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Chans News Feed (July 2017)

Enoch & Abigail Chan @ El Rancho

Major Ministry & Life Update

Hey team!

We hope this letter finds you well and walking strong with Christ. We just got back from our Mid-Year national conference (more on that in our next
newsletter!), and we thought it was timely to give you abit of an update. We are counting down to some big changes in 2018!

It's timely because it was at this very campsite and conference, in 2008, that I (Enoch) got saved and started following Jesus. I was drifting through my
second year at uni, when my dad's friend invites me to this conference. His name was Aaron Ku, and he kept nagging me to come. I had no real reason
to not go, so along I went.I was lost in life, lost in my sin, but God used that conference to save me. I finally understood the gospel, and how much I
needed the forgiveness and new life Jesus offered. God placed a burden and passion within me to help others experience that same joy of knowing God
and his salvation; I went back home with a completely different outlook and purpose in life. But I could never imagine the journey that would follow.

That journey would include God calling me to full time missions work with Student Life after graduation (2011); meeting my future wife, and serving
together in Auckland Student Life ever since we got married in 2014. We've been living the dream. God used Auckland Student Life to impact both Abby
and I significantly, and now we were able to reach and impact our campus and the next generation of students. I've been here 7 years now, while Abby is
on her 5th. And you, our ministry partners have been there with us every step of the way. Some of you started supporting me way back in 2011, and
others will have joined our journey somewhere along the way. Whether it is just months, or it's been years, we are so thankful for each donation and
prayer you've sent our way. God hasn't wasted any of it; He has done some incredible things through our partnership in the gospel. Even the 7 years
worth of newsletters (around 42 or so?) doesn't come close to covering it. We've tried our best, but seriously it doesn't come close.

They don't come close to covering the number and stories of students who have trusted in Christ, crossed from death to life and have gone on to
becoming faithful, multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ (Attending their baptisms at their respective churches will always be a highlight of my life). Or the
number of Christian students who join our movement and getmobilized to make disciples; making an impact in their churches and communities right now
and as they graduate in the future.Or the thousands of gospel seeds planted, which God is watering to bear fruit in his timing. Abby and I have had so
much joy discipling dozens of young men and women as we see all this happen. You have all been apart of this.

They don't come close to covering the impact of summer mission projects we've had theprivilegeof leading. Of getting the gospel into unreached
people groups in Thailand and East Asia, and helping the local believers reach their own country. To be stretched totally out of our comfort zone and
totally rely on God's protection. To see God challenging and changing the lives of our own students, to set a fire in their souls for the nations, a fire we
pray that will burn bright for the rest of their earthly lives. You have all been a part of this.

They don't come close to covering how God has grown Auckland Student Liferemarkably during this period of time. Through a realemphasisand culture
of prayer, we have been seen amazing gospel fruit that increases year by year. In 2011, we had around only 4 new believers who stayed involved with
us. In 2017, after just ONE semester, there are 40 new believers still involved in regular discipleship and evangelism. As our movement at University of
Auckland grew, we have launched into AUT and Massey University. This year, we had over 150 students come to national conference from Auckland; a
faith goal we have been praying and working towards for over 10 years. You have all been a part of this.

In these seven years here at Auckland Student Life; God has grown us immensely and year by year we have taken on more leadershipresponsibilities;
becoming key cogs in the running of Auckland Student Life on the front lines.It has been such a joy andprivilege. Throughout these years, we've prayed
that God would use us for maximum impact for his Great Commission; and He seemed to be answering those prayers!
The Chans News Feed

But now God has answered those prayers in a way we didn't expect; or even want initially. He
threw a big spanner in the works. In April/ May this year, Abby and I were made aware of the
need for new team leaders in Canterbury Student Life, and were asked to consider taking up the
They are a small movement compared to Auckland, but have 3 committed staff and a bunch of students keen to share the
Some students we discipled
gospel. And they are in great need for new team leader to go lead, moblize them to best reach that campus with the back in 2014
When we got asked to consider going to Canterbury, my initial reaction was quite negative to be honest.
Auckland Student Life is so close to our hearts; many tears, toil, sweat and blood have been spent here. The most proud
and joyful moments of our lives were here. We've spent the prime of our lives labouring for the gospel here. The thought of
leaving all this, to give our energy to something else, knowing we will leave a big hole here; it hurts. We are so close to
our staff team; they really are our second family, and the thought of doing life and ministry without them hurts. The
thought of leaving all our current students without seeing them graduate, it hurts. The thought of not being here, not
being apart of what God does next, it hurts. The thought of Eli growing up away from his grandparents, uncles, aunties,
cousins; it is heart wrenching. The thought of Abby not having her support network and mother's community here in
Auckland; it hurts. The thought of not having our close friends around; the ones who give us so much support, care, and
Staff team 2013
love; it hurts. All these things hurt alot, and the pain is deep.
We absolutely love our lives here in Auckland. We love this city, our families are all here, our ministry is fruitful, we have a Some of our Staff team 2017
wonderful church and looked forward to tackling this next stage of life as a young family. We still felt like God had much for
us to do here.
But the call of God had became painfully undeniable over these past months. We had never felt Christ so close and
experienced scripture speaking so clearly and in such convicting fashion in our lives. We were forced to look harder at
eternity, our hearts for lost sinners, to see our own selfish desires, to measure our priorities against God's Word, to once
again appreciate the great need for not just gospel addition, but gospel multiplication. It was an absolutely agonizing
decision and many tears and hours were spent in seeking the Lord. As we shared this burden with trusted people,
mentors our pastors and took in their counsel; the call of God became even more painstakingly clear.
So for greater kingdom good and a wider gospel impact; to see the gospel fruit we've experienced here in Auckland Thailand Project 2013
Student Life multiply out; we have officially accepted the role of being Team Leaders at Canterbury Student Life. This will be
a minimal commitment of 3-5 years. We will keep working with the Auckland team until the end of October, and start
transitioning to the new role in November. We will most likely move to Christchurch in earlyJanuary2018.
We want to be clear that our vision and goals are exactly the same; we desire to see lost students become Christ-centered
labourers through our movements on campus. We are just changing to a different campus, and playing a different role as East Asia Project 2015
the team leaders. We want to win these lost students to Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them out to do the
same. We've had 7 amazing and fruitful years at Auckand, and you've been a part of it all the way. Now it's time bring it to
We actually got to meet and introduce ourselves to the Canterbury students during conference this past week, and it was
quite encouraging for us.Amongst the bittersweet turmoil of leaving; we felt the roots of excitement and vision grow. It's a
new challenge, a new campus, a new city and a new chapter in God using us to fufill his Great Commission. Family

We had hoped to tell this news in person or over the phone; but with a new baby it's been tough to schedule it all in.
Soapologies if we didn't manage to grab a coffee with you or give you a call! Please don'thesitate to get in touch with us if
you have any questions or just want to catch up about things.
These next six months will be a whirlwind for us. We want to leave strong and leave well. We will need much support,
counsel and prayers from people around us. There is alot for us to figure out and process. We are grieving the life we could
have had here; but excited for what God will do in the future. Thank you for your love, your prayers, financial giving, and
friendship. We are so thankful for your partnership in the gospel; all our students are thankful for your partnership in the
gospel. Please be praying for our family!
Thanks for being a part of all this. Church Family