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i)jrocllons ((,Is. I to 3): each of the OOWlli )"
quatiom ! :o J two >t<ZieJn<lliS a1e {OIIooJ by two b,C.,L'<' (re'
Jl '.b_ Will bd IO
oo11cl"''""' A ;md B. A>.>uming rOm rile giv.:n stale-
Of th< d,,-,\oJ poop\<
ro, .'J(:;ST candi-"

"'""" '"' pue "'"" iJ riley"'" a: wzri61lce with ,;_ Should IOSC">timl of
wmm01;h "'"'"'" !""" p1cic 11p one ol ;}re following d>tcs be di;continucd'
"''' wer-<hoiees wiJiclt 7011 t!Jmk i:; corroxt. Yes. hccau '""""' !10J pur-
'"! /,1 o11f,. Aft/lows po.o C"Cflt '"' il>c f"liiric.; p;n-

rll) /j 011/o- COIIdu.,ion 8 jol/ow.1 Oo.
(<.! lf.'>Oth A on< Bjollow 1!. '-lo. bcoau.<cthc hod""' I <Wine., of<hc
I) /fw<oi0<CAIIot8fo//ows >.OOtOI}" Oltl.<( he],. i<>d
l. Sutemen,.: I. Some docton oro fool5. ra Dirr<:tiaru; (Qs. 7 to <r]: ,; c.-. .-'"'' m ,.-,h of
q""'"""' frn 7 ro 9 :. by

He ia a doctor.
He 0< fooL '"""'"ce<
Conclusions: wh1rh may "' mpl,"mom of rhf _fim
Same fools an: dootou. ,;,,. d!mO!.<

' Statemen,.: All birilila:rc me-n. Sdec< rile chdce -""

Ia! fj?nlt '-'
Conduslnn.: ' All crow> an: bitd.!.
(A) Ali crow; are nm mem.
Some men are nor crows.
lbi If O!!(\' srmemellrll >< rmpi;N!
(cl lfbmh i/ateme/11:; ,'I ar<> '"'f'lred

' '"'' ldi l(r:p"ill't" iMI,.mem I


"'o tree is-bottle. .'! ts Implied

"'<a honle is unbreahble. T. CKCossi,e smoking eventull'y je<tmy<
Conelui<m<: '
)A) 'llo ""'' is
-:lotluog uobreabbk ,, b.alrll

I. SotM l"'UJll< ;rnoke <xte<Sl\ely.
IT. 0,_, 1>k' elf< Clfhil hr->Jth

lliroolioru; (Q. 4 to 6): O.o mter.-ogonwo 8. lie pmmised to th< monor thorou,i'.l)
'""'""''" by lWiJ argumenu. 011,. b.Jgm I. He ts II1 the lt>bJt of
mng "'"h )e' wu! the o!her mlh 'on . P/rk up rloc II The maner nedd"' be ;rud!ed thorougn-
ur.,wer-choice fmm 1;-.

li'""n ,_,/o" for OtJch of rhe quesriorufrom l ro 6 9. Borll ofh!S <hildrtn '"" d=. but lh ;,
I") !f <r<ly arg! f is forceful ol""""''
(b) !f on!]- ariP'"'e"l fT forh'ful I. 0!1< of the ciuldren L< a boy.

(<) J,rl:w& "'"menl> ! aJU! II flJ"e for<:f!jhf !1. The f3ther mlJS! be quit de,er.
(d) !f "'li'""M' ! or II "force}"./ 10.> r
go;< to'- parry ho"ed by hl<hrothe<
4. Should, oW-age pension be introduced in '"-' havmg daughter B. .,-h,, ;, .-L:mcine with

1\<r bmther C. '\Vhnt" T '''co

t Ye&, be""""" it is ttl< most impmtant o) Uncle <1>! '-.!orhew
social lc) Fathe< rdi l',i:ed <u C
U. Nu, Occou= i\ wj!j b<o)" U, A" <!.o bru<h= of Bond C. D" C"'< mnrn..r
fliLam::iol bnnlm oo rho Stare. and ll's mle. l: IS B sis1er. H""' "C
!:. f,oo OOu=lioa 0. imported in Jndian li?
ScllOOIS? r.-,,. A< "ic-.:o >:;
J. Yes. b'"""'" lndiL ,. a deme>cratrc (c/ A oun< id) Ao TI'K<tJ:JCl

