches,
Sabbath School, Mrs. L. H. Olson. 9; members, 451.
Y. P. M. V., Mrs. D. N. Peralta.
Educational, Mrs. L. V. Finster. Cable Address: " Adventists," Car-
Minister: L. H. Olson. acas, Venezuela.
Missionary Licentiates: Office Address: Carcel a Pilita No.
Mrs. L. H. Olson, D. N. Peralta, 2, Caracas, Venezuela.
Mrs. D: N. Peralta, Vicente Postal Address: Apartado 986,
Moreno, Gilberto Bustamante. Caracas, Venezuela.

Officers: Field Miss., Rafael Fleitas.

Director, A. R. Sherman. Home Miss., A. R. Sherman.
Sec. and Treas., A. V. Larson. Sabbath School, .
Advisory Committee: A. R. Sher- Ministers:
man, A. V. Larson, Julio Garcia
D., Rafael Fleitas, Francisco A. R. Sherman, Julio Garcia R
Cabrera. Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: Mrs. A. R. Sherman, A. V. Lar-
Book and Bible House, A. V. son, Mrs. A. V. Larson, Alberto
Larson. Acosta H., Rafael Fleitas, Fran-
Educational, A. V. Larson. cisco Cabrera, Mrs. R. E. Green-
Y. P. M. V., Mrs. A. V. Larson. idge.


Organized 1923
Territory: The Republic of Mexico. CENTRAL MEXICAN MISSION
Population: 16,404,030; churches, Territory: The northern half of
86; members, 4,361. Vera Cruz and Puebla, the states
Cable Address: Adventista, Mon- of Hidalgo, Guerrero, Morelos,
terrey, Mexico. Queretaro, Tlaxcala, Guana-
Office Address: Vallarta Sur 644, juato, Michoacan, and Mexico.
Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. Population: 7,338,229; churches,
Officers: 10; members, 1,087.
Supt., C. E. Wood. Cable Address: "Adventista," Mex-
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, J. G.. ico, D. F.
Pettey. Office Address: Agricultura 79,
Advisory Committee: C. E. Wood, Colonia Escandon, Tacubaya,
J. G. Pettey, E. Ponce, C. E. D. F., Mexico.
Moon, A. G. Parfitt, C. L. Dinius, Officers:
L. L. Grand Pre, H. F. House,
Max Fuss, H. A. B. Robinson. Supt., E. Ponce.
Sec. and Treas., A. J. Calderon.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., L. L. Grand Pre. Advisory Committee: E. Ponce,
Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., A. J. Calderon, C. E. Wood, A.
Home Miss., and Educational, G. Parfitt, Rafael Arroya, Fili-
H. F. House. berto Corona.
Ministers: C. E. Wood, H. F. House. Department Secretaries:
Licentiates: Field Miss., Gilberto Carona.
L. L. Grand Pre, J. G. Pettey. Home Miss., Sab. School, and
Missionary Licentiates: Y. P. M. V., Melchor Covar-
Mrs. C. E. Wood, Mrs. J. G. rubia,s.
Pettey, Mrs. H. F. House, Mrs. Ministers:
L. L. Grand Pre. R Ponce, A. G. Parfitt.
Sustentation Workers: Mrs.
Juana de Sauza, C. Schulz, J. G. Licentiates:
Rojas, Sva. Gregoria M. de Vera, Alfonso Baez T., Rafael Arroya,
V. M. Calvo. A. J. Calderbn, Jose Carpentero.

Missionary Licentiates: Officers:

C. Chavez, J. E. Perez, Sra. E. Supt., C. L. Dinius.
0. de Verduzco, Sra. A. E. Baez, Sec. and Treas., Mrs. C. L.
Melchor Covarrubias. Dinius.
Advisory Committee: C. L.
GULF MISSION Dinius, C. E. Wood, M. E. Olsen,
Mrs. C. L. Dinius, Dr. T. G.
Organized 1934 Reynolds.
Territory: The States of Coahuila, Department Secretaries:
Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Field Miss., M. E. Olsen.
and Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Du- Home Miss., Sabbath Sch. and
rango, Zacatecas, and Aguasca- Y. P. M. V., Mrs. C. L. Dinius..
lientes. Minister: C. L. Dinius.
Population: 3,238,482; churches, Licentiate: M. E. Olsen.
22; members, 985:
Missionary Licentiates:
Postal Address: Apartado 139, Mrs. C. L. Dinius, Dr. T. Gor-
Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. don Reynolds, Mrs. G. T. Rey-
Officers: nolds, M. Flores, A. A. Valen-
Supt., C. E. Moon. zuela, Alfonso Castillo, Estaben
Sec. and Treas., Edmundo Que- Left, Francisco Paredes.
Advisory Committee: C. E.
Quezanda, J. A. Salazar, Jose Organized 1934
Territory: The states of Chiapas,
Department Secretaries: Oaxaca and southern halves of
Field Miss., Jos6 Quintero. the States of Puebla and Vera
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Cruz, Mexico, Yucatan, Campe-
Y. P. M. V., V. A. Sauza. che, Tabasco, and Territory of
Ministers: Quintana Roo.
C. E. Moon, J. A. Salazar, A. E. Population: 3,560,495; churches,
Torres, Jose Castillo, F. B. 48; members, 1,874.
Zaynos. Cable Address: Adventista, Puebla,
Licentiate: H. A. B. Robinson. Puebla, Mexico.
Missionary Licentiates: Telephone: Mexicana 3404.
Ignacio Ponce, Jose Quintero, Postal Address: Apartado 107,
Alfonso Rodriguez, Manuel Puebla, Puebla, Mexico.
Nufiez, Mrs. C. E. Moon, Sra. Office Address: 9 Ave. Pte., No.
Amanda de Aguilar, Mrs. H. A. 1702, Puebla, Puebla, Mexico.
B. Robinson, V. A. Sauza.
Supt., Max Fuss.
LAKE MISSION Sec. and Treas., Julio Morgado.
Territory: The States of Jalisco, Advisory Committee: Max Fuss,
Colima, Sonora, Lower Cali- C. E. Wood, Vicente Rodriguez;
fornia. Julio Morgado, J. A. Williams.
Population: 2,266,824; churches, 6; Department Secretaries:
members, 415. Field Miss., J. A. Williams.
Postal Address: Apartado 175, Home Miss., Sab. Sch., and Y. P.
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. M. V., Vicente Rodriguez.

Ministers: Colege Vertieres, Casier A-115,

Max Fuss, S. Conde, V. Rod- Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
riguez, C. Aquino, P. Trinidad. Colombia-Venezuela Union
Licentiates: Training School, Apartado
L. Arriaga, A. Jimenez, J. A. 2:24, Medellin, Colombia, South
Williams. America.
Instituto Cornercial Prosperi-
Missionary Licentiates: dad, Ptosperidad 85, Tacu-
Julio Morgado, C. Mortazuma,
Mrs. Max Fuss, Idelisa Lara. baya, D. F., Mexico.
Mauro Cohud. West Indian Training College,
Post Office Box 22, Mandeville,
Jamaica, B. W. I.
Publishing: Pacific Press. Publish-
INSTITUTIONS IN THE INTER- ing Association, Inter-Amer-
ican Branch, Box 5007, Cristo-
bal, Canal Zone.
Educational: Agencia Mexicana de Publieu-
Academia Adventista Hispano- eiones, Apartado 785, Mon-
americana, Apartado 1320, terrey, N.L., Mexico.
San Jose, Costa Rica, Central Dispensaries:
America. Cliniea Tacubaya, Agricultura
Caribbean Training College, Box 73, Colonia Escandon, Tacu-
175, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, baya, Mexico, D. F.
B. W. I. Clinica Adventista de _Monter-
Colegio Adventista de Cuba, rey, Calle Vallarta Sur, Mon-
Bartle, Oriente, Cuba. terrey, N.L., Mexico..
Organized 1928
rerritory: British Isles, Denmark, General Conference Trans-
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Es- portation Agent: C. H. Ans.
tonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Po- combe, 29 Oxford St., London,
land (including Teschen Area), W. L England; Telephone Ger-
Iceland, Greenland, Faroes, rard 1470; Cable Address, "Ad-
Kenya, Uganda, Anglo-Egyptian ventist, London." Telegrams,
Sudan, British Somaliland, "Adventist, Rath., London."
Pemba, Zanzibar, Frencl. Legal Association:
Guinea, Ivory Coast, Niger, " World Wide Advent Missions,
Dahomey, Upper Volta, French Limited." Pres., W. E. Read;
Sudan, and that portion of Sec., W. T. Bartlett; Treas., E.
French Equatorial Africa and R. Colson.
French Cameroons lying north
of latitude 10 North extending Department Secretaries:
North to Lybia and Algeria, Field, T. T. Babienco.
Nigeria, Liberia, Gold Coast, Educational, J. I. Robison.
Togo, Sierra Leone, Gambia: Home Miss., G. E. Nord.
viz.: the Baltic, British, Polish, Medical, A. Andersen, M. D.
East Nordic, and West Nordic Publishing, L. A. Vixie.
Union Conferences; the Kenya, Sabbath School and Ministerial,
Nigerian, Gold Coast, and Upper W. T. Bartlett.
Nile Union Missions. Statistical, Miss Anne Schmidt.'
Popillation: 160,651,868; churches, Y. P. M. V. and Religious Lib-
659; members, 36,528. erty, W. T. Bartlett.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Ministers:
Advent, Edgware. W. E. Read, J. I. Robison, G. E.
Office Address: 41 Hazel Gardens, Nord, T. T. Babienco, . T.
Edgware, Middlesex, England. Bartlett, L. A. Vixie.
Officers: Licentiate: E. R. Colson.
Pres., W. E. Read. Missionary Licentiates:
Sec., J. I. Robison. C. H. Anscombe, A. Lethbridge,
Treas. and Auditor, E. R. Colson. Paul Knudsen, Ethel R. How-
Executive Committee: W. E. ard, Florence Fielding, Jenny R.
Read, J. I. Robison, E. R. Colson, Wharrie, Helene Finstad, Anne
W. T. Bartlett, G. E. Nord, L. A. Schmidt, Mrs. W. E. Read, Mrs.
Vixie, T. T. Babienco, H. W. J. I. Robison, Mrs. E. R. Colson,
Lowe, G. A. Lindsay, L. Muders- Mrs. W. T. Bartlett, Mrs. T. T.
pach, A. Anderson, A. Rintala, Babienco, Mrs. L. A. Vixie, Mrs.
W. G. C. Murdoch, C. M. Scott, P. Knudsen, Mrs. G. E. Nord, E.
A. Warren. Argent.


Organized 1923
Territory: Estonia, Latvia, and Office Address: Merepuistee 14-a,
Lithuania. Tallinn, Estonia.
Population: 5,576,444; churches, Institutions:
118; members, 5,359. Baltic Union School, (Adv. Miss.

Seminary) Brivibas iela 11, :Cable Address: "Advent," Riga.

Riga, Latvia. Office Address: Brivibas iela 11,
Estonian Publishing House, Mere- Riga, LatVia.
puistee 14a, Tallinn, Estonia. Officers:
Latvian Publishing House, Brivi-
bas iela 11, Riga, Latvia. Pres., J. Oltin.
Lithuanian Depository, Voxieeiu Vice Pres., E. Klotin.
g-ve 57, Kaunas, Lithuania. Treas., E. Krievs.
Estonian Training School, Mere- Executive Committee: J. Oltin,
puistee 14a, Tallinn, Estonia. E. Klotin, A. Jurkevics, E.
Krievs, R. Vilson.
Department Secretaries:
ESTONIAN CONFERENCE Field Miss., and Sabbath School,
Organized 1912 A. Tscholder.
Y. P. M. V., and Welfare Miss.,
Territory: Estonia. A. Jurkevics.
Population: 1,126,413; churches, Ministers:
37; members, 1,937. J. Oltin, E. Klotin, A. Jurkevics,
Office - Address: Merepuistee 14a, E. Krievs, A. Eglit, J. Birsin,
Tallinn, Estonia. K. Sutta, A. Tscholder, K. Hil-
Officers: weg, D. Platonow, P. Macanow,
E. Tiesnes, K. Fogel, E. Rooks,
Pres., E. Magi. P. Purmal, J. Drikis, J. Tsholder,
Sec., E. Ney. E. Grinberg, 0. Balodis.
Treas., V.
ExecutiVe Committee: E. Magi, Licentiates:
A. Mednis, A. Lejniek, R. Ausin,
E. Ney, J. Daniel, A. Kale, E. V. Vilnan.
Kell, V. Suve, K. Lattik.
Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: M. Stumberg, L. Tscholder, A.
Educational, R. Vinglas. Dambis, W. Spruds.
Field Miss., E. Laimets. Institutions:
Home Miss., Sabbath School, Y. Miss. School "Adventes Misijas
P. M. V., V. Suve. Seminars," Brivibas iela 11,
Ministers: Riga Latvia.
E. Magi, E. Ney, M. Barengrub, Publishing House: "Rel. Say.
A. Aug, L. Nikkar, J. Daniel, Latvijas Septitas Dienas Ad-
A. Klement. ventistu Dra,udzu Savienibas
Licentiates: Gramatnica," Brivibas iela 11,
Riga, Latvia.
J. Vilba, A. Kallaste, V. Suve,
V. Karmas, E. Kanna.
Missionary Licentiates: LITHUANIAN MISSION FIELD
E. Laimets, M. Saks, R. Vinglas, Organized 1920
H. Pilt, V. Viirsalu, N. See- Territory: Lithuania..
strand, J. Ney.
Population: 2,499,529; churches,
21; members, 373.
LATVIAN CONFERENCE Office Address: Vokieeiu g-ve 57,
Organized 1920 Kaunas, Lithuania.
Territory: Latvia. Officers:
Population: 1,950,502; churches, Director, W. Strobl.
60; members, 3,049. Sec. and Treas., K. Strazdauskas.

Executive Committee: W. Strohl, Ministers:

A. Birzgal, K. Strazdauskas, H. W. Strohl, A. Birzgal, F.
Neahring, J. Simonaitis, F. Sehwital.
Schwital. Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: V. Krause, W. Wachhaus.
' Field Miss., W. Wachhaus.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Missionary Licentiates:
Y. P. M. V., A. Birzgal. K. Strazdauskas, P. Bluzmanas.


Organized 1902
Territory: England, Wales, Scot- Medical, Dr. J. E. Cairncross.
land, Northern Ireland, Irish Ministers:
Free State and adjacent Isles.
H. W. Lowe, F. W. Goodall,
Population: 49,196,724; churches, G. D. King, W. 0. C. Murdoch,
88; members, 5,767. W. L. Emmerson, 0. W. Baird.
Cable Address: "Advent," Wat- Honorary: W. H. Meredith, R.
ford, Herts, England. Whiteside, A. S. Rodd, H. W.
Office: Stanborough Park, Watford, Armstrong, H. F. De'Ath, L. E.
Herts, England. (Telephone, A. Lane, E. B. Phillips, A. Wat-
Garston 2251-2.) son, P. C. Poley, E. G. Essery,
A. H. Williams.
Officers: Ministerial Licentiate:
Pres., H. W. Lowe. H. T. Johnson.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, A. Missionary Licentiates:
Carey. A. Carey, A. Warren, E. E.
Executive Committee: H. W. White, 3. Rigby; Dr. J. E. Cairn-
Lowe, A. Carey, R. S. Joyce, cross, N. H. Knight, A. J. Raitt.
0. M. Dorland, F. W. Goodall,
W. 0. C. Murdoch, 0. D. King,
A. Warren, J. Rigby, S. 0.
Hyde, E. E. Craven, Dr. J. E. IRISH MISSION
Cairneross, W. L. Emmerson, J. Organized 1902
A. McMillan.
Territory: Northern Ireland and
Legal Assn.: British Advent Mis- Irish Free State.
sions, Limited; chairman, H. W.
Lowe; secretary, A. Carey. Population: 4,258,854; churches,
3; members, 199.
General Conference Transportation
Agent: C. H. Anscombe, 29, Ox- Office: Stanborough Park, Wat-
ford Street, London, W. 1. Tele- ford, Herts., England.
phone Gerrard 1470. Telegrams, Officers:
"Adventist, Rath, London." Cable Supt., E. E. Craven, S. D. A.
Address, "Adventist, London." Church, Florenceville Ave.,
Department Secretaries: Ormeau Road, Belfast, Ire-
-Educational, W. G. C. Murdoch. land.
Field Miss., C4 D. King. Sec. and Treas., W. G. Baldry,
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Stanborough Park, Watford,
Y. P. M. V., F. W. Goodall. Herts, England.

Advisory Committee: E. E. Cra- E. Bell, A. F. Bird, W. R. A.

ven, J. C. Bevan, W. G. Nichol- Madgwick, S. G. Joyce, W. M.
son, Dr. J. Houston, A. Johnston. Lennox, L. Murdoch, W. J. Can-
non, H. W. McCrow.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., G. D. King. F. W. Coppock, R. A. Freefh;
Home Miss, Sabbath School, and J. C. French, F. Edwards, J. R.
Y. P. M. V., F. W. Goodall. Lewis.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
E. E. Craven, J. G. Bevan. F. D. Buckle, Miss J. Handy-
Sides, Miss A. F. Clarke, Miss
Licentiates: H. M. Ford, Miss I. Himsworth,
W. G. Nicholson, B. A. Walton. Miss J. Mitchell, D. J. Handy-
Missionary Licentiates: sides, K. Elias, Miss B. Cleary,
Miss E. Pratt, B. Belton, B. F.
Miss M. Kirby, Miss J. Cluett, Kinman, D. J. Clarke, Miss E.
E. Zins. Adair, Mrs. E. G. Jackson, Miss
E. A. Buck.
Organized 1904; Reorganized 1928 Organized 1902
Territory: The counties of Lanca- Territory: Scotland, including The
shire, Yorkshire, Durham, Che- Hebrides, Orkneys, and Shet-
shire, Isle of Man, Westmore- lands.
land, Cumberland, Northumber- Population: 4,842,980; churches,
land, Derbyshire, Nottingham- 5; members, 305.
shire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire,
Northamptonshire, Rutlandshire, Office: Stanborough Park, Wat-
Leicestershire, Worcestershire, ford, Herts, England.
Warwickshire. Officers:
Population: 19,015,553; churches, Supt., J. A. McMillan, 1. Corstor-
33; members, 1,853. phine Hill Avenue, Corstor-
Office: 22 Zulla Road, Mapperley Phine, Edinburgh.
Park, Nottingham, England. Sec., and Treas., W. G. Baldry,
(Telephone, Nottingham 6312.) Stanborough Park, Watford,
Officers: Herts, England.
Pres., 0. M. Dorland. Advisory Committee: J. A. Mc-
Sec. and Treas., F. D. Buckle. Millan, D. Morrison, R. Kennedy,
Executive Committee: 0. M. A. L. Barr, D. Thompson (Stir-
Dorland, F. D. Buckle, S. G. ling),
Joyce, E. E. White, H. Rhodes, Department Secretaries:
F. Normington, A. E. Knight- Field Miss., G. D. King.
Rawlings, B. Belton, A. F. Bird. Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Department Secretaries: Y. -P. M. V., F. W. Goodall.
Field Miss., B. Belton.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, Ministers:
and Y. P. M. V., B. E. Spar- J. A. McMillan, D. Morrison.
row. Licentiate: F: J. Wilmshurst.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
0. M. Dorland, W. Maudsley, J. Miss J. Archibald, Miss A. Mc-

Rorie, Miss M. Mason, E. But- Missionary Licentiates:

' ters, Miss E. D. Brown. J. H. Bayliss, A. W. Cook, H.
Humphries, R. A. Vince, 0. H.
Rosier, R. H. Smith, T. L. Gil-
SOUTH ENGLAND CON- lett, W. J. Bunting, Miss W.
FERENCE Buckle, Mrs. D. Casey, Miss 0.
C. Davies, Miss E. Guntrip, Miss
Organized 1902; Reorganized 1928 F. Barr-Hamilton, Miss M. L.
Keough, Miss E. Donaldson,
Territory: The Counties of Corn-
Miss V. Warren, Miss M. Cle-
wall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset,
Gloucester, Wilts, Oxford, Berks. ments, Miss M. John, Miss A.
Bucks., Hants., Surrey, Sussex,
Kent, London, Middlesex, Hert- Honorary: Mrs. M. E. Brooks.
ford, Bedford, Huntingdon, Cam- Church School Teachers:
bridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Miss A. E. West, Miss E. N.
Isle of Wight, and the Channel Frost, Miss E. Raitt, Miss W.
Islands. Willis, Miss L. J. Clarke, Mrs.
Population: 18,130,406; churches, E. L. Bunker.
38; members, 2,956.
Office: Midland Bank Chambers,
506 Holloway Road, London, N. 7, WELSH MISSION
England. (Telephone, Archway
2666/7.) Organized 1902
Officers: Territory: Principality of Wales,
Pres., R. S. Joyce. Counties of Monmouthshire,
Sec. and Treas., J. II. Parkin. Shropshire, and Herefordshire.
Executive Committee: R. S. Population: 2,948,931; churches,
Joyce, J. H. Parkin, E. R. War- 9; members, 454.
land, J. Harker, C. A. Reeves, Office: Stanborough Park, Watford,
G. V. Hall, H. Benwell, -J. M. Herts, England.
Howard, A. H. Williams. Officers:
Department Secretaries: Supt., S. G. Hyde, "Ventnor"
Field Miss., A. W. Cooke. Tyglass Road, Lla.nishen, Car-
Home Miss., Sabbath School, diff, Glam.
Y. P. M. V., and Educational, Sec. and Treas., W. G. Baldry,
E. R. Warland. Stanborough Park, Watford,
Ministers: Advisory Committee: S. G.
A. K. Armstrong, J. M. Howard, Hyde, F. S. Jackson, R. Jacques,
C. A. Reeves, F. A. Spearing, J. Rutherford, F. E. Powell.
L. A. Watson, J. Harker, F. C.
Bailey, J. B. est, R. S. Joyce, Department Secretaries:
E. R. Warland, L. D. Vince, L. Field Miss., G. D. King.
G. Hardinge, S. Bull. Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Honorary: G. W. Bailey, S. Y. P. M. V., F. W. Goodall.
Joyce, W. J. Young. Ministers:
Licentiates: S. G. Hyde, T. H. Cooper, H. K.
E. Ashton, C. R. Bonney, G. R. Munson, F. S. Jackson.
Bell, A. G. Tapping, B. E. Spar- Missionary Licentiates:
row, D. M. Swaine, J. H. Parkin, Miss K. Mahon, D. Conroy, P.
R. T. Bolton, A. J. Mustard.' ' Cummings, Miss E. B. Pinch.
Organized 1931.
Territory: Sweden and Finland. Helsingfors Fysikaliska Institut.
Population: 10,036,333; churches, Annegatan 7, Helsingfors, Fin-
99; members, 5,325. land.
Nyhyttans Treatment Home,
Cable Address: Advent, Stockholm, Jiirnbcds, Sweden.
Sweden. Stockholm Hydro-Electric In-
Office Address: Tunnelgatan 25, stitute HumlegArdsgatan 18,
Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden.
Officers: Toivonlinna Summer Sanitarium,
Piikki6, Finland.
Pres., G. A. Lindsay. Ekebyholm Summer Sanitarium,
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, A. Rimbo, Sweden.
Executive Committee : G. A.
Lindsay, A. Karlman, Alfr. An-
dersson, A. Blomstedt, K. Soi- FINLAND CONFERENCE
salo, C. Gidlund, A. Rintala, Organized 1929
John Larsson, S. Jonasson,
E. H. Larsson, Y. Miettinen, Territory: Finland.
Vilh. Sucksdorff, M.D. Population: 3,443,923; churches,
29; members, 2,066.
Department Secretaries: Office: Annank 7, Helsingfors, Fin-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., land.
David Carlsson.
Medical, V. Sucksdorff, M. D. Officers:
Publishing and Home Miss., S. Pres., K. Soisalo.
Jonasson. Sec., Y. Miettinen.
Sabbath School, G. A. Lindsay. Treas., T. Heinonen.
Executive Committee: K. Soi-
Ministers: salo, A. Rintala, Y. Miettinen,
G. A. Lindsay. A. Arasola, 0. Jaakkola, J.
Honorary: K. A. Ftirnstrom, J. Paavilainen, E. RosengTen.
Wallenkampf, A. J. Settergren.
Licentiate: S. Jonasson. Department Secretaries:
Missionary Licentiates: Field Miss., I. Heikkinen.
A. Karlman, V. Sucksdorff, S. Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V.,
Bjur. and Home Miss., 0. Peltonen.
Institutions: Ministers:
Stockholm Publishing House, V. Kohtanen, A. Rintala, K. Soi-
Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm, salo, T. Seljavaara, K. Osola, A.
Sweden. Arasola.
Finland Publishing House, An- Licentiate: 0. Peltonen.
negatan 7, Helsingfors, Fin- Missionary Licentiates:
land. L. Miettinen, E. Heikkilit, E.
Finland S. D. A. Mission School, Sivonen, V. Parhankangas, Liina
Toivonlinna, Piikkio, Finland. Lehti, Viivi Kangasvuori, Ida
Swedish Missionary School, Eke- Helminen, Saimi Moberg, -Siieri
byholm, Rimbo, Sweden. Savolainen, Y.- Miettinen, T.
Hultaf ors Sanitarium, Hulta- Heinonen, I. Heikkinen, Lydia
fors, Sweden. Turunen, Veera Luukko, Kaisu

Salmela, Unto Rouhe, 0. Man- NORTH SWEDISH CONFER-

tiinen, Helmi Sihvola, Tiittu ENCE
Sinkko, A.ini Sysimetsii.
Organized 1929
Territory: Northern part of Swe-
Population: 3,158,304; churches,
Organized 1909; Divided 1929 in
29; members, 1,472.
Finland and Finland Swedish
Conferences Cable Address: Advent, Stockholm.
Legal Assn. (for both Confer- Office: Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
ences): Filantropinen Yhdistys Sweden.
Aikain Vartija r. y. Officers:
Officers: Pres., Alfr. Andersson.
Pres., K. Soisalo. Sec. and Treas.., Lisa Soderberg.
Executive Committee: K. Soi- Executive Committee: Alfr. An-
salo, A. Rintala, Y. Miettinen, dersson, 0. Angervo, R. Svens-
0. Jaakkola, A. Arasola, J. son, K. Utterblick, L. Runoff,
Paavilainen, E. Rosengren, V. 0. Sundqvist, C. Gudmunds.
Sucksdorff, M.D., G. A. Lindsay.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., J. A. Johansson.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., K. Utterback.
Organized 1929
Alf. Andersson, W. Runolf, 0.
Territory: Finland. Angervo, R. Svensson, Eric
Population: 342,921; churches, 14; Svenzon, F. Martensson.
members, 456. Licentiates:
Office: Annegatan 7, Helsingfors, 0. Spanghagen, K. Utterblick,
Finland. K. Ulfstrom, Erik Hanssdn.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Elsa Hagberg, Ninni Engman, J.
Pres., John Larsson.
A. Johansson, Lisa Soderberg,
Sec. and Treas., Lydia Sand-
Olga Forsberg, Stina Sandholm.
Executive Committee: John Church School Teachers:
Larsson, Lydia Sandholm, G. Signe Sandqvist, Ingeborg Johan-
Forsblom, V. Sucksdorff, H. sson.
Karstrom, Anselm Syring, K.
F. Nyberg.
Department Secretaries: SOUTH SWEDISH CONFER-
Field Miss., I. Heikkinen.
Home Miss. and Sab. School, Organized 1929
Lydia Sandholm.
Y. P. M. V., G. Forsblom. Territory: Southern part of Swe-
G. Forsblom, John Larsson. Population: 3,091,185; churches,
27; members, 1,331.
Missionary Licentiates:
Elsa Olausen, Lydia Sandholm, Cable Address: Advent, Goteborg.
Edith Vendelin, Helga Helenius, Office Address: Wasagatan 12,
Maire Hiiglund, Louis Martin. Goteborg, Sweden.

Officers: 011e Svensson, Ester Lindsio,

Pres., A. Blomstedt. Dora Mattsson, Signe Johansson.
Sec. and Treas., Anna Sundqvist.
Executive Committee: A. Blom-
stedt, Nils Zerne, S. Lundstrom, SWEDEN CONFERENCE
0. Kahlstrom, Axel Andersson, Organized 1882; Divided 1929 in
D. Carlsson, E. Ahlbom. North and South Sweden
Department Secretaries: Conferences
Field Miss., J. A. Johansson. Legal Assn. (for both Confer-
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and ences): "Sallskapet Sanningens
Y. P. M. V., D. Carlsson. Harold." Pres., G. A. Lindsay;
Ministers: Vice-Pres., C. Gidlund; Sec.,
A. Blomstedt, J. A. Swenson, C. Avel Bengtsson; Treas., E. H.
0. Carlstjerna; G. Hermansson, Larsson.
S. Lundstrom, D. Carlsson, E. Executive Committee: G. A.
Erenius, Nils Zerne. Lindsay, C. Gidlund, Axel Bengt-
Licentiates: sson, E. H. Larsson, A. Blom-
Ch. Lindberg, H. Rosenberg, stedt, Valdemar Johansson, I.
Gosta Berglund, Ernst Mattsson. Unhall, C. Kahlstriim, E. Ahl-
Missionary Licentiates: bom, P. Lindberg.
Ellen Swenson, Anna Sundqvist, Auditors: C. Colson, Alf Kai.lman.


Entered 1894; Reorganized 1933
Territory: Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Missionary Licentiates:
Dahomey, Togoland, and the European: Mrs. J. Clifford, Mrs.
French Sudan, West Africa. T. H. Fielding, Mrs. F. L. Stokes.
Population: 12,833,097; churches, African: J. D. Owusu, J. C. Sap-
10; members, 1,080. pon, C. K. Boaten, I. Benson, J.
Tekjie, Y. Antwi, R. K. Antwi,
Cable Address: "Adventist," Bek- D. Agboka, John Garbrah.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Institution:
Box 45, Bekwai, Gold Coast, Agona Training School, Princi-
West Africa. pal, T. H. Fielding, Agona,
Ashanti, Gold Coast, West
Officers: Africa.
Supt., J. Clifford.
Executive Committee: J. Clif-
ford, F. L. Stokes, T. Fielding, S. AGONA MISSION STATION
B. Essien.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Agona,
Ministers: Ashanti, Gold Coast, W. Africa.
European: J. Clifford, F. L.
Stokes, T. H. Fielding. Director: T. H. Fielding.
African: J. K. Garbrah, S. B. Training School: Agona, Ashanti.
Essien. Principal, T. H. Fielding.
Licentiates: Head Master, E. W. Dowuona
African: J. Ashun, J. M. Arloo. (African). Teachers, 7.

Out-schools: African Evangelists: 15.

Assamang, Ashanti. Out Stations: 18.
Teacher, C. K. Boatel'. Station School: 1.
Out Stations: 12. Teachers: 2.
Dispensary: Mrs. T. Fielding.
African Evangelists: 10. KOFORIDUA MISSION STATION
Address: Box 60, Koforidua, via
BEKWAI MISSION STATION Accra, Gold Coast, West Africa.
Address: Box 45, Bekwai, via Ta- Director: F. Stokes.
koradi, Gold Coast, West Africa. African Evangelists: 6.
Director: J. Clifford. Out Stations: 8.


Organized 1912; reorganized 1926, 1933
Territory, Kenya Colony and Pro- C. J. Hyde, Mrs. S. C. Maxwell,
tectorate, the islands of Zanzi- Mrs. R. A. Carey.
bar and Pemba. Institutions:
Population: 3,319,779; churches, Kamagambo Training School;
32; members, 4,984. Principal, S. W. Beardsell,
Cable Address: "Advent," Nairobi. B. A., Kamagambo, P. 0. Kisii,
Office: Box 1352, Nairobi, Kenya Kenya Colony.
Colony, East Africa. The Advent Press; Manager, R.
Officers: A. Carey, Gendia, P. O. Kisumu,
Supt., S. G. Maxwell. Kenya Colony.
- Sec. and Treas., Miss G. A. Kendu Hospital; Supt., Dr. G.
Clarke. A. S. Madgwick, Gendia, P. 0.
Kisumu, Kenya Colony.
Executive Committee: S. G.
Maxwell, W. W. Armstrong, G.
A. S. Madgwick, G. A. Lewis, CENTRAL KENYA MISSION
Miss G. A. Clarke, R. A. Carey, Entered 1933
W. C. S. Raitt, S. W. Beardsell. Territory: Kikuyu and Ukamba
Department Secretaries: provinces and that portion of the
Educational, S. W. Beardsell. Northern Frontier Province ly-
Home Miss., Sabbath Sch., and ing north of the equator.
Y. P. M. V., S. G. Maxwell. Address: Box 970, Nairobi, Kenya
Medical, Dr. G. A. S. Madgwick. Colony.
Publishing, . Officer:
Minister: S. G. Maxwell. Director, W. W. Armstrong.
Licentiates: Ministers:
Dr. G. A. S. Madgwick, S. W. European: W. W. Armstrong.
Beardsell, E. Rewe. African: 1.
Missionary Licentiates:
R. A. Carey, 'C. Hyde, Miss K. Missionary Licentiates:
Jorgensen, Miss G. A. Clarke, European: Mrs. W. W. Arm-
Miss K. Nielsen, Miss D. Nielsen, strong.
Miss C. Olsen, Miss C. Schuil, African: 3.
Mrs. G. A. S. Madgwick, Mrs. Teachers: 6.

COAST MISSION Department Secretaries:

Entered 1934 Home Miss., Sabbath Sch., and
Y. P. M. V., A. Onyiego.
Territory: Kenya Protectorate, Minister:
Mombasa Province and that European: G. A. Lewis.
portion of the Northern Frontier African: 1.
Province lying south of the
equator, and the islands of Zan- Licentiates:
zibar and Pemba. African: 7.
Address: Box 273, Mombasa, Kenya Missionary Licentiates:
Colony, East Africa. - European: Miss M. Lewis, Mrs.
G. A. Lewis.
Officer: African: 3.
Director, W. C. S. Raitt.
African: 1. Nyanchua Mission Station
Licentiate: Address: Nyanchua Mission, P. 0.
European: W. C. S. Raitt. Kisii, Kenya Colony.
Missionary Licentiates: Director: G. A. Lewis.
Mrs. W. C. S. Raitt. African Teachers: 58.
African: 1. Girl's School: Miss M. Lewis.
Teachers: 2.


Entered 1931 Entered 1906; Organized 1933
Territory: Nakuru and Eldoret Territory: The Luo language area
areas and the unallotted terri- around the Kavirondo Gulf
tories to the north. (Lake Victoria).
Address: P. 0. Kakamega, Kenya Address: Gendia, P. 0. Kisumu,
Colony. Kenya Colony, East Africa.
Director: M. C. Murdoch, Churches: 25; members, 3,788.
Minister: M. C. Murdoch. Officers:
Missionary Licentiate: Director, F. H. Thomas.
Mrs. M. C. Murdoch. Local Committee: F. H. Thomas,
Teachers: 4. S. W. Beardsell, J. Omer, H. A.
SOUTH KENYA MISSION Department Secretaries:
Entered 1912; Organized 1933 Hoine Miss., Sab. Sch., and Y. P.
M. V., J. Ouma, S. Ododa.
Territory: The Kisii and Kericho Ministers:
districts and the Masai reserve.
European: F. H. Thomas, H. A.
Address: Nyanchua Mission, Kisii, Matthews.
via Kisumu, Kenya Colony, East African: 4.
Churches: 8; members, 1,024. African: 10.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Director, G. A. Lewis. European: Mrs. L. H. Thomas,
Local Committee: G. A. Lewis, Mrs. H. A. Matthews.
S. W. Beardsell, P. Nyamweya. African: 7.

Gendia Mission Station Kanyadoto Mission Station

Address: Gendia, P. 0. Kisumu, Address: Kanyadoto, via Gendia,
Kenya Colony. P. 0. Kisumu, Kenya Colony.
Director: F. H. Thomas. Director: H. A. Matthews.
African Teachers: 57. African Teachers: 71.


Organized December, 1913. Reorganized June, 1930
Territory: Nigeria, British Man- Population: 5,801,613."
dated territory of the Came- Address: S. D. A. Mission, Jengre
roons, French Colony of the Ni- Railway Station, via Jos, North-
ger, West Africa. ern Nigeria, W. C. Africa.
Population: 22,554,449; churches, Officers:
20; members, 2,444; including Director, J. J. Hyde.
16 Europeans; total aherents, Local Committee: J. J. Hyde,
14,612. Wm. McClements.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Iba- Minister: J. J. Hyde.
dan, Nigeria. Missionary Licentiate:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Mrs. J. J. Hyde.
Box No. 19, Ibadan, Nigeria,
West Africa. Jengre Station
Officers: Established 1932
Supt., Wm. McClements. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Jengre
Sec. and Treas., Miss R. Muder- Railway Station, via Jos, N.
spach. Nigeria, West Coast, Africa.
Executive Committee: W. Mc- Membership: 20.
Clements, L. Edmonds, W. G. Director: J. J. Hyde.
Till, J. J. Hyde, W. T. B. Hyde. Dispensary: Mrs. J. J. Hyde.
Department Secretaries:
Educath5nal, W. T. B. Hyde.
Publishing, Sab. Sch:, Y. P. M. NORTHWESTERN NIGERIAN
V., W. J. Newman. MISSION
Minister: W. McClements. Organized 1930 (entered 1914)
Missionary Licentiates: Territory: Ilorin, Kabba, Sokoto,
W. J. Newman, Mrs. W. Mc- Zaria, and Niger Provinces.
Clements, Mrs. W. T. B. Hyde, Population: 6,371,693; , churches,
Miss R. Muderspach. 1; members, 423; total ad-
Institution: herents, 1,309.
Ibadan Training school; P. 0. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Box 19, Ibadan, Nigeria, West Awtun, via Ilorin, Nigeria, West
Coast, Africa; Principal, W. Coast, Africa.
T. B. Hyde. Officers:
Director, W. G. Till.
NORTHEASTERN NIGERIAN Local Committee: W. G. Till, W.
MISSION McClements, J. Oriola.
Organized 1930 Ministers:
Territory: Kano, Plateau, Bornu, European: W. G. Till.
Bauchi and Adamwa Provinces. African: John Oriole.

Missionary Licentiate: Vernacular Schools: 6.

Mrs. W. G. Till. Vernacular Teachers and Evangel-
ists: 56.
Awtun Station Girls' Boarding School: 1.
Established 1923
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Awtun, Elele Station
via florin, Nigeria, West Coast, Established 1930
Africa. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Elele,
Director: W. G. Till. Ahoada, via Port Harcourt, Ni-
Village Schools: 3. geria, West Coast, Africa.
Teachers: 9. Director: A. C. Vine.
Evangelists and other workers: 16. Station School: 1; Headmaster, A.
C. Vine, assisted by 3 African
MISSION Std. VI School.
Organized 1930 (entered 1923)' Vernacular Teachers and Evangel-
Territory: Calabar, Owerri, Warri, ists: 18.
Ogoja, Onitsha, Benue Provinces,
and part of British Mandated SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIAN
Territory of Cameroons South MISSION
of Benue. Organized 1930 (entered 1913)
Population: 7,025,996; churches, Territory: Lagos Colony, Ijebu,
17; members, 1,691; total ad- Ondo Oyo, Benin, and Abeokuta
herents, 12,398. Provinces.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Population: 3,358,147; churches,
P. 0. Box 41, Aba, Nigeria, West 2; members, 295; total ad-
Coast, Africa. herents, 825.
Officers: Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Director, L. Edmonds. Box 19, Ibadan, Nigeria, West
Local Committee: L. Edmonds, Coast, Africa.
C. A. Bartlett, B. I. Tilili, R. Officers:
Wosu, Wm. McClements, A. C. Director, W. McClements.
Vine. Local Committee: W. McClem-
Ministers: ents, W. T. B. Hyde, S. Dare,
European: L. Edmonds, A. I. Balogun.
African: B. Tilili. Ministers:
Licentiates: European: W. McClements.
European: A. C. Vine, C. A. African: J. Hamilton, A. I. Balo-
Bartlett; gun.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
Mrs. L. Edmonds, Mrs. A. C. W. T. B. Hyde, S. Dare.
Vine, Mrs. C. A. Bartlett. Schools: 3.
Teachers: 7.
Aba Station Evangelists and other workers, 11.
Established 1923
Address: P. 0. Box 41, Aba, South Ibadan Station
Nigeria, West Coast, Africa. Established 1928
Director: L. Edmonds. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Box 19,
Station School: 1; staffed by six Ibadan, Nigeria, West Coast
African Teachers. Africa.

Institutions: Ibadan Station School:

Ibadan Training school: (See Address: P. 0. Box 19, Ibadan, Ni-
geria, West Coast, Africa.
under Union Educational insti- Principal: W. T. B. Hyde, assisted
tution). by 3 African. Teachers.


Organized igax
Territory: The East, South, West EAST POLISH CONFERENCE
Polish, Silesian Conferences and Organized 1927
North Polish Mission Field.
Territory: Volynia, Polesie, and
Population: 33,823,000; churches, Lublin.
144; members, 3,566.
Population: 6,064,600; churches,
Office Address: Turecka 1, War- 54; members, 1,334.
saw, Poland. Office Address: Rowel, Monopol-
Officers: owa 0/1, Poland or skr. poczt.
Pres., W. Czembor. 90.
Sec.-Treas., Miss M. Babinska.
Executive Committee: W. Czem- Pres.,, J. Zielinski.
bor, M. Babinska, A. Kruk, St. Sec. and Treas., J. Lipski.
Kwiecinski, J. Gomola, J. Ziel-
inski, F. Stekla, K. Schafer, H. Executive Committee: J. Ziel-
Micka. inski, J. Rosiecki, A. Libelt, J.
Lipski, J. Borody, D. Fiszczuk,
Building Assn. (the legal society): J. Tatara.
"Konstrukcja," sp z ogT. odp.,
Turecka 1. Warsaw, Poland. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., E. Hajdyk.
Department Secretaries: Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Field Miss., A. Wiesiol6w. Sab. Sch., J. Borody.
Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., and
Home Miss., A. Kruk. Ministers:
J. Zielinski, J. Rosiecki, M.
Ministers: WasidlOw.
W. Czembor, E. Kiut. Honorary: St. Kapusta.
Licentiates: Licentiates:
A. Kruk, St. Kwiecinski, A. J. Lipski, J. Borody, C. Mold-
Wiesiolow, M. Ostapowicz. jewiec.
Missionary Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
Miss M. Babinska, E. Lawaty, E. Hajdyk, B. Makarczuk, J.
NI. J. Chmielewska, A. Lipski. Wieribowski, A. Naumczuk, W.
Institutions: Wasyniuk, P. Wasiuk, H.
Polish Union Mission School, Manke.
Kamienica na Slasku 230,
Poland. (Temporarily sus- NORTH POLISH MISSION
pended.) FIELD
Polish Publishing House, a legal
society, "Polski Dora Naklii- Organized 1937
dowy," Turecka I, Warsaw, Territory: Wilno, Bialystok, No-
Poland. wogr6dek.

