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1. Credits (L:T:P) 3:0:0


Unit Content No. of Weeks

(Teaching Week
excluding unv.
CMOS Review MOS Device Physics, CMOS Technologies, 23
Fundamental Design of MOS switch, MOS diode/ active resistor (1st - 3rd Week)

Amplifier MOS amplifiers, Common-Source stage (with 45

Design resistive load, diode connected load, current-source (4th - 8th Week)
load, triode load, source degeneration), source
follower, common-gate stage, cascode stage.
Differential Differential amplifier, Single-ended operation, 23
Amplifiers differential operation, basic differential pair, large- (9th - 11th Week)
signal and small-signal behaviour, common-mode
response, differential pair with MOS loads.
Bias Circuits Passive and Active current mirrors, Bandgap 12
& References References. (12 - 13th Week)

Frequency Frequency response of CS stage, CD stage, CG 34

Response stage, cascade stage, differential pair. Feedback (14th - 17th Week)
and Op-Amp Topologies, Operational amplifiers: one stage op-
design amp, two-stage CMOS op-amp, Gain Boosting,
Stability and Frequency Compensation.

Assessment Scheme

Type of Description Percentage

Mid-term Exam As per university time table one midterm exam will 20%
Quizzes Surprise in nature. It will be announced and held on 20%
same day during lecture hours. (No make up
exam will held for quizzes)
Assignments/ Design problems on CAD tools or hand calculation. 20%
Design Project To be submitted on time before due date to be
considered for evaluation.
End-term Exam Complete syllabus covered in lecture classes, 40%
Total 100%
2. Bibliography
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