12. -'. gue;tin" is foll<>weJ by lwo ,latcm="',,
' r=th.
ani Jl "'hich c:{ c<"liin clt. TcU by (c) All rese=he cowtnbute to the
-""IO<ctiog on< of tho ""'"er-choic"' given knu,.,lod&:
wh<tl!er tho d..aOl g.ven in the staten>en!.S ore r.IJ A EOod rc'SCII.rcbor ;. a nice person
ruflio>cnt for l!IlwcrinJ> !he question 19. Quality of research de-pends on
(iz) If staremm 1 alone is !llfficient Ia) uoe technology
(D) If statement ll .tone ,. sufficient rb) 0>-ailo.ble fo.:ilities
(c) If t:<lth I and ll taken l<lgether are ouffi- Ic) IUt.nlllg Ill ReoeOF:h Mothodolngy
"en' ld! dedn:otion on rhe port of r:scarchc"

(d) If ncne of the smtemenu,. sufficient 20. The competency oh teocller con be JUdged ""
Qu ..tlon: A hone ron 100 Without lhe bom of
ol<lpping. What w"" his overage It:! publtcauon of books
"flOOd 10 mil<:< per hour"I (b) longrh ohe"'kc
Statem<nts: I. The horse rAn 20 Illiks per {c) meeting need of students
hour for the fint 50 mlle5. !di personabty of !<ocher

IT. The cutin: journey takes 21. The most t111por13nt challenge before techor
from 8.Dll p.m. Dlll: day l<l
4.00 a.m. tho following day "(a}10 dlociplme in tho

Direction (Q. 13 to IS): Which of the (b) 10 mAke ..ntd<nts 00 their home work
jQilmvmg nwmbe..s given am>>"t".r (<) to P"'l"''" question pdper
"'("mnplete> lhe number sene>.' to m>ke proce" cojoy-
13. .II?.. 256, 128. . 32. 16, B ahle
(i!) 52 (b) 6! ll. An effecrive oomrnunictioo d<><s NOT 11:-
(c) 64
14. 2, 7, 17. 32. 52, 77.?
(d) S6
ra quin>
(a) ch""gc in spclt patlm!
{aJ 107 (b) 91 (b) 3ppropnat< gestures
(<) 101 (d) 92 (c) rnast<:ry of oonlellt
15. 3, 5, 9, l5, 23, 33, 45, 59,. (d) handsome pe:rsonohty
(a) 60 (b) 75 2J. Which ofthe foUowmg tateruenl> " NOT eur-
(<J 12 (d) 81 rcct?

16. The most powerful bame:r of clUIIIIlUIIicatiou (a) A good cowmwJ.kotru caruwo be
Ill d!e d=r<>om '"
M IICHSe Ill dJe d=ro<>m
ib), coo:fimon on !be pllrt of the -w
(b) A go<>d cotllWWI1CilWr ho guud '""'"of

(c) more nut;;idt: d!llturbance in lhc d"""m""' (q A goud commomic>IOI" has wide reading
(d) lack of oeaclting aids (d) A goorl commomico10r has co111In3ud ov<!!
17. A competent teacher i< one who can language
(aj help allsmde:nts to pass the exam:in,rion :W. Which of the following s!atement is NOT t:rue?

(bf o-eare mteust in m. suhje;:t amongsr the (a) Teaching;, an an

students (b) Teachers c:m be ttamed_
fc) m;uruorn >ilence ill the cln=wm (c) Toadler$ are born.

!d) keop srudents engaged (d) All rhe abov

Winch s!lltcmcnt i NOT oom.:ct? Z5. A tcocl!cr is succ"ssful only tf be
M A resean:ller is expocred ro De well-read knows lru; subject thoroughly well

(b) produces cern per cent re<ult

(b) One retearch gives binh Ill another (e) ts appracllable
id! pubhshes pape" iii jOIIIllills Phepute (c) He WJL< ohm lcartr-r
Directions: Rro.d rhe jollrming f'l"'Sage and (d; He tried to mke l huma1t
an.tHt"r the 4ue.\'litms 26w
Fr nn a Iundy 0\lml, rhere httl ul<] , 29. Which of the followmg n"'ment ;,. rrue in the
man ann hi <l.aughrer. The man wos Jat>,hankar, a c<mrex; of rhe passage'
magtciar. The was RooFmti, a lovely (ni \'irdh>all:e-pt tho ;rrrrts und-.

