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The woman

About the author

Zona Gale (1874-1938) was born in Portage, Wisconsin. After she graduated from the University of Wisconsin,
she spent five years working as a newspaper reporter. In many of her novels, short stories, and plays, Gale explores
the relationships between men and women.
Title, theme, idea, message.
The title of the story The woman represented a narrators code, is directly connected with the plot of the story.
The theme of the story is the relation ship between man and woman on the hand and husband and wife on the other
The idea of the story is that good wife or husband would always help and rely each other.

The story is about one couple, Bellard and Lucile. Bellard has a wife who names Lucile. She is a very good woman
and she has different thoughts from other woman. They have two children who are nice. Lucile is also a ood
mother who can solve all problems in life. Next, Bellard makes a little business and his children try to help him to
do the business. But finally the business goes bankrupt. After that he moves to countryside. They live in a small
house. They get older but they still love each other. Finally, this old couple live happily.

The settings
The narator specifies the action place (one day in a suburb). Judging by the names, that happened somewhere in a
English speaking country, probably in America.

The main characters of the story are Bellard and Lucile, who are husband and wife. Bellard is a shabby man of
sixty, without a coat . when Bellard was young , he meant to be a financier. When Lucile was young, she had the
quality of flower, she was silent, fragrant and hopeful. They have two children, a son and a daughter - who has
three children.

The conflict
The main conflict of the story is an interior conflict of the Bellard , about the young and old age.

The style of the language is mixed with neutral and colloquial vocabulary and for that it is easy to understand.

Atmosphere, tone
The atmosphere of the story is rather mysterious and joyful at the beginning and at the finale.

Point of view
This story is a teaching one, it make us think about life and people`s relation, in general. This theme can be relates
to our life becouse our dear people are always looking out for us and each other.
Stylistic and syntactical devices and figures of speech
The story is not rich in lexical and syntactical, stylistic devices and figures of speech.
Simile- hopeful like a flower, a smile as bright as Epithet- luminous smile, strong wings.

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