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Standard Operating Procedure

Title: FFB Call Out Policy

Department: FFB
Division: Food and Beverage
Issued/Updated: September 5 , 2017
Farmers Fishers Bakers

It is our policy to require all employees to report for work punctually and to work all scheduled
hours and required overtime. Excessive tardiness and poor attendance disrupt workflow and affect
guest experience. It will not be tolerated.


The policy for calling out follows:

Employees should notify their MOD as far in advance as possible whenever they are unable to report for
work, know they will be late or must leave early. This notice should include a reason for the absence and
an indication of when the employee can be expected to return to work. Two (2) hour notice is the
minimum acceptable timeframe for an employee calling out.

Employees are required to call the restaurant line at 202-615-0481 and speak with their supervisor or
leave a voicemail & Text reporting absenteeism or tardiness.

**Please do not TEXT a manager/personal phone

This procedure is subject to change and is a living breathing document.

I________________________________, have read the above terms and

(Print name)

I understand that my failure to comply with call out policy will lead to disciplinary action up to and
including termination.

_________________________________________________ ____________________

Employee Signature Date

Approved By:
Division Head Director of Finance Director of HR GM / HM

Prepared by: Darragh Moore Page 1

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