yonnz gid of <ixt<eTt They lhed in oave one half Iig"m>l"l wos Rnopooans nwther
of <>hioh was used for Jata.hankar's nrd) lr was (r) Ja,.sh!tknr entnJSled ttnporti!Jlt to
here that he kept hi books and turlied magrc '"""t Virdhaal

o:tOe day lle knew so mnch of the art of magic tim ar.d MoOOh<n"" ''"' "'-'il spin
he"""" able to oommand the spirit< of the isl>m<l to mncrinn<: l? the "''rl
him These piri<S obeyed him gi>rlly hecause nn.rwr thP Jollmvmg .;ues/mn< :,-1 :o _'5
They I'.'OTe g,.Teful to him for Jta,ing reuerl them Th< Acharyas hovt <otd tl," Jt.wtn>; dis-
from the power of the \\'ickerl tll:l"narayan. who had
ra "''""""<""
a [!f"-'t )'OHI'elf TC tl".a: go'-1<rl them on>elly ln<leen. at the rime ofhis d"-"rh. and act l<lward' it )T"" '"'rrwiun frmr.
mo" of <hem were imprisoned in the trunk. ofm;c,_ tha! whcrchy gcr nc" column nf
ilarl freed them and so they !ICTVcd him energy. Do om llow tim '" '>e di"'ra1c<!
willingly'" master. m th" IUnle :mcmmi.,; of the r><' ''f'T"" nr faJlureo.
The chid of gentle pirits was Virdbaval, a nnr in the imagin<r1 rorrffi'l nfhr fmrrc_ nnr '" tho
little creature who wa< net only d.,..,r{,; to hi< excitement nfthe pre<ent . thu< hrinG hat entire
master but al<o fnU of 011<dtirf To him Jat>,honbr energy focused into artivi<y. 11ut " tho highe<t

entrusb>d Ius ma<t ll!lporunt tasks_ One of these "'"' orearivc amion in the. world m:r, Therehy tOe
to w>tch Mocdharru.ti. a mon<t.r_ whom Jatashanhr in.:lmdual wOO is nil now ccmsirlrrffi me" Jneffi
bd found iu "oods MMdhamatt. the of dent iind.r his "'"Y h1 the highe." arhicvernen< and
"'"-' more like lllture. lnborited
f,nnr hi< morher, Ugrarmtt. llod prevented tlili. This is '"id ;-.-ry in asecon:1 RH11"

Ha<h""""'- a!td dl<Obedient OJld ......ted careful min ourminrlto this animrtr- it pce<ls con<
o.atohmg but Vrrdha>al kept !urn III order and often tr.oining hco= we have already the m:nd
played m><oiue\ous trtoh on biro He ,.ould pinch wrMgly to nob n <xtent th" we h""< Oecome

P'"h the mort<tt" or biO<k ills patb >nd frigh10n perfect m imperfeetions 'lot bowin.g ttle m of
amion, "'" have been most-. arnm tn
26. J;granamyn treated cnell: to wrong thing, the l<ltall<y M acltoity will brtng rhe

(a) )>.loo<lh=Jatl (b) R"''l'"'""' onlllltry 10 a ond tndeed

(cj la1abankor (-!) VirdhnHl If Mch one is gioen a rru-. '" achlee an !deal
li. Moodbaman not be sone human ocialtstio pattern and nobody "''""'' dnvmg but

