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Action Research Plan

Wonderings: What correlation exists between instructional strategies and

student engagement in WCA (Williamson County Academy) at-risk* classroom
settings? Are there instructional strategies that result more often in students
being removed from the classroom for behavior problems? What strategies are
most effective for keeping students engaged and in class**?

*At-Risk: students who have been removed from their home campus for behavior reasons
**at WCA students who are not choosing appropriate classroom behaviors are removed from the

Goal: Determine most effective classroom instructional strategies for at-risk


Action Steps: Persons Timeline: Needed Evaluation:

Responsible: Start/End Resources:
Student Case managers Aug – Sept. -permissions *observation
permission and Alicia form
*feedback from
to -time for
parents to sign mentors,
participate teachers,
Present Coworkers and August students, and
research Alicia 2010 -staff meeting other
plan to -time stakeholders
*number of
Prepare Alicia and August surveys
interview Greg(mentor) 2010 completed
questions -survey monkey compared to
and set up account number given
At-Risk Students Sept – Oct -time
Student *personal
and Alicia 2010 -interview journal for self
Interviews questions reflection (invite
Classroom Sept – Oct -time
Teacher a coworkers
teachers and 2010 -interview whose opinion I
Interviews Alicia questions value to help me
Student At-Risk students, Sept – Oct -time evaluate my
Survey computer teacher, 2010 -survey monkey work)
and Alicia
Classroom Sept – Oct
Teacher -time
teachers and 2010
Survey Alicia
-survey monkey
Classroom Classroom Aug – -time
Observation teachers and October -observation
Alicia 2010 charts
Other Stakeholders and Sept – Oct -time
stakeholder Alicia 2010 -interview
Interviews questions
Other Stakeholders and Sept – Oct
Alicia 2010 -time
stakeholder -survey monkey
Alicia and County Aug – Nov -time
Behavior officers 2010 -behavior
Referrals referrals files
Data Study -permission to
research files
Examination Alicia
Aug. - -time
of Current -databases
Compilation Alicia Upon
and study of completion -time
of Research
data -computer
Alicia Upon
Create completion -time
Report of research -computer
Identify Alciia Upon
resulting completion
of research -time
wonderings (December) -current action
and new research data
action and findings
Alicia Upon -time
Sharing completion -PowerPoint
findings of Report -blog
(December) -report copies
Implementin Principal, January -time
g necessary teachers, and 2010 -lesson plans
Alicia (Semester -teacher
changes II) participation
Teachers, ongoing
mentors, students, -time
Evaluation other stakeholders -surveys
and Alicia