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Ev 10 Advantages and disadvantages of importing and exporting in to Colombia

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje Tecnología en Negociación Internacional Ev 10 Advantages and disadvantages of importing and

Prepared by:

Sandra Milena Vargas Yeimy Lorena Rendón Marulanda Gabriel Ricardo Torres Cárdenas Neder del Cristo Bru Buelvas Wilmar Quintero




To begin this process, it is necessary to know the needs, the product can be exported or imported, which necessarily must meet the quality standards, since abroad are more demanding. Exporting products requires responsibility and that is the marketing image of the country to which we are exporting and when we are going to import we must take into account the quality of the product.



  • 1. In developed countries it is necessary to reach an international level of quality, that forces to

better machinery, raw material and processes.

  • 2. In high cost manufacturing countries it is probably cheaper to import than to manufacture,

becoming resellers, going from manufacturers to merchants.

  • 3. In countries with international free trade agreements, the gradual reduction of import taxes up

to zero will lower the cost of international purchases.


  • 1. buy in another country reduces income in the country where the entrepreneur resides

economic problems as higher imports than exports

  • 2. Imports carry the risk of increasing the price of the foreign currency. Businesses tied to the

increase of foreign currencies by imports that are their main source of income.

  • 3. Imports to a high degree make the entrepreneur independent of the international purchase. Any

dependency weakens the company.

  • 4. Imports to a high degree make the international entrepreneur of the purchase independent. Any

dependency weakens the company.


What are the advantages of exporting?

  • 1. The sales of our country are raised causing a better economy.

  • 2. They are the engine of our country's economy as they help us with reducing poverty.

  • 3. It allows us to be more competitive internationally.

  • 4. Make the best use of the resources of the country.

  • 5. We have stronger possession in front of other countries.

  • 6. We have new international markets

What are the risks of exporting?

  • 1. That the buyers are not reliable people.

  • 2. Analyze the pie shape and fulfillment of buyers.

  • 3. Not getting adequate funding to compete internationally.

  • 4. risks due to political or economic dispositions

  • 5. risks of force majeure, such as accidents in which the goods can not arrive on time.