belnG bocaue ._erybody staru driving. wh>t would be the comil-

(a) he disllked t;lu; traimng given by riO" on tire marl' Eve!) body has equol 'rght on Ure
Jalasttimlw puhhc road. ']hen each oar'""" oeces>OJtly dash
(h) He'''"' lazJ and disobed!ent gainst tire orhe1. and tltere is bound to be a
h He possessed a smful nature JUIUbk:_
(d) Virdhoval did not allow him 10 bome a Tius seems to be very apt Fa !tern of life th.r we
humon being U< heoding to. of us is a cetlic1(,. We know
28. lHC.>hanb lrarl onmmand over the ;ptrits of how to go furward The po>nt is. mtellcct :s ery
island btoause powerful 11:1<! C"VC"T)'<>n<" bul nob<dy ><:cmo
fl1) He was a greot mustciOJl to know hu"' tu cuntrul mental energy ond dir<.:l
(/>), He s;tved them frmb Ugranarayan 1t p:op<ly or gu11k 1! to tr.e proper do.LUiotion
30. WI"' ,, :he effoo< of wrong training of the 36. S<>Cing lhc P<rfnrmance of all the four <ollego:,
whiCh nf grwps 1"'
llcc"nl:L> pe;:f,ct in ollaspeots ;hov.n Jowcot kvd of P<rcentage r.-.ul!<"'
l\1 Boccma>g "'"-""' O<Lisls (") and Botany
ro hk;ng tl>e Lu tho:: virlllll( do5lma- !h) and If'"
t,on lc) Ma.hcmatb and PhySJC<
id! on octi,mes wJlll<>ul Id) C:hcmi>tJ}" Rn,ny
ro control nterual =ro. Dire<!inno: Srudy d'agmm ""d

31. The ourcc of energy ao:cord.Jns to lbe author '"' """'""'"'" Q. No 37 1n 40
I"! H1gl1<" cre..uve aruon
(bi .t'wper uawins ofrrurul
(<:! ln>"[lll<lllOil from p>Sl e>onts
(d) Smnulation obttilled from a'"' goal
3!. The au1hor"s main focu< in rile is

1"' F,nd1ng out wonby goo! tllllfo
1/l vf energy"' pmpe:r channel
f(! Smlggle for equal nghts
1<11 Car for lack driving <!:1!1

33. "!he cC>uni!"V rmy pehsh heca,;e of
ra) Fct:ur.,Mp:><racrs ""'' To Wffl To, F,l Sol Soo
rb) Wrong deeds perlbnned witbom prop.c

..t. *"' 10'" '"" '"'
(c.iComplete surnmdeT to any on< soal
(d) Duoc<mg mental er.ergy to ng:ht destin
Note' This dtogrom
two c11i" 1n a weok.
the temper:!Nr<S of

37. On wlncb <illy !he 1<mperarure of 01ty B "

Dlre<tloru; : Jl11."""'" Quostions 14M 36 on rhe equal oo Fndy"s lemporoturo af nty A.
ba.ri< af tho folluwing TaMe. 1a1 Saturday (b! Fridl!y
ll"ume all sent equal number of c:rndidales !c) Wednesday (J) T""<rlay

In oil subjocl for the exomination. 38. Between which two day the in 1<=-
!'crowrd i' !he l1igh<" iu t"wu A"!

o{ Results
Subjt M nd SturJJ
{1>) Saturday and Sunday
lliilk Pl:pi C'"'mi.ory
(c) W<dnesda; and Thuw:!ay

c " " " (d) Thnr.;day and friday


"" "
39. Berween wh,ch two days tbe dlfl'erffit m tem-
perature is the lowest in town B?
Tking all rhe coHogffl inoo "
which accnullt "
(a) Thnrsday and Fr.d:!y

(b) .\tond:!y and Tuosday

Sltbject h" shown bighesr perc<n"'J:o wu1h>? (c) l-ndl!y and Saturdl!y
(a) Chrnustty (b) Malhemaric (d) Wedne<rl:l; and I hursday
(c) Zoology (d) Physic< 40. In ,.hwh town tOe llunutn""'

1 aking the performance in all tbe <UbJ<CIS into the b.i!Jbesl &nJ b<L"-"ct"Il which d")"'"l
account which college hos <hewn h1gh.-st '"""I (a) B-Monday and Tut:.>!l::ly
of P<rccnlage results? 1/J A--Wodues<hl; aHd

(a) D 0) A fc) B-Thur>illly md Fridl!y

(C) Jj (d) c (d) A-Timrday ond Friday

4!. \-\'hirb of the filllowing operoanm Will nul 46. lf <he fiflh person, from :h< (:an: m , queue "
the ;ame nw11ber os tll< tirSt OllC tllc tontll pormr. from behind. "'''-" '"'