Population: 4,264,600; churches, Population: 6,564,600; churches,

9; members, 180. 20; members, 395.
Office Address: Warszawa, Tor- Office Address: LwOw, ul. Swieto-
ecka 1, Polska. krzyska Boczna 5, Poland.
Officers: Officers:
Director, W. Czembor...
Pres., K. Schafer.
Sec.-Treas., M. J. Chmielewska.
Advisory Committee: W. Czem- Sec. and Treas., E. Krygier.
bor, A. Krygier, J. Paruzel. Executive Committee: K. Scha-
Department Secretaries: fer, Dr. D. Mudrecki, E. Kry-
gier, M. Raduch.
Field Sec., A. WiesilOw.
Home Miss., Sabbath School and Department Secretaries:
Y. P. M. V., A. Kruk. Field Miss., M. Wowk.
Minister: J. Kulak. Home Miss., K. Schafer.
Missionary Licentiates: Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
M. Hintz, J. Paruzel, B. Leo- A. Maszczak.
pold. Ministers:
K. Schafer, A. Felte, A. Mas-
Organized 1934 Licentiates:
Territory: KrakOw, Kielce and E. Krygier, S. Smyk.
Silesia. Missionary Licentiates:
Population: 6,914,600; churches, M. Kott, M. Wowk, S. Rolski,
34; members, 1,001. W. Smyk, A. B. Maszezak.
Office Address: Kamienica na Slas-
ku .230, Poland.
Pres., F. Stekla.
Sec. and Treas., P. Baron jun. Organized 1918
Executive Committee: F. Ste- Territory: Warszawa, Lodz, Po-
kla, E. Niedoba, A. Luedtke, P. morze, Poznan.
Englert, F. Cybura.
Population: 10,014,600; churches,
Department Secretaries: 27; members, 656.
Field Miss., S. Majcherczyk.
Office Address: Bydgoszcz, Lip-
Home Miss., Sabbath. School, and
Y. P. M. V., E. Niedoba.
Ministers: Pres., J. Gomola.
F. Stekla, A. Luedtke, 0. Nied-
Sec. and Treas., R. See].
oba, P. Englert, K. Piatek.
Executive Committee: J. Go-
mola, E. Rucz, J. Cala, F. Dzik,
E. Niedoba, L. Gazler.
K. Nowicki.
Missionary Licentiates:
P. Baron sen., P. Baron jun., F. Department Secretaries:
Himmel, S. Majcherczyk, J. Mik- Field Miss., W. Siemienowicz.
ler, J. Pieszka, F. Cybura. Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Y. P. NI. V., F. Kosmowski.
Organized 1920. J. Gomola, E. Kulessa, F. Dzik.
Territory: LwOw, St anislawow, Honorary: J. Niedoba, K. Jelen,
Tarnopol, T. Will, R. J. Cunitz.

Licentiates:- Missionary Licentiates:

G. Baron, F. Kosmowski, K. No- W. Kuzma, 0. Wajrauch,- R.
wicki. Seel, W. Siemienowicz.


Entered 1927; Reorganized 1933
Territory: Uganda Protectorate Population: 1,190,026.
and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 22,
'Population: 9,428,917; churches, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.
3; members, 366. Officer:
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Director, F. H. Muderspach.
Advent Kampala. Local Committee: F. H. Muders-
Office Address: P. 0. Box 22, Kam- pach, V. E. Toppenberg, E. W.
pala, Uganda, East Africa. Pedersen, S. Golola, E. B. Ba-
Headquarters: Kireka Hill Mis- sulwa.
sion, Mile 6 on Jinja Road. Department Secretaries:
Officers: Sabbath School, Home Miss.,
Supt., V. E. Toppenberg. and Y. P. M. V., F. H. Muders-
Sec., pach.
Treas., F. H. Muderspach. Minister:
Executive Committee: V. E. Top- European: F. H. Muderspach.
penberg, F. H. Muderspach, M. Licentiates:
E. Lind, E. W. Pedersen. African: S. Golola, C. Name-
Department Secretaries: swala, E. Mwanje.
Educational, E. W. Pedersen. Missionary Licentiate:
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and Mrs. F. H. Muderspach.
Y. P. M. V., V. E. Toppen-
berg. African Workers: 22.
Field Miss., M. E. Lind.
Evangelist and Translator: Kireka Mission Station
Ashe W. Musoke. Established 1930
Ministers: Postal Address: P. 0. Box 22,
V. E. Toppenberg, E. W. Peder- Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.
sen. Director: F. H. Muderspach.
Missionary Licentiates: African Workers: 15.
European: Mrs. V. E. Toppen-
berg, Mrs. E. W. Pedersen. Nchwanga Mission Station
African: Ashe W. Musoke. Established 1927
Institutions: Postal Address: P. 0. Mubende,
Nchwanga Training School, P. Uganda, East Africa.
0. Muende, Uganda, E. Af- Director: E. W. Pedersen.
rica. African Workers: 7.
Principal: E. W. Pedersen.
Entered 1927 Territory: Busoga, Budama, Bug-
Territory: The Kingdoms of Bu- were, Bugishu, and Teso Dis-
gandy, Bunyoro, and Toro. tricts-.

Population: 1,169,001. Licentiate:

Postal Address: P. 0. Box 49, African: H. C. M. Guwedeko.
Mbale, Uganda, East Africa. Missionary Licentiate:
Officer: Director, M. E. Lind. European: Mrs. M. E. Lind.
Local Committee: M. E. Lind,
V. E. Toppenberg, L. Kadu. Kakoro Mission Station
Department Secretaries: Estblished 1934
Field Miss., E. Kibuga.
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and Postal Address: Box 49, Mbale,
Y. P. M. V., M. E. Lind. Uganda, East Africa.
Minister: Director: M. E. Lind.
European: M. E. Lind. African Workers: S.


Organized r93r
(The former Scandinavian Union Ministers:
Conference, organized in 1901, L. Muderspach, E. Bjaanxs, K.
was in 1931 divided into an East Abrahamsen.
Nordic and a West Nordic Honorary: M. M. Olsen, 0. J. 0.
Union.) Rost, E. Arnesen.
Territory: Denmark, Norway, Ice- Missionary Licentiates:
land, Faroe Islands, and Green- A. C. Christensen, Leif Nilsen,
land (unentered). C. M. Scott, R. F. Jensen.
Population: 6,751,393; churches,
141; members, 7,035. The Nordic Philanthropic Society
Cable Address: Adventunion, Oslo, Organized 1897
Office Address: Wm. Thranes gate Address: Skodsborg, Badesanato-
10, Oslo, Norway. rium, Skodsborg, Denmark.
Officers: Legal Name: Nordisk filantropisk
Pres., L. Muderspach. Selskab.
Sec. and Treas., A. C. Christen- Trustees:
sen. NV. E. Read, A. Andersen, Chr.
Auditor, A. C. Christensen. Hansen, G. A. Lindsay, L. Mti-
derspach P. G. Nelsen, Svend
Executive Committee: L. Mu- _Nielsen, Albert Olsen, Carl
derspach, A. Vartncr, 0. J. Ottosen, Chr. Pedersen, C. M.
Olsen, J. A. Tillgren, P. G. Nel- Scott, W. Sucksdorff, T. Tobias-
sen, T. S. Valen, A. Andersen, sen, T. S. Valen, H. Wester-
A. C. Christensen, C. M. Scott, lund.
E. Rjaans, K. Abrahamsen,
Leif Nilsen, 11. F. Jensen, G. Officers:
Gudmundsen. President, W. E. Read.
Vice-President, Carl Ottosen,
Department Secretaries: M. D.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Secretary, Chr. Pedersen.
Y. P. M. V., E. Bja,ans. Treasurer, Chr. Hansen.
Medical, C. M. Scott. Auditors, E. R. Colson, A. Karl-
Educational, man,


Organized 1880; reorganized 1931. Pres., 0. J. Olsen.
Sec., S. Heidar.
Territory: East Denmark. Cashier, M. Helgason.
Population: 1,648,823; churches, Executive Committee: 0. J. Ol-
28; members, 1,681. sen, S. Heidar, M. Helgason, S.
Cable Address: Expedit, Copen- Hallgrimsson, J. Gudmundsson.
' hagen. Department Secretaries:
Office Address: Suomisvej 5, Co- Y. P. M. V., and Home Miss.,
penhagen, Denniark. J. Gudmundsson.
Field, M. Z. Thorvaldsson.
Officers: Minister: 0. J. Olsen.
Pres., Axel Varmer
Sec. aTd reas., Alf Berg. Licentiate: N. J. Videro.
Auditor, A. C. Christensen. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: Axel Var- M. Helgason, J. Gudmundsson,
mer, T. Tobiassen, Chr. Peder- S. Hallgrimsson.
sen, Rob. F. Jensen, F. M. Sonne,
J. Iversen Henriksen, P. 0. Koch. NORTH NORWAY CONFER-
Department Secretaries: ENCE
Field Miss., 0. S. Sorensen. Organized 1929
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Territory: North Norway.
Y. P. M. V., M. Bakke. Population: 793,422; churches, 28;
Ministers: members, 990.
Axel Varmer, T. Tobiassen, L. Office Address: Kj6pmannsgt 28,
J. Kirkelokke, Saboe-Larrsen, Trondheim, Norway.
J. P. U. Jensen, J. W. Chris- Officers:
tiansen, M. M. Olsen. Pres., J. A. Tillgren.
Licentiates: Sec. and Treas., Paul Frivold.
C. C. Pedersen, M. Bakke. Auditor, A. C. Christensen.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: J. A. Till-
0. S. Sorensen, Alf Berg, Georg gren, 0. Frenning, Konrad Holm,
Bacher, Viggo Olsen, Othilia T. Bakland, A. Aalmo, L. H.
Nielsen, Esther Poulsen, Edith MyklebUst, Haakon Flak.
Clausen, Irene Capion. , Department Secretaries:
Church School Teachers: Field Miss., Paul Olsen.
K. Frederiksen, B. G. Rasmus- Y. P. M. V., A. A. Andreassen.
sen, E. Schou, E. Svanefjord. Ministers:
J. A. Tillgren, 0. Frenning.
FERENCE A. A. Andreassen, J. Reichelt,
Alf. Lohne.
Entered 1897; Organized 1930 Missionary Licentiate:
Territory: Iceland and the Faroe Mina Jacobsen.
Population: 141,614; churches, 8; SOUTH NORWAY CONFER-
members, 415. ENCE
Address: Box 262, Reykjavik, Ice- Formerly a part of the Norway
land. Conference, organized in 1887; di-
Cable Address: Adventkirkjan vided and reorganized in 1929.
Reykjavik. Territory: South Norway.

Population: 2,093,348; churches, Population: 2,054,520; churches,

40; members, 2,406. 37; members, 1,543.
Cable Address: " Sundhetsbladet," Office Address: Norre. Alle 30, Aar-
Oslo, Norway. hus, Denmark.
Office: Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Nor-
way. (Telephone: 22862.) Officers:
Officers: Pres., P. G. Nelsen.
Pres., T. S. Valen. Sec. and Treas., Axel Rasmus
Sec. and Treas., R. Abrahamsen. sen.
Auditors, A. C. Christensen, P. Auditor, A. C. Christensen.
Pettersen. Executive Committee: P. G. Nel-
Executive Committee: T. S. sen, H. Muderspach, N. P. Niel-
Valen, Chr. Tobiassen, E. Stines- sen, M. Jensen, C. C. Hansen,
sen, Thy. Paulsen, 0. Haugvik, Alfred Nielsen, P. A. Christian-
0. Schibstad, J. Johansen.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., Paul Olsen. Department Secretaries:
Sabbath School, Home Miss., E. Field Miss., 0. S. Sorensen.
Stinessen. Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., A. A. Andreassen. Y. P. M. V., H. Muderspach.
T. S. Valen, Chr. Tobiassen, L. Ministers:
J. Stene, 0. S. Lie, 0. Jordahl, P. G. Nelsen, Johannes Jensen,
G. Gudmundsen, Paul Olsen, R. A. Guldhaminer, H. Muderspach,
J. Skyllstad, 0. Udbjorg, E. G. E. Westman.
Licentiate: Licentiates:
Leif Kr. Tobiassen. P. A. Christiansen, Thorvald
Missionary Licentiates: Kristensen, E. Nielsen, F. Niel-
. 0. Will:, 0. K. Nmrland, P. M. sen.
Myhre, R. Abrahamsen, Borgh. Missionary Licentiates:
Fulsebakke, Ingeborg Londal,
Ruth Iversen, Elise Naglestad. Axel Rasmussen, Julius Gud-
mundsson, Noomi Rasmussen,
Church School Teachers: Dorothea Prmstiin.
Charles Wang, Lina Mordahl.
Church School Teachers:
WEST DENMARK CONFER- Cathinka Henriksen, Anna Si-
ENCE monsen, Johanne Wilhelmsen,
Organized 1880; Reorganized 1931 Marie Schmidt, Kirstine Lund,
Territory: West Denmark (Jyl- Grethe West, Else Nicolaisen,
land and Fyn). Gudrun Nielsen, Esther Hange.

LIBERIAN MISSION Address: Konola Mission, Post
Entered 1927 Kakatown, Monrovia, Liberia.
Territory: Republic of Liberia. Officers:
Population: 1,250,000; churches, Supt., K. F. Noltze.
2; members, 91. Sec. and Treas., K. F. Noltze.

Ministers: Officer:
European: K. F. Noltze. Supt., R. H. BergstrOm.
African: I. W. Harding, N. S. Licentiate:
During. R. H. Bergstrom.
Licentiate: T. Ketola.
Missionary Licentiates: PALMBERG STATION
European: Mrs. K. F. Noltze, Established 1927
Mrs. T. Ketola. Address: Palmberg Mission, c/o
African: J. J. Moseray, W. Hel- M. J., Grand Bassa, Liberia.
big, J. H. Hallowanger, E. Director: I. W. Harding.
Gboya, G. Payne, J. Hallow-
anger, E. Thomas. Station School: 1, Headmaster, I.
W. Harding.
Station Schools: 3.
Village Schools: 2.
Village Schools: 2.
KONOLA STATION Territory: Sierra Leone, Gambia,
French Guinea.
Established 1937 Population: 4,310,455; churches,
(Head office of Liberian Mission) 2; members, 486.
AddresS: Konola Mission, Post Cable Address: Advent, Waterloo,
Kakatown, Monrovia, Liberia. Sierra-Leone.
Director: N. S. During. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Water-
loo. Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Station School: 1; Headmaster, N. Officers:
S. During.
Supt., S. Broberg.
Dispensary: Mrs. Cl. Noltze. Sec. and Treas., Miss A. S. Nuka.
Executive Committee: S. Bro-
LIMA STATION berg, D. B. Thomas, H. Ras-
Established 1931 mussen, H. Wilson, S. C. Nicol,
Address: Liiwa Mission, Post Ka- A. S. Nuka.
Kakatown, Monrovia, Liberia. Department Secretaries:
Director: T. Ketola. Educational, H. Rasmussen.
Field Miss. and Sabbath School,
Station School: 1; Headmaster, T. S. Broberg.
Ketola. Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Miss A. S. Nuka.
EROONS MISSION European: S. Broberg.
Entered 1931; Reorganized 1933 African: H. Wilson, S. C. Nicol,
Territory: That part of the M. S. Williams.
French Cameroons north of lati- Honorary: H. E. A. Lynch.
tude 10, and the colony of Licentiates:
French Equatorial Africa north European: H. Rasmussen.
of latitude 10, Chad. African: D. B. Thomas, J. B.
Population: 1,223,577; members, Terry, J. B. Leigh, J. Garber.
25. European: Miss A. S. Nuka.
Office Address: Mission Adven- Missionary Credentials:
tiste, Maroua, French Camer- African: J. S. Myers, S. Sao,
oons, West Africa. S. F. During, J. Mbakpoh.

Missionary Licentiates: Church Schools:

A. 0. Kennick, J. Vandi, A. S. British Union
Turay, S. N. Wright. London, E. Grove Road, Wal-
Institutions: thamstowe, E. 17.
Waterloo Training School, Wa- Plymouth, Fletewood, North
terloo, Sierra Leone. Road, Plymouth, England.
Advent Publishing Association, Stanborough Park, Watford,
Waterloo, Sierra Leone. Herts, England.
East Nordic Union
Stockholm,Tunnelgatan 25,
INSTITUTIONS Stockhom, Sweden.
Educational: West Nordic Union
Agona Training School, Agona, Aarhus Meninghedsskole, Nr.
Ashanti, Gold Coast, West Alle 30, Denmark.
Africa. Copenhagen, Suomisvej 6, Copen-
Baltic Union School, B.rivibas hagen V., Denmark.
iela 11, Riga, Latvia. Frederikshavn, Salem, Haabats
Estonian Training School, Tal- Allee, Denmark.
linn, Estonia. Iceland, Westman Islands.
Finland S. D. A. Mission School, Jerslev pr Bronderslev, Den-
Hiirla, Piikkio, Finland. mark.
Girls' School, Aba, S. E. Nigerian Naerum, Denmark.
Mission, Nigeria, West Africa. Oslo, Kingosgate 1, Norway.
Girls' School, Nyanchua Mission, Vejlefjord pr. Daugaard St.,
Kisii, Kenya Colony. Denmark.
Ibadan Training School, Box 19, Publishing:
Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa. Advent Press, Gendia P. 0. Ki-
Kamagambo Training School, sumu, Kenya Colony, East
Kamagambo, Kisii, via Africa.
Kisumu, Kenya Colony, East British Publishing House, Stan-
Africa. borough Press Ltd., Stanbor-
Newbold Missionary College, ough Park, Watford, Herts,
near Rugby, Warwickshire. England.
Norway S. D. A. Mission School, Copenhagen Publishing House,
Algarheim, Norway. Suomisvej 5, Copenhagen, V.,
Palmberg Mission School, Kon- Denmark.
ola Mission, Post Kakatown, Estonian Publishing House,
Monrovia, Liberia. Merepuistee 14a, Tallinn, Es-
Polish Union Mission School, tonia.
Kamienica Na Slask 230, Po- Finland Publishing House, An-
land. (Temporarily suspended) nega tan 7, Helsingfors, Fin-
Swedish Missionary School, Eke- land.
byholm, Rimbo, Sweden. Iceland S. D. A. Publishing
Upper Nile Union Training House, Box 262, Reykjavik,
School, P. 0. Mubende, Uganda, Iceland.
Africa. Latvian Publishing House, BrIvi-
Vejlefjord Mission School, Daug- bas iela 11, Riga, Latvia.
aard St., Denmark. Nigerian Press, Box 19, Ibadan,
Waterloo Training School, S. D. Nigeria, West Africa.
A. Mission, Waterloo, Sierra Polish Publishing House, Ul.
Leone, West Africa. Turecka 1, Warsaw, Poland.

Scandinavian Publishing House, Riga Mission Property, Brivibas

Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Norway. iela 11, Riga, Latvia.
Stockholm Publishing - House, British Union
Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
Sweden. British AdVent Missions Ltd.,
Watford, Herts, England.
Depositories: Granose Foods, Ltd., Stanbor-
Advent Publishing Association, ough Park, Watford, Herts,
Sierra Leone, West Africa. England.
Gold Coast, West Africa, S. D. A. Good Health Assn., Ltd., Stan-
Mission, Box 45, Bekwai. borough Park, Watford, Herts,
Lithuanian Depository, Vokieciu England.
g-ve 57, Kaunas, Lithuania. Stanborough Press, Ltd., Stan-
Southeast Nigeria Depository, borough Park, Watford, Herts,
S. D. A. Mission, Box 41, Aba, England.
Southern Nigeria, West Africa.
Polish Union
Sanitariums: Building Assn., Warsaw, Tu-
Hultafors Sanitarium, Hultaf ors, recka 1, Poland
Kendu Hospital, Gendia, P. 0. East Nordic Union
Kisumu, Kenya Colony, East Finland Mission Property, Anne-
Africa. gaten 7, Helsingfors, Finland.
Skodsborg Sanitarium, Skods- Sanningens Harold Assn., Tun-
borg, Denmark. nelgatan 25, Stockholm, Swe-
Stanborough Park Sanitarium, den.
Stanborough Park, Watford, Stockholm Mission Property,
Herts, England. Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
Summer Sanitariums: Sweden.
Ekebyholm Summer Sanitarium, West Nordic Union
Rimbo, Sweden.
Toivonlinna Summer Sanita- Aarhus Church Property, Niirre-
rium, Piikkio, Finland. allee 30, Denmark.
Bergen Church Property, Sigurds-
Treatment Rooms: gaten 25, Bergen, Norway.
Fysisk Kuranstalt, St. Kongens- " Ebenezer," Suomisvej 5, Copen-
gade 36-38, Copenhagen, K., hagen, V., Denmark.
Denmark. Oslo S. D. A. Assn., Akersgaten
Helsingfors, Finland, Hydro- 74, Oslo, Norway.
Elektric Institute, Annegatan 7, Oslo Church Property, Akersga-
Nyhyttan, Jarnboas, Sweden. ten 74, Oslo, Norway.
Kurbadet, Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Nordic Philanthropic Society,
Norway. Skodsborg, Denmark.
Stockholm, Sweden, Hydro-Elek-
trie Institute, Humlegiird s- Food Companies:
gatan 18. British Union
Legal Associations: Granose Foods Limited (British
World Wide Advent Missions, Health Food Factory) Stan-
Limited, 41 Hazel Gardens, borough Park, Watford, Herts,
Edgware, England. England.
Baltic Union West Nordic Union
Estonian Building Department, Copenhagen Food Factory.Bal-
Merepuistee 14a, Tallinn, Es- dersgade 14, Copenhagen, L.,
tonia. Denmark.
Organized zgr6

Territory: Argentina, Brazil, Members:

Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, N. P. Neilsen, J. L. Brown, N. W.
Bolivia, and Ecuador, with the Dunn, E. H. Wilcox, W. E. Mur-
islands in the Pacific and At- ray, H. B. Lundquist, H. G.
lantic Oceans adjacent thereto, Stoehr, L. B. Halliwell, Princi-
comprising the Austral and pals o the advanced training
South Brazil Union Conferences, schools in the Division.
and the Inca, East Brazil, and
North Brazil Union Missions. Publishing Department:
Population: 76,526,780; churches, Sec., J. C. Culpepper.
227; members, 28,661. Members:
Cable Address: "Division," Buenos MT. A. Ernenputsch, F. B. Moore,
Aires, Argentina. E. Doehnert, J. B. Johnson, M.
Office Address: Calle Pino 3801, I. Fayard, Luiz Waldvogel, C.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South E. Lambeth.
America. Religious Liberty: N. P. Neilsen.
Sabbath School Department:
Pres., N. P. Neilsen.
Sec., H. 0. Olson. Sec., J. L. Brown.
Treas., and Auditor, F. L. Har- Members:
rison. G. B. Taylor, E. M. Davis, R. L.
Executive Board: N. P. Neilsen, Jacobs, L. B. Halliwell, Santiago
F. L. Harrison, H. 0. Olson, N. Schmidt.
W. Dunn, E. H. Wilcox, W. E.
Murray, H. B. Lundquist, H. G. Young People's Missionary Volun-
Stoehr, L. B. Halliwell, J. L. teer Department:
Brown, J. D. Cornell. Sec., N. W. Dunn.
Transportation Agent, J. D.
Cornell. Other Members:
Educational Department: 0. B. Taylor, J. D. Hardt, R. L.
See., N. W. Dunn. Jacobs, L. Replogle.

Members: Ministers:
R. L. Jacobs, G. B. Taylor, J. D. N. P. Neilsen, J. L. Brown, N.
Hardt, E. R. Maas,Leon Replo- MT. Dunn, J. C. Culpepper, H. 0.
gle, J. H. Meier, Chas. H. Baker, Olson.
L. E. Downs. Licentiate:
Home Missionary Department: F. L. Harrison.
Secretary, J. L. Brown. Missionary Licentiates:
Members: MT . Everist, Gertrude Hansch,
F. B. Moore, E. M. Davis, L. B. Otto Keppke, Mrs. J. C. Cul-
Halliwell, W. A. Ernenputsch, pepper, J. D. Cornell, Mrs. N. P.
Santiago Schmidt. Neilsen, Mrs. F. L. Harrison,
Mrs. J. L. Brown, Mrs. H. 0.
Ministerial Association : Olson, Mrs. J. D. Cornell, Mrs.
Sec., H. 0. Olson. N. W. Dunn.
Organized zgo6
Territory: The Conferences of Missionary Licentiates:
Buenos Aires, Chile, and Central J. A. Ayvazian, Mrs. M. C. Pa-
Argentine; and the mission pasian, M. Hammerly, M.D.,
fields of Magellan, Uruguay, Freda Trefz, 0. Biaggi, A.
Cuyo, and North. Ernst, George Norris, P. Szent
Galy, S. Ferri, V. Ampuero, I.
Cable Address: Division (Para Aus- E. Mohr, S. Alberro, A. E. Tho-
tral), Buenos Aires, South Amer- mann, J. Zevallos, Mrs. Cleo
ica. Brouchy.
Office Address: Calle V. Vergara Honorary:
3227, Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos Dr. G. B. Replogle, Fecund
Aires, Argentina, South America. Olavarria.
Population: 19,697,780; churches,
100; members, 7,557. BONAERENSE CONFERENCE
Officers: Organized 1921
Pres., W. E. Murray. Territory: City of Buenos Aires,
Sec. and Treas., J. Wagner. - Province of Buenos Aires, Ter-
Executive Committee: W. E. ritories of La Pampa, Rio Negro,
Murray, J. Wagner, C. E. Neuquen.
Westphal, M.D., C. Becker, L. Population: 6,601,890; churches,
D. Minner, J. Berger Johnson, 15; members, 1,085.
P. M. Brouchy, W., Schubert, Office Address: Calle Uriarte 2429,
G. B. Taylor, Ner Soto G., W. A. Buenos Aires, Argentine, South
Ernenputsch, Niels Wensell, America. (Telephone, Palermo
Ellis R. Mass, G. E. Norris, S. (71) 3904.)
Department Secretaries: Pres., Walter Schubert.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Sec. and Treas., P. C. Beskow.
Sabbath School, G. B. Taylor. Executive Committee: W. Schu-
Field Miss., Home Miss., W. A. bert, P. C. Beskow, F. Sittner,
Ernenputsch. F. Leeds, S. Kalbermatter, Juan
Medical, Dr. C. E. Westphal. Riffel, Hector Peverini.
Ministers: Department Secretaries:
W. E. Murray, J. Wagner, G. Book and Bible House, P. C.
B. Taylor, W. A. Ernenputsch, Beskow.
C. E. Westphal, E. R. Maas, J. Educational and Sabbath School,
D. Livingston, J. Berger John- Mrs. S. B. Beskow.
son, E. Brooks, Juan Meier. Field Miss., S. Kalbermatter.
Home Miss., and Y. P. M. V.,
Honorary: A. Buzugherian, C.
E. Krieghoff, I. Kalbermatter,
Camilo Gil, V. Thomann, Luis Ministers:
Ernst, S. Mangold, E. W. Tho- W. Schubert, A. Ascione, F.
mann, M. Leytes. Sittner, J. Ferri, Daniel Ham-
merly, J. Pidoux.
Licentiates: Licentiate: M. Rasi.
M. I. Fayard, H. Peverini, F. Missionary Licentiates:
Chaij, Ner Soto G., E. U. Ayars, P. C. Beskow, S. Kalbermatter,
F. G. Drachenberg. T. E. Saviano, J. Ramos, J. H.

Cairus, Mrs. S. B. de Beskow, landa Kalbermatter, Reinaldo

Gaspar Cammarata, Enrique Lust, Rafael Lust, Julia Ros-
Lautaret, Pablo Di Dionisio. cher, Jose Riffel.
Church School Teachers:
David Rhys, Sara Vazquez,
Pablo Di Dionisio, Josef a Ramos, CHILE CONFERENCE
Mrs. Ins C. Mistd. Organized 1907
Territory: Chile, South America,
CENTRAL ARGENTINE CON- (except Territory of Magellan).
FERENCE Population: 4,626,508; churches,
36; members, 2,425.
Organized 1921 Cable Address: "Adventist," San-
Territory: Provinces of Entre Rios, tiago, Chile, South America.
Santa F6, and C6rdoba. Post Office Address: Casilla 2830,
Population: 3,500,000; churches, Santiago, Chile, South America.
22; members, 1,972. (Telephone, Auto. 51748.)
Office Address: Catamarca 3046, Officers:
Rosario de Santa Fe, Argentine, Pres., L. D. Minner.
South America. (Telephone, Ro- Sec. and Treas., C. E. Eli-linen-
sario U. T. 99332.) egger. .
Postal Address: Casilla 130, Ro- Executive Committee: L. D.
sario de Santa Fe, Argentina, Minner, G. E. Emmenegger,
South America. Hans Mayr, E. Arias, E. Al-
Officers: monte, L. A. Rojas A., T. E.
Pres., Carl Becker. Block.
Sec. and Treas., Ernesto Steger. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: C. Becker, Book and Bible House, G. E.
E. Steger, S. C. Weber, Juan Emmenegger.
Riffel, N. Chaij, Dr. 0. Beskow, Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Julio Weiss. E. Arias.
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., J. C. Castellano.
Book and Bible House, Romu- Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
aldo Kalbermatter. T. E. Block.
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Medical, R. Ramos, M.D.
Juan Riffel. Ministers:
Field Miss., Nicolas Chaij. L. D. Minner, L. A. Rojas A.,
Educational and Sabbath School, C. H. Mayr, J. H. Meier, E. Al-
C. Krieghoff. monte, L. A. Griott, T. E. Block,
Ministers: J. T. Thompson.
C. Becker, Juan Riffel, S. C.
Weber, V. C. Aeschlimann. Licentiates:.
Licentiates: Roberto Block, Samuel Fayard,
P. R. Tabuenca, Nicolas Chaij. 0. E. Emmenegger, Andres Rif-
fel, Fernando, Arriagada.
Missionary Licentiates:
R. Kalbermatter, C. Krieghoff, Missionary Licentiates:
E. Steger. E. Arias, J. C. Castellano, W.
Church School Teachers: Aeschlimann, E. Pidoux, Celina
M. E. Tantin, Jose Weiss, M. Dunner, Mrs. Olive Minner, Mrs.
Gurian, P. Peinado, C. Fischer, C. Meier, Sara Rode, Pablo
G. Krieghoff, E. Dupertuis, Yo- Mora, Benjamin Almonte, Luis

Rojas S., Rolando Ramos, Jos6 cumfin, Jujuy, and Corrientes,

Schmied, Mrs. Ruth Riffel, Herta and the Territories of Misiones,
Vyhmeister. Chaco, Los Andes, in Argen-
Church School Teachers: tina.
L. A. Rojas S., E. Sanhueza, B. Population: 2,358,961; churches,
Almonte, Mrs. M. Almonte, J. 13; members, 1,022.
Godoy, E. Aeschlimann, 0. Office Address: Carlos Pellegrini
Vyhmeister, E. Blstos, N. Cds- 1645, Corrientes, Argentina,
pedes, J. Lefimil, Elena Lagos. South America.
CUYO MISSION Director, Niels Wensell.
Territory: Provinces of Mendoza, Sec. and Treas., Alfredo Bellido.
La Rioja, Catamarca, San Juan, Executive Committee: Niels
and San Luis in Argentina. Wensell, G. Block, B. Riffel, H.
Population: 1,046,484; churches, 2; J. Westphal, Alfredo Beilido.
members, 219. Department Secretaries:
Office Address: Chile 923, Mendoza, Book and Bible House, Alfredo
F. C. P., Argentine, South Amer- Bellido.
ica. Educational, Home Miss., and
Officers: Y. P. M. V., E. J. Westphal.
Director, A. Aeschlimann. Field Miss., B. Riffel.
Sec.-Treas., J. Wagner. Sabbath School, H. J. Westphal.
Department Secretaries: Ministers:
Y. P. M. V., Home Miss., and G. Block, N. Wensell, H. J.
Sabbath School, A. Aeschli- Westphal.
mann. Licentiates:
Field Miss., J. F. Sittner, A. Bonjour.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
A. Aeschlimann, A. Berchin. Alfredo Bellido, E. Torreblanca,
B. Riffel, A. Bonjour, H. Cairus.
MAGELLAN MISSION Church School Teachers:
Territory: Territories of Chubut, Edmundo Bublitz Mrs. Lelia C.
Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego Lavvoy, Daniel ikichner, Mrs.
(Land of Fire) in Argentina, Helena K. Leichner, Jorge Rif-
Territory of Magellan in Chile, fel, Mrs. Alicia U. Riffel, Gaston
and the Falkland Islands. Fayard, Dora E. Feiock, R. Lust.
Population: 103,000; churches, 1;
members, 35. URUGUAY MISSION
Office Address: Casilla Correo 446,
Magallanes, Chile, South Amer- Organized 1900
ica.. Territory: Uruguay Republic.
Officers: Population: 1,800,000; churches,
Director, 11; members, 829.
Minister: Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Missionary Licentiate: . "Adventista," Montevideo.
Office Address: Avda. Garibaldi
2584, Montevideo, Uruguay, South
NORTH MISSION America. (Telephone, 43-583.)
Organized 1900 Officers:
Territory: Paraguay, Provinces of Director, P. M. Brouchy.
Santiago del Estero, Salta, Tu- Sec. and Treas., D. J. Weiss.

Executive Committee: P. M. Sabbath School, D. J. Weiss.

Brouchy, D. J. Weiss, J. Ernst, Ministers:
B. Bustos F., E. Gmelin, H. P. P. M. Brouchy, B. Bustos F., M.
Beskow. Pidoux, M. Gnadjin.
Department Secretaries: Licentiates:
H. P. Beskow, E. Gmelin.
Book and Bible House, D. J.
Weiss. Missionary Licentiates:
Educational, P. M. Brouchy. D. J. Weiss, Miss I. Beskow.
Field Miss., E. Gmelin. Church School Teachers:
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Irma Ernst, Fernanda Hey-
H. P. Beskow. decker.


Organized 1919
Territory: Federal District and Licentiate: C. E. Lambeth.
the States of Rio de Janeiro, Missionary Licentiates:
Minas Geraes, Espirito Santo, U. Wissner, Mrs. U. Wissner,
Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Per- S. M. Oliveira, Mrs. J. D.
nambuco, Parahyba, Rio Grande Hardt, Mrs. E. M. Davis, Mrs.
do Norte. C. E. Lambeth.
Population: 28,691,950; churches,
30; members, 3,717.
Cable Address: "Adventistas," BAHIA. MISSION
Rio de Janeiro. Reorganized 1937
Postal and Office Address: Rua
Lopes Trovdo 84, Nictheroy, Bra- Territory:
States of Bahia and
zil, South America. Telephone,
2372. Population: 4,821,000; churches, 3;
members, 477.
Supt., H. G. Stoehr. Telegraphic Address: Adventistas,
Sec. and Treas., U. Wiesner. Bahia.
Executive Committee: H. G. Office Address: Rua SR Jodo 10,
Stoehr, U. Wissner, E. M. Davis, 20, Sao Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
G. S. Storch, G. Streithorst, J. D. Postal Address: C. P. 198, Sao
Hardt, J. Gai'cia, H. F. K. Tu- Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
laszewski, C. E. Lambeth, E.
' Doehnert, L. E. Downs. Officers:
Legal Assn.: "Associacdo da Director, G. Streithorst.
Unido Este Brasileira dos Ad- Sec.-Treas., 0. M. Groeschel.
ventistas do Setimo Dia." Executive Committee: G. Strei-
Department Secretaries: thorst, 0. M. Groeschel, Theo.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Berger, Dan. Feder, A. Parentes.
J. D. Hardt. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., C. E. Lambeth. Book and Bible House, 0. M.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Groeschel.
E. M. Davis. Field Miss., A. Parentes.
Ministers: Home Miss., G. Streithorst.
H. G. Stoehr, J. D. Hardt, E. M. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Davis. 0. M. Groeschel.

Ministers: Population: 1,220,000; churches,

G. Striethorst, Theo. Berger, D. 12; members, 1,463.
Feder. Telegraphic Address: Adventistas,
Missionary Licentiates: Victoria, Espirito Santo.
0. M. Groeschel, E. Sant'Anna, Office Address: Rua Graciano Ne-
P. Seidl, Mrs. Leoni Streithorst. ves 46, Victoria, Espirito Santo,
Church School Teachers: Brazil.
Cordelia Carvalho, Dimas Santo, Postal Address: Caixa Postal 233,
Moyses Santos. Victoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil.
NORTHEAST MISSION Director, H. F. K. Tulaszewski.
Sec.-Treas., E. Ebinger.
Reorganized 1937 Executive Committee: H. F. K.
Territory: States of Alagoas, Per- Tulaszewski, E. Ebinger, K.
nambuco, Pa rahyba, Rio Grande Kaltenhauser, E. Langenstrassen,
do Norte. Dr. Americo Coelho.
Population: 6,405,000; churches, Department Secretaries:
3; members, 632. Book and Bible House, E.
Telegraphic Address: Adventistas Ebinger.
Recife. Educational, Home Miss., and
'Office Address: Rua Gervasio Pires Y. P. M. V., H. P. K. Tulas-
717, Recife, Brazil. zewski.
Sabbath School, E. Ebinger.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 378,
Recife, Brazil. Ministers:
K. Kaltenhauser, J. Hoyler, J.
Director, J. Garcia. Licentiate: D. Barbosa.
Sec.-Treas., E. M. Hermanson. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: J. Garcia, E. Langenstrassen, C. Cunha.
E. M. Hermanson, R. C. Araujo. Church School Teachersi
Department Secretaries: A. Kndpfer, P. Assumpelio, E.
Book and Bible House, E. M. Gutzeit, M. Correa, E. Braun.
Home Miss., and Educational, Established 1931
J. Garcia.
Sabbath School, and Y. P. M. V., Territory: The State of Minas
E. M. Hermanson. Geraes except Southwest corner
of the State, the Southern part
Minister: J. Garcia. of the State of Rio de Janeiro
Missionary Licentiates: and Federal District.
E. M. Hermanson, Cleo. Car- Population: 12,330,000; churches,
valho, M. Negri. 12; members, 1,145.
Church School Teachers: Telegraphic Address: Adventistas,
H. Silva, A. Neves. Rio de Janeiro.
Office Address: Rua Mattoso 161,
RIO-ESPIRITO SANTO MISSION Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Tel.
Established 1919 28-7796.)
Territory: State of Espirito Santo Postal Address: Caixa Postal 768,
and the northern part of the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South
State of Rio de Janeiro. America.

Officers: Home Miss., G. S. Storch.

Director, G. S. Storch. Sabbath School, M. Fuhrmann.
Sec.-Treas., M. Fuhrmann. Ministers:
Executive Committee: G. S. G. S. Storch, 0. Castellani, R.
Storch, M. Fuhrmann, 0. Cas- M. Rabello.
tellani, R. M. Rabello, J. M. Licentiate: J. Baracat.
Zeroth, W. J. Brown. Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: M. Fuhrmann, J. M. Zeroth, W.
J. Brown, I. Ost, G. Streithorst,
Book and Bible House, M. Fuhr- Jr., Mrs. J. M. Zeroth, Mrs. W.
mann. J. Brown.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Church School Teachers:
W. J. Brown. E. Eclache, L. Machado, N.
Field Miss., J. M. Zeroth. Rochael, N. Cunha, M. Vieira.


Organized 1914
Territory: The Bolivia, Ecuador, Ministers:
Lake Titicaca, Peru, and Ama- H. B. Lundquist, R. J. Roy.
zon Missions. Licentiate: F. B. Moore.
Population,: 12,000,000; churches, Missionary Licentiates:
40; members, 10,185. H. M. Colburn, H. V. Espino, A.
Cable Address: " Incaunion," Lima, J. Alva, Mrs. H. B. Lundquist,
P'ert. P. H. Barnes, B. L. Thompson,
Telegrapic Address: "Incaunion," R. L. Jacobs, Mrs. P. H. Barnes,
Miraflores, Peru. Mrs. B. L. Thompson, Mrs. R.
L. Jacobs, Mrs. H. M. Colburn.
Office Address: 891 Avda. Coman-
dante Espinar, Miraflores, Lima, Tingo Rest Home:
Peru, South America. Administrator: J. Wiedermann.
Postal Address: Casilla 1003, Lima, Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Peru, South America. "Adventista," Tingo, Perd.
Officers: Postal Address: Casilla 252, Are-
Supt., H. B. Lundquist. quipa, Peru, South America.
Sec. and Treas., P. H. Barnes.
Asst. Sec. and Treas., B. L. AMAZON MISSION OF PERU
Thompson. Organized 1927
Executive Committee: H. B. Territory: The Departments of Lo-
Lundquist, P. H. Barnes, R. J. reto, San Martin, and part of the
Roy, J. Merle, J. D. Replogle, Department of Hudnuco.
G. F. Ruf, R. L. Jacobs, G. E. Churches: 7; members, 541.
Stacey, F. B. Moore, C. H. Baker. Cable and Telegraphic Address:
B. L. Thompson. "Adventista," Iquitos, Peru.
Department Secretaries: Postal Address: Casilla 240, Iqui-
Educational, Y. P. IVI. V., and tos, Peril, South America.
Sabbath School, R. L. Jacobs. Officers:
Field and Home Miss., F. B. Director, J. D. Replogle.
Moore. Sec. and Treas., M. Leon.

