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2. Write briefly on : (54=20) 206. MICROBIOLOGY-II

a) Halophilic vibrio
b) Listeria monocytogenes (New Regulations)
c) Mycoplasma 29th December) (Time: 3 hours
d) Lab diagnosis of Anthrax Maximum: 80 Marks
e) Q Fever
Answer Section-E , F & G in separate answer books
Answer Section-H (Multiple Choice questions)
SECTION-G in the question paper itself

3. Write short notes on : (54=20) SECTION-E

a) Dermatophytes
1. Write essay on the following : (210=20)
b) Madura foot
a) i) A four year child presents a grayish white
c) Rota virus
patch with bleeding edge in the faucies. No
d) Japanese encephalitis history of immunization. What is your
e) Prophylaxis of poliomyelitis preliminary diagnosis? How do you establish
lab diagnosis of such a case? (6)
ii) Enumerate the bacteria causing food
poisoning. Describe the lab diagnosis of food
poisoning caused by Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
b) i) How do you cultivate viruses in the
laboratory? Write briefly the detection of virus
growth in cell culture. (6)
ii) Discuss the immunization, against viral
infections, recommended for general public.