(fl) 5416-:l4< tMre in the quoue'
(h/54-71 (a) IJ tb) ],;
(c) 15 {d! <II
rd, 4 4'1. \\'hlch of the fnlln"mg <luc; '"'' lhc
42. Pointing 10 a lady Ramu ;ald "Her mother'> grnup''
lm;band' s ;islet is my aunt" How 1< he reU.ted (a) 1/:nleiLt

lh; fnd !!'
lo 1be lady" (c) Yellow (dj r;,.,.,.
1>:1) Brother (b) Brother-m-U."
lc) L'ncle (t!) Husband wlla1 he l 31h or the wnlh"

43. Find 0\.1! the nu>Sing member m !he selles_ ('!) To>""dO) (bJ
15, __ 4_,_ (c) Thur>duy Fml")
49. "''Inch uf tu:ms wtll Je.!J one to lace
ra lbo w<:;t dircchon from "'h1ch 1.00 -Llm WIT.-
Fill Lll lhc mi.,iTil> mcrnb<"T 1n 1ht ><"<Jllcmc ing'
&llnl, brulbor, <llllgh\er. !Il(}\her, >un. (a! Lell, righl. klllcfl_ nglF. r
(a! flhtr (b) rucoc (b) Rlght, left, lcfl nght. 1
(<1 """' (d) unolc (c) Ldl, !ell. righl. lcfl, rigiH. lc .-,
45. In Prak""h' family lho= a:rc four81>kr.< Ecb (d) Rlght, nght. ktl, Tight.
a brolht:r_ boo, mak member< SO. [f 53 x 12 - 4, 3 I 96 'i ""'; 10 -
= lh<rc 1!1 the filmily' \\'bar is 42 ll
(a) 4 :b) 5 (a! 1 3

{<-) 6 ftf) 2 (ct (d) '-

l. (<(/: Ko conduswn can be dran from owo POvlde free eduo;ouon ro rr.e ;><ople. A11J

pmicuklr (l) Pr=es. So bo-J1 A <Uld Bare 5ocond ;rrgumom 1S ors.o LlOt fo:rcefc_
wvolld. tlecouse tl1e 1deo of hnkmg e<lucanon w<:h
2. (d):
M ::s;: ' employmem" not 5ound.

' "
rho mrr"'t oonolilllon h01e "All crow,; are
6 (b): I "l!O\

be<""' 1c>e1 "'
tn b.OkWOJd COIIUilWUlLO> J> JLc>l
fm tlJe pwpu'< uf pulmcal >oppull

but II a'l!umcnt ",,!run!' Oo.:au.'c .'iCs '"';

H= cuncluium have l>:t:a drown need !he bcncfil nt' '"""'"LKir_ n"mg "'
fmm F''-'ih>c pr<mi>t:< "'h1ch " not their hltcl. wardne<>.

prno;1hlc at all (I.Qgic Ruk Nn. 8) 7. (h): Exoe,h-e """k'nB rlllllh1 ka<l< m 11'
J. (d): No conclusion can be drawn frnm twQ heolth <n ono <hnulrl c"< of nne<
neganve uni,eT<al (F) premu:. a. ;,_the hoolth <n <tatorr.em IIi< rmpliod hm I nne;,
not imphcd.
4. fb): 011 """' """'-ptnsion is not tM SOO!al D.Ce<SII)' 8. (b): The momr nredod :o be rJ-.nroughlv
in India because fnmllal relanon" ore nEht so he promi'"'d :<>.in <n h111 it dm< "'" m<>n
her< But if it is mtrOOnced in lml,. 11 will tluu he ;, ;, lllc hbiL "' p1 '''"""'
lllOtea;e tlnanctal hTJrden <m the state. 9. (a): lfboth llfh1> ch1ldrcn ""' olc>el ml <lee <'" l
5. (d): Argument J is l101 >trnng h'"""'"" it '" nol ;, dcorcr lliel! tlle other clHid n:u51 be boy
rncumbent on a demnc,ahc sacicly lu "hu ;, less clo\'et. Bul H do" !le'l mom tllo:
lhw ;, also do,..,- heoause h"ednuy 211. (c): The more a teoher '"ble to moot the need
charaolel '"'" are '""'II of scner.tlon of bJS IUdenl<, the more be lS con,.der<d
compeoeut. Ho; and schoiorohop
<UCh "' '

from p:mn1s, -
'' from gonmt- ore LmpOrt3.Ilt only II _to irokn,t in students

parenos '
fi from g:rea<-grand parent> and so
21. (4):
22. (J): HO-IIdoomc personlity i; not 1oq"iac' fur
IIlllking the commumcatim: cfTo,live It
10. (c): Z and A""' brothers. odds to m etfecti,-e rappo11 with ibr