Executive Committee: J. D. Missionary Licentiates:

Replogle, M. Leon, Bernabe Dr. W. W. Stiles, J. I. Hart-
Chavez, Juan P. Ramos. man, M. Isidro, J. Chavez, I.
Department Secretaries: Mamani, J. Supo, P. Perez, L.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Acnuta, D. Limachi, S. Chirinos,
J. D. Replogle. Urbina, Mrs. W. W. Wheeler,
Publishing and Home Miss., Mrs. G. E. Stacey, Mrs. W. W.
Stiles, Mrs. J. I. Hartman, Mrs.
Sabbath School, and Y. P. M. V., R. A. Hayden, Mrs. J. Pissano,
N. Leon. Mrs. C. E. Fillman, Mrs. M.
Minister: J. D. Replogle. Isidro, J. N. Perez, A. Manrique,
Mrs. A. Manrique, E. Ccapa, M.
Licentiates: Huayllara, N. Condemayta, Mrs.
B. Chavez, M. Leon, J. P. J. N. Perez.
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. J. D. Replogle, R. V. Pacho. ECUADOR MISSION
Established 1906
Territory: Republic of Ecuador,
Established 1907 Churches: 3; members, 99.
Territory: Republic of Bolivia, Cable and Telegraphic Address:
South America. "Adventista," Quito.
Churches: 6; members, 1,917. Postal Address: Casilla 44, Quito,
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Ecuador.
Adventista, La Paz, Bolivia. Officers:
Office Address: Calle Belisario-Sa- Director, J. Plenc.
linas 280. Sec. and Treas., R. N. Rojas.
Postal Address: Cosine, 355, La Executive Committee: J. Plenc,
Paz, Bolivia, South A merica. R. N. Rojas, Julio Espinosa, L.
Vargas, Win. Schaeffler.
Director, G. E. Stacey. Department Secretaries:
Sec. and Treas., J. I. Hartman. Home Miss., .
Field Miss., L. Vargas.
Executive Committee: G. E. Educational, J. Plenc.
Stacey, J. I. Hartman, R. A. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Hayden, Dr. W. W. Stiles, C. E. R. N. Rojas.
Department Secretaries: J. Plenc, Wm. Schaeffler.
Book and Bible House, J. I.
Hartman. Licentiate: J. Espinosa.
Field Miss., J. I. Hartman. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Miss., G. E. Stacey. L. Vargas, Mrs. R. N. Rojas,
Medical, Dr. W. W. Stiles. Mrs. Wm. Schaefiler.
Sabbath School, Educational, and
Y. P. M. V., R. A. Hayden.
G. E. Stacey, R. A. Hayden. Established 1916
Licentiates: Territory: Departments of Puno,
Juan Pissano, I. Chuquimia, F. Cuzco, Arequipa, Moquega, Tac-
Chuquirnia, C. E. Fillman. na, and Madre de Dios, Per&

Churches: 13; members, 6,010. PERU MISSION

Cable and Telegraphic Address: Established 1906
" Adventista," Puno, Pert. Territory: Republic of Peru, ex-
Office Address: Calle Lima No. 21, cepting the Departments making
Puno, Peru. up the Lake Titicaca and Ama-
zon Missions.
Postal Address: Casilla 85, Puno,
Peru, South America. Churches: 11; members, 1,564.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventista,"
Officers: Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
Director, G. F. Ruf. Cable Address: "Incaunion" (for
Sec. and Treas., F. E. Vansickle. Peru) Lima, Peru.
Executive Committee: G. F. Ruf, Office Address: Calle Colina 254,
F. E. Vansickle, H. C: Morton, Miraflores, Lima; Peru.
C. D. Christensen, B. Larsen. - Postal Address: Casilla 1002, Lima,
Peru, South America.
Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, F. E. Officers:
Vansickle. Director, R. J. Roy.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Sec. and Treas., J. F. Cummins.
Sabbath School, H. C. Morton. Executive Committee: R. J.
Field Miss., F. E. Vansickle. Roy, J. F. Cummins, C. H.
Baker, A. A. Alva, A. Marin, S.
Home Miss., G. F. Ruf. Weiss.
Medical, .
Department Secretaries:
Ministers: Book and Bible House, J. F.
G. F. Ruf, C. D. Christensen, Cummins.
A. E. Sosa. Home Miss., R. J. Roy
Educational, Sabbath School, and
Licentiates:. Y. P. M. V., A. A. Alva.
B. Larsen, A. Biaggi, Luciano Field Miss., A. Marin.
Chambe, Marcelo Ccama, F. Ministers:
Chambilla, H. C. Morton, P. E. R. J. Roy, Wm. Goransson, C.
Wensell, J. Moran, S. C. Prit- H. Baker.
Missionary Licentiates: A. A. Alva, 0. Krause, G. Ber-
F. E. Vansickle, J. M. Linares, nal, M. Perez, S. Weiss.
C. Cacallaca, M. Pacco, A. Missionary Licentiates:
Maquera, L. Miranda, M. Perez,
P. Neira, Mrs. G. F. Ruf, Mrs. J. F. Cummins, J. C. Ruskjer, C.
F. E. Vansickle, Mrs. C. D. Chris- Castellano, G. Bernal, P. P.
Leon, Manuel Perez, E. C.
tensen, Mrs. B. Larsen, Mrs. A. Christie, C. Diaz, Mrs. Jacob
Biaggi, Mrs. Nicanor Perez, F. J. Wagner, Mrs. J. F. Cummins,
Hebenstreit, J. Tocon, A. Achata, Mrs. C. H. Baker, Mrs. Wm.
Mrs. H. C. Morton, Mrs. P. -E. Goransson, Mrs. J. C. Ruskjer,
Wensell, Mrs. A. Achata, Mrs. Mrs. Manuel Perez, Mrs. E. C.
F. J. Hebenstreit, Mrs. J. Tocon, Christie, R. Chavez, A. Marin, S.
.1. Ramos, Mrs. I. Ramos, Mrs. Ruiz, F. Ruiz, M. E. Aguilar,
J. Moran, P. P. Leon, Mrs. P. P. Mrs. R. J. Roy, Mrs. A. Marin,
Leon, Anita Angulo. Mrs. 0. Krause.
Organized 1936
Territory: States of Ceara, Piauhy, Officers:
Maranhao, Para, Amazonas, and Director, L. B. Halliwell.
Territory of Acre. Sec. and Treas., J. P. Lobo.
Population: 5,850,000; churches, Minister: L. B. Halliwell.
5; members, 256. Licentiates:
Telegraphic Address: Adventistas, B. W. Steinweg, J. Gnutzmann,
Belem, Para, Brazil. A. Carvalho.
Postal and Office Address: Rua Missionary Licentiates:
Tiradentes 139, Caixa Postal J. P. Lobo, Mrs. L. B. Halliwell,
658, Belem, Para, Brazil, South Mrs. B. W. Steinweg.
America. (Telephone, 2794.) Church School Teachers:
Officers: G. Gnutzmann, H. F. Tavares.
Director, L. B. Halliwell.
Minister: L. B. Halliwell. Established 1936
Missionary Licentiate: Territory: States of Ceara, Piauhy,
Mrs. L. B. Halliwell. Maranhao.
PopUlation: 3,740,000; church, 1;
Telegraphic Address: Adventista,
Established 1927 Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, South
Territory: Para, Amazonas, Terri- America.
tory of Acre. Postal Address: Caixa Postal 341,
Population: 2,110;000; churches, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, South
4; members, 222. America.
Telegraphic Address: Adventista, Officers:
Belem, Para, Brazil. Director, R. A. Wilcox.
Postal and Office Address:, Rua Sec. and Treas., .
Tiradentes 139, Caixa, Postal 658, Minister: R. A. Wilcox.
Belem, Para, Brazil, South Missionary Licentiates:
America. (Telephone, 2794.) M. Pereira, Mrs. R. A. Wilcox.


Organized nix
Territory: The Conferences of Rio Telegraphic Address: "Uniao," Sao
Grande do Sul and Sao Paulo, Paulo.
and the mission fields of Parana, Office Address: Avenida Jrupys
Santa Catharina, Matto Grosso, 30, Bairro Indianopolis, Sao Paulo,
Goyaz and Minas Triangle. Brazil, South America. (Do not
send mail here.) (Telephone,
Population: 14,300,000; churches, 7-3122.)
48; members, 7,477.
Post Office Address: Caixa Postal
Cable Address: "Adventista," Sao 2898, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South
Paulo, Brazil. America.

Officers: Population: 400,000; churches, 2;

Pres., E. H. Wilcox. members, 124.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, G. E. Postal Address: Caixa Postal 146,
Hartman. Campo Grande, Matto Grosso,
Legal Assn.: "Associacao dos Brazil, South America.
Adventistas do Setimo Dia no Officer:
Brasil." Director, A. L. Meier.
Department Secretaries: Sec. and Treas., E. Keppke.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Executive Committee: A. L.
Leon Replogle. - Meier, E. Keppke, R. Bivar, A.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Barbosa.
Santiago Schmidt. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., Book and Bible House, Sabbath
Ministers: School, and Field Miss., E.
E. H. Wilcox, Leon Replogle, Keppke.
Santiago Schmidt, D. Peixoto, -Home Miss., and Y. P. M. V.,
L. Waldvogel. A. L. Meier.
Educational, L. Replogle.
Licentiate: Emilio Doehnert.
Minister: A.- L. Meier.
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. E. H. Wilcox, G. E. Hart- Church School Teachers:
man, Mrs. G. E. Hartman, Alice Celisa Motta, Yolanda Karrn.
Zorub, Mrs. L. Replogle, Augusto
Pages, Adolpho Bergold. PARANA-SANTA CATARINA
Established 1927 Territory: States of Parana and
Territory: The States of Goiaz Santa Catarina.
and Minas Triangle, Brazil, Population: 2,100,000; churches,
South America. 16; members, 1,843.
Population: 800,000; churches, 2; Telegraphic Address: "Adven-
members, 148. tista," Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal, Office Address: Rua Dr. Ernielino
2898, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South de Lego, Curitiba, Parana, Bra-
America. zil, South America. (Do not
Officers: send mail here.)
Director, A. J. Reisig. Postal Address: Caixa Postal 810,
Sec. and Treas., D. Stockier. Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, South
Executive Committee: A. J. America.
Reisig, D. Stockier, L. Niz, A.
Leitzke, L. Replogle. Officers:
Director, G. G. Ritter.
Ministers: See. and Treas., F. H. Ceding.
A. J. Reisig.
Honorary: A. N. Allen. Executive Committee: G. G. Rit-
ter, F. H. Gerling, N. Schwantes,
Licentiate: A. Leitzke. E. Azevedo.
Department Secretaries:
MATTO GROSSO MISSION Book and Bible House, F. H.
Established 1921 Gerling.
Territory: The State of Witt') Educational, Y. P. M. V., and
Grosso, Brazil. Sabbath School,

Field Miss., J. Kattwinkel. Educational, and V. P. M. V.,

Home Miss., . J. R. dos Passos.
Ministers: Home Miss., and Sabbath School,
0. G. Ritter, N. Schwantes, E. E. Roth.
R. Azevedo. Field Miss., H. Ruhe.
Honorary: M. Kuempel, F. R. Ministers:
Kuempel. J. H. Boehm, R. J. Wilfarth,
Missionary . Licentiates: J. R. Passos, S: Kuempel, E.
F. H. Gerling, A. Rutz, J. Katt- Roth.
winkel, D. Stockler. Honorary: H. F. Graf, A. C.
Church School Teachers: Licentiates:
W. Frank, J. Bork, L. Reinert, B. E. Schuenemann, A. S.
A. Boekenkamp, A. Weidle, A. Mello.
Nascimento, P. Braga, H. Freid-
rich, E. Avi, L. Waltrick, A. Missionary Licentiates:
Netto, E. Weber, B. Renk, I. H. Ruhe, E. Ehlers, Mrs. A. C.
Santo. Harder, Mrs. J. H. Boehm.
Church School Teachers:
RIO GRANDE DO SUL G. Ludwig, J. R. Passos, P.
CONFERENCE Gonzales, F. Schuck, 0. Klein,
H. Hoffmann, Dr. 0. E. Santo,
Organized 1908 M. E. Santo, H. Knoener, W.
Territory: The State of Rio Grande Wiedenhoeft, Paulo Gonzales, E.
do Sul, Brazil, South America. Cruz, M. Schuck, A. Rosa, A.
Azevedo, A. Jaime, 0. Oliveira.
Population: 4,000,000; churches,
19; members, 2,140.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventista," SAO PAULO CONFERENCE
Porto Alegre, R. G. do Sul, Organized 1922
Office Address: Rua General Vi- Territory: The State of Sao Paulo
torino, No. 77, Porto Alegre, Rio and the Southwest corner of the
Grande do Sul, Brazil, South State of Minas Geraes,
America. South America.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 177, Population: 7,000,000; churches,
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, 11; members, 3,078.
Brazil, South America. Telegraphic Address: " Advent-
Officers: ista," Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Pres., J. H. Boehm. Office Address: Rua Tague, No. 88,
Sec. and Treas., B. E. Schuene- Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Amer-
mann. ica. (Do not send mail here.)
(Telephone, 7-1271.)
Executive Committee: J. H.
Boehm, B. E. Schuenemann, J. Postal Address: Caixa Postal, 1830,
Krueger, H. Ruhe, R. J. Wil- Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Amer-
farth, 0. E. Santo. ica.
Legal Assn., " Associactto dos Officers:
Adventistas do Setimo Dia no Pres., R. W. Belz.
Rio Grande do Sul." Sec. and Treas., G. F. Ebinger.
Department Secretaries:, Asst. Sec. and Treas., 0. B. Spin-
Book and Bible House, B. E. dola.
Schuenemann. Auditor, G. E. Hartman.

Executive Committee: R. W. Argentina, South America.

Belz, G. F. Ebinger, Q. Dau, M. S. (River Plate Junior College.)
Coelho, M. Margarido, J. S. Colegio Adventista del Titicaca,
Linhares, F. Luz. Casilla 4, Juliaca, Peru, South
Department Secretaries: America.
Book and Bible House, G. F. Colegio Industrial Adventista,
Ebinger. Casilla 7D, Chillan, Chile,
Educational, Sabbath School, and South America.
Y. P. M. V., Q. Dau. Collegio Adventista, Santo Ama-
Home Miss., R. W. Belz. ro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South
Field Miss., M. S. Coelho. America.
Ministers: Instituto Industrial, Casilla 2102,
R. W. Belz, M. Margarido, Q. Lima, Peru, South America.
Dau, J. S. Linhares, W. IV.
Stoehr. Instituto Industrial Boliviano
Honorary: L. Braun. Adventista, Casilla 82, Cocha-
bamba, Bolivia, South Amer-
Licentiates: ica.
Honorary: G. Conrad, F. Belz.
Missionary Licentiates: Publishing:
G. F. Ebinger, C. Naufal, 0. Casa Editoria Sud-Americana,
B. Spindola, I. Reis, E. Zorub, Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos
T. Kanada, M. S. Coelho, E. M. Aires, Argentina, South Amer-
Castilho, W. Arouca, 0. Car- ica.
valho. Casa Publicadora Brasileira, Ca-
Church School Teachers: ixa 34, Santo Andre, S. P. R.,
E. Maluf, S. Romero, R. Vieira, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South
M. F. Roque, M. R. Silva, E. America.
Hermanson, D. Appolinario, B.
Motta, L. S. Pereira, A. Rosetto, Sanitariums and Hospitals:
P. Pinto, V. Queiroz, C. Queiroz, Sanatorio Adventista del Plata,
M. Zorub. Puigarri, F.C.E., Entre Rios,
Argentina, South America.
INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH Clinica Americana, Casilla 22,
AMERICAN DIVISION Juliaca, Peru, South America.
Educational: Chile Medical Clinic, (Gabinete
Colegio Adventista del Plata, de Fisioterapia) Vicuna Mac-
Puiggari, F. C. E., Entre Rios, kenna 23, Santiago, Chile.
Organized rgzo

Territory: The Union of South Home Miss. and Publishing,

Africa, Basutoland, Swaziland, F. E. Patter.
Southwest Africa, Portuguese Medical, A. N. Tonge, M. D., L.
East Africa, Belgian Congo, An- R. C. P., and S. (Edin.).
gola, Ruanda, Urundi, Nyasa- Ministerial Assoc., W. H. Ander-
land Protectorate, Bechuana- son.
land Protectorate, Northern Sabbath School, Religious Lib-
Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia. erty, Y. P. M. V., L. L. Moffitt.
Population: European, 2,167,823; Ministers:
Asiatic, 222,649; Colored, 814,- J. F. Wright, M. Robison, C. W.
138; Native, 40,122,462; Total Bozarth, W. H. Anderson, A. V.
Population, 43,327,072. Edwards, Dr. A. N. Tonge, J. V.
Churches: White, 42; members, Wilson, L. L. Moffitt, G. E. Shan-
3,095; Colored, 12; members, kel.
556; Native, 123, members, Licentiates:
26,037; believers not baptized,
27,596; total believers, 57,284. C. C. Marais, F. E. Potter, J. L.
Milford, D. A. Webster.
Telegraphic and Cable Address:
" Adventist," Claremont, Cape. Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. J. F. Wright, J. G. Slate,
Office Address: Grove Avenue, Mrs. J. G. Slate, S. Sparrow, Mrs.
Claremont, Cape Province, South S. Sparrow, P. van Eck, Mrs. P.
Africa. van Eck, Mrs. L. L. Moffitt,
Officers: Mrs. A. N. Tonge, Mrs. C. C.
Pres., J. F. Wright. Marais, Mrs. G. E. Shankel, Mrs.
M. Robison, Mrs. A. V. Ed-
Sec., Milton Robison. wards, Mrs. J. V. Wilson, Mrs.
Treas. and Auditor, C. W. Bo- W. H. Anderson, Mrs. C. W.
zarth. Bozarth, Miss E. Hinterleitner,
Executive Committee: J. F. Miss B. Webb, Miss H. M.
Wright, A. F. Tarr, W. H. Ander- Hyatt, Miss A. Visser, Miss Y.
son, J. R. Campbell, C. W. Cur- de Gourville, Mrs. M. Botes, F.
tis, L. L. Moffitt, J. G. Slate, E. Meckling, Mrs. 'F.E.- Mdck-
F. E. Potter, Milton Robison, ling, Miss L. Fouche, Mrs. J. L.
C. W. Bozarth, A. N. Tonge, M.D., Milford, C. F. Clarke, Mrs. C.
H. M. Sparrow, G. A. Elling- F. Clarke, Miss E. Edmed, Miss
worth, G. E. Shankel. M. Nickel, Miss H. Hayton, E.
Legal Association: Seventh-day Marter, Mrs. E. Marter, Miss G.
Adventist Community of Africa P. Fortner, Dr. H. J. Davies,
(Incorporated) ; President, J. F. S. Glanz, Miss L. Hattingh, Miss
Wright; Vice-President, J. G. E. Anderson, Miss G. E. Gid-
Slate; Sec., Milton Robison; dings, Miss G. Smith, Mrs. D.
Treas., C. W. Bozarth. A. Webster, Miss R. Curtis, Miss
H. Furber, Miss L. Smith, Erico
Department Secretaries: Msuseni.
Educational, Milton Robison. Honorary: Mrs. W. B. Commin.
Organized 1925
Territory: Angola (Portuguese master, 0. I. Fields, Mrs. 0. I.
West Africa). Fields, V. Chaves, Miss R. Vis-
Area: 510,670 square miles. ser, 4 native teachers.
Population: White, 30,000; native, Licentiates:
4,000,000 Dr. R. B. Parsons, 0. I. Fields,
A. Bringle.
Churches: 16; members, 988, in-
cluding 24 Europeans and 964 Missionary Licentiates:
natives; believers not baptized, Mrs. R. B. Parsons, Mrs. 0. I.
785. Total adherents, 1,773. Fields, Miss R. Visser, Miss R.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Johnson, Mrs. A. Bringle.
" Adventista," Nova Lisboa, An- Village Schools: 12.
gola. Native Teachers: 12.
Postal Address: Angola Union Mis-
sion of Seventh-day Adventists,
Caixa Postale No. 3, Nova Lis- Cuale Mission Station
boa, Angola, Portuguese West Postal Address: Duque de Bra-
Africa. ganca, Districto do Malange,
Officers: Angola, Portuguese West -Africa.
Supt., C. W. Curtis. Director: Joao Esteves.
Sec. and Treas., Peter Stevenson. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: C. W. Joao Esteves, Mrs. Joao Esteves.
Curtis, Peter Stevenson, E. A. Village School: 1.
Buckley, Dr. R. B. Parsons, 0. I. Native Teacher: 1.
Fields, 0. U. Giddings, Alten A.
Department Secretaries: Luz Mission Station
Educational, 0. I. Fields. Postal Address: Missao de Luz,
Medical, Dr. R. B. Parsons. Caixa Postale, No. 33, yka Luzo
Sabbath School, Mrs. R. B. Par- Distrito de Moxico, Angola,
sons. Portuguese West Africa.
Y. P. M. V., Peter Stevenson. Director: E. A. Buckley.
Minister: C. W. Curtis. Licentiate: E. A. Buckley.
Licentiate: Peter Stevenson. Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. E. A. Buckley, A. J. Rod-
Mrs. Peter Stevenson, Mrs. C. rigues, Mrs. A. J. Rodrigues.
W. Curtis. Portuguese Teacher: A. J. Rod-
Bongo Mission Station Nurse: Mrs. E. A. Buckley.
Village Schools: 5.
Address: Missao Adventists, 1,_c_pj,
Angola, Portuguese West A1 17M% Native Teachers: 6.
Director, Alten A. Bringle. Luccusse Mission Station
Doctor, Dr. R. B. Parsons. Postal Address: Caixa Postal No.
Nurse, Miss Ruth Johnson. 34, Vila Luzo, Angola, Portu-
Teachers: A. Bringle, Head- guese West Africa.

Director: 0. U. Giddings. Namba Mission Station

Minister: 0. U. Giddings. Postal Address: Care Paul Koster,
Missionary Licentiates: Luimbale, Angola, Portuguese
Mrs. 0. U. Giddings, A. S. Oli- West Africa.
veira, Mrs. Oliveira. Director:
Portuguese Teacher: A. S. Oliveira. Village Schools: 3.
Village School: 1. Native Teachers: 3.
Native Teachers: 2. Native Evangelist: 1.


Organized 1925
Territory: Congo Beige, except the Legal Organization for Ruanda
territory comprising the South- Urundi:Mission Evangelique des
ern Congo Mission Field; Ru- Adventistes du Septieme Jour.
anda, Urundi. Legal Representative for Ruanda
Area: 909,654 square miles. Urundi: G. A. Ellingworth.
Population: White, 10,037; native, Suppleant: M. Duplouy.
20,000,000. Ministers:
Churches: 23; members, 3,735, in- G. A. Ellingworth, W. R. Vail.
eluding 25 Europeans and 3,710 Licentiate: Maxime Duplouy.
natives. Believers not baptized,
11,857. Total adherents, 15,553. Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. G. A. Ellingworth, Mrs. M.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: Duplouy, Mrs. W. R. Vail.
"Adventist," Usumbura.
Postal Address: Gitwe, Ruanda,
via Usumbura, Belgian East Af- Bikobo Hill Mission Station
rica (Correspondence from Eu- Established 1930
rope or America should be sent
via Dar-es-Salaam, East Africa). Postal Address: Boite Postal. 3,
Kongolo, Belgian Congo, Central
Officers: Africa.
Supt., G. A. Ellingworth.
sec. and Treas., M. Duplouy. Director: S. J. Fourie.
Executive Committee: G. A. El- Licentiate: S. J. Fourie.
lingworth, M. Duplouy, W. R. Missionary Licentiate:
Vail, H. Monnier, R. L. Jones, Mrs. S. J. Fourie.
Dr. G. Beckner, A. Matter. Village Schools: 22.
Department Secretaries: Native Teachers: 20.
Educational, W. R. Vail.
Sabbath School, W. R. Vail,
acting. Buganda Mission Station
Y. P. M. V., W. R. Vail. Established 1925
Legal Organization for Congo Postal Address: P. 0. Usumbura,
Beige: The Congo Union Mis- Urundi, Africa.
sion of Seventh-day Adventists.
Director: George Fazili.
Legal Representative for Congo
Beige: G. A. Ellingworth. Licentiate: George Fazili.
Suppleant: M. Duplouy, J. G. Village Schools: 10.
Siepman. Native Teachers: 12.

Gitwe Mission Station Native Licentiate. 1.

(Seminaire Adventiste) Village Schools: 17.
Established 1921 Native Teachers: 19.
i7Postal Address: Via Usumbura,
Ruanda-Urundi, Belgian East Ndora Mission Station
Africa. Established 1936
Director: R. L. Jones., Postal Address: P. 0. Usumbura,
Nurse, Miss M. Haseneder. Urundi, Africa.
Ministers: Director: H. J. Moolman.
R. L. Jones, M. Segatwa, E. Su- Licentiate: H. J. Moolman,
mutwa, D. Ka,gegera, A. Mu- Missionary Licentiate:
haya. Mrs. H. J. Moolman.
Licentiate: A. Siepman. Village Schools: 12.
Missionary. Licentiates: Native Teachers: 13.
P. Howe, W. Bastiaans, Miss
M. Haseneder, Mrs. R. L. Jones, Ngoma Medical Mission Station
Mrs. Siepman, Mrs. Howe. Established 1931
Faculty: R. L. Jones, Director; A. Postal Address: Gitwe, Ruanda,
Siepman, P. Howe, W. Bastiaans, Usumbura, Urundi, Congo Beige.
Miss Haseneder, Mrs. R. L.
Jones, Mrs. P. Howe, Mrs. A. Director: A. Matter.
Siepman, E. Semutwa, M. Nyir- Medical Supt., Gordon Beckner;
ingondo, A. Mill-Jaya. M. D.
Village Schools: 79. Nurse: Miss F. Spillman.
Native Teachers: 84. Minister: A. Matter.
Licentiate: Dr. Gordon Beckner.
Kikamba Mission Station Missionary Licentiates:
Established 1924 Mrs. A. Matter, Mrs. G. Beck-
ner, Miss F. Spillman.
Postal Address: Boite Postal 3, Village Schools: 33.
Kongolo, Belgian Congo, Central
Africa. Native Teachers: 34.
Director: Joseph Malinki.
Minister: Joseph Malinki. Rwankeri Mission Station
Village Schools: 2. Established 1922
Native Teachers: 3. Postal Address: Kigali, Ruanda,
Kirundu Mission Station Director: H. Monnier.
Postal Address: Kirundu, via Nurse: Miss L. Delhove.
Kindu, Province Orientale, Congo Minister: H. Monnier.
Beige, Central Africa. Missionary Licentiates:
Director: D. E. Delhove. Mrs. H. Monnier, Miss L. Del-
Minister: D. E. Delhove. hove.
Missionary Licentiate: Village Schools: 67.
Mrs. D. E. Delhove. Native Teachers: 69.
Organized rgoz
Territory: The Union of South Department Secretaries:
Africa, Southwest Africa, Basu- Educational, E. D. Hanson.
toland, Swaziland, and that por- Field Miss., Division Field Mis-
tidn of Portuguese East Africa sionary Secretary.
lying south of Latitude 22, Home Miss., and Y. P. M. V.,
comprising the Cape Conference, F. G. Clifford.
the Natal-Transvaal Conference, Medical, Dr. D. H. Abbott.
the Cape Mission Field, the Religious Liberty, A. F. Tarr.
North Bantu Mission Field and
the South Bantu Mission Field. Ministers:
Area: 851,016 square miles. A. F. Tarr, J. E. Symons, E. D.
Hanson, F. G. Clifford, R. C.
Population: White, 2,038,186; Asi- Sharman, R. E. Ansley, A.
atics, 220,285; Native, 7,441,790; Magalela, Paul Wickman.
Colored, 810,755. Total popula-
tion, 10,511,016. Honorary: J. C. Rogers, G. W.
Shone, Dr. W. H. Haupt, D. F.
Churches: White, 38; members, Tarr, 0. 0. Bredenkamp, B. P.
2,822; Colored, 12; members, de Beer.
556; Native, 38; members, 2,327.
Asiatic, 1; members, 11; total Licentiate: P. H. Mantel!.
churches, 89; total members, Missionary Licentiates:
5,716. Believers not baptized, Mrs. A. F. Tarr, Mrs. J. E.
798; total adherents, 6.514. Symons, Mrs. D. D. Hanson,
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," Mrs. P. H. Mantel!, Miss L. M.
Bloemfontein, 0. F. S. Kleinert, Miss J. Cramond, Mrs.
F. G. Clifford, Miss N. Ward,
Office Address: Fichardt Chambers, Mrs. R. C. Sharman, E. W. Tarr,
Maitland Street, Bloemfontein, Mrs. E. W. Tarr, Mrs. R. E.
0. F. S., South Africa. Ansley, A. Bristow, Miss A. Eva,
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 468, Miss D. de Beer, Miss E. M.
Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, Symons, Jemima. Tyali, Claudia
South Africa. Potwana, M. Yazi, E. Tsotetsi.
Officers: Honorary: Mrs. I. B. Burton;
Pres., A. F. Tarr. Mrs. J. C. Rogers, Miss E. Edie,
Mrs. W. H. Haupt, Mrs. S. J.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, J. E. Stevenson, Mrs. M. Commin.
) Symons.
Executive Committee: A. F.
Tarr, J. E. Symons, A. N. Ingle, CAPE CONFERENCE
W. H. Hurlow, L. S. Billes, J. N. (Formerly part of South African
de Beer, G. S. Stevenson, P. H. Conference)
Mantel!, Principal Bethel Train-
ing College, Principal Tlelderberg Reorganized 1936
College, J. Raubenheimer, Dr. D. Territory: All Europeans and.
H. Abbott. Asiatics in the Cape Province,
Legal Assn.: Seventh-day Ad- except for the territory north
ventist Community of Africa of Kuruman and Taungs; that
(Incorporated). portion of - the Orange Free

State south of and including W. L. Hyatt, Mrs. E. L. Cardey,

Boshof, Brandfort and Lady- Miss E. Minter, Miss L. Bradley,
brand; Basutoland; and the Miss A. C. Fleming, Mrs. I.
mandated territory of South Swanepoel, Miss L. Davies, Mrs.
West Africa. (For European S. E. Louw, Mrs. J. van der
work.) Merwe, Miss S. Loots, Mrs. R.
Area: 425,508 square miles (ap- Visser, David Douglas, Miss S.
proximate). Cooks, Miss E. K. Beaton, Miss
E. Shone.
Population: 1,098,857 (approxi- Honorary: Mrs. M. Walston.
mate) ; churches, 19; members,
1,162. Church School Teachers:
Mrs. S. E. Louw, Miss E. K.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Beaton, Miss E. Shone, Miss
Port Elizabeth, C. P., South S. Cooks.
Office Address: 162 Russell Road,
Port Elizabeth, C. P., South NATAL-TRANSVAAL CON-
Postal Address: Box 508, Port (Formerly part of South African
Elizabeth, C.P., South Africa. Conference)
Officers: Reorganized 1936
Pres., W. H. Hurlow. Territory-: All Europeans and Asi-
Sec. and Treas., Miss P. E. Will- atics in the territories of the
more. Provinces of Natal and Trans-
Executive Committee: W. H. vaal; portion of the Cape Prov-
Hurlow, Miss P. E. Willmore, ince known as British Bechu-
A. C. Le Butt, N. Jeffes, G. W. analand north of Kuruman and
S. Marais, S. C. Palvie, W. L. Taungs; portion of the Orange
Hyatt, J.- C. van der Merwe, Free State Province north of
A. Chilton. Boshof, Brandfort and Lady-
Department Secretaries: brand; Swaziland and Portu-
guese East Africa south of Lati-
Educational, E. D. Hanson. tude 22.
Field Miss., C. S. Pike.
Home Miss., and Y. P. M. V., Area: 425,508 square miles (ap-
A. C. Le Butt. proximate).
Medical, Miss A. G. Fleming. Population: 1,098,857 (approxi-
Religious Book Depository, Miss mate); churches, 20; members,
P. E. Willmore. 1,632..
Sabbath School, Mrs. W. H. Hur- Telegraphic Address: "Natracon,"
low. Johannesburg.
Ministers: Office Address: 292 Louis Botha
W. H. Hurlow, W. L. Hyatt, Ave., Orange Grove, Johannes-
S. S. Hiten, A. C. Le Butt, J. burg, Transvaal, South Africa.
van der Merwe, E. L. Cardey. - Postal Address: 292 Louis Botha
Honorary: S. G. Hiten. Ave., Orange Grove, Johannes-
Licentiate: R. Visser. burg, Transvaal, South Africa.
Missionary Licentiates: Officers:
Mrs. W. H. Hurlow, Miss P. E. Pres., A. N. Ingle.
Willmore, Mrs. A. C. Le Butt, Sec. and Treas., P. W. Willmore.
Mrs. S. S. Hiten, D. D. Toerien, Executive Committee: A. N. In-
C. S. Pike, Mrs. C. S. Pike, Mrs. gle, P. IV. Willmore, Dr. B. V.

Ingle, Dr. E. F. Birkenstock, A. Missionary Licentiate:

W. Staples, J. Raubenheimer, Mrs. V. Norcott.
V. R. Cooks, A. J. Herholdt, J. In Charge Dispensary:
J. Coss. Mrs. V. Norcott.
Department Secretaries: Indian Assistant: 1.
Educational, E. D. Hanson.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
(Formerly part of South African
Y. P. M. V., W. Cowper.
Medical, Mission Field)
Religious Book Depository, P. W. Reorganized 1936
Willmore. Territory: Native work in Basuto-
Ministers: land, Bechuanaland (south of
A. N. Ingle, A. W. Staples, John Mafeking), Orange Free State,
Raubenheimer, P. A. Venter, Natal, Portuguese East Africa
J. J. B. Combrinck. (south of Latitude 22), Swazi-
Licentiates: land, Transva'al and Zuliiland.
W. Cowper, W. D. Eva, A. J. Area: 332,901 square miles.
Herholdt, P. J. v. d. Merwe, P. Population: 5,254,142; churches,
W.. Willmore, E. J. Stevenson.. native, 26; membership, native,
Missionary Licentiates: 1,463; European, 12. Total, 1,475.
Mrs. A. N. Ingle, Mrs. E. J. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Stevenson, Mrs. E. Cowley, Miss Johannesburg, Transvaal, South
B. Davies, Miss M. Ives, Miss Africa.
H. Hegter, Mrs. John Rauben-
heimer, Mrs. J. J. B. Combrinck, Office Address: 77 Marlborough
Mrs. A. J. Herholdt, Mrs. W. House, 58 Eloff St., Johannes-
Cowper, Mrs. P. J. v. d. Merwe, burg, Transvaal, South Africa.
Mrs. 'W. D. Eva, Miss M. J. Officers
Dixie, L. G. Staples, Mrs. P. W. Supt., L. S. Billes.
Willmore, Mrs. A. W. Staples, Sec. and Treas., A. A. Pitt.
Mrs. P. A. Venter, Mrs. E. Bul- Executive Committee: L. S.
gin, D. A. de Beer, A. v. d. Billes, A. A. Pitt, R. A. Buckley,
Bergh, P. J. A. Haarhoff, J. H. L. Ferguson, Eka. J. Ku-
Theron, S. Moolman, H. Rus- both, L. S. Molokomme, J. M.
ticus, A. Bulgin, C. Jeffrey, Mrs. Hlubi.
A. N. Ingle, Mrs. A. v. d. Bergh, Department Secretaries:
Mrs. P. J. A. Haarhoff. Publishing, J. D. Harcombe.
Church School Teachers: Sabbath School, Miss M. B.
Mrs. E. Bulgin, Miss M. Ives, Dawkins.
Miss H. Hegter, S. Moolman, J. Y. P. M. V., L. S. Billes.
Theron. Ministers:
L. S. Billes, H. J. Harlow.
(Under the direction of the Natal- Missionary Licentiates:
Transvaal Conference) Miss M. B. Dawkins, Mrs. H. J.
Postal Address: Seventh-day Ad- Hurlow.
ventist Church, Keats Avenue,
Durban, Natal, South Africa. Bechuanaland Mission District
Churches: 1; membership, 11. Postal Address: C/o Chief S. J.
Licentiate: V. Norcott. Molemo, P. 0. The Stadt, Mafe-

king, Cape Province, South Af- Missionary Licentiates:

rica. N. Ngwenya, L. Tshabalala.
Director: M. R. Moeletsi.
Orange Free State Mission District
P. Pheele, M. H. Moeletsi. Postal Address: Stand 3 D Loca-
Honorary: K. I. Itumeleng. tion, Kroonstad, Orange Free
Missionary Licentiate: State, South Africa.
R.. Borne. Director: H. R. S. Tsukudu.
Teachers: Miss M. Itumeleng, Miss Minister: H. R. S. Tsukudu.
A. Lecogo, M. Manchwe. Hon. Minister: J. Ndabarnbi.
Teacher: Mrs. J. Africa.
Emmanuel Mission Station and Rand Mission District
District Postal Address: 77 Marlborough
Established 1910 House, 58 Eloff Street, Johannes-
Address: Post Offiee, Leribe, Basu- burg, South Africa.
toland, South Africa. Director L. S. Molokomme.
Director: R. A. Buckley. Minister: L. S. Molokomme.
Licentiate: R. A. Buckley. Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiate: T. M. Note, E. Sebele.
Mrs. R. A. Buckley. Teachers:
Native Workers: C. N. Legoabe, M. Kunene, A. C.
Hon. Minister: Andrew Xabba. Hlubi, Mrs. L. Molokomme.
Missionary Licentiates:
I. E. Seteka, J. Senkoto, S. Shiloh Mission Station and District
Tsotetsi, E. Tsotetsi. Postal Address: P. 0. Lunsklip, via
Teachers: Potgietersrust, N. Transvaal,
Miss R. Khubeka, S. Moralana. South Africa.
Director: H. W. Stevenson.
Rolo Mission Station Licentiate: H. W. Stevenson.
Address: Post Office, Morija, Basu- Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. H. W.
toland, South Africa. Stevenson.
In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. H.
Director: H. L. Ferguson. W. Stevenson.
Licentiate: H. L. Ferguson. Native Workers:
Missionary Licentiate: Ministerial Licentiate: D. Ma-
Mrs. H. L. Ferguson. sina.
In Charge of Dispensary: H. L. Teacher: Miss T. Tabane.
Ferguson. Swazi-Eastern Transvaal Mission
Native Workers: District
Ministerial Licentiate: K. Mo- Postal Address: P. 0. Mahamba,
sedi. Swaziland, South Africa.
Teacher: A. Kadi-kadi. Director: J. M. Hlubi.
Minister: J. M. Hlubi.
Natal Mission District Ministerial Licentiate:-
Postal Address: Watersmeet, Pri- T. A. Nkosi.
vate Bag, P. 0. Besters, Natal, Missionary Licentiates:
South Africa. Mrs. J. M. Hlubi, A. P. Mabowe.
Director: E. Ka-J. Kuboni. Teachers:
Minister: E. Ka-J. Kuboni. G. Vilakazi, Mrs. A. P. Ma-
Licentiate: P. Zungu. bowe,

Zululand Mission District Ministers:

Postal Address: P. 0. Nongoma. G. S. Stevenson.
Zululand, South Africa. Honorary: A. P. `.,rr.
Director: J. S. Moya. Missionary Licentiates:
Minister: J. S. Moya. Mrs. G. S. Stevenson, J. J. Oos-
Licentiate: M. M. Langa. thuizen.
Missionary Licentiates: Honorary: Mrs. A. P. Tarr.
E. Ndhlovu, M. Bole, P. Hlubi.
Teachers: Cancele Mission Station
Mrs. J. S. Moya, Mrs. M. M. Postal Address: P.O. Cancele, Via
Langa. Mount Frere, East Griqualand,
Cape Province, South Africa.
Postal Address: P. 0. Linokana, W. C. Tarr, J. N. Bacela, E. S.
Western Transvaal, So. Africa. Jakavula.
Missionary Licentiate: Abel Mag- Licentiates:
otse. Dr. D. H. Abbott, D. D. Man-
Directorship: Vacant. ' kayi.
Missionary Licentiates:
(Formerly part of South African Mrs. D. H. Abbott, C. E. Birken-
Mission Field) stock, Mrs. J. N. Bacela.
Reorganized 1936 Teachers:
C. Birkenstock; C. Sikwebu, R.
Territory: Native work in the Potwana, T. Mangcoto.
Province of the Cape of Good
Hope. Eastern Province Mission District
Area: 207,869 square miles (ap- Postal Address: Smith Street,
proximate.) Fort Beaufort, Cape Province,
Population: 2,045,110; churches, South Africa.
native, 15; members, native, Director: D;D. Ntsikeni.
833; Europeans, 19.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," D. D. Ntsikeni, S. S. Mgqamqo.
Missionary Licentiates:
Postal Address: 3, King Edwards A. G. Williams, B. B. Gacula.
Road, Cambridge, Cape Province,
South Africa. Teachers:
A. G. Williams, B. B. Gacula,
Officers: R. Maquanda, V. Williams, T.
Supt., G. S. Stevenson. P. W. Ncamiso.
Sec. and Treas., .
Executive Committee: G. S. Glen Grey Mission District
Stevenson, W. C. Tarr, F. Mac-
donald, E. F. C. Hepburn, A. Postal Address: 1078 Location,-
Queenstown, Cape Province,
T. Magalela, S. K. Ntwana, D. South Africa.
D. Ntsikeni.
Director: G. S. Mayaba.
Department Secretaries:
Publishing, J. J. Oosthuizen. Minister: C. S. Mayaba.
Sabbath School, Mrs. A. P. Tarr. Licentiates:
Y. P. M. V. and Home Mission- S. Pikoli, A. Mredlane, A.
ary, G. S. Stevenson.

