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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... thank you to our,Honourable Guest Dr.

Devan s/o v. Rajaram, Honourable Headmaster, En Christopher s/o
Louis, PIBG members, dedicated senior assistant teachers, caring
teachers and all our beloved friends.



Also, thank you to the Al-Mighty Allah Subhanahu Wataala, because

with his blessings, we are here today for the opening ceremony of the

I am honoured to be here this evening at this meaningful and important

event that is the launching of The Highly Immersive Programme or HIP.

The Highly Immersive Programme (HIP) is a programme introduced

under the MBMMBI policy that will improve the English proficiency of

students through increased exposure in schools. The approach is to

empower schools, by the schools and for the schools.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now, we are going to sing the National Anthem, the state song and the
school song.
Members of the floor, please stand up.
Thank you to all of you for respecting all these THREE songs. Now,
you may sit down.
For you all information, I
___TARSHAN S/O _____________________________ with my friend
EASHWAR S/O ELANGO will be the masters of ceremony for our
event today.

Before we start our ceremony, I would like to invite

__________________ from Year 5 to recite the prayers. Please
Thank you, ______. It is hoped that our ceremony will be in His
blessing. InsyaAllah..

As we know, today is the launching of the HIP PROGRAMME for our

school. For your information, this programme will be held for
throughout the year, starting from today . During this programme, many
interesting activities will be held such as Spelling Bee, Musical Chair,
Story Telling as well as Galley Walk. We really hope that all of the
students will gain a lot of benefits from these activities.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Without wasting any precious time, now, I would like to invite our
Music Teacher, Mr Baskaran Subramaniam to give his performance
entitle Hundred Miles. Please welcome.
Thanks a bunch, Mr Baskaran Subramaniam for your powerful
Lets have another performance from our Mrs. Saraswathi Devi
Palakrishnan.The stage is ours Mrs. Saraswathi. Please welcome.
Thank you for your poem.

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the floor.

Now, we have come to the main event of our ceremony which is the
Opening Speech from the Headmaster. Hence, with the greatest
pleasure, I would like to invite our Honourable Headmaster,
En.Christopher Louis, to give his Opening Speech. Please welcome!!!
Thank you for the speech, En Christopher Louis. From his speech just
now, we can conclude that he really hoped that all the students will gain
the benefits from this programme.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Next I would like to call upon our Honourable Guest, Dr Devan s/o
V.Rajaram to give the his speech and kindly officiate this
programme.Please welcome......With the end of the speech, our HIP is
officially launched. Thus, we have now come to the end of our
ceremony today.

Before we end our ceremony today, I would like to take this opportunity
to appeal to all of you to speak English at all times. Lets promise
ourselves to start talking to one another in English as often as we can.

With the concerted effort of both teachers and students, we are sure that
we can enrich the English speaking environment in our school. Hence, I
wish the HIP PROGRAMME will be SUCCESS!!!!
Before dismiss, I would like to invite our Honourable Guest to officiate
the Gallery Walk Platform as well as Year 1 Waja Class for its 21st
century classroom as to be escorted by our Headmaster, Mr. Christopher
Louis, our Senior Assistant 1,2 and 3 Mr Quah Say Hong,
Pn. Hajjah Rosmawati binti Mahidin, Pn. Norhaniza binti Osman as
well. Please welcome.