D tTl>ughterJ + C (Son) 23. (<r): Only a good eomm.umcator" <:>:pc<:td n
So D and C are the young one of Z. boa good tooeber. He ta< good'""'" uf
11. D ,. tho mother vf A, B. C a.ud E. lfD " the humour. command o>er his ano.!
motlle1 ot"C then she 0""-1 be UK: '"tcr of B. he road a lot tu inc=
his orea of
So Ill!< quesi!On 1:. melhodu!ogiolty vaunJ>- knowledge.
H. (b): Frrsl SIO!enJenl lS not ulficicnl lu a:nwc-r 24. (d): All1hese slalem.-nts "'not c=eot. Te;:.;h.

tlte quc>ILon here bee= spd of lhc Or< a,-, horn TIOI tramed bur 11 LS Oulj
se<oru:l tJalfoftlle distance i> nol given he1e lhc deep in 1hc p10feSSJOll 1h0t
but U stolement oa.u,.er because make' a perwn teach<r.

aage speed -total dJ<tance tniii: lakt:n 25. (a):
and tune is pven ill the sw.temetll. 26. (d); Vmlliaval along Wlth oilie1 )l,emk .<pliii'
13. (c): Numb<rs ""' llol\ed al every """' tn:oll:d crudly bY
srep. L< . l7. (c): Su the Vllili l1ne of tile seoond pu.
28. !b):

l9. (c):
30. (d):

64 + 2 = 32 ond SO OIL 31. (d)."
2+5=7 32. (b).-
7+!0=17 33. (b):
17+15=32 34.(11): '35!37
32+20=52 Pllyslos: 65 + 62 ' 70 1 72 269

S2+2S=77 Chemiotry: 62 1 '2 ' 46 +58=

77+30= 107 47 +54+ 62 = 198
U JUean numbers 01e in<reaswg ,.ill! llll &1811]': 40 + 38 - 39 ... !7 ]74
inteo ol of 5, 10, 15, 2U, 25. 30 etc. 35. (!>): A: 52 > 65 + 62 + 47 + 40 266

15. (b): Nwnbcn. an: incn:lllllJ> with lh<: inlt:rvol uf B: 47-61 +52 -35 + H -234
2, 4, 6. 8, !0, 12 and 14. c + 70+45- 54- 39 = 162
16. (b): Nnic m and oull<idc the cl<>>-room "' abo D: 35 + n +53+ 57= 20-1
a b..-ricr uf commnnictioo but conli.J>oun 36. raJ:

part uf ilic lccl><:! ;, onor< pu"crful 37. (d): The lertlpalurc uC Ann Tne<day t<
than th"- equal to that ufc1ly Bon Fnday
1?. (b): 1mm:.t among s!udcnl< '-' m""t 38. (c): The li:III[lCIBlure hne of c1ty A LS

needorl from lhe pan of tile- t""oher h<;tween Wednesday and lhursdy
18. (c): !. '""""''h work is one that can oontnbute 39./d): The temperall!rf hne nt" ony H ;; shonest
"''"'e-tlung to th< ""'"mg bmwled8"- be1 '"'n nd Thund:o)", 1 e.

19. (J): or v.riotiOll ;, minimum.

411. (a): Vl!l"rO<mn i; IIliWmuru from lu 44. (c): Uncle- Mo!IJ<:r

om 8gy- Girl
41.(6): (1)54+6-3><4+B-7><2+4+2-1 Si<ter- Brother
+6-12 45. (4): Each Sister has a brother means one male
122+18+3 member and Prakash is male
7+16 member. &> 1 + 1 2
W+3 30+3+74 46.(b);

'4"54+10 IO+B Because fifth .md pe"o""" lhe
(f)54-16+7x3-l8+2+52-4 per$0U ...
47. (a): Violenr mearu oggre>s><e L'le olhm

4l. (a); Lady's mothe.-"s b.u1bond i< Lady's father ""'colours.
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