Missionary Licentiate: Postal Address: "Dunrolyn,"

Honorary: Hans Shai. Barmbeck Avenue, Newlands,
Teachers: Cape, South Africa.
A. Airedlane, A. Mdliva. Officers:
Supt., J. N. deBeer.
Lusikisiki Mission District Sec.-Treas., Miss J. B. Kleinert.
Executive Committee: J. N. de
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Beer, P. H. Mantell, W. J. Arn-
Lusikisiki, Eastern Pondoland, old, P. Jackson.
South Africa.
Director: S. K. Ntwana. Ministers:
Minister: S. K. Ntwana. J. N. de Beer.
Teachers: Honorary: D. C. Theunissen,
G. Potwana, C. Alsipha. D. J. May.
Missionary Licentiate: J. Mngwe. Licentiate: A. G. Kohen.
Missionary Licentiates:
Umtata Mission District Mrs. J. N. de Beer, Miss J. B.
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kleinert, Miss A. V. Suterland,
P. 0. Umtata, Transkei, Cape Miss L. Adams, G. Theunissen,
Province, South Africa. K. Landers, L. Hunter.
Director: B. T. Scott. Honorary: Mrs. D. C. Theunis-
Minister: B. T. Scott. sen, Mrs. A. G. Kohen.
Licentiate: J. Ncuka.
Teacher: Miss E. Vappi. SOUTH WEST AFRICA
For Non-European Work
CAPE MISSION FIELD OF Territory: The mandated terri-
SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS tory of South West Africa
Work for the Cape Colored People (formerly German South West
in the Union of South Africa. Africa.)
Population: 767,984; churches, 12; Area: 317,725 square miles.
members, 546. Population: Non-whites, 235,400.


Organized 1925
Territory: Nyasaland, Portuguese Postal Address: P. 0. Box. 51,
East Africa north of latitude Blantyre, Nyasaland, Africa.
22; Northeast Rhodesia, east of Officers:
meridian 32.
Area: 272,928 square miles. Supt., H. M. Sparrow.
Sec. and Treas., E. B. Jewell.
Population: White, 7,600, approx.;
native, 5,467,606. Executive Committee: H. M.
Sparrow, M. M. Webster, W. E.
Churches: 26; members, 9,598, in- McClure, W. L. Davy, G. Pear-
cluding 24 Europeans and 9,622 son, E. B. Jewell, E. L. Tarr.
natives. Believers not baptized,
7,203. Total adherents, 16,801. Department Secretaries:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Educational, W. E. McClure.
Blantyre, Nyasaland. Field Miss., H. M. Sparrow.

Medical, E. L. Morel, M.D., V. E. Robinson, I. L. Ansley,

L.R.C.P. & S. (Edin.) Mrs. I. L. Ansley, Miss M. John-
Sabbath School, Mrs. H. M. son.
Ministers: FIELD
H. M. Sparrow, E. B. Jewell. Territory: South Nyasaland.
Missionary Licentiates: Area: 12,728 square miles.
Mrs. H. M. Sparrow, Mrs. E. B. Population: White, 1,800; native,
Jewell. 663,706.
Churches: 12; members, 8,000.
Malamulo Mission Station
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 51,
Established 1902 Blantyre, Nyasaland, Africa.
Telegraphic Address: Malamulo,
Choi, Nyasaland. Officers:
Supt., H. M. Sparrow.
Postal Address: P. 0. Malamulo Sec.-Treas., E. B. Jewell.
Nyasaland, B. C. Africa.
Executive Committee: H. M.
Board: Union Executive Commit- Sparrow, E. B. Jewell, E. L.
tee, Yolam Kamwendo, Edward Tan, W. E. McClure, Yokoniah
Martin. Sosola, Sofa Saiwa, James
Principal and Business Manager, Ngaiyaye.
W. E. McClure.
Normal Dept. Director: V. E. Department Secretaries:
Robinson. Field Miss., and Y. P. M. V.,
Medical Dept. Director: Dr. E. E. B. Jewell.
L. Morel. Sabbath School, Mrs. H. M.
Nurses: Sparrow. -
Miss M. Johnson, Mrs. I. L.
Ansley. Matandani Mission Station
Faculty: Acquired 1908
Principal, W. E. McClure, Dr.
E. L. Morel; V. E. Robinson, Postal Address: Blantyre, Nyasa-
I. L. Ansley, Mrs. V. E. Robin- land, Africa.
son, Mrs. I. L. Ansley, Yolam Director: B. Ellingwortli.
Kamwendo, Edward Martin, Minister: Philip Kasonga.
Ered Maliro and 10 native Licentiate: Adsis Mbeduwa.
teachers. Inspector: Harrison Cipao.
Printing Department (See Pub- Village Schools: 10.
lishing House section). Teachers: 15 natives.
Training Institute (See Educa- Dispensary: Native orderly.
tional Institutions section).
Hospital and Leper Center (See
Sanitariums section). Thekerani Mission Station
Village Schools: 9. Acquired 1923
Ministers: Address: P. 0. Thekerani, Nyasa.
W. E. McClure, Edward Martin, land, Africa.
Yolam Kamwendo. Director: E. L. Tarr (overseas).
Missionary Licentiates: Ministers:
Mrs. W. E. McClure, Dr. E. L. E. L. Tarr, Ben Ritch; Jona-
Morel, Mrs. E. L. Morel, Mrs. than Kabambe.

Licentiate: Ce Spurgeon. UNATTACHED MISSIONS

Missionary Licentiate: Mwami Mission Station
Mrs. E. L. Tarr.
Inspectors: Address: P. 0. Fort Manning,
Ce Maynard, Ce Matthew. Nyasaland, Africa.
Village Schools: 28. Director: G. Pearson.
Teachers: Faculty: G. Pearson, Miss D.
Mrs. E. L. Tarr and 35 natives. Ingle, Mrs. G. Pearson, Hender-
son James, Samuel Moyo, as-
Dispensary: Mrs. E. L. Tarr and sisted by 7 teachers.
native orderly.
G. Pearson, Samuel Moyo.
Chileka Mission Station
Missionary Licentiates:
Address: Blantyre, Nyasaland, Mrs. G. Pearson, Miss D. Ingle.
Director: Yokoniah Sosola.
Ministers: Lake View Mission Station
Yokoniah Sosola, Morrision Ma- Address: P. 0. Fort Mlangeni, Ny-
linki. asaland, Africa.
Licentiates: Director: Roman Cimera.
Tom Kachoka, Jeremiah Ka- Faculty:
ronga, Ben Chona. Roman Cimera, Simon Simon,
Village Schools: 11. Assisted by 4 teachers.
Inspector: Mills Mbvundula. Minister: Roman Cimera.
Head Teacher: Fester Nseula, as- Licentiates:
sisted by 16 teachers. Willard Magombo, Simon Simon.

Cinyama Mission Station Luwazi Mission Station

Formerly Mlanje Mission District Address: P. 0. Nkata. Bay, Nyasa-
Organized 1929 la,nd, Africa.
Director: W. L. Davy.
Address: Blantyre, Nyasaland, Faculty: W. L. Davy, Mrs. W. L.
Africa. Davy, Simon Ngaiyaye, assisted
Director: Sofa Saiwa. by 5 native teachers.
Minister: Sofa Saiwa. Ministers:
Village Schools: 11. W. L. Davy, Paulos Mhango,
Inspectors: Harry Khoiije, Bexter Simon Ngaiyaye, Simon Bun-
Misiri. yani.
Head Teacher: Samson Kavalo, as- Licentiates:
sisted by 14 teachers. Ce Isaac, William Abanda,
Robert Akondwe, Ce Benjamin.
Thambani Mission Station In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. W.
Organized 1929 L. Davy, assisted by 1 native
Address: P. 0. Mwanza, Nyasa-
land, Africa.
Director: Victor Mpheza. Mombera Mission Station
Minister: Victor Mpheza. Address: P. 0. Mzimba, Nyasa-
Inspector: Joseph Mangame. land, Africa.
Village Schools: 5. Director: Simon Msuseni.
Head Teacher: Head Teacher: 13arson Barto.
Everson Jonas, assisted by 7 Faculty: Simon Msuseni; assisted
teachers. by 4 teachers.

Ministers: Postal Address: P. 0. Munhamade,

Simon Msuseni, David Nkosi, District de Quilemane, Portu-
Jeremiah Muzemala. guese East Africa.
Licentiates: Director: M. M. Webster.
Beriat Ntilosanje, Amos Nan- Faculty:
yanga. M. M. Webster, John. Thomas,
Ce Divison.
Munguluni Mission
Minister: M. M. Webster.
(Formerly Mozambique Mission)
Organized 1933 Licentiates:
John Thomas, Ce Divison.
Territory: Portuguese East Africa
North of latitude 22. Missionary Licentiate:
Area: 260,200 square miles. Mrs. M. M. Webster.
Population: White, 5,800; Native In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. M.
4,803,900. M. Webster.


Organized 1916
Territory: Northern and Southern Officers:
Rhodesia, Bechuanaland Protec- Supt., J. R. Campbell.
torate, and Southern portion Sec., Treas., and Auditor, I. H.
of Belgian Congo. Comprising Harrison.
Northern Rhodesia Mission Field,
Northeastern Rhodesia Mission Executive Committee: J. R.
Field, Southern Rhodesia Mis-, Campbell, R. M. Mote, W. B. Hig,,
sion Field, South Congo Mission gins, E. M. Cadwallader, J. B.
Field and the Rhodesia-Bechu- Cooks, R. P. Robinson, J. G.
analand Conference. Siepman, I. H. Harrison, G. R.
Area: 1,020,164 square miles.
Population: White, 82,000 approx.; Department Secretaries:
native, 2,977,666; colored, 3,383, Educational, E. M. Cadwallader.
Asiatic, 2,364. Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Churches: 39; total membership,
8,791. (European 4, members, Medical,
185, native 35, members, 8,606.) Y. P. M. V., E. M. Cadwallader.
Believers not baptized, 5,743. Ministers:
Total believers, 14,534.
J. R. Campbell, W. B. Higgins,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist" E. M. Cadwallader, Dr. E. G.
Bulawayo. Marcus, Isaac Xiba Nkomo, C.
Office Address: 114 Jameson St., E. Wheeler, N. C. Stuart, Glad-
Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, stone Inutsiku, John Ross, W.
Africa. Mason.
Telephone: 2210. Honorary: F. R. Stockil, Harry
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 573, Sibagobe.
Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia,
Africa. Licentiates:
Legal Assn.: Seventh-day Advent- J. B. Cooks, Dr. C. P. Bringle,
ist Community of Africa (Incor- Dr. J. G. Fosters I. H. Harrison.
porated). - Honorary: F. B. Jewell.

Missionary Licentiates: Postal Address: Private Bag,

Mrs. J. R. Campbell, Mrs. E. Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia, Af-
M. Cadwallader, Mrs. F. B. rica.
Jewell, Mrs. W. B. Higgins, Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Miss P. von Blerk, Mrs. E. G. Gwelo.
Marcus, Mrs. J. G. Foster, Miss
Lois Campbell, Mrs. I. H. Har- Officers:
rison, Maud McEwen, Evelynne Pres., G. R. Nash.
Wright, Mrs. C. P. Bringle, Miss Sec., and Treas., B. Searle.
I. E. Mattheys, Mrs. E. E. Executive Committee: G. R.
Wheeler, Mrs. N. C. Stuart, W. Nash, B. Searle, Fred McEwen,
M. Cooks, Miss Rita Staples, J. B. Cooks, C. T. Trevithiek.
Miss L. D. Melvill. Department Secretaries:
Educational, E. M. Cadwallader.
Kanye Medical Mission Station Sabbath School, Mrs. J. R. Camp-
Established 1921 bell.
Postal Address: P. 0. Kanye, Via G. R. Nash, I. B. Burton.
Lobatsi, Bechuanaland Protecto-
rate, South Africa. Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. I. B. Burton, Miss Fern
Medical Supt: E. G. Marcus, M.D., Wilson, Miss M. Hegter.
L.R.C.P. & S. (Edin.).
Nurse: Miss L. D. Melvin.
Organized 1924
Maun Medical Mission Station
Established 1936 Territory: Native work in South-
ern portion of Belgian Congo.
Postal Address: P. 0. Maun, Bech- Churches: 4; members, 694.
uanaland Protectorate, South
Africa. Address: Boite Postale 446, Elisa-
bethville, Congo Belge, Africa.
Medical Supt: C. P. Bringle, M.D.,
L.R.C.P. & S. (Edin.). Officers:
Asst. Supt: J. G. Foster, M.D., Supt., J. G. Siepman.
L.R.C.P. & S. (Dublin). Treas., J. G. Siepman.
Miss P. Hovig, Miss H. Mund. Executive Committee: J. G.
Orderlies: 2. Siepman, Dr. 0. Roche, Geo.
Hiten, Albert Kambowe, Wilson
CONFERENCE Department Secretaries:
(European) Sabbath School, Mrs. J. G. Siep-
Organized 1929 man.
Territory: European work in
Southern Rhodesia, Beuchana- J. C. Siepman.
land Protectorate, and Beira in Native: Albert Kambuwa, Titus
Portugese East Africa.
Area: 150,344 square miles.. Licentiate: Dr. 0. Rouhe.
Population: White, 55,419; Col- Missionary Licentiates:
ored and Asiatic, 5,367; churches, Mrs. J. G. Siepman, Mrs. 0.
3; members, 127, Roche,Lydia. Delhove.

Katanga Mission Station Henry Mabona, Lawson Enda-

Established 1923 enda, Luck Ndhlovu.
Postal Address: Boite Postale 446, Licentiates:
Elisabethville, Congo Beige, Af- P. B. Fairchild, Andrew Shami-
rica. limo, Chamyolo Pison, Paul
Director: J. G. Siepman. Shamalambo, Jacob .Nkyluchila,
Teacher Evangelists; 4. Matthew Chiwanga.
Pastor: 1. Missionary Licentiates:
Village Schools: 3. Mrs. R. M. Mote, Mrs. P. B.
Fairchild, W. M. Webster, Miss
Songa Mission Station - E. Ellingworth, Miss W. Tick-
ton, Jonathan Muwile, Simon
Established 1921 Kaliba, Jack Mathlatini, Lotson
Postal Address: Boite Postale, Ka- Kausu, Simon Muwile, Joseph
mina, Congo Beige, Africa. Mwimo, Harry Mwana.yau..
Director: J. G. Siepman.
Village Schools: 15. Dimbwe Mission Station
Native Teachers: 16. (Native Mission)
Established 1935
NORTHERN RHODESIA Address: C/o Tara Trading Co.,
MISSION FIELD - Private Bag, Livingstone, North-
ern Rhodesia, Africa.
Organized 1921 Director: Henry Mabona.
Territory: Native work in North- Native Minister: 1.
ern, Southern and Central Evangelist: 1.
Provinces of Northern Rhodesia. Village Schools: 2.
Village School Teachers: 2.
Area: 133,108 square miles. European Inspector: R. M. Mote.
Population: Native, 575,000;
churches, 18; members, 2,899. Demu Mission Station
Postal Address: P. 0. Mission. (Native Mission)
. Northern Rhodesia, Africa. Established 1930
Officers: Address: P.O. Pemba, Northern
Supt., R. M. Mote. Rhodesia, Africa.
Sec.-Treas., IV. M. Webster. Director: Peter Lengalenga.
Executive Committee: R. M. Native Minister: 1.
Mote, W. M. Webster, S. M. Village Schools: 3.
Konigmacher, P. B.. Fairchild, Village School Teachers: 4.
W. G. Webster, Samuel Chil- European Inspectors:
umbi, Andrew Shamiliomo, P. B. Fairchild, R. M. Mote.
Stephen Mulomba.
Department Secretaries: Kaumba Mission Station
Sabbath School European Dept., (Native Mission)
W. M. Webster; Native Dept., Established 1934
P. Shamalambo. Address: P. 0. Mazabuka, North-
Y. 'P. M. V., James Malinki. ern Rhodesia, Africa.
Ministers: Director: Chamyolo Pison.
R. M. Mote, S. M. Konig- Native Evangelists: 2. '
macher, James Malinki, Stephen Village Schools: 4.
Mulomba, Peter Lengalenga, Village School Teachers: 4.
Samuel Chilimbi, Elmer Nkomo, European Inspector: R. M. Mote.

Kazungula Mission Station Sala Mission Station

(Native Mission) (Native Mission)
Established 1935 Established 1931
Address: P. 0. Mission, Northern Address: c/o Shangara Store, P.
Rhodesia, Africa. 0. Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia,
Director: Samuel Chilumbi. Africa.
Native Minister: 1. Director: Andrew Shamalimo.
Evangelist: 1. Village Schools: 2.
Village Schools: 2. Village School Teachers: 3.
Village School Teachers: 3. Native Evangelist: 2.
European Inspector: R. M. Mote. Minister: 1.
European Inspector: R. M. Mote.
Munenga Mission Station Ndola Mission District
(Native Mission)
Established 1930 (Native Mission)
Established 1937
Address: c/o A. Hartzenberg, Esq., Address: P. 0. Ndola, Northern
Magoye Siding, Private Bag, Rhodesia, Africa.
Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia, Director: Luck Ndhlovu.
Africa. Native Minister: 1.
Director: Samuel Chilumbi. Native Evangelist: 1.
Native Minister: 1. Village School: 1.
Village Schools: 2. Village School Teacher: 1.
Village School Teachers: 3. European Inspector: R. M. Mote.
European School Inspector: R. M.
Musofu Mission Station Katima Mulilo Mission Station
Established 1917 Established 1921
Address: Private Bag, Ndola, Address: Private Bag, Livingstone,
Northern Rhodesia, Africa. Northern Rhodesia, Africa.
Director: S. M. Konigmacher. Director and Village School Inspec-
Teachers: 2. tor: N. C. Stuart.
Dispensary: S. M. Konigmacher. Teachers: N. C. Stuart and 3 na-
Native Evangelist: 1. tive workers.
Dispensary: Mrs. N. C. Stuart.
Rusangu Mission Station Native Evangelist: 1.
Village Schools: 3.
Established 1905 Village School Teachers: 3.
Address: P. 0. Mission, Northern
Rhodesia, Africa..
Liumba Hill Mission Station
Director: R. M. Mote.
Headmaster: P. B. Fairchild. Established 1928
Teachers: Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Northern
Mrs. R. M. Mote, P. B. Fair- Rhodesia, Africa.
child, Miss W. Tickton, and 6 Director and School Inspector:
natives. C. E. Wheeler.
Dispensary: Mrs. R. M. Mote. Teachers: Mrs. C. E. Wheeler and
Village School: 1. - 2 natives.
Village School Teacher: 1. Dispensary: Mrs. C. E. Wheeler.
Native Minister: 1. Native Minister: 1.

Village Schools 7. Luapula Mission Station

Village School Teachers: 7. Established 1929
(Native Mission)
Tapo Mission Station Address: C/o Chimpempe Mission,
P. 0. Kawambwa, Northern
(Native Misson) Rhodesia, Africa.
Established 1936
Director and School Inspector:
Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Barotse- R. P. Robinson.
land, N. Rhodesia, Africa.
Native Teacher: 1.
Director: Gladstone Imasiku.
Native Minister: 1.
Village Schools: 7. SOUTHERN RHODESIA
Teachers: 7.
European Inspector: C. E. Wheeler. MISSION FIELD
Organized 1921
Territory: Native work in South-
DESIAN MISSION Area: 150,344 square miles.
FIELD Population: Native, 1,107,666.
Established 1926 Churches: 13; members, 3,680.
Address: Private Bag, Gwelo,
Territory: Northeast Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
west of meridian 3.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist"
Area: 97,000 square miles. Gwelo.
Population: Native, 513,550. -Officers:
Address: P. 0. Kawambwa, North- Supt., G. R. Nash.
ern Rhodesia. Sec. and Treas., B. Searle.
Churches: 2; members, 588. Executive Committee: G. R.
Officers: Nash, B. Searle, Christopher
Supt., R. P. Robinson. Robinson, W. B. Higgins, A. W.
Treas., Union Treasurer. Austen, James Ndebele, Clar-
Executive Committee: R. P. ence Silombe.
Robinson, Jonothaii Mwesa, Job Departmental Secretaries:
Mabuit, Mrs. R. P. Robinson. Sabbath School, Mrs. G. R. Nash.
Minister: R. P. Robinson. Y. P. M. V., and Field Miss.,
James Ndebele.
Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. R. P. Robinson. Ministers:
European: G. R. Nash, C. Rob-
Chimpempe Mission Station Native: Clarence Silombe, Otis
Ndebele, Isaac X. Nkomo, Moses
Established 1921 Donga, Alfred Gama, John Ni-
Address: P. 0. Kawambwa, North- gani, Edward Janda, Paul
ern Rhodesia, Africa. Mbono, Emory Mlalazi, Mark
Director: R. P. Robinson. Mlalazi, James Moyo, James
Teachers: 3 natives.
Missionary Licentiates:
Native Pastor: 1.
Mrs. G. R. Nash, Mrs. C. Robin-
Village Schools: 7. son, B. Searle, Mrs. B. Searle,
Village School Teachers: 9. E. V. Tarr, Mrs. E. V. Tarr,

P. A. Venter, Miss H. Mc- Headlands Mission District

Cullough, A. WT. Austen. Established 1929
Licentiates: (Native Mission)
Native: Jonah Chimuku, Enoch Address: c/o Inyazura Mission,
Waungana, Wm. Nyengwa, P. 0. Inyazura, Southern Rho-
Richard Taipa, Philip Nkoma- desia, Africa.
zana, Register Ndhlovu. Native Teachers: 2.
Native Colporteurs: 4. Village Schools: 2.
European Inspector: C. Robinson.

Bulawayo Location Mission

Inyazura Mission Station
Established 1929 Established 1910
(Native Mission District) Address: Inyazura Mission, P. 0.
Address: Box 573, Bulawayo, Inyazura, Southern Rhodesia,
Southern Rhodesia, Africa. Africa.
Evangelist: John Neube. Director: Christopher Robinson.
Native Teachers: 2. Miss H. McCullough, with 5
Village Schools: 2. native teachers.
European Inspector: A. W. Austen. Dispensary: Mrs. C. Robinson.

Inyazura Village Schools

Filabusi Mission District Address: Inyazura Mission, P. 0.
Established 1929. Inyazura, Southern Rhodesia,
(Native Mission District) Africa.
Address: Care Mayfair Mine Store, Inspector: C. Robinson.
Filabusi, via Bulawayo, South Native Evangelists: 2.
Rhodesia, Africa. Native Teachers: 10.
Director: Clarence Silombe Moyo. Village Schools: 10.
Native Teachers: 7.
Village Schools: 6. Lower Gwelo Mission Station
European Inspector: A. MT. Austen.
(Formerly Somabula)
Established 1901
Fort Victoria Mission District Address: Private Bag, Gwelo,
Established 1910 Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Address: "Stanhope," P. 0. Fort Telegraphic Address: "Adventist"
Victoria, Southern Rhodesia, Af- (Awelo.
rica. Director: E. V. Tarr.
Director: Paul Mbono. Native Evangelist: 1.
Native Teachers: 3. Central Day School:
Village Schools: 3. Native Teachers: 5.
European Inspector: I. B. Barton. Village School: 1.
European Inspector: P. A. Venter.
Hanke Mission Station School Superintendent: P. A.
(Native Mission)
Postal Address: P. 0. Selukwe,
Southern Rhodesia, Africa. Lower Shangani Mission Station
Director: Enoch Waungana. (Native Mission)
Native Teachers: 7. Address: c/o H. Berman, Lower
Village Schools: 7. Shangani Reserve, Lonely Mine,
European Inspector: G. R. Nash. Southern Rhodesia, Africa.

Director: Otis Ndebele. Midlands Mission District

Native Teachers: 3. Address: C/o Lower Gwelo Mis-
Village Schools: 2. sion, Private Bag, Gwelo, South-
European Inspector: A. W. Austen. ern Rhodesia, Africa.
Director: Emory Mlalazi.
Nata Mission District Village Schools: 4.
Established 1936 Native Teachers: 4.
European Inspector: G. R. Nash.
Address: c/o Solusi Mission, Bula-
wayo, Southern Rhodesia.
Director: Mark Mlalazi.
European Inspector: A. W. Austen. INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH-
Native Teachers: 4. ERN AFRICAN DIVISION
Village Schools: 4. Educational:
Bethel Training College (Na-
Solusi Mission Station tive), P.O. Butterworth, C. P.,
So., Africa.
Established 1894 Bongo Training School, Missao
Address: Solusi Mission, Box 573, Adventista, Lepi, Distrito de
Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, Benguela, Angola, Portuguese
Africa. West Africa.
Director: W. B. Higgins. Gitwe Training School, via Us-
Union Training School (See Educa- umbura, Urundi, Central Af-
tional Institutions). rica.
Dispensary: F. B. Jewell. Good Hope Training School, Riv-
erside, Klipfontein Road, Ath-
lone, Cape Province, South Af-
Gwaai Mission District rica.
(Formerly Tjolotjo Mission) Helderberg College (for Euro-
Established 1929. peans), Box 22, Somerset West,
Cape Province, South Africa.
(Native Mission District) Malamulo Training School, P. 0.
Address: 0/0 M. R. MacKinnon's Malamulo, Nyasaland, British
Store, Gwaai Siding, Private Central Africa.
Bag 58 L, Bulawayo, Southern Solusi Training School, Bula-
Rhodesia, Africa. wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Af-
Director: J. S. Moyo. rica.
Village Schools: 5. Publishing:
Native Teachers: 5.
European Inspector: A. W. Austen. Malamulo Mission Press, P. 0.
Malamulo, Nyasaland, British
Central Africa.
Mrewa Mission District Sentinel Publishing Co., Ros-
Address: c/o Mr. H. Robson, mead Ave., Kenilworth, Cape,
Private Bag, Macheke, Southern South Africa.
Rhodesia, Africa. Medical:
Director: Edward Janda.
Bongo Hospital, Lepi, Angola,-
Mondora Mission District Portuguese West Africa.
Address: P.O. Featherstone, South- Cancele Mission Hospital, Mount
ern Rhodesia, Africa. Frere, East Griqualand, South
Director: Evan. Register Ndhlovu. Africa.

Kanye Hospital, Kanye, via Lo- Katima Mulilo Mission Dispen-

batsi, British Bechuanaland, sary, Private Bag, Livingstone,
Africa. Northern Rhodesia.
Lower Gwelo Hospital, Private Kirundu Mission Dispensary,
Bag, Gwelo, Southern Rho- Kirundu, via Kindu, Province
desia. Orientale, Congo Beige, Cen-
Malamulo Hospital, Malamulo tral Africa.
Mission, P. 0 . Malamulo, Ny- Kolo Mission Dispensary, Mo-
asaland, Central Africa. rija, Basutoland, South Africa.
Maun Medical Mission Hospital, Liumba Hill Dispensary, P. 0.
P. 0. Maun, via Palapye Road, Kalabo, Barotseland, Northern
Bechuanaland Protectorate. Rhodesia, Africa.
Mwami Mission Hospital, Fort Luz Mission Dispensary, Caixa
Manning, Northern Rhodesia. Postal 33, Vila Luzo, Angola,
Ngoma Mission Hospital, P. 0. Portuguese West Africa.
Usumbura, Urundi, Central Matandani Mission Dispensary,
Africa. Blantyre, Nyasaland, Africa.
Nokuphila Hospital, Western Na- Musofu Mission, Dispensary, Pri-
tive Township, Johannesburg, vate Bag, Ndola, Northern
Transvaal, South Africa. Rhodesia, Africa.
Songa Mission Hospital, B. P. Nova Lisboa Dispensary, Caixa
Kamina, Belgian Congo, Cen- Postal No. 3, Nova Lisboa, An-
tral Africa. gola, Portuguese West Africa.
Rusangu Mission Dispensary,
Dispensaries: P. O. Mission Siding, Northern
Chimpempe Mission Dispensary, Rhodesia, Africa.
P. 0. Kawambwa, Northeast Rwankeri Mission Dispensary,
Rhodesia, Africa. Rwankeri P. 0., Kigali, Ru-
Durban Indian Mission Dispen- anda, Central Africa.
sary, S.D.A. Church, Keats Solusi Mission Dispensary, Bula-
Avenue, Durban, Natal, South wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Af-
Africa. rica.
Gitwe Mission Dispensary, P. 0. Shiloh Mission Dispensary, Lun-
Usumbura, Urundi, Central sklip, Northern Transvaal,
Africa. South Africa.
Inyazura Mission Dispensary, Thekerani Mission Dispensary,
Inyazura, Southern Rhodesia, P. 0. Thekerani, Nyasaland,
Africa. B. C. Africa.
(Organized as the India Union Mission, igio; reorganized, 1919)
Territory: India, Burma, Ceylon, Department Secretaries:
and adjacent islands politically Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
attached, Afghanistan, Balu- J. M. Steeves.
chistan, Nepal, and Bhutan. Field Miss., L. C. Shepard.
Medical, G. A. Nelson, M. D.
Area: 2,232,057 square miles. Ministerial and Religious Lib.,
Population: 371,861,028; churches, R. B. Thurber.
123; members, 5,916. Sabbath School and Home Miss.,
E. D. Thomas.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Ministers:
"Adventist," Poona, India. N. C. Wilson, A. Edwin Nelson,
E. D. Thomas, L. C. Shepard,
Post Office Address :- Box 15, Poona, J. M. Steeves, R. B. Thurber,
I. F. Blue, L. B. Losey, L. G.
Officers: Mookerjee, J. C: H. Collett, E.
Pres., N. C. Wilson. W. Pohlman.
Sec.-Treas., and Auditor, A. Ed- Licentiates:
win Nelson. G. A. Nelson, C. H.
Mackett, E. L. Gardner.
Division Committee: N. C. Wil- Missionary Licentiates:
son, A. Edwin Nelson, E. D. Miss M. Broderson, Miss L. A..
Thomas, L. C. Shepard, J. M. Baird, G. F. H. Ritchie, S. Daw-
Steeves, E. M. Meleen, F. H. son, B. G. Butherus, W. Mac-
Loasby, J. 0. Wilson, H. C. kett, E. F. Austin, R. Rice, J.
Menkel, M.D., R. B. Thurber, C. L. Shannon, E. J. Henning, M.
H. Mackett, L. G. Mookerjee, S. Prasado Rao, Mrs. S. Owens,
I. F. Blue, L B. Losey, G. A. Mrs. N. C. Wilson, Mrs. A. Ed-
Nelson, E. W. Pohlman. win Nelson, Mrs. E. D. Thomas,
Legal Assn.: "The India Finan- Mrs. L. C. Shepard, Mrs. J. M.
cial Association of Seventh-day Steeves, Mrs. R. B. Thurber,
Adventists." Mrs. C. H. Mackett, Mrs. I. F:
Chairman, N. C. Wilson. Blue, Mrs. L. B. Losey, Mrs. G.
Secretary- and Treas., A. Edwin F. H. Ritchie, Mrs. L. G. Mook-
Nelson erjee, Mrs. G. A. Nelson, Mrs.
B. G. Butherus, Mrs. J. L. Shan-
Transportation Agent: A. Edwin non, Mrs. E. G. Henning, Mrs.
Nelson M. S. Prasado Rao.


Organized 'gig
Territory: Burma, including the Cable Address: "Adventist," Ran-
Shan States; the Andaman, and goon.
Nicobar Islands.
Population: 14,696,601; churches, Office Address: 30 Voyle Road,
12; members, 698. Cantt., Rangoon, Burma.

Officers: Executive Committee: E. A.

Supt., J. 0. Wilson. Crane, D. C. Jacob, R. A. Beek-
Sec., J. 0. Wilson. nor, Thara Po Shwe, Saya Dea-
Treas., D. C. Jacob. . con David, Saya Po Toke, W.
Executive Committee: J. 0. Wil- . ChristenSen.
son, D. C. Jacob, Thara Peter, Ministers:
E. A. Crane, F. A. Wyman, J. E. A. Crane, R. A. Beckner,
Phillips, R. A. Beckner, Thara Sayer Deacon David, Saya Po
Myat Po, Dr. H. G. Hebard, W. Toke, Thara Po Shwe, W. W.
W. Christensen. Christensen.
Department Secretaries: Licentiate: M. Prakasam.
Field Miss., 0. F. Mac Gowan.
Home Miss., J. 0. Wilson.
Educational, J. Phillips. HTUGI MISSION STATION
Medical, E. A. Crane.
Sabbath School, Mrs. J. 0. Wil- Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
P. 0. Htugyi, Henzada Dist.,
Y. P. M. V., J. Phillips. Burma.
Director: Pastor Po Toke.
J. 0. Wilson, J. Phillips. Ministers: .
Licentiates: Village Schools: 2.
J. MT. Baldwin, Freedie Ba Village School Teachers:
Saw U, Arthur Ba Tin. Evangelist: Po Ban.
Missionary Licentiates:
0. F. Mac Gowan, D. C. Jacob,
Ma Faery, Saya Pein Kyi, Mrs. MYAUNGMYA MISSION
J. 0. Wilson, Mrs. A. E. Crane, STATION
Mrs: F. A. Wyman, Mrs. J.
Phillips, Mrs. R. A. Beckner, - Office Address: S. D. A.. Mission,
Mrs. H. Baird, Dr. H. 0. He- Myaungmya, Burma.
bard, Baw Dee, Po Han, Mrs. Director: Pastor R. A. Beckner.
H. 0. Hebard, Mrs. 0. W. Tar- Village Schools: 6.
leton, Gracie, Ma Mee, Ma Village School Teachers: .
Shwe, Phoebe, Ma Than Sein,
Miss E. Lehmann, Paul, Tim Work and Workers:
Maung, Mrs. Doris Christensen. Po Shwe, evangelist.
Chit Maung, headmaster six-
standard (8 grade) boarding
FIELD Ma Mee Ba Tin, nurse in charge
Territory: Rangoon, the Delta,
Arracan Division, Andaman and
Address: 30 Voyle Road, Rangoon, Address: 30 Voyle Road, Ran-
Burma. goon, Burma.
Churches: 7; members, 419. Director: E. A. Crane.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Ran- Work and Workers:
goon. MT. . Christensen, Evangelist
Officers: and Pastor of English Church.
Supt. and Sec., E. A. Crane. Miss E. Lehmann, in charge
Treas., D. C. Jacob. English Church School.

Deacon David, Evangelist and TENASSERIM MISSION

Pastor Burmese Church. FIELD
M. Prakasam, Evangelist, and Territory: Tenasserim District,
Elder Telugu Church. excluding Toungoo District.
James; in charge Telugu Pri-
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
mary School.
Kamarnaung, Shwegon P. 0.,
Thaton Dist., Burma.
UPPER BURMA MISSION FIELD Churches: 2; members, 147.
Territory: North Burma and Shan Officers:
States. Supt., Thara Peter.
Sec. and Treas., Tun Maung.
Office Address: Headquarters not
vet established. Executive Committee: Thara
Teter, Thara Tun Maung, Thara
Churches: 2; members, 132.
Ohn Bwint, Thara Tha Kin,
Officers: Thara Paul, J. 0. Wilson.
Supt. and Sec., F. A. Wyman. Minister: Thara Peter.
Treas., D. C. Jacob.
Licentiate: Ohn Bwint.
Executive Committee: F. A. Wy-
man, Pastor H. Baird, J. Phil-
lips, D. G. Jacob, Arthur Ba KAMAMAUNG MISSION
Tin, Thara Myat Po. STATION
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Kamamaung, P. 0. Shwegon,
F. A. Wyman, H. Baird, Thara Thaton District, Burma.
Myat Po, Tha Myaing.
Director: Pastor Peter.
STATION Village School Teachers:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Work and Workers:
Shwenyaungbin, P. 0. Toungoo, Ohn Bwint, general evangelism.
Burma. Tha Kin, Headmaster six-stand-
ard (8 grade) boarding school.
Director: Pastor H. Baird. Ma, Phoebe, nurse in charge dis-
Ministers: 2. pensary and two-room hos-
Evangelists: 2. pital.


Organized 'gig

Territory: The Presidency of Ben- Officers

gal; the Provinces of Bihar and Supt., F. H. Loasby.
Orissa and Assam. Sec.-Treas., F. J. Mainstone.
Population: 102,664,778. Executive Committee: F. H.
Loasby, F. J. Mainstone, J. F.
Churches: 19; members; 867. Ashlock; G. A. Hamilton, C. A.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Larsen, H. H. Mattison, C. A.
Ranchi. Boykin; Dr. J. Johannes, N. G.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Mookerjee, P. C. Gayen, R. L,
Baragain, Ranchi,

Department Secretaries: Executive Committee: J. F. Ash-

Book Depot, F. J. Mainstone. lock, F. H. Loasby, R. E. Rajee.
Educational, J. M. Steeves. Minister: J. F. Ashlock.
Home Miss., F. H. Loasby. Missionary Credentials: Mrs. J. F.
Field Miss., C. A. Boykin. Ashlock.
Asst. Field Miss., P. K. Mandal. Indian Workers: 2.
Medical, Dr. J. Johannes, M.D. Station: Shillong.
Sabbath School, E. D. Thomas.
Y. P. M. V., J. M. Steeves.
L. G. Mookerjee, R. J. Borrow- Address: S. D. A. Mission, Babum-
dale, J. F. Ashlock, G. A. Hamil- ahal, Katoria P. 0., via Simul-
ton, R. L. Kimble, C. Jensen, tala, E. I. R.
- C. A. Larsen, W. B. Votaw, P. Director. R. J. Borrowdale.
C. Gayen, Benjamin Peters, Le- Village Schools: 5.
Roy Hunter, P. D. Kujur, H. D. Vernacular Teachers: 5.
Strever, F. H. Loasby. Evangelists and Workers: 4.
C. A. Boykin, T. C. Bairagee, BARISAL STATION
.1. J. Matson, B. K. Haldar, U. N.
Haldar, Dr. J. Johannes, S. C. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Ale-
Madhu, P. N. Baroi, Barko kanda, Barisal, India.
Kisku, N. G. Mookerjee, A. K. Director: P. C. Gayen.
Bairagee, I. B. Bairagee, Jonas Village Schools: 4.
Singh, H. H. Mattison, Patras Vernacular Teachers: 4.
Kbakba, Samuel Kandulna, F. Evangelists and Workers: 4.
J. Mainstone.
Missionary Licentiates: . BENGAL MISSION FIELD
Miss Edna Dyer, Mrs. L. G. Territory: Bengal.
Mookerjee, Mrs. R. J. Borrow-
dale, Mrs. J. F. Ashlock, Mrs. R. Area: 82,955 square miles.
L. Kimble, Mrs. C. Jensen, Mrs. Population: 51,087,338.
C. A. Larsen, Mrs. 'W. B. Votaw, Churches: 13; members, 405.
Mrs. LeRoy Hunter, Mrs. H. D. Address: S. D. A. Mission, 36 Park
Strever, Mri. F. H. Loasby, Mrs. Street, Calcutta, India.
H. E. Voorhees, Mrs. J. J. Mat-
son, Mrs. J. Johannes, Mrs. H. Officers:
H. Mattison, Mrs. F. J. Main- Supt., G. A. Hamilton.
stone. Sec., G. A. Hamilton.
Mission Office Workers: Treas., F. J. Mainstone.
Miss P. Hart, Miss 0. LeCorre. Executive Committee: G. A.
Hamilton, LeRoy Hunter, Dr.
J. Johannes, P. C. Gayen, U. N.
ASSAM MISSION FIELD Haldar, H. H. Mattison, Jonas
Territory: Assam. Singh.
Population: 9,247,857. Ministers:
Church: 1; members, 23. G. A. Hamilton, R. L. Kimble,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Nong- P. C. Gayen, LeRoy Hunter (on
thymmai, Shillong, Assam. furlough).
Officers: Licentiates:
Supt., J. F1 Ashlock. _ T. C. Bairagee, J. J. Matson,
Sec.-Treas., J. F. Ashlock. B. K. Haldar, U. N. Haldar, Dr.

J. Johannes, S. C. Madhu, A. K. Boarding School: 1.

Bairagee, I. B. Bairagee, Jonas Stations: Babumahal, Karmatar,
Singh, P. N. Baroi. Khunti, Ranchi.
Missionary Credentials:
Miss Edna Dyer, Mrs. H. H.
Mattison, Mrs. J. Johannes, CALCUTTA STATION
Mrs. R. L. Kimble, Mrs. LeRoy Address: 36 Park Street, Calcutta.
Hunter, Mrs. J. J. Matson. Director: R. L. Kimble.
Indian Workers: 21. Evangelist: 1.
Doctor: Teachers: 2.
Church Schools: 1. Office Worker: 1.
Village Schools: 6.
Dispensaries: 2. CHUADANGA MISSION
Boarding School: 1. STATION
Stations: Barisal, Chuadanga, Go- Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chua-
palganj. dainga P. O., Nadia District,
Bengal, India.
BIHAR MISSION FIELD Village Schools: 2.
Territory: Bihar. Vernacular Teachers: 2.
Evangelist and Worker: 1.
Area: 103,501 square miles.
Population: 38,127,122. GOPALGANJ MISSION
Churches: 8; membership, 512. STATION
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kar- Address: S. D. A. Mission, Gopal-
matar, E. I. R. ganj P. 0., Faridpur Dist., Ben-
Officers: gal, India.
Supt. H. D. Strever. Director: H. H. Mattison.
Sec., ,H. D. Strever. Village Schools: .
Treas., F. J. Mainstone. Boarding School: 1.
Executive Committee: H. D. Vernacular Teachers: 7.
Strever, C. A. Larsen, R. J. Evangelists and Workers: 3.
Borrowdale, P. D. Kujur, C. Jen-
Ministers: Address: S. D. A. Mission, Jalirpar
H. D. Strever, R. J. Borrowdale, P. 0., Faridpur District, Bengal,
C. A. Larsen, W. B. Votaw, P. India.
D. Kujur, Benjamin peters, C. Director: Dr. J. Johannes, M.D.
Jensen, L. G. Mookerjee. Village Schools: .
Licentiates: Vernacular Teachers: .
Barko Kisku, N. G. Mookerjee, Hospital: 1.
Patras Khakha, Samuel Kan- Evangelists and Workers: 7.
Missionary Credentials: KARMATAR STATION
Mrs. R. J. Borrowdale, Mrs. C.
Jensen, Mrs. C. A. Larsen, Mrs. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Karma-
W. B. Votaw, Mrs. H. D. Strever,
tar, E. I. R.
Mrs. L. G. Mookerjee. Director: L. G. Mookerjee.
Indian Workers: 51. Village Schools: 3.
Boarding School: 1.
Village Schools: 17. Vernacular Teachers: 2.
Dispensaries.: 2. Evangelists and Workers: 4.


