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Issue 01

Congratulations and may be there,
welcome to the L&T family buildings may
L&T is one of the most preferred employers of choice and the fact that be there but
numerous Post Graduate and Graduate Engineer Trainees like you have
chosen L&T as their career destination is a reaffirmation of that fact! You can without people,
now consider yourself among the crme de la crme having successfully
come through a stringent selection process involving thousands of
its all nothing.
applications from premier engineering institutions across India!
People are our
real assets
We are confident that every individual has the potential to lead when
presented with the right opportunities. We, at L&T, have been working
relentlessly to provide the highest quality of professional exposure to our
trainees to equip them for a great career in the construction industry. -Henning Holck Larsen
We fully understand that you are at one of the most crucial stages of
your career and the transformation from campus to corporate will have
its own trials and tribulations and could well involve a departure from Contents
your comfort zone. It is, however, the most opportune time for you to
appreciate your personal goals and chart your career course to achieve
them. However, you still need to be flexible and agile to seize opportunities
that present themselves.
You will be receiving the Campus to Corporate newsletter periodically
which we believe can help make your transition smoother and seamless.
Through these newsletters, you will be introduced to the remarkable Business Landscape
world of L&T, which you are now a part of, its cherished values, future
plans, projects and accomplishments apart from appreciating why L&T is Statue of Unity
regarded as a pioneer in the construction industry.

We also understand your anxiety and eagerness to get on-board and Quiz
hence have devised this communication platform to periodically feed you
with relevant information about your joining procedures and orientation.
We are sure your contribution will be vital for our future growth and look
Contact Details
forward to having you with us soon.

We wish you all a bright and prosperous future.

Best Wishes! The Editorial team

Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, Gopi Kannan S,
Prakash Ranjan, V. Sheeja
Sometime in the 1930s, two young Danish engineers and former schoolmates,
Mr. Henning Holck-Larsen and Mr. S.K. Toubro arrived on the shores of India
as representatives of FL Smidth & Co. Guided by their belief in the future of the
Indian economy and domestic manufacturing needs and capabilities, the duo
began a partnership firm, which, over the next few decades, would become one
of Indias biggest success stories. Merely three years older than independent
India, the contribution of L&T Construction to the nations infrastructure has
been significant and noteworthy. Rightly referred to as a Nation Builder,
L&T Construction has to its credit landmark buildings, state-ofthe-art airports,
roads, bridges, power projects, transmission lines and oil & gas pipelines. As an
Indian MNC, L&T is fast increasing its presence in the global market earning the
moniker of Builder of Nations.

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L&Ts L&T Constructions
Business Landscape Business verticals

Construction Hydrocarbon Engineering Power Metallurgical & Material

Handling Transportation Infrastructure

Buildings and Factories

Water & Effluent Treatment

Heavy Engineering Shipbuilding Defence & Electrical & Automation Construction & Mining
Merchant Machinery

Power Transmission & Distribution

Metallurgical & Material Handling

Valves Alloys Information Technology Technology Services

L&T GeoStructure

Developmental Projects Mass Urban Transit Systems Finance Realty

Smart World & Communication Heavy Civil Infrastructure

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Behind every Wow
theres L&T
Larsen & Toubro, is making of history with landmarks and benchmarks, a recent one being
the Statue of Unity a lasting impression in bronze to evoke deep nationalistic fervor and
pride in the heart of every Indian! At 182 meters, the Statue of Unity will be the tallest
Statue in the world. The statue is conceived as a naturalistic depiction of Sardar Patel in
characteristic garb and in a walking pose.

Located on the Sadhu island in the Narmada river, approximately 3.5-km downstream
from the Sardar Sarovar dam

It will rise out of a star-shaped, geometric base that will cover the entire Sadhu island

The statue will have an unique, slender width to height ratio much more exacting than
existing technical norms that call for special engineering considerations

The structure will have two vertical cores each housing a high-speed passenger elevator

The vertical cores will support the space frames to which over 12,000 bronze panels will
be clad

A viewing gallery at 153 metre, at the chest level, that can accommodate up to 200
visitors at one go opens onto the expansive view of the dam and environs

The statue will feature a 6,850 sq.m exhibition centre at its base showcasing the life
and achievements of Sardar Patel

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Smart World &

Ms. Kiran Kashyab V 044-33193954

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