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Raptor XL1100 Cone Crushers

Raptor XL1100

Designed to set Performance

Previously our largest cone crusher
that improves the durability of the
tramp release components, while
production records on the market, the Raptor XL1100 greatly reducing the number of
breaks productivity barriers and accumulators required. This delivers
and deliver a features an integrated countershaft in superior performance and reliability
a three-arm mainframe for unmatched while dramatically reducing on-going
sustainable durability. Whether accepting coarse maintenance costs. Our Fail-Safe

advantage... feeds, intermittent feeds, high yields

or simply high throughputs, the Raptor
Hydraulic Protection System provides an
external relief which prevents severe
Our Raptor XL1100 cone XL1100 uniquely combines proven structural overloads if an accumulator
crushers are built to draw and modern technology in an excellent bladder should fail. Both the hydraulic
machine to meet those needs . system and the crusher are protected
up to 1,200 hp, delivering
with this additional security measure.
remarkable productivity and
Automation Technology
unmatched durability day-in
FLSmidths Automated Control Reliability
and day-out. Theyre backed System ensures continuous productiv- The Raptor XL1100 cone crusher
by the kind of responsive ity, ease of operation, protection has been designed to be the most
service and support you of mission critical components and a reliable high performance cone
deserve from industry user friendly interface. All of the criti- crusher available. Spiral Bevel Gears,
professionals with over cal instrumentation required to apply Fail-Safe Hydraulics, Fault Protec-
100+ years of combined the latest automation technologies tion Automation, Specialized Bronze
crusher experience. are included with the Raptor XL1100. Metallurgy and a High Open Area
Fully adaptable and globally sup- Mainframe make the Raptor XL1100
ported, our experts have pioneered a superior and reliable choice.
automation technologies successfully
employed in cone crushers all over Spiral Bevel Gears
the world and are leading innovators Demanding users of high perfor-
in crusher automation tools. mance cone crushers require the
best available gear technology. The
Advanced Eccentric XL1100 employs Spiral Bevel gear
The Raptor XL1100 eccentric is a technology for the best combination
nodular iron casting, providing a of durability and reliability
high strength material with excellent while minimizing gear noise.
machinability and surface finish
critical to bearing longevity Service & Support
under high performance crushing Excellence in global service and
conditions. support is the bedrock of FLSmidths
business philosophy. Our success
Fail-Safe Hydraulics has been driven by partnering with
The Raptor XL1100 incorporates a our customers and being responsive
heavy duty hydraulic configuration to your feedback.

XL1100 Clearance Dimensions

(in) (mm)

A Clearance Required to Remove

Adj. Ring and Drive Assembly 215.1 in 5464 mm

B Inside Diameter of Feed Hopper 98.4 in 2499 mm

C Clearing Stroke Travel 5.22 in 133 mm

Height from Base to Top STD 153.3 in 3894 mm

of Feed Hopper SHD 145.1 in 3685 mm

E Base to Bottom of Oil Piping 31.0 in 787 mm

Base to Bottom of
F Main Frame Hub 12.2 in 310 mm

G Base to Top of Feed Plate 115.0 in 2921 mm

Hub Diameter
of Main Frame 38.2 in 972 mm

Crusher Centerline to
Main Frame Flange 76.8 in 1950 mm

Clearance Required to Remove

Countershaft Assembly 171.9 in 4366 mm

Crusher Centerline to
End of Countershaft 112.2 in 2850 mm

Crusher Centerline to
Countershaft Housing Face 89.6 in 2276 mm

Clearance Required to
Remove Head Assembly 211.9 in 5381 mm

Clearance Required to STD 224.0 in 5690 mm

Remove Bowl Assembly SHD 215.8 in 5481 mm

All dimensions are for reference only and are not to be used for construction.

Raptor XL1100 Cross Section


XL1100 General Arrangement

All dimensions are for reference only and are not to be used for construction.

Product Gradation Table

Percent Passing For a Given Closed Side Setting
Average Feed Material (12 to 14 wi)

Product Size 3/8 1/2 5/8 3/4 7/8 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2

(10 mm) (13 mm) (16 mm) (19 mm) (22 mm) (25 mm) (31 mm) (38 mm) (50 mm)
4 (100 mm) 100
3 (75 mm) 100 94-98
2 (50 mm) 96-99 89-95 65-71
1-1/2 (38 mm) 100 95-99 87-93 73-79 47-53
1 (25 mm) 95-99 92-97 82-88 71-77 46-52 37-43 25-31
3/4 (19 mm) 100 93-98 86-92 79-85 65-71 54-60 34-40 27-33 19-25
1/2 (13 mm) 89-95 75-81 63-69 52-58 40-46 33-39 19-25 15-21 11-17
3/8 (10 mm) 78-84 63-69 52-58 42-48 31-37 27-33 15-21 12-18 9-14
1/4 (6 mm) 52-58 40-46 33-39 26-32 19-25 16-21 9-15 6-12 4-11
Values listed will vary depending on feed distribution, cavity level, feed gradation, crushing chamber, moisture, and material density.