Address: S. D. A. Mission, Khunti Address: Civil Lines, Patna, India.
Post Office, Ranchi District, In- Director: W. B. -Votaw.
Village Schools: 7. Address: Morhabadi Villa, Bari-
Vernacular Teachers: 7. atu Road, Ranchi, India.
Evangelists and Workers: 3.
Director: C. A. Larsen.
ORISSA MISSION FIELD Village Schools: 2.
Vernacular Teachers: 2.
Territory: Orissa. Evangelists and Workers: 5.
Population: 4,202,461.
Supt., F. H. Loasby.
Sec.-Treas., F. J. Mainstone. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Nong-
Executive Committee: The thymmai, Shillong, Assam.
Union Committee. Director: J. F. Ashlock.
Nurse: Miss M. Harms, assisted Village Schools: .
by Joynath Haldar and Miss Vernacular Teachers: .
Vera Smart. Evangelists and Workers; 2.


Organized 1919; Reorganized /929; Reorganized 1937
Territory: Punjab, United Prov- Medical,
inces, Delhi Province, Rajputana, 'Manager of Book Depot, C. A.
Sind, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Ba- Hart.
luchistan, Northwest Frontier Y. P. M. V., Division M. V. Sec.
Province, with connected native Ministers:
H. W. Carter, 0. 0. Mattison,
Population: 110,053,942; churches, H. C. Menkel, M.D., R. P. Morris,
17; members, 1,217. E. R. Streeter, J. B. Conley, A.
Office Address: Regal Building, Gardner, Viru Mall, B. Peter, 0.
New Delhi, India. W. Nolda, M. G. Champion, L.
Officers: E. Allen, M. P. Sharma, P. K.
Supt., Simpson, E. R. Reynolds, T. K.
Ludgate, Mela Rain.
Sec. and Treas., C. A. Hart.
Executive Committee: C. A. Licentiates:
Hart. 0. 0. Mattison, J. B. J. M. Hnatyshyn, A. E. Clarke,
Conley, 0. W. Nolda, J. M. M.D., Umr Din, Mela Ram, Nabi
Hnatyshyn, E. R. Streeter, M. Bakhsh, Badruddin, G. D. Bates,
P. Sharma, B. Peter, I. F. Blue. B. A. Howard, Harnam Dass,
M. A. Paul, Piyare Lal,
Department Secretaries: Mehnga Mall, H. C. Alexander,
Educational, The Division Edu- Faquir Chand, Jhande Khan.
cational Secretary.
Field Miss., J. M. Hnatyshyn. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Miss T. E. Sandberg, C. A. Hart,
Miss T. E. Sandberg. Miss V. Chilton, W. Janes, Miss

H. Coslick, Miss G. M. Carrau, CHUHARKANA MISSION

C. Samuel, Mitthias, Daniel STATION
Lashkari, Nirmal Singh, Alla Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chuhar-
Ditta I, Prem Masih, Inayet kana Mandi, Punjab, India.
Masih, Albert Chand, Barkat Director: 0. 0. Mattison.
Masih I, Edward Gardner, Fazil Village Schools: .
Masih, Labhu Mall, H. F. Wes- Vernacular Teachers: .
ley, Alla Ditta II, Francis Wray,
Abdulla Khan, Nihalla Singh, K.
Peter, Chirag Din, Sher Singh, HAPUR MISSION STATION
Chander Sen, Masih Dayal, Sun- Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hapur,
der Das, Joseph Masih, Mrs. M. U. P., India.
Christo, Mrs. T. J. Michael, Director: R. P. Morris.
Mrs. C. A. Hart, Mrs. H. C. Village Schools: 4.
Alexander, Mrs. L. E. Allen, Mrs. Vernacular Teachers: 4.
P. K. Simpson, Mrs. M. G.
Champion, Miss Beauchamp,
Mrs. E. R. Streeter, Mrs. J. M. LAHORE MISSION STATION
Hnatyshyn, Mrs. A. E. Clark, Address: 10 Aziz Road, Canal
Mrs. H. W. Carter, Mrs. 0. 0. Bank, Lahore, India.
Mattison, Mrs. R. P. Morris, Director: E. R. Reynolds.
Mrs. T. K. Ludgate, Mrs. J. B. Village Schools: .
Conley. Mrs. 0. W. Nolda, Mrs. Vernacular Teachers: .
E. R. Reynolds.
Daniel M. Rai, M. S. Veda- Address: 17 Abbott Road, Luck-
rathnarn. now, India.
Other Workers: Director: J. B. Conley.
V. Stotesbury, Mrs. M. H. Lucia, Village School: 1.
Shariff Din, Barkat Shad, Miss Vernacular Teacher: 1.
Raj Begum, Munshi Ram, Bar-
kat Khan, Nawab Din, Paul PUNJAB LOCAL MISSION
Thomas, Mercy Christo, Barkat FIELD
Din, Katherine Singh, R. A.
Ditta, Masih Charan, Mary Organized 1919; Reorganized 1937
Charan, Ghulam Masih, Fazil Territory: Punjab, Northwest
Sajid, George White, May Frontier Province, Kashmir.
Christo, M. C. Singh, Kishen Population: 36,821,464; churches,
Singh, Sultan, Hakim Din, D. 5; members, 609.
W. Mall, Daulat Chand, Paulus Address: Chuharkana Mandi, Pun-
Charan, Mrs. Mary Charan, Hira jab, India.
Lail., Gulam Kaloki. Officers:
Supt., 0. 0. Mattison.
Sec.-Treas., C. A. Hart.
STATION Executive Committee: 0. 0.
Mattison, C. A. Hart, R. P. Mor-
Address: 5, Napier Road, Allaha- ris, L. E. Allen, B. Peter, Mela
bad, U.P., India. Ram, Mehnga Mal, E. R. Rey-
Director: H. W. Carter. nolds, H. C. Alexander.
Village Schools: . Department Secretaries:
Vernacular Teachers: Union Department Secretaries.

Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:

B. Peter, Viru Mall, L. E. Allen, Barkat Masih, Mrs. 0. W. Nolda.
E. R. Reynolds, 0. 0. Mattison,
Licentiates: FIELD
H. C. Alexander, Faquir Chanel, Territory: United. Provinces and
Badderuddin, Harnam Das, Delhi Province.
Umar Din, Nabi Bux, Mehnga
Jhande Khan. Population: 50,251,079; churches,
10; members, 553.
Missionary Licentiates:
Abdulla, Inayet Masih, Fazil Address: 17 Abbott Road, Luck-
Masih, Joseph, Daniel, Labhu now, India.
Mall, Alla Ditta II, K. Peter, Officers:
Charag Din, Mathias, C. Sam- Supt., J.' B. Conley.
uel, Prem Masih, Mrs. H.. C. Sec.-Treas., C. A. Hart.
Alexander, Mrs. 0. 0. Mattison, Executive Committee: J. B. Con-
Mrs. E. R. Reynolds. ley, C. A. Hart, 13. A. Howard,
Stations: Chander Sen, T. K. Ludgate, R.
Chuharkana, Lahore. P. Morris.
Department Secretaries:
Union Department Secretaries.
Organized 1937 J. B. Conley, P. K. Simpson, H.
W. Carter, R. P. Morris, 0. 0.
Territory: Sind Province. Mattison, T. K. Ludgate.
Area: 46,378 square miles. Licentiates:
Population: 3,887,070; churches, 0. D. Bates, Piyare Lal.
1; members,- 19. Missionary Licentiates:
Address: 1 Ghizri Road, Karachi, Chander Sen, Miss V. Chilton,
India. Nirmal Singh, Sher Singh, Fran-
Officers: cis Wray, Nihal Singh, Sunder
Supt., 0. W. Nolda. Das, Albert Chand, Edward Gard-
Sec.-Treas., 0. W. Nolda. ner, H. F. Wesley, Miss G. M.
Carrau, Mrs. J. B. Conley, Mrs.
Executive Committee: The Union 11. P. Morris, Mrs. T. K. Lud-
Committee. gate, Mrs. H. W. Carter, Masih
Department Secretaries: Dayal, Mrs. P. K. Simpson.
The Union Department Secre- Stations:
taries. Hapur, Allahabad, Lueknow,
Minister: 0. W. Nolda. Delhi.


Organized rgig
Territory: The Madras Presidency Population: 75,000,000; churches,
with its neighboring native states, (i4; members, 2,505.
including such parts of Hydera- Telegraphic Address: " Adventist,".
bad State as are allied thereto Bangalore.
by languages; Ceylon, the Mal-
dive arid Lacadive Islands. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,

9 Cunningham Road, Bangalore, Minister: H. M. Peak.

South India. Licentiates:
Officers: A. F. Jessen, J. I. Fernando.
Supt., G. G. Lowry. Other Workers:
Sec. and Treas., T. Killoway. A. R. Pieris, D . Gnanasunderam,
Executive Committee: G. G. S. Jesudass, S. De Silva, A. Jay-
Lowry, H. A. Hansen, 0. A. asundra, Mrs. Jessen, Y. 0.
Skau, E. R. Osmunson, H. M. Prakasani, P. S. Fernando, A.
Peak, H. A. Kent, Dr. D. W. De Silva, J. M. Fernando, J.
Semmens, I. K. Moses, S. Illasinghe.
Thomas, G. P. Crussiah, T. Kil-
Department Secretaries: Territory: Mysore, Coorge, and
Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. that, portion of North Kanara,
M. Steeves. not included in Western India.
Field Miss., H. Kent. Population: 11,000,000; churches,
Home Miss., J. C. Dean. 5; .memberS, 224.
Medical, Dr. D. W. Senimens.
Sabbath School, E. D. Thomas. Office Address: 9 Cunningham
Road, Bangalore.
Minister: G. G. Lowry.
Licentiate: H. Kent. Kollegal, Kaliyur, Bangalore,
Missionary Licentiate: Krishnarajapuram and Mercara.
T. Killoway. Officers:
Other Workers: Supt., A. E. Rawson.
S. J. Cuxton, Miss N. Asprey, Sec.-Treas., A. E. Rawson.
I. K. Moses, Miss M. Sterling, Executive CoFILMittee: A. E.
V. V. Krishnayya, S. John. Rawson, E. W. Pohlman, A. D.
Jonathan, I. K.. Moses, C. K.
Territory: Ceylon and Maldive Department Secretaries:
Islands. Home Miss., and Y. P. M. V.,
Churches: 4; members, 136. A. E. Rawson.
Sabbath School, .
Church Address: Minister: A. E. Rawson.
Supt., Seventh-day Adventist
Mission, Bethel Chapel, Alfred Licentiate: C. K. John.
House Gardens, Colpetty, Co- Indian Workers:
lombo, Ceylon. C. K. John, J. JOshua, A. D.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission Jonathan.
Hill Crest, Roseneath Road,
Stations: Territory: Cochin, South Kanara,
Colombo, Kottawa, Moratuwa, Malabar, Travancore State (ex-
Hanwella, Jaffna, He wadewela, cept portion hitcluded in the
Kandy, Talampitiya. Tamil Mission), and the Laca-
Officers: dive Islands.
Supt. and Sec.-Treas., H. M. Population: 8,000,000; churches,
Peak. 20; members, 887.
Executive Committee: H. M. Office Address: Seventh-day Ad-
Peak, A. F. Jessen, Y. G. Praka- ventist Mission, Kottarakara,
S A. R. Pieris, S. Jesudas, Travancore, South India.

Stations: Lazarus, P. M. Jacob, P. I.

Ayroor, Adventpuram, t uvi- Manuel.
codu, Aramana, Chengulam,
Erathavoor, Karamana, Kanji- TAMIL MISSION FIELD
rakonam, Kackamulla, Karic-
kam, Kulathoor, Kizhanguvilla, Territory: North Arkot, South
Kottayam, Kulathamal, Kun- Arkot, Chingleput, Salem, Coim-
namkulam, Kunnathukal,' Man- batore, (excluding such portion
eh avilak am, Meyannoor, My- as is being worked in the Kana-
laudy, Nedumangadu, Oonden- rese languages), Nilgiri
codu, Pandarathara, Parsala, Trichinopoly, Tanjore, Ramnad,
Pattam, Paruthipall y, Path a- Madura, Tinnevelly, Palni Hills,
namthitta, Pujapura, alodu, Podukotah State; Pondicherry,
Perumkulam, Vadavath , Vel- Karikal and that portion: of
loor, Vennikulam, Vidural: Travancore State lying south
and east of the river which runs
Officers: immediately north of Martadam.
Supt., E. R. Osmunson. Population: 24,000,000; churches,
Sec.-Treas., G. P. Crussiah. 20; members, 642.
Executive Committee: E. R. Os- Office Address: "Fern Hill," Ku-
munson, G. P. Crussiah, K. C. daikanal, India.
David, M. Bhaggian, T. V.
Zachariah, L. C. Charles. Stations:
Madras, Pondicherry, Palikon-
Department Secretaries: dai, Madura, Nagercoil, Kuruat-
Field Miss., Home Miss., and toor, Trichinopoly, Karianan-
Sabbath Suhool, T. V. Zachriah. thal, Allagianalloor, Kalloorany,
Y. P. M. V., G. P. Crussiali. Tuticorin, Nazareth, Sawyerpu-
Ministers: ram, Sarodu, Athur, Sanaivilla-
E. R. Osmunson, S. N. David, J. , kam, Chellankonam, Eathavillai,
Joshua, A. C. Jacob, K. S. Peter. Adiyal Mudalur, Palaniappapu-
Licentiates: ram, Podanur, Tirupur, Oota-
M. Bhaggian, S. Nallathampy, camund, Kannankarai, Mulachi,
T. V. Zachariall, S. Nathaniel, Makamandapam, Yellagiri Hills,
J. V. Jacob. Natchipalayam.
Missionary Licentiates: Officers:
C. Alexander, T. P. Wilson, K. Supt., H. G. Woodward.
G. Dason, D. Charles, K. R. Mat- Sec.-Treas., M. Amirtham.
thew, T. M. Joseph, A. I. Laza- Executive Committee: 0. A.
- rus, M. C. Moses, L. C. Charles, Skala, M. Amirtham, C. A. W.
Mrs. P. Vathamuttu, Mrs. D. Ritchie, E., D. Willmott, V. D.
Mary, A. Shadrack, C. P. John, Koilpillai, G. Gurubathain, M. I.
J. Gabriel, V. S. Sastry, .G. P. Pakkiananthan.
Crussiah, M. J. Laban. Department Secretaries:
Lay Preachers' License: Sabbath School, M. L. Pak-
. K. C. David, T. P. Phillip, K. kiananthan.
M. Itty, J. Jacob, A. Jacob, K. Y. P. M. V., M. Amirtham.
Joseph, V. Alexander, S. Ga- Ministers:
briel, S. John, C. Johnson. H. G. Woodward, 0. A. Skau,
Indian Workers: S. Thomas, V. Isaac, V. D. Koil-
A. D. Jackson, P. S. Johnson, pillai, C. A. W. Ritchie, M. I.
U. J. Japeth, C. D. John, M. J. Pakkiananthan, A. M. Jesudaw-
Laban, A. I. Lazarus, S. S: son.

Licentiates: padu, Mandapeta, Mogalaraka-

E. D. Willmott, C. John, S. Sel- pura,- Gudapalli, Hanumanthu-
vayagarn, Y. G-. Thomas, John gudem, Atkuru, Narendrapuram,
Samuel, Job Miller, N. Vina- Chilukuru, - Pekkellaladu, Viza-
yagaln, K. G. Samuel, S. K. gapatam, Zuzzuru.
Arumanayagam. Officers:.
Missionary Licentiates: Supt., H. A. Hansen.
Mrs. G..A.rulmoney, P. K. David,
Sec.-Treas., E. S. Eswarab.
S..Seenivasagam, A. M. Job, 0.
Vethamoney, M. Arputham, P. Executive Committee: H. A.
Devashayam, S. Rebecca, Mrs. Hansen, E. S. Eswarao, 0.
Gnanappu, Joseph, Mrs. Nal- Isaiah, P. J. Kelly, C. H. Deva-
1.amal Koilpillai, T. Datchina, doss, M. P. -
murthy, E. Joseph, N. Rath- Departinent Secretaries:
nasamy, Y. Abraham, Gabriel
Matthew, A. Manuel, I. Chel- Field Miss, and Home Miss.,
E. S. Sudarshanam.
Bah. Y. P. M. V., and Sabbath School,
E. S. Eswarao.
Territory: That portion of the M. P. Daniel, R. .J Moses, Ch.
Hyderabad State within the Devati9ss, P. J. Kelly, H. A.
South. India Union, and that Hansen, 0. Isaiah.
portion of the Madras Presi- Licentiates:
dency lying north of the North F. W. Hill, D. W. Semmens,
Arkot District, and all native M.D., P. Sunder Rao, Ch. Deva-
States and foreign possessions sahayam, J. V. Henry.
related thereto. Missionary Licentiates:
Population: 26,000,000; churches, Dr. E. Hughes, Miss E. Binder,
15; members', 612. Miss B. Gore, Miss 0. M. Hurd.
Office Address: Seventh-day Ad- Indian Workers:
ventist Mission, Narsapur, W. K. Joseph, M. B. Israel, K.
Godavery, India. Satyanandam, M. B. Laban,
Stations: Kota Josephs D. Samuel, P.
Guntur, Bezwada, Nandigama, Moses, G. N. Solomon, K. Solo-
Chandarlapadu, Keesaru, Mad- mon, G. A. Anandam, Ch. B.
ha.varam, Nuzvid, Narsapur, William, E. N. William, M. S.
Rustumbada, Woodpeta, Raja- Pradarshanarao, K. Pradar-
hmundry, Lakawaram, Anthra- shanarao.
vedi, Sreerangapatarn, Mirthi- Honorary: G. C. Joseph.


Organized 1929; Reorganized 1937
Territory: Bombay Presidency, the Population: 54,562,622; churches,
parts of Hyderabad State re- 12; members, 629.
lated thereto by language, Cen- Post Office Address: Box 64, Poona,
tral India, Central Provinces India.
with related native states, and Officers:
Goa. Supt., N. C. Wilson.

Sec.-Treas., Miss M. II. Bel- Licentiates:

chambers. Daniel Bunsode, P. R. Shinde,
Executive Committee: N. C. Kemuel Bunsode, Govind Borge,
Wilson, Miss M. B. Belchambers, Dayanand Borge, Hanock Kha-
C. C. Cantwell, R. J. Ritchie, jikar, S. B. Devade.
Dr. G. A. Nelson, R. H. Pierson, Missionary Licentiates:
D. N. Ohal, F. E. Spiess. Miss F. Tuckey, Mrs. F. E.
Spiess, Mrs. R. H. Pierson, Mrs.
Department Secretaries: 0. W. Lange, Mrs. W. H. Mc-
Educational, The Division Sec. Henry.
Field Miss., R. J. Ritchie. Indian Evangelists and Teachers:
Home Miss., R. H. Pierson. P. M. Bunsode, Samuel Engle, S.
Medical, Dr. G. A. Nelson. S. Pundit, B. P. Nade, V. S.
Sabbath School, Shinde, Mrs. Gaikwad, T. B.
Y. P. M. V., The Division M. V. Pakhre, R. K. Aswal, J. L.
Secretary. Walekar, 0. B. Pakhre, D. R.
Minister: C. C. Cantwell. Jadhaw, Gracebai, Hannahbai,
B. V. Bulaki.
Dr. G. A. Nelson, W. H. Jordan,
S. B. Devade, Chotubhai K. Bombay Mission
Rathod, R. J. Ritchie. Address: 11 Club Back Road, By-
Missionary Licentiates: culla, Bombay, India.
Miss M. Bruce, Miss M. H. Bel- Director: Pastor R. H. Pierson.
chambers, Miss Z. Miller, Mrs. Ministers: 2.
C. C. Cantwell, Mrs. G. A. Nel- Bible Worker: Miss F. Tuckey.
son, Mrs. W. H. Jordan.
Kalyan Mission
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kalyan,
Territory: Bombay Presidency, Director: Pastor 0. W. Lange.
Goa, and Hyderabed State re- Village Schools: 2.
lated by language. Village Teachers: 3.
Population: 20,771,921; churches,
10; members, 571. Kolhapur Mission Station
Post Office Address: Box 64, Poona, Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hat-
India. kalanda, Kolhapur State, India.
Officers: Director: Pastor W. H. McHenry.
Supt., F. E. Spiess. Village Schools: 2.
Village Teachers: 2.
Sec.-Treas., Miss M. H. Bel- Evangelists: 3.
Advisory Committee: F. E. Nevasa Mission Station
Spiess, W. H. McHenry, M. H.
Belchambers, 0. W. Lange, S. L. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Nevasa,
Kandagle, P. M. Bunsode, R. H. Ahmednagar Dist., India.
Pierson. Director: Pastor F. E. Spiess.
Village School: 1.
Ministers: Village Teacher: I.
F. E. Spiess, W. H. McHenry, R. Bible Worker: 1.
H. Pierson, 0. W. Lange. Evangelists: 7.


Address: Box 35, Poona, India. ASIA DIVISION
Director: Union Mission Supt. Educational:
Village School: 1.
Teacher: 1.
Gopalganj High School, S. D.
Bible Worker: 1.
A. Mission, P. 0. Gopalganj,,
Faridpur District, East Ben-
gal, India.
GUJERATI MISSION FIELD Karmatar High School of
Territory: Gujerati territory. S. D. A., Karmatar, E. I. Rly.,
Population: 11,160,000. India.
Superintendent: Calcutta Elementary Church
Acting Supt., N. C. Wilson. School, 36 Park St., Calcutta,
Adivsory Committee: N. C. Wil- India.
son, Dr. G. A. Nelson, Chotub- Kottawa High School of S.
hai K. Rathod. D. A., Kottawa, Pannipittiya,
Ministerial Licentiates: Kottarakara High School, Kot-
Chotubhai K. Rathod, Joseph tarakara, South- Travancore,
Mackwan. South India.
Indian. Evangelists: Meiktila High School, Meiktila,
Prabhakar Phosge, T. S. Arlie. Burma.
Surat Medical Mission Narsapur High School, S. D. A..
High School, Narsapur, West
Address: Surat, B. B. & C. I. Rly., Godavary, South India. (Tel-
Surat, India. ugu Mission.)
Superintendent: Dr. G. A. Nelson, Hapur Elementary School, S.
M.D. (U.S.A.), L.R.C.P. & S. D. A. Mission, Hapur, U. P.,
(Ed.), L.R.F.P. & S. (Glas.). India.
Managing Committee: Western In- Roorkee High School, The Re-
dia Union Mission Committee. treat, Roorkee, India.
Staff: Dr. Irwin Walker, Miss M. Prakasapuram High School, S. D.
Bruce, Miss Z. Miller, Cho- A. Mission High School, Pra-
tubhai Rathod, J. Devadass, T. kasapuram, Mukupeeri Post,
John, C. K. Matthews, Nurse Tinnevelly District, South In-
Kathrine, P. Danabai. dia.
Chuharkana Mandi Elementary
Surat Mission School, Chuharkana, N. W.
Address: Grenlands, Civil Lines,
Ry., Punjab, India.
Surat. Spicer College, P. 0. Bangalore
Heights, Mysore State, South
Evangelists: 2. India.
Vincent Hill School and Junior
College, Mussoorie, India.
FIELD Mission, Lasalgaon, G. I. P.
Territory: Central Provinces and
Ry., India.
Berar. Ohndaw Elementary School,
Ohn Daw, _Shwegon P.O.,
Population: 17,990,937. Thaton District., via Moul-
Address: Box 64, Poona, India. mein, Burma.
Superintendent: N. C. Wilson. Myaungmya Elementary School,
Licentiate: Pastor W. H. Jordan. S.D.A. Mission, Myaungmya,
Indian Evangelist: B. J. Hivale. Burma.

Rangoon Elementary Church Hapur Dispensary, S. D. A. Mis-

School, S.D.A . Mission, 30 sion, Hapur, Meerut District,
Voyle Road, Rangoon, Burma. India.
Publishing: Htugyi Dispensary, S. D. A. Mis-
Oriental Watchman Publishing sion, Htugyi, Burma.
House, Post Box 35, Poona, Zuzzuru Dispensary, Zuzzuru,
India; with depots at Banga- Nandigama Taluk, Kistna Dis-
lore, New Delhi, Rangoon, trict, South India.
Ranchi. Kamamaung Dispensary, Kama-
maung, Shwegon P. 0., via
MEDICAL Maulmein, Burma.
Hospitals and Sanitariums: Karmatar Dispensary, S. D. A.
Giffard Mission Hospital of S. Mission, Karmatar, P.O. ( S. P.)
D. A., Nuzvid, Kistna District, E. I. Ry., India.
South India. Kottarakara Dispensary, S. D. A.
Jalirpar Hospital, S. D. A. Mis- Mission, Kottarakara, Travan-
sion Hospital, P. 0. Jalirpar, core, South India.
District Faridpur, Bengal, Kottawa Dispensary, S. D. A.
India. Mission, Kottawa, Pannipitya,
Simla-Delhi Sanitarium Hydro- Ceylon.
Electric Institute, Simla, and Krishnarajapuram Dispensary,
Delhi, India. Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore
Surat Hospital, S. D. A. Mission, District, South India.
Surat, Bombay Presidency. Meiktila Dispensary, Meiktila,
Dispensaries: Myaungmya Dispensary, Mo So
Babumohal Dispensary, S. D. A. Kwin Rd., Myaungmya, Burma.
Mission Babumohal, Katoria Narsa.pnr Mission Dispensary,
P. 0., via Simultala, India. S.D.A. Mission, Narsapur, W.
Brightlands Nursing Home, . Godavery District, India.
Brightlands, Maymyo, Burma. Prakasapuram Dispensary, Pra-
Gopalganj Dispensary, Gopal- kasapuram, Mukupeeri Post,
ganj, Faridpur Dist., Bengal, Tinnevelly District, South In-
India. dia.
Organized 1928
Territory: Switzerland, Liechten- Sec., W. R. Beach.
stein, France, Monaco, Belgium, Treasurer and Auditor, F. Brenn-
Luxembourg, Spain, Andorra, wald.
Portugal, Italy, Vatican State, Division Committee: A. V. Olson,
San Marino, Jugoslavia, Ru- W. R. Beach, F. Brennwald, F.
mania, Tripolitania, Cyrenaica,. Charpiot, Dr. J. Nussbaum, D.
Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Mor- Walther, A. J. Girou, L. Beer,
occo, Tangier, Rio de Oro, Mauri- H. Bauer, 0. Meyer, J. de Caenel,
tania, Senegal, Spanish and D. Florea, R. Gerber, H. Struve.
Portuguese Guinea, that portion Department Secretaries:
of French Equatorial Africa and Educational, W. R. Beach.
French Cameroons lying south Home Miss.,
of latitude 10 north, Italian Medical and Religious Liberty,
East Africa (Ethiopia), Eritrea, Dr. J. Nussbaum, 49 avenue
Italian and French Somalilands, de la Grande Armee, Paris 16,
Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius - France.
and Dependencies, the Seychelles Ministerial Assn., A. V. Olson.
Islands, Comoro Islands, the Publishing, F. Charpiot.
Azores Islands, Madeira, Canary Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V..
Islands, Cape Verde Islands, H. Struve.
Corisco, Elobeye, Fernando-Poo,
St. Thomas, Annobon, and neigh-
boring islands: comprising the LABORERS HOLDING CREDEN-
Franco-Belgian, Swiss, Ruman- TIALS FROM THE SOUTHERN
ian, and Jugoslavian Union EUROPEAN DIVISION
Conferences; the Iberian, Ital- Ministers:
ian, North African, and Indian A. V. Olson, F. Charpiot, A.
Ocean Union Missions; the \rancher, W. R. Beach, IL
Equatorial African, St. Thomas Struve.
Island, and the Cape Verde
Islands Missions. Licentiates:
Population: 200,000,000;" churches, F. Brennwald, Dr. J. Nussbaum,
Henri Evard, Maurice Tieche, F.
927; members, 30,394. Pieringer, D. Walther.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Missionary Licentiates:
Advent, Berne. Telephone 34.181. P. Tissot, Edith Geymet, Jeanne
Office Address: Hobeweg 17, Berne, Revert, Lydie Erdmann, Gretly
Switzerland. Krebs, Erna fhlenburg, Hazel
Officers: Olson, Marthy Walther, A.
Pres., A. V. Olson. Ransy.


Organized 1928
Territory: France, Monaco, Cor- Telegraphic Address: "Conference,"
sica, Belguim, and Luxembourg. 130 bld. de 1HOpital, Paris 13e,
Population: 50,000,000; churches, France.
72; members, 2,411. Office Address: 130 Boulevard de

1116pital, Paris 13e, France. Department Secretaries:

(Telephone, Gobelins, 6176). Book and Bible House, Henri
Officers: Roeland.
Pres., 0. Meyer. Field Miss., Jean Desmet.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, Ch. Religious Liberty, M. Ringoot.
Wehrli. Sabbath School, J. Belloy.
Executive Committee: 0. Meyer, Y. P. M. V., A. Roeland.
Ch. Wehrli, J. C. Guenin, Ch. Ger- Home Miss., and Educational,
ber, 0. Ganty, Dr. J. Nussbaum, F. Lavanchy.
M. J. Bureaud, M. Tieche, G. Ministers:
Desmet, A. Roeland, E. Grisier, A. Roeland, M. Ringoot, J. Wib-
J. Walther. bens, F. Lavanchy, A. De Ligne.
Department Secretaries: Licentiates:
Educational, M. Tieche. F. Van Geel, J. Vandromme, J.
Field Miss., E. Grisier. Belloy, J. Desmet, L. Belloy.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Missionary Licentiates:
Y. P. M. V., G. Desmet. Henri Roeland, Miss B. Mossaz,
Medical and Religious Liberty, Miss Rita Roba, Miss Ph. Swall-
Dr. J. Nussbaum. yee.
Honorary: J. Vuilleumier, M.
Raspal, E. Fawer, J. H. Weidner, Organized 1919
J. Loots. Territory: The departments of
Licentiates: Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin, Moselle,
G. Desmet, R. Poilbarbe. Meurthe et Moselle, Vosges,
Honorary: D. Lecoultre. Haute-Sa6ne, Meuse, Haute-
Missionary Licentiates: Marne, the territory of Belfort
Ch. Wehrli, 0. Ganty, E. Grisier, and Luxembourg.
Miss M. Abgrall. Population: 4,000,000; churches,
17; members, 458.
BELGIAN CONFERENCE Office: 5 Boulevard d'Anvers,
Organized 1920 Strasbourg, Alsace, France.
Territory: Belgium. Officers: -
Population: 8,000,000; churches, Pres., M. J. Bureaud.
15; members, 581. Sec. and Treas., R. Birckel.
Office: 11-13, rue Ernest Allard, Executive Committee: M. J.
Brussels, Belgium. (Telephone, Bureaud, R. Kloetty, G. Kiehl,
113680.) R. Birckel, A. Junginger, E.
Officers: Brobecker, J. Bach.
Pres., A. Roeland. Legal Assn.: Societe Missionnaire
Sec. and Treas., H. J. Roeland. de l'Est de la France: Bld d'An-
Executive Committee: A. Roe- vers 5, Strasbourg, France.
land, F. Lavanchy, J. Wibbens, Department Secretaries:
Henri Roeland, A. Hantson, J. Book and Bible House, R.
Wils, M. Ringoot. Birckel.
Legal Assn.: "Association des Ze- Home Miss. and Sabbath Sch.,
lateurs de la Conference Beige R. Birckel.
des Adventistes du Septieme Field Miss., and Y. P. M. V., E.
Jour," 11-13, rue Ernest Allard, Brobecker.
Brussels, Belgium. Religious Liberty, M. J. Bureaud.

Ministers: Ministers:
M. J. Bureaud, J. P. Frei, Al- L. A. Mathy, Ch. Winandy, A.
bert Junginger, Charles Kamm. Meyer, F. Jochmans, W. Fuchs,
Licentiates: J. Monnier.
F. Kiehl, R. Kloetty, E. Bro- Licentiates:
becker. G. Cornaz, E. Ducret, P. Haig-
Missionary Licentiates: nere, R. Lefevre, A. Scalliet.
R. Birckel, A. Henriot, Miss 'W. Missionary Licentiates:
Hockenberger, Miss J. Gute- Miss M. Roth, Miss E. Huguenin,
kunst, Miss M. Hessloehl. Miss G. Weidner, Miss E. Pache,
Church School: 5, boulevard d'- Miss S. Souchu.
Anvers, Strasbourg.
Teacher: Paul Bernard.
Organized 1923
Organized 1923 Territory: Departments south of
Vendee, Deux Sevres, Vienne,
Territory: Departments north of Indre, Cher, Nievre, Cote d'Or;
Charente Inferieure, Charente, Haute-Savoie, Doubs, the island
Haute - Vienne, Creuse, Allier, of Corsica, and the principality
Saone et Loire, and Ain; and of Monaco.
west of Meuse, Haute-Marne, Population: 16,000,000; churches,
and Haute-Saone. 25; members, 639.
Population: 22,000,000; churches, Office: 5 Boulevard Longchamp,
15; members, 733. Marseille, France.
Office: 130 Boulevard de PHOpital, Officers:
Paris 13e, France. (Telephone,
Gobelins, 6176.) Pres., J. C. Guenin.
Sec. and Treas., G. Haberey.
Telegraphic Address: "Conference,"
130, Boulevard de l'Hopital, Paris Executive Committee: J. C.
13e, France. Guenin, G. Haberey, A. Vaucher,
M. Raspal, J. 1'Huillier, A.
Officers: Vuilleumier, J. Medard.
Pres., 0. Meyer. Legal Assn.: Association Cultuelle
Sec. and Treas., Ch. Wehrli. de la Conf. des Adv. du 7e
Executive Committee: 0. Meyer, Jour du Midi de la France, 5,
_ Ch. Wehrli, L. A. Mathy, C. Wi-
nandy, L. Bouger, H. Carville, boulevard Longehamp, Marseille,
A. Meyer. France.
Legal Assn.: Association Cultu- Department Secretaries:
elle de la Conf. des Adv. du 7e Book and Bible House, G. Hab-
Jour du Nord de la France, 130 erey.
bld. de l'Hopital, Paris 13e, Field Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
France. J. Medard:
Department Secretaries: Home Miss. and Religious Lib-
Book and Bible House, Ch. erty, J. C. Guenin.
Wehrli. Sabbath School, R. Birckel.
Field Miss., E. Grisier. Ministers:
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and J. C. Guenin, P. Meyer, P. Bad-
Y. P. M. V., G. Desmet. aut, A. Guyot, G. Haberey.
Medical and Religious Liberty, Licentiates:
Dr. J. Nussbaum. W. Milhorat, R. Meyer.

Missionary Licentiates: Church School: Collonges-sous-

Miss G. Ferciot, Miss A. Liotie, Saleve, Haute-Savoie.
J. Medard, A. Herbet, Ch. Co- Teacher: Miss E. Jac.


Organized 1936
Territory: The Spanish Mission, Director: E. P. Mansell.
and the Portuguese Conference, Treasurer: Mrs. E. P. Mansell.
viz., Spain and Portugal, in- Minister: E. P. Mansell.
cluding Canary, Madeira, and
Azores Islands. Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. E. P. Mansell, M. Miguel.
Population: About 29,071,000;
churches, 19; members, 890.
Telegraphic Address: Advent, Ma- MADEIRA ISLANDS MISSION
Office: Calle Zurbardn 2, Pral., Entered 1931, organized 1933
Madrid, Spain. Territory: The Madeira Islands.
Postal Address: Apartado 4078, Population: 250,000; churches, 1;
Madrid, Spain. members, 89.
Officers: Address: Rua Antonio J. d'Al-
Supt., A. J. Girou. meida; Funchal, Madeira Island.
Sec. and Treas., R. Fit6. Cable Address: Missao Adventista.
Executive Committee: A. J. Gi- Director: E. V. Hermanson.
rou, A. D. Comes, R. Fit6, E. P. Sec.-Treas.: E. V. Hermanson.
Mansell, E. V. Hermanson, J. Minister: E. V. Hennanson.
Missionary Licentiate:
Department Secretaries: Mrs. E. V. Hermanson,
Field Miss., Home Miss., and Church School: Rua Antonio J.
Y. P. M. V., d'Almeida, Funchal.
Sabbath School, A. J. Girou. Teacher: Miss C. Texeira-Brazilo.
A. J. Girou.
Honorary: P. Sanz, V. J. Garcia. PORTUGUESE CONFERENCE
Licentiate: Organized 1904
Honorary: A. J. Lopez.
Territory: Portugal.
Missionary Licentiate:
R. Fit6. Population: 6,000,000; churches,
7; members, 366.
Office: Rua Joaquim Bonifacio, M.
Entered 1934
Director, A. D. Gomes.
Population: 270,000; churches, 1; Sec. and Treas., P. Ribeiro.
members, 32. Mission Committee: A. D.
Address: Rua Santa Claia 2, Comes, M. Leal, 0. Ide, P. Ri-
Ponta Delgada, Azores Islands. beiro.

Department Secretaries: Population: 22,551,000; churches,

Book and Bible House, P. Ri- 10; members, 403.
beiro. Office: Calle Zurbardn 2, Pral.,
Field Miss., J. Falciio. Madrid, Spain.
Sabbath School, K. Sommer.
Y. P. M. V., and Home Miss., 0. Postal Address: Apartado 4078,
Ide. Madrid, Spain.
Ministers: Officers:
A. D. Games. Director, A. J. Girou.
Honorary: F. Simoes. Sec. and Treas., R. Fit&
Licentiates: Mission Committee: A. J. Girou,
J. Fakilo, M. Leal, 0. Ide. R. Fite, I. Aguilar, S. M. Iserte.
Missionary Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
Pedro Ribeiro, K. Sommer, L.
Simoes. Book and Bible House, R. Fite.
Field Miss., F. Valtuefia.
Church School: Rua Joaquim Boni- Home Miss.,
facio, M. A. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Director: A. D. Gomes. D. Santaf S.
SPANISH MISSION Jose Boix, S. At Iserte, I. Iguilar.
Organized 1903; reorganized 1932 Missionary Licentiates:
Territory: Spain, Baleares and I. Gonzalez, F. Valtueria, C. Com-
Canary Islands. bella, D. Santafd, D. Sanz.


Organized 1936 .
Territory: Madagascar and Depend- Sabbath. School, R. Erdmann.
encies, Mauritius, Reunion, Sey- Educational, R. Guenin.
chelles, and Rodriguez. Licentiate: R. Guenin.
Populations: 4,617,000; churches, Missionary Licentiates:
29; members, 1,044. R. Erdmann, Mrs. R. Erdmann,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventiste, Mrs. R. Guenin, J. Joelson.
Office Address: Mission Adventiste,
Ambohijatovo, Tananarive, Mad- MADAGASCAR MISSION
agascar. ( Telephone, Tananarive Entered 1926
Officers: Territory: Madagascar and Depend-
Supt., encies.
Sec. and Treas., R. Erdumanu. Population: 4,000,000; churches,
Executive Committee: 17; members, 441.
E. Benezech, R. Erdmann, R. Cable Address: "Adventiste, Tana
Guenin, W. Ruf, P. Girard, K. narive."
Sturzenegger. Office Address: Mission Adventiste,
Department Secretaries: Ambohijatovo, Tananarive, Mad
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., agascar. (Telephone, Tanana-
rive 291.)

Officers: nah, S. Sibilant, V. Cundasamy,

Director, E. Bdndzech.
Sec. and Treas., R. Erdmann. Legal Assn.: The Seventh-day Ad-
ventist Diocese of Mauritius.
Mission Committee: E. Bdndzech,
R. Guenin, R. Erdmann, J. Department Secretaries:
Ramamonjisoa, J. Bar-Joel, A. Home Miss., Miss Lydia Le
Long, E. Villeneuve. Merne.
Sabbath School, Mrs. W. Ruf.
Department Secretaries: Y. P. M. V., W. Ruf.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Ministers:
R. Guenin. W. Ruf, E. Veuthey.
Home Miss., J. Ramamonjisoa. Licentiates:
Field Miss., J. Razanakolona. D. Munroop, V. Cundasamy.
Sabbath School, R. Erdmann.
Missionary Licentiates:
Ministers: L. A. Henriot, S. Sibilant, S.
E. Benezech, C. Tolici, A. Long, Davis, Mrs. W. Ruf, Mrs. E.
J. Ramamonjisoa. Veuthey, Miss Alice Le Meme.
Licentiates: Honorary: E. Michel, Mrs. F.
Moikeenah, C. Cuniah.
A. Rasamoelina, E. Villeneuve,
J. Bar-Joel, Jacob Rakotovao.
Missionary Licentiates: Entered 1936
N. Rajaonize, Razanajatovo, Territory: Reunion Island.
Mrs. E. Villeneuve, Mrs. E.
Bdndzech, Mrs. C. Tolici, Mrs. Population: 190,000; churches, 1;
A. Long, Miss L. Haran, J. members, 11.
Razanakolona, G. Razafindra- Address: 83 rue Dauphine, St.
lambo, E.- Rakoto, J. Rahari- Denis, Reunion.
jaona. Postal Address: Boite Postale No.
School Teachers: 200, St. Denis, Reunion.
Miss B. Ranorolianta, E. Raso- Officers:
lofo, E. Bernard. Director: P. Girard.
Sec. and Treas.: Mrs. P. Girard.
MAURITIUS MISSION Minister: P. Girard.
Entered 1914 Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. P. Girard.
Territory: Islands of Mauritius
and Rodriguez.
Population: 400,000; churches, 9; MISSION
members, 537.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventists," Territory: The Seychelles Islands.
Mauritius. Population: 27,000; churches, 2;
Office Address: Salisbury Road, members, 55.
Rose Hill, Mauritius, Indian Officers:
Ocean. Director, K. .Sturzenegger.
Sec. and Treas., K. Sturzenegger.
Director, W. Ruf. Minister: K. Sturzenegger.
Treas., S. Davis. Missionary Licentiate:
Local Committee: W. Ruf, E. Mrs. K. Sturzenegger, R. Jay-
Veuthey, L. Hertogs, A. Savan- ram.
Organized 1928
Territory: Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Ministers:
San Marino, and Italian East G. L. Lippolis, G. Pferschy, A.
Africa. Karl, C. H. Loosen, R. Bongini,
Population: 55,000,000; churches, G. Cavalcante, E. Libonati.
37; members, 1,229. Missionary Licentiates:
Office Address: Via Trieste 17, D. Cupertino, E. Bertalot, D.
Florence, Italy. (Tel., 42850) Verona, Miss M. Vanzetta, Miss
Post Office Address: Casella Pos- F. Foditscb.
tale 408, Florence, Italy.
Supt., L. Beer. Organized 1928
Sec. and Treas., G. Fenz.
Executive Committee: L. Beer, Territory: The provinces of Mar-
G. Fenz, R. Magni, G. Ferraro, che, Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzi-
A. Karl, R. Bongini, G. Ferraris. Molise, the Vatican State, Cam-
pania, Puglie, Basilicata, Cala-
Department Secretaries: bria, and the island of Sicily.
Field Miss., R. Magni. Population: 18,500,000; churches,
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V. and 15; members, 362.
Sabbath School, L. Beer. Office Address: Via dei Cimbri 23,
Minister: L. Beer. Napoli, Italy.
Licentiate: F. Sabatino. Officers:
Missionary Licentiates: Director, G. Ferraro.
G. Fenz, R. Magni, M. Vincen- Sec. and Treas., G. E. Fischer.
telli, Miss M. Lippolis, Miss D. Mission Committee: G. Ferraro,
Bertalot. R. Novelli, S. Agnello, G. Ces-
ario, D. Asiano.
NORTH ITALIAN MISSION Department Secretaries:
Organized 1928 Field Miss., R. Novelli.
Territory: The provinces of Pie- Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
monte, Lombardia, Liguria, Ve- Sabbath School, G. Ferraro.
netia, Emilia, Toscana, the re- Ministers:
public of San Marino, and the G. Ferraro, V. Speranza, G. Fer-
island of Sardinia. raris, E. Bertalot, D. Asiano, N.
Population: 24,500,000; churches, Marzocchini.
14; members, 444. Licentiates:
Office Address: Via Trieste 17, G. Cesario, S. Agnello.
Florence, Italy. Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: G. E. Fischer, R. Novelli, 0.
Director, L. Beer. Tallini, Miss M. Infranco.
Sec. and Treas., G. Fenz.
Mission Committee: L. Beer, G. ETHIOPIAN MISSION
L. Lippolis, E. Libonati, F. Sa- Entered 1921; Reorganized 1938
batino, G. Cavalcante.
Territory: Italian East Africa.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., R. Magni. Population: 12,000,000; churches,
Home Miss., L. Beer. 8; members, 423.
Sabbath School, Y.P.M.V., F. Telegraphic Address: "Avventisti"
Sabatino. Addis-Ababa.

