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At the end of the lesson the student should be able to:
a. Identify the different Asian festival;
b. Compare the festival of China, Japan, and Thailand;
c. Appreciate the festival form of China, Japan, and Thailand.

II. Subject matter

Topic: Asian festivals
Subtopic: Festivals of China, Japan, and Thailand
Reference: Music and Arts leaners module pp.366-378
Materials: Audio Visual Aids; manila paper

III. Teaching Procedure

a. Daily routine
Checking of attendance
b. Review

Teachers activity Students activity

- Last meeting we discuss all
about the theater of Indonesia,
which is the Wayang Kulit
and Shadow theater arts of
Thailand which is the Nang - Yes maam
theater, right?

- Anyone who can give the - Wayang means puppet amd

meaning of Wayang kulit? kulit means skin

- Very Good! What do you call

the person or the puppeteer
who controls the puppet or the
wayang kulit? - Dalang/dhalang maam.

- Exactly! How about the Nang

shadow puppet of Thailand,
anyone who can give the
meaning? - Nang was one form of public
entertainment in Thailand.
- Thats right! who can give the
two types of nang shadow

- Nice answer! do you have any

- Nang talung and Nang yai.
question about the theater arts
of Asia?

- If none let us proceed to our

new topic - None maam

c. Motivation

- But before that, take a look of

these picture.
- (students will look at the

- What is it?

- Moriones Festival.

- How about this?

- Panagbenga Festival

- The third photo?

- Exactly! And what are those? - Ati- atihan Festival

The Moriones Festival,
Panangbenga, and Ati-ati.
- Philippine Festival

- Based on our previous topic

and pictures, what do you think
our topic for today?
- Asian Festival.
- Very Good! Our topic for today
is Asian festival.

D. Lesson Proper

- Can you give the 3 festival that

you watch? - Lantern festival of Thailand,
Chinese New Year and Taiko
drum festival of japan.

- Very good! What is Chinese

New Year all about?
- It is the longest and most
important festivity in Chinese

- Nice answer! How about

dragon dance and lion dance
can you compare it?
- Dragon dance is a highlight of
Chinese New Year and dragon
is longer that lion

- Correct! What is Taiko drum

festival of japan?
- They are using big and small
drums, they use drums to pray
for rain and other religious
- Nice answer! And the last is
the lantern festival.

- Also known as Sky lantern or

Ye Peng Festival this are small
- Excellent! Do you have any hot ballon.

- None maam.

IV. Evaluation
(Grading for reporting)

Penmanship 10 pts.
Reporting 15 pts.
Content 25 pts.
50 pts.
V. Assignment
Japanese theater ( p 147)
Answer the following:
1. What is Japanese Theater?
2. What are the vocal instrument features of Japanese theater?