Raptor XL1100

Capacity Chart Lifting Weights

Setting mt/hr mt/hr Setting stph stph Main Lifting Items (lbs.) (kg)
mm Min Max Inches Min Max
Complete Crusher 336,330 152,560
Short Head Fine 10 500 700 3/8 550 770
Short Head Medium 13 550 800 1/2 605 880 Main Frame 119,000 53,980
Short Head Medium 16 620 870 5/8 685 960 (Includes Main
Short Head Medium 19 700 950 3/4 770 1050 Shaft and
Frame Liner)
Short Head X-Course 22 790 1200 7/8 871 1325
Standard Fine 25 895 1295 1 987 1428 Bowl Assembly 71,850 33,590
(Includes Bowl
Standard Medium 32 1150 1400 1-1/4 1270 1545 Liner and Hopper
Standard Medium 38 1170 1450 1-1/2 1290 1600
Standard Coarse 45 1300 1600 1-3/4 1435 1765 Adjustment Ring 47,370 21,680
Reduction 4 to 6 2 to 4 Reduction 4 to 6 2 to 4
Ratio Ratio Clamping Ring)
As indicated above for 100 lbs. per cubic foot and impact work index of 13.
Short tons per hour based on open circuit crushing with material weighing 100 pounds per cubic foot. Values are Head Assembly 40,750 18,480
estimated instantaneous product samples, actual values may vary 15%. Factors that will vary throughput are; (Feed Plate
feed gradation, cavity level, feed distribution, moisture content, and properties of the processed material.
Assembly and

Countershaft 6,920 3,140

Feed Openings Box Assembly

Closed Side Open Side Eccentric Assembly 20,960 9,510

Setting A Setting B (Includes
Standard Coarse Contact Factory Counterweight)

Standard Medium 10.83 12.80 Mantle 11,920 5,400

(275 mm) (325 mm)
Standard Fine 9.65 12.01 Bowl Liner 14,650 6,650
(245 mm) (305 mm)
Power Unit Dry 2,300 1,043
Standard Extra Fine 8.27 10.24
(210 mm) (260 mm) Power Unit Wet 3,790 1,720
Universal Extra Coarse Contact Factory B
Lube-Air Dry 4,250 1,930
Universal Coarse 6.30 8.27
(160 mm) (210 mm) Lube-Air Wet 10,140 4,600
Universal Medium 5.51 7.87
(140 mm) (200 mm) Lube-Water Dry 4,000 1,810
Universal Fine 3.15 5.71
Lube-Water Wet 9,890 4,490
(80 mm) (145 mm)
Universal Extra Fine Contact Factory Air Cooler 6,000 2,720

A 1. Allowable casting weights vary 5%.
Revision 02/24/2011 slc-us

Automation Replaceable filter element and

Raptor automated controls improve two pressure switches to indicate
cone crushing performance by filter element conditions
ensuring the crusher operates at Reservoir with oil level sensor,
optimal efficiency: temperature sensor and a
thermowell mounted oil heater
Available in five packages for all
Submerged oil pump attached
Raptor Cone Crusher models:
to a vertically positioned electric
Basic Automation System
drive motor
Automated Interlock System
Main system relief valve
Full Automation System
Custom Automation System The Hydraulic Power Unit is
Remote Liner Calibration designed and sized to provide the
System necessary oil flow and pressures to
Self-contained controllers provide operate bowl clamping, bowl
full-time monitoring and adjustment, crusher cavity clearing
automated controls and the tramp release systems. The
power unit can be controlled locally at
Package Lube & HPU the push button pendent or at the
The Package Lube System is Automated Control System (ACS)
designed and sized to provide the touch screen.
necessary supply of clean and cooled
The Hydraulic Power Unit includes:
lubrication oil and is available in an
Cabinet with an integral oil tank
air-cooled or water-cooled package,
and replaceable breather
depending on requirement. Both
Vertically mounted electric motor
systems are skid-mounted, designed
Submerged hydraulic pump
to operate at a maximum pressure of
Solenoid valves
200 psi (13.8 Bars) and include:
Oil filter
Full flow oil filter with integral Remote-mounted pushbutton
pressure relief control panel

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