Office Address: Casella Postale G. Cupertino.

145, Addis Ababa, A. 0. I. Medical, C. E. Kahlstrom, IL]),
Officers: Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Supt., G. Cupertino. Mae Mathews.
Sec., Mae Mathews. Minister: 0. Cupertino.
Treas., N. B. Nielsen. Licentiate: H. Hanson.
Executive Committee: C. Cuper- Missionary Licentiates:
tino, N. B. Nielsen, Dr. C. E. N. B. Nielsen, Mae Mathews,
Kahlstrom, Herbert Hanson, Miss R. Hofstad, Miss M. Hal-
Miss M. Mathews. vorsen, Dr. C. E. Kahlstrom, Dr.
Department Secretaries: Sylvia Kahlstrom, Lisa Johan-
Field Miss. and Home Miss., nesson, Alice Lind.


Organized ig.25
Territory: The Kingdom of Jugo- Population: 5,000,000; churches,
slavia; viz., the Danube, Morava, 63; members, 1,859.
and Sava Conferences. Office Address: Petra Zrinjskog
Population: 15,000,000; churches, ulica 13,- Novi Sad, Jugoslavia.
132; members, 3,637. Officers:
Cable and Tel. Address: Preporod, Pres., N. Slankamenac.
Beograd, Jugoslavia. Sec. and Treas., V. Vranjegevid.
Office Address: Vojvode Protiia 12,
Beograd VII, Jugoslavia. (Tele- Executive Committee: N. Slan-
phone, 26385.) kamenac, M. Mora, I. Danyi, V.
Vranjeevi2i, Dj. Kalezi-6, L.
Officers: CivriE.', P. Brehelmacher.
Pres., Jovan Bauer.
Sec. and Treas., D. Zivkovid. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: Jovan Field Miss., P. Brehelmacher.
Bauer, A. Moenik, R. Schillinger, Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
N. Slankamenac, A. Lorencin, Z. Sabbath School, N. Slanka-
Krdjalie, W. Schupnik, M. Tri- menac.
funac, D. Zivkovid, M. Ludewig. Ministers:
Department Secretaries: N. Slankamenac, Dj. Kalezid, I.
Field Miss., Z. Krdjalid. .Danyi, K. Kastl, D. Krstid, St.
Religious Liberty, A. Moenik. Strangar.
Y. P. M. V., Sabbath School, Licentiate:
and Home Miss., M. Trifunac. B. Radovanovid.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
Jovan Bauer, A. Moenik, M. Tri- V. VranjegeviC:, I. Molnar, P.
funac, R. Schillinger. Brehelmacher.
Missionary Licentiates:
Z. Krdjalie, W. Schupnik, D. MORAVA CONFERENCE
Zivkovk, S. Ludewig.
Organized 1931
DANUBE CONFERENCE Territory: Morayska, Vardareka,
Organized 1925 and Zetska banovina.
Territory: Dunayska and Drinska Population: 5,000,000; churches,
banovina. 30; members, 867.

Office Address: Vojvode Stepe 12/I, Population: 5,000,000; churches,

Ni, Jugoslavia. ' 39; members, 911.
Officers: Office Address: DeZeliireva 77, Zag-
Pres., A. Lorencin. reb, Jugoslavia.
Sec. and Treas., D. Zivkovi.
Executive Committee: A. Lor- Officers:
encin, R. Radivojevid, D. Pecar- Pres., M. Ludewig.
ski, Dj. Semkovi6, D. Zivkovi,
P. Petrovi. Sec. and Treas., D. Zivkovie.
Department Secretaries: Executive Committee: M. Lude-
Field Miss., P. Petrovid. wig, J. Ple&o, M. Sarftnski, S.
Y. P. M. V., Sabbath School, and Sar&vie, P. Grbin, A. Kana&i,
Home Miss., A. Lorencin. D. Zivkovie.
Ministers: Department Secretaries:
A. Lorencin, R. Radivojevi6, Dj.
Semkovid, St. Petrovie. Field Miss., Z. MaraS.
Licentiate: A. Schleicher. Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V. and
Home Miss., M. Ludewig.
Missionary Licentiates:
P. Petrovie", M. Radancevie". Ministers:
M. Ludewig, J. Plelko, M. Sar-
SAVA CONFERENCE eanski, V. Plesko.
Organized 1925
Territory: Sayska, Drayska, Vr- Missionary Licentiates:
baska, and Primorska banovina. Z. Marmi-i, S. Manestar.


Organized 1928
Territory: Algeria, French Mor- Missionary Licentiates:
occo, Spanish Morocco, Tangier, J. Erzberger, H. Ferrand, Miss
Tunis, Tripolitania, Cyrenaica. H. Roth, Miss J. Troussel.
Population: 16,000,000; churches,
15; members, 357. ALGERIAN MISSION
Postal Address: 139 ter, Chemin Organized 1905; reorganized 1928
du T6leinly, Algiers, Algeria.
Territory! Algeria and Tunis.
Officers: Population: 9,180,000; churches,
Supt., J. de Caenel. 10; members, 221.
Sec. and Treas., J. Erzberger. Postal Address: 139 ter, Chemin
Executive Committee: J. de du Telernly, Algiers, Algeria.
Caenel, J. Erzberger, Henri Officers:
Pichot, H. Ferrand, Jean Rey- Director, J. de Caenel.
naud, P. Douay, E. Rey. Sec. and Treas., J. Erzberger.
Mission Committee: J. de Cae-
Department Secretaries: nel, J. Erzberger, A. Arnone, C.
Field Miss., H. Ferrand. Barral, H. Pichot. -
Home Miss., and Y. P. M. V., Department Secretaries:
J. de Caenel. Field Miss., H. Ferrand.
Sabbath School, Herininie Roth. Home Miss., and Y. P. M. V.,
Minister: J. de Caenel. J. de Caenel.

Sabbath School, Miss Herminie W. Lagger, F. Galbes, Ch. Rihs,

Roth. F. LefebVre.
Ministers: Department Secretaries:
Eugene Rey, H. Pichot, A. Ar- Book and Bible House, W. Lag-
none, D. Riemens. ger.
Licentiates: Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V
A. Bard, E. Landa. J. Reynaud.
Field Miss. and Sabbath School,
Missionary Licentiates: W. Lagger.
P. Abella, H. Jaquenod, A.
Rovira. Minister: J. Reynaud.
Legal Corporation Licentiates:
Ch. Rills, P. Lefebvre.
Name: Association Philanthropique
des Amis des Malades. (Philan- Missionary Licentiates:
thropic Society of the Friends of W. Lagger, Miss B. Bentz.
the Sick.)
Postal Address: Institut "Vie et TUNIS MISSION
Santa" Parc d'Hydra, Birman- Organized 1937
dreis (Alger), Algeria.
Territory: Tunisia.
Pres., J. de Caenel. Population: 1,820,000; churches, 1;
Sec., H. Ferrand. members, 43.
Treas., J. Erzberger. Office Address: 2 Rue de Paglise,
Other members of the board: Tunis, Tunisia.
J. Reynaud, A. Bard, C. Barral, Officers:
P. Douay. Director, P. Douay.
Sec. and Treas., P. Mottin.
MOROCCAN MISSION Mission Committee: P. Douay,
Organized 1928 F. Mottin, Mrs. S. Palliser, S.
Territory: French and Spanish Cortesi, R. Daueng.
Morocco, and Tangier. Department Secretaries:
Population: 5,000,00; churches, 4; Book and Bible House, F. Mot-
members, 93. tin.
Home Miss., P. Douay.
Office Address: Mission Adventiste, Y. P. M. V., S. Cortesi.
8, rue General Claverie, Rabat, Field Miss., and Sabbath School,
Morocco. F. Mottin.
Officers: Minister: P. Douay.
Director, J. Reynaud.
Sec. and Treas., W. Lagger. Licentiate: S. Cortesi.
Mission Committee: J. Reynaud, Missionary Licentiate: F. Mottin.


Organized igie

Territory: All of Rumania, as per vian, Transylvanian and Banat-

boundaries determined by the Crisana Conferences.
treaty of peace, viz., the East
Muntenian, West Muntenian, Population: 18,000,000; churches,
North Moldavian, South Molda- 562; members, 18,157.

Cable Address: Florea, Labirint, Building Association:

116, Bucharest. Office Address: Str. Mitropolitul
Office Address: Str. Mitropolitul Ghenadie Petrescu 116y Bucu-
Ghenadie Petrescu No. 116, Bu- resti IV, Rumania.
curesti IV., Rumania. Officers:
Officers: Pies., D. Fiona.
Pres., D. Florea. Treas., A. Vhcareanu.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, G. Executive Committee: Union
Stanica. Conference Committee.
Executive Committee: D. Florea,
A. Vaertreanu, I. Reit, M. Manea, Organized 1920
N. Alexe, V. Mocanu, M. Man-
chen, I. Dragusin, N. Ghiorghita., Territory: Banat, Crisana, Mara-
V. Diaconescu, D. Badeseu, P. mures and jud, Hunedoara.
Paunescu. Population: 3,600,000; churches,
Department Secretaries: - 63; members, 1,847.
Field Miss., N. Ghiorghitd. Office Address: Str. N. Grigorescu
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and 4, Arad, Rumania.
Y. P. M. V.,, I. Reit. Officers:
Religious Lib., V. Diaconescu. Pres., V. Mocanu.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., T. Mateescu.
D. Florea, I. Reit, P. Paunescu, Executive Committee: V. Mo-
V. Diaconescu, P. P. Paulini. canu, T. Mateescu, P. Ciocan, L.
Honorary: P. Betea, B. Iliescu, Beretzky, D. Farcas, I. Pastor,
C. G. Ionescu, G. Motorca, I. R. Zenovie.
Polder, I. Weber. Department Secretaries:
Licentiates: Field Miss., F. Szekernyes.
N. Ghiorghith. Home Miss., Y. P. M. V. and
Sabbath School, D. Farcas.
Honorary: I. Stanescu.
Legal Society: Societate Ano- V. Mocanu, I. RA dulescu, I.
nima pe Actiuni. Gaspar, I. Pastor, F. Cionca, D.
Missionary Licentiates: Irod, D. Fareas, R. Zenovie.
G. Stanica, 0. Cackle, C. Al- Licentiates:
bulescu, B. DSnSu, I. Bateana. S. Taity, S. Czedula, C. Csong-
vay, P. Crisan.
" Cuvantul Evangheliei " Missionary Licentiates:
T. Mateescu, G. Cazan, F.
(Society for the extension of Evan- Szchernyes.
gelical work)
Address: Str. Mitropolitul Ghena- EAST MUNTENIAN CONFER-
die Petrescu 116, Bucuresti IV, ENCE
Rumania. Organized 1928
Officers and Executive Committee:
D. Florea, V. Diaconescu, V. Territory: East Muntenia and Do
Mocanu, I. Reit, N. Ghiorghitd. brogea.
Purpose: Publishing of Christian Population: 2,500,000; churches
literature and buying of build- 84; members, 2,630.
ings for publishing work, treat- Office Address: Str. Plaesilor 11,
ment rooms, meeting halls, etc. Ploesti, Rumania.

Officers: W. Reinheimer, M. Kestner, P.

Pres., D. Badescu. Costomscki, G. Nahirni.
Sec. and Treas., M. T. Parvan. Licentiates:
Executive Committee: D. Ba- G. Radoi, T. Melnic, N. Doro-
descu, M. T. Parvan, T. Dobre, bati.
F. Dumitrescu, C. Dobre, R. See-
fried, R. Ieremia. Missionary Licentiates:
P. Istrate; N. Carpel', C. Glen-
Department Secretaries: clue, T. Schuster, M. Kieltsch,
Field Miss., R. Ieremia. C. Ottschofsky, L. Biliuski.
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Sabbath School, T. Dobre.
Ministers: ENCE
D. Badescu, C. Dobre, D. Ceausu, Organized 1928
T. Coconcea, St. Ouatu, T. Dobre,
A. Petrescu, P. Olteanu, S. Popa, Territory: South Moldavia and
M. Ganea, C. Popescu. part of Bessarabia.
Licentiates: Population: 2,500,000; churches,
M. T. Ptirvan, I. Danila, F. Ma- 63; members, 1,938.
teescu. Office Address: Lasciir Catargiu
Missionary Licentiates: No. 26, Galati, Rumania.
N. Ivanoff, P. Costov, St. Officers:
Nailescu, R. Ieremia. Pres., N. Alexe.
Sec. and Treas., G. Gherase.
Executive Committee: N. Alexe,
NORTH MOLDAVIAN CONFER- . G. Gherase, G. Danciu, N. Arcal-
ENCE iefscky, V. Schiopoaia, R. Ar-
Organized 1928 tenian, N. Pahoncea.
Territory: Northern part of Mol- Department Secretaries:
davia, Bucovina and part of Field Miss., V. Schiopoaia.
Bessarabia. Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Sabbath School, R. Artenian.
Population: 3,000,000; churches,
85; members, 3,243. Ministers:
N. Alexe, Gr. Dasoveanu, D. Fau-
Office Address: Str. Cohanovschi 1, rescu, C. Munteanu, I. Petrescu,
Cernauti, Rumania. A. Panait, N. Arcaliefscky, V.
Officers: Zamfir, L. Constantinescu, 1.
Pres., M. Manchen. Pantos, M. Hioarii.
Sec. and Treas., G. Rfidoi. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: M. Man- G. Gherase, R. Artenian, V. Schi-
chen, G. Radoi, T. Schuster, A. opoaia, G. Iordaneseu, D. Cure-
Popov, T. Miriuca, L. Galan, S. ten.
Antemieiuc, I. Androiciuc, K.
Department Secretaries: ENCE .
Field Miss., N. Dorobati. Organized 1911.
Home Miss., T. Melnic.
Y. P. M. V., and Sabbath School, Territory: Transylvania.
T. Schuster. Population: 3,000,000; churches,
Ministers: 729; members, 3,280.
M. Manchen, P. Morosan, T. Office Address: Strada Clemen-
Miriuck Leon Man, A. Popov, ceau 5/a, Cluj, Rumania.

Officers: Population: 3,400,000; churches,

Pres., P. H. Hermann. 138; members, 5,219.
Sec. and Treas., I. I. Stitz. Office Address: Strada, Popa Tatu
Executive Committee: P. H. 38, Bucuresti II, Rumania.
Hermann, I. I. Stitz, T. Kon- Officers:
derth, W. Steinmeier, I. Ichim, Pres., M. Manea.
K. TOth, B. Bartha, A. Crisan, Sec. and Treas., C. Andries.
0. Stresa. Executive Committee: M. Manea,
Department Secretaries: I. Solea, D. Roibeseu, G. Eremia,
Field Miss., G. Ramser. M. Caraivan, C. Alexe, C. An-
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and dries.
Sabbath School, T. Konderth. Department Secretaries:
Ministers: Field Miss., G. Sibianu. -
P. B. Hermann, S. Kelemen, Home Miss.,
W. Steinmeier, B. Bartha, I. Y. P. M. V., and Sabbath School,
Toltesy, R. Kestner, A. Mus- C. Alexe.
tafa, V. Truppel, I. Prevlitz. Ministers:
Licentiates: M. Manea, N. Voinea, C. Trasca,
A. Nemes, T. Konderth, D. D. Paraschiv, S. Stefaneseu, D.
Csongvay, I. Gottferth, F. hies. Roibescu, I. Ghiorghisor, G.
Missionary Licentiates: Baeiu, V. Georgescu, I. Tachici,
I. I. Stitz, G. Ramser, I. Leder- I. Solea, V. Tolan, N. Marinescu,
hilger, I. Sallay. A. Rizea, P. Cucurezeanu.
F. Turturica, G. Graure, I. Iorga,
' WEST MUNTENIAN CONFER- I. Pascu, M. Visinica.
ENCE Missionary Licentiates:
Organized 1928. C. Andries, Oh. Popescu, G. Si-
Territory: West Muntenia and bianu, A. Oprisan, C. Paun, M.
Oltenia. Radu, G. Tanen.


Organized 1928
Territory: Switzerland and Liecht- Schluchter, A. Buser, J. BoBier,
enstein; viz., the German Swiss H. Struve.
and the Leman Conferences. Legal Assn.: Soei6te Philanthro-
Population: 4,000,000; churches, pique de la Ligniere, Gland
57; members, 2,439. (Vaud), Switzerland.
Office Address: La Ligniere, Gland, Department Secretaries:
(Vaud) Switzerland. Field Miss., F. Charpiot.
Officers: Home Miss.,
Pres., R. Gerber. Y. P. M. V., and Sabbath School,
Sec.-Treas., 0. Fasnacht. H. Struve.
Religious Liberty, R. Gerber.
Executive Committee: R. Ger-
ber, 0. Fasnacht, F. Charpiot, Ministers:
A. Meyer, G. Weber, J. Fehr, E. R. Gerber.
Hiirine,, C. Monnier, A. Win- Honorary: J. Curdy, E. Frauchi-
andy,6F. Magnin, V. Thitler, A. ger, H. Meyer-Bartschy.


Honorary: H. Provin.
Organized 1884
GERMAN-SWISS CONFERENCE Territory: The French-speaking
Organized 1901 parts of Switzerland.
Population: About 1,300,000;
Territory: German and Romansh- churches, 20; members, 1,000.
speaking parts of Switzerland
and Liechtenstein. Office: 8 Avenue de 1'Eglise Ang-
laise, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Population: About 2,700,000;
churches, 37; members, 1,439. Officers:
Pres., A. Meyer.
Office: Stampfenbachstr. 85, &trial, Sec. and Treas., G. Weber.
Switzerland. Executive Committee: A. Meyer,
Officers: U. Augsburger, G. Weber, F.
Pres., J. Fehr. Magnin, A. Schmid, R. Guenin,
Sec. and Treas., E. Haring. Ch. Monnier.
Auditor, 0. Fasnacht. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: J. Fehr, Book and Bible House, G. Weber.
E. Haring, A. Buser, M. Stadel- Educational, M. Tieche.
mann, H. F. Schuberth, A. Bau- Field Miss., Ch. Veuthey.
mann, A. Walther, J. Stocker. Medical, Dr. H. Miiller.
Legal Assn.: German Swiss Build- Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V. and
ing Assn., 85, Stampfenbachstr. Home Miss., Ch. Monnier.
Ziirieh, Switzerland. Ministers:
Department Secretaries: A. Meyer, U. Augsburger, A.
Book and Bible House, Jakob Schmid, Ch. Monnier, Thl
Bollier. Schreyak, J. Rey.
Field Miss., A. Baumann. Licentiate: A. Corsini.
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
Y. P. M. V., H. Struve. Missionary Licentiates:
Ministers: G. A. Weber, Charles Veuthey,
J. Fehr, H. Willi, R. Bahler, J. Mrs. Henriette Meyrial, Miss J.
Bommer, K. Fisehbacher, 0. Hol- Petter, Miss M. Favre.
lenweger, V. Butler. Church Schools:
Licentiate: E. Bachmann. "La Ligniere," Gland (Vaud),
Missionary Licentiates: Switzerland.
E. Haring, J. Bollier, N. Stuber, Teacher, Lucie Villeneuve.
S. Buchli, 'H. Maschinger, A. La Chaux-de-Fonds, 39, rue du
Baumann, A. Brand, Miss B. Temple Allemad , Switzer-
Schmidt, Miss E. Hass, Miss M. land.
Rommel, Miss M. Dutler. Teacher, Susanne Cornaz.

CAPE VERDE ISLANDS Address: Nossa Senhora do Monte,
Entered 1935 Brava, Cape Verde Islands.
Territory: Cape Verde Islands. Officers:
Population: 142,000; churches, 1; Director, A. F. Raposo.
members, 25. Treasurer, A. F. Raposo.


Missionary Licentiate: (Sao Tome)
Mrs. A. F. Raposo. Entered 1938
Territory: St. Thomas and neigh-
boring islands.
MISSION Population: 52,000.
- Entered 1928 Address: Caixa Postal No. 349, St.
Thomas, West Africa.
Territory: The Cameroon, Ouban- Director: J. Freire.
gui-Chari, Middle Congo, Gabon,
Spanish-Guinea, Fernando-Poo, Licentiate: J. Freire.
and neighboring islands. Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. J.
Population: 5,758,000; churches, Freire.
3; members, 205.
Postal Address: Mission Adven- INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH-
tiste, Nanga-Eboko, par Ya- ERN EUROPEAN DIVISION
ounde, Cameroon, West Africa. Educational:
Officers: Ethiopian Mission Training
Supt., M. Fridlin. School for Boys, Casella Pos-
Treas., M. Fridlin. tale 145, Addis Ababa, A.O.I.
Sec., A. Cosendai. Ethiopian Mission Training
Executive Committee: M. Frid- School for Girls, Casella Pos-
lin, A. M. Sallee, Z. Yeretzian, P. tale 145, Addis Ababa, A.O.I.
Benezech, A. Cosendai. Jugoslavian Union Training
Department Secretaries: School, Pantovcak 121, Zag-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., reb, Jugoslavia.
Z. Yeretzian. Indian Ocean Union Training
Sabbath School, M. Fridlin. School, Ambohijatovo, Tana-
Ministers: narive, Madagascar.
M. Fridlin, P. Benezech, Z. Yere- Portuguese Training School, Rua
tzian. Joaquim Bonifacio, M. A., Lis-
Licentiates: bon, Portugal.
A. M. Sallee, A. Cosendai, I. Rumanian Union Training
Curmatureanu, A. Nion, Mrs. A. School, Casuta Postald No. 71,
Nion. Brasov, Rumania.
Missionary Licentiates: Seminaire Adventiste du Saleve,
Mrs. A. M. Sallee, Mrs. Z. Collonges-sous-Saleve, Haute-
Yeretzian, Mrs. P. Benezech, Savoie, France. -
Mrs. M. Fridlin, Mrs. A. Cosen-
dai, R. Hirschy, Mrs. R. Hirschy. Publishing:
Teachers: 14 natives, and 38 cate- Algerian Publishing House, 139
chists. ter, Chemin du 'Memly, Al-
giers, Algeria.
Mission Schools: 3.
French Publishing House, Li-
Village Schools: 22. brairie "Les Signes des Temps,"
- Mission Stations: 92 avenue Anatole Jacquin,
Nanga-Eboko, Batouri, Ndoumbi, Dammarie-les-Lys (S. et M.),
Grand-Batanga, Maroua. France.
Dispensaries: Nanga-Eboko, Ndo- Italian Publishing House, Via
umbi, Maroua, Batouri. Trieste 17, Florence, Italy.

Jugoslavian Publishing House, Maroua Dispensary, Mission

IzdavaAka Knjilara "Prepo- Adventiste, Maroua, Cam-
rod," Vojvode Protiea 12, Beo- eroon, A.E.F.
grad VII, Jugoslavia. Nanga-Eboko Dispensary, Mis-
Madagascar Publishing House, sion Adventiste, Nanga-Eboko,
"Ny Fitarikandro," Ambohija- Cameroon, A.E.F.
tovo, Tananarive, Madagascar. Ndoumbi Dispensary, Mission
Mauritius Mission Depository, Adventiste, Ndoumbi, Cam-
Librairie Polyglotte, Salisbury eroon, A.E.F.
St., Rose Hill, Mauritius, In- Rabat Dispensary, 9, Avenue
dian Ocean. Dar-el-Maghzen, Rabat, Mor-
Portuguese Publishing House, Lake Geneva Sanitarium, "La
Rua Joaquim Bonifacio, M. A., Ligniere," Etablissement Phys-
Lisbon, Portugal. ioth6rapique du LAman, Gland,
Rumanian Publishing House, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland.
"Cuvrintul Evangheliei," S. A. "Vie et Sante," (Life and
Institut de Arte Grafice si Health) Institute, Parc d'-
EditurA, Strada Mitrop. Ghe- Hydra, Birmandreis, Algiers,
nadie Petrescu 116, Bucharest North Africa.
IV., Rumania. Tunis Dispensary, 2,. rue de
Spanish Publishing House, Apar- l'Eglise, Tunis, North Africa.
tado 4078, Madrid, Spain. Adventist Sanitarium and Hos-
Book and Bible House Advent pital, Casella Postale 145,
Verlag, Stampfenbachstrasse Addis Abeba, A.O.I.
85, Zfirich, Switzerland. Food Factories:
Medical: " Phag," Gland, Canton de Vaud,
Batouri Dispensary, Mission Switzerland.
Adventiste, Batouri, Cam- " Pur Aliment," Rue du Mont-
eroon, A.E.F. Cenis 128, Paris XVIII, France.


Organized 192o; Reorganized 1928
(Because of certain.conditions, it is impossible to report further than
above respecting any organizations or work in the preceding territory.)
As a result of various actions taken by the Educational Department,
it is recommended that the work of our intermediate schools, academies,
and colleges be organized upon a semester basis, each semester to
be subdivided approximately into three periods of six weeks each. It
was also recommended that the credits given in these schools be
reckoned upon a unit basis, one unit representing a study pursued 36
weeks with five recitations a week, forty-five minutes. in length, or its
equivalent; that college credits be given on the semester-hour basis, a
semester-hour representing a study pursued one sixty-minute hour a
week for eighteen weeks. The scope of the various courses conducted
in these schools is as follows:
Grades Years
Intermediate Course 7-10 4
Academic .Course 9-12 4
College Course (General) 13-16 4
College Course (Special):
For Ministers (Complete) 13-16 4
For Ministers (Shorter Course) 13, 14 2
For Bible Workers and Missionaries
one- and two-year courses
Teachers (Elementary) 13, 14 2
Business and Shorthand 13, 14 2
Business only 13, 14 2
Secretarial 13, 14 2
Music the conservatory course
College Course (Medical) 15-18 4
For Dietitians 4
For Nurses the instruction given in our sanitariums 3
For Preparatory Medical Students 13, 14 2
Lists of church schools and teachers will be found in connection with
directories of the conferences in which such schools are located. Di-
rectories of colleges, academies, and intermediate schools follow in al-
phabetical order.
If it is desired to find the directory of a school or other institution
whose name can not be recalled, refer to the list of institutions at the
close of the Division directory in preceding pages, and there will be
found the name of every institution listed. Then refer to the index,
where the institution may be readily located.
ACADEMIA ADVENTISTA Music; Braulio Perez Marcio,
HISPANOAMERICANA National Language, Literature;
Apartado 1320, San Jose, Costa Mrs. Braulio Perez Marcio, Nor-
Rica, Central America mal Director, Methods; H. Lar-
rabee, Science; Mechanics; H.
(Telephone, Tres Rios No. 3) W. Miller, Mathematics, Car-
Established 1927 pentry, English; Mrs. H. W.
Faculty: W. A. Wild, Principal, Miller Preceptress, Accounting;
Manager, Bible and Pastoral Mrs. 0. M. Schult, Matron; E.
Training; Mrs. W. A. Wild, Revelo, Preceptor.


Holly, Michigan 1325 North Fourteenth St.,
Established 1904 Phoenix, Arizona
Board of Trustees: C. B. Haynes, Established 1920
Chairman; G. M. Mathews, Sec. (After repeated requests with no
Faculty: E. P. Weaver, Science; returns, copy from former Year
M. S. Culver, Principal and Book is continued.)
Manager, Mathematics; J. I. Board: W. E. Atkin, Chairman;
Beardsley, Bible; V. E. Garber, R. F. Alderson, Sec.
Preceptor, History, Bookkeeping, Faculty: R. F. Alderson, A. B.,
Accountant; E. A. Trumper, Principal, New Testament, Bible
Typewriting; Mrs. G. A. Spauld- Doctrines; V. W. Swayze, A. B.,
ing, Preceptress; Ruth Whit- Preceptor, Chemistry, Biology,
field, Matron, English I; Mar- Algebra, Geometry, World His-
gerite Peugh, Language, Eng- tory; Helena Sargent, Precep-
lish; Mrs. M. S. Culver, Music; tress, English I, II, III, Li-
G. P. Christensen, Farm Man- brarian; Ellen B. Fattebert,
ager. Spanish I, II, American His-
tory; J. H. Ward, Book Binding,
AGONA TRAINING SCHOOL Manager Book Bindery; Mrs.
Agona, Ashanti, Gold Coast, Ruth H. Brown, Piano, Voice;
West Africa. Mrs. Lulu P. Wilcox, Typing,
Established 1915 Office Bookkeeper; Mrs. V. W.
Principal: T. H. Fielding. Swayze, Grades 5-8; Bernice
Hawkins, Grades 1-4.
SOCIETY, INC. South Lancaster, Mass.
Better known as: Pine Forest College Office, Tel. Clinton 1408;
Academy and Sanitarium Dormitory, Tel. Clinton 1593-M
Organized 1935 Established 1882
Location: Chunky, Miss. Board of Trustees: W. H. Heck-
Board: G. B. McClure, Chairman; man; G. E. Jones, C. E. Kellogg,
T. D. Strickland, Sec. J. D. Smith, W. H. Howard,
W. A. Nelson, E. A. von Pohle,
Faculty: G. B. McClure, Principal, W. A. Ruble, J. E. Osterblom,
Treasurer, Music, Mathematics, E. L. Place, J. B. Frank, L. G.
Bible; T. D. Strickland, R. N., Sevrens, G. M. Bunker.
Business Manager, Farm; G. B.
McClure, Preceptor; P. Kattel- Officers of the Corporation:
man, EnglisI, Science, Pregident ; G. B. jones,
Bookkeeping; Mrs. T. D. Strick- Sec.; C. E. Kellogg, Treas.
land, English, History; P. Kat- Local Board: , G.
telman, Preceptress; Mrs. G. B. E. Jones, C. E. Kellogg, J. D.
McClure, Home Economics. Smith, E. A. von Pohle, L. G.
AORE TRAINING SCHOOL Administration: G. E. Jones, Pres-
ident; C. E. Kellogg, Business
Aore, New Hebrides, Pacific Ocean Manager; L. H. Hartiit, Dean of
Established 1929 School of Theology; H. U.' Wen-
Principal: G. H. Engelbrecht. dell, Registrar; H. K. Martin,

Dean of Men; Pearl L. Rees, Dean C. E. Kellogg, A. B., Bible;

of Women; L. G. Sevrens, Prin- Rowena Purdon, B. R. E., A.
cipal of Academy S. Ellen Klose, B., Mathematics and History;
Director of Teacher Training; Lessie Culpepper, A. B., A. M.,
E. M. Hause, Librarian; Mrs. English; I. Josephine DiBene-
Iva Furnival, Matron. detto, A. B., Language, Com-
Faculty: G. E. Jones, B. S., F. R. mercial; J. B. Krauss, Th. B.,
G. S., Physics; L. H. Hartin, Printing; C. Hudson Wood,
A. B., Theology; H. U. Wendell, Woodwork; Mabel Brackett- .
B. B. A., Business Administra- Norheim, Domestic Science.
tion, Economics; Philip S. Chen,
B. S., M. S., Ph. D., Chemistry,
Mathematics; W. A. Ruble, B. AUBURN ACADEMY
S., M. C., L. R. C. P., L. R. C. S., Auburn, Wash.
(Edinburgh), Health; S. Ellen Telephone, Auburn 640J1
Klose, A. B., A. M., Elementary Established 1918
Education, Teacher Training; Board of Managers: M. L. Rice,
Mrs. Rochelle Philmon-Kilgore, Chairman; R. L. Hubbs, Sec.
A. B., A. M., English; Jennie Faculty: R. L. Hubbs, B. A., Prin-
Gilles Urbanowsky, French cipal, Manager, Amer. Hist.; N.
Bacealaureat, Modern Language; F. Pease, B. A., Bible; W. L.
Florence Evelyn Eldridge, A. B., Schoepflin, B. A., Preceptor, Civics,
R. N., Nursing Education, English I; G. L. Beane, B. A.,
Biology; E. M. Hause, A. B., Accountant, Bookkeeping, Farm;
A. M., Ph. D., History; Mabel Mrs. G. L. Beane, Shorthand,
Brackett-Norheim, B. S., Home Typing; V. R. Jewett, B. S.,
Economics; Helen Fogelgren, A. Science, Mathematics; Juanita
B., B. Mus., Music; Gladys Cap- R. Sperling, B. A., Preceptress,
man-Martin, A. T. C. M., Voice; English; Doris Parkinson, B. M.,
H. K. Martin, A. B.; Theology; French, Music; A. B. Bringle,
Mrs. Lou Bowen-Hoar, B. R. E., B. A., History, Library; Mrs.
Secretarial Training; Bela Ur- A. B. Bringle, Matron, Sewing;
banowsky, Stringed Instru- R. J. Device, Woodwork, Shop
ments, Orchestra; Euphemia M. Superintendent.
Bryne, A. B., Critic Teacher,
Grammar Grades; Vesta Web-
ster, A. B., Elementary Teacher AUSTRALASIAN MISSIONARY
Training, Critic Teacher, Inter- COLLEGE
mediate Grades; Doris Brown- Cooranbong, New South Wales,
Lamont, B. R. E., Elementary Australia
Teacher Training, Critic Teacher,
Intermediate Grades; Myra 13. Established 1894
Kite, A. B., Elementary Teacher Board of Managers: C. H. Watson,
Training, Critic Teacher, Pri- Chairman; A. H. Piper, A. F. J.
mary Grades. Kranz, T. W Hammond, B. H.
Superintendents of Industries: C. McMahon, A. G. Stewart, E. E.
S. Munn, Farm, Dairy; J. B. Roenfelt, R. H. Adair, C. F. L.
Krauss, Th. B., Printing; C. H. Ulrich, J. W. Kent, E. B. Rudge,
Wood, Woodwork; R. M. Ed- W. J. Westerman.
mister, Engineer; C. W. Otis, Faculty: A. H. Piper, Principal;
Storekeeper. L. A. Large, Head Master, A. F.
Preparatory School: L. G. Sevrens, J. Kranz, C. H. Schowe, E. Rosen-
- A. B., A. M., Principal, Science; dab', R. B. Watts, Miss E. A.

Durrant, R. W. Johnson, J. F. Mrs. G. L. Williams, Mrs. T. Y.

Strange, B. H. Schwarzkopf, E. Siaw, Miss L. T. Lim, Miss S.
L. Pengilley, C. F. L. Ulrich, E. Um, T. C. Lim, Miss S. T.
Miss E. Durrant, Miss A. Stir- Lirn.
ling, Miss S. Wilson, Miss J.
Address: Route 4, Jefferson, Tex.
BATTLE CREEK ACADEMY Faculty: A. K. Phillips, Principal;
245 North Kendall St., Battle .Mildred Baldwin, Nellie Wetzel.
Creek, Mich.
Board of Managers: The Battle BETHEL ACADEMY
Creek Tabernacle Board com- Arpin, Wisconsin
prises the Academy Board with
G. E. Judd as chairman and Established 1899
H. E. Moon, Sec. and Treas. Board of Managers: W. H. Holden,
Faculty: H. J. Alcock, Principal, President; A. H. Parker, Sec-
Bible, History; Barbara Rentfro, retary.
English, French; Geneva Dur- Faculty: A. H. Parker, B. A.,
ham, Science, Mathematics;. W. M. A., Principal, Manager,
13. Clawson, Commercial, Shop; Chemistry; Wilbur Holbrook, B.
Laura Pelleymounter, Grades 7, Th., B. A., Bible; C. S. Field,
8; Florence Orth, Grades 5, 6; B. A., Preceptor, Social Science,
Dorothy Dean, Grades 3, 4; Printing; Eliza Parfit, B. A.,
Emilie Crouch, Grades 1, 2. Preceptress, History, Algebra;
Ella Schultz, B. A., Accountant,
BATUNA TRAINING SCHOOL Commercial Subjects; Roland
Cole, B. A., Maintenance Super-
Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands, intendent, Biology, Geometry;
Pacific Ocean Aimee Du Bois, B. A., English,
Established 1923 French; Henrietta Maas, B. S.,
Principal: A. W. Martin. Matron, Home Economics;
Louise Lannon, B. A., Piano,
Violin, Voice; M. G. Hamel,
(A Training School, Established
Kulangsu, Amoy, China Previously known as Spion Kop
Missionary Institution
Board of Directors: G. L. Wil For Native Constituency
Chairman; J. G. Maclntyre, Sec.;
T. Y. Siaw, Treas.; A. L. Ham, Established 1928
Union Supt.; P. L. Williams, Transferred present location 1938
Union Treas.; C. L. Wilcox, Un- Address: Butterworth, C.P., South
ion Ed. Sec., South Fukien Mis- Africa.
sion Committee: N. K. Keh, C. Y. Board of Managers: A. F. Tarr,
Hung, C. T. Tan, K. T. So, E. W. Tarr, E. D. Hanson, L. S.
T. S. Ngo, T. T. Chhoa. Billes, G. S. Stevenson, J. E.
Principal: J. G. Maclntyre. Symons, S. K. Ntwana, J. M.
Faculty: Hlubi.
J. G. Maclntyre, Mrs. J. G. Mac- Staff: E. W. Tarr, M. A., Prin-
lntyre, Si Mu Teng, T: C. Lee, cipal; R. C. Sharman, Business


logical Training, Pastor; Mrs. (Collegio Adventists)
R. C. Sharman, Teacher Train- Established 1915
ing; Mrs. E. W. Tarr, Home --
Economics, Music; Miss D. de Telegraphic Address: " Collegio,"
Beer, Bookkeeper, Girls' Super- Sao Paulo, Brazil.
visor; Miss M. Symons, Church Postal Address: Collegio Adven-
School, Assistant Teacher Train- tista, Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo,
ing; E. A. Tsotetsi, Interme- Brazil, South America.
diate School, Preceptor; A. T. Executive Committee: E. H. Wil-
Magalela, Assistant Bible; Miss cox, President; Arno Schwantes,
J. Tyali, Primary School, Pre- Secretary; L. E. Downs, Dom-
ceptress; Miss C. Potwana, Pri- ingos Peixoto, R. W: Bela,
mary School. Emilio Doehnert, Leon 'Rep-
Board of Managers: E. H. Wilcox,
BOLIVIA TRAINING SCHOOL President; Domingos Peixoto,
Established 1931 Secretary; H. G. Stoehr, Leon
Replogle, J. D. Hardt, L. B. Hal-
(Institute Industrial Boliviano liwell, L. E. Downs, Eniilio
Adventists) Doehnert, U. Wissner, R. W.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Belz, G. S. Storch, J. H. Boehm;
Adventists, Cochabamba, Bo- Germano Streithorst, G. G. Rit-
livia. ter, Arno Schwantes.
Postal Address: Casilla 82, Cocha- Faculty: L. E. Downs, President;
bamba, Bolivia, South America. Domingos Peixoto, Dean of Na-
tional School, Theology; Arno
Board of Managers: G. E. Stacey, Schwantes, Treasurer, Com-
Pres.; J. I. Hartman, Sec.; C. merce; Catherine Downs, Nor-
E. Fillman, R. A. Hayden, Dr. mal Training; MT. E. Wheeler,
W. W. Stiles. Preceptor, , Preceptress;
Faculty: C. E. Fillman, Principal Albertina R. Simon, Portuguese,
and Manager; J. N. Perez, Latin; M. C. da Silveira, Mathe-
Treasurer; Juan Pissano, N. matics, Sciences; Siegfried
Condemayta, M. Huayllara, Schwantes, Sciences; Renato
Mrs. C. E. Fillman, Mrs. J. N. Oberg, History; Ruth 0. CI iii-
Perez, Mrs. J. Pissano, Ruben marais, Drawing, Geography;
Chambe. Theone Wheeler, Music; Erlinda
Roseto, Secretary; Maria A.
BONGO MISSION TRAINING Silveira, French; Alma M. Ber-
SCHOOL gold, English; Elin Hermanson,
Primary School; Marta F.
Postal Address: Missao Adventista, Roque, Admission Course;
Lepi, Angola, Portuguese West Adolfo Bergold, Agriculture;
Africa. Antonio de Lucca, Carpentry;
Faculty: Alten A. Bringle, Direc- Ernesto Bergold, Beekeeping.
tor and Headmaster; Dr. R. B.
Parsons, Mrs. R. B. Parsons, 0. BROADVIEW ACADEMY
I. Fields, Mrs. 0. I. Fields, Miss La Grange, Illinois
R. Visser, Mrs. A. A. Bringle,
Miss Ruth Johnson, Louis, Established 1910
Gomez, Chiconda, Justine, Corporate Name: Broadview Col-
Comililo, Gorno, Elisa. lege and Theological Seminary.

