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Skinner's glasses Conjunctive schedule Conditioned

conditioner of a
conditioned conditioner

Cutting an M&M into 8 Fecal matter A belt full of frequency

pieces counters

Frustrated research Jack Michael's GTO BF Skinner

Losing a binder full of Excel crashing after 2 A standard celeration
data sheets hours of charting chart

A pocket full of linty Generalization across Toilet training

skittles settings

A particularly graphic The ideomotor effect A Rapid Method of

Social Story Toilet Training the
Omnibus mand Data Sheet RBT

VB-MAPP ABLLS Frequency Counter

Iwata Bailey Jose

Sundberg Partington Sashimi

IOA Hand over hand Physical Restraints

Rule card Token board Bedtime pass

Classroom Money Behavior contract IEP

FBA/BIP Fecal smearing Operant vomiting

Cancelled session Flu epidemic Ringworm

Sensory processing A bruise the size of a Pinch the nose to
disorder cantaloupe release the jaw

Pinch the nose A dead ipad Free operant

preference assessment

But he doesnt like Two person restraint Ring the bell.

Smashing skittles with Body sock Water beads
a clicker

A sensory diet Clicker rings Wearing reinforcer

implemented every aprons

Tackle boxes of food Stimuli for ABLLS Photo box

Chewlery shaped like a A container of bubbles Gluten free options
phallus with too much water in

A few glasses of wine Scissors Velcro

A laminator Over prompting Escape extinction

Illegible data A data sheet covered in The verbal behavior
cheeto dust approach

Getting beaten over the The white book A debatable ethics

head with the white code violation

Good instructional Socially medicated Sniffy the virtual rat

design strategies reinforcement
Blocked youtube Autoclitic Cold Probe

Multiple probe Limited hold Peak shift

Automatically Poor evidence in Non-contingent electric

reinforced by blinking support of sensory shock
Self- stimulatory Poo on the floor, poo Wrongly dated data
behavior on the chair, poo on the
table, poo on on the
walls, poo everywhere

An intricate balance of Conflicting parental Animal shaped bruises

attention observations

Reinforcer box covered Gluten free furniture 3 week old cookies

in ants
Holding a gummy in Forgetting to set your Finding a toy dinosaur
your hands until its just potty training timer in your pocket

WTF (What's the Bite marks Inappropriate use of

FUNCTION) Comic Sans.
During an extinction Unfortunately, our staff When the client's
burst, Bobby hit me preference assessment attention-maintained
with ____________. indicated _________ behavior was put on
was the highest extinction, he
preferred tangible. But immediately resorted to
will they work for it? _____, which got
everyone's attention.

We found a reinforcer Instead of putting his Premack principle: You

for Timmy, hands in his pants, can only have ______
unfortunately for us he John now does after you have _____.
choose __________. ____________ as a
replacement behavior.


Parent training: Step My client took a bite out Making a PECS card for
1_____, Step 2____, of_____. ______ was the most
Step 3- Behavior awkward moment of my
Change. BCBA career.

Today I ________: Is so She asked for ______
laminated_______. Behavior Analysis appropriately, so we
had to do it.

Behavior Analysis has It's unfortunate that his An establishing

many sub disciplines first independent vocal operation for ________
like OBM, Animal mand happened to be is ________.
Behavior, and for ______.
________, ________,


Rewards only work My significant other is Things got awkward

sometimes, The automatically when the client put
student is really reinforced by _________ in his
motivated by_________. _____________. mouth.
The behavior contract He just starts Punishment procedures
states that they can ______ing for NO should only be used
only touch their Reason!!! when ___________.
genitals in the
bathroom or when

Watch what I can make He started _______ and Electric shock therapy:
him do. If I ring this bell scratching me, so I deemed useful for
he ____________. gave him the toy improving _______
while _______.


Pavlov's dog is a I reinforced his/her Just what we need,

_______ behavior with ______. another article on
Reviewer 2 told me to Never ever have I ever Dear Reviewer 2,
_______. considered using _______ you and/for
_______ as a punisher. your _______ feedback.
________, Me


He did WHAT again?!? No graphing kit is While studying ABA in

complete without graduate school my
_______. professor always told
me to _________.

My supervisor was/is Replacement behaviors The best advice I got

_________. is just a fancy way of from my
saying people should mentor/supervisor was
__________. ________.
Functional assessment BCBA's, also The functional
is the _____ of ABA commonly referred to definition of ______ is
while Functional as_______. any occurence of
Analysis is the _____. _______ , _____, or
______. Draw 3, pick 4


I want to evoke ____ Why is mommy crying? Why is the BCBA

followed by ___, crying?
resulting in strong
social validity from __'s


It may be unethical, but Why did the BCBA go And they didn't event
I really want to _______. to jail? have any ___________
to back it up.
Assuming a repetitive The only thing negative How would you
behavior is reinforcement and operationally define
automatically punishment have in _______?
maintained makes me common is __________.
want to________.

My preference The latest fad in Without data, you are

assessment hierarchy: boogaboo therapy: just another person
3. ______ 2. ______1. using _______ to stop with a ______.
______ ______.


In a newly found The 3rd edition of _______ was found to

unfinished work, B.F. Cooper, Heron, and be maintained by
Skinner argues that Heward will devote a _________.
behaviour analysis chapter to _______
could improve society
by introducing

Hand-over-hand You've never truly In the latest issue of
prompting is most implemented behavior JABA, some FURTHER
appropriate in analysis until you've further dimensions of
situations involving encountered _______ ABA are described,
______ including the
controversial: _______

When we say we You know you're a Never in my life did I

reinforced the behavior, behaviorist when you're think I would have to
we really mean that we always pulling _______ teach the ASL sign for
reinforced________ out of the washing _____.

PECS phase 34: when We accidentally taught BCBA's are like ____ as
_______ gets real. her to potty every time Lawyers are like _____

I got bodily fluids on
my ______