Board of Managers: M. V. Camp- Campbell, H. P. Bimini, A. J.

bell, Chairman; A. J. Olson,Sec.; Olson, W. H. Teesdale.
E. G. Johansen, J. W. Osborn,
W. C. Loveless, T. R. Lukens, Buresala, Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific
R. A. Smithwick, B. F. Tucker, Ocean
T. H. Allison. Established 1904
Administrative Officers of Academy: Headmaster: A. P. Dyason.
A. J. Olson, Principal, Business
Manager; C. C. Cleveland, Treas-
urer, Asst. Business Manager; BROOKSIDE JUNIOR ACADEMY
Twila. M. Klebba, Registrar; T. Lock Box 6, East Taunton, Mass.
R. Lukens, Manager College Established 1929
Wood Products; Mrs. Grace M.
Henrickson, Matron; N. R. Hal- Faculty: Florence Kidder, Prin-
lock, Dean of Boys; Elizabeth cipal, English, Bible, Mathe-
Cowdrick, Dean of Girls. matics; George W. Brewer, Pre-
Faculty: A. J. Olson, M. A., Prin- ceptor, Science, Bible, History,
cipal, Business Manager, His- Typewriting; Dorothy Gray,
tory; C. C. Cleveland, B. A., Elementary Grades; J. F. Knips-
Treasurer, Asst. Business Man- child, Portuguese; C. Mable Wil-
ager, Bookkeeping; D. C. New- kinson, Sewing, Piano; C. M.
bold, B. A., Bible; C. Roy Smith, Wilkinson, Chorus, Broom-
B. S., Mathematics, Science,
Printing; N. R. Hallock, B. A.,
Science; Elizabeth Cowdrick, B. CALCUTTA ELEMENTARY
A., English; Twila M. Klebba, CHURCH SCHOOL
B. A., Registrar, Commercial Established 1927
Studies; Helen A. Olson, M. A., Address: S. D. A. Mission School,
English; A. N. Johnson, B. S., 36 Park Street, Calcutta, India.
Farm Manager, Agriculture;
Berna E. Savio, B. A., German, Board: F. H. Loasby, Chairman;
French, Librarian. R. L. Kimble, Le Roy Hunter,
L. Nagel, N. Hildreth, F. D.
Department of Music: W. A. Warden, Miss E. P. Dyer.
Schram, B. Mus., Orchestra, Staff: Miss Edna Dyer, Principal,
Band, Wind Instruments, Piano; Mathematics; Miss Phyllis Bul-
Mrs. T. Ray Lukens, Voice. lock, Standards 3, 4, 5; Miss
Superintendents of Industries: C. R. Henrietta Dudrenac, Kindergar-
Smith, Print Shop; Mrs. Grace ten and Lower Infants; Miss
M. Henrickson, Cafeteria; Mrs. Eileen Dyer, French; R. S. Ar-
J. 0. Ferris, Laundry; A. N. gawal, Urdu.
Far,,,, %Fry; T. R.
Lukens, Wood Shop. CAMPION ACADEMY
College Wood Products: Loveland, Colorado
T. R. Lukens, General Manager.
Earl Beaty, Treasurer. Established 1907
Plant A, Berrien Springs, Mich. Board of Trustees: V. G. Anderson,
Plant B, La Grange, Ill. Pres.; E. E. Bietz, Sec.
Board of Directors: J. J. Netbery, Faculty: E. E. Bietz, Principal,
Chairman; T. R. Lukens, Sec.; Manager; Irene Pedersen, Ac-
H. J. Klooster, 0. R. Shreve, countant and Commercial, C. E.
Earl Beaty, L. N. Holm, M. V. Grant, Bible, History; T. 0.

Willey, Preceptor, Mathematics; B. A., Commerce; Gladys Cooke-

Juanita Paxton, Preceptress; L. Rabuka, Secretarial Training;
M. Cowin, Industrial Arts, Sci- C. M. Monks, B. A., A. T. C.
ence; Jane Wensel, French, M., Music; M. M. Rabuka, B.
Music; Merton Babcock, Eng- A., Printing; Elizabeth Nickel,
lish; Sylvia A. Simon, Matron, B. A., Assistant in Language;
Home Economics; Barbara Hon- Eva G. Casey, Home Economics;
necke, Grades; Frank Halsey, Alice Hoen-Stickle, B. A., As-
Industrial Supt. sistant in Science; Kathleen R.
Cafferky, Elementary School.
College Heights, Alberta Canada CARIBBEAN TRAINING
Phone No. 7R2 COLLEGE
Established 1907 Established 1927
Territory: Conferences of British Postal Address: Box 175, Port of
Columbia, Alberta, and Mani- Spain, Trinidad, British West
toba-Saskatchewan. Indies.
Board of Trustees: W. B. Ochs, Cable Address: "Training," Port of
Chairman; H. A. Shepard, Sec.; Spain, Trinidad.
L. W. Cobb, D. N. Reiner, E. A. Board of Managers: A. R. Ogden,
Beavon, C. W. Degering, A. E. Chairman; M. E. Smith, Secre-
Milluer, W. A. Clemenson, S. G. tary; H. E. Beddoe, A. 0. Dunn,
White, P. A. Rick, W. E. Perrin, Gorden Oss, A. E. Hempel, L. H.
C. L. Paddock, F. R. Isaac, A. Gardiner, C. A. Edwards, T. J.
Clark. Warner, B. Yip.
Executive Committee: W. B. Ochs, Executive Board: A. R. Ogden,
Chairman; C. W. Degering, Vice- Chairman; M. E. Smith, Sec-
Chairman; L. W. Cobb, Secre- retary; C. E. Stenberg, and the
tary; H. A. Shepard, D. N. available members of the Union
Reiner, A. E. Millner, E. A. committee.
Beavon, G. L. Sather, E. J. Faculty: M. E. Smith, B. A.,
Westman. Principal, Manager, Broom-
Administration: L. W. Cobb, making; C. E. Stenberg, B. A.,
Business Manager; B. H. Stickle, Preceptor, Printing; Mrs. M. E.
Treasurer; C. W. Shankel, Smith, B. A., Registrar, Librar-
Registrar; L. T. Hagle, Dean of ian; R. T. Colthurst, B. A.,
Men; Florence C. Moline, Dean Bible; Mrs. C. E. Stenberg, Nor-
of Women; Elizabeth Nickel, mal Life Certificate, Music, Sew-
Matron; M. M. Rabuka, Press; ing, Junior School Classes;
H. M. Johnson, Farm; Fair L. Linda Austin, Bookkeeper, Jun-
Johnson, Laundry. ior School classes; W. A. Os-
Faculty: L. W. Cobb, M. A., Presi- borne, Jr. School Classes;
dent; H. M. Lee, B. A., Religion; Preceptress, Matron; , Sci-
C. W. Shankel, M. A., Science, ence, Woodwork.
Registrar; H. M. Johnson, B.
Ph., English; C. H. Casey, B. A., CEDAR LAKE ACADEMY
History; Florence C. Moline, B. (Incorporated)
A., Mathematics; Louise Re- Cedar Lake, Mich.
deker, B. A., Language; L. T.
Hagle, B. A., Assistant in Established 1899
Mathematics; M. H. Philbrick, Board of Managers: C. B. Haynes,
B. A., Ukrainian; B. H. Stickle, Pres.; G. M. Mathews, Sec,

Faculty: 0. A. Skau, Principal; tory Dept.; F. A. Landis (on

C. V. Martin, Preceptor, Sci- furlough), Business Manager,
ence; Marjorie Schweder, Pre- Commercial Dept.; Y. Y. Wang
ceptress, English; J. H. Bleuer, (on leave of absence), Registrar,
Farm Superintendent; L. E. Normal Dept.; S. T. Wang,
Ramsey, Accountant; Olive Treasurer, Commercial Instruc-
Cady, Matron; M. 0. Manley, tor; S. H. Lindt, Bible Dept..;
History, Printing; Frances Su Hsing, Chinese Language
Summerton, Language; Mrs. 0. Dept.; C. A. Carter, Acting
A. Skau, Music. Registrar, Normal Department;
M. I. Lee, Science; C. I. Meng,
Homiletics; Mrs. Su Hsing, Do-
CHILLAN TRAINING SCHOOL mestic Science, Health; David
(Colegio Industrial Adventista) Huang, Dean of Men, History;
Mrs. D. F. Mi, Dean of Women,
Established 1906 Music; , Institute Physi-
Postal Address: Casilla, 7-D, Chil- cian; P. H. Ho, Normal Instruc-
Mu, Chile, South America. tor; R. A. Brett, Mechanical
' (Telephone, 3032.) Supt.; Mrs. P. E. Quimby; Eng-
lish; R. Y. Huang, Cashier,
Telegraphic Address: "Mariposas," Commercial instructor; Mrs. S.
Chile, South America.
H. Lindt, English; C. C. Krohn,
Board: L. D. limier, Pres.; J. H. Agricultural Supt.; , Indus-
Meier, Sec.; Andres Riffel, trial Arts; T. K. Chiang, Bible;
Treas.; E. Arias, Eliel Almonte, Mrs. L. C. Wilcox, Music; H.
Carlos Mayr, L. A. Rojas. D. Wu, Printing Foreman; Mrs.
Local Board: J. H. Meier, Andres C. H. Sun, Primary teacher.
Riffel, E. E. Pidoux, Sara Rode.
Faculty: J. H. Meier, A. B., A. M.,
Director; Andres Rifle], Treas- CHOISEUL INTERMEDIATE
urer; E. E. Pidoux, Mrs. Ida SCHOOL
Pidoux, Mrs. Ruth Riffel, Mrs. Ruruval, Choiseul, Solomon islands
J. H. Meier, Sara Rode, Ernesto Headmaster: J. T. Howse.
Marinkovic, Marina Aculia.
Temporary Address: P. 0. Box .No. Seiroyori-machi, Keijo, Chosen
145, Hongkong, China (Korea)
Established 1910 Established 1937
Officers of the Board: Frederick General Board: Chosen Union
Griggs, Chairman; P. E. Quimby, Mission Committee.
Vice -president ; F. A. Landis, Local Board: H. A. Oberg, C. W.
Secretary. Lee, S. E. Lee, N. S. Lee, S. S.
Committee on Administration: P. Ko, I. E. Gillis.
E. Quimby, Chairman; C. I. Faculty: C. W. Lee, Principal; N.
Meng, David Huang, S. H. Lindt, S. Lee, S. E. Lee, W. C. Wil-
C. C. Krohn, R. A. Brett, Y. Y. liams, Mrs. Grace M. Lee, Mrs.
Wang, C. A. Carter, H. T. Wang, Theo. Wangerin, Ernestine Gill,
Mrs. D. F. Mi. R. N., W. J. Pudewell, E. W.
Faculty: P. E. Quimby, President, Bahr, G. H. Rue, M. D., I. E.
Acting Business Manager, His- Gillis.

CHUHARKANA MANN ELE- Coyne, G. H. .Curtis, E. C.

MENTARY SCHOOL Ehlers, Newton Evans, T. R.
Flaiz, E. F. Hackman, 0. A.
Address: S. D. A. Mission School, Hudson, W. E. Macpherson, P.
Chuharkana Mandi, Punjab, N. T. Magan, J. L. McElhany, F.
W. Rly., B. Moor, W. E. Nelson, H. M.
Board: Punjab Local Mission Com- Nelson, J. J. Nethery, J. F.
mittee. Piper, 0. B. Pratt, D. M. Rees,
Staff: Mrs. 0. 0. MattiSon, Head- E. H. Risley, Alfred Shryock,
mistress; Abdullah Azzez, Miss E. K. Slade, H. B. Thomas, Geo.
Raj Begum, Miss May Christo, Thomason, David Voth, H. M.
Sharif Din, Jhande" Khan, B. Walton, I. J. Woodman.
M. Khan, Munshi Ram, B. M. Officers of the Board: Frederick
Shad. Griggs, President; Glenn Calk-
Industries: Farming, Gardening, ins, First Vice-President; P. T.
Sewing, Fruit and Vegetable Magan, Second Vice-President;
Canning. 0. A. Hudson, Comptroller and
Treasurer; G. S. Luther, Sec-
retary; S. S. Merrill, Asst.
Administrative Faculty, Loma Lin-
Bartle, Oriente, Cuba da: E. H. Risley, Chairman; S.
Established 1923 A. Crooks, 0. I. Cutler, Clarence
Dail, C. C. Fink, F. W. Gardner,
Board of Managers: . , Jacob Janzen., V. J. Johns, T.
Chairman; J. S. Marshall, Secre- F. Judefind, K. E. Kellogg, Les-
tary; F. W. Thorp, H. L. Hig- ter Lonergan, P. T. Magan, C.
gins, W. R. Mulholland, Miguel A. Mason, H. R. Miller, R. A.
Vasquez, Arturo Perez. Mortensen, Alfred Shryock, E.
Faculty: J. S. Marshall, B. A., H. Shryock, C. S. Small, 0. R.
Principal, Business Manager ; I. M. Staines, T. I. Zirkle.
Angell, B. A., Treasurer, Print- Administrative Faculty, Los An-
ing, Science; F. W. Thorp, B. geles: W. E. Macpherson, Chair-
A., Bible; H. S. Mendez, Pre- man; W. C. Bradbury, Albert
ceptor, Mathematics; E. Pupo, Brown, R. M. Clarke, B. N.
Spanish; Mrs. M. B. Marshall, Colver, D. D. Comstock, New-
B. A., Registrar, Normal; Mrs. ton Evans, D. E. Griggs, P. T.
C. C. Angell, Music, English; Magan, F. B. Moor, W. F. Nor-
Rosita Tello, Preceptress, Ma- wood, 0. B. Pratt, 'W. L. Stil-
tron; Senora E. Pupo, Primary son, George Thomason, Ralph
Grades. Thompson.
Faculty Council, School of Medi-
COLLEGE OF MEDICAL cine, Loma LindaPre-Clinical
EVANGELISTS Division: P. T. Magan, Presi
Loma Linda and Los Angeles, dent, Professor of Cultural and
Calif. Legal Medicine; E. H. Risley,
Established 1906 Dean of College of Medical
Evangelists, Professor of Clem-
Chartered 1909 istry; Lester Lonergan, Secre-
Board of Trustees: Frederick tary, Assistant Professor in
Griggs, Chairman; Clarence At- Pharmocology and Therapeutics;
teberry, A. D. Butterfield, Glenn 0. A. Hudson, Comptroller and
Calkins, M. N. Campbell, A. E. Treasurer; F. F. Abbott, Asso-

date Professor of Medicine; K. man, Professor of Pathology;

H. Abbott, Instructor in Neurol- W. E. Macpherson, Dean Los
ogy; C. N. Abbott, Instructor Angeles Division, Associate Pro-
in Neurology; A. D. Butterfield, fessor of Medicine; B. N. Col-
Instructor in Surgery; S. A. ver, Professor of Otolaryngol-
Crooks, Associate Professor of ogy; R. M. Clarke, Professor- of
Anatomy; 0. I. Cutler, Pro- Medicine; C. W. Olsen, Sec.,
fessor of Pathology; C. W. Assistant Professor Neuro-
Dail, Instructor in Physical psychiatry; Ralph Allen, hi-
Therapy; E. C. Ehlers, Assistant structor in Obstetrics; Ethel M.
Professor of Medicine; C. C. Andre, ASsistant Professor of
Fink, Registrar; Esther L. Gard- Pediatrics; Mina Ashley, In-
ner, Instructor in Chemistry; structor in Pediatrics; K. C.
F. W. Gardner, Professor of Ashley, Instructor in Medicine;
Physiology; A. R. - George, In- C. E. Babcock, Instructor in
structor in Ophthalmology; W. Medicine; H. A. Ball, Assistant
A. George, Professor Emeritus Professor of Pathology; Ora
of Surgery; Jacob Janzen, In- Barber, Instructor Anesthesiol-
structor in Anatomy; V. J. ogy; Roger Barnes, Professor of
Johns, Professor of Biblical Urology; Marvel Beem, Instruc-
Exegesis; T. F. - Judefind, In- tor in Surgery; R. T. Bergman,
structor in Bacteriology; K. E. Assistant Professor of Urology;
Kellogg, Instructor in Physiol- 0. A. Blomquist, Assistant in
ogy; C. A. Mason, Instructor Medicine; William Bradbury,
in Anatomy; H. R. Miller, Pre- Instructor in Obstetrics and
ceptor; R. A. Mortensen, Pro- Gynecology; Albert Brown, In-
fessor of Chemistry; N. I. structor in Pathology; Sidney
Reeves, Instructor in Medicine; Brownsberger, Assistant Pro-
Wm. Richardson, Instructor in fessor of Ophthalmology; Leon-
Medicine; E. L. Rogers, Instruc- ard Brunie, Instructor in Medi-
tor in Allergy and Dermatology; cine; C. A. Burrows, Professor
A. R. Roos, Associate Professor of Otolaryngology; F. P. Cady,
of Pathology, (Immunology); Instructor in Surgery; A. L.
M. C. Schroeder, Assistant in Chaney, Assistant Professor of
Otolaryngology; Alfred Shryock, Pathology; H. G. Childs, Jr.,
Professor of Histology and Em- Instructor in Stomatology;
bryology; E. H. Shryock, In- Samuel Ching, Instructor in
structor in Anatomy; Loleta E. Public Health and Preventive
Simpson, Instructor in Medi- Medicine; S. T. S. Ching,
cine; C. S. Small, Instructor in Associate Professor of Stomatol-
Pathology; H. D. Specht, Regis- ogy; Charles Coggin, Instructor
tered Pharmacist, Instructor in in Medicine; D. D. Coleman, In-
Pharmacology; 0. R. Staines, structor in Gynecology; Belle
Editor, Medical Evangelist ; 11. Wood-Comstock, Assistant. Pro-
B. Thomas, - Business Manager fessor of Medicine (Nutrition
and Assistant Comptroller; T. and Endocrinology); D. D. Com-
I. Zirkle, Associate Professor of stock, Professor of Medicine;
Surgery. Deimos Comstock, Instructor in
Medicine; C. E. Counter, In-
Faculty Council, School of Medi- structor in Dermatology and
cine, Los AngelesClinical Divi- Syphilology; C. B. Courville,
sion: P. T. Magan, President, -Professor of Neuropsychiatiy;
Professor of Cultural and Legal A. E. Coyne, Assistant Profes-
Medicine; Newton Evans, Chair- sor of Gynecology; G. H. Curtis,

Business Manager, Assistant Assistant in Surgery; Roy Mes-

Comptroller; M. 0. Dart, As- singer, Instructor in Public
sistant in Otolaryngology-; A. Health and Preventive Medicine;
N. Donaldson, Professor of F. B. Moor, Professor of Phar-
Medicine; Colby Dunscombe, macology and Therapeutics; F.
Assistant in Ophthalmology; E. Neff, Instructor in Surgery;
Hertha Ehlers, Instructor in Elmer Nelson, Assistant Pro-
Pediatrics; L. E. Ermshar, As- fessor of Surgery; Paul Nils-
sistant in Orthopedics; R. A. son, Instructor in Otolaryngol-
Falconer, Instructor in Oto- ogy; W. F. Norwood, Registrar,
laryngology; W. A. Fate, In- Assistant Professor of Cultural
structor in Urology; L. W. Fish, Medicine; Roland Osborne, As-
Instructor in Urology; P. D. sistant Professor of Pathology;
Foster, Instructor in Derma- Bernard Pearson, Instructor in
tology and Syphilology; Elmer Medicine (Allergy); F. E.
Gilbert, Instructor in Medicine; Poole, Instructor in Surgery; 0.
B. E. Grant, Associate Profes- B. Pratt, Associate Professor of
sor of Medicine; J. E. Gregory, Pathology; C. C. Prince, In-
Instructor in Medicine; D. E. structor in Medicine; E. B. Ray,
Griggs, Assistant Professor of Instructor in Medicine; J. D.
Medicine; R: B. Haining, In- Rogers, Instructor in Dermatol-
structor in Medicine; W. L. ogy and Syphilology; L. K.
Halverson, Professor of Public Rosenvold, Assistant in Oto-
Health and Preventive Medi- laryngology; E. T. Seat, In-
cine; H. J. Hara, Professor of structor in Field Evangelism;
Otolaryngology; J. S. Haskell, E. A. Sheldon, Instructor in
Assistant Professor in Public Surgery; R. E. Shipley, Instruc-
Health and Preventive Medicine; tor in Surgery; E. L. Shultz,
D. D. Haughey, Assistant in Instructor in Orthopedics; Wil-
Obstetrics and Gynecology; C. burn Smith, Professor of Gyne-
H. Hayton, Professor of Oto- cology; C. E. Stafford, Instruc-
laryngology; H. H. Heiden- tor in Surgery; C. T. Stanton,
reich, Instructor in Medicine; Instructor in Tuberculosis; E.
M. R. Hill, Professor of Proctol- H. Stanton, Instructor in Medi-
ogy; L. R. House, Instructor in cine; A. A. Steele, Instructor in
Otolaryngology; H. J. Hoxie, Medicine; E. J. Steen, Inst. in
Assistant in Medicine; E. J. Gynecology; Walter Stilson, In-
Joergenson, Assistant in Sur- structor in Roentgenology; H.
gery; George Johnstone, As- 0. Swartout, Professor of Pub-
sistant Professor of Surgery; lic Health and Preventive Medi-
Florence Keller, Professor of cine; G. M. Taylor, Associate
Clinical Gynecology; E. C. Kel- Professor of Orthopedics; George
logg, Assistant Professor of Thomason, Professor of Sur-
Ophthalmology; T. S. Kimball, gery; Berthella Jarvis-Thomp-
Assistant Professor of. Pathol- son, Instructor in Pediatrics;
ogy; Alfred Kosky, Assistant R. J. Thompson, Professor of
Professor of Pathology; A. H. Obstetrics and Gynecology; L.
Larson, Professor of Clinical P. Thorpe, Assistant Professor
Obstetrics; Elizabeth- Larsson, of Pediatrics; Ralph Walker,
Instructor in Obstetrics; F. J. Instructor in Obstetrics and
Lee, Assistant Professor of Gynecology; Roland White, As-
Gynecology; F. E. Leffingwell, sistant in Ophthalmology; W.
Instructor in Public Health and 0. Wirth, Professor of Biblical
Preventive Medicine; L. J. Lilly, Exegesis; Margaret Risley-

Wright, Assistant in Surgery; Office Address: Joseph Nicolas

Harold Ziprick, Assistant in Avenue and Magloire Ambroise.
Obstetrics and Gynecology. Board of Managers: H. M. Blun-
Executive Faculty, School of Die- den, Chairman; A. G. Roth, Sec-
tetics: P. T. Magan, President; retary; A. L. Christensen, Le-
E. H. Risley, Dean, Physiologi- once Painson, M. N. Isaac.
cal Chemistry; Mrs. Esther L. Faculty: A. G. Roth, Principal;
Gardner, Assistant to the Dean, Mrs. A. G. Roth, Assistant, Eng-
Food Analysis, Nutrition; C. C. lish; D. St. Aubin, Bible, His-
Fink, Registrar and Secretary; tory, Geography; L. P. Gibbs,
Pearl M. Jenkins, Administra- Bible, Science; J. Brutus, Bible,
tion, Dietetics, Food Demonstra- French, Latin, Spanish; A.
tions, Food Marketing; Varner Painson, -Mathematics; A. L.
J. Johns, Instructor in Bible; Christensen, Accountant, Wood
Alfred Shryock. Products; Noray- Theodore,
Additional Faculty, School of Printing; K Latortue, G.
Dietetics: Eva Crites, Adminis- Rodriguez, Mrs. A. Painson, E.
istrative Dietitian, Student Su- Pierre Louis, R. Briminghain,
pervisor; Maria Davidson, Hy- Ren6e Cantave, Carpel Desva-
drotherapy and Nursing Pro- rieux, Primary Grades.
cedures; Nellie DeFord, Admin-
istrative. Dietitian; Student Su-
pervisor; Floyd W. Gardner, COLOMBIA-VENEZUELA UNION
Physiology; Thomas F. Judefind, TRAINING SCHOOL
Bacteriology; Fannie Cannada- Established 1936
Kellar, Cafeteria Management, Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Experimental Foods, Foods and "Coinco," Medellin, Colombia,
Cookery; Kenneth E. Kellogg, South America.
Physiology; Carrier G. Ma-
caulay, X-Ray Technic; Ray- Postal Address: Apartado 224, Me-
mond A. Mortensen, Bio- dellin, Colombia, South America.
chemistry; Nile I. Reeves, Dis- Airmial: Correo Aereo 877, Medel-
eases; E. Harold Shryock, Psy- lin, Colombia, South America.
chobiology; Loleta E. Simpson, Board of Directors: L. V. Finster,
infant Feeding, X-13.ay; Winea Chairman; G. W. Chapman, Sec-
J. Simpson, Health Reform retary; and all other members
Principles, Physical Education; of Union Committee.
Carrol S. Small, Laboratory Executive Board: L. V. Finster,
Technic; Jennie. L. Stagg, Ad- G. W. Chapman, J. W. Cole, M.
ministrative Dietitian, Student E. Lowry.
Faculty: G. W. Chapman, Direc-
Executive Faculty: Loma Linda
tor; AirrQ. C. W. Phapman, Ma-
School of Nursing: (See Loma tron; Elizabeth Baxter, Precep-
Linda Sanitarium and Hospital.) ress; L. E. Greenidge, Preceptor;
Executive Faculty: White Memo- R. 0. Garner.
rial School of Nursing: (See
White Memorial Hospital.)
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Established 1934 Organized 1933
Postal Address: Casier A-115, Port Board of Trustees: H. J. Detwiler,
au Prince, Haiti, President; B. G. Wilkinson, Sec-

retary, J. P. Neff, W. C. Hannah, Professor of Modern Languages;

F. H. Robbins, A. W. Werline, L. A. Semmens, Ph. D., Pro-
W. E. Nelson; F. M. Wilcox, V. fessor of Religious Education,
P. Lovell, J. W. MacNeil, W. M. Helen Spicer, M. A., Instructor
Robbins, C. S. Longacre, H. A. in Bacteriology and Physical
Morrison, W. C. Moffett, W. FL Education; May Stanley, M. A.,
Branson, M. G. Conger, M. N. Professor of Dietetics and House-
Campbell, G. F. EiChman, W. B. hold Arts; L. F. Thiel, M. A.,
Mohr, W. H. Williams, L. H. Associate Professor of English;
King. T. G. Weis,. M. A., Instructor in .
Executive Board: Same as that of Library Science; A. W. Wer-
Washington MissiOnary College. line, M. A., Professor of His-
Administration: B. G. Wilkinson, tory; George Wargo, Instructor
President; , Dean;. in Music; Lorena, Wilcox, 11.A.,
Minnie. E. Abray, Dean of Wo- Assistant Professor of Educa-
men; 0. C. Pulver, Business Man- tion.
ager; W. J. McComb, Registrar; Normal Training School: Lorena
Mary Montgomery, Matron; H. Wilcox, B. A., Principal; Grace
T. Terry, Dean of Men; T. G. Harrison, B. A., Critic Teacher;
Weis, Librarian, H. P. Williams, Olive M. Lindberg, M. Ed., Critic
Cashier. Teacher; Louise Stuart, B. A.,
Faculty: B. G. Wilkinson, Ph. D., Critic Teacher; Irene Walker, B.
President; L. M. Ashley, M. A., A., Critic Teacher.
Professor of Biology; E. C. Blue. Industrial Superintendants: S.
M. A., Professor of Chemistry; Arason, College Press; Frank
Mrs. Ethel Casey, Assistant in Detwiler, College Store; John
Music; J. N. Clapp, M.A., Asso- Ewaschuk, Bakery; John Samp-
ciate Professor of Religious Edu- son, College Mill; Mrs. Ora B.
cation; L. S. Davis, M.A., Willams, Employment Bureau.
Associate Professor of Modern
Languages; P. T. Gibbs, Ph.D.,
Professor of English; George
Greer, Assistant Professor of COLUMBIA ACADEMY
Music; Lois Hall, Assistant in Battle Ground, Wash.
Music; Harriette Hanson, B. S.,
Instructor in Dietetics and Established 1903
Household Arts; P. D. Hender- Board of Managers: L. F. Burdoin,
son, NIA., Instructor in Modern Chairman; A. R. Tucker, Sec.
Languages, , Instructor
in Medical Corps Training; Faculty: A. R. Tucker, Principal
Edith T. James, B.S., Professor and Business Manager, History;
of Nursing Education; Carl T. J. G. Mehling, Jr. Accountant,
Jones, B.A., Instructor in Chem- Commercial, Mathematics; -Mrs.
istry and Physics; W. J. Mc- .T. G. Mehling, Jr., Shorthand,
Comb, MA., Associate Professor Typing, Registrar; B. E. Schaff-
of History; T. K. Martin, Instruc- ner, Bible, French; H. W. Hem-
tor in Art; Mrs. Vera Morrison, pel; Preceptor, Science, Bible;
M.A., Professor of Education Mrs. H. W. Hempel, Matron;
and Mathematics; Bess Ninaj, Mrs. A. R. Tucker, English,
B.S., Instructor in Nursing Edu- Sewing; Mrs. Frankie Grubbs,
cation; J. W. Osborn, B. Mils., Preceptress, Music; Gale Rood,
L. R. A. M., Professor of Grades 5-8; Mrs. B. E. Schaffner,
Music; Otto Schuberth, Ph. D., Grades 1-4.

DALLAS JUNIOR ACADEMY Officers of the Board: J. J. Neth-

Address: 3011 Greenwood, Dallas, ery, Chairman; H. J. Klooster,
Tex. Sec.
(After repeated requests, with no Administration: H. J. Klooster,
returns, copy from former Year M. S., President; H. E. Edwards,
Book is continued.) Dean; L. N. Holm, M. S., Busi.
Faculty: F. W. Baldwin, Mrs. F. Mgr.; E. D. Ryden, B. R. E.,
W. Baldwin, Mrs. Cecil Kinder. M. A., Dean of Men; Rachel
Christman, B. S., Dean of
DENVER JUNIOR ACADEMY Women; Wanda MacMorland,
659 South Navajo St., Denver, Colo. B. A., Registrar; Anna L.
Blackney, B. A., B. L. S., Li-
Faculty: K. D. Johnson, Principal; brarian.
Laura Wilbourn, Helen Swen-
son, Floyd E. Hills, Mrs. Floyd College Faculty: Professors: Ella
E. Hills. Edwards, Ph. D., Foreign Lan-
guage, Literature; H. E. Edwards,
EAST VISAYAN ACADEMY Ph. D., Education; H. B. Hannum,
Established 1930 M. Mus., A. A. G. 0., Music; H. F.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 119, Halenz, Ph. D., Physical Science
Cebu, Cebu, Philippine Islands. and Mathematics; H. 0. Mc-
Cumber, Ph. D., Social Science;
Board of Management: A. A.Doug- W. E. Straw, M. A., Religion
las, R. R. Figuhr, A. M. Rags- and Philosophy; J. L. Thomp-
dale, W. B. Riffel, P. Rocero, son, Ph. D., Physical Science
A. Macasiano, A. Aqui, D. B. and Mathematics; H. M. Tippett,
Ladion, U. Oliva. M. A., English Language and
Faculty: U. Oliva, E. Roda, H. Literature.
Pascual, Mrs. A. A. Douglas, A. Associate Professors: Earl Beaty,
Lazaro, F. Barrientos, Mrs. R. M. B. A., C. P. A., Social Sci-
Somoso, P. C. Cabansag, Mrs. ence; Mabel Cassell, M. A., Edu-
F. Elumir. cation; Verna Robson, M. D., Bi-
ological Science.
COLLEGE Instructors: Leona Burman, M.
Berrien Springs, Mich. A., Critic Teacher in English,
Established 1901 Education; Beatrice Holquist,
M. A., Home Economics; L. N.
Legal Title: " Emmanuel Mission. Holm, M. S., Agriculture; Opal
ary College, Incorporated." Hoover, M. A., English Lan-
Board of Trustees: J. J. Nethery, guage, Literature; E. R. Thiele,
H. J. Klooster, F. L. Came, E. M. A., Religion, Philosophy;
L. Green, J. L. Levens, 0. C. Marian Crandall, B. A., Critic
Durham, A. H. Welklin, B. F. u1 y uL11 ,1
Tucker, W. B. Ochs, W. C. Cole, Education; Glee King, M. A.,
A. E. Mobley, W. H. Holden, Applied. Arts; Robert MacMor-
E. G. Johansen, C. B. Haynes, land, M. B. A., Critic Teacher
W. T. Lindsay, T. R. Lukens, in Social Science, Education;
M. W. Prince, C. B. Caldwell, Grace Maas, B. A., Critic
G. E. Judd, A. J. Olson, T. E. Teacher in Elementary School,
Unruh, L. C. Shepard, C. W. Helen Merriam, M. A., Foreign
Lawry, R. M. Harrison, W. H. Language and Literature, Critic
Williams, N. L. Beebe, S. E Teacher in French; J. H. Metz-
Wight, M. V. Campbell. ger, B. Mus., Music; Arabella

Moore, M. A., Foreign Language Faculty: R. R. Newman, B. A.,

and Literature; B. H. Phipps, A. M., Principal, Manager, His-
M. A., Critic Teacher in Science tory ; Adam Rudy, B. A., Bible;
and Mathematics, Biology; H. E. Hein, B. A., A. M., Sci-
Mabel Romant, B. A., English ence, German; I. E. Anunsen,
Language, Literature; E. D. B. A., Accountant, Music, Book-
Ryden, B. R. E., M. A., Social keeping; R. K. Nelson, B. A.,
Science; Bernice Webber, M. A., Preceptor, History; Maybelle
Critic Teacher in Elementary Huffmann, B. A., Preceptress,
School; C. L. Woods, M. S., English; Albert Hudson, Com-
Mathematics; Glenn Houck, B. merce, Printing; Mrs. R. K.
S., Agriculture. Nelson, Mathematics, Libarian;
Lecturers: Anna L. Blackney, Mrs. Molly Erdmann, Matron;
B. A., B. L. S., Library Science; Mrs. Albert Hudson, Shorthand.
Rachel Christman, B. S., Edu-
Academy Faculty: Leona Summey (Adventusuiihingute Usuteaduse
Burman, M. A., Principal, Eng- Kool)
lish; Wanda W. MacMorland, Merepuistee i4a, Tallinn, Estonia
B. A., Registrar; Burton H. Faculty: R. Vinglas, Principal, His-
Phipps, M. A., Science; Robert tory, Estonian; E. Ney, Bible;
B. MacMorland, M. B. A., His- Miss M. Undritz, English Ger-
tory and Economics; Helen man, Health.
Margaret Merriam, M. A.,
French; Beatrice Holquist, M. A., School Board: E. Magi, R. Vinglas,
Home Economics; Glee H. King, E. Ney, J. Daniel, A. Kala, E.
M. A., Shorthand, Typewriting; Kell, V. Suve, K. Lattik.
Charles A. Burman, Bible; E. D:
Ryden, M.A., American History; ETHIOPIAN MISSION TRAIN-
Glen Houck, B.A., Agriculture; ING SCHOOL FOR BOYS
C. L. Woods, M.S., Mathematics. Casella Postale 145, Addis
Superintendents of Industries: Ababa, A.O.I.
Vinston Adams, Manager of Col- Principal: Herbert Hanson.
lege Press; B. A. Wood, Supt. of Teachers: Negarie Mullata, Mer-
Col. Press; Glen Houck, Supt. of igeta Mullaburhan, Wrildgera
Gardens, Fruit and Poultry; Dankie.
Maria Hornbacher, Supt. of Cafe-
teria; J. E. Riffel, Engineer;
F. E. Romant, Manager of Col- ETHIOPIAN MISSION TRAIN-
lege Store; 0. R. Shreve, Supt. ING SCHOOL FOR -GIRLS
of College Wood Products, Casella Postale 145, Addis
Plant A; W. H. Wohlers, Supt. Ababa, A.O.I.
of Dairy and Farm Crops; J. Principal: Mae Matthews.
J. Hafner, Asst. in Printing; G. Ethiopian Teacher: Derresa Danki.
E. Schultz, Asst. in Printing.
ENTERPRISE ACADEMY 458 Ningkuo Road, Shanghai, China
Enterprise, Kans. Established 1906
Organized 1919 Faculty: W. E. Anderson, A. B.,
Board of Trustees: T. B. West- Principal, Business Manager,
brook, Pres.; R. R. Newman, Sec. History; W. H. Wood, B. S.,

Science, Mathematics; C. E. ing, French; Lucile Baskin, Pre

Wittschiebe, Preceptor, Bible; ceptress, History; Harry Lodge,
Mrs. C. E. Wittschiebe, English; Preceptor, Bible; Mrs. Harry
Mrs. W. E. Anderson, Precep- Lodge, English III, IV, Span-
tress, French; Mrs. W. H. Wood, ish; Esther Ambs, Matron,
A. B., Music, German, Short- Home Economics, History;
hand; Della Rice, Matron. Charles Fleming, Accountant,
Bookkeeping, Bible; W. F. Rem
bold, Science and Mathematics;
FINLAND S. D. A. MISSION Virgil Clymer, Printing; Mrs.
SCHOOL Virgil Clymer, English II; Mrs.
(Toivonlinnan Lahetysopisto) J. R.. Conger, Elementary;. E.
Finland W. Bradley,, Superintendent of
Laundry, L. J. Knight, Engi-
Established 1918; Reorganized 1931 neer; John Pierson, Superin-
Board: G. A. Lindsay, A. Rintala, tendent of Dairy and Farm.
K. Soisalo, V. Kohtanen, U.
Rouhe, V. Miettinen, 0. Jaak-
Faculty: A. Rintala, Principal, 841 W. Belmont Ave., Fresno, Calif.
Bible; U. Rouhe, History, Math- Phone .2-7058
ematics; Lilja Sinkko, Finnish, Established 1908 as an intermedi-
English; Kaisu Tuppurainen, ate school; as an academy 1921.
German, Finnish; Helmi Sihvola,
Mathematics, Swedish; 0. MaUt- Board: Elmer Johnson, Chairman;,
tiinen, Science. C. I. Chrisman, Sec. and Treas.
Faculty: C. I. Chrisman, Principal,
Bible; J. H. Whitney, Science,
FOOCHOW JUNIOR TRAINING Mathematics; L. E. Breitigam,
INSTITUTE History, Spanish; Miss G. M.
Foochow, China Raley, English; Mrs. C. I. Chris.
Established 1916 man, Chorus, Matron; Mrs. H. E.
Rogers, Bookkeeper; D. E. Bond,
Board of Directors: Grades 7, 8; Miss E. R. Thomp-
Chairman. son, Grades 4-6; Mrs. J. H.
Faculty: Ngu Ong Ing, Principal; Whitney, Grades 1-3.
Preceptor, to be supplied; Mrs.
Lau Cu Iu, Preceptress; Ngu Go
Hiong Ciong, Sia Chung Ong, SEMINARY
Cong Ga Hi, Dang Cie Mg. Friedensau, Post Grabow, fiber
Burg, Bez, Magdeburg, Germany.
FOREST LAKE ACADEMY Established 1898
Route 2, Maitland, Fla. Board: M. Budnick, A. Burger, W.
Knitter, R. Daumichen, H. Brink-
Established 1926 mann, H. Glass, F. Hambrock,
Board: L. E. Lenheim, Chairman; P. Horn, B. Ohme, G. Mai, A.
K. A. Wright, Secretary. Rebensburg, W. Hans, W. Eber-
Faculty: K. A. Wright, Principal, - hardt, 'W. Klinkmiiller, M. Baier.
Business Manager, Spirit of Faculty: W. Eberhardt, Principal,
Prophecy; Dorothy Bartlett, Bible; W. Hans, Business Man-
Registrar, Librarian, Typewrit- ager; G. Liipke, Ph. D., Precep-

tor, Greek, German, Music; S. Faculty: C. D. Striplin, Principal,

Ltipke, Ph.D., History, Church Business Manager, Grade Super-
History, Mathematics; P. Stan- visor; W. S. McCully, Bible, His-
bert, Ph:D., English, German, tory; Kathryne Spell, English,
Education; H. Wertenauer, Sci- Library Science, German; H. M.
ence, Shorthand, Gymnastics; J. Lashier, Science, Mathematics;
Langholf, Accountancy, Com- V. A. Jackson, Biology, Span-
merce; P. Schubert, Preceptress, ish, Woodwork; Olive Westphal,
Kindergarten, Commerce; D. Spanish, Home Economics;
Hoyer, Nurse Training; I. Mer- Frankie Guthrie, Commerce; R.
tin, Economic Course, Gymnas- Kirk McAllister, Press Superin-
tics. tendent, Printing; Vera Hoopes-
Watts, Piano, Voice, Music Or-
GEM STATE ACADEMY ganizations; Grace Hansen-Buell,
Box 691, Caldwell, Idaho. Violin; Clara M. Striplin, Office,
Established 1918 Registrar; Ruth Edeburn, Grade
Board of Managers: G. S. Belleau, Grades: June Culhane, Grade 8;
Chairman; W. G. McCready, Fern Halverson, Grade 7; Alice
Sec.; C. M. Munsey, Andrew
Smith, Grades 5, 6; Mrs. W. F.
Roedel, Truman Hendryx, H. S. Norwood, Grades 4, 5; Cleora
Hanson, Wm. Butler. Turner Grades 3, 4; Mrs. V. A.
Faculty: W. G. McCready, Prin- Jackson, Grades 1, 2.
cipal, Bible; R. D. Young, Pre-
ceptor, Commercial, Mathe-
matics; Mrs. R. D. Young, Ac- GOLDEN GATE ACADEMY
countant, Registrar, Spanish; 1709 Alcatraz Ave., Berkeley, Calif.
Evlyn M. Lindberg, Preceptress,
Established 1923
Music, English; M. 0. Cheney,
Science, History; E. C. Reiber, Board of Directors: C. R. Gibbs,
Bible, History, German, Wood- Chairman; W. 0. Baldwin, Sec.
work; Russum Miller, Matron, Faculty: W. 0. Baldwin, A. B.,
Sewing. Principal and Manager; F. D.
Fisher, A. B., Science, Mathe-
GITWE TRAINING SCHOOL matics, Woodwork; H. L. Wal-
lace, A. B., Bible, History;
Established 1931'
Evelyn Wegner, A. B., English,
Postal Address: Gitwe, Ruanda, Sewing, Music; Neva Sandborn,
via Usumbura, Urundi, Belgian A. B., Spanish, Typing, Book-
East Africa. keeping; 0. L. Strube, German;
Faculty: R. L. Jones, Director; P. Harriet E. Voorheis, Librarian,
Howe, Miss M. Hassender, A. Registrar; V. Bond, Printing;
Siepman, Mrs. A. Siepman, Mrs. Thomas Geraty, A. B., Grades
R. L. Jones, Mrs. P. Howe, E. 7, 8; Anna Jensen, Grades 5, 6;
Semutwa, S. Kanakuza, M. Elsie Nelson, Grades 3, 4; Mrs.
Nyiringondo, A. 1VIuhaya. Ruth Shultz, Grades 1, 2.


loo Kimlin Drive, Glendale, Calif. (For Cape Colored People)
Established 1923 Address: Klipfontein Road, Ath-
Board of Directors: W. M. Adams, lone, Cape, South Africa.
Chairman; C. D. Striplin, Secre- Managing Board: A. F. Tarr, Chair-
tary. man; P. H. Mantell, Secretary;


N. de Beer, A. G. Kohen. S. D. A. Mission School, Hapur,
Faculty: Training School: P. H. District Meerut, U.P., India
Mantel], Principal; Mrs. P. H. Board: United Provinces Local
Ma,ntell. Mission Committee.
Primary School: A. Bristow, Staff: Mrs. R. P. Morris, Prin-
Misses J. Cramond, A. Eva. cipal; Miss Mercy V. Christ,
Preceptor: A. Bristow. Headmistress, English; Miss
Barkat Din, Matron; Miss Dau-
lat Bibi Chand, Urdu; Miss
GOPALGANJ HIGH SCHOOL Katherine Singh, Preceptress;
S. D. A. Mission School, Gopalganj, Babu Masih Charam, Boarding
Faridpur District, East Bengal, Master.
India Industries: Peanut Butter, Farm-
Board: Bengal Local Mission Com- ing, Gardening.
Staff: H. H. Mattison, Principal; HARBIN TRAINING INSTITUTE
S. K. Haldar, Preceptor; Mrs. Tsitsihar St., g, New Town, Harbin,
C. M. Biswas, Preceptress; J. Manchuria.
Singh, C. R. Sircar, B. A.; R. Established 1929
N. Mandal, B. A.; P. K. Sarkar, Faculty: Mrs. E. I. Brajnicoff,
S. K. Sarkar, S. C. Deuri. Principal, Bible, Language; N.
Industries: Gardening, Canning Y. Sorokin, Secretary, Mathe-
Factory. matics; Miss E. Kalabugin, Eng-
lish, Music; Boris Kasitsin, His-
tory, Language, Science; Mrs.
GREATER NEW YORK M. Popow, Vocational.
484 Washington Ave., Brook- HAWAIIAN MISSION ACADEMY
Established 1920 1417 Makiki St., Honolulu, Hawaii
Telephone, Prospect 9-7899 Established 1915
Board: W. A. Nelson, Chairman; Board of Directors: C. S. Prout,
D, V. Cowin, Sec. Chairman; J. A. Simonson, Sec.
Faculty: D. V. Cowin, B.A., M.A., Faculty: J. A. Simonson, Principal
Principal, Bible; Robert Lay, and Business Manager; W. Bo-
B.A., B.S., Mathematics, Sci- linger, Science, Mathematics;
ence; V. I. Shull, B. A., English, F. E. Rice, Bible, History;
Registrar; C. E. Gartly, B.A., Viola H. Simonson, English; Lo-
M.A., French, History; S. Jen- leta, H. Barron, Education; A. R.
kins, Librarian, Commercial. Barron Vocational; Ti Cirna,
English; Edith B. Morrison,
French; R. S. Morrison, Print-
HANKOW BIBLE AND INDUS- ing; Evelyn D. Rice, Piano;
TRIAL INSTITUTE Edna Simon, Accountant, Com-
Wang Gia Dun, Hankow, Hupeh, Grades: Helen Morton, Upper
China Grades; Willamae Hawkins, Re-
Established 1916 ceiving Grades; Winifred Craig,
(Not operating this .year due to Intermediate Grades; Dovie
war.) . Brix, Primary Grades.

HELDERBERG COLLEGE Constituency: The General Con-

(European) ference Committee.
P. 0. Box 22, Somerset West, Administration: M. E. Olsen, Pres-
C. P., South Africa ident, Business Manager; Lizzie
Board: J. F. Wright, Chairman; M. Gregg, Registrar; M. E.
G. E. Shankel, Secretary; Dr. C. Evans, Assistant Registrar and
F. Birkenstock, C. W. Bozarth, Accountant.
J. R. Campbell, V. R. Cooks, C. Board of Directors: W. E. Nelson,
W. Curtis, A. V. Edwards, G. A. Chairman; H. A. Morrison, Vice-
Ellingworth, E. D. Hanson, W. Chairman; M. E. Olsen, Sec. and
H. Hurlow, A. N. Ingle, N. Jeffes, Treas.; M. N. Campbell, F. M.
L. L. Moffitt, Milton Robison, H. Wilcox, W. E. Howell, M. E.
M. Sparrow, A. F. Tarr, A. N. Kern, W. H. Teesdale, J. A.
Tonge, M. D., J. V. Wilson. Stevens, Steen Rasmussen, L. E.
Local Board: J. F. Wright, G. E. Froom, E. D. Dick, H. T. Elliott,
Shankel, A. V. Edwards, Milton B. G. Wilkinson, A. W. Peter-
Robison, J. V. Wilson, C. W. son, J. E. Weaver, M. A. Hol-
Bozarth. lister.
Faculty: G. E. Shankel, M. A., Advisory Council: M. L. Andrea-
Principal, History;. J. V. Wilson, son, B. G. Wilkinson, W. I.
F.R.H.S., Bus. Manager, 'Agri- Smith, H. J. Klobster, W. M.
culture; A. V. Edwards, Bible; Landeen, G. E. Jones.
E. W. Marter, M.A., Bible;
Helen M. Hyatt, B.A., Mathe- Faculty: M. E. Olsen, A. M.,
matics, Registrar; C. F. Clarke, Ph. D., President, English Lan-
M.A., Science; F. E. Meekling, guage and Literature: J. N.
M.A., History; Margaret E. Anderson, A. B., B. D., Non-
Nickel, M.A., Normal Director; Christian Religions,,Hebrew, New
Hope H. Hayton, M.A., Modern Testament Greek; A. W. Wer-
Languages, Librarian; Elaine line, A. M., History; P. W.
Giddings, B.A., English; Lulu , Christian, Ph. D., Europe Since
Hattingh, Preceptress, School 1914; Leo Thiel, A. M., American
Nurse; Ethel M. Edmed, Com- Literature, Freshman Rhetoric;
mercial; P. J. van Eck, Afri- B. P. Hoffman, A. M., Major and
kaans; Yvonne de Gourville, Minor Prophets, Missions and
L.T.C.L., Critic Teacher, Irene Mission Problems, New Testa-
Bristow, Critic Teacher; Mrs. ment Epistles, Daniel and Reve-
F. E. Meckling, B.A., Home lation; L. A. Semmens, A.M.,
Economics, Dressmaking; Ellen Ph.D., Advanced Bible Doctrines,
Anderson, Dietitian, Domestic Christian Evidences; E. C. Blue,
Science; Mrs. C. F. Clarke, B.A., AM., General Science, Agricul-
Preceptress Junior Hostel; Les- ture, Trigonometry; H. W.
lie Le Butt, L.T.C.L., Music; S. Clark, A.M., Geology; Edwin B.
Glanz, Woodwork, Carpentry; Ogden, Ph.D., Advanced Alge-
Mrs. M. Botes, Commerce; Miss bra; Lee S. Davis, A.M., French,
A. L. Fouche, Typing. Spanish; Mrs. Olivia Lockwood,
A.M., German; C. E. Weniger,
HOME STUDY INSTITUTE AM., Public Speaking; M. E.
Cady, AM., Expression; H. E.
(Formerly known as the Fireside Edwards, Ph.D., Objective and
Correspondence School) Standarized Tests; Louis Mach-
Takoraa Park, Washington, D. C. lan, A.B., Geometry; H. B. Han-
Established 1909 num, M. Mus., Harmony; Lorena

E. Wilcox, A.B., Education; Mrs. Head Teachers: C. C. Chen, S.

Myrta Kellogg-Lewis, A. B., Old C. Wang, C. H. Chen, D. Z. Dzou,
Testimony History, Spirit of Yasuisan.
Prophecy; Mrs. F. L. Chaney, A. Assistant Head Teachers: P. A.
M., Latin; S. W. Tymeson., M.C. Chang, L. H. Ching, James
S., Christian Salesmanship; E. Wang, T. C. Hsy.
W. Carey, Bible Doctrines, New Instructors: C. K. Chou, H. P.
Testament History, Bible Read- Chang, Isaac Han.
ings, American History and Gov-
ernment; Mrs. F. M. Wilcox, R. Assistant Instructors: K. H.
N., Home Nursing, Cooking and Chung, C. Z. Wu, S. M. Yen,
Dietetics; B. P. Foote, B.S.S., PauCHah, G. C. Chao.
Gregg Stenography and Type- Teachers: F. C. Shen, S. M.
writing; W. L. Burgan, Journal- Swen, C. T. Wang.
ism; M. E. Evans, Bookkeeping Assistant Teachers: Ernest Tsai,
and Accounting; C. L. Stone, A. C. T. Ku, S. Y. Hou, C. C. Ku,
M., Arithmetic, Algebra; Mrs. S. B. Tsai.
Clara Norton, Grades 1-6. Apprentice Teachers: K. T.
Wrong, Henry Chu, Mrs. W. C.
HOME STUDY INSTITUTE Lee, Mrs. Yahami, Mrs. Ya-
Oriental Branch mamot.
P. 0. Box 554, Hongkong English Section: H. H. Morse, W.
E. Strickland, L. L. Pan, Ralph
Established 1922 Dinsbier, Miss Ruth Atwell, R.
Constituency: The China Division H. Hartwell, W. E. Anderson,
Executive Committee and the W. Wood, Oilene W. Liu, S. H.
Far Eastern Division Executive Lindt, 0. A. Blake, C. F. Thurs-
Committee. ton, D. E. Rebok.
Board of Directors: Frederick Chinese . Section : P. A. Chang,
Griggs, Chairman; W. A. Scharf- General Secretary; Pastor Meng
fenberg, Vice-Chairman, Secre- Chung Ih, Dean Five Year
tary; C. C. Morris, D. E. Rebok, Course for Evangelists; Chen
W. P. Bradley, V. T. Armstrong, Yu Shill, Dean Five Year Course
C. L. Torrey. in Education; Mrs. Mi Deh Fen,
Administration: W. A. Scharffen- Bessie Mount.
berg, President; H. H. Morse, Korean Section: C. W. Lee, H. S.
Dean and Business Manager; Lee, Mrs. Theo. Wangerin, W.
Mrs. H. H. Morse, Registrar; C. Williams.
P. A. Chang, General Secretary Japanese Section: F. R. Millard.
for China; S. M. Chen, Chinese. Philippine Section: P. H. Romulo,
Language Course; C. C. Chen, General Secretary; 0. A. Blake,
Head Teacher, IIonkong Lan- Advisor.
guage School.
Office Staff: Oilene W. Liu, Asst.
Registrar; Ernest Tsai, Asst. HONAN JUNIOR TRAINING
Treas.; S. M. Chen, Recording. INSTITUTE
Secretary; P. W. Romulo, Sec- Lowanho, Yencheng, Honan,
retary Manila Office; Annie Mae, China
Secretary Shanghai Office.
Established 1916
Dept. of Oriental Languages:
W. A. Scharffenberg, C. W. Lee, Faculty: 0. G. Erich, Principal
F. R. Millard. and Treasurer; Wong Ging -Po,

Associate Principal; Fan- Yung INDIANA ACADEMY

Fu, Preceptor; Liu Han Hwa, Cicero, Ind.
Preceptress; Gwoh Hsu Djen,
Matron; Teachers: Djang Dzi Established 1902
Yun, Djang Ming Hwa, Han Board: S. E. Wight, President;
Oen... Shen, Liu Hsueh Ming, Wu W. A. Nelson, Sec. and Treas.
Gwoh Ching, Yu Ging Fang, Faculty: W. A. Nelson, Principal,
Feng Cheng Yuin, Mrs. 0. G.
Erich. Business Manager, American
History; H. A. ohlers, Ac-
countant, Commerce: W. T.
HUNAN PROVINCIAL JUNIOR Weaver, Pastor, Bible; H. R.
TRAINING INSTITUTE Shelden, Preceptor, Science,
Seventh-day Adventist Mission, Mathematics; Mrs. Mary Cham-
"The Island," Changsha, pion, Preceptress, Librarian;
Hunan, China Anna Pearson, Matron, 'Home
Established 1919 Economics; H. A. Habenicht,
Agriculture, Farm Manager;
Faculty: Dzou Pei Hsin, Principal, Irma Berner, English,
Manager; Hwang Djung Seng, guage; ; Iva Dell Kirk, Music.
Sang Dwan Fu, Dzang Hsiu
Wu Ding Chi, Dzang Yun Fen,
(Not operating 1938-39 due to
war.) Prosperidad 85, Tacubaya, D.F.,
Principal: A. G. Parfitt.
Established 1932
P. 0. Box rg, Ibadan, Nigeria, JAPAN JUNIOR COLLEGE
West Africa (Nihon San-Iku Gakuin)
Principal: W. T. B. Hyde. Established 1926
Address: Shows-machi, Kimitsu-
gun, Chiba-ken, Japan.
Board: A. N. Nelson, President;
Address: Ikizu, P. 0. Musoma,
Tanganyika Territory, East Af- , Sec.; H. Yama-
moto, Mrs. Ai Fukazawa, C. D.
rica. Forshee, H. Kuniya, C. F. Thurs-
Faculty: P. Werner, Principal; ton.
W. Fenner. Faculty: , Prin-
cipal; H. Yamamoto, Treasurer;
INDIAN OCEAN UNION TRAIN- H. Kikuchi, Mrs. Fukazawa,
ING SCHOOL Mrs. Yamamoto, T. Koide, Paul
Established 1938 Eldridge, Mrs. Paul Eldridge,
K. Seino, Mrs. Wakamoto, H.
Postal Address: Indian Ocean Un- Yanami, Mr. Hasegawa, Mr.
ion Training School, Soamanan- Horikiri.
drarina, Tananarive, Madagascar.
School Board: Indian Ocean Union Girls' Department
Mission executive committee-. Address: 171 Amanuma 1 Chome,
Faculty: , Principal and Man- Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
ager; R. Guenin, J. Joelson, N. Board: A. N. Nelson, President;
Houlder. C. F. Thurston, C. D. Forshee,

H. Kuniya, S. Ogura, T. Yama- Mookerjee, Superintendent In-

gata. dustries, Mathematics; Jonas
Faculty: C. F. Thurston, A. B., Suren, Hindi; K. S. Ekka, His-
M.A., Dean; T. Yamagata, Miss tory; R: Dass, Geography; J.
Sudoki, Mrs. Ogura, Miss Naka- Hembrom, Santali; R. K. Pun-
mura, Mrs. Evens, Mrs. Kato, dit, Physiology; Sylvanus Hem-
Mrs. Iimori, Mrs. Nelson, T. brom, Nature Study; M. C.
Hine, Miss M. Yamagata. Kujur, Hindi.
Industries: Flower, Vegetable, and
Fruit Gardening for Boys. Sew-
Tdaj za sveopste vaspitanje KERN ACADEMY
Established 1931 Shafter, Calif.
Address: Pantoveak 121, Zagreb, Established 1930
Board: P. J. Buller, Chairman;
Board: R. Schillinger, Chairman. Dale Smith, Sec. and Treas.
Faculty: R. Schillinger, Director, Faculty: Dale Smith, Principal,
Bible, Farm Manager; S. Lude- Bible, Comercial; F. R. Wendell,
wig, Treasurer, Preceptor, Bible, Science, Mathematics, Wood-
Commerce, Science; Miss L. work; Mrs. E. E. Adamson, His-
Schillinger, Anatomy, Precep- tory, Domestic Science; Elinore
tress; M. Golubid, Mathematics, Hahn, English, German, Libra-
Geography, French; D. Stojcevie, rian; R. W. Gepford, Grades 7, 8;
Jugoslavian, History, German. Mrs. Tom Powell, Grades 4-6;
Miss Emma Neufeld, Grades 1-
3; Miss Ruth McWhinny, Piano,
KAMAGAMBO, TRAINING Chorus; Mrs. R. W. Gepford,
SCHOOL Cafeteria.
Kamagambo, Kisii, via Kisumu,
Kenya Colony, East Africa KETCHUM JUNIOR ACADEMY
Faculty: Principal, S. W. Beardsell, Route 3, Vinita, Okla.
B. A.; Training Department,
Miss C. J. Schuil; Industrial De- Faculty: W. W. Nelson, Mrs. W.
partment, C. J. Hyde; Girls' W. Nelson.
School, Miss K. Jorgensen.
(Malayalam Mission)
S.D.A. Mission School, Kottara-
(Bihar Local Mission) kara, Travancore, South India
S.D.A. Mission High School, Board: E. R. Osmunson, Chair-
Karmatar, E. I. My., India man; L. C. Charles, G. P. Crus-
Board: F. H. Loasby, Chairman; siah, C. Alexander, S. N. David.
F. J. Mainstone, H. D. Strever, Staff: (Principal to be appointed)
R. J. Borrowdale, C. Jensen, C. E. R. Osmunson, Acting Prin-
A. Larsen, L. G. Mookerjee, N. cipal; L. C. Charles, Headmas-
G. Mookerjee, P. D. Kujur, ter, Bible; C. Alexander, Mathe-
Hanuk Tiru, Barko Kisku. matics; V. Shastri, Vernacular;
Staff: L. G. Mookerjee, Principal, J. Gabriel, History, English; P.
Bible; Mrs. L. G. Mookerjee, I. Manuel, Elementary English;
Preceptress, English; N. G. Mrs. E. E. Osmunson, English,

Physiology; Mrs. P. Vatha- Manager, Bible, History, Geog-

muttu, Elementary Bible. raphy; Mrs. C. C. Cantwell, Eng-
Industries: Book-Binding, Tailor- lish, Needlecraft; S. Khanda-
ing, Weaving, Farming, Dairy- gale, Standards 5, 6, Assistant
ing. Farm Manager; A. Woods,
Standards 3, 4, Preceptor; Mrs.
KOTTAWA HIGH SCHOOL J. David, Preceptress, Matron,
Drawing, Cooking; Miss Sarah
(Ceylon Mission) Ali, Primary Teacher.
S.D.A. Mission School, Kottawa, . Industries: Farming, Printing,
Pannipitiya, Ceylon Book-Binding, Poultry, Hus-
Board: H. M. Peak, Chairman; A. bandry, Needle Craft.
F. Jessen, Y. G. Prakasam, S.
Jesudas, A. R. Peiris.
Staff: A. F. Jessen, Principal; LATVIAN CONFERENCE
Mrs. A. F. Jessen, S. Jesudas, SCHOOL
D. Gnanasundram, S. de Silva, (Adventes Misijas Seminars)
P. S. Fernando, J. Illisinghe, A. Brivibas iela II, Riga, Latvia
ayasundra. Board of Managers: J. Oltin, E.
Klotin, A. Jurkevics, E. Krievs,
SCHOOL Faculty: E. Klotin, Principal; J.
(Colegio Adventista del Titicaca) Tscholder, Business Manager; E.
Established 1922 Klotin, Bible History; K. Bru-
tan, Science; K. Zemberg,
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Mathematics; A. Kaniovska,
Colegio, Juliaea, Peru. Latvian, English, German; M
Postal Address: Casilla 4, Juliaca, Augstkalnin, Ancient Lan-
Peru, South America. guages; E. Saknit, Accountant.
Board of Managers: G. F. Ruf,
President; F. E. Vansiekle, Sec-
retary; C. D. Christensen, B. LAURELWOOD ACADEMY
Larsen, H. C. Morton. Gaston, Oreg.
Faculty: C. D. Christensen, Prin- Established 1904
cipal and Manager; P. E. Wen- Board: E. L. Neff, Chairman; G.
sell, Cashier and Bookkeeper; H. Simpson, Secretary,
Mrs. C. D. Christensen, P. P. Faculty: G. H. Simpson, nincipal,
Leon, Mrs. P. P. Leon, Andres Business Manager; H. E.
Achata, Mrs. P. E. Wensell. Weaver, Bible, Bookkeeping;
Gertrude Manfull-Gibson, Ac-
LASALGAON HIGH SCHOOL countant, Typing; Gilbert H.
Gibson, Chemistry, Physics,
S.D.A. Mission School, Lasalgaon, Woodwork, Electrical Engineer-
Nasik District, India ing; T. W. Walters, Registrar,
Board: Western India Union Com- History, Old Testament, Eng-
mittee. lish III; Katherine Adams, Pre-
Staff: C. C. Cantwell, B.A., Prin- ceptress, English I and II; C. 0.
cipal and Business Manager; Noblitt, Farm and Dairy Man-
Science, Bible, English; Daulet ager, Agriculture; Leona Glid-
N. Oh al, Marath i Vernacular, den, Librarian, French, German;
Mathematics; P. P. Thomason, R. 0. Stone, Preceptor, Mathe-
Book-Keeper, Assistant Poultry matics; Mrs. R. 0. Stone, Sew-

ing; Jeannette Oberg, Piano, LODI ACADEMY

Voice, Glee Clubs, Orchestra; Lodi, Calif.
Marie Steelmann, Asst. in Music
Department; Mrs. P. B. Gregg, Box 64o
Matron; L. H. Booth, Grades Established 1908
6-8; Mrs. L. H. Booth, Grades Board of Management: L. K. Dick-
1-5; W. G. Phelps, Baking. son, Chairman; L. R. Rasmussen,
Faculty: L. R. Rasmussen, Princi-
LIBERIAN MISSION SCHOOL pal and Manager; J. E. Denehy,
Konola Mission, Post Kakatown, Assistant- Manager, Bookkeep-
Monrovia, Liberia ing; Paul C. Heubach, Bible; H.
Address (for all schools): Konola B. Wilcox, Science, Mathematics;
Mission, Post Kakatown, Mon- Winifred Wichman, Registrar,
rovia, Liberia. Principal's Secretary, Typing,
School Board: The Mission Com- Shorthand; W. M. Wilkinson,
mittee. English, History, Library Sci-
Gen. Principal: K. F. Noltze, No- ence; Daniel Beltz, M.D., Home
nola Mission. Physician, First Aid; J. Wesley
Rhodes, Preceptor, Vocal; Zella
(1) Palmberg Mission School, es- Rine, Preceptress; Rae Wein-
tablished 1928, and 2 Village- heimer, Matron, Home Econom-
Schools. ics; Ruth Miller, Languages; J.
(2) Liiwa Mission School, estab- E. Hansen, Farm Manager; A.
lished 1932. A. Rupert, Basketry, Manual
(3) Konola Mission School, estab- Training; Lowell M. Knapp,
lished 1937. Printing; E. C. Collins, Band;
Lois Mae Johnson-Stauffer,
LIMA TRAINING SCHOOL Piano; J. Paul Stauffer, Grades
(Colegio Industrial) 7 and 8; 'Mrs. Pearl Wilson,
Office Address: Comandante Espi- Grades 6 and 7; Kathryn Rein-
nar 899, Miraflores, Lima, Peru. muth, Grades 3, 4, and 5; Hila
Postal Address: Casilla 2102, Lima, Hughes, Grades 1 and 2.
Board of Managers: R. J. Roy, LOMA LINDA ACADEMY
President; J. F. Cunimins, Sec- Loma Linda, Calif.
retary; C. H. Baker, A. Marin,
S. Weiss, A. A. Alva. Board of Managers: H. H. Hicks,
Faculty: C. H. Baker, Principal Chairman; A. C. Madsen, Sec.
and Manager, Bible, Carpentry; Faculty: A. C. Madsen, Principal,
E. C. Christie, Treasurer, Eng- History; F. A. Moran; Bible;
lish, Commerce; Mateo Aguilar, Paul Adams, Science, Wood-
FurthManager, History and Na- work, Physical Education; Ruth
tional Subjects; M. F. Perez, Frye, English, Public Speaking,
Preceptor, Spanish, Public Speak- Geometry; Mable Andre, Span-
ing and Pastoral Training; Mrs. ish, Algebra, Sewing; Mrs. R.
C. H. Baker, Music, Piano, Pen- Kellar, Domestic Science; Irene
manship; Mrs. E. C. Christie, Wakeham, Commercial, Account-
-Preceptress, .Domestic Science ant; Frances Brown, Piano,
and Manual Arts for Girls; Miss Grade Chorus; Mrs. W. Dunn,
Jacoba Florian, Mathematics; Piano, Chorus, Orchestra; M.
Mrs. M. F. Perez, Normal Train- Lucas, Grade 8; E. Nash, Grades
ing. 6, 7; Mrs. C. Purdy, Grade 5;

H. Johnson, Grades 3, 4; E. Dept., Director; Dr. E. L. Morel,

Roos, Grades 1, 2. Mrs. V. E. Robinson, I. L. Ans-
ley, Mrs. I. L. Ansley, Miss M.
Johnson, Yolam Kamwendo,
LYNWOOD ACADEMY Asst. Normal Dept., Edward
iro8r Locust St., Lynwood, Calif. Martin, Ered Maliro and 10 na-
Telephone, Lynwood 2101 tive teachers.
Established 1938
Operating Board: Wm. Guthrie, MALAYAN SEMINARY
Chairman; S. Donaldson, Vice- Established 1916
Chairman; W. B. Dart, Sec. and Address: 401 Upper Serangoon
Treas.; A. C. Nelson, W. W. Road, Singapore, Straits Settle-
Ruble, David Voth, F. H. Raley, ments.
B. M. Emerson, G. S. Luther, Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Dr. F. E. Neff, H. C. Hurlbut, "Adventist," Singapore.
Dr. N. C. Woods, W. F. Nor-
wood, Oak Smith, Dr. R. W. Board of Directors: Malayan Union
Maker. Mission Executive Committee
and C. M. Lee, Ngo Beng Hoe
Faculty: W. B. Dart, A.B., Prin- and W. P. Bradley.
cipal; Robert Kitto, M.A., Bible,
History; Pauline Sturges-Han- Board of Management: E. A. Moon,
son, M.A., English; N. L. Parker, F. L. Bunch, H. W. Jewkes, G. H.
A.B., Mathematics; Laurence Minchin, C. M. Lee, Z. H. Mac-
West, A.B., Commerce; Wm. V. arewa, Ngo Beng Hoe, M. Sire-
Albee, A.B., Science; Mildred gar, L. I. Bowers.
Grandbois, M.A., Foreign Lan- Faculty: G. H. Minchin, Principal,
guage, English; Edna L. Kil- Business Manager, Treasurer; H.
cher, A.B., Science, English; P. W. Jewkes, G. H. Minchin, Mrs.
G. Wipperman, A.B., German, H. W. Jewkes, Mrs. L. F. Bohner,
Woodwork; Willeta Carlsen, Mrs. E. A. Moon, Cheung Won
B.S., Home Economics, Com- Sung, Ngo Beng Hoe, Ngo Beng
merce; J. E. Carver, A.B., Auto Lim, Mrs. Ngo Beng Lim, Z. H.
Mechanics; Yvonne Caro How- Macarewa, L. B. Tamboehan, S.
ard, Piano, Music Organizations; N. Siregar, Tan Chin Khin, Daisy
Mrs. H. H. Howard, A.B., Cafe- Chew, Gloria Tan, Mrs. S. M.
teria, Home Economics; Mrs. Tan, Miss S. C. Phang, Cashier,
Thelma West, Lincoln Coltrin, Bookkeeper; L. I. Bowers, Indus-
Mabel Smith. trial Superintendent (on fur-
Established 1923
Cholo, Nyasaland, Africa
Address: Wen Kuan Tun, Muk-
Telegraphic Address: P. 0. Mala- den, Manchukuo.
mulo, Cholo, Nyasaland.
Board of Directors: K. H. Wood,
School Board: Union Executive F. B. Knight, A. J. Robbins, H.
Committee, Yolam Kamwendo, N. Brodersen., Wang Fu Yuan,
Edward Martin. M. Popow, F. M. Larsen, R. F.
Faculty: W. E. McClure, Princi- Cottrell, Che Yung Djien, Chi'
pal; V. E. Robinson, Normal Chin Bo, Liu Yucn Chen, Liang


H. C. James, K. H. Kim, Wang Darmstadt, Germany
Ching Yang, Wang Tzi Yuen, Established 1921
Dr. E. James, Dr. J. E. Miracle, Board: G. Seng, A. Sachsenmeyer,
Mrs. A. J. Robbins, Li Kwang A. W. Muller, W. Edener, E.
Hsin. Mayer, 0. Neubauer, A. Wick-
Local Board of Administration: K. lein, H. Erzberger, W. Meinhardt.
H. Wood, A. J. Robbins, Djao Faculty: H. Erzberger, Principal,
Hsiu Gia, Chen Hsin Sheng, H. Modern Languages, Education;
N. Brodersen, F. B. Knight; Li K. Hasenknopf, ,Business Mana-
Kwang Hsin, Union Educational ger; Wilhelm Hoffmann, Bible;
Secretary. Wilhelm Michael, Ph. D., Ger-
Faculty: A. J. Robbins, Principal, man, History, Gymnastics;
Business Manager, Bible; Mrs. Martha Riickert, Household
A. J. Robbins, Treasurer, Eng- Economics, Gymnastics; L.
lish; Chen Hsin Sheng, Pre- Erzberger, Kindergarten Meth-
ceptress; Li Kwang Hein, Sci- ods; Michael Schriidl , Printing;
ence, Agriculture; Gia Ming Karl Zeiss, Agriculture.
Hsien, History; Djao Wen
Djung, Language, Literature; MEIKTILA HIGH SCHOOL
Wang Yu Fei, Language; Mrs. (North Burma)
Li Kwang Hsin, Primary
School. S.D.A. Mission High School,
Meiktila, Burma
Board: J. 0. Wilson, Chairman;
MAPLEWOOD ACADEMY J. Phillips, F. A. Wyman, E. A.
Hutchinson, Minn. Crane, Thra Peter, Po Shwe,
Myat Po, J. Baldwin, Freddie
Established 1904 at Maple Plain,
Ba Tin, Thra Tun Sein.
Minn.; transferred to Hutchin-
son, Minn., in 1928. Staff: J. Phillips, M.A., Superin-
tendent and Bible Teacher; Mrs.
Executive Board: V. E. Peugh, J. Phillips, B.A., English; J.
Pres..; E. F. Heim, Sec.; C. H.
Baldwin, English, History,
Lauda, F. J. Nenno, B. C. Mar-
Geography, Preceptor of Boys;
shall, Dr. C. J. Martinson, N. R. Miss N. Pereira, Mathematics;
Nelson, E. A. Piper. Saya Freddie Ba, Tin, Burmese;
Faculty: E. F. Heim, Principal and Sayama Ma Shwe (Nurse),
Manager, By,31e; E. K. Vande Medical Subjects, Preceptress;
Vere, Pre-mptor, History, Li- Saya Tun Sein, Saya Arthur,
brarian, Mae Sorensen, Pre- Saya Myat Kyaw, Sayama Ma
ceptress, English; 'L. W. Roth, Ngwe, Middle and Lower De-
German, Church History; Mrs. partments; Saya All Lone
L. W. Roth, English, Speech, Shoke, Carpentry Instructor,
Assistant Librarian; E. D. Kirk, Saya Mating Yai, Treasurer;
History, Supt. Farm; Paul Ford, Daw Tin, Matron.
Science, Supt. Craftshop; F. F. Industries: Printing, Book-Bind-
Swearingen, Mathematics, Supt. ing, Farming, Poultry, Tailor-
Bookbindery; A. R. M. Laurit- ing, Carpentry.
zen, Music; J. 0. Iversen, Ac-
countant, Commercial; 0. E. Si- MIRIGEDA TRAINING SCHOOL
mon, Supt. Press, Commercial;
Lorna Lindsay, Home Economics, Mirigeda, via Port Moresby, Papua
Matron. Head Master: K. Gray.

MODESTO UNION ACADEMY Officers: J. L. McConaughey, Pres.;

Rt. 4, Figara St., Modesto, Calif. William Lay, Sec.
Board Members: Dr. P. C. Bying- Faculty: William Lay, Principal,
ton, Chairman; W. A. Potts, Business Manager, Bible; Mrs.
Secretary; John Birdwell, John William Lay, Registrar, English;
Baumback, S. France, L. E. R. A. White, Engineer, Farm
Hardesty, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Reta Manager, Science, Mathematics;
Wienstock, H. E. Ross, T. C. B. M. Kurtz, Preceptor, Bible,
Tunsen. German; Gretta Jean Rowland,
Faculty Members: W. A. Potts, Preceptress, Speech, History;
Principal, Bible Doctrines, Old Ruth Gustin, Commercial, Ac-
Testament History, Denomina- countant, Librarian; Mrs. W.
tional History; J. A. McClen- Johnson, Voice, Directing; Mrs.
aghan, English I, II, and III, J. L. McConaughey, Piano;
Spanish I, and II; Clarence 0. Dorothy Lichtenwalter, Matron,
Trubey, Chemistry, New Testa- Sewing.
ment History, Biology, Chorus,
Orchestra, Band; Mrs. Amanda MOUNT VERNON ACADEMY
Pease, Home Economics, Ge- Legal Name: Mt. Vernon
ometry, Algebra, General His- College Corporation
tory; Hazel Morrow, Bookkeep- Mount Vernon, Ohio
ing, Typing, Piano; W. Werth, Established 1893
Grades 5, 6; Mrs. W. Werth, Board: F. H. Robbins, President;
Grades 7, 8; Ruth Rice, Grades V. P. Lovell, Sec. and Treas.;
1, 2, 3, and 4. W. B. Mohr, Auditor.
Faculty: V. P. Lovell, M. S., Prin-
MOUNTAIN VIEW UNION cipal, Manager, History; R. F.
ACADEMY Farley, M. A., Bible, History,
Mountain View, Calif. Literature; H. F. Lease, A. B.,
Established 1922 Preceptor, Science, Mathematics;
Board: J. R. Ferren, Chairman; Mrs. M. Plymire, A. B., English,'
R. P. Rowe, Sec.; H. E. Wester- Commercial; Mrs. Phyria Kelley,
meyer, Treas. Accountant, Commercial; D. R.
Faculty: H. E. Westermeyer, Prin- Edwards, M. A., Director of Mu-
cipal, Amer. History and Govern- sic, Violin; Mrs. V. P. Lovell,
ment; W. B. Ammundsen, Bible, Piano; Esther Bruck, A. B.,
Woodwork; B. I. Rasmussen, Preceptress, French, Librarian;
Mathematics, Science; E. Grace Lenora Franzina, Matron, Home
Morel, Ehglish, Typing, Library Economics; M. E. Willison, B.S.,
Science; Marjorie Olinder, Span- Farm; P. F. Applegate, Supt.
ish, Home Art, History; Mrs. W. Collee
a Press, Linotyping; Le-
George, Piano, Vocal, Band, Glee Roy Applegate, Printing, Press
Clubs; Paul Meeth, Director Ele- Forman.
mentary Department, Grades 7,
8; Martha Doris MacElvaine, MYAUNGMYA ELEMENTARY
Grades 4-6; Ruth 0. Williams, SCHOOL
Grades 1-3. (Irrawady Delta Mission)
S.D.A. Mission School,
Myaungmya, Burma
Board: J. 0. Wilson, E. A. Crane,
Bozeman, Montana Po Shwe, Deacon David, Po
Established 1901 Toke.

Staff: Saw Chit Maung, Principal; Wortman, M. R. v. Emmerik, A.

Saya Ba Nyein, Saya Aye Hasiboean, Miss H. Lienjio.
Maung, Miss Annie Knight.
NARSAPUR HIGH SCHOOL 2171 South Fifth East, Salt Lake
(Telugu Mission) City, Utah
S.D.A. Mission High School, Nar- Established 1936
sapur, West Godavary District, Faculty: 0. F. Lenz, Principal,
South India Bible; M. E. Mathisen, Mathe-
Board: Telugu Local Mission Com- matics, Science; Mrs. 0. F. Lenz,
mittee. Matron, Preceptress; Mrs. M. E.
Staff: H. A. Hansen, Principal; Mathisen, Commercial; F. M.
P. J. Kelly, Headmaster; C. H. Owen, Spanish.
John, Ch. B. William, G. An-
andam, 0. B. Jonathan, E. N.. NEWBOLD MISSIONARY
William, J. V. Jesudas.
Industry: Printing. Near Rugby, Warwickshire,
2011 Twenty-fourth Ave., North, Board of Directors: H. W. Lowe,
Nashville, Tenn. W. G. C. Murdoch, G. W. Baird,
Established 1918 J. I. Robinson, 0. M. Borland,
Faculty: L. J. Larson, Principal, R. S. Joyce, N. H. Knight, G.
Grades 9, 10; Mrs. L. J. Larson, D. King, J. E. Cairncross, J.
Grades 5-8; Minnie Brown, Rigby, F. W. Goodall, A. H.
Grades 1-4. Thompson, S. G. Hyde, E. E.
Craven, L. Murdoch.
NCHWANGA TRAINING SCHOOL Executive Committee of the Board
Mubende, Uganda of Directors: H. W. Lowe, W.
G. C. Murdoch, G. W. Baird, 0.
Established 1931 M. Borland, R. S. Joyce, N. H.
Postal Address:. P. 0. Mubende, Knight.
Uganda, East Africa. Administrative Staff: W. G. C.
Principal: E. W. Pedersen. Murdoch, Principal; N. H.
African Teachers: E. Basil] wa, 0. Knight, Business Manager and
Muwanga. Treasurer; H. T. Johnson, Pre-
ceptor; Mrs. H. T. Johnson, Pre-
NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES ceptress; Miss Claudia Eyre,
TRAINING SCHOOL Domestic Matron, Librar-
1.,:az..Amni der Advent-Zend- ian Registrar.
ing Gado Bangkong, Tjimah, Ban- .eaculty: W. G. C. Murdoch, B.A.
doeng, Java, Netherlands Christian Evidences, Greek,
East Indies Bible Exegesis, Homiletics; G.
Established 1929 W. Baird, B.A. Hons. (Lond.)
M.R.S.T., History, Logic, Psy-
Local Board: P. Drinhaus, Chair- chology; E. E. White, B.Sc., B.A.
man; L. M. D. Wortman, M. B. lions. (Lond.) Science, Mathe-
v. Emmerik. matics, Geography; E. B. Phil-
Board: Union Committee. lips, B.D. (Lond.) Greek, He-
Faculty: Dutch Dept., L. M. B. brew, Latin; A. J. Raitt, B.A.

(Load.) French, German; A. tor, Preceptress, I-Iopei Mission

Russell, M.A. (Glasgow) Eng- Educational Secretary.
lish; C. W. Futcher, Mathe- Faculty: Igo Chiao-liang, Princi-
matics; E. M. Argent, F.C.T.S., pal; W. Ismond, Manager; Shan
F.I.P.S., Shorthand, Typewrit- Lo-t'ien, Preceptor; Ch'un Wen-
ing, Bookkeeping; , Educa- yu, Preceptress; Yang Ch'un-
tion Pianoforte. T'ing, Chinese; Yin Ch'ang-lan,
Factory Superintendent; Li
I-Ts'un, Science, , Church
St. John's, Newfoundland NORTHERN LUZON ACADEMY
Faculty: J. G. Combden, Princi- Established 1924
pal; Mrs. J. G. Combden, Hazel Address: Artacho, Sison, Pangasi-
Avery, Violet Curtis, Alma But- nan, Philippine Islands.
ler. Board of Management: E. N. Lu-
genbeal, R. R. Figuhr, A. M.
NEW GUINEA TRAINING Ragsdale, Mrs. E. N. Lugenbeal,
SCHOOL Q. Cabansag, T. P. Atiga, T. A.
Put Put, via Rabaul, Territory of Pilar, R. A. Pilar, A. Balinao.
New Guinea Faculty: Mrs. E. N. Lugenbeal,
Head Master: A. Hiscox. Principal, English, Music; J. A.
Bangloy, History, Physical Edu-
cation, Preceptor; Miss N. Y.
NEW ZEALAND MISSIONARY Reyes, Science, Mathematics;
COLLEGE A. Poblete, English; Miss J.
Longburn, New Zealand Atibagus, Preceptress, Matron;
Established 1907 A. A. Panaga, Bible; Miss L.
Cabansag, Grades 5, 6; V. Ca-
Board: H. G. Moulds, C. S. Pal- bansag, Grade 7.
mer, B. McMahon, T. W. Ham-
mond, G. F. Wright, J. Pascoe,
A. J. Furness, V. Nillson. TRAINING SCHOOL
Faculty: C. S. Palmer, Principal, (Formerly at Tsao Tan Chen,
:Bus. Manager; G. L. Sterling, Shensi)
T. Rutter, Miss I. H. Behrens,
Miss M. Dawkins, Miss V. Par- Lanchow, Kansu, China
ker, Miss E. Robson. Organized in 1932
Postal Address: Lanchow, Kansu.
NORTH CHINA TRAINING Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Fengtai, Hopei, China Executive Board: The Northwest
Established 1920 China Union Committee.
Board of Directors: The North Local Board: Available members
China Union Mission Committee. of the Union Committee.
Local Board: W. J. Harris, Chair- Faculty: Cho Ching Mei, Principal;
man; W. Ismond, Secretary- teachers: Sun Teh Ren, Su Tao
Treasurer; H. W. Christian, Hsiu, Yang Tzi Hsia, Yuan
Factory Superintendent, Precep- Shu Kui.


SCHOOL Nevada, Iowa
(Onsrud Misjonsskole) " Established 1911
Onsrud, Ullensaker, Norway Board: D. S. Osgood, President;
Established 1922 J. A. Tucker, Secretary.
Faculty: J. A. Tucker, A33., Prin-
Postal Address: Onsrud Misjons- cipal, Agriculture